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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Olivia dumped Will but went to see him after suffering guilt pains over the baby switch. They kissed, unaware someone took their picture
- Chris hired Preston in his custody case against Trenyce. Daisy told Trenyce she would support him
- JC and Andy had their dinner date where he confirmed that he is gay. Victoria warned JC not to rush into a relationship with Andy as he is still hurting over Reese
- As Leah worried about Jeff being the father of her unborn baby, Robbie surprised her by waking up
- Meggan struggled to stay sober after Vinny was released from the hospital

Scene One – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Robbie’s Room

The sun breaks through the blinds on the window creating a warm glow in the otherwise drab hospital room. In the chair, Leah sits looking at her nails. She had been filing them and getting them in order since she hasn’t had a manicure for awhile. Her mind, however, is drifting in and out of thoughts instead of focusing on her nails. She can’t help but smile thinking of Robbie and how he has woken up and with all the much progress he has made in such a short time. Initially after being brought to the hospital, it looks like Robbie was going to die, so she was beyond thrilled when he finally awoke, and seemingly on the road to recovery. She stops and looks at her watch and notes that Robbie should be back from his physical therapy appointment any moment; She quickly gathers her nail tools and puts them back into her purse. Just as she lifts her head, Shane comes into the room, pushing Robbie in a wheel chair.

“Hey!” Leah says smiling over at them. “How was therapy?”

“Robbie is making so much improvement. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle,” Shane tells her as he helps Robbie get back into the bed. “If he continues at this rate, he should be able to go home very soon.”

“I can’t wait for that Shane,” Robbie replies, his voice still a little bit horse and dry. He seems exhausted from the therapy as well. “I’m tired of being in the hospital.”

“We don’t want to rush anything Robbie,” Leah tells him as she sits next to him and takes his hand. “For awhile there, we didn’t know if you were going to make it. I would feel so much better if we waited until you were one hundred percent until you came home.”

Robbie is about to say something, but Shane intercepts. “She’s right, you know. I know that you are tired of being in here, but like I said if you continue to improve at this rate, you should be home maybe in a week.”

Robbie sighs and lays back into the bed. “Okay, okay, you guys win!”

“I’ll leave you guys alone. Make sure you get some rest Robbie. Therapy can take a lot out of a person, especially after everything you‘ve been through,” Shane instructs him before he walks to the door. He turns around when he hears Leah call his name.

“Shane,” she says as he looks at her. “Thank you. For everything.” Shane smiles back at them and then leaves the room. Leah turns her attention to her husband and caresses his face with her hand. She feels some tears swelling in her eyes. “I’m so glad that you’re getting better. You have no idea how scared I was Robbie.”

Robbie looks at her and wipes a tear from her eye. “I’m sorry I scared you. I’m going to be just fine. There’s nothing else to worry about it.”

“Ah!” Leah suddenly says as she feels a sharp pain in her stomach, as she quickly moves her hand to abdomen.

“Leah? Are you okay?” Robbie asks concerned, slowly sitting up in his bed still looking at her.

“Yea,” she says looking up at him again. “The baby, it’s kicking. Give me your hand, you can feel,” she tells him as she takes his hand and places it on her stomach. For the first time Robbie feels the baby kicking.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” he says looking into her eyes, which twinkle with happiness. “I can’t believe soon we will have our own baby Leah. Everything is falling into place for us,” he tells her, still in awe of feeling their child kicking inside of her.

“It is,” she says as a tear falls down her cheek. She looks at Robbie, who is clearly in love of baby already. Suddenly, it dawns on her; the baby isn’t Robbie’s. She shuts her eyes for a minute and takes a deep breath. Robbie doesn’t suspect anything, and why would he? Only she and Dominick know the truth. No one else, no one has to ever know. She opens her eyes and smiles at Robbie. “Everything is perfect,” she says to him, even though she knows that she will have to lie to her husband for the rest of her life, something she is going to have to get used too.

Scene Two – The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

“Are you ready? Preston should be here any time,” Vinny yells up the stairs to Meggan, who is still getting ready. Vinny stops and waits to hear a response and he quickly checks his watch. He called Preston to ensure everything with his trust was okay; he felt that since his brothers had been impersonating him for so many years, he wanted to get a legal opinion that there are no red flags left in his life. He wants to ensure that, legally, everything with Dave and Brett is behind him.

“I am now,” Meggan replies as she emerges at the stairs. She walks down and smiles at Vinny when she reaches the bottom. She leans in and gives him a quick kiss. “Sorry I took so long, I didn’t know what to wear.”

“You look fantastic,” he replies to her as he hears the doorbell ring. He rushes over to the door and sees Preston on the other side. “Preston! Thanks for agreeing to meet us, please come in.”

Preston shakes Vinny’s hand as he enters the house. “It’s my pleasure. Meggan, hello,” Preston acknowledges her. She smiles back as they all enter the living room.

“Can I get you a drink?” Vinny offers Preston, as Meggan’s ears perk up. She can’t help but watch as Vinny slowly pours some brandy into a glass and passes it over to Preston.

“Thank you,” he says to Vinny as he takes a drink, before he sits down. Meggan watches his every move. She studies him closely and watches as the liquid hits his lips and he slowly swallows the booze.

“Here sweetie,” Vinny passes Meggan a glass of water, to her disappointment.

“Thank you,” she says as she fakes a smile and places her glass on the end table next to her.

“So let’s get down to business, shall we?” Preston starts to say as he opens his briefcase. “I did some research and investigating Vinny, and your within regards to your trust, everything looks good. You are in complete control of your finances now. That’s the good news.”

Vinny arches his eyebrow and looks at Preston. “What is the bad news?”

“Well, you were locked up right after high school, correct?” Preston asks as Vinny nods his head. “Well, it looks like your marriage certificate to Meggan was well after you two graduated.”

“Meaning what?” Meggan asks from the other side of the room, still eyeing Preston’s brandy.

“It was either Brett or Dave that was posing as Vinny. Vinny wasn’t really at the wedding ceremony. Basically, your marriage is invalid. That doesn’t mean you two can’t go and get married now, but right now, you two are not married, not legally,” Preston informs them.

Meggan’s mouth drops open. “I can’t believe this! Haven’t those two taken enough from us, now they’ve taken my marriage away from me too?” she says as tears fill her eyes.

“Meggan, wait!” Vinny says as Meggan stands up and rushes out of the room.

Preston notes that the couple need some alone time so he quickly closes his brief case. “I have another appointment, but if you need anything else Vinny, please let me know.”

“Thanks Preston,” Vinny says back to him, knowing that this was another harsh blow for Meggan to deal with.

Scene Three – The Sugarbowl

“Hey!” Victoria says to Chris as he comes up to her table and gives her a quick kiss. “I’ve missed you, how are you?”

He sits across from her and looks into her eyes. “I know we haven’t seen a lot of each other lately, I’m sorry. I’ve just been swamped with work and this custody case.”

Victoria watches him, knowing that getting custody of Andrew is really one of his main goals right now, as it should be since he has missed so much of Andrew’s life already. “How are things going with the custody hearing?”

“I’m actually meeting with Preston later today to go over some points. I hope to have a court date very soon.”

“That’s great news,” she smiles over at him, trying to be supportive. “How about we do lunch first?”

Chris pulls out his cell phone as it’s vibrating. “I can’t babe, Preston should be ready soon.”

“Okay,” Victoria responds, feeling a little left out. “How about dinner then?”

Chris puts his phone down and looks at her. “I would, I just don’t know how long I’ll be with Preston. I don’t want to commit and then have to cancel. I promise we will spend some time together soon, okay?” Before she can respond, he leans in and kisses her on the lips. “I should be going though. I don’t want to keep Preston waiting.”

“Okay,” Victoria says, sort of dumbfounded at how quickly her visit with Chris went by. She has barely seen him since he decided to file for custody, and when she has seen him, it’s been short and brief. He didn’t even ask her how she was holding up, since she had been struggling with shooting Dave on New Year’s Eve. She takes a slow drink of her coffee and wonders if Chris getting custody would mean that he has no more time for her anymore.

Scene Four – City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy sits at a side table in her office as she looks over some paper work with the district attorney, Lois Kam. Daisy asked Lois, whom is a good friend of hers, to take an outside job as Trenyce’s lawyer in the custody case against Chris. Daisy points to something on the piece of paper as the door to her office opens and Trenyce comes in pushing Andrew in his stroller.

“Sorry I’m late,” Trenyce explains as she pushes Andrew into a corner and then walks over to the table where the women are seated. “Andrew had a late feeding and he just went down for his nap.”

“It’s okay, I understand,” Daisy says to her niece. “Have a seat Trenyce. This is Lois Kam, she’s going to be representing you in court.”

Trenyce extends her hand to Lois, “Thank you so much for taking on my case Mrs. Kam,” Trenyce says as she sits in the open chair.

“Please, call me Lois. And I know your Aunt very well, so I jumped at the chance to help out after I spoke to her. I do believe we have a strong case as well,” Lois says turning her attention back to the paper work that is on the desk.

“What is all this stuff?” Trenyce asks looking at the paperwork.

“We are going over witnesses and trying to see who can testify that you’re a good mother and a good role model,” Daisy explains as Trenyce nods her head.

“I asked Andy to come today, I’m surprised he’s not here yet,” Trenyce interrupts, noting that her best friend isn’t around yet.

“I’m not sure Andy is the best witness,” Lois chimes in. “You basically got your best friend to lie for you. His character could be ruined on the stand.”

“I made him lie though! He was just being a good friend. He can vouch that I’m good parent and that I’m good person in my heart,” Trenyce defends her case to Lois, knowing that Andy is one of the few people who truly know who she is.

“I actually agree with Trenyce. She hasn’t let a lot of people get too close to her; Andy is one of those people that really knows her,” Daisy explains to Lois. “It may mean that you have to re-cross examine him after Preston finishes calling him a liar, but we should be able to handle that.”

“Okay,” Lois says as she writes down Andy’s name on the list. “We’ll call Andy to testify. Basically, it also looks like we have a lot of information that will make Chris look like he wouldn’t be a good father. The fact that he slept with his wife’s sister and niece is pretty good leverage.”

Daisy sighs and stands up and walks over to the wet bar. She pours herself a glass of water and takes a long drink. While she supports Trenyce’s quest to keep custody of Andrew, hearing the words of Chris’ affair with Trenyce and Danielle, still hurt her. It doesn’t hurt as much as it did at first, but she can’t deny that it still effects her.

“Are you okay Daisy?” Lois asks her friend from the table.

“I’m fine. Trenyce, did you tell Andy what time our meeting was? It’s not like him to be late.”

“I’m sure I did,” Trenyce replies as she walks over to her purse and grabs her phone. She checks her messages sent box and shows Daisy the text. “It’s says that he read it, I wonder where he could be…”

Scene Five – The Tower’s, Floor One; Kim & Andy’s Home

Andy jumps out of the shower and quickly throws a pair of briefs on. He rushes out of the washroom and looks at the clock. “Crap, I’m late,” he says under his breath as he rushes back into washroom and quickly does his hair. He slept in, forgetting to set his alarm to meet Trenyce at Daisy’s office for the custody case prep meeting. He rushes back into his bedroom and opens his closet. As he goes through it, he hears the doorbell ring. “Who could that be?” he asks as he quickly throws a pair of jeans on and rushes to the door. He opens it and is surprised to see JC on the other side of the door.

“JC! This is a surprise,” Andy exclaims as JC enters the apartment, immediately noticing Andy’s smooth, toned chest.

“I thought I would bring you coffee and muffins for breakfast and that we could ride to work together,” JC announces as he sets two coffees on the coffee table, looking back at his half naked friend. “I hope that’s okay.”

Andy smiles at his new friend. “Yea, it’s so sweet of you. I actually have the morning off, though. I have another appointment. I am running late, as you can tell.”

“Ah, I should have called first. I’m sorry,” he says, still unable to look at something other than Andy’s body. “Your coffee will get cold!”

“No, it’s okay. I’m already late and I haven’t ate yet. What kind of muffin did you bring?” Andy says as he comes over to JC and picks up his coffee. He takes a drink. “This is good coffee.”

Andy looks up and catches JC looking at him. Andy immediately blushes and realizes that he’s still shirtless. “I should go get dressed, I’m sorry,” Andy says quickly, starting to walk away.

“Only if you must,” JC smiles to him. “You’re very … good looking.”

Andy laughs a little. “Thanks.” The room fills with an awkward silence until JC moves a little closer to Andy and kisses him on the lips. The kiss lasts for a few minutes before they part ways.

“Sorry,” JC quickly says to Andy. “I shouldn’t have. I know we are going to go slowly.”

“You don’t have to apologize JC. I … really liked it,” Andy says leaning in and kissing him again. Andy’s tongue quickly enters JC’s mouth and JC’s hand starts roaming Andy’s bare chest. “We have the house to ourselves for awhile,” Andy says breaking from the kiss, looking down and realizing how long it has been since he has had sex.

JC looks at Andy, wanting him just as badly, “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Oh yea, I’m ready!” Andy says dragging JC by the arm into the bedroom.

Scene Six – The Victors Home; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Vinny enters the master bed room and spots Meggan laying on the bed. He walks up to her slowly and lays down next to her on the. He grabs her hand which causes her to look over at him. “Are you okay?”

Meggan looks at Vinny, the man she thought was her husband. She feels so conflicted inside; she knows that she shouldn’t be too surprised by the news that her marriage to Vinny is illegal, because she really doesn’t know the man laying beside her. She only has an idea of who he is, and that idea has come from Dave and Brett posing as him for years. “I’ll be okay. I guess it’s just a shock more than anything.”

“Do you want to get married?” Vinny asks her, wondering if that will make her feel better about things.

“Do you?”

Vinny pauses and knows that while they were high school sweethearts, both of them have changed over the years. They are not the same people they were in high school and they should probably get to know each other again before they get married. “I was thinking,” he starts out but quickly realizes that Meggan is upset by how he started the conversation. It’s written all over her face. “I just think we should get to know each other again.”

Meggan rolls over to put her face away from Vinny. While she knows what he is saying is true, she still hates that she feels like she is losing something else because of Dave and Brett. “Okay. Do you want me to move out?”

“Of course not, don’t be silly,” Vinny says putting his hands on her shoulders. “It’s just that we have been away from each other for so long, it’ll be good to get to know each other again. Then get married. We just found each other again, you know? There’s no rush.”

Meggan is silent. “Would you mind leaving me alone for awhile. I feel like taking a nap,” she finally tells him, feeling like she needs time alone to adjust to the news.

“Sure, I’ll go out for bit. We can talk more when I get home.”

She lays in bed and listens to Vinny walk down the stairs and grab his car keys. As soon as she hears the front door close, she slowly gets out of bed and walks down the stairs. As she walks, some tears escape her eyes. “I can’t believe this,” she says to herself as she enters the den. She immediately spots the glass that Preston was drinking from. There’s still some brandy in the bottom of the glass. She walks over to it and picks up the glass. She turns around and spots her full glass of water. She puts the glass of brandy down for a minute and walks over to her water. She is about to take a drink of it, but she throws it up against the wall instead. The glass shatters immediately and she rushes back to the brandy. She picks up the glass and drinks the remainder in one gulp. She sets the glass back down and takes a deep breath. Another tear strolls down her face as she turns around and walks over to the bar to pour herself another glass.

Scene Seven – The Legal Firm; Preston’s Office

Chris opens the door to Preston’s office and spots Preston sitting at his desk. He looks up from his computer and welcomes Chris into his office. “Thanks for coming today,” Preston tells him as Chris sits in front of his desk. “I’ve gone over the papers for the custody hearing.”

“Perfect,” Chris smiles to his lawyer, eager to get the ball rolling. “I’ve missed so much time with my son already, I don’t want to miss anymore.”

Preston looks at Chris with a firm face. “I have to be honest with Chris, this will be a tough battle. Not many judges believe in separating children from their mothers. Especially since Andrew is still so young.”

“But Preston, Trenyce has proven herself to be a pathological liar! I still wouldn’t know I was a father if Andrew didn’t almost die in the hospital!” he says getting excited since he knows that Trenyce is doing everything possible to prevent him from seeing his son.

“I know, I know,” Preston says motioning for Chris to calm down with his hands. “We can use that all in court, but now that Trenyce’s lawyer will use your affairs with Trenyce and Danielle against you. You really have to show the court that you have changed.”

“I have. I’m ready to be a good father to my son.”

“I know that. I think I’ll have to call you to the stand. Are you okay with that?”

Chris gulps but quickly nods his head and confirms with Preston. “I’ll do whatever I have to do to get my son.”

“Perfect, I have a few other ideas,” Preston grins over at Chris.

Scene Eight – The Sugarbowl

Vinny enters the busy coffeehouse and walks up to the barista. After he places his order, he grabs his coffee and walks over to the bar to put some sugar in it.

“Hey stranger,” a woman’s voice calls from behind him.

He turns around and is surprised to see Victoria. “Victoria! This is a surprise,” he smiles as they quickly hug. “How are you? I haven’t had the chance to thank you for everything you did to rescue me.”

“I’m alright thanks. And don’t mention it. I’m just glad that nightmare is over. Would you like to join me at my table?” she says leading the way back to her booth.

“I wish the nightmare was over,” Vinny replies as they sit down across from each other.

“What do you mean?”

“Meggan and I learned that we aren’t legally married. I’m not surprised since we both knew that Brett was posing as me at the wedding ceremony. Meggan, though, she thinks that my brothers have taken something else from her. She’s really struggling, you know?”

Victoria reaches over and grabs Vinny’s hand. “I know. And I know that you’ve been through a lot yourself. Try to stay strong for her, okay?”

Vinny looks down and feels himself blush, not used to having a support system. “It’s hard when I don’t feel strong myself. I’m still getting used to being free and actually having a life, you know?”

Victoria squeezes his hand slightly. “Whenever you need to talk to someone, call me. I’m here for you.”

Vinny smiles over at her, “Thanks Victoria. I appreciate that.”


Olivia pays the barista for her mocha and turns around prepared to leave. She cringes when she spots Cassie entering the coffeehouse. Cassie immediately spots Olivia and approaches her knowing that it’s been some time since they’ve spoken.

“Olivia, hi, how are you?” Cassie asks pleasantly, making nice with her and small talk.

“I’m fine, I’m late for a meeting though, if you’ll excuse me,” Olivia replies, trying to brush Cassie off. The last thing Olivia needs is to have a conversation with Cassie. After the baby switch, she told Cassie that they should be been seen together, and she meant it, especially now that she is having such bad nightmares about the baby switch. She wants nothing more than to forget it ever happened.

“Everything is going perfectly on my end,” Cassie reveals to her, even though Olivia was trying to leave. “Shane is even treating me like a real wife. Soon, I’ll be his wife in every way again.” Cassie shuts her eyes for a moment and recalls having numerous passionate encounters with Shane.

Olivia rolls her eyes slightly. “I told you, we shouldn’t be seen talking. People might…”

Cassie interrupts her, “No one is going to suspect anything Olivia. This is a busy coffeehouse, we are just two people saying hello to each other.”

“I can’t do this!” Olivia whispers to her. “I’ve … I’ve been having nightmares.”

Cassie arches her eyebrow. “About what?”

“What do you think? Last summer, the baby switch,” Olivia continues to speak in a whisper. “I … I’m struggling still. Seeing you really doesn’t help anything.”

Cassie gets a intense look in her eyes, she looks at Olivia, causing Olivia moves back a little, almost scared of Cassie. “I’m warning you, you better not blow this for us! Get over it, what’s done is done, just forget it ever happened!”

“I’m late for my meeting Cassie. Just stay away from me, okay? It will make forgetting this ever happened that much easier,” Olivia replies coldly as she turns around and leaves the coffeehouse.

Cassie quickly composes herself and takes a deep breath as she is panicked. She has worked so hard to keep this secret and finally everything is finally into place with Shane. No one will ruin this for me, she tells herself. “Not even you Olivia.”

Scene Nine – MW Investigations

Madeline sits at her computer going over some files for a number of different cases. Since opening her PI firm, she has been pleasantly surprised by how many clients she has received. She has loved her time working, as it has been a great way to get her mind off her drama off Preston learning the truth about her past and her break up with Will. She looks up and wonders how he is doing; while she doesn’t like to admit it, she does miss him and hearing about his days. Her train of thought is interrupted with a knock on her door. She looks up and sees Keith, one of her PI’s.

“Keith, what’s going on?” she asks as he comes into the office.

“I found something out, that you might be interested in,” the younger man tells her as he sits down. Madeline arches her eyebrow waiting for him to continue. “Remember last week when you told me you were interested in possibly finding out what your ex-boyfriend was up too?”

“Yes, but we’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to really look into Will’s past,” Madeline explains to Keith, recalling that she still thinks Will is hiding something from her. “We have so many clients right now. That can really wait.”

Keith smiles over at her, “I went to his place to try to get some info.”

“You did what?” a stunned Madeline asks him.

“I know I didn’t run it by you, but I also you that you want answers. I have some! A woman was visiting him. An older blonde. She went in, and the door didn’t close. I got some photos of them kissing,” Keith tells her as he digs out his I-Phone.

The words immediately hit Madeline; Will has already moved on. She tries to tell herself that Will is young and is able to move on if he wants too, but he dumped her because he wanted time for himself, or at least that’s what he claimed. “Let me see those photos,” she says without questioning it to herself.

He passes her the I-Phone and Madeline’s mouth falls open. She looks at a few photos and gets tears in her eyes immediately.

“Are you okay?” Keith asks, startled by her tears.

“I’m fine,” she lies to him. “Do you mind if I have a minute alone?” She asks as he gets up and leaves the office. She shuts the door behind him and she covers her mouth. Tears fall from her eyes as she picks up the phone again. She looks at the pictures again. There’s no mistake; Olivia, her mother, is kissing Will, her ex-boyfriend. “Mother?” she asks herself, still in disbelief.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Melissa’s plan goes awry at Robin’s premier
- Robbie is released from the hospital
- JC is secretly upset with Andy’s decision

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