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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Melissa hired a man to “scare” Robin at the premier and make it look like it was Cory’s idea. The plan went awry when the man threw acid at Robin, and it hit her face
- Adam and Helen continued to drift apart while grieving for their daughter
- Madeline saw pictures of Olivia and Will kissing
- Preston and Olivia learned of Madeline’s hooker past
- Andy and JC had sex; JC was secretly upset that Andy didn’t want a relationship right away
- Vinny started to over live, as a way of compensating being locked up for years

Scene One – Twin Peaks General Hospital

Melissa walks down the corridor of the hospital with her heart in her stomach. She keeps replaying the scene over and over again in her mind; she paid Karl to scare Robin with a bottle of acid in hopes of framing Cory. She never imagined that the acid would actually hit Robin’s face, instead of the hotel wall behind her. The sound of Robin screaming in sheer pain as the acid burned her face is stuck in her head.

Her daughter was screaming in pain because of her; how will she ever be able to forget that?. She wipes a tear away as she reaches the waiting room where she spots Cory sitting in a chair with his hands covering his eyes. His tie is sitting in the chair next to him and he has the top few buttons of his shirt undone. He looks like a man that has been fighting back tears, Melissa notes to herself as she enters the waiting room. She clears her throat getting Cory to look up and notice her.

“Any news?” she asks him, sounding desperate to hear something about Robin’s fate.

Cory simply shakes his head no. He can’t imagine what Robin is going through right now. He, like Melissa, continues to replay the horrific events in his mind. I should have jumped in the way, he scolds himself. “I should have protected her, I’m so sorry,” he says in a whisper, not sure if he is apologizing to Melissa or himself.

“No one could have predicted that this was going to happen,” she lies to him, knowing that she can’t reveal her plan or she would lose her daughter forever. “We just have to pray that she’ll be alright.”

They are interrupted with Shane coming into the waiting room. Cory immediately stands up, “Shane, how is she?”

“I’m afraid, not good,” he begins as he reviews her chart in front of them. “The acid was on her face for a long time, she has third degree burns on her left hand side.”

“What does that mean?” Melissa asks him.

“Her face is wrapped in bandages right now. We have keep the burn under control, but there will be scars. She’ll probably have to have plastic surgery afterwards to remove them,” Shane tells them. “If she’s a candidate, of course.”

“Can we see her?” Cory asks, still trying to take in all the information.

“Yes, but just one at a time. We don’t want to overwhelm her, she’s in a state of shock.”

“Can I go first, please Cory? I know you’re her husband, but I just want to make sure my little girl is okay,” Melissa pleads with him as her eyes fill with water., desperate to put her own conscious at ease.

Cory nods, “Of course. Tell her I’m coming in as soon as you’re finished though, okay?”

“Okay,” Melissa says walking off to Robin’s room.

Scene Two – Capers

Vinny sits at a large table with Daisy, Madeline and Victoria joining him. He has ordered a few bottles of the best champagne and watches as the waiter pours the three women a glass. He called the three of them together to thank them for their role in saving him from Dave and Brett’s clutches. He had planned on inviting Robbie as well, but he didn’t think it was appropriate since he was just released from the hospital.

“I’d like to make a toast,” he announces to the three women. “You three played such a huge role in getting me here tonight. I can’t express how grateful I am to each and every one of you. To you ladies, the best super hero’s a guy could ask for in his life.”

The women all raise their glasses and they chime together. “This was so nice of you to do Vinny,” Daisy smiles as she takes a drink of her bubbly. “I’m not sure I deserve this though. Brett had me fooled too.”

“Yes, you didn’t have to do this for us,” Victoria replies. “We all knew something was up, we had no idea what exactly it was though.”

“I felt like I had to do this. Without you guys, I would still be in that room locked to the wall,” Vinny continues, trying not to get emotional as he hates thinking about being locked in that room. “I’m not used to having friends or support. I hope that this get together can change that. I’d like to consider myself friends with the three of you.”

“You are Vinny, absolutely,” Madeline replies to him. Suddenly she feels her cell phone vibrate in her pocket. “Excuse me for a second,” she says as she takes the phone call. From across the table, Victoria rolls her eyes thinking of how rude Madeline is being.

“How are you adjusting to life again?” Daisy asks Vinny.

“It’s been, interesting,” he says to her as he takes a drink of her champers. “Meggan and I learned we aren’t legally married. She took it pretty hard, I’m actually worried about her,” he admits to everyone.

“Don’t worry about Meggan, she’s been through her share of turmoil, she’ll be fine,” Victoria tells him as she thinks back to Meggan’s drinking problem that ended up in Noah’s death.

“Thanks Victoria,” Vinny smiles over to her as their eyes meet.

“I’m so sorry to have to cut this short,” Madeline announces as she returns to the table.

“My parents need to see me, it sounded urgent.”

“We’ll be in touch?” Vinny asks as he stands up and hugs her.

“Absolutely,” she smiles into his embrace.


Kim takes a drink of her glass of red wine as she looks over at Andy. She is pleased that they are getting together to talk as it seems like it has been awhile since they have had a chance to really connect again. Seemingly as she and Natasha are not on good terms, Kim is happy to have the chance to get out with someone.

“So you’re still not talking to Natasha yet?” Andy questions her, knowing that she is upset that she and her best friend are at odds.

Kim shakes her head no. “I just can’t believe she would date Ryan, you know? Of all the men to turn too in a time of need, she goes after my ex boyfriend?”

“I get it. Give her time, she’ll come around.”

“I don’t know Andy. What kind of friendship did we really have if in the blink of an eye she sleeps with my ex. Anyways, enough of that,” Kim replies, sighing heavily. She takes another drink of her wine. “How do you like writing at the Sun? You’re last article was really good.”

Andy blushes a little, “Thanks! I love it. It’s been good for me. After all the drama from last year, it’s good to be doing something that makes me feel good.”
Kim arches her eyebrow. “Why do I get the feeling that we are talking about more than just a promotion at work?”

Andy laughs. “I guess I am,” he says before becoming very serious. “There’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you, for a long time actually.”

“Oh, this sounds serious.”

“I’m gay Kim. I was dating Reese Wilkins before he left town,” Andy finally admits to his sister as he puts his head down.

Kim reaches her hand across the table and grabs Andy’s. “Thank you for telling me. I’ve known for some time,” she admits to him as their eyes meet again. “I figured it out on my own. Some of your mannerisms and how close you and Reese were last year just made me put two and two together. I figured though that Trenyce claiming Andrew was yours, created a lot of drama.”

“And then some,” Andy replies to her. “Reese left town because he didn’t think he could trust me anymore. It’s been pretty hard, I loved him so much.”

“There are other guys out there, you know Andy,” she tells him. “You’re a great guy. It won’t be long before you have another relationship.”

Andy blushes again and picks up his wine and takes a drink. Kim notices Andy’s bashfulness and quickly gets a big grin on her face. “Okay, who is he! You’ve already found a new guy!”

Andy puts his glass down and leans in, “We are taking it slowly, but yea, there is someone else.”

“Who? I want the details!”

Andy laughs again. “We work with him, actually,” he says as he arches his eyebrow. “Have you met Juan Carlos Fernandez?”

“You’re seeing JC?” Kim gasps, recalling how she met the photographer at the Sun the other day. “You go! He’s very good looking!”

“Yea, he is. Like I said, we are taking it slow, or trying too. I don’t want to rush into anything so quickly after Reese, but …”


“When I’m with him, it just feels right. It feels good,” Andy admits to Kim.

“Then go with that. Don’t worry about what too fast or too slow is Andy, just follow your heart.”

“Thanks Kim, cheers,” he says lifting his glass and chiming it together with his sister’s.

Scene Three – The Sugarbowl

Adam and Helen sit in the back booth drinking some herbal tea, since neither one of them wanted to have caffeine at this hour. Adam looks up at Helen and wonders how she is doing, really. They only got together to have tea to catch up, but he knows that things are still extremely tense with the two of them. It’s not that he wants to blame her for the death of their child, but her constant friendship with Olivia has really left a bitter taste in his mouth. She knew the entire time that he didn’t trust her but she continued to lean on Olivia for support, something he thinks is unacceptable. While he has never been able to prove it to himself, or anyone, he still thinks that Olivia was up to no good. Since he has run out of ways to investigate the baby’s death, he has decided to look into Olivia’s history with Helen; maybe then Helen will realize that she is no good.

He looks over at his wife, who is look at Cassie standing in the line up for the coffee house. He turns his head and sees Cassie patting baby Dawn’s back as she gets her order. “Are you okay?” he asks her as he turns his attention back to her.

“Yea, I’m okay. It’s just weird, I was in Lamaze class with Cassie. Our daughter’s should be the same age,” she sighs as she takes a long sip of her tea.

“You’re right, they should be,” Adam replies, not realizing how cold he sounds.

Helen slams her cup down, “Of course this starts again,” she snaps at him. “I’m tired of you blaming me Adam. There’s nothing I can do to bring her back, okay?” Helen says getting water in her eyes. “But you can’t seem to let it go, so what are you doing here?”

“I thought you wanted to get together.”

“I did, I do. But not if you’re always going to blame me for something that I had no control over,” she tells him fed up. “Look this was a mistake, I’m going to take off. Have a nice evening,” Helen says grabbing her purse and leaving the booth. Adam is about to call after her, but he realizes that she’s right; he shouldn’t be around her until he can accept what has happened.

Helen approaches Cassie, who is getting ready to leave. “Hey,” Helen smiles. “She’s gotten so big!”

Cassie looks up and smiles at Helen, then looks back down to Dawn, who is now sleeping in her stroller. “She gets bigger every day. How are you doing? I couldn’t help but see you and Adam over there. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Helen reassures both Cassie and herself. “Look, I know this going to sound odd, but are you looking to get away for a few days? Maybe Shane could watch Dawn and the two of us could get away?”

Cassie arches her eyebrow wondering if she should take Helen up on her offer. She knows that lately she has been slipping up a little with Shane; first he caught her bottle feeding and then she had to lie about her mother being alive. Some time away may be good for her to regroup and get her head on straight. “I would love a break, actually,” Cassie tells her. “Where were you thinking?”

“Nothing fancy, maybe the Calimo cabin? I’m sure it’s beautiful up there this time of the year,” Helen tells her.

“Are you sure you’re okay with that? The last time you were there…”

“I’m fine! I need to start moving on! Going to the cabin is probably the best idea I’ve had in a long time,” Helen tells her.

“Okay, this sounds like a plan!”

“Perfect!” Helen smiles, excited about the prospects of getting away for a few days.

Scene Four – The Twin Peaks Bus Depot

JC enters the Bus Depot, which is half under construction. He’s there to get some photos of the renovation process for the next issue of the Twin Peaks Sun. Ever since Daisy gave money to the Bus Depot to get renovated, it has been a hot topic in Twin Peaks. He begins to walk over to the blocked off area when he spots something out of the corner of his eye. Sitting on a chair is Trenyce, and beside her is Andrew’s stroller.

“Trenyce?” he asks as he approaches her, causing her to look up at him. “What on earth are you doing here?”

Trenyce gulps and looks like she just ate the canary. “Please JC, just pretend you didn’t see me here, okay? Walk away like nothing ever happened.”

“Why? What on is going on?” he asks sitting next to her.

Trenyce sighs and looks at him, she can tell that he isn’t about to go away until she reveals what she is up too. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone?”

“I promise,” he says quickly to her.

“I’m leaving Twin Peaks, with Andrew, tonight,” she replies looking down.

“Why? Your family is here, your best friend is here. This doesn’t make sense.”

Trenyce fights tears in her eyes. “Do you see my son there?” she asks pointing to him sleeping in his stroller as JC nods. “I could lose him, okay? His father and I, we don’t see eye to eye and he’s taking me to court for full custody. I can’t lose him JC, I really don’t know what I would do without my son.”

JC leans in and hugs her. After they exit their embrace, he pulls out some kleenex for her to wipe her eyes. “Listen to me Trenyce, running away is not the answer for this. Not now. You have to stay and show your son how strong you are. How you can fight when something gets in your way. You have to be a good role model. And you never know what the judge will say. You’re a good mother, anyone can see that.”

“I’ve done some pretty bad things,” she tells him.

“We all have made mistakes. What’s important is now, today. And by running, you would be making another mistake.”

Trenyce sighs and knows that he is right. She hates to admit that she’s wrong, but by running away she would only create more problems for herself in the long run. “You’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“It’s okay to be scared. You’re a friend of Andy’s and I’m fond of Andy, so you’re a friend of mine too, okay? Talk to us, we can always help.”

“Thanks,” she smiles over at him.

“Let’s say we get out of here. The Sugarbowl makes a great cup of hot chocolate!”

Trenyce laughs. “That is exactly what I need right now!”

Scene Five – Twin Peaks Fitness World

Adam enters the gym and looks over at the bench press. He walks over and adjusts the weights; he needs to relieve some stress after seeing Helen at the Sugarbowl earlier. He knows that he has to start to get over what happened last summer, but every day continues to be a struggle. “What someone to spot you?” Shane asks, approaching Adam.

“Shane, hey!” Adam says shaking his hand. “That’d be awesome, thanks.”

“Sure, you look like you could use the release,” Shane notes as Adam lays on the bench.

“It’s been a tough go of it lately,” Adam says as he starts to press some weights.

“Two, three, four, five and break,” Shane instructs Adam from the back. “Good work. Grieving is a hard process Adam, don’t sell yourself short because you’re still struggling. These things take time.”

“Next set,” Adam replies, not wanting to completely open up.

“Four, five, six, seven, break,” Shane continues to support his friend. “Have you guys thought about seeing someone to talk about your loss? I know Olivia could probably squeeze you guys in.”

Adam sits up on the bench, “No! I don’t want to talk to anyone, especially Olivia Wilkins!”

“Okay,” Shane replies taken a back, not aware of Adam’s problems with Olivia. “Well let me tell you Adam, if you ever want to talk to me, you know where to find me, okay?”

“Thanks Shane. Enough of that, how are you and Cassie doing?”

Shane gets a slight grin on his face knowing that he and Cassie have grown much closer lately. “Things are actually going well. I didn’t think I could ever say that because of how we got married, but I’m making an honest effort with her.”

“That’s good to hear,” Adam tells him, a touch jealous of his life when he knows he could have the same thing with Helen. “You have a good thing going, a wife and a kid.”

“I know I do,” Shane replies. “I can’t complain. Everything’s perfect.”

Scene Six – The Wilkins Estate; Preston & Olivia’s Home

Madeline enters her childhood home and immediately hears her parents in the other room talking. She enters the living room and sets her bag down on the arm chair. “Hey, I came as soon as I got your phone call Dad, what’s up?” she asks, wondering what her parents are up too. She hasn’t spoken to them much lately since Preston saw the photos of her in New York selling her body for money.

Preston smiles at the sight of his daughter. “Would you like something to drink?” he asks as she politely declines. “Your Mother and I would like to talk to you about … well what we learned about your time in New York.”

Madeline sighs and begins to protest but Olivia interrupts her. “Please, just hear what your father has to say. You can have your time afterwards, okay?”

Madeline reluctantly agrees to hear out Preston and she sits in the chair with her bag. “It came as quite the shock to us to know how you were,” he stops and clears his throat. “Uh, supporting yourself after you ran away.”

“I…” Madeline begins to say again, before Preston cuts her off.

“Let me finish, please,” he tells her. “It was a long time ago, and while we do not understand why you would choose that method of employement. However, we love you and we are blessed that you have come home and you have changed your ways,” Preston tells her leaning down beside her. He leans in and hugs his daughter as she fights back tears. “I love you. I’m sorry that it was so hard for me at first, but,…”

“No, I understand. I’m so sorry that you had to find out that way. I didn’t say anything for so long because I was ashamed,” Madeline tells him as a tear falls down her cheek. “I’m just glad everything is okay with us. The last few weeks have been so hard.”

“For us too, Madeline,” Olivia tells her daughter, as she sits next to her. Suddenly, the telephone rings from the other room.

“You’ll have to excuse me, that’s the line in my office. I’ve been expecting a call,” Preston says, standing up. “If you’re gone when I return, I’ll call you soon and we can do lunch?”

“That sounds great Dad,” Madeline tells him as Preston walks off. Olivia puts her hand on Madeline’s leg and Madeline turns her attention to her mother. While she has been so happy learning her parents have forgiven her for her past mistakes, her recent day at the office comes flooding back to Madeline. The images of Will and Olivia kissing come flooding back to her and she gets a little flushed.

“Are you okay sweetheart? You look flushed suddenly,” Olivia observes, growing concerned about her daughter.

“I’m…I’m fine,” Madeline says turning away from Olivia.

“Tell me what’s wrong, I can tell something is eating at you.”

“I know the truth,” Madeline whispers as Olivia puts her hand on Madeline’s shoulder.

“The truth? What on earth are you talking about?” Olivia says trying to stay calm, not sure if Madeline is talking about the baby switch that she and Preston were a part of.

“You know Mom,” Madeline begins to say as she stands up. “I was so happy with Will. I mean, I really cared for him. And you know what? He told me he loved me, did you know that?” she asks as she turns to face her mother, another tear falling down her cheek. “I always thought he was hiding something from me though.”

Olivia gulps; there’s no way anyone could know about her and Will, is there? She asks herself. She knows that they’ve always been so careful. “Was he?” she finally manages to say, although the length in time it took her to respond gives Madeline the confirmation she needed.

“He’s been sleeping with you!” Madeline cries. “I saw you and Will kissing!

Scene Seven – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Robin’s Room

Melissa enters Robin’s hospital room and sees her daughter sitting in the hospital bed, her face completely bandaged up. Melissa notes that she almost looks like a mummy she has so much padding on her face. She walks up to the bed and sits down next to her daughter; Robin doesn’t even acknowledge Melissa’s presence, she just sits in silence. Melissa grabs her hand and kisses her. “My beautiful daughter, I’m so sorry,” she whispers to her. “Can I do anything? Can I get you anything?”

Robin finally turns to her mother and looks at her. “Why did this happen to me? My face, Mom? I’ll probably never be able to model again!” she says, staying almost unemotional as she is still in shock. “I’ve never felt such pain in my life.”

Melissa gulps knowing that she is the one that caused her daughter this pain. “Don’t say that baby. It’s too early to tell. The doctor said that they need to get your burn under control. After that, we can get the best plastic surgeon money can buy. You will look as beautiful as ever.”

“I wish I had your belief,” she says quietly. “I just don’t understand. Who would do this to me? Why would they do this to me?”

Melissa falls silent for a moment wondering how exactly to respond to her daughter. She knows what she has to do though. She looks up at Robin and squeezes her hand, “Tell me if I’m out of line, but I think this was Cory’s doing.”

“What? Cory?” Robin asks shocked that her mother would even suggest something like this.

“Just hear me out, okay?” Melissa encourages her daughter. “He has been so against you modeling, from the get go and for no reason other than some sick jealousy he has. Until…”

“Tonight,” Robin says shutting her eyes. “He told me tonight that he was proud of me.”

“The same night that this happens to you?” Melissa questions her, knowing that she’s planting seeds of doubt. “I’m not saying he wanted you to be hurt, but maybe he just wanted to scare you? Maybe the acid was supposed to hit the ground and spook you out of modeling or something.”

Robin looks away, trying to fight her tears. She knows that her mother may actually have a point. But could Cory, the man she loves and trusts more than anything in the world, really do this to her? She thinks back to a few days ago when she walked in on Cory having a phone conversation.


She walks quickly into the kitchen where she sees Cory on the phone.

“Just use it as a scare tactic. That’s all we’ll need,” Cory says into his phone as he turns around and sees Robin. “Look, we’ll talk about this later okay. I’ll be in.”

Robin watches Cory hang up the phone. “Who was that?”

“Fred, the new bouncer at Wild Night. I’ll have to go in later,” he says to her, still focused on his phone call from work.. “Is your mother gone?”

“Yes, no thanks to you,” she spits at him. “Would it kill you to get alone with her?”

[End of Flash]

“Baby are you okay?” Melissa asks her daughter.

Robin turns her head and faces her mother, “My God, is it true?” she gasps covering her mouth.

Suddenly, two police officers enter Robin’s room and they make eye contact with her, “Mrs. Calvin? Are you feeling up to answering a few questions about what happened at the premier?”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robin confronts Cory
- Cassie makes a request of Olivia
- Jeff makes a surprise visit

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