Episode 115 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: January 12, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The Calimo’s were called to the hospital after learning that Robbie had been shot
- Leah cried to Dominick that she doesn’t want her baby to grow up without a father, so learning Robbie flat lined he had the paternity test ordered
- Phil and Melissa argued about their stay in Twin Peaks
- Preston received an email from Dave showing him photos of Madeline’s hooker past in New York City
- Olivia dumped Will, unaware that Kim had seen them together

Scene One -- The Legal Firm; Preston’s Office

“What the hell is this…” Preston asks as his mouth falls open, as he looks at the email that he just got in his inbox. “Madeline?”

Madeline looks at her father wondering what is going on. They had been having a great conversation, taking another step in rebuilding their hurting relationship. “What is Dad? What was the email that you got?”

Preston feels his face starting to burn red and he turns his computer monitor to face Madeline. Madeline’s mouth falls open as she sees the email is from Dave Victors. Inside are photos of Madeline having sex with various men and other photos of her accepting cash. The email reads “Look what your daughter was up too in New York”.

“What the hell is this?” Preston asks looking at Madeline, who gulps. “Is this true? This can’t be real?” Preston says looking at Madeline for answers. There’s no way his daughter would ever sell herself her body for money, would she?

“I can explain Dad,” Madeline replies standing up and turning away from her father. The secret that she has been keeping for so long from everyone has finally come out. Inside she feels angry at Dave; he must have sent the email before he died. “I called his bluff. That bastard! I could have prevented this,” she says to herself as she feels her eyes getting damp from tears.

“How could have prevented this?” Preston demands to know. “Tell me what’s going on!”

“Dave Victors, Vinny’s brother … he was blackmailing me. I finally told him to stop and so he told you the truth. It’s true Dad. I was a prostitute,” Madeline reveals to her father, letting it spill out faster than she can even think about it. “I’m so sorry.”

“I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this!” Preston repeats himself, not sure of what to say or not to react to this revelation. “Why? Why would you resort to this?”

Madeline lets a tear escape from her eye. She hasn’t turned to look at Preston yet, but she can hear the disappointment in his voice. “I had just run away. I went to New York and … the money that I took from home ran out quickly. New York is such a big city, I didn’t know anyone. I had nothing. No one would hire me because I didn’t have any clean clothes or anything … I … I met this guy who told me I could make good money,” she says through her tears. She hadn’t thought, in depth, of that time for a long time now. She looks at Dad and moves closer to him. “I’m so sorry I’ve let you down Daddy.”

Preston looks at her and continues to struggle with the news. “I just can’t believe you would do this instead of asking your mother and I for help. Was growing up with us as parents really that bad?”

“No Dad. It wasn’t. You and mom were great parents. It’s just… you have to remember that I just found out that you and Mom were bank robbers. I hated you; I hated Mom; I didn’t understand anything. So I ran away and this was my solution,” Madeline tells him as she grabs his hand. “I haven’t done anything like this for a long, long time.”

Madeline looks at Preston, who just looks away. He knows that nothing he can say or do can undo what he knows now. He feels so ashamed of himself and for Madeline for doing such a thing to herself. Part of him also is worried about this getting out and what it would do the family name, and his professional reputation.

“Say something, please,” Madeline pleads with her father.

“I don’t know what to say Madeline. I’m so disappointed. In myself, in your mother, in you,” Preston replies as he turns and faces the wall. He can’t seem to look at her without seeing the images from the email come to his mind.

“Am I interrupting something?” Olivia asks as she opens the door to Preston’s office. Olivia can see by the look on Preston’s face and the tears in Madeline’s eyes that she is walking in on something important. “Madeline? Why are you crying? What’s going on in here?”

Madeline looks at her mother and then looks over at Preston. “I’m so sorry Dad. Please say you understand and that you forgive me.”

“I … Madeline. I … I need time to process this,” Preston admits to his daughter, as he still tries to process all of the information.

“Would someone please tell me what is going on?” Olivia snaps getting impatient that neither one is saying anything.

“I‘m leaving, Dad can fill you in. I’m sure you’ll hate me too, the way he does,” Madeline says grabbing her bag and rushing out of Preston’s office in tears.

“Madeline! Wait,” Olivia calls to her.

“Let her go,” Preston says as he turns to face his wife. “We all need a little time.”

“Time? For what? What’s going on Preston?” Olivia demands to know. Preston simply points the computer screen. Olivia looks at the computer screen and is horrified. “Oh my god! Is this true?”

“Every detail,” he reveals to her. “This is how she got by in New York.”

“My god,” Olivia says covering her mouth with her hand. “I can’t believe it.”

“Now you understand why she ran out. No one of us are prepared for this.”

Olivia sighs and realizes that he’s right. She never expected Madeline to be carrying such a horrible secret around for all these years. “Now what?” she asks as her eyes meet with Preston’s.

“I wish I knew.”

Scene Two -- The Victors Estate

Andy parks his car and opens the door. He looks around the grounds of the large estate and suddenly feels a chill go down his spine. He is at the estate to do a story for the Twin Peaks Sun. Since getting his promotion last fall, Andy has been doing a lot more writing for the newspaper, which is exactly what he has always wanted. His story on the estate and the saga of Brett, Dave and Vinny will be his first piece alone. He came to the Estate to get some inspiration for the story and to take a look around.

His work has been his saving grace the last few weeks as Reese has moved out of Twin Peaks. Just when he thought they were going to be getting back together and would have a real shot being in love, the truth that Chris is Andrew’s father came out and drove a wedge between Reese and Andy for good. Andy doesn’t blame for Reese telling him that he couldn’t trust Andy, not after another lie was revealed. Part of Andy knows that time away will be good for both of them. It’ll give them both time to move forward in their lives and experience something new. At least that’s what Andy tells himself whenever he misses or thinks of Reese, which is often.

He opens the door to the Estate, which has mostly been blocked off for the police investigation. With his TP Sun id card boldly displayed, he is allowed access to the house. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the house as he can see a clicking noise.

“Hello?” he calls out as he enters the living room where the New Years Eve party was being held. He sees another man in the room holding a large camera taking photos. He can’t help but notice the large biceps on the man holding the camera. “Excuse me, are you allowed to me in here?” Andy asks, interrupting the man’s focus.

He puts his camera down and Andy again can’t help but notice how attractive the man is. He is in his mid-twenties and has tanned skin and long dark hair. He flashes a smile that almost makes Andy melt and with a heavy Spanish accent says, “Yes. I am with the Twin Peaks Sun. It is a newspaper. Do you know it?”

Andy grins back, “I work there. Andy Spinnes. I’m doing a story about what happened here on New Years Eve.”

The man smiles back at Andy and extends his hand. “Juan Carlos Fernandez,” he tells Andy as they shake hands. “Call me JC. I just got hired by the Sun. I must be taking the photos that’ll go with your story.”

“Cool. Well, I’m going to look around,” Andy tells his new co-worker. Andy turns to leave the room, but he feels like JC is watching him. He turns around and spots JC looking, but JC quickly looks away to not give it away. Andy grins as he feels like he hasn’t been checked out in a long time. And by someone as attractive as JC, no less.

Scene Three -- DNYA Labs

Dominick pulls his SUV into the parking lot of the laboratory and finds a parking stall. He shuts off his SUV and pauses before he gets out. He reassures himself that he is doing the right thing: he has to learn who Leah’s baby’s father is, now more than ever. If it is Robbie, it will give Leah even more will to stay positive while Robbie is in the hospital with his gun shot wounds. Should the results show that Jeff is the father, he can tell Leah the truth should Robbie pass away and she can be assured that the baby can still have a father in it’s life. Of course, that’s worst case. He has to believe that Robbie will pull through, but just in case he has to continue to look out for his daughter’s best interest.

As he enters the lab, Liam Fitzpatrick quickly comes out and greets Dominick. “I’m glad you could make it,” Liam tells Dominick as they walk into Liam’s office. “I ran the tests last night after I got your call.”

“Thank you for the urgency in this matter Liam,” Dominick replies as he sits down and faces Liam, who sits at his desk.

“Anything for a good paying customer,” Liam grins over at Dominick. He hands Dominick a file. “The results are in there. I’ll give you a moment alone and read them. It’s pretty self explanatory. Let me know if you have any questions though.”

Dominick waits until Liam is out of the office before he slowly opens the file. He reads the paper that is inside and quickly closes the file again. He sets it on the table before he runs his hands over his face. He can’t believe this: Jeff is the father of Leah’s baby! The test confirms it. “God Leah. Now what?,” he asks himself quietly. “I won’t tell. No, it’s no use. Not until we know for sure what will happen with Robbie. No one ever has to know the truth.”

Scene Four -- The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

The front door to the penthouse flies open and Robin comes in with a huge grin on her face. “Cory, are you here?” she calls into the large apartment.

Cory soon emerges at the top of the stairs and looks down at his beaming wife. “What’s going on babe?” he asks as he walks down to greet her.

Robin smiles at him and hugs him once he reaches the bottom of the stairs. “I just had my photo shoot with Dean today. God, it was so amazing. He showed me some of the proofs and they look so amazing! I feel so alive in front of the camera, you know?”

Cory knows that Robin loves modelling and while he has finally admitted to her that he feels uncomfortable with it, he doesn’t want to rain on her parade. Still, he wishes that millions of people, more over men, would be seeing her in barely any clothes. “That’s awesome. When will the pictures come back?”

Robin turns around and immediately realizes that Cory is feeling awkward about the modelling. She knows that he doesn’t approve of her doing it, but he told her he would stand by her, regardless. “I’m sorry,” she finally says back to him. “I know you don’t care about this.”

“Hey, that’s not fair,” he says putting his arms around her shoulders. “If it makes you happy, then I care. I care a great deal. I want to see you happy. I’m … trying to get used to this modelling thing, okay?”

Robin turns and kisses her husband. “Thank you,” she smiles at him. “I do appreciate that. I think, you know, it’ll just take time for you to get used to it. It’s not like I’m going to leave you or anything.”

Cory laughs. “I hope not! We just got married. I want you all to myself!”

Robin smiles and kisses him. “I am yours, you know.” she tells him.

“I know.”

“Good. I have one more thing to tell you!”

Cory arches his eyebrow. “Oh yea? What’s that?”

“There’s this premiere coming up. Dean told me that I should go because there will be a lot of big name photographers there and magazine heads. I could get more gigs! It’s in a couple weeks. Can we go?” Robin asks as she bats her eye lashes at Cory to tease him.

“Ha! Yea, we can go. But could we compromise? Maybe only take two deals instead of fifty?” he grins over at her.

“We’ll discuss every new venture before I agree, how’s that?”

“Perfect babe, just like you.”

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Room 295

Melissa sets the newspaper down on the coffee table as she picks up her cup of coffee and takes a drink of the hot liquid. She quickly thinks back to the last couple of weeks and wonders what her next move should be. She knows that she was brought back to Twin Peaks to help Bob keep Dominick at bay. She has always had feelings for Dominick, but she doesn’t know how much further she can go without completely alienating her husband, Phil. Phil has already expressed his desire to return home to Boston, and she would love to go back.

Except for Cory and Robin. She knows that the used their wedding as the cover as to the reason why she returned to Twin Peaks. Ever since she heard the news that Cory and Robin were getting married, however, she has been upset. She knows that Robin can do much better than Cory. Who needs a man that goes back and forth between two women all the time? She knows that if she were to leave Twin Peaks now she could be wasting key times to break the two up, especially now that she finally has ammunition to do. She remembers realizing that Cory doesn’t approve of Robin’s modelling and she knows that she can use that to her advantage. She just has to think of a way to use it against him.

“You look a million miles away,” Phil announces as he comes in fixing his tie for the day.

“I guess I was just lost in my thoughts,” Melissa admits to her husband looking up at him. “You look very smart today.”

“Thank you. What’s your plans for the day?” he asks her looking at himself in the mirror as he fixes his tie.

“I was going to head over and see Cory and Robin. See how their New Years was. What are your plans?”

Phil pauses and looks over at his wife. He knows that she will not be too pleased to hear what he is about to say. “I’m going to book a flight back to Boston. I’m ready to go home Melissa.”

“What?” Melissa asks standing up. “Philip, I thought we had discussed this already! I thought we agreed that we would stay here. I just got back on good grounds with Robin, I don’t want to leave and spoil that!”

“And I thought we discussed how much I hate being away from my work and friends. There’s nothing for me here Melissa. I’m going home. You can stay as long as you’d like!”

Melissa sighs and walks up to Phil. She runs her hands up down and his chest, followed by a passionate kiss. “I’d get so lonely in this bed with you,” she purrs at him. “Please stay. Let’s compromise? We’ll stay three more weeks? Then if you’re still unhappy, you can go?”

Phil kisses her back first and then throws her over on the bed as he starts to undo his tie. “Fine, you win,” he says crawling on top of her and kisses her. “Three more weeks.” he says in between kisses.

Scene Six -- Will’s Apartment

Will sits on sofa with his text book open. He is reading for his final nursing exam which is in a few weeks time. After all the hard work he has put in, he is finally going to graduate. His mind, however, is not on the information in front of him. Instead, he is thinking about his conversation with Olivia earlier in the day. She ended their affair claiming that she didn’t want to hurt her family. He knows that it makes sense since Madeline and Preston would be destroyed after learning the truth about their affair, but his heart is broken over this fact. He has come to realize that he cares very deeply, even loves, Olivia. To lose her now, is heartbreaking to him.

He gets up and walks over to the door when he hears a knock. He opens the door and sees Kim standing on the other side. “Kim, this is a surprise. Come in.”

Kim walks past him and throws her purse on the sofa. She takes off her jacket and turns and looks at him as she places her hands on hips.

“What’s up? You look … upset,” he observes.

“I can’t believe you!” she yells at him. “I can’t believe no one has seen this sooner.”

“You’re talking in riddles Kim. What have I done?” Will asks shrugging his shoulders as he has no idea why she would be upset with him.

“I was at the hospital earlier and I accidentally saw you there,” Kim tells him and she can immediately see Will’s face turn red. “With Olivia.”

Will turns around and runs his hand over his face. “Oh man.”

“Oh man? That’s all you have to say for yourself? You dumped Madeline because you were sleeping with her mother?” Kim asks, still shocked by the twist of events.

“Look Kim, I know you won’t understand this, but yes I did. Olivia and I … we slept together before I even started dating Madeline. I didn’t find out until I was in over my head with Madeline. The affair stopped once Olivia and I realized our connection.”

Kim sighs as she listens to Will’s story. She knows that he probably wouldn’t do anything that would purposely hurt Madeline or Olivia, it’s just not in his character. Not the new Will anyways.

“But soon we realized that our connection was deeper. Much deeper. I couldn’t stop thinking about Olivia, I don’t know what it is. I guess …”

“You fell for her? I can’t believe this Will,” she continues to be stunned.

“Yea, I did. That’s when I dumped Madeline. I couldn’t lead her on knowing that I was in love with another woman. For what it’s worth, Olivia has ended it. She knows that her family would be devastated if this came out.”

“How are you feeling?” she asks beginning to realize that maybe he did the right thing.

“I don’t know. She just ended it earlier, that’s what you saw. It hurts, you know?”

Kim hugs him. “I know. I’m sorry. I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t know how you end up in these situations.”

Will laughs. “Me either. Promise me you won’t say anything, okay?”

“Of course not. But just know that secrets do have a way of coming out.”

Scene Seven -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

Sofia walks up to Bob as they wait to hear something about Robbie. He has been brought out of surgery awhile ago, but his condition is too critical for visitors just yet. According to the doctors, anyone could be carrying any kind of infection could be lethal to him right now. So they are waiting to hear something, anything.

“Did Leah finally go and rest?” Sofia asks her husband as she sits next to him.

“Yea. Shane was nice enough to let her use a rest room here in the hospital. She refused to go home.”

“That makes sense, I can’t fathom leaving right now either. Do you want some coffee? I’ll go to the cafeteria and also call Natasha to see if she’s on her way.”

“I’d love some. I’ll wait here in case we get an update.”

“Okay, I won’t be long,” Sofia replies as she gives him a quick kiss on the lips. She gets up and slowly walks out of the ER. As she walks towards the cafeteria, she spots Eva walking in the hospital in a business suit. Sofia stops in her tracks, stunned that Eva would use this an opportunity to get closer to Natasha and her family.

“Eva!” Sofia calls out to her grabbing Eva’s attention. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Eva approaches Sofia and glares at her. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I just applied for a position at the hospital.”

“A job?”

“Good ears Sofia. I did hear about Robbie. I hope he pulls through.”

“What kind of job are you looking for at the hospital? Are you even qualified?” Sofia asks, arching her eyebrow.

“Of course I am. They’re looking for a new Chief of Staff. I was COS at a small hospital in Paris before I came here last year. Don’t act shocked Sofia, you know I plan on being in Natasha’s life, and if that means finding a job and setting up roots here, then so be it.”

“Keep your voice down. The last thing we need is for someone to over hear you discuss my daughter,” Sofia snaps at Eva. “My family is going into crisis mode right now. My son may not live. Please respect our wishes and leave us alone.”

“Don’t tell me to leave Natasha alone! I’ll gladly leave you and Bob alone, but Natasha is my daughter! I will not leave her while her brother is going through this horrible time!”

“What did you just say?” a dumbfound Natasha asks as she walks up to the two women.

“Natasha! Oh sweetie, I was just about to call you to see if you were on your way. I guess that saves me the time. Come on, let’s go see your father, he’s waiting for us,” Sofia says as she comes up to Natasha and puts her arm around her.

Natasha throws Sofia’s arm off. “No, wait. What did you just say Eva? I thought I heard you say that you’re my mother? What are you talking about?”

Sofia glares at Eva and then looks over at Natasha again. “Say something!” Natasha yells at Eva.

“I’m so sorry Natasha, but it’s true. I’m your mother,” Eva tells Natasha as a horror creeps over Sofia’s face.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Natasha learns the entire truth
- The Calimo’s face heartache as Robbie flat lines
- Cassie does some file snatchin'

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