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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin confessed to Melissa that Cory admitted he isn’t keen on her modelling and that she was invited to a premier
- Olivia dumped Will, claiming she couldn’t hurt her family
- Madeline agreed to investigate Helen’s past. Olivia refilled Helen’s vitamin bottle with memory lapsing drugs
- Shane found Cassie bottle feeding the baby; she covered with a lie
- Andy and JC had their date where JC admitted he is gay

Scene One -- Twin Peaks Executive Hotel, Room 295

Melissa finishes applying her lipstick in the washroom mirror of her suite at the Twin Peaks Executive Hotel. As she does, she knows that she has been on thin ice with her husband, Phil, who has been wanting to go back to Boston since they arrived in town. The last time he mentioned it to her, he agreed to give her a few more weeks in Twin Peaks. Since Bob and Sofia have been honest with Dominick and her role in the plan is over, she knows that she is free to go back to Boston with her hubby, however she has made it her personal mission to break up Cory and Robin as she knows her daughter can do better than Cory for a husband. She places the cap on her lipstick and opens the door and walks out of the washroom. To her horror, she sees a suitcase packed in front of her.

“What is this?” she asks Phil, as he puts on his blazer.

Phil turns and looks at his wife with disgust. “It’s been weeks Melissa. I’m going home. I can’t do this anymore,” he says angrily. He knows that he has been in Twin Peaks far longer than he has liked. He misses his home, his friends, his office; he can’t stay in Twin Peaks for another day, and he is tired of Melissa’s excuses.

“Philip, please,” Melissa says getting desperate, not wanting to lose her husband. “I wish you could understand how important it is for me to reconnect with my daughter.”

“Why? So you can break up her marriage? This is pathetic Melissa! You’re better than this!” Phil continues to yell at her. “I’m going home, you can come with me if you want too. But I am going home. End of discussion.”

Melissa turns away from her husband and fights the tears in her eyes. She takes a deep breathe and lifts her head. Not turning around to look at him she reaches over and grabs her purse on the desk. “I can’t come with you. Not yet, I’m sorry Philip.”

“Fine. You’ve made your decision. I’ll call you when I land, if you ever care,” he says as he grabs his suitcase and walks past her. The door shuts behind him as Melissa walks over to the mirror. She looks at her reflection and knows that she did what she had to do; she has to stay until she can prove to Robin that Cory is no good for her; she has to proect her daughter. And it will happen, sooner than they think.

Scene Two -- The Sugarbowl

JC enters the busy coffeehouse and looks around. He smiles at the sights of people enjoying each other’s company. He can’t help but think back to the other night when he and Andy shared a dinner at Capers, perhaps their first date. He was instantly attracted to Andy when he met him at the Victors Estate for the first time, but he didn’t think things would progress so nicely and quickly. Not that they are going fast or anything, but he likes that there is another attractive gay man in the city that he can spend time with. And if something more happens from it, he wouldn’t object.

He walks up to the counter and places his order. His heavy Spanish accent makes Victoria, who is at the bar, turn and look at JC. She eyes him up and down and believes she is about to meet Andy’s potential love interest for the first time.

“Excuse me,” she asks coming up to him. “Is your name JC?”

JC turns to Victoria and arches his eyebrow. He flashes his smile and says “Who is asking?”

“I’m Victoria, I’m a good friend of Andy’s,” Victoria tells him as they start to walk over to a table together.

“Ah, you know Andy?”

“Yes, he is one of my best friends,” she smiles as they sit together.

“Juan Carlos Fernandez,” he replies to her extending his hand. They shake. “Pleasure to meet you Victoria.”

“And you as well Juan Carlos.”

“JC, please, as you know,” he winks at her, noting that clearly Andy has mentioned his name to his friend if Victoria suspected his identity before confirming it. “I suppose Andy has mentioned me to you?”

Victoria laughs a little. “Yea, sorry if that was creepy. He just mentioned he was having dinner with a guy. I just put two and two together after hearing your accent. It’s not often someone new comes into Twin Peaks.”

JC laughs a little. “I get that feeling. Our dinner was very nice, by the way.”

“Oh?” Victoria smiles. “I hadn’t spoken to him yet about it. I’m glad to hear it went well.”

JC sense that Victoria wants to say something else to him but she isn’t saying anything. He waits and watches her for a moment before he continues, “Andy seems like a very nice guy. I want to see him again.”

Victoria takes a slow drink of her coffee and then looks at JC. Their eyes meet and she can tell that he is sensing something is off.

“What’s going on Victoria? Is there a reason why I shouldn’t want to see Andy again?” JC asks concerned as he has really enjoyed his time with Andy thus far.

“No,” Victoria quickly says back to him. “I mean, just take things slowly, okay?”

JC arches his eyebrow again wondering what Victoria is getting at. “I think we have been. What’s going on? There’s more to this than you’re speaking of.”

Victoria sighs and looks at JC again. “It’s not my place to say anything.”

“I think it’s a bit late for that, don’t you?”

Victoria laughs. “Touche! I think … Andy was really hurt by his last relationship.”

“Ah, yes. He mentioned something about being in love over dinner. I just assumed it was a past thing.”

“It is in the past. Reese, he left town around Christmas time. I just sense that Andy is still hurt a lot by what went down with Reese. I don’t want him to get hurt again, that’s all.”

JC smiles. “It’s nice to know that Andy has friends like you looking out for him. Let me assure you though, I just enjoy spending time with Andy. I can’t say where this is going to go, but I am in no rush and definitely will not do anything until he’s ready.”

Victoria smiles and reaches over to JC’s hand giving it a little squeeze, “You’re a breath of fresh air, you know that?”

JC smiles back at her. “Yea, I know,” he winks.

Scene Three – MW Investigations

Helen pauses outside the front door of the PI firm and takes a deep breath. Madeline called her and informed her that she has more information for her within regards to her past. The last time the two spoke, Helen knows that Madeline was trying to get information about cars that were seen speeding away from banks. Helen knows that this may seem like a long shot since cars could potentially speed away from the banks each and every day. Still, any lead is better than no lead. She opens her bag and sees the bottle of vitamins that Olivia gave her. She grabs the bottle and opens it quickly; she places one in her mouth and quickly swallows it. She recalls Olivia telling her to take more vitamins as she hasn’t been taking care of herself properly. She knows this is part of the reason she didn’t ask Adam to join her this morning at Madeline’s office; she is hurt by how he has been treating her and he doesn’t want to give him any more reason to think less of her. With that, she opens the door and enters the PI Firm.

Madeline immediately spots Helen as she’s at the coffee bar and smiles. “Morning Helen,” she smiles as she stirs her coffee. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Helen walks down the two stairs and goes to the coffee bar. “That would be lovely, thank you.”

They finish getting their coffee’s ready and then they enter Madeline’s office. Madeline closes the door as Helen sits down in front her large wooden desk. “I’m eager to hear what you have discovered,” Helen admits to Madeline as she takes a drink of her coffee.

“I’m eager to share with you!” Madeline grins as she sits across from Madeline. “Should we wait for Adam?”

Helen looks down into her coffee mug and shakes her head no. “He isn’t coming. It’s just me today.”

“Okay,” Madeline replies with a little hesitation in her voice. She always thought that Adam and Helen seemed strained as a couple and she knows that they had not been living together, but Adam not being here with Helen proves that the couple is still estranged. “So, what I have found is a photo that appears to be you in a car!”

“What?” Helen says with an excitement in her voice as she is stunned that Madeline has uncovered something that links her to a bank. “Let me see.”

Madeline pulls the picture up on her computer screen and while the grainy photo is old and it blurry, it does appear that Helen is in the drivers seat of a car. “My next step is to get a make and model of the car. Are you having any more memories after seeing this picture?”

Helen looks up at Madeline and tries to think of something else that may help reveal more information, but she draws a blank. “Ah, it’s so frustrating, but no I don’t. We can’t even be 100% sure that’s me in the picture.”

“I believe it is and I will keep digging Helen. We can’t give up now!” Madeline tells her knowing that she has the skills to continue to look into the secret past.

“Okay, okay, you’re right,” Helen replies. “I just wish I could remember something else. Anything else.”

Madeline grabs Helen’s hand and looks at her. “You will. Keep trying and if you remember anything, anything at all, let me know. Okay? And I’ll keep digging on this lead.”

“Okay,” Helen smiles back over to her, hopeful that this is another step in the right direction because she doesn’t think she could handle another step in the wrong direction.

Scene Four – Main Street; The ally behind the Sugarbowl

Melissa holds her large mocha in a to-go cup from the Sugarbowl. She stands close to the wall of the coffeehouse near a couple of dumpsters. She has large black framed sunglasses on so no one will know that it’s her if they see her, although she picked the ally so no one would see her. A part of her hates what she is about to do, but she knows at the same time that she has to do it to ensure that she can break up Robin and Cory and then she can head back to Boston to be with Philip.

Out of the corner of her eye, Melissa can see someone walking slowly down the ally. He is wearing all black and has a cigarette in his mouth. He, too, is wearing black sun glasses. He arrives at Melissa’s feet and smiles at her. “You the rich lady looking for some help?”

“I am. It has to happen just as we discussed on the telephone. I’ll give you half the money now, and the other half after the job has been completed. But remember, this is just supposed to scare my daughter. No one is going to be injured.”

The man laughs as he excepts the envelope full of cash. “Of course. I have the perfect way to scare your beautiful daughter. Trust me.”

Melissa hands the man the money, “Phase one happens when I text you. Don’t screw up.”

“Never do,” he says as he walks away. Melissa watches him until he is out of sight. She hopes she is doing the right thing in hiring him to scare Robin and make it look like it was Cory. She hopes that she can trust him, even though she has an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Scene Five – Will’s Apartment

Will looks at his final grades on the computer screen in front of him and smiles as he sees his passing grades in his last semester of nursing school. With school being done, he can officially become a full time nurse. He has never felt so relieved about anything. All of his hard work has paid off and he can start his career.

He stands up and walks into his kitchen. He grabs a beer from his fridge and takes a big drink of it; he deserves a celebration for passing his finals. He hears a knock on his front door and walks over. He is surprised to see Olivia standing at the door.

“Olivia, this is a surprise,” he says as she comes into the apartment. He goes to close the door, but he jars and they don’t realize that it’s left open a little. As soon as they walk into the living room, a black figure appears at the door and opens the door a little more so they can fully see Will and Olivia.

“I know,” she admits to him as she takes off her coat and drops it on the sofa. “I … I just didn’t know where else to turn.”

“What’s going on?” Will asks coming up to her. “I’ll do anything, you know that.”

Olivia smiles and looks at Will. The young attractive man that has made her feel so good time and time again is willing to do it again for her. She knows that the last time they spoke, she ended their relationship so she wouldn’t hurt her family, specifically Madeline. Then she started having more intense nightmares about the baby switch and while Preston was comforting, she still had to go and hurt Helen again by giving her more memory lapsing drugs. She doesn’t know who she is anymore, at least when she’s around Preston and trying to protect her family. She’s more free and herself when she’s with Will. He brings her a sense of balance.

“Tell me what’s wrong, you look upset,” he continues to press to her, as he can read her face.

“It’s just …” she starts, but quickly realizes that she can not fully explain what is going on with her. Not without getting into all the sorted details of the baby switch. “ … I don’t know. I just feel so lost.”

Will puts his hand on to her face and pulls her into a hug. He can feel her immediately release some tears into his chest. “I feel like such a horrible person Will. I feel like I don’t even know myself anymore.”

“Shh,” he says as he holds her. “You’re a wonderful woman Olivia. You’re strong, beautiful and independent.” He exit’s the embrace and lifts her chin so they’re looking into each other’s eyes. “Look at me, okay? You’re amazing. And did I mention beautiful?”

Olivia can’t help but smile when he calls her beautiful for the second time. “Yes, you did,” she grins as she wipes her tears. “You’re so good to me. I don’t deserve this.”

“Yes, you do. You deserve everything in the world,” he says leaning in and kissing her. At first, she tries to resist, but soon she caves and the two are in a deep passionate kiss. She finally breaks away, but he pulls her back in for another kiss. Meanwhile, the black figure at the door opens the door slightly more and with the use of an I-Phone takes a few pictures of the two kissing. As quickly as they were in the apartment, they re-shut the door quietly and leave without another trace.

Scene Six -- The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane lays a sleeping Dawn into her crib. He makes sure that she has enough blankets on her and stops and admires her for a second before he creeps out of the nursery. She was a little bit fussy this evening and harder to put down than usual. He recalls how when she was first born, she was fussy a lot but since Christmas time she has been much better. Since he has made the effort to be a real husband to Cassie, Dawn has been better behaved. He didn’t make the connection until now, but he thinks that perhaps she could sense that things were not right between her parents.

As he shuts the door, he can’t help but think of the other day when he came home and caught Cassie bottle feeding Dawn. He had always assumed that she was breast feeding as that is what they had discussed. He also knows that what she said makes a lot of sense as well -- she was getting to sensitive and so she stopped breast feeding. Still, he thinks that something is off with her story. Why would she only tell him when he caught her not breast feeding? He shakes his head knowing that he can’t be suspicious of her, she has done nothing to make him suspect her of anything. Most likely, she just forgot to tell him. Raising the baby and running Capers makes her life very hectic.

He walks down the stairs and can hear Cassie’s voice. He immediately realizes that she’s on the telephone. Her voice is lower than usual, which surprises Shane. He did just put Dawn to sleep, but her voice wouldn’t be heard on the second level of the house. He slowly enters the den, but pauses when he hears what Cassie is saying.

“So how is Mom doing then?” she says into the phone. “Oh that’s good. I would hate for anything to happen to her.”

Shane walks backwards confused. He thinks back to late last summer when he came home and found Cassie distraught.


“I’m…I’m just thinking,” she says in a whisper before turning back to face the wall. “I think the best when I’m in the nursery. It makes me feel close to my…our baby.”

Shane isn’t sure of what to make of her words. “You’re always close to the baby. You’re carrying it,” he says with half a smile on his face. He goes to move his hand to her belly, but she intercepts. “What’s wrong?” he asks as she pushes his hand away from her belly.

“I’m just feeling sensitive, I don’t want to be touched right now.”

Shane’s worry grows as usually Cassie loves sharing moments with the baby with him. He knows something more is going on with her now. “Please tell me what’s wrong. I am worried about you,” he repeats to her.

Cassie feels her eyes swell with water. “It’s my Mom. She’s ill. She called me earlier tonight and told me. I’m thinking maybe I should go visit her.”

Shane sighs. “I’m sorry Cassie. I guess that’s why you’re in the nursery. As someone that’s about to be a mother, you wanted to be close to the baby. Do you want me to pack your bag for you? You should go visit her if you’re this worried.”

Cassie turns to Shane and smiles. This is why she loves him so much. She knows that he is always going to look out for her best interest. “Thank you, but I’ll be okay. Plus, I thought you had a late shift at the hospital tonight?”

“I do. I actually should get going. I’ll see you later, though, right?” Cassie nods at him. “Okay. Call me if you need anything, okay?” he says as he leans in and kisses her forehead.


Shane recalls that when Cassie came home from her trip, she told him that her mother died. Why, then, was she having a conversation on the telephone asking someone how her mother is doing? He walks forward again and sees Cassie hang up the telephone.

“Who was that?” he asks entering the den, wanting to clear the confusion in his head.

Cassie jumps a little, started by his presence. “Oh Shane. Sweetie, you startled me!”

“Sorry, I guess I was quiet since I put Dawn to sleep,” he says continuing to come closer to her so he can try to read her face. “You didn’t answer me. Who was on the phone?”

“Just an old friend,” Cassie tells him, moving away from him. Since they’ve become closer, Cassie has learned to hate lying to Shane. She can’t look at him when she has to do it, and she does have to do to keep her secrets safe.

“I thought I heard you say something about your mother and how she was doing.”

Cassie gulps and continues to stare away from Shane.

“But that’s impossible, right?” Shane continues to grill her. “Because you told me your mother passed away last fall.”

“She did,” Cassie says turning to face him finally. She manages to make her eyes swell with water. “Okay, look, there’s something I never told you, okay?”

Shane folds his arms hating that Cassie has been keeping something from him, although he knew something was up.

“I was adopted. My mother couldn’t have me when I was a baby, so she gave me up. I always knew who my biological mother was though, she was always apart of my life. She’s the one that died last fall,” Cassie explains as a tear rolls down her cheek. “I was asking about my adoptive mother on the phone. She’s doing well, by the way.”

Shane breathes a sigh of relief. He hates that he was questioning Cassie, but after the breast feeding situation, he just had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. “I’m sorry I questioned you,” he says to her. “What happened to your mom?”

“No, I’m sorry. I should have told you. I don’t know why I didn’t. And, she just had a mild stroke. She should be out of the hospital tomorrow.”

“That’s a relief, huh?“ he asks her as she nods. “Its okay,” he says pulling her into a hug and letting her wipe her tears. “Let’s say we have a bottle of wine and enjoy some quiet time together.”

“I’d love that,” she smiles up at him before she leans in and kisses him passionately on the lips. He keeps his eyes open at first, but soon shuts them and finds himself enjoying the taste of his wife’s lips.

Scene Seven -- The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

Cory opens the door to the penthouse and sees Melissa standing there. She smiles as the sight of the son in law and comes into the penthouse.

“Cory, hello,” she says as she moves her large black sun glasses from her eyes to the top of her head. “Where is Robin, it’s urgent that I speak to her.”

Cory rolls his eyes behind her back. He is growing impatient with Melissa and her constant barging into his home and demanding to see Robin whenever she feels like it. He knows that she is only acting this way because she doesn’t like him, and he is ready to put his mother in law in her place. “She’s upstairs getting ready. She has a media release to do for her new ads that she was in,” he says coldly to her. “I don’t think she’ll have time to see you right now.”

Melissa whips around and glares at Cory. “How dare you try to keep me from my daughter!”

“I’m not trying to keep you from your daughter Melissa. I’m just telling you, she’s busy right now. You know, you would have figured that if you if, I don’t know, you had called first before showing up!” he says not holding back with her anymore.

“You have a lot of nerve. Just because you don’t support my daughter modelling and trying to make a name for herself, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me!” she spits in his face. She loves throwing that piece of knowledge in his face.

Cory is stunned that Melissa is being so cruel. “I thought you asked me for a truce on my wedding day? Whatever happened to that Melissa?”

“I’m not standing here and taking this anymore! Robin! Robin! It’s me, your mother!” Melissa yells looking upstairs. Robin quickly emerges at the stairs, clearly half dressed getting ready for her media release.

“Mother? What on earth are you doing here?”

“I wanted to come see you and Cory is being terribly rude to me. I think it’s because he’s upset that you’re doing this modelling media release. You know how he hates you modelling.”

Cory turns to Robin fuming. “I can’t take this. I’m going to make a phone call to Wild Night.”

“Cory,” Robin calls out as she watches him leave the room. She turns to Melissa and glares at her mother. “This feud against Cory has got to stop mother!”

Melissa bats her eyes. “I didn’t do anything! I simply showed up to see how you were doing. He immediately was cold to me and told me that you’re too busy with modelling. You should have heard his tone, he was so spiteful.”

Robin can see the pain in her mother’s eyes and hugs her. “I’m sorry. I am busy right now though, with this media release. Can I call you later?”

Melissa smiles at Robin. “Of course dear. Maybe we should meet some where else though?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Robin replies as they hug goodbye.

“Make sure he is supporting you sweetie, please,” Melissa warns her daughter as she turns in the doorway. “I’d hate for Cory to ruin your modelling career.”

“He won’t mother, I promise.” Robin says as she shuts the door. Robin puts her hands on her hips; she doesn’t know who is worse, her mother or her husband. Why can’t they just get along? They’re both adults for crying out loud. She is tired of being placed in the middle of their feud. She walks quickly into the kitchen where she sees Cory on the phone.

“Just use it as a scare tactic. That’s all we’ll need,” Cory says into his phone as he turns around and sees Robin. “Look, we’ll talk about this later okay. I’ll be in.”

Robin watches Cory hang up the phone. “Who was that?”

“Fred, the new bouncer at Wild Night. I’ll have to go in later,” he says to her, still focused on his phone call from work.. “Is your mother gone?”

“Yes, no thanks to you,” she spits at him. “Would it kill you to get alone with her?”

“I’ve tried! Nothing I do is ever good enough. And now she knows that I don’t like you modelling! You realize she’s going to throw that in my face every opportunity she can! I … I can’t take it anymore Robin!” Cory yells at her. He realizes that it’s not her fault and he quickly calms down. “I’m sorry, I know it’s not your fault. She just gets under my skin. Her showing up unannounced doesn’t help.”

“I know hun, I’m sorry too. I’ll talk to her okay?” she says coming up to him and hugging him.

“Thanks. I do have to get going to Wild Night. And I have a fitting for the premier. You still want me in black, right?”

“That’s the plan,” Robin smiles at him. “I can’t wait for the premier. I think it might the night that you change your mind about my modelling.”

Cory gives her half a grin. “We’ll see babe, we’ll see!”

Meanwhile, outside their door, Melissa opens her phone and sends her mystery man a text message that reads, “Get ready for phase one at the premier. Everything is ready to go.” She quickly pushes her send button before walking to the elevator.

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