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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah confessed to Dominick that she doesn’t know who the father of her baby is. He arranged for her to have a paternity test, but then he paid off the doctor to not do a test
- Bob and Sofia came up with a plan to pretend to separate until they got the upper hand on Dominick
- Cassie was irked at Shane for having close moments with Natasha and Rebecca at Robin and Cory’s wedding
- Melissa and Cory made a truce before his wedding to Robin, even though she still wanted him out of the picture
- Trenyce awoke and learned that everyone knew the truth about Chris being Andrew’s father

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Trenyce’s Room

Trenyce sits in her bed alert and looking better since her accident. Dr. Craig Benton stands beside her and reveals her file before he turns to her and tells her to look at him. He turns his light on and looks into her eyes. Trenyce does as the doctor orders and can’t help but think about what a wicked twist of fate the last few weeks have been; Daisy, Chris and Andy questioning her about the truth, only for her and Andrew to be in a horrible car accident; her falling into a coma while Andrew required a blood transfusion to live which meant that Andy told everyone the truth. She’s still sort of coming to terms with the fact that Chris knows the truth. She knows he is livid and that she will have to face him sooner rather than later. Something she isn’t looking forward to doing.

“You’re going to be just fine,” Craig smiles as he shuts off his little flash light. “You should be discharged tomorrow or the day after. You’re very lucky Trenyce.”

Trenyce gives him half a grin. She is thankful to him, but she is more concerned about Andrew. She recalls learning the previous night that Andrew was out of surgery, but the doctors wouldn’t know anything until the morning; they had to wait to see if the blood transfusion worked or not.

“Thanks. How is Andrew doctor? I am so concerned about him,” Trenyce tells him as she looks at him. Before Craig can say anything, Chris enters the hospital room.

“I’d like to know that as well,” Chris says as his eyes meet Trenyce’s. The tension between the two is felt, even by Craig.

“He’s doing fine. The transfusion was a success, Chris your donation really saved Andrew’s life. He’ll have to stay in the hospital longer, probably a week, just to make sure he doesn’t get any infections. But he should be as good as new in a short while.”

“Can I see him?” she asks stopping Craig as he was about to depart.

“I can arrange that, yes. I’ll let you know the details.”

“Thank you doctor,” Chris says as Craig exits. As soon as Craig is out of the hospital room, Chris turns back to Trenyce. “I guess we should talk.”

“Not now Chris. I’m going to see my son,” Trenyce says putting up a cold front to him. If possible, Trenyce knows that she has to stall this conversation as long as possible.

“You mean our son Trenyce. I can’t believe you’ve lied to me for this long!” Chris replies with anger in his voice. “How could you keep me from Andrew for so long?”

Trenyce looks over at Chris and glares at him, “Because you’re nothing to me! You’re NOTHING! You slept with my mother while married to Daisy! Then you slept with me while you were married do Daisy! You couldn’t keep it in your pants if you tried! Nothing has to change Chris. Why don’t you do us both a favour and just pretend that you never learned the truth. Stay away from me, and stay away from my son!”

Chris is flabbergasted when Trenyce gets out of her bed and walks to the door and leaves him alone in the hospital room. He puts his hand over his eyes for a second but quickly realizes that Trenyce will never make it easy for him to be in Andrew’s life. And he refuses to not be in his son’s life, especially when the alternative is a liar like Trenyce.

Scene Two -- The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

Despite being cold and snowy outside, the sun shines brightly into the living room of the penthouse of the Towers condo tower. Cory looks outside and can not erase the smile from his face as the previous day he married Robin, the woman he has loved for so many years. After so many ups and downs, he is just thrilled that he was finally able to marry her. She comes up beside him with a cup of coffee in her hand and smiles to him. They share a quick kiss as they look out the large window and enjoy the view. No words are needed between the two as they are enjoying their first morning as a married couple. To make things even better, they are home alone as Melissa got a hotel room last night to give them some privacy, and because her husband Phil arrived in Twin Peaks for the wedding.

“Good morning Mr. Calvin,” she finally says to him as they look into each other’s eyes.

“Good morning Mrs. Calvin. Did you sleep well?”

“After the work out you gave me before bed, how could I not sleep well?” she winks up to him.

“You want a repeat performance?” he asks as he leans in and kisses her passionately on the lips. Just as things progress and get a little bit more heated, the rapid knocking on their front door begins. “Who could that be? No one knows that we didn’t leave on our honeymoon.”

Robin sighs and puts her robe back on and ties it in a tight knot. “I think I have a pretty good idea,” she says with a slight roll of her eyes. She opens the door and is not surprised to see Melissa standing at the door.

“Good morning newly weds!” she says chipperly as she enters the penthouse. “I’ve come to see if you need anything this morning before you go on your honeymoon!”

“I think we’re okay Melissa, but thank you for stopping by,” Cory says trying to be civil, even though he’s annoyed that she is back in their home meddling. He was hoping to have some time away from Melissa after the wedding and the honeymoon.

“Robin, darling, do you need help packing? I’d love to help!”

“No mother, I’m already packed. Cory and I were actually just about to shower so we could head to the airport,” Robin replies to her mother, also wanting to get rid of her mother‘s presence for awhile. Robin knows that her mother means well, but she too is getting unnerved with her mother’s constant input.

“Okay, well I guess I won’t keep you two then. I hope you have a wonderful time!”

“Thank you,” Robin smiles as they embrace. Before Robin can bid farewell to Melissa, the telephone rings. Robin walks over and picks it up. “Hello … Yes, this is Robin Navy … Oh! Really? That’s fantastic! … Yes, I’ll be in touch as soon as I am home! Thank you so much!” Robin hangs up the phone and Melissa and Cory both look on with curiosity about the phone call.

“That was Dean Bentley,” Robin says with an excitement in her voice.

“The fashion photographer?” Melissa asks, trying to get more of a response out of her daughter.

“Yes, he wants to do a photo shoot with me when we get back from our honeymoon! Isn’t this great? This is a new whole new deal outside of Roboto! I could really have a new career here!” Robin says gushing.

Cory arches his eyebrow, still unsure of Robin‘s modelling. He wants her to be happy and successful, but he still has a hard time adjusting to millions of men drooling over his wife. “What about your chemist position at Roboto? You’ve made such a name for yourself in that community.”

Melissa notes that Cory seems awfully apprehensive about Robin’s new modelling gig and wonders what is going on. “That’ll always be there Cory. Modelling is only something one can do for a short time.”

“Mother is right Cory! This is a great opportunity, I want to do this!”

“Okay, if that’ll make you happy, I support you,” Cory tells her as he hugs her. Melissa continues to note that Cory doesn’t seem as happy as he should. She realizes that he is not as on board with the modelling idea as Robin. This could be her way to break them up, she realizes. She just needs the right amount of time.

“I should let you guys get to your shower so you can make the airport. But I wanted to tell you, I’ve had such a great time in Twin Peaks, I’m relocating here!”

“What do you mean by that?” Robin asks quickly, stunned by her mother’s news.

“Phil and I are moving to Twin Peaks!” Melissa smiles as she looks at Cory knowing that she has to be in the city in order to get rid of him from Robin’s life. And now, she has the starting point to start chipping away at their relationship.

Scene Three -- The Glubbs House; Shane & Cassie’s Home

For the first time since Dawn has been home, she is silently sleeping. Cassie watches her daughter sleep soundly and can’t help but feel relieved. She has no idea why, but the first month or so of having the Dawn, she hasn’t stop crying. She hopes that Dawn is settling down and will start to be a good baby. As she softly closes the door to her bedroom, she for a brief moment she stops and remembers the night that she lost her baby and Shane found her distraught in the nursery. She shakes her head; she has to push those memories out of her mind; “her” daughter is sleeping soundly in her crib and she couldn’t be happier, even if Dawn has been rather fussy.

As she walks slowly down the stairs, she can’t help but remember the previous night at the wedding reception and how Shane had close moments with his ex’s Natasha and Rebecca. For what it’s worth, Cassie knows that Natasha told him to leave her alone and Rebecca left town again with her boyfriend Jason. Still, she wonders what it will take for Shane to only look at her and be his one and only. She has already tried to get rid of Natasha by tampering with her car; while she hasn’t heard any official reports, she is positive that she is the reason that Natasha got into a car accident a few days earlier. Natasha was slightly injured, but the end result was just the same: Natasha told Shane to leave her alone. She hopes that Shane will take the hint. Still, Cassie has come up with yet another plan in hopes of getting Shane to be hers, truly hers.

When she enters the kitchen, she sees Shane making her breakfast. He hands her a coffee mug. “It’s a latte,” he smiles to her as he hands her the cup. “I know it’s your favorite.”

Cassie takes the cup and takes a little sip. “It’s good,” she says trying not to sound surprised, even though she has never really seen this side of Shane before. She could, however, get used to the dotting hubby routine.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” Shane winks over to her. While he still loves Natasha, he knows that she has continually pushed him away. Last night at the wedding reception, was the final straw for him. He has decided to try to make an honest effort with Cassie, to make his marriage a real marriage and his family a real family.

“I don’t think I’ll ever know the real you,” she says as she sits down.

“What are you talking about?”

Cassie bats her eyes and looks up at him. “I think it would be best if I moved out Shane. I’m going to get a room at the Executive hotel until I find my own place.”

Shane flips the pancakes and then comes over and sits next to Cassie. His hand finds hers and she looks at him. “Why would you do that? We have a good thing going here.” he tells her, not even realizing that he’s playing into the trap Cassie has set for him.

“Do we? Everytime I turn around you’re with Natasha, or you’re with Rebecca, or some other woman. I’m tired of playing second fiddle. I won’t raise my daughter with these insecurities,” she says trying to maintain her lip from quievering. She doesn’t want to cry in front of him, even though she could feel her eyes swelling up.

“Natasha and I are over. We are friends, and even that is a stretch these days. I’m close to a lot of people, some of them women Cassie. But you, you’re my wife and the mother of my child. I’m with you, I promise,” Shane says as he uses his finger to life her chin so they can look at each other.


“Really,” he smiles as he leans in and gives her a quick kiss on the lips. “Pancakes are ready! I hope you’re hungry.”

A beaming Cassie, who is thrilled that her plan has seemingly worked, replies, “I’m starving!”

Scene Four -- The Sugarbowl

Robbie and Leah enter the coffeehouse and she quickly grabs a corner table while he goes and orders them some drinks. He returns with a coffee for him and a decaf for her, as she isn’t drinking caffeine since she is pregnant. The couple decided to stop for a quick coffee break before they continue to do some baby planning. They’ve gone out and looked at cribs and other furniture for the nursery; a room they’ve already picked out at home. Leah, however, can’t help but think about the previous night and having a paternity test to determine if Robbie, or Jeff, is the father of her baby.

“Are you okay? You seem a million miles away,” Robbie asks her as he set her decaf down in front of her.

“Yea, sorry,” Leah smiles as she looks up at her hubby. “I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you uncover anything after examining Natasha’s car? It’s odd that her breaks would just give out like that, especially in the snow storm.” While Leah is curious to know about Natasha’s car, she wanted to change the subject. She is expecting Dominick to call her any time, she hopes, with the test results.

“Actually, I was expecting those results today. Do you mind if I quickly call the station to see if there’s an update?”

“Not at all.”

Robbie walks off and picks up his phone. As soon as he’s away from the table, Leah grabs her own cell phone and dials Dominick’s number. “Daddy, it’s me,” she says into the telephone.

“I was just about to call you,” Dominick says on the other end, but he also enters the coffeehouse. “Now I see you in corner!”

Leah looks up and hangs up her phone as Dominick arrives at her table. They hug and he knows that he’s doing the right thing; he thinks back to the night before and how he has paid off the doctor to provide the test results that Dominick wanted. He knows that no test was ever actually done, because he knows that he has to get Leah’s peace of mind before anything else. All that matters is Leah’s happiness, and the health of his unborn grandchild.

“Robbie’s over there, we don’t have much time,” she explains to him as they exit their embrace. “Did you get the test results?”

“I did,” he says looking back at his daughter. “Robbie is the father of the baby. You have nothing to worry about.”

Leah falls back into her chair, stunned that everything is working out the way it is supposed too. “Really? Are you sure about this?”

“I’m positive! Put this behind you. Tell your husband that you love him when he gets back. I told you I would take care of this, right?”

“Thank you Daddy!” she says hugging him again, relieved that her nightmare is over.

“Am I interrupting?” Robbie asks as he approaches the table again.

“Nothing at all Robbie, I was just leaving,” Dominick says, turning to his son in law. “You two enjoy your day.”

“You too Dad,” Leah says as she wipes a tear out of her eye. She is thrilled with the news that her Dad just gave her. She feels like she has no more problems in the world. Nothing can stop her and Robbie from being happy.

“What was that all about?” Robbie asks as he sits back down across from his wife.

“Oh you know, Dad saying how proud he is that we’re giving him a grandchild,” Leah responds to him. “What did you find out?”

Robbie sighs, he wishes that he had news like Leah did, but he did not. “The results are delayed. We’re hoping for the end of the week. I don’t want that to ruin our day though. I want to go shopping with you, for our baby!”

Leah smiles, “I’d love that too. There’s that new boutique that just opened. Let’s check that out next?”

“After you my love,” Robbie says as Leah stands up and grabs her bag.


Dominick, from the back corner booth, watches the couple leave happily. As he drinks his coffee, any guilt he was feeling about paying off the doctor to not to the paternity test faded when he told Leah that Robbie is the father of her baby. The joy and relief on her face made it worth his while completely. Now that his daughter’s mini-crisis is over with, he can re-focus on getting back together with Sofia. He notes that he and Sofia are more a like that she’d like to admit -- they both just want the very best for their families.

He is about to give her call, when he sees a shadow hovering over his table. He looks up and he sees Bob standing above him.

“Out with the common folk? I thought someone of your power would have someone to get him his coffee every day,” Dominick quips to his rival.

Bob smirks at Dominick’s lame attempt to be funny. He’s not impressed with Dominick; he still fumes when he thinks of how Natasha questioned his mother’s fidelity at Robbie’s recent birthday party. And why? Because of Dominick needing to get back together with his wife. The gull of this man! Bob thinks to himself. Still, he knows if he and Sofia are going to carry out their plan of pretending to separate, he needs Dominick to believe that he is jealous of him spending time with Sofia.

“I’m not going to waste lot of time to waste with you. I’m here to tell you to stay away from my wife,” Bob advises in his usual stern voice, playing up his “jealousy”.

Dominick laughs, “Or what? Big bad Bob is going to come and scare me? Get out of here Bob, you’re making an ass of yourself!”

Bob fumes but keeps his cool, The nerve of this man, he thinks to himself! “Sofia and I are going through a rough patch, stay away from her! Or else,” Bob says before he turns and walks away. Dominick arches his eyebrow while Bob is walking away.

“If he thinks his threats are going to scare me, he has another thing coming,” he says to himself as he picks up his phone again. He dials Sofia’s number. “Sofia, it’s me … I’m fine, thank you. I’m hoping you can see me today though … You can? That sounds perfect. See you then,” Dominick smiles as he hangs up the phone. Bob can threaten him all he wants; as long as Sofia is alive, he will pursue her … and he won’t stop until she is his again.

Meanwhile, outside the coffee house, Bob walks slowly down main street. He grabs his phone from his pocket and he reads the text message from Sofia. He smiles as he realizes that his plan worked and Dominick and Sofia are getting together later in the day; all apart of their plan. He takes a long sip of his coffee and looks over to his left. Melissa appears and starts walking beside him. She wears her large black sun glasses and a large hat, hoping that no one will recognize her.

“Have you seen Dominick yet?” Bob asks quietly as they continue to walk side by side, not in the least bit surprised to see her.

“I didn’t have the chance to see him at the wedding yesterday,” Melissa replies quickly.

Bob stops walking and looks at her, livid that she hasn’t held up her end of the deal. “Don’t forget why I brought you back to town. Robin and Cory’s wedding was a cover, you’re here to keep Dominick out of my hair!”

“I know Bob, keep your voice down. I know exactly what I’m doing,” Melissa smiles at him, knowing that she can handle Dominick. “Keep in mind Bob, that I am married. We have to play this perfectly, and I know exactly what I am doing.”

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks Sun; Kim’s Office

Kim looks over some paper work on her desk as she has been assigned to uncovering the growing drug distribution in the city. She has files, newspapers clippings, contact names and other resources; her main problem is that she isn’t entirely sure of what she is looking for as reporting a story in the newspaper is different than a cop busting open an operation. She needs to get some kind of a lead to send in the right direction.

While she has been busy at work, she has been enjoying the time in the office. She felt like things with Ryan were getting a little too intense too quickly after her relationship with Jeff ended earlier in the year. She knows she feels a connection with Ryan, probably because he is Jackson’s brother, but she still would like to keep things slow and steady, or at least a calming period. While that is the case however, the sex is great and she can’t deny that.

She hears a knock on her door and she looks up and sees Andy standing in the door way. He’s holding two coffee’s and a paper bag from the Sugarbowl. “I thought you could use a snack,” he smiles to his sister as he walks in and sets them on her desk.

“Thanks,” she smiles in appreciation. “How are things at the hospital? How’s Trenyce and Andrew?”

Andy sighs not really wanting to talk about the mess he helped create with Andrew, Trencye and Chris. “Trenyce woke up and Andrew survived surgery. I guess it’s as well as to be expected.”

“I heard about Chris being Andrew’s father. Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really. I’m here actually to share good news with you, for a chance,” he says getting excited. Kim arches her eyebrow waiting for the other shoe to drop. “I just spoke to the Carmen.”

“The Editor in Chief, okay…”

“Yea. She promoted me! I’m going to be working as a reporter for the Sun!”

“Andy! This is fantastic news!” Kim says rushing out from behind her desk to give her brother a hug, knowing that Andy has been working part time at the Sun since he was in high school.

“Yea, and the first story she wants to me work on is this drug distribution. We’ll be working together!” he explains with a grin on his face. Finally, something positive has happened to him he thinks to himself. Something that’ll help him take his mind off the Trenyce mess and his rocky relationship with Reese.

“Fantastic, have a seat. I’ll fill you in on what I have. Another set of eyes would be awesome,” Kim tells him as she sits back down and looks at her files. She knows that another person reviewing the files would be a huge help as she hasn’t been able to find anything concrete.

“Actually, I have something you should see. I have a friend that works down at Bar Code, you know the gay bar,” he says looking at her as she nods her head. “This is a video from last Saturday night in the alley. They’ve been having a lot of drug problems at the bar, so the management put up video cameras to try to deter the sellers. No one knew they were up last weekend though,” Andy informs her as he places a DVD into her computer. Within a few seconds the video is playing on the computer monitor.

The video is dark and a little grainy, but they can make out a large group of people in the alley and one person appears to be selling drugs.

“See that, that bag … I’m sure that’s cocaine,” Andy says pausing and pointing to the plastic bag, which appears to be filled with a while powder substance. “We can’t be sure though.”

Andy looks at Kim, who is remaining silent; her eyes are focused on the video that is paused. She can’t believe what she is seeing. Her finally opens her mouth, “I can’t believe it.”

“This happens all the time Kim. We just have to figure out who the master mind behind it is,” Andy tells her, not realizing that she has more going on in her mind.

“No, Andy! This is impossible,” Kim says leaning back in her chair and covering her eyes, almost devastated by what she sees.

“What is?”

“That man selling the drugs,” she says slowly. “I think…I think it’s Ryan,” Kim says as her eyes meet Andy’s.

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