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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brett & Dave clashed as they both worried that their plan was unravelling
- Melissa and Bob talked; it was revealed that he brought her back to town to get a handle of Dominick. Dominick, meanwhile, asked Sofia out on a date. Wanting him to believe her separation from Bob is real, Sofia accepted
- Trenyce and Chris clashed over Andrew after they learned he survived the blood transfusion
- After Will dumped her, Madeline and Ryan had sex. She immediately regretted it. Meanwhile, Kim and Andy saw Ryan on a video tape selling drugs

Scene One -- City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy looks at the mountain of paper work on her desk and cringes. She hasn’t been in the office for a few weeks as she has spent most of her time at the hospital due to Trenyce’s coma and Andrew’s blood transfusion. She finally left the hospital the previous night as she learned that they would both be going home today and Andy was kind enough to take them home. She knew that she had to get into the office; with Christmas coming City Hall is closing soon for the holiday season but she is far behind on a lot of projects because of her time away.

She takes a drink of her large coffee from the Sugarbowl and pulls the next file in front of her. She opens it and immediately leans back in her chair. It’s an update on the Caldwell Mountain Ski Resort; she has never really had time to think about Terrence since his death at the opening night of the resort, back in the spring. She isn’t sure why it bothers her so much, but she feels her eyes starting swell with tears. She knows she had many closes moments with him in this very office.

"Am I interrupting something?" Brett asks as he opens the door into Daisy’s office. He can tell right away that something is obviously bothering Daisy. "What’s wrong? You look like you’re going to cry."

Daisy gets up and hugs her friend. "How did you know to be here at the right time?" she asks as they exit their embrace and she wipes a tear from her eye. "I was just thinking about Terrence and all the hell he put everyone through. I’m not sure where it came from."

"No need to explain," Brett tells her as they move over to the sofa and sit next to each other. "He put you through a lot that night, it makes sense that you sometimes would think about it."

"Thanks Vinny," she says to her friend, still unaware that Brett is posing as his twin brother. "What brings you by?"

Brett pauses for a moment. The real reason that he is visiting Daisy is because he needed to get out of his house and see a friend. Ever since Dave captured Meggan, he has been under a close eye as Robbie suspects that Meggan didn’t just disappear. He was slowly starting to feel the walls close in on him staying at home the entire time.

"I know things have been rough for you lately, I wanted to see how you’re doing. How are Trenyce and Andrew?" he lies as his cover.

Daisy smiles at her friend, he is exactly what she needed this morning. "You’re so sweet Vinny. They’re fine! They’re going home today," she says with an enthusiasm that he hasn‘t heard in awhile.

"That’s fantastic news."

"What’s going on with you? Any word on where Meggan is?"

"No," he says looking away, not able to look at Daisy in the eye while he lies to her. "And to make things worse, the police think I had something to do with her leaving."

"What?! That’s insane," Daisy tells him. "Everyone knows that you love your wife. Plus, after the year Meggan has had, it’s not a surprise that she would want some time alone."

"I know," Brett replies, realizing that Daisy is right. He doesn’t have anything to worry about. There’s no evidence that he’s done anything wrong.

"You know what I think?" Daisy says as their eyes meet again.

"Tell me?"

"I’ve never been to your family estate. I’ve seen photos at your place, but it would be awesome if you threw a huge New Year’s Eve party there. I mean, it would be such a great way for everyone to sort of forget the last couple of months and all the drama we’ve been through. What do you think?"

Brett looks away quickly knowing that Dave would freak out if he found out that a party was going to be held at the Victors Estate. Talk about taking a huge risk, Brett thinks to himself, but how can he get out of it without being suspicious. What purpose would he have not to hold a New Year’s party? Daisy is right, holding the party would give everyone a lot of time to think about something other than the drama that has taken place. "I think it’s a great idea," he winks back at her, as he notes her obvious excitement, now trying to think of a way to explain this to Dave.

Scene Two -- Will’s Apartment

Will looks at himself in the mirror as he finishes taping the wire to his bare chest. He knows that what he is about to do may seem risky, but he knows that this is the only way he can get Ryan off his case. Now that he has ended his relationship with Madeline, he realizes that Ryan probably will stop blackmailing him. Still, he realizes that if his affair with Olivia is exposed, it will hurt Madeline and Olivia and that is not something Will wants to do.

He takes one final look at the wire and thinks he has done a good enough job. He buttons up his shirt and heads into the living room. He looks around and prepares himself for Ryan’s arrival as he called him over. Just as he turns around, there is a knock on the door.

He opens the door and sees Ryan, who barges past him. "I’ve been expecting you," Will says as he shuts the door.

"Good, cause I’ve been wanting to come and see you," Ryan reveals as he turns to face Will, with a wicked grin on his face. "How’s Maddie?"

"I wouldn’t know. I ended my relationship with her."

Ryan’s eyes widen as he knows that Will is playing perfectly into his hands. He has been dying to reveal that he slept with Madeline the same night that Will broke up with her. "Oh right. She mentioned that."

Will arches his eye brow. "You saw Madeline? Why would you ask me how she is then?"

"I did see her. I saw her in the most amazing way I could," Ryan grins back over to Will.

"What does that mean?"

Ryan laughs. "It means, the night you dumped her she called me over and I … comforted her."

Will feels his blood boil. The nerve of this guy, to go and sleep with an innocent, sweet girl like Madeline! And for what? Some petty game of revenge? "You didn’t!"

"I did. I don’t know why you ended things with her. She has such a hot, tight little body," Ryan continues, knowing that he is taunting Will in every way that he can.

"Shut up Ryan. So you slept with her? I don’t care," Will says, turning around trying to calm himself down. He only hopes, at this point, that Madeline is wise enough not to get involved with Ryan. Regardless, however, he knows that he can not make this his problem. "I’ve ended things with her. You can’t blackmail me anymore."

"Why not? I still know that you’re sleeping with Olivia. You really want Madeline to learn the truth of why you dumped her? You really want Preston Wilkins to come after you for banging his wife?" Ryan quizzes him. "I still have you wrapped around my finger. I say jump, and you better ask me how high, or else!"

Will turns, with a twinkle in his eye. "Guess what Ryan? Game is over!" Will walks up to him and punches him in the face. Ryan falls back and puts his hand to his nose, which is bleeding. He looks up at Will and is about to fire back when Will rips open his shirt. "See this? I’ve been taping this conversation. I know have on tape that you admitted to blackmailing me."

Ryan’s eyes open wide in shock. "What is this?"

"It’s called playing at your level. You go to Preston, or anyone, with what you know, and I’m going to the cops and charge you with blackmail. I believe we’re even." Will says with pride. He finally realizes that he has Ryan where he wants him.

"This isn’t over," Ryan says standing back up and regaining his composure, still shocked by Will’s move.

"It is over Ryan. Now get out of my apartment!"

Scene Three -- Dominick’s Condo

Dominick finishes looking around the condo to make sure everything is perfect. He has having a lunch date with Sofia today and he wants everything to go smoothly. He looks at the dinning room table. He has two settings in place with candles lit. The drapes are drawn to give it more of a romantic feel. The fireplace is also on and he has fresh eggnog, in case Sofia wants to get into the holiday spirit. He walks over to the front door when he hears the door bell ring. Sofia smiles as he opens the door to greet her.

"Come in, it’s cold out there," he says as she walks past him.

"It is," she replies as he takes her jacket for her. "It’s nice in here though. The fireplace is a nice touch," she smiles up to him.

"Can I get you a drink? I have eggnog, or red wine, or anything your heart desires really."

"Hmm, red wine sounds lovely. Will you join me?" She asks as she purses her lips.

"Of course," he winks, thrilled that she wants to share a bottle of wine with him. "You couldn’t possibly have the entire bottle to yourself. "I’ll be right back."

Scene Four -- The Michael’s House; Chris, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Trenyce steps out of Andy’s car and takes a deep breath. For the first time since her accident, she is outside breathing the fresh, crisp, cool air, and she is home. She has never felt so relieved in her life. The scariest moment of her young life was when she awoke from her coma and she learned that her son, Andrew, was in dire straights and in desperate need of a blood transfusion. Thankfully, both she and Andrew have made a recovery and were sent home today. She looks over at Andy, who is holding Andrew in his arms.

"Thank you for coming to get us today," she says over to him. "Daisy was so busy with work, I didn’t want to trouble her."

"It’s no worries Trenyce. I’m glad I could be here for your homecoming. Are you ready to go inside?" Andy asks her, knowing that things may get tense in the Michael’s home since Chris now knows the truth: he is Andrew’s father.

"I’m ready. Chris’ car is gone, so I don’t think he’s home," she states as she starts to walk up to the front door.

As they enter the house, Trenyce can’t help but feel overwhelmed. She immediately starts to cry; Andy notes and places Andrew down in his crib that is in the living room.

"Hey, sit down, you’re okay. Everything is okay T," Andy says as he sits next to her.

"I feel like everything has changed Andy. Daisy is livid with me for lying, Chris is determined to be a part of Andrew’s life. What if he still tries to take Andrew away from me? I don’t think I could handle that," she says as she sobs. Andy takes her into his arms and holds and hugs her.

"Try not to think of the worst Trenyce. You and Chris are both adults, you guys can work something out, I’m sure of it," Andy tells her, even though he isn’t sure himself if he believes everything he is telling her.

Trenyce looks up at Andy and wipes her damp eyes. "Thank you Andy," she says to him. "You really are my best friend."

Before Andy can reply, the doorbell rings. "Who could that be?" Trenyce asks standing up and slowly walking over to the door. She opens the door and sees a courier man.

"Trenyce Davenport?" he asks her as he passes her an brown package as she nods. "You’ve been served."

Andy comes up behind Trenyce as she shuts the door. "What is it?" he asks her as she looks at him with fear.

"I don’t know," she replies as she tears open the envelope. Inside, she sees legal documents. Her eyes widen and quickly get water in them again. "I can’t believe this," she cries as she looks up to Andy.

"What is it?"

"Chris is suing me for custody of Andrew!"

Scene Five -- The Towers, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

"You’re quiet this afternoon," Victoria notes to Chris, whom is standing at the large window and looking out at the skyline. Victoria comes up behind him and puts her arm around him. "What’s going inside your head?"

Chris sighs and looks back at Victoria and gives her a quick kiss on the lips. "Trenyce and Andrew are going home today," he reveals to her. Part of him desperately wants to be at the hospital today so he can take his son home.

"Did you want to go to your place?"

"Nah, I think it’s best that I give Trenyce some space. The last thing I want to do is crowd her and make her feel comfortable. Andrew would pick up on that," Chris tells her. "You don’t mind that I stay here, do you?"

"Of course not," Victoria smiles back to him. "But you know, you and Trenyce will have to work something out with Andrew soon. The longer you put it off, the harder it will be."

Chris walks away from the window and pours himself a glass of water. "You didn’t hear what she said to me in the hospital Victoria," he begins, recalling how Trenyce told him to just forget that he is Andrew’s father. "I don’t think there’s any reasoning with her."

Victoria arches her eyebrow and folds her arms. "So what are you going to do then?"

"I’ve already done something," he says nonchalantly, before he takes a drink of the water. "I went to see Preston Wilkins. I’m suing for custody."

Victoria’s mouth falls open, stunned that Chris decided to do this without taking more time to think about it. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I don’t think I have any other choice Vic. Trenyce hates me. She always has, plus she lied to me for months. I have no reason to believe this will get better by trying to work with her. She’s selfish and she’s a liar. I want to be apart of my son‘s life!"

Victoria comes up to Chris and rubs his back. "You’re right. I’m here for you, okay? You deserve to have Andrew in your life."

"So you’re not mad at me?"

"Of course not! I’m here for you!"

Chris smiles and hugs Victoria. "Thanks babe. I think we may be in for a rough battle with this one."

Scene Six -- The Towers, Floor One; Kim’s Apartment

Kim opens the door and is shocked to see Ryan standing there, his nose bloody and bruised from his fight earlier with Will. "Ryan, my god, are you okay?" she asks concerned as he comes into the apartment.

"I’m fine," he reassures her as he sits on the sofa and lays his head back. Kim comes in with a damp cloth to put on his nose. She slowly starts to clean him up.

"What happened?" she asks, as she remembers thinking she saw Ryan on video surveillance selling drugs the other day at work. Her mind immediately thinks that he was in a drug deal that went wrong.

Ryan sighs and squirms a little as the damp cloth stings a little of his injury. "I was at the wrong place at the wrong time," he tells her without revealing much of anything, unaware that his lack of response plays into her doubts.

"Ryan, I have to ask you a question," Kim says standing up and walking away from him.

"Sure baby, what’s going on?" he says as he leans forward not, noting that he has pretty much got as cleaned up as he possibly can.

Kim sighs not really sure of how to ask him if he really is selling drugs. Still, she has to know the truth. She wants to believe that he is the good man that he claims to be. She has to know one way or another. "Are you … selling drugs to teenagers? Or anyone for that matter?"

Ryan stands up and looks shocked that she has figured out the truth. He gulps and knows that he has to lie his way out of this, or his entire life will change. "Where the hell is this coming from?" he asks angrily. He knows that he has to play this right otherwise his secret will be revealed by her.

"Just answer the question, are you?"

"No, of course not! I can’t believe you would ask me something like this! Who do you think I am? Some kind of monster?"

"No, of course not. I didn’t mean it like that," Kim says, quickly jumping on the defensive.

"Well that’s how it sounds. You know what Kim? I came here because I thought you cared. I was obviously wrong. Have a great fucking day," Ryan snaps at her before he walks out of the door.

As the door slams closed, Kim turns with tears in her eyes. It didn’t go as she wanted, and now she fears that she may have lost Ryan forever because of her question. Her mind quickly wanders back to the video tape that she saw at her office, the man did look so much like Ryan. Could she have been mistaken? Or has Ryan been lying to her?

Scene Seven -- Dominick’s Condo

Dominick and Sofia sit on the sofa having finished their lunch together. The half empty bottle of wine sits on the coffee table in front of them and Sofia holds her glass and takes a drink as Dominick puts his arm around her on the sofa.

"This has been fun," he smiles at her as their eyes meet, loving his quality time with Sofia.

"Yes, Dominick, it has. You know, I was telling Rosario this morning at the hotel that I was looking forward to afternoon with you. It’s so nice to come here and escape the drama that is going on in my life right now," she says as she takes another drink of her wine.

"What’s going on?"

Sofia sighs. "You know? Natasha’s accident, thank goodness she’s okay, but she hurt her back pretty badly. I’m sure she’ll need to get physiotherapy. And Robbie’s birthday was a disaster," she informs looking over at him. "Bob and I announced that we are separating. I’m afraid the children did not take it too well."

Dominick seizes the opportunity and grabs her hand, "Don’t you worry Sofia. They’ll come around. You and Bob have been together their entire life. It’ll take some time getting used to idea that their parents are not together anymore. Robin went through a similar phase when Melissa and I spilt up years ago."

"Did she? I guess I can come to you for advice then," she purrs to him, knowing that she is playing into the game that she and Bob are truly separating and that she wants to get close to him again.

"Anytime," he says as he leans in and kisses her. The kiss only lasts a moment, but they part for a second before Sofia pulls him and kisses him again. She pulls back again, surprised at herself for kissing Dominick.

"I should get going," she tells him, scared that she kissed him back and that she enjoyed the kiss.

"You don’t have to leave," he tells her pulling her close again.

"I do though. Rosario is going to drive me to the mansion so I can get more clothing. We’ll do this again soon, okay?"

"Sure," Dominick smiles as she stands up, not wanting to rush her out.

Sofia quickly exit’s the condo, leaving Dominick on cloud nine. He walks back into the living room. He knows that he is making good in roads with Sofia. Not only did he get one kiss, but he got two kisses from her on their first real date since she left Bob. Things couldn’t be going better for him.

He is surprised to hear the doorbell ring again. He smiles again, thinking that Sofia has changed her mind. He rushes back to the front door and opens it and is stunned to see Melissa standing at the door.

"Melissa, this is a surprise."

"Are you going to invite me in? It’s freezing out here?" she asks as she brushes past him and enters the condo. "It’s so good to see you Dominick."

"Yes, uh, you too," he says, not really believing it. He and Melissa have never truly ever gotten over each other, he realizes. The reason they split up was because he was still trying to get over Sofia completely, so he was often having multiple affairs on her.

"I had no idea you were back in the city until I saw you at Robin‘s wedding, what brings you back?" he asks her as they both enter the living room.

"This," she says coming up to him and kissing him passionately on the lips.

Scene Eight -- The Sugarbowl

Andy enters the coffee house in desperate need of a caffeine fix. After calming Trenyce down a little and giving Daisy a call, he left the house and came here. He didn’t know what else to do; Trenyce’s worst nightmare is coming true as Chris has decided to sue for custody. The reason Trenyce was scared to tell the truth was because she was worried Chris would try to do this, and now he is.

Andy gets his coffee and looks over and sees Reese sitting in the corner booth. He quickly remembers how Reese tried to believe in him at the hospital, but once Reese learned that Andy had lied about being Andrew’s father, he quickly jolted. Andy sighs and wonders if he should go over and say something to Reese. Before he can make up his mind, he finds himself standing at Reese’s table.

"Hey," Andy says standing there with his coffee.

Reese, who is working on something on his laptop, looks up at Andy. While he doesn’t show it, seeing Andy breaks his heart all over again. Just when Reese was starting to put his walls down with Andy again, another lie is revealed and he feels like he is back at square one with him.


Andy gulps realizing that Reese clearly is distant from him. "Can I sit with you?"

"If you want too Andy, but I’m busy right now," Reese replies, continuing to be cold with him.

"What are you working on?" Andy asks, trying to make small talk, as he sits across from Reese.

"I’m booking a plane ticket," Reese reveals as their eyes lock.

"Christmas vacation?" Andy grins, thinking that maybe the Wilkins are going away together.

"No, actually it’s not. I was offered a scholarship at ULA. I’m moving to LA after Christmas to start for the January semester," Reese tells him as he shuts his laptop.

Andy arches his eyebrow. "You’re … moving?" he asks, stunned and not sure if he heard correctly.

"Yup. There’s nothing keeping me here, and I really want to go to university and play volleyball again."

"Nothing? I thought we …"

"We were," Reese interrupts. "Until you proved to me, once again, that I can’t trust you. I don’t know how many times you have to say that there are no more lies before it’s true," Reese continues to say not caring that he just hurt Andy‘s feelings. Andy is about to say something, but Reese interrupts again. "Save it Andy. I’m not sticking around to find out." Reese gets up and quickly exit’s the coffee house, leaving Andy alone in the back corner with his coffee and his breaking heart.

Scene Nine -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Brett enters the house after seeing Daisy earlier in the day. He quickly lights a fire to warm him as the chill outside has made him cold. He pours himself a drink of brandy and watches the flames, knowing that he has to come up with some way to tell Dave that Daisy has convinced him to hold a New Years Eve party at the Estate, something he knows that Dave will not be too happy about.

"What is going on now?" Dave asks as he enters the living room and sees Brett staring into the flames.

"Why does something have to be going on?" Brett asks without turning to acknowledge his brother.

"Something always is when you’re lost in the fire," Dave observes as he has seen Brett in this status numerous times.

"I told Daisy that I’d throw a New Years party," Brett says as he takes another drink of his brandy. "At the Estate."

Dave’s smirk quickly fades away. "You did what?"

"You heard me."

"You know the risk of that? What if someone finds Vinny and Meggan? We’ll blow our cover! This has to be called off! NOW!"

"No, it can’t," Brett says sternly as finally turns to Dave. "You weren’t there. Daisy had me in a corner. It would have looked suspicious if I hadn’t agreed. Meggan and Vinny are locked in a secret room. No one will know any different. Just don’t pull any of your shit."

Dave fumes at Brett’s sudden urge to stand up for himself. "You better hope that no one learns anything. Or else!" Dave tells his brother as suddenly he gets another wicked idea. He’ll ensure that no one will learn the truth the night of New Year’s Eve, even if it means killing a lot of citizens in Twin Peaks. "Actually, you’re right. This party maybe good after all," he says with a wicked glimmer in his eye.

Brett gulps and looks at his brother. He knows that look far too well; Dave is up to something. He would ask, but he’s scared to know what his brother has planned this time.

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