Episode 12 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Robin arrived in Boston. Robin and her mother Melissa had an argument about Robin finding her biological father
-Adam and Natasha had dinner while Cory was in LA. They shared a kiss
-Jackson was delusional, as he saw his physical and sexual abusive mother when he looked at him. Natasha arrived at Kim’s. Jackson shot his gun at the two women
-Victoria asked Shane for a divorce; he told Robbie she may be a suspect in Vinny’s murder
-Meggan was released from jail, and went home alone, where she thought about the night Vinny died

Scene 1
Setting: The Towers; Floor One; Kim’s Apartment

Kim gets the gun! "Jackson stop!" she yells. Jackson continues to wrestle with her. Finally he gets the gun. He freezes when there is a knock on the door. Kim gets up and rushes to the door. She turns to Jackson, who points the gun. Jackson sees Kim as his mother. Kim opens the door, grabs Natasha and pulls her to the floor. Jackson pulls the trigger. A blood curling scream erupts from Natasha. Kim falls on top of Natasha. She sees Natasha crying. She looks down, and sees blood coming from Natasha’s leg.

"You shot Natasha!" Kim yells, looking at Jackson.

Jackson’s vision returns to normal. He looks dumbfounded, and slowly walks to the sofa. Jackson sits on the sofa, and puts his hands over his face.

"Kim, please call 9-1-1." Natasha slowly asks.

Kim rushes to the phone and dials 9-1-1.

Scene 2
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Natasha and Cory’s home

Adam sits wondering where Natasha is so long. He reflects on the evening he had with his ex-wife. Dinner, dancing, a kiss. A smile flashes across his face. Things are moving along nicely. And the best part? Cory shouldn’t be home for a few more days.

His thoughts are lost as he hears sirens approaching The Towers. ‘They are coming here! My God, what if it’s Natasha?’ he thinks to himself, and he races out of the penthouse.

Scene 3
Setting: The Towers; The Lobby

Adam steps off the elevator, and sees Natasha on a stretcher. He looks over, and sees Kim’s apartment door open. Inside he sees an officer arresting Jackson. He sees Kim, looking out the window, watching Natasha being loaded into the ambulance; and Jackson being placed in a cop car.

Adam walks over to Kim. "What happened Kim?"

"Come on, I’ll tell you on the way to the hospital."

Scene 4
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha arrives at the hospital. Shane enters the ER, and looks at Natasha’s leg.

"Will we have to amputate?" Natasha asks, smiling.

Shane laughs. "Good, you still have a sense of humor." Shane continues to look at the leg. "Just a simple procedure. Just to remove the bullet. It doesn’t look like to much damage occurred."

"Thank God" Natasha says.

"I’ll get ready for the surgery" Shane says.

The Next Morning

Scene 5
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, Natasha’s Room

Natasha stirs in her sleep, as she is dreaming.

[Flash, Natasha’s Dream]

"Do you Cory promise to love, honor and cherish Natasha in goodness, sadness, sickness and in health?" Father Murphy asks.

"I do" Cory says

"Do you Natasha promise to love, honor, and cherish Cory in goodness, sadness, sickness and in health?"

"I do" a weeping Natasha replies

"The rings please" Father Murphy says.

They couple exchange rings.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride"

Cory lifts Natasha’s veil, and kisses her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, I present Mr. and Mrs. Cory Calvin!" Father Murphy says.

[Flash; Natasha’s Dream]

"You’re so beautiful" he whispers to her, as he kisses her. She puts her hand behind his hand, put presses his mouth into her chest. Soft moans of pleasure erupt from Natasha.

Cory rolls her over and crawls on top of her. She pulls down his boxers, and tosses them on the floor. Cory began; the newly weds breathing intensified; moans of pleasure came from them. The pace quicken; as both neared their climax. Finally, it came to an end. Cory fell on to the bed. Natasha rested her head on his shoulder.

[Flash; Natasha’s Dream]

"You do remember" Adam smiles. "May I have this dance?"


Adam takes Natasha in his arms and they begin to dance. Natasha shuts her eyes and lays her head on his shoulder. Adam smiles, as he realizes things are going well. He tightens his grip on her, and moves his other hand down to her lower back. The movement startles Natasha and she looks up. Adam looks into her eyes, and touches her face with his hand. "You are so beautiful" he whispers, as he moves in closer. His lips reach hers. A soft kiss, soon turns passionate. Natasha pulls away.

[End of Flash]

Natasha suddenly wakes up. She looks around the room, and remembers all the previous nights events. Suddenly she feels a sharp pain in her leg. She looks over and sees someone sleeping in a chair. She studies the face, and quickly realizes its Adam!

‘He stayed here all night’ she thinks to herself, smiling. ‘Wait, where’s Cory? What if he saw Adam here?’

Adam, meanwhile, stirs, finally awakening, after a rough night in the uncomfortable chair. He looks up and spots Natasha. "Morning" he says.

"Hey. Doesn’t look like you had a comfortable night" Natasha responds, referring to the chair.

Adam smiles, "Same to you" pointing to her leg. "Does it hurt much?"

"Just a times. I’m hoping the nurse comes back and gives me more pain relievers"

"I can find her...."

"No. Adam don’t. I need you to do something else for me."


"Call Cory in LA. Tell him what happened. I need him here with me."

"Do you know where he’s staying? Maybe it’s not such a good idea to interrupt his conference"

"I know he wouldn’t mind. I don’t know where he’s staying, but call his cell phone. He always has it on. Please Adam."

Adam looks at Natasha. He knows if he calls Cory, his plans will go down the drain. But he knows it’s what Natasha wants.

"What’s his number?" he finally says.

"Thanks Adam" she smiles.

Scene 6
Setting: The Young Mansion; Boston, USA

Robin awakes in the large bed. The silk sheets feel like heaven on her skin, so much that she doesn’t want to get up. She lays back down, and begins to think about her life in Twin Peaks. ‘Single, with a great job. But I’ve made such a mess of things’ she thinks to herself. ‘I don’t know how Leah forgave me...’

Her thoughts are interrupted with a knock on the door. Robin sits up, and pulls the blanket to cover her chest [she is wearing a night gown].

"Come in" she calls.

Phil enters the bedroom. "Good morning sleepy head" he smiles.

"Morning Phil. What time is it?"

"Almost noon. You must have been tired from the jet lag"

"I guess so. Where’s my mother?"

"She had a lunch meeting. I thought it would give us time to talk"

"Oh, that would be great. Give me 10 minutes to shower and change?"

"Sure. I’ll have Beatrix fix us a late lunch."

"Great" Robin says.

Scene 7
Setting: City Hall; The Court Yard

Daisy scans the growing audience for Chris, knowing that he wouldn’t miss this day. ‘He said he had a meeting at Roboto, and then he would be back. I can’t miss this. He has to be here’ she thinks to herself.

Daisy turns and sees Mayor Higgins coming. She gets up to greet him. They shake hands. "Congratulations Daisy. You are going to make a great mayor" Higgins smiles.

Daisy laughs, and she leans closer to him "I still have to win the election!"

Higgins laughs "I think you have it in the bag."

"Thanks Bruce," Daisy says, "It will help that I have your support."

With that, Daisy takes her seat, next to Congressman Walker. Paul Walker is a middle aged man, with a family. He has also decided to run for mayor.

Higgins steps up to the podium. "Ladies and gentlemen, if we could all take our seats, we can get started" he announces.

Quickly family, friends, and news reporters take their respective seats.

"I am here with some very exciting news about Twin Peaks. As you all know, I have been mayor for 15 years. I feel I have done tremendous work for our city. We have a new hospital, a growing business area, and our population continues to grow."

The audience claps politely.

"And there’s so much more that can be done. But it will have to be done without me" Higgins continues.

The audience has a buzz to it now.

"I am now officially announcing my retirement from not only mayor of Twin Peaks, but in politics in general. I am looking forward to having a wonderful life with my wife Helga. We want to live here in Twin Peaks, and travel the world."

Reporters quickly start jumping on Higgins, hoping to get the first question.

"Questions after please" Higgins replies. "First, we have two Congress people, who have an announcement to make themselves. Mr. Walker, please come up"

Paul steps forward to the podium.

"Good morning. I am Congressman Walker. Paul Walker. Many of you know me, and for those of you who don’t, you will. I have decided to compete for the position of mayor in Twin Peaks, as Mayor Higgins is leaving."

The audience claps.

"Thank you Paul!" Higgins says, taking control at the microphone again. "And now, the beautiful Daisy Davenport"

Daisy nervously goes to the podium.

"Good day to everyone. I am Daisy Davenport. Before I make my announcement, I would like to congratulate and thank Mayor Higgins for a wonderful run as Mayor. You have made this city a wonderful place to live."

The audience claps.

"With Mayor Higgins leaving, I decided to run for the position of Mayor in Twin Peaks" Daisy announces, looking at Chris in the audience.

The audience claps again.

Higgins hugs Daisy, and takes control of the mic again. "We will now have questions" he says.

Scene 8
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; The morgue

Meggan arrives at the morgue. She has to tell the mortician how she wants Vinny to look at the memorial service. She enters the morgue. The smell gets to her, and she has to take her time. She walks over to the desk and dings the bell.

Soon, a small man comes from a room. He removes the latex gloves and puts them in the trash can, saying "May I help you?"

"Um, yes. I’m Meggan Richardson. I am here about my husband Vinny Victors"

"Oh yes. The service is tonight, correct?"

"Yes, it is."

"Good, you’ve come at the right time. Shall we enter?" he says, holding his arm to the door.

Meggan slowly proceeds. She opens the door, and enters.

"My name is Alvin, by the way. It’s nice to meet you."

"Thanks" Meggan smiles. "Not exactly under great circumstances"

Alvin chuckles. "This one here is your husband."

Meggan gulps as she prepares herself to see Vinny dead. Alvin opens the drawer, but it’s empty!

"Where’s Vinny?" Meggan asks in horror.

"I don’t know!" Alvin says. "His name is on the drawer."

"My God! You have to find my husband’s body!" Meggan cries.

"OK, let’s calm down. Perhaps they just put the body in the wrong drawer"

Alvin looks in the other drawers, but they don’t find Vinny’s body.

"I’m so sorry Meggan." Alvin says.

Meggan begins to cry. "I have to go" she says, leaving.

Scene 9
Setting: The Young Mansion; Boston, USA

Robin comes down stairs and enters the living room. Phil is waiting with a table set for lunch.

"Ah, how was your shower?"

"Great, thanks. Smells great"

"Just some fettuccini"

"Are we alone? When is my Mother due back?"

"We are along. Melissa shouldn’t be home for awhile"

"Good" Robin says. "What’s on your mind?"

"I heard about the mess in Twin Peaks."

"What did you hear?"

"Everything. You being involved with a married man. You finding your father and sister"


"I just wanted to talk. If you have anything to say, or you want to get off your chest, I’m here Robin."

"Thanks Phil. I don’t want to hurt you. You have been so wonderful to me. You have been my father. I hope you understand that I need to get to know my other father, my biological father"

"Of course I understand, Robin. It’s only natural. You getting to know him, doesn’t take away what we have."

"Thank you for understanding." Robin says, getting up and hugging him.

"Thank you for being a wonderful daughter"

Robin begins to cry. "Don’t cry Robin"

"These are happy tears" she smiles.

Robin sits back down. "And about Robbie..."


"Oh, the married man."

"Ah. Go ahead..."

"I was going through a rough time. It was wrong, and I know that. Why is it I always end up with wrong man?"

"The man for you is out there, you just have to find him. Don’t turn away from love, Robin. You deserve happiness. You will find happiness"

"Thanks Phil"

Their talk is interrupted by the door closing.

"Phil, Robin! I’m home" Melissa calls.

"I guess we’re done for now" Robin says.

Scene 10
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Natasha’s Room

Natasha is resting in bed. She looks at the clock, a few more minutes and she gets another pain killer. She likes not feeling the pain in her leg, but every time she get a pain killer, she zones out. Still, she feels it’s worth it.

Suddenly Adam enters.

"Hey" he says. "I called Cory. He’s on the next flight home"

"Oh, thanks Adam. I can’t wait to see my husband."

"I bet. He probably can’t wait either."

They are interrupted by a nurse. "It’s time for your pain killer, Natasha"

"Great. My leg is killing me." she smiles. "Adam, thanks for everything."

"You’re welcome"

"Visiting time is over. Natasha will be out of it for a few hours now. The pain killer has a harsh effect"

Adam leaves the room with nurse, as Natasha begins to drift off.

Outside, Adam talks to the nurse. "Will she be alright?"

"She should be fine"

Scene 11
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s home

"You did great Daisy" Chris smiles at his wife.

"Thanks. You were almost late! Where were you?"

"The bridge is out. There is construction. A big piece of the bridge is missing. I hope they fix it soon"

"Me too"

Suddenly Daisy hears a news report about Vinny’s murder case, on the radio.

"I hope they find the killer" Daisy says.

Chris remains silent.

Next On One Day At A Time
-Adam and Natasha have an unbelievable encounter
-Cory returns to Twin Peaks
-The truth is a shocking reality for Natasha
-Where is Vinny’s body?

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