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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the New Year’s Eve party, the truth about Dave, Brett & Vinny came out. Robbie and Victoria saved a captive Meggan (who was drunk) and Vinny. Dave, in retaliation, shot Robbie; Victoria shot Dave
- Leah discovered she was pregnant but feared who the father was as she had slept with both Robbie and Jeff. Dominick ordered a paternity test, but paid the doctor off to not complete the test. He told Leah that Robbie was the father knowing that’s what she wanted to hear
- Natasha hurt her back in a car accident
- At the party, Dave threatened Madeline’s past if she didn’t agree to help him. She refused and called Dave’s bluff
- Olivia realized that she had to end her affair with Will in fear that her family would be hurt

Scene One – Chris Michaels’ Car

The snow is lightly falling as Chris drives to Twin Peaks from the Victors Eetate. His eyes are focused on the road, but he keeps looking over at Victoria wondering how she is holding up. He knows that she is going through a rough time as she shot, and killed Dave earlier in the evening. He went up to the estate after he heard about the shootings to comfort her. Victoria, stares out the window, not saying anything. Chris is worried about her, not knowing the toll it is taking on her.

“We’re almost at the hospital. I believe that Robbie will be okay,” he says looking over at her, trying to engage her in conversation.

Victoria doesn’t move; her eyes stay fixed outside as the country passes her by. “Yea,” she whispers back to him as she fights the tears swelling in her eyes. Victoria shuts her eyes and a single tear escapes from her eye. She can’t believe that she took a man’s life. She keeps trying to tell herself that Dave was a horrible person and he was going to kill, or at least hurt, everyone if she hadn’t shot him … but it’s not working. The image of a bullet hitting Dave in the head and seeing his body crumble to the floor is vivid every time she shuts her eyes. Or keeps them open. The images are every where. She can’t erase it. She thinks of how patients have died under her care in the hospital, but she knows that it is different because she had been trying to help them. This is different. Very different. Dave was standing there and she shot him.

“What have I done?” she asks herself aloud, as emotions come to surface.

Chris turns to her and puts his one hand on her shoulder. “Don’t beat yourself up Vic. Dave was going to shoot everyone in that room. He had already gone after Robbie. God only knows what would have happened…”

“I know, I know!” she replies, still not looking at Chris. “It doesn’t change the fact that I took a man’s life tonight.”

Chris sighs. He doesn’t know what to say to her to make her believe that she did the right thing. He is grateful that the police are not pressing charges. The officer that questioned Victoria at the estate claimed that no charges were because it was self-defence. He knows that is the best news that could have come from it as he doesn’t know how Victoria would possibly handle legal problems right now. Her own mental state is fragile, and will be enough to overcome.

“Hey, we are at the hospital. Are you ready to go in and see Robbie and Vinny?” Chris asks as the car comes to a stop.

Victoria finally moves her head and looks at him. Her eyes are wet and more tears come flooding out. Chris moves over and hugs her. “Oh Vic, it’s going to be okay. I promise you, it’s going to be okay,” he tells her as she weeps into his arms hoping that she just listens to him.

Scene Two – Twin Peaks General Hospital

Leah sits in the waiting room, her hands placed over her face. The last couple of hours have been hell for her. She was at the Victors estate having a good time when everyone heard the three gun shots come from the second floor. While Leah has always feared Robbie getting injured at work, he has never even come home with a scratch on him. Something told her, however, when she heard those two gun shots go off that something was very wrong. Almost immediately, Daisy came downstairs crying and told her the what had happened: Robbie had been shot twice. Leah’s stomach has had this awful feeling inside ever since. The ambulance arrived and rushed Robbie to the hospital; she wasn’t allowed to ride in the ambulance with him because they needed to start to undo some of the damage that the bullets had done. She has never seen so much blood in her life. She has never seen Robbie look so pale and he was unresponsive. Thankfully, Daisy was able to drive Leah to the hospital after she gave her statement to the police officer about what happened. Leah arrived at the hospital about 40 minutes ago and heard from Shane that Robbie had to go into surgery immediately; they had to stop the bullets from creating any more damage.

She lifts her head when she hears the automatic doors open; she sees Dominick enter the waiting room. He walks quickly up to her. She stands and collapses into his arms. “Oh Daddy!” she cries as he holds her.

“Have you heard anything? What have the doctors said?” he asks as they sit down side by side.

“Shane just told me that they had to get Robbie into surgery. That was about,” Leah pauses to look at her watch. “God, I don’t even know how long I’ve been sitting here. I’m so scared Daddy.”

“Sshh, relax. Robbie will be fine, you’ll see. He’s a strong guy. We have to stay positive, okay? You have to stay strong for the baby.”

Leah puts her hands on her ever-growing stomach and feels more water creep into her eyes. “Oh Daddy! I can’t lose Robbie! I can’t raise my baby on my own. This baby needs his father!”

Before Dominick can respond, Shane comes into the waiting room still wearing his scrubs. “Shane, how is Robbie?” Leah asks, desperate to know how her husband is doing.

Shane sighs and looks at Leah and then Dominick. “We were able to remove the bullets, but they caused a lot of internal damage. His left lung is badly punctured and he lost a lot of blood. The lung puncture is what is critical though. We tried to keep it stable, but if his lung collapses, we could be in trouble,” he informs them as he gulps; he still hates this part of his job. “We ran into some snags too.”

“What does that mean, exactly?” Dominick asks Shane as he comes up behind Leah.

“He flat lined while we were in surgery,” Shane admits as Leah looks on in absolute horror. “The next few days will be touch and go. Internally, his body has to rehabiliate. This wouldn’t be a problem if his lung hadn’t been punctured. The combination of both really takes a toll on the body. Like I said, the next few days will be key.”

“So he could still die?” Leah gasps putting her hand over her mouth, still hoping she wakes up and this is all a nightmare.

Shane reaches out to Leah, “Don’t think the worst. We’re doing everything we can to prevent that.”

“I have to call Bob and Sofia, excuse me,” a numb Leah says as she walks out of the waiting room.

Dominick looks at Shane again, “Give it to me straight Doc. What are Robbie’s chances?”

“Right now, not very good. The longer he stays asleep though, the better. His body needs time to recover.” Shane says knowing that it’s not what Dominick wanted to hear. “Excuse me, I have other patients. Tell Leah I’ll be back soon.”

Dominick watches as Shane exits the waiting room. He puts his hand over his mouth; he remembers Leah telling him that she doesn’t think she could handle raising the baby on her own. He knows that Leah would never be alone, but he also knows that Robbie may not be the father of the baby. Knowing that he has to know the truth know, Dominick pulls out his phone and dials a number. “Liam? Yes, it’s me, Dominick Robertson … I’ve been better to tell you the truth … Thank you, thank you. I need a favour from you … do you remember my daughter’s paternity test? … yes, I know I told you to forget it, but I need to know the results now. Run the test and tell me, and only me, the results … Thank you Liam.”

Dominick hangs up his phone and sighs heavily. He hopes that he is doing the right thing. If Robbie dies, maybe Leah can still have a father for her baby. And if Robbie does pull through, only Dominick will know the truth, unless Robbie is the father. Dominick for a brief second returns to call Liam back, but he decides against it. He has to know the truth, for Leah’s sake.

Scene Three – Twin Peaks Police Station; The Holding Cell

A police officer opens the door to the holding cells and Daisy appears in the door way. She looks down the long cement walkway and looks at the cells on either side. It’s late, so there isn’t much noise as most of the prisoners are sleeping.

“The man you’re looking for is in the fourth cell on the left hand side Mayor Davenport,” the officer informs her. “Would you like me to accompany you?”

Daisy shakes her head, “No thank you. I’ll be fine. I’ll only be a minute. Thank you again for your help.”

“Anything for the Mayor,” the officer replies to her as he shuts the door.

Daisy slowly walks down the aisle, her high heels clicking all the way down until she reaches the fourth cell. She turns and sees Brett laying on the cot, his eyes are open but he isn’t moving much. He manages to turn and he looks at Daisy. He immediately sits up and smiles. “You came? You came to see me?” he asks her with an excitement in his voice.

“Don’t get excited. I wanted to see you like this. I wanted to see you behind bars where you belong,” she replies with a cold tone in it. “Do you have any idea the damage that you have done?”

Brett gets up from his cot and walks over to the edge of his cell. He puts his hands on the bars and looks at Daisy. “I do. I’m so sorry Daisy,” he says softly to her. “I know I betrayed your trust, but you have to believe me when I tell that my feelings for you are real. Our friendship has meant so much to me in this mess.”

“Our friendship? You mean the friendship where you lied to me every single time we spoke? That’s not a friendship Vin…I mean Brett. I don’t even know you! That’s a lie. You’re a monster! Every minute we’ve spent together was a lie!” she says raising her voice. “And your brother! I can’t believe you would treat your own flesh and blood with such cruelty! Shackling him to the wall? Really?”

“That wasn’t me! That was Dave!” Brett yells back at her. “I had no idea what he was doing! You have to believe me.”

“But I don’t believe you Brett!”

“Daisy please,” Brett pleads with her, knowing that she could be his only ally.

“You know what gets me the most? All those times I confided in you about how hurt I was that my sister posed as me and how that was the start of my marriage failing. And all the while you are posing as your brother! You make me sick Brett! I never want to see you again!” Daisy yells as she turns around and starts to walk away. “Oh and one more thing,” she says as she turns to face him. “I hope you like it in your cell, because I’ll make sure you never get out of there!”

With that, she turns and walks down the cement walkway, with her heels clicking all way. Once she’s on the other side of the door, she pauses and fights away the tears. While she was able to be strong with Brett to his face, she knows that his betrayal stings a lot more than she cares to admit. Another man, another betrayal. Chris, Terrence and now Brett … what is it with men and them using me? She asks herself. She smiles again to the officer on duty and slowly walks out of the police station, having more questions inside her head and heart than ever before.

Scene Four -- The Calimo Estate; The Guest House; Natasha’s Home

Natasha gingerly walks down the stairs of the guest house to reach the main floor. Upon arriving, she puts her hand on her lower back and feels the pain. Ever since her car accident, her back has been very sensitive. She has been taking pain killers, but she knows that she is almost out of them. Her doctor warned her that he wouldn’t give her any more because they are highly addictive. Instead, she would have to start seeing her chiropractor for other methods of healing. The thought, though, makes her cringe inside. She doesn’t want to go through more physical therapy since she did when she lost her feelings in her legs. She thinks back to that time; Shane was appointed her doctor to oversee her rehabilitation. It was really in those months that Natasha truly realized that she was in love with Shane and not Cory. After that, she and Shane soon found their way together and then … Natasha shakes her head to get her head out of those thoughts. She doesn’t want to think about Shane getting Cassie pregnant and thus marrying her.

She finds her purse and opens the pill bottle. She reaches in and grabs the last one. “Last one, great,” she says to herself as she puts it in her mouth and takes a drink of water and swallows the pill down. Before she can even put the glass of water down, her telephone rings. She walks over and picks it up. “Hello … What? Mother, calm down! … I can’t believe this! Robbie’s been shot? Yes, I’m on my way to the hospital now!”

A frantic Natasha quickly looks around for her jacket. She grabs it, and her purse and bolts out the door as she heads to the hospital.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia looks at her file that lays open on her desk before she continues typing on her keyboard. She is busy working on files for patients, updating them. Her client base tends to increase over the holidays as more people become depressed during the festive season. She tries not to think of her own situation: working on New Years instead of being with Preston. After Christmas, Olivia thought that maybe she and Preston would be growing closer again, but with Reese leaving town and Madeline having her own life, Olivia and Preston continue to remain at odds. It doesn’t help that Olivia continues to blame Preston for the baby switch and her role in that. While she has tried to avoid Helen for the most part lately, she knows when she finally does see her, things will get tense for her again.

And of course, there’s the Will situation. Olivia knows that Will makes her feel like no one else has in a very long time, but how can she possibly continue the affair when it would hurt so many people in her family. While she and Preston are at odds, she doesn’t want to hurt him by sleeping with another man. She hears her door open to her office so she looks up and sees Will enter.

“Hey,” he says as he closes the door, which doesn’t shut all the way. “I haven’t seen you over the holidays, so I thought I’d drop by.”

Olivia looks at the attractive young man. Memories of the two of them having passionate sex in her office come flooding back to her. She suddenly feels a little hot under the collar. “That’s sweet of you. Happy New Year.”

“Same to you,” he replies. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Will, stop,” she says standing up and coming up to him. “Do you remember our conversation on Christmas Day? We can’t continue this. This has to end. Today.”

Will looks at Olivia and knows that she doesn’t believe what she is saying. He walks up to her and grabs her and kisses her passionately. She allows herself to be kissed by Will and she kisses him back. She finally pushes him away. “Will, please.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want me. Don’t tell me you don’t have feelings for me Olivia. I know you do. I can tell by the way you kiss me. The way you look at me. This is real, this can be so right,” he tells her as he looks into her eyes.

“No Will,” she says turning around as she gets tears in her eyes. “I can’t hurt my family this way. I just can’t.”

Will sighs heavily and turns around and prepares to leave. Before he leaves, he turns to Olivia, whom turns to faces him. “I do love you Olivia. I know you’re hurting right now and that you’re confused. That’s okay. I’m still here.”

Olivia goes to say something, but a tear falls from her eyes. Will sees and rushes back to her and hugs her.


Kim walks through the hallways urgently. She got a text from Natasha about Robbie being shot and she raced to the hospital to support her best friend and the entire Calimo family. She spots Olivia’s door semi open and thinks that maybe she should say hello quickly. She goes up to the door and sees Olivia and Will hugging.

“You have to go,” Olivia tells Will.

“I know. But remember what I said. I’m here. I won’t stop loving you. And I know you love me too.”

Kim walks back from the door, shocked by what she just heard. Olivia and Will? Together? “Oh my god,” she says to herself. “That’s why Will dumped Madeline?” Kim continues to be shell shocked. She realizes Will is on his way out of the office so she quickly walks away.

Will exit’s the office and shuts Olivia’s door. He puts his hand to his mouth and tries to hold on to the kiss he just shared with Olivia. For all he knows, it was the last time he would ever share a kiss with the woman that he loves.

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Vinny’s Room

Dr. Craig Benton looks at Vinny as he sleeps and looks over his chart. His vitals are surprisingly good, but Vinny is extremely weak. He is dehydrated and extremely malnourished. Craig isn’t surprised as Vinny was locked up for so many years, it will take some time for him to be stable again.

He looks over at Meggan, who is pale and sitting in the chair. Meggan had already got checked out. Other than a bruised rib from when Dave kicked her, she is in good health. Physically anyways. Craig knows that she has been drinking again as Dave left her a body of vodka in the cell that she was in.

“How is he?” she finally asks looking up at the doctor. She feels weak as well. She is looking forward to getting some real sleep after the ordeal that she has been through.

“He should be okay in a few days. His body just needs rest. Something you could use as well,” Craig tells her as he comes over and sits with her. “You must be exhausted.”

“I am. I don’t want to leave Vinny though,” Meggan admits to him. “After everything, I just want to be close to my husband.”

Craig smiles knowing that he can understand why Meggan would want to be close to Vinny after everything they have been through together. “Tell you what, let me get a cot placed in here. You can sleep and still be close to Vinny.”

Meggan smiles as she looks at Craig. “That would be great, thank you.”

“Perfect, I’ll go arrange it,” Craig says as he stands up and prepares to leave. “Oh and Meggan. I know it’s none of my business, but I know that you were drinking because of Dave. When you wake up, there are AA meetings on the second floor of the hospital if you want to attend.”

Meggan smiles at Craig and then turns her head away. He leaves and she can feel tears in her eyes starting. She doesn’t want to go to rehab again; she shouldn’t have too. She only drank the vodka because there was nothing else to drink in their cell. She doesn’t have a problem. Not anymore. She stands up and looks in the mirror that’s beside Vinny’s bed. She looks like a mess, she knows it. “I don’t have a problem,” she says as looks into the mirror. She turns around and hugs herself knowing that she’s trying to convince herself of this because right now all she really wants is another drink.

Scene Seven -- The Legal Firm; Preston’s Office

Preston sits at his desk and works hard on some cases. He has a number of cases right now, but the one that has caught the most of his interest is the custody battle that he has with Chris against Trenyce. He knows that he will have to work extremely hard to ensure that Chris gets custody, but he has never backed away from a challenge. In fact, he loves the challenge of going to court and tryign to win each and ever case.

While he looks over the file, he can’t help but think of his family. He loved spending time with Olivia, Madeline and Reese at Christmas. He is so proud of Reese as well for realizing that he needs to better himself and go to University. While Reese hasn’t been gone for that long yet, he already misses him terribly. He does still have Madeline here and he is pleased that their relationship is seemingly on the right track. They grew closer when Madeline asked him to help her financially with the opening of her own PI firm. While he was more than happy to do so, he did warn her that she needed to start to let go of the past mistakes that he and Olivia made, namely being bank robbers. He knows that the secret sent Madeline running away years ago when she first learned the truth. He still often wonders what she did in that time away.

He looks up when he hears a knock on his door. “Come in,” he says as the door opens and Madeline enters. “Maddie! Happy New Year sweetheart.”

“You too Dad. Am I interrupting?” she asks as she comes in and sits down.

“Not at all, what’s going on?” Preston asks as he gives her his full attention.

Madeline arches her eyebrow. She came to see her father because the last conversation she had with Dave, he was threatening to tell Preston the truth about her past in New York. She knows that if Dave did tell the truth before he died, Preston would know by now. “I was in the area and thought I’d come see you. I guess I’m feeling nostalgic during the holiday season. And I miss Reese already!”

Preston laughs a little. “Yea, I miss him too, but you know he’ll be back to visit. He’s doing a good thing for himself.”

“I know. We spoke earlier on the phone. He seems to be settling in nicely.”

“Oh, I’ll have to give him a call later on,” Preston replies to her. They both hear a ding as Preston gets a new email in his inbox. “I have to check that sweetie, sorry. I’m expecting some PDF’s for this file I’m working on.”

“Go ahead Dad. I know the type of worker you are,” she teases him noting that he is some what of a workaholic.

“What the hell is this…” Preston asks as his mouth falls open. “Madeline?”

Madeline looks at her father wondering what is going on. “What is Dad? What was the email that you got?”

Preston feels his face starting to burn red and he turns his computer monitor to face Madeline. Madeline’s mouth falls open as she sees the email is from Dave Victors. Inside are photos of Madeline having sex with various men and other photos of her accepting cash. The email reads “Look what your daughter was up too in New York”.

“What the hell is this?” Preston asks looking at Madeline, who gulps.

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