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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After learning the truth that Eva is her biological mother, Natasha met Ryan whom offered her more pain killers
- Shane and Cassie began to grow closer, unaware of the secrets she was keeping
- Helen began investigating her past while Adam began investigating their daughter’s death
- Dominick told Leah the truth that Jeff was the father of her baby
- JC and Andy made a bet; the loser had to buy the other dinner

Scene One – The Wilkins Estate; Preston & Olivia’s Home

Olivia lays in her large king size bed in a red nightgown. The satin fabric clings to her body closely as she tosses and turns in the bed. She rolls over and some beads of sweat cover her forehead lightly. She tosses one more time before she jolts up in the bed. As she tries to catch her breath and control her heart beat, she looks at the clock; she had only been in bed for about an hour. It’s still early, but she was feeling exhausted so she decided to turn in early. However, her nightmare woke her up.

She looks to the door as Preston comes in. He looks slightly concerned as he eyes her. “Are you okay? I thought I heard you in the other room.”

“I had a nightmare,” Olivia explains to him as she reaches over to her night table and takes a drink of her water glass.

Preston moves closer to the bed and sits on the edge, “Do you remember what it was about?”

Olivia slowly puts the water glass down and then looks over at her husband. She wipes her forehead again, “I do.”

Preston can tell that she’s been apprehensive with her. He can tell that she isn’t telling him something, but why would she not want to share in her nightmare? It would probably make her feel better to get it off her chest and just speak about it. “Care to share? Maybe talking about it will make it better.”

“I doubt you’ll understand,” she says coldly as she rolls out of bed and finds her matching red robe. “I think I may go shower. Wash all this sweat off.”

“Olivia,” Preston calls to her before she can leave the bedroom. He stands up and walks over to her. “Please, let me help you, if I can,” he says as he places his arms on her shoulders. “Believe it or not, I do love you. You’re my wife.”

Olivia looks up at him with tears in her eyes. She only wishes that Preston would also be so loving and supportive with her. Instead, whenever something goes wrong in their life or their family, he places all the blame on her. She wipes her tears away and sighs. “It was about the baby. Helen’s baby and how I gave her to Cassie. I was having a nightmare about the baby switch,” she says softly, almost scared of his reaction.

Preston surprises her when he hugs her and holds her tight. “I know it’s difficult Olivia, but we did what we had to do to save our family. Could you imagine what would have happened if Cassie had revealed the truth about us? You’d lose your license, I’d lose my practice. We…we would be ruined. We…” he says into her hear. “…did what we had to, to protect ourselves.”

Olivia feels more tears swelling in her eyes. “It doesn’t make it okay Preston. Helen and Adam must be going through absolute hell since last summer. I mean, we told them their child is dead! Could you imagine the pain if Madeline or Reese were dead?”

Preston looks at her and wipes away a tear on her cheek. “I know it’s hard. I struggle too … but I believe we did what was right for our family. It will get better, please believe me.”

“I’m trying Preston. I can’t control these nightmares,” she admits to him, knowing that this isn’t the first nightmare she has had. “I’m going to have a brandy. I think a drink may calm my nerves.”

“Good idea, I’ll join you, if that’s okay.”

“That would be lovely,” Olivia half smiles to her husband. As they start to walk out of the bedroom, they hear the front doorbell ring. “I wonder who that could be at this hour.”

“You go fix yourself that drink, I’ll tend to the door,” Preston tells her as she walks off into the den. He walks over to the front door of the house and opens it. He is surprised to see Helen on the other side.

“Preston, hi,” Helen smiles, hoping that she isn’t interrupting. “Is Olivia home?”

Scene Two – Capers

Andy watches as the waiter pours a little bit of the wine into JC’s glass. The red liquid is quickly being swirled in the glass by JC, who then proceeds to smell the wine before taking a small sip of it. After he swallows, JC looks up at the water and smiles. “It’s fantastic,” he tells him as the waiter proceeds to pour two full glasses.

“I get wine with dinner, I could get used to this,” Andy winks over at JC knowing that Andy won their playful bet about which photos to use for the Sun article in the next issue so JC is buying him dinner. Andy quickly recalls his conversation with Victoria earlier at the Sugarbowl, where they discussed tonight being the night where Andy learns if JC is just trying to make friends with him, or if JC is gay and has been flirting with Andy. Andy is hoping for the latter.

“When I was in Spain, I had wine with almost every dinner,” JC reveals to Andy. “Red wine is a must have with any special dinner.”

Andy smiles back at JC. “When did you come to the US?”

“About a year ago now,” JC continues to explain to Andy. “I studied my final year of university in Seattle, and then I got this job at the Sun.”

“Well you definitely have a way with the camera.”

JC blushes a little before flashing another smile that makes Andy melt. “Thanks Andy. So tell me about yourself.”

Andy laughs, “What would you like to know?”

“Family? Friends? Lovers?” JC winks back to his date.

“Family. Hmm, well my mother left when I was very young. I was in an orphanage for a long time. When I was 16, I left and I had a part time job at the Sun. Kim Reeves, one of the senior writers found me and took me into her home. She officially adopted me as her brother last year. She is my family,” Andy says proudly of his relationship with Kim. “Friends, I have a few good close friends that I’ve made since living with Kim. Some of them have got me into trouble, but I guess that’s a part of being good friends! And lovers … I was in love, but he recently left town.”

“He?” JC asks, seemingly surprised.

“Yes, he. I’m gay … that’s not a problem is it?” Andy asks arching his eyebrow, knowing that this is the moment of truth.

“Of course not. I am too, gay, I mean. I thought it was clear,” JC replies reaching over and grabbing Andy’s hand. “I wouldn’t have asked out on a date if I wasn’t!”

Andy laughs liking that he finally has confirmation.

“You okay?” JC asks noting that Andy is blushing a little.

“I’m very okay,” Andy replies as he squeezes JC’s hand a little, knowing that his evening just got a whole lot better.

Scene Three – The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Eva’s Condo

Eva paces back and forth in her living room, thinking non stop of Natasha. She hasn’t heard or seen from her daughter since the day at the hospital; that fateful day when Natasha overheard her and Sofia arguing about Eva being Natasha’s biological mother. It is not exactly how Eva wanted the truth to come out, but now that it has, she is not upset. She just wishes she knew how Natasha was holding up. She can’t get the image of Natasha’s horrified look on her face out her mind. She only hopes that Natasha will come around in time, after the shock was wore off.

Her thoughts are interrupted by her telephone ringing. She walks over to the phone and picks it up. “Hello,” she says. “Yes, this is Eva McCloud … Oh Mrs. Johnson. I’m fine, thank you. How are you? … Oh! That’s wonderful. Yes, of course I am still very interested in the position for Chief of Staff at general hospital! … Really? Oh, well thank you! Yes, I would love to accept the position! … Perfect, alright. I’ll see you tomorrow to discuss the details! Thank you again, so very much!,” Eva says before she hangs up the phone. She smiles and takes a step back, thrilled with the news she has received.

She has a job; and not just any job, the Chief of Staff at Twin Peaks General Hospital. This will prove to everyone, especially Bob and Sofia, that she is serious about staying in Twin Peaks and making a life for herself here, and to be a part of Natasha’s life. She knows that this will be more of a surprise to her daughter, but it’s something that she has to do.

She picks her phone back up and dials a number. She toys her finger in the spiralled cored as the phone rings. Finally, she hears Natasha’s voicemail pick up. “Natasha, it’s Eva. Please call me. We … We need to talk, okay?”

Eva hangs up the phone and looks out her large window that over looks the downtown of Twin Peaks. “Call me Natasha. We can get through this.”

Scene Four – The Sugarbowl

In the back corner booth, Natasha stares at her cell phone, ignoring the call from Eva that just came through. She puts the phone back into her large Chanel bag and looks at the door. She doesn’t want to speak to Eva. Not now, not ever. How could the woman come into her life, pretending to be her friend when the entire time she was lying to her? She wants no part of Eva McCloud. Never again. She hears her phone ringing again in her bag. She pulls it out and sees “Mom” on the display screen. Again, Natasha throws the phone back into her bag. She doesn’t want to talk to Sofia or Bob either. They have lied to her more than Eva has. Natasha still can’t comprehend how they have been lying to her for her entire life. She rolls her eyes not wanting to think about it.

Thankfully, her mood perks when she sees Ryan enter the coffeehouse. She subtly waves him down and he walks over to the back booth. “Hey, glad you could come.”

“Did you get me more painkillers?” she asks him as he sits across from him. “My back is killing me.”

“I did. Do you have my money? These things aren’t cheap,” Ryan says as he opens his jacket and pulls out the pill bottle. He puts it back inside his coat. Rule of thumb, he knows, is to always get the cash first.

Natasha passes him a stack of $50’s and then puts her hand out for the pill bottle. He gives them to her and she immediately opens the bottle and pops a pill into her mouth. “Thank you,” she smiles over at him. “You have no idea how much I needed these.”

Ryan is about to respond, when Kim interrupts their conversation. “What’s going on here?” she asks looking at Natasha. Kim knows that Ryan ended things with her, abruptly, but she had no idea that Ryan and Natasha even knew each other.

“Kim!” Natasha gulps, as she tries to think of something to say.

“Why are you with Ryan?” Kim asks her friend again, concerned about her friend. While they haven’t spoken in some time, Kim knows that she saw Ryan on that tape selling drugs out side of Bar Code. She just needs proof.

Natasha quickly grabs Ryan’s hand, “We … we are on a date!”

Ryan notices Kim’s mouth fall open and he leans over and kisses Natasha on the lips. “Yea, she’s hot, hey Kimmy!”

“Oh Ryan,” Natasha says pulling out of the quick kiss, annoyed that he is purposely hurting Kim.

“I can’t believe you would do this to me,” Kim says walking backwards, shocked at her friends betrayal. “You’re my best friend, and you’re dating my ex-boyfriend? You don’t even know what happened!”

Natasha stands up to talk to Kim, “You don’t know what’s happened to me these past few weeks. I’ve been through so much!” Natasha says in her defence.

“Of course you have. You’re always in crisis mode!” she quickly spits out. “I … I just don’t know what to say right now Natasha. I guess our friendship doesn’t mean as much to you as it did me.”

“Kim,” Natasha calls to Kim as she turns away.

“Save it Natasha,” Kim yells at her. “I don’t want to hear from you!”

Natasha sits back down after she watches Kim leave. She then looks at Ryan. “What have I done?”

“Ah, don’t worry about Kim,” he says grabbing her hand. “She’ll get over it. So … we’re dating?” he says continuing to grin at Natasha.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Robbie’s Room

Leah sits in a chair next to Robbie, who is still laying unconscious in the hospital bed next to her. It’s been a few days since Robbie last flat-lined so Leah is thinking that things may be looking up for her husband. She squeezes his hand but quickly moves her hand to her stomach as the baby is kicking her. She looks up at Robbie after moving her hand off her stomach and gets tears in her eyes. She can’t stop thinking about the bombshell that Dominick laid on her after Robbie almost died: Jeff, not Robbie, is the father of her baby. She hasn’t had time to really get mad at her father of his lies from the first paternity test, she has been too focused on Robbie and him regaining his strength.

“I’m so sorry Robbie,” she whispers to him. “I never knew that this would happen. I didn’t think my father would do this to me. I’m really the one to blame though. If only I hadn’t…” she continues to say as some tears come out of her eyes as she recalls making love to Jeff. “I’ve been trying to focus on you, but this secret is killing me. I don’t know how I’ll ever face Jeff again. No one can know. Never. You’re the father of our baby. We did this together … I love you Robbie, please wake up! Please,” she pleads with him.

The last few weeks have been so hard on Leah. The constant unknown hanging over her head of Robbie’s health has taken it’s toll. She has large bags under her eyes as she has gotten little sleep, and being pregnant her body is already acting different. She has gone back and forth between praying for Robbie to worrying about what will happen when the truth comes out about the baby. She shakes her head though, knowing that no one can ever know the truth. When Robbie wakes up, she’ll pretend like nothing has ever happened. She has too, it’s the only way to save her family.

She looks up at Robbie when she thinks she hears a noise. To her surprise, Robbie starts fluttering his eye lids and making small noises. “Robbie?” she asks as she stands up looking at her husband and then checking his monitor to make sure he’s alright. She looks back at him and he slowly opens his eyes. He looks all over the hospital room trying to find out where he is, exactly. He looks at Leah and shuts his eyes again.

Leah covers her mouth with her hand as another tear strolls down her cheek, this time tears of joy. “Oh Robbie,” she says as she looks at him. “You’ve come back to me! Let me get a doctor!”

Robbie doesn’t say anything as Leah rushes over to the door. “Doctor! Someone! My husband … he’s awake!” she calls before racing back over to Robbie. Leah grabs his hand again and looks at him. “Everything is going to be okay Robbie. You’ll see. You’ll be fine. You’ve come back to me!”

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Dr. Craig Benton’s Office

“I’m glad you called me,” Adam says to Craig as he enters his office and shuts the door. Adam walks over to the chair in front of Craig’s desk and sits down. He recalls calling Craig a few days ago and asking him a favour. Craig has been a wonderful source of comfort and support since Adam and Helen’s daughter passed away last summer. Adam has been to visit Craig a few times in his in-depth investigation over the baby’s death. Craig had seen Helen a few times during her pregnancy, so he knows that the pregnancy was normal leading into Helen giving birth. Something, still, doesn’t add up with the baby’s death. Which is why Adam called Craig. “I hope you have good news for me?”

Craig smiles at Adam and extends his hand to the chair as Adam sits down. “I got the report that you asked me to look into, yes,” Craig reveals to Adam knowing that he has access to certain reports that the public would not have. “Like I said, it’s not typical protocol for me to get reports like this, so don’t make it a habit.”

“I promise I won’t. I … I just have to know every detail about that night Doc,” Adam tells Craig back, feeling a little bad that he asked this of Craig.

“I know. That’s why I agreed to help you. Here’s the report,” Craig says handing Adam a file folder. “If you look, there is record of a infant that was cremated the night Helen was brought into the hospital. That must be your child,” Craig continues slowly, not wanting to upset Adam.

Adam looks at the documents in front of him. He scans the report for anything that would jump out at him as being weird or off with the report, but nothing does. He sighs and looks at Craig.

“I know this may seem like a dead end Adam, but it confirms what you already know. Helen gave birth and in her state she signed papers for the baby to be cremated. I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but maybe you can start to put closure to this now?”

“I know something is wrong with how this went down, I … I just need more time to find out what it is. Something doesn’t sit right with me Craig. I can’t explain it, but something is wrong with this entire picture!” Adam yells handing him back the report. “Thanks for your help. I need to get some air.”

“Adam,” Craig calls over as Adam reaches the door and turns back. “Take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself get caught up in this too much, okay?” Adam smiles back and exit’s the office.

Scene Seven -- The Wilkins Estate; Preston & Olivia’s Home

Helen sits down in the den as Olivia passes her a glass of water. Preston looks over at Olivia, who nods that she will be fine so he leaves the two women alone. Olivia is some what surprised to see Helen, the last time they saw each other was last summer when Olivia told Helen about her baby dying. Of course, Helen doesn’t know that Olivia gave Cassie the baby to raise.

“This is a surprise,” Olivia says as she sits down on the sofa. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you.”

“I know,” Helen says quickly back to her. “The last few months have been so hard on Adam and I.”

“I’m sorry Helen.”

“No, I’m sorry. I really have ignored you and you’ve been such a good friend to me. I really could have used you as a source as a support.”

“Hey, never say that. The death of a child is one of the most heart breaking things any one can go through. You needed space. How are you holding up?” Olivia tells her as she moves closer to Helen.

“I’m okay,” Helen says as tears fill her eyes. “I mean, Adam and I are not living together anymore. He blames me for the death of the baby. I just wish … I just wish everything was different.”

Olivia grabs Helen’s hand. “You need an escape. Something to try to take your mind off all this Helen.”

Helen smiles through her tears. “I have been working on something else,” she says as Olivia arches her eyebrow. “I’ve been looking into my past trying to solve those missing pieces.”

“Oh, have you?” Olivia asks surprised, knowing that if Helen uncovers the truth about her past, then her part in the bank robbing could be exposed. Olivia knows that she has to get more information out of Helen. “What have you learned?”

“Not much, really. We have hired a private investigator though, so we are on the right track. I must look like a mess. Do you mind if I go and splash some water on my face?” Helen says as she stands up.

“Of course not. You know where the powder room is right?” Olivia asks as she stands up and watches Helen leave the room. As soon as Helen is out of sight, Olivia walks over to a large shelving unit. She opens a small drawer and she finds more of the memory lapsing pills that she was feeding Helen before. She pulls some out and walks over to Helen’s bag. She opens the bag and finds Helen’s vitamin bottle. “Perfect, she still has some,” Olivia whispers to herself as she drops more pills into the vitamin bottle. She quickly sits back down in her chair and waits for Helen to return. Helen smiles as she enters the den once again. “Do you still have those vitamins I gave you awhile ago?”

Helen sits and looks at Olivia. “Of course I do. Why do you ask?”

“I just think you should be taking more of them. Maybe two a day, especially to help you during this stressful time,” Olivia says looking into Helen’s eyes.

“Really?” Helen asks as she looks at her friend. She knows that she should listen and trust Olivia, she’s a doctor and has been her friend for years. She knows that Adam doesn’t like Olivia though, but Olivia has done nothing but be there for her, unlike her husband. “Okay, I will start taking more vitamins.”

Scene Eight -- The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Cassie enters the baby’s nursery as Dawn cries at the top of her lungs. Cassie walks over to the crib and looks down at the beautiful baby girl. She picks her and starts to pat her on the back. “Sshh, it’s okay Dawn. I know it’s time for your dinner.”

Cassie turns around grabs the bottle that she just heated up on the stove and takes it in her free hand. She walks slowly over to the rocking chair and sits in it, still holding Dawn in her arms. She wraps a blanket over her shoulder and cradles Dawn in her arms. Dawn quickly starts feeding from the bottle as Cassie softly rocks in the chair. Cassie looks at her daughter eating and feels such love for the small baby in her arms. She can’t believe how big Dawn has gotten in the last few months, and how much more well behaved the baby has become as well. She doesn’t like to think of the first few weeks of Dawn’s life when she was crying non-stop; nothing Cassie or Shane did seemed to calm the child down. Cassie shudders when she thinks of the few times Helen was around the baby, and she was able to get Dawn to stop crying. Cassie tries to push those thoughts out of her head.

“Hey, there are my two girls,” Shane says as he peaks his head into the nursery, holding a bouquet of roses. “These are for you! I just got home and didn’t see you downstairs.”

“They’re beautiful!,“ Cassie beams knowing that Shane is continuing to be a supportive husband, something that has changed in the last little while. “She was ready for dinner,” Cassie smiles over at her husband as she continues to rock gently. “I’ll come down after she’s been changed and you can see her before she goes back down to sleep if you’d like.”

Shane smiles back, loving the sight of his baby eating from her mother. “I’d love that.” Suddenly the smile from his face quickly leaves and he looks confused.

“What is it Shane?”

“You’re not breast feeding? You told me you were breast feeding Dawn,” he says, fully coming into the nursery so he can fully see the bottle in Cassie’s hand.

Cassie blushes and looks down and then back up at Shane. She quickly gulps and smiles again. “I just stopped. It was getting to be too much for me,” she lies to him, knowing that she has never breast fed the baby at all, as she miscarried. She has been lying to him though telling him that she was breastfeeding as he wanted his child to be breastfed.

Shane arches his eyebrow. “Okay,” he says to her. “I’ll see you downstairs soon. I’ll put these in some water.” He turns to leave knowing that something is off about what he just witnessed. Cassie always claimed to be breast feeding, why would she lie about something like that? But at the same time, he just walked in and she wasn’t breast feeding. He stops outside the nursery and wonders if he should say something to her again. He shakes his head. “She told me what happened, I have to trust her,” he tells himself quickly as he walks away from the nursery. Back in the nursery, Cassie breathes a sigh of relief. He believed me, he had too, she tells herself but at the same time she scolds herself as she knows that she has to be more careful in the future.

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