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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick revealed the truth to Leah that Jeff is really the father of her baby!
- Natasha finally learned the truth about Eva being her mother
- Robin told Cory about a premier that she was invited too after her modelling gig
- Helen asked Madeline to look into her past
- Andy met an attractive Spanish photographer named JC
- Vinny was released from the hospital

Scene One -- The Twin Peaks Sun; Andy’s Office

Andy looks at his computer screen as he finishes the touches to his article for the next issue of the Twin Peaks Sun. His article about the Victors triplets is scheduled to come out the following day and he wants to ensure it’s perfect as it is his first major article in the paper. He wants his first piece to be amazing so his boss will start to want more and more articles from him. He finds another sentence that he doesn’t like and he deletes it from the article. He smiles afterwards, “Perfect,” he says finally finishing the article, satisfied with the finished product.

He hears a knock on the door and looks up to see JC Fernandez at the door. He remembers meeting the young Spanish photographer at the Victors estate a few days earlier as he was taking photos that would be featured in his article. “JC, hey. Come in, what’s going on?” Andy asks his new co-worker, who he continues to find attractive.

“I wanted to run some pictures by you for the article,” JC replies to Andy as he comes into the office.

“Great, I have some ideas of photos I’d like to use,” Andy tells JC as JC comes around the desk and sets the proofs in front of him. Andy looks over at JC as they become close to each other. Andy knows that he felt a chemisty to JC at the estate, and he can definitely sense it again.

JC kneels down and looks over at Andy and smiles. The smile makes Andy feel slightly weak in the knees. “I like these two,” JC tells him as he points to a couple of pictures. Andy looks closely at the pictures. He arches his eyebrow and points to another one.

“I like this one a lot more. I think having one of the faces of the triplets in the background really adds drama to the picture,” he says noting that he can see part of the family photo in the picture he is looking at.

“Really? I suppose that could work,” JC continues although he’s unsure, as he still has his mind set on the pictures he selected. “Maybe we could get a third opinion. One to settle the tie, so to speak,” he grins over looking at Andy.

Andy isn’t sure if JC is flirting with him or not, but he sure gets the feeling he is. Their hands briefly touch as they continue to look at the pictures. “Fine, I suppose that’ll work. A third opinion,” Andy tells him as he smiles back at him.

“Okay. Winner buys the other dinner?” JC tells Andy, which catches him off guard.

“Sounds like plan. Be prepared to buy me dinner,” Andy winks over at JC.

Scene Two -- Dominick’s Condo

Dominick tries to sit and enjoy some quiet time since he left the hospital, but it is not working. He is struggling with the fact that he had to tell Leah the truth about the father of her baby; Jeff is the father, not Robbie as he had hoped. He knows, however, that maybe know she can try to stay somewhat positive with the Robbie situation. He hated giving her more burden, but at least she knows that her baby will always have a father, regardless of what happens. He shakes his head, needing a good escape from the drama. Which is why he called Sofia over. He thought he could use a good distraction, and since the last time they were together they shared a nice kiss and he thought things could progress again.

He pours himself a glass of brandy and quickly drinks it. He is about to pour another one when he hears his doorbell ring. He walks over and greets Sofia. “I was just about to pour a drink. Would you like one?”

“No,” Sofia announces coldly to Dominick as she enters the living room, not even stopping to take her jacket off. “I agreed to come here, but I have something to tell you.”

“What’s going on? You seem upset about something,” Dominick asks her. “It’s not Robbie is it?”

“No, my son is still in the same condition. It’s my daughter that I have news about,” Sofia continues.


“Eva told her the truth today. Natasha knows that Eva is her biological mother!” Sofia says as she gets water in her eyes just thinking about the mess that has been created.

“My God, I’m so sorry Sofia. How are you holding up? How is Natasha?” Dominick asks coming closely to Sofia, trying to comfort her. His hand reaches her shoulder and she immediately throws it off. “Let me help you.”

“It’s over Dominick! Natasha learns the truth so I don’t have to pretend anymore.”

“Pretend? I don’t understand.”

“Bob and I, we were pretending to be separated until we got the upper hand on you. The entire thing was a charade! I’ve moved back into the mansion already. Bob and I have to get our daughter to understand what’s happened,” Sofia announces to him as Dominick looks on in shock. “It’s over. We are over. We never were anything, mind you.”

“Don’t say that. We shared that kiss Sofia! You felt it, I know you felt something. Just like I did,” Dominick comes back at her, grabbing her shoulders and looking into her eyes.

“Get your hands off me. If you hadn’t blackmailed me and my husband, none of this would have happened. This is on your head Dominick! And so help me God, I will see to it that you pay for what you’ve done to my family!” Sofia spits back at him before pushing him off and walking out of his house.

Dominick walks over to his brandy and pours himself the other drink that he was going to have. He slams it back, still shocked at Sofia and Bob’s deception. He knows that she must have felt something while they were kissing, now he just has to prove it.

Scene Three -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Meggan comes down the stairs of the large house and finds it empty. She looks in the kitchen and doesn’t see Vinny. She knows he isn’t upstairs because she checked all the rooms there before coming downstairs. She walks into the den and doesn’t see him there either. She walks to the door that leads into the basement. “Vinny?” she calls down into the basement. She hears nothing back so she knows that she is officially home alone. She wonders where he went too without telling her. She knows that she slept in, just because she is still exhausted from being held hostage for so long. She can’t imagine how Vinny is, after being in that room for years.

As soon as she enters the den, her eyes are drawn to the bar. She can see anything that she could possibly want there. Vodka, gin, rum … whatever her heart desires. She slowly walks over to the bar and picks up the bottle of vodka. She opens the top and brings the opening to new nose. She shuts her eyes and smells the booze. She shakes her head and puts it back down quickly. She wipes her eye from the tear as she thinks back to being in the secret room at the Victors estate and how Dave left her a bottle of vodka. She can’t help but remember how good the alcohol felt in her mouth, going down her throat. How the feeling numbed her from the pain; the pain of being kicked in the ribs and from being locked up again. Another tear escapes her eye and she walks over to the bar again. She turns over a glass and is about to pour a beverage when she hears the front door open.

She quickly wipes her eye again from the tear and she rushes over to see Vinny return home. “Where have you been?” she asks hugging him quickly.

“I just went out. I wanted to go shopping!” he grins at her as they exit their embrace.

“Shopping?” Meggan asks surprised, not remembering Vinny to ever be a shopper. “What on earth did you buy?”

“What didn’t I buy? One of those flat screen HD TV’s. New clothes. I was close to getting a new car,” he says coming into the den and not even realizing the turned over glass at the bar.

“But, we have all of those things already…”

“No! Dave and Brett have those things. I want my own things Meggan. I’ve been locked up for years! Since high school, okay? It’s time for me to start living! Don’t come down on me for this, please?” he tells her looking into her eyes and finally noticing that she has some dampness around her eyes. “You’re crying? What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” she says quickly turning around. She feels his arms come around her shoulders.

“It’s okay to be scared,” he whispers into her ear. “But we’re safe now. I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you ever again.”

She turns and around and smiles at him. She can’t possibly tell him the real reason she’s emotion; that she’s craving a drink. She looks into Vinny’s eyes and pulls him for a kiss.

He pulls away for a minute and smiles at her. “Why don’t we really get reconnected?” he whispers as he leans in and kisses her again.

Scene Four -- The Sugarbowl

Robin takes her two large latte’s over to her table. She sits one across from Melissa and smiles to her mother. She hasn’t seen her mother for a few weeks so she thought she would invite her out for coffee because she and Cory agreed that they would try to see Melissa outside of their home, as Melissa was often meddling when she was the penthouse.

“It’s good to see you Mom,” Robin says as she takes a drink of her latte.

Melissa smiles back at her daughter. Since being back in Twin Peaks, she has enjoyed the fact that she has grown closer to Robin. She knows that Phil, however, wants to go back to Boston, so she doesn’t have much time to ensure Robin stays happy once she were to leave town. She still believes that Cory is the wrong man for Robin, and now that she knows that Cory doesn’t approve of Robin’s modelling choice that she will use that to her advantage. “Thank you so much for inviting me out today. How are things with you and Cory?”

“They’re wonderful,” Robin gushes, still amazed at how far she and Cory have come. “He did admit something to me though.”

Melissa arches her eyebrow, knowing that Cory would only take a matter of time before he dropped some kind of bomb on Robin. “Oh? Good news I hope?”

“He admitted that he doesn’t really like me modelling. But he has still be so supportive,” Robin tells her, unaware that she is feeding into Melissa’s hand.

“He doesn’t like it? What’s not to like?”

Robin sighs, “He claims he feels uncomfortable with the idea of millions of men seeing me in that light. It’s kind of sweet when you think about it; that he loves me that much he only wants me for him,” Robin smiles. “But like I said, he’s been really supportive.”

Melissa smiles back at her daughter. “As he should. I just hope he doesn’t try to do something underhanded.”

“Oh, mother! Cory would never do that,” Robin quickly jumps to her husband’s defence. “Trust me, Cory loves me and he is supporting me.”

“Okay, I believe you sweetheart,” Melissa smiles knowing that even telling Robin once will work in her grand scheme.

“He even agreed to come to the premier with me!” Robin continues to brag about Cory’s supportive attitude.


“Oh, I didn’t tell you. Dean, my photographer, invited me to a premier of a new perfume that’s happening here in Twin Peaks in a couple of weeks. Cory agreed to come with me,” Robin tells her mother. “I’m the model in the ad.”

Melissa takes in the information and realizes that the premier is the perfect place for her to carry out a plan that she is forming in her head. She smiles and nods at Robin, who doesn’t realize that her mother is plotting something. Melissa knows that she only has a short time to carry out this plan and afterwards, Robin will never be with Cory again. Suddenly, she feels her cell phone vibrate in her purse.

“Excuse me for a second,” Melissa tells Robin as she reaches into her purse and grabs her phone. “Hello?” she says.

“Melissa … it’s me,” Dominick says into the telephone.

“Well, this is a surprise,” Melissa grins slyly to herself knowing that the last time she saw Dominick, the two shared a steamy kiss.

“Could you stop by my condo? I could … use a friendly face,” he admits to his ex on the phone.

“Absolutely. I’ll be there soon.” Melissa hangs up the phone and looks over at Robin.

“Let me guess … Phil needs you?” Robin smiles assuming that her mother was talking to her husband.

“Yes,” she lies. “We should do lunch soon though? Yes? Perfect,” Melissa says standing up and kissing Robin on both cheeks. “See you soon my love.”

“Bye Mom,” Robin waves as Melissa leaves the coffeehouse, leaving Robin wondering what she’ll wear to the premier.


Andy enters the busy coffeehouse looking for Victoria. After spending the morning at work, and winning a bet with JC, he is out and looking to catch up with his friend. He arrives at the table that Victoria has picked out that’s near the back. He can tell that she doesn’t look her normal self.

“Hey,” he says as he sits down across from her. “Are you okay? You look like you’re a million miles away.”

Victoria looks over at Andy and fakes a smile to him. She has been struggling to come to terms with killing Dave since the New Years eve party. She still is shaken to the core by it and she doesn’t know what it will take to help her get over the fact that she took a man’s life. “I guess I was.”

“You sounded upset on the phone, what’s going on?” he asks his friend.

Victoria turns and tries not to cry in front of him. “You must have heard about New Year’s Eve,” she says quietly as Andy nods. “I killed Dave. I know, everyone keeps telling me that I did something good, but Andy, I just can’t get over the fact that I took someone’s life. The images haunt me.”

Andy sighs as he hates seeing his friend in this state, especially since he knows that if Victoria had not done what she did, a lot more people could have been hurt. “Have you heard any updates on Robbie?” he asks her. Victoria looks at him with damp eyes and shakes her head no. “He flat lined again. He’s on his deathbed, from what I hear.”

“Is this supposed to make me feel better?”

“My point is, Dave could have put a lot more people in that situation. He wanted to kill Robbie, he still may get his way. God only knows what he would have done to you, Meggan, Vinny, Daisy…you’re a hero Victoria,” he tells her as he grabs her hand. “I know it’s hard realizing that you killed someone, but think of what would have happened if you didn’t pull that trigger.”

Victoria wipes her eyes and smiles at Andy. “Thank you. You always know what to say to make me feel better.”

“That’s what friends are for,” he smiles back over to her.

“So enough about that. What’s going on with you? How are you coping with you Reese?” she asks him turning the conversation to him.

Andy pauses for a moment, carefully thinking about his response. He does miss Reese and he knows that he still cares a great deal for him, but the past couple of weeks he has enjoyed this flirtation with JC. The sexy Spanish photographer has captivated him. “I’m okay,” Andy tells her. “I have times when I miss him a lot, and other times when he’s not on my mind at all.”

Victoria arches her eyebrow, knowing that something must be going on with him. “He’s not on your mind? Why is that? Is there another guy?” Victoria smirks over at him. Andy looks sheepishly over at her. “There is! I want details!”

Andy laughs, “Well there’s nothing to tell yet, there’s just an attraction. And I don’t even know if he’s gay or not. I suspect, but …”

“You have to find out! Andy this is so great, after all the drama of the past year, this could be exactly what you need,” she smiles over at him as he smiles back. He knows that he needs to figure JC’s angle and their upcoming dinner date will do just that.

Scene Five -- MW Investigations

Madeline sits at her desk looking over some documents from a few of the cases that she has. She is happy to be back at work after the recent drama that she’s had in her life. She still hasn’t heard from her parents since her sorted past came out a few weeks earlier, but she realizes that she needs to give them time and space to come to terms with the news that she was a prostitute. And the best thing for her to do right now, is to pour herself into her work. It’ll keep her mind off her personal drama, while doing what she loves the most: helping others.

She pulls the next file and sees Helen’s name. She opens the file and continues to read some notes from what Helen has told her about her past and her dreams that she had been having. She remembers driving a car away from banks. Madeline wonders what it all could mean and knows that she may have to question Helen and even Adam again to try to get more information from them.

She looks at her email inbox for a second and sees an email from an associate. She smiles and takes a note as she hears her front door open. Helen and Adam walk in and see Madeline.

“Maddie, hey,” Adam says entering her office.

“Oh hi!” Madeline smiles at the couple. “I was just about to call you guys. Great timing. Have a seat, please.”

Helen looks at Madeline, “You were about to call us? Why? Do you have news about my past?” Helen is eager to get to the truth. She has set out as a personal quest to learn her past and uncover more about it since she lost her baby. She is hoping that the truth will be able to bring her and Adam closer again and get her mind off the baby.

“Well my associate just emailed me. He said he may be able to get some photos of license plates from cars that were speeding away from banks. Now, we don’t know exactly why you were speeding away, but chances are if you’re speeding it may have been caught on camera.”

Adam looks at Helen and wonders if she should reveal more that she remembers, like the fact that she was in the car with Olivia. Adam is glad that Helen is looking into her past now but also wonders how good it will do going to Madeline when Olivia is involved.

“That’s great news,” Helen says to Madeline. “If we can get information about the car, we may know where I headed or what exactly I was doing.”

“Exactly my thoughts. We just have to hope that you were earlier in Twin Peaks or White Cove, where you were living before. That’s where our pictures our coming from,” Madeline explains to them.

“Well, it’s a start,” Adam says, hoping that she would have something more concrete.

“Okay, well, I’ll give you guys a call once I get those photos in, okay?” Madeline says.

“Sure. Thanks Madeline,” Helen says standing up. “I appreciate it.”

Adam and Helen exit the office and enter main street. Helen looks at Adam and can tell by the look on his face that he has something else to say. “Good news, I guess, huh?” she says to him as they start to walk slowly.

“I guess. I still think you should probably tell her that you remember Olivia being in the car with you,” he reveals to her, still having a slight coldness in his voice.

“I know. I guess I was hoping I wouldn’t have too until later. I would hate for her to have to investigate her own mother.”

“If it was a problem then Madeline won’t take the case. There’s a lot of other PI’s we can go too,” Adam says as he looks into her eyes.

“You’re right. You’re right,” Helen admits to him. “Next time I talk to her, I will tell her that part of the story.”

“Thank you,” Adam says smiling at her, relieved that she is finally going to take his advice to heart.

“Sure. So I’m going to head back to the condo, unless …”

“Unless what?” he asks her, still knowing that he isn’t ready for her to come back home yet. While they have grown closer, he knows that he still blames her for the death of their daughter and he has been frustrated with her attitude with Madeline and not giving her the entire story.

“Nothing, forget it. I’ll see you later?” she says walking off, hurt that he didn’t invite her back home. She walks quickly and approaches her car. As she sits in her car, she suddenly feels a wave of exhaustion come over her. She looks at her watch and quickly realizes that she hasn’t eaten for most of the day. She quickly recalls Olivia giving her vitamins awhile ago and wonders if she still has them. She digs through her purse, finds the vitamins and puts one in her mouth. When she looks back at the key, she turns it and thinks back to Adam. She wishes there was something, anything, that she could do to get her husband to forgive her. She knows that she would be spending her evening trying to think of something to make Adam see the light.

Scene Six -- The Calimo Mansion; The Living Room

Sofia slams the front door closed as she enters the mansion. Rosario quickly arrives and takes her jacket. After thanking her, she enters the living room and sees Bob holding a beverage starring into the fireplace. He often does that when he is deep in thought, Sofia has come to learn about her husband.

“I’m back,” she says coming up behind him and rubbing his shoulders. “The movers should have the rest of my belongings here in about an hour.”

Bob sighs and doesn’t say anything. He walks away from her and pours himself another drink. “How’d Dominick take it?” he finally asks his wife as he turns and looks at her.

“He was shocked, naturally. But it felt so good telling him off,” Sofia smiles over at her husband. “If anything good has come from this mess, it is that we can end the charade of being separated.”

“Nothing good has come from this Sofia!” Bob yells at her in frustration. “Did you see the look on Natasha’s face? Did you see the look of hurt and confusion on her face? Did you?”

Sofia feels her lower lip start to quiver. While Bob can be the most loving man in the entire world, he can also be one of the scariest. His temper has always been something to stay away from. “I’m sorry darling. I know that Natasha is hurting. We just need to give her time and I’m sure she will come around.”

“I’m glad you’re so sure that she’ll be okay. I don’t have that kind of faith. Not now. Not after everything she’s been through. She lost Cory. She lost Shane. She was in a car accident. And now this. Her entire world has been turned upside down Sofia. She is going to need support, but who will she go too? I’m not sure that she is going to be okay,” Bob tells his wife, giving her something new to think about.

“We have to stay strong Bob! We must. I have believe that she will come around,” Sofia tells him, desperate to believe the words out of her mouth.

He slams his glass down on the table. “We’ll see,” he says coldly as he walks past her.

As he is almost out of the living room, Sofia calls out to him, “Where are you going?”

“To the hospital, to see how our son is doing. In case you’ve forgotten, he’s in the hospital fighting for his life.”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten!” Sofia says finally letting a tear escape her eye.

“Then get your jacket. Let’s go,” he replies back to her.

Sofia rushes over and grabs her jacket from the closet. While she is home to stay, her knows that her family is in the worst shape of it’s entire existence. Bob is livid with her for the truth coming out, Robbie may die from his gun shot injury and Natasha is emotionally distraught after learning the truth. She sighs as she leaves the house, hoping that one day soon they family will be back to normal. Whatever that may be.

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