Episode 11 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Robin decided to leave town to see her mother Melissa
-Meggan was released from jail; Natasha told her to be careful
-Robbie investigated the murder more; Shane told Robbie Victoria may be a suspect
-Victoria asked Shane for a divorce
-Kim learned Jackson escaped jail; he showed up at her apartment
-Adam arranged for Cory to leave town on a conference

Scene 1
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Natasha and Cory’s home

Natasha arrives home; after an exhausting day. She drops her briefcase by the desk, and switches on the light. She slowly makes her way to the sofa, and sits down. She shuts her eyes. Suddenly someone begins rubbing her shoulders, massaging them.

"Oh Cory, that feels so good"

"Your welcome, darling"

Natasha turns around and spots Adam! "Adam! Where is Cory?"

"Don’t you check your messages? Cory is in LA."

Natasha gets her cell phone and hears about Cory leaving town. "And you are here because?"

"I thought you could use the company. I didn’t think you wanted to be alone tonight, that’s all. I’ve made us dinner"

"Well you are right about one thing, I don’t want to be alone. What did you make?"

"Fettuccini alfredo. Your favorite"

"Sounds great."

"This means, you’ll eat with me?"

"You twisted my arm" she smiles "I’m just going to change out of these clothes"

"Need help?" Adam asks slyly.

Natasha smiles back "I think I can manage"

Natasha heads upstairs and arrives in her room. She wonders what she’s doing with her ex-husband. ‘Don’t forget what he did to you Nat’ she tells herself. After tossing on some sweat pants and a white tang top, she heads back downstairs. She sees a table in the living room, with candles, and Adam sitting, waiting for her.

"Wow, you look great" he says, getting up

"Please. Sweats, for such a nice dinner. If only I had known"

"You look beautiful" Adam tells her, kissing her hand.

Natasha sits down and begins eating. "This is great Adam"

"Thanks. I forced myself to learn how to cook after we broke up."

Natasha laughs. "You forced yourself!"

"I didn’t want to starve!"

They laugh. Suddenly things get a tense. Adam tries to break the tension. "Do you remember the song that’s playing?"

Natasha stops and listens to the classical music playing. "Our wedding night?"

"You do remember" Adam smiles. "May I have this dance?"


Adam takes Natasha in his arms and they begin to dance. Natasha shuts her eyes and lays her head on his shoulder. Adam smiles, as he realizes things are going well. He tightens his grip on her, and moves his other hand down to her lower back. The movement startles Natasha and she looks up. Adam looks into her eyes, and touches her face with his hand. "You are so beautiful" he whispers, as he moves in closer. His lips reach hers. A soft kiss, soon turns passionate. Natasha pulls away.

"Adam, I’m married. We can’t do this. I love Cory. We are over."

"I know. I know." Adam pretends to be upset. "I think we just caught up in the moment"

"You’re right Adam."

"Let’s finish eating"

Natasha and Adam return to their seats.

Scene Two
Setting: The Towers; Floor One; Kim’s Apartment

Kim freezes when she hears a noise outside the door. She quickly grabs a vase. She walks slowly over to the door, and opens it. She is relived to see nothing. She turns and suddenly Jackson grabs her from behind! Jackson takes her inside and shuts the door. He drops her on the sofa. Kim turns and sees Jackson.

"Jackson, please don’t hurt me. Please take what you want, and go"

"I need you Kim. You are the only one who can help me"

"Me? What can I do?" Kim asks, trying to hide her fear

"You are the one Kim, the one..." Jackson stops talking, as he hears police sirens outside. He rushes over beside Kim, and grabs her "They aren’t coming here are they?" Kim remains silent. "Are they?" he asks again.

"No, I don’t think so" she whispers.

Jackson continues to hold Kim until the sound of the sirens disappear. Jackson walks over to the chair and sits. Kim sits up, noticing that something is bothering Jackson. ‘Something is wrong with him’ she thinks to herself. ‘He’s withdrawn. It’s like he’s thinking of something, or fighting something’.

"Jackson? Are you alright?" she asks. Jackson doesn’t respond. "Jackson?"

Jackson brings his head up, tears streaming down his face. "Please stop talking" he says. "There’s too much noise"

Jackson lowers his head again. Kim notices him twitching and mumbling something. Suddenly she has a flash


Suddenly the phone rings. A frantic Jackson puts his hands over his ears.

Jackson: There’s too much noise! Make it stop! Please make it stop.

The phone continues to ring. Jackson picks up a gun and shoots the phone! The phone goes silent.

Jackson: There, isn’t that better?

[End of Flash]

‘He must be thinking. And he can’t concentrate.’ Kim realizes to herself.

She goes over to Jackson, and kneels down. "Jackson, please, let me help you. What are you thinking. Why is there so much noise?"

Jackson doesn’t move; his mumbling increases.

Kim moves her head closer to Jackson’s. She tries to hear what he is saying. Finally she makes it out. "No Mommy. Please no more Mommy. No Mommy. Please no more Mommy"

Kim moves back. ‘What did his mother do to him?’ she wonders.

Jackson looks up at Kim. His eyes begin to play tricks on him, as Kim morphs into his mother. Jackson puts his hands on his ears and yells "No!" When he opens his eyes, he sees Kim. Suddenly, he sees a white flash.


Jackson stands in the kitchen of this childhood home. He sees his mother eating dinner. Next to his mother is Jackson, no older then 6. No one else is in the room. The room is quiet. Jackson sees brussel sprouts on his plate. Jackson hates them. He watches as the younger vision of himself finishes his plate, except the brussel sprouts.

"Thank you for a wonderful meal Mommy" the six-year old said.

"You are not done! Don’t move until you are done"

"But Mommy, you know I don’t like them"

"I don’t care what you like! Eat them!"

The young Jackson places one of them in his mouth, but immediately he begins to gag.

Jackson notices his mother is bending on the side of the table snorting something into her nose. He decides to try to hide the rest of the vegetables in his pants.

"Thank you Mommy. I’m finished" the young Jackson says, showing his mother the empty plate.

"What the hell did you do with them!" the enraged woman demands to know. "I know you didn’t eat them!" she grabs the plate, and throws it on the floor. Jackson rushes out of the room, and rushes on to his bed, and hides under the covers. His mother enters the room, and pulls the covers off him.

A scared Jackson sees his mother has her belt. "Where are they?" she demands to know. Jackson doesn’t say anything, so his mother whips the belt on him. Jackson’s cries begin to fill the room. The whipping continues, until his mother feels inside his pant pockets, finding the now crushed food.

"Dame you little boy!" the mother says, ripping his pants off. "You will pay"

[End of Flash]

Jackson shakes his head again, tears again streaming down his face. Kim slowly gets up and tries to comfort Jackson. Once again, his eyes morph Kim into his mother. He lunges at her!

"Jackson! Please! Jackson Please! Get off me! I want to help!" Kim cries.

They both freeze, when a gun falls from Jackson’s pants.

Scene Three
Setting: Meggan and Vinny’s Home

Meggan drives into the garage. She gets out of her car, and walks slowly to the door. She opens the door, and enters the kitchen. She shuts and locks the door behind her. "Home sweet home" she says to herself.

Meggan hangs up her coat, and walks over to the fridge. She looks around in the almost empty cold box. "I guess I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow" she says to herself, shutting the fridge. She opens the freezer door, and finds some Double Chocolate Chip ice cream. "Comfort food. Great" she says, grabbing the ice cream. She sits it down on the counter and take the top off. The carton is about half full. She grabs and spoon and wonders if she should have all the ice cream. ‘What the hell. I need comforting’ she thinks to herself.

She takes off upstairs, ice cream and all. She arrives in the bedroom. She walks over to the end table and puts the ice cream down. She turns on the lamp. She turns, screams! Vinny’s in front of her! Meggan closes her eyes, when she opens them, Vinny’s gone. "God, I can’t get him out of my head. It doesn’t help that we have so many memories here" she says to herself. Suddenly it dawns on her. She’s in the room where she slept with her husband. Every night. All the nights they made love. All the nights they didn’t make love. All the nights they fell asleep in each other’s arms. His clothes are in the closet. His underwear is in the dresser. Tears quickly form in her eyes. They begin to come down her cheek. She walks over to the dresser, and finds a wedding photo. A tear falls on to the glass. She sits the photo back down. "Come on Meggan. No more tears" she says to herself. ‘I need a distraction’

She turns on the TV in the room and returns to the bed. She quickly undresses from her clothes, and puts on sweats and a T-shirt. She gets under the covers, and grabs the ice cream. As she channel surfs and eats her ice cream, she stumbles upon an episode of ‘Murder, She Wrote’. "I love Angela Landsbury" she says to herself.

The episode clearly reminds Meggan of Vinny. A man is stabbed with a letter opener, and the wife is the prime suspect. Meggan realizes that the story on TV is mirroring her life. Her husband was stabbed with a letter opener, and she is the prime suspect. "Dame! I need to find a way to prove a way I didn’t do it" she says a loud. She throws off the covers, and shuts off the TV. She throws the empty ice cream carton in the trash can, and begins to re-trace her steps the night Vinny died.

"Alright, I was at the wedding reception" she begins


"Vinny. I want to talk about the divorce. I don’t want..."

"I want a divorce Meggan" Vinny cuts her off; getting his new drink.

Tears fill Meggan’s eyes "But, I was going to say...."

"I don’t care what you have to say. Don’t you get it? I don’t care!! You wanted a divorce. Know I want a divorce" Vinny yells, but without causing a scene.

Meggan gets up and slaps Vinny across the face. "Go to hell Vinny Victors"

Meggan walks off.

[End of Flash]

"Then, I came home. I was furious. I showered, and changed. I got my blue shirt from the dresser. I went back to Wild Night, and that’s when I found Vinny. I didn’t kill him! Did I talk to any one? Someone has to be able to clear me. Think Meggan! Think!"

Meggan tries to think. Nothing comes to her. She gets a cold chill, and returns to her bed. While trying to think, she soon falls asleep.

Scene Four:
Setting: The Young Mansion, In Boston, USA

Robin’s taxi pulls up to a mansion. On the side of the mansion, a sign reads "The Young’s". Robin looked at the house. 3 years ago, Robin’s mother, Melissa, had married a wealthy business man, Phil Young. Although Robin felt her mother loved Phil, she thought her mother was really in love with the money and the title of being married to Phil. Robin adored Phil however, as he treated her as a daughter.

Robin slowly walked up to the door and rang the door bell. Within seconds, a tiny woman, wearing the traditional black and white maid uniform opened the door.

"May I help you?"

"Hi. I’m Robin. I am here to see my mother, Melissa"

"Oh! Ms. Navy. Forgive me. I am new here. I am so sorry for the disrespect"

"It’s alright."

"Please come in. Can I get your bags?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Your mother is in the living room."

"Thank you" Robin says. Robin enters the living room. It is a large room, that is decorated in a gothic look. Dark red drapes, a lion’s head on the wall, dark red sofas, with black and navy pillows. An old wooden bookcase, wooden chairs, with dark red cushions. Robin spots her mother sitting on one of the sofas, reading a book. The fire place is lit. On the end table next to her mother is a drink. Probably brandy, Robin realizes.

"Hello Mother" Robin says.

Melissa’s head looks up from the book. She turns around and sees her daughter. "Robin!" she says, her voice filled with excitement. Melissa stands up and rushes over to her daughter. They embrace. "I’m so glad you came to see us" Melissa says. "Come, sit"

Robin walks over to the sofa and sits.

"So, any particular reason you are here?" Melissa asks, sipping on her brandy.

"Actually, yes mother."

"Well, now you have me interesting dear. Beatrix! My daughter will have a brandy! What were you saying, honey?"

Beatrix enters the room. Robin recognizes her as the maid who let her in. She hands Robin a glass with brandy.

"Thank you." Robin says. "I found my father mother" Robin says, returning her attention to Melissa.

"Excuse me?" Melissa says. "You found who?"

"My father. I know him"

"Of course you do. Phil has been very good to you"

"Not Phil, mother. My biological father. Dominick Robertson"

Melissa remains quiet. "And I have a sister, Leah. Mother I have found them"

Melissa remains mum, as she downs her brandy. She points her finger at her cup. Beatrix quickly takes the glass to refill it.

"Mother, you aren’t saying anything"

"What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say I am happy? I’m not. Do you want me to say good for you? I won’t. Don’t you understand Robin. There is a reason I never wanted you to know!" Melissa yells.

"The only reason you didn’t want me to know, is because you didn’t know yourself. You slept with so many men, you had no clue who my father was"

"Robin! That’s not true. I knew all along Dominick was your father"

"Liar! If you did, why didn’t you tell me?"

"Because....because, I was ashamed. He was a married man Robin."

"I know mother! Don’t use that as an excuse now"

The ladies argument is interrupted by the door closing. Phil enters the living room. "Robin! I didn’t know you were coming for a visit!" he says.

"Phil! It’s great to see you" Robin says, hugging her step father.

"I heard yelling when I came in"

"It was nothing" Robin says. "Listen, I’m beat. Can we catch up at breakfast"

"Of course." Phil says. "Beatrix will show you to your room"

"Good night Phil. Good night Mother" Robin says, leaving the room.

Scene Five
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Natasha and Cory’s Home

Natasha hears Adam putting the dishes in the dishwasher. She sits on the sofa, and smiles. She is surprised by how wonderful her evening has been with Adam. ’He was pleasant, kind, caring’ she thinks. ’Maybe he’s changed’

Adam returns to the living room. "Penny for your thoughts" he smiles.

Natasha’s concentration is broken "What was that?"

"Where were you? You looked a million miles away"

"I guess I was. Thinking of another life time"

He sits next to her. Natasha’s thoughts suddenly to go Kim. "Adam, would you excuse me. I need to make a phone call"


Natasha walks over to the phone and dials Kim’s number.

Meanwhile, in Kim’s Apartment....

Kim and Jackson struggle on the floor, each desperate to get the gun that has fallen from Jackson’s pants.

They both stop and look at the phone as it begins to ring. Kim gets up, but she realizes Jackson is getting closer to the gun. She boots it away, and tries to get it. Jackson pulls her back down, and the struggle continues.

Back in the Penthouse...

Natasha hangs up the phone, concerned about Kim. "Where could she be?" Natasha wonders.

"She just lives downstairs, why not go check on her?" Adam suggests.

"You’re right. Thanks Adam" Natasha says opening the door.

Natasha enters the elevator, and pushes the 1 button.

Back in Kim’s Apartment...

Kim gets the gun! "Jackson stop!" she yells. Jackson continues to wrestle with her. Finally he gets the gun. He freezes when there is a knock on the door. Kim gets up and rushes to the door. She turns to Jackson, who points the gun. Jackson sees Kim as his mother. Kim opens the door, grabs Natasha and pulls her to the floor. Jackson pulls the trigger.

A blood curling scream comes from the mouth of one of the women.

Next on One Day At A Time
-Jackson is arrested
-Robin and Phil have a heart to heart
-A key piece of evidence goes missing in the Vinny Victors case
-Daisy officially announces she’s running for mayor

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