Episode 116 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: January 23, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The Calimo’s rallied at the hospital to support Robbie, who was shot twice on New Years Eve. Natasha arrived and overheard Sofia fighting with Eva about Eva being Natasha’s biological mother
- Dominick learned that Jeff was the father of Leah’s baby after he had the paternity test done after Leah feared her baby would grow up without a father
- Vinny and Meggan were admitted to the hospital after being released from Dave’s captivity
- Olivia and Preston were horrified to learn the truth about Madeline’s hooker past
- Trenyce was served with custody papers from Chris. Meanwhile, Daisy faced life as another person close to her betrayed her.

Scene One -- The Sugarbowl

Cassie enters the busy coffee house and immediately goes up to the counter to order her beverage. She is on cloud nine these days as she and Shane have been growing so much closer in the last few weeks. She knows that after Robin and Cory’s wedding last fall, Shane has truly made the effort to make her feel like they are on their way to being a family. She thanks the barista after she gets her drink and she smiles to herself as she remembers the kiss that they shared on Christmas.

“Soon, he’ll be kissing me every day,” she says to herself as she prepares to leave. She has the day off from Dawn Marie as the baby sitter is with her as Cassie has a lot of work to do at Capers. She knows that the only thing she really has to worry about currently is Helen getting too close to Dawn and thus figuring out the baby switch. She knows she has to play her cards right so Shane doesn’t become suspicious, but she is fearful of the truth coming out as Shane has been getting closer to Adam and Helen lately. She isn’t sure how, yet, but she knows she will think of away to get rid of the friendship.

As she approaches the exit, two police officers enter the coffeehouse and smile at Cassie.

“So with Calimo in the hospital, I was appointed to looking into his sister’s car accident,” the one officer tells the other.

Cassie stops in her tracks before she leaves. She recalls hearing that Robbie had been shot at the New Years Eve party. She had no idea that Robbie was looking into Natasha’s car accident. She shuts her eyes for a moment and remembers a day last fall.


She walks down into the alley. She looks around and sees no one, so she keeps walking up to Natasha’s car. Without hesitation, Cassie bends down and looks under Natasha’s car. She positions herself so she’s under the car and little bit. She looks up and sees wires and parts of the car. She looks for something that looks important. Not knowing what something is, she reaches up and rips it out of the bottom of the car. She quickly stands up them and looks around. Still, no one is in the alley. She throws the car part in the near by dumpster and pushes the stroller out of the alley quickly.

[End of Flash]

Cassie feels her heart skip a beat; if the cops realize that someone pulled the breaks out of Natasha’s car, they could start to investigate it deeper and it may lead back to her. She knows she has to act fast. She regains her composure and leaves the coffee house, knowing what her next step was going to be.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks General Hospital

“What did you just say?” a dumbfound Natasha asks as she walks up to Sofia and Eva, whom are in the midst of a fight at the hospital. Natasha could have swore that she just heard Eva claim to be her mother. She knows that it couldn’t possibly be true, but what did Eva mean by saying that?

“Natasha! Oh sweetie, I was just about to call you to see if you were on your way. I guess that saves me the time. Come on, let’s go see your father, he’s waiting for us,” Sofia says as she comes up to Natasha and puts her arm around her, knowing that she has to change the subject. She can’t allow the truth to come out.

Natasha throws Sofia’s arm off her side. “No, wait. What did you just say Eva? I thought I heard you say that you’re my mother? What are you talking about?”

Sofia glares at Eva and then looks over at Natasha again. “Say something!” Natasha yells at Eva. Eva looks at Natasha long and hard. She has wanted the truth to come out for so long, she has wanted to tell Natasha so they could have the chance to have a real mother-daughter relationship. No more lies, Eva tells herself. Now is the time to tell the truth.

“I’m so sorry Natasha, but it’s true. I’m your mother,” Eva tells Natasha as a horror creeps over Sofia’s face. “What you overheard, is the truth.”

Natasha’s mouth opens and she begins to speak but she is unable to produce anything. She feels shocked. What is Eva talking about? How is any of this possible? She looks at Sofia, who has tears swelling in her eyes. “Mother, tell her that she’s wrong. Tell her that you’re my Mother.”

A tear escapes Sofia’s eye and she turns around unable to contain her emotion any more. Natasha covers her mouth with her hand. “This is true? This doesn’t make any sense!”

Eva grabs Natasha’s hand and looks at her and smiles. “I know this is hard for you to understand, but it’s true. All those years ago, I gave birth to you. I’m your mother!” Eva hugs Natasha but Natasha pushes her away.

“You’re my mother? No, Sofia is my mother! You‘re lying!” Natasha yells out in confusion.

Before anyone else can say anything, Bob emerges and sees the three women. “What’s going on? I came to find you,” Bob says as he approaches his wife, who was supposed to return to his side in the waiting room with coffee. She turns to look at him and he can immediately tell that something isn’t right. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying Sofia?”

“I told Natasha the truth,” Eva intercepts before Sofia can reply to Bob. “She knows that I’m her mother!”

Bob immediately looks over at Natasha, who still has a look of utter shock and disbelief on her face. “Natasha…” be begins to say as he reaches out to her.

Natasha lets a tear fall from her eye, “Someone just tell me what she is talking about. Please. This … this isn’t true Daddy, please tell me!”

Bob’s heart breaks as he looks at his daughter as she seeks understanding from this overwhelming story. “Listen to me Natasha. You’re my daughter. You always will be my daughter. Sofia has been your mother in every way that counts. But yes, if we are honest now, Eva is your biological mother. This doesn’t have to change anything…”

“Shut up! Shut up!” Natasha yells in frustration at him. “You’ve been lying to me all these years! All of you have been lying to me! You didn’t think that I deserved to know the truth? That I had a different mother? My God, I… I can’t believe you people!” Natasha screams.

“Natasha, please…” Sofia says trying to reach out.

“No! Get away from me! The three of you make me sick! Get away from me!” Natasha yells as he turns around and walks away quickly. Every step she takes, she feels her back start to cringe in pain even more. She’s walking too quickly for her back injury, but she doesn’t care. She can’t believe that her family has been lying to her, her entire life.

Bob looks over at Sofia and Eva and glares at them. “Are you happy now?”

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

Leah comes into the waiting room and finds it empty. She had been able to take a nap in a room as Robbie still hasn’t been allowed visitors. She is grateful that Shane was able to arrange that for her since she didn’t want to leave without seeing or knowing Robbie was going to be okay. However, since she is pregnant, she knows that she needs her rest, even if she did barely sleep. She looks around the waiting room and wonders where everyone is. She had been expecting to see Sofia, Bob and Natasha all waiting. She also wonders where her father is, but given the drama that has been happening between Dominick and Bob, she figured that Dominick would have left to give Bob some space. She puts her hand on her belly as she sees Shane enter the waiting room.

“Shane, how is Robbie?” she asks. “Can I see him yet?”

Shane finally looks at Leah with some positive vibes. “Yes, only for a few minutes, but I believe we have stabilized him enough that you can visit him.”

“Oh gosh, this is great,” she explains as she gets misty. All she has wanted to do is see her husband since he has been injured. She starts to follow Shane as Dominick comes into the waiting room. “Oh Daddy! Robbie is good enough that I can go visit him!”

“That’s wonderful news sweetheart,” Dominick smiles back at her, the truth about her baby’s paternity weighing in the back of his mind. “I’ll wait here for you and we can talk when you get back.”

Leah smiles and continues to follow Shane as he leads her to Robbie’s room. Outside the door to his door, Shane looks at Leah. “Remember, he’s been through a lot, okay? Only a few minutes too. He needs his rest.”

Leah nods and slowly opens the door and enters the room. She stops as the door closes and looks at her husband. She has never seen him like this before. He’s laying still in the hospital bed, he has so many tubes going in and out of him she doesn’t know what does what. She feels herself starting to cry as she knows she is seeing Robbie in his weakest state ever.

She sits down next to him and grabs his hand and kisses it. “Hi. It’s, me, Leah. I love you Robbie. Please, please come back to me and our baby. We need you so much.” Leah looks up at the monitors that are connected to Robbie. She looks back at her husband. “This isn’t you Robbie. You’re strong and you’re supposed to be awake and living life with me. I know you’ll be back. You just have to fight. Promise me you’ll fight!”

Without warning, Robbie’s monitor starts going off. A loud beeping sound continues and Leah looks up in horror. “What’s happening?”

Shane and two nurses burst into the room and look at Robbie. “He’s flat lining again!” Shane yells as the nurses grab some equipment to try to save his life. “Leah, we need you to leave!”

Leah quickly walks to the door and closes it, still looking through the window. Dominick approaches. “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

“Robbie, he’s dying, Daddy,” Leah says as tears come out of her eyes.

Scene Four -- City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy looks up from her computer when she hears her office door open. She had been trying to focus on some of the reports in front of her, of course she found her mind on Brett and all of his lies. She still doesn’t know what it is about her and her choices in men that always leads them to betraying her trust. When she sees Trenyce in the door way, she smiles as she hasn’t seen much of her niece since she’s been out of the hospital.

“Trenyce, come in,” Daisy greets Trenyce.

“Thanks,” Trenyce replies as she pushes the baby stroller over to the side. “Andrew’s just taking his nap right now.”

“Ah, so what brings you by?”

“I just wanted to say hi. It feels like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other,” Trenyce says honestly. She has grown to love her Aunt, even though they did get off on the wrong foot.

“Sorry about that. I’ve been so busy at work and then with the entire Victors triplet saga,” Daisy sighs heavily.

“I heard about that. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I promise. It’s just … well, another betrayal in my life.”

Trenyce gulps. She knows he has no room to talk since she betrayed Daisy, more than once, since she arrived in Twin Peaks. “I’m sorry Daisy. Is there anything I can do?”

Daisy looks at Trenyce and sees the girl that her sister gave birth too. The same sweet young girl that came to live with her and Chris, only to purposely seduce Chris and eventually have his child, costing Daisy her marriage and ultimately her trust in men.

“Haven’t you done enough already?” Daisy snaps back at Trenyce, not realizing her tone.

“What are you talking about?”

“I took you in. I cared for you after your mother died Trenyce. And how did you repay me? You slept with my husband! You seduced him! And why? So you could some how get revenge over your mother’s death? Then, to top it all off, you have my husband’s baby! I think you’ve done more than enough,” Daisy lays into her, finally letting some of her anger out at her for all the hurt she has felt the last couple of years.

Trenyce’s eyes swell with water. “I … I had no idea you were so angry with me.”

“Of course not! Because if I’ve never said anything, it must just be all okay right? It’s not Trenyce! What you did was wrong! You hurt a lot of people, people that you should love the most.”

“I know that! I’ve learned from my mistakes! I’m trying to become a better person,” Trenyce reveals to Daisy as a tear comes out of her eye. “Look, I know I’ve made mistakes. I’m the first person to admit that. But ..”

“I know, Trenyce,” Daisy says back to her, calming down as she realizes that the Brett situation ahs made her on edge. “I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry. I guess this Brett thing has made me on edge.”

“No, you needed to say it. You can’t bottle this stuff up forever.”

“I know. You’re right. I’m sorry for snapping at you though. You’re my family. I love you. I forgive you for your mistakes,” Daisy tells her as they hug. “I’ll always be in your corner. You have to know that.”

“I do, and I need your help, now more than ever,” Trenyce reveals as they exit their embrace and as she wipes her tears

“What’s going on?” Daisy asks, almost scared to know what kind of mess Trenyce has gotten herself into now. She knows her history, so she braces herself for anything.]

“It’s Chris; he’s taking me to court. He wants full custody of Andrew,” Trenyce informs her Aunt as her eyes swell again. The thought of losing Andrew scares Trenyce to the very core.

“He’s what?” Daisy asks flabbergasted that Chris would so such a thing. “He can’t do that!”

“I’m scared Daisy. He can’t take Andrew away from me. He just can’t!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. Do you trust me?” Daisy asks as Trenyce grabs her hand and nods. “Good. I’m tired of people messing with my family.”

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Vinny’s Room

Vinny sits up in bed feeling a little bit squirrelly. He is ready to be released from the hospital. He woke up earlier in the day and has been aching to get outside and start experiencing life again. After spending years locked up in a room, there’s nothing more that he wants than to get out and start living again. Having to stay confined to a hospital room is making it very difficult. He knows that he’s not 100% yet, but he realizes that it’s nothing he can’t handle with a little guidance.

He looks over at Meggan, who is sitting in a chair in the same room as him. “Did Dr. Benton say when he would be back?” he asks her.

“I would think it should be anytime. Are you sure you’re ready to go Vinny? You’ve been through so much. Maybe another day in the hospital would be a good thing?” Meggan suggests to him not wanting him to rush out of the hospital before he should.

“No, I’m ready to go. I’m tired of being coped up.”

“Okay, I understand. I’m ready to go as well,” she admits to him.

“Are you sure? You haven’t had the urge to drink again? I don’t want you to fall off the wagon Meg,” he tells her, as he remembers her drinking in the secret room.

“I’m fine!” she snaps at him quickly, tired of people telling her that she has a problem again. “I’m ready to go home with you.”

Craig Benton enters the hospital room and smiles over at Vinny. “How are you feeling Vinny?”

“Great Doc. I’m ready to get out of here. Tell me that’s possible!”

Craig arches his eyebrow. “Well, I can discharge you today if you want. But I have a lot of rules for you. You’re body is still a bit dehydrated. If you promise to follow my rules, you can go today.”

“I promise!” Vinny grins, excited that he is going to leave.

“I’ll watch over him Doctor. You have my word,” Meggan chimes in, noting that she is just as happy that they’re leaving the hospital as Vinny is.

“Okay. I’ll get the paper work started,” Craig replies to both of them.

Scene Six -- Madeline’s Condo

Madeline paces back and forth in her living room. She can’t believe that Dave held up his threat and emailed Preston photos of her sleeping with various men in New York and accepting cash from them. She thought that when Dave died, her secret would go with him. She still can’t get the look of disappointment on Preston’s face out of her mind. He was so shattered and disappointed in her. Not that she can blame him, she has always been ashamed of how she handled things while she was in New York.

“Damn it!” she yells out loud in frustration. “If only I hadn’t called Dave’s bluff!” She thinks to herself, blaming herself for the mess she is now in with her parents. And naturally, it had to be now of all times, just as she and Preston had started to rebuild their relationship. She stops when she hears the doorbell go. She faces over thinking that Preston, or Olivia, have arrived and want to discuss the situation more. She opens the door and sees Jeff. “Jeff, what are you doing here?”

“It’s good to see you too?” he smiles as he walks into her place. “I tried calling you. We were supposed to meet at Wild Night for drinks, remember?”

Madeline gets even more frustrated. “I forgot,” she admits looking down. “I’m sorry Jeff, there was this family thing …”

“Ah, it’s okay. After you didn’t answer your phone, I thought I’d come check on you. Make sure you’re okay.”

Madeline smiles at him. “Thanks. You’re sweet,” she says hugging him.

“Do you want to talk about it? I’m a good listener.”

Madeline grins again at him. “It’s a long story. You’ll probably think less of me when I tell you,” she admits to him, not knowing if she should divulge into her past with a friend as new as Jeff. She would hate to lose his friendship.

“I’m not going to judge you Maddie. We’ve all done things we aren’t exact proud of,” Jeff replies to her. “I’m not going to pressure you. You can tell me if you want too.”

“I ran away from home when I was sixteen,” Madeline says quickly looking into his eyes. “I found out some pretty crappy stuff about my parents and I couldn’t deal.”

“Okay,” Jeff laughs. “That’s not that bad.”

“I went to New York,” she continues to tell him. “I ran out of cash quickly. And so to make money, I…”

“You … ?” Jeff asks as she doesn’t finish her sentence.

“I … slept with men for cash,” she says as she turns around and hides her face. Saying the words out loud to someone actually make her feel better. It is something he had never been able to do until today. “I know it was stupid and I feel so embarrassed, but it is what it is. I can’t go back and change it.”

“I see,” Jeff says stunned at her admission. “And I guess your parents found out?”

“Yea,” Madeline says looking at him with tears in her eyes. “I just never thought they would ever have to know, you know? I mean, it’s bad enough that I was a…,” she can’t even say the word. “… but the look my father’s face … I don’t know if I can ever forget that Jeff.”

“You don’t have too. You’ve changed Madeline. Give them some time, they’ll come around. It’s just a shock for them right now.”

“You don’t hate me?”

“Of course I don’t hate you,” Jeff smiles at her. “I have never been in that situation, so I can’t say whether you did was right or wrong. You did what you had to do at the time. And you’ve clearly changed since then. Besides, I enjoy your company. I’m glad you told me. I really am. No secrets, right?”

“Right,” she smiles back at him hoping that her parents feel the same way.

Scene Seven -- The Wilkins Estate; Preston & Olivia’s Home

“What do you think we should do?” Olivia asks as she takes a drink of the glass of red wine she holds in her hand. After walking into Preston’s office earlier in the day and seeing the email from Dave exposing Madeline’s past, Olivia has felt numb. She can’t believe that her little girl, her baby, was sleeping with a number of men for money. The thought makes her sick to her stomach. She looks at Preston, who looks into the fire as he drinks some whiskey.

“I don’t know,” he says looking into the flames. “Jesus, we really fucked this up Olivia!”

“What do you mean?”

“This is our fault!” he say as he looks at her. “If we didn’t rob those banks, Maddie never would have ran away and she wouldn’t have … I can’t even say it!”

“Hey,” Olivia says coming up to him and rubbing his back. “We can’t do that. We can’t sit here and place blame on whose fault this is. Everyone made mistakes Preston. I have. You have. Madeline has. No one is perfect. The thought makes me sick, don’t get me wrong, but she’s come so far. She’s turned into such a lovely young woman.”

“I know. That makes it even harder Olivia. I just … I don’t know if I can ever look at her the same way.”

“Just give it time. We all just need some time,” she says continuing to try to soothe him.

“You’re right. I’m going back to the office,” Preston replies coldly as he walks past her.

“What, now?”

“Yea, I need some time,” he says not looking back at her. She hears the front door close and she picks up her glass of wine and she drinks it. She knows that Preston has always been distant with her, but she was hoping that maybe this could be the time that they bond over a crisis. Instead, he does what he always does: runs away from her and the problem. For a brief second she considers calling Will, but she knows that she ended things. She has to stay strong. For her family, regardless of the state their in right now.

Scene Eight -- The Twin Peaks Police Department

Cassie enters the busy police station and keeps her large black framed sun glasses on. No one in the office really notices her as she sneaks down the hall way where the offices are. She lifts her sun glasses when she finds Robbie’s office. She tries the handle and surprisingly the door is open. She enters his office and shuts the door quickly. She grabs her flashlight that she put in her purse and starts to look around. His desk is clean, since he hasn’t been in the office for awhile.

She finds his filing cabinet and opens it. She searches for anything that could be related to Natasha’s car accident. She finds a file that says “Calimo-Davenport accident”. She grabs it and opens it. Inside there are nothing really of importance that she can make out. Until the last piece of paper. It’s a report that came back from Natasha’s car; it states that the breaks had been pulled from the car. “Bingo,” Cassie whispers to herself as she puts the file in her purse. She shuts off the flash light and exit’s the office.

While she’s walking down the hallway an officer comes up to her, noting that she‘s in an area that she shouldn’t be. “Can I help you with something?”

“I was just looking for the washroom,” she says through her large sunglasses covering her eyes again.

“No public washrooms are down here.”

“It’s okay, I’ve lost the urge to go. Thank you,” Cassie says cutting off the officer who was about to direct her to the right area of the rest rooms. She bolts out the front door, happy with what she has done. She knows that as soon as she gets home the file will become ashes in the bottom of the fireplace, and her secret will be safe.

Scene Nine -- The Park

Natasha walks through the park numb and confused. She can’t believe that her entire life has been a lie. She can’t believe that Sofia, the woman she has looked up too her entire life is not her mother, rather Eva is. And Eva has been pretending to her friend for months, only to be keeping such a wicked secret. Her mind and heart are all over the place. She feels lost and unsure of how to process the news she just learned. She sees the bench that over looks the river and she walks over to it. She slowly sits down as her back is killing her. She knows that she has been walking too quickly and her back has pain now.

She grabs her purse and opens it. She riffles through it to search for her pain killers bottle; she finally finds it at the bottom but realizes it’s empty when she doesn’t hear anything rattle. “Jesus, you have to be kidding me,” she says in frustration as she opens the pill bottle and confirms that it is empty. “This can’t be happening.”

“Is everything okay?” a man’s voice says behind Natasha. Ryan appears on Natasha’s side; his eyes immediately notice that she’s holding a prescription pill bottle.

“Everything is fine,” Natasha replies not looking up at him.

“Are you sure? It looks like you’re out of those pills. And it looks like you could use another one,” he observes.

Natasha looks up at him with her red, damp eyes. “I doubt you can help me.”

“What are those?” he asks coming down and taking the bottle from her. “Ah, yes. I have some of those. Come with me. I can get you some. I know your doctor won’t give you more, right?”

“Right,” Natasha says reluctant to follow the stranger.

“Listen, I’m not here to cause you trouble. You can come and get some of those pills that you clearly want, or you don’t have too,” Ryan says standing up and preparing to walk away.

“Wait,” Natasha calls as Ryan starts to leave. “I’ll come. I need a pain killer.”

Scene Ten - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Leah walks into the waiting room of the hospital, shaken after seeing Robbie flat line again. Shane was able to bring Robbie’s heart beat back, but she knows that things look dire because Robbie has now flat lined twice. Dominick follows her into the waiting room, knowing that he’ll have a hard time convincing her that everything will be okay.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” he asks his daughter as they sit next to each other. He grabs her hand for support.

“I don’t know. I’m so scared Daddy. I’ve never been so scared in all my life. I can’t lose him. I can’t lose my husband,” she says through a wave of tears.

He holds her as she weeps into his arms. “It’s okay baby, you won’t lose him. We have to stay strong right now. Can you do that?”

Leah nods as he holds her. “I have to stay positive. For the baby. This baby needs it’s father,” she says into his arms.

“Don’t worry, I have that under control,” he tells her, not realizing he is saying more than what he should.

“What do you mean?” she asks, not crying for a minute, as she is surprised by his choice of words.

Dominick gulps as Leah looks up at him. He takes a deep breath. “I had the paternity test run, again. Just to be sure.”

“What?” Leah asks dumbfounded.

“Jeff is the father. So you never have to worry Leah. The baby is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay,” he says as he brings her closer again and holds her.

“Oh God Daddy,” she cries into his chest, not knowing what to do or expect next. Her world has been utterly turned upside down.

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