Episode 123 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: March 27, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Melissa hired Karl to scare Robin at the premier; her plan went awry when acid hit Robin’s face! She told Robin that he seems like Cory set the plan up
- Madeline learned of Will and Olivia’s affair & confronted her mother after her parents forgave her for her past in NYC
- After bickering with Adam, Helen asked Cassie to go to the Calimo cabin with her. Wanting to get away to regroup, Cassie agreed
- Leah and Jeff shared a moment at the hospital before Robbie was released
- The Sun ran a news article on Eva being Natasha’s mother

Scene One – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Robin’s Room

Two police officers enter Robin’s room and they make eye contact with her, “Mrs. Calvin? Are you feeling up to answering a few questions about what happened at the premier?”

Robin looks over as the two police officers enter her hospital knowing that they are looking to get her statement as to what happened earlier at the premier. She gives her mother a quick glance, who nods in approval. Melissa hopes that she has planted enough seeds in her daughter’s mind to make her think that Cory is the one that set up the acid attack.

“Could I have a moment with my husband first please?” Robin asks, shocking Melissa who thought she was just going to speak to the police. The last thing Melissa wants is for Cory to clear his name in Robin’s mind. “I haven’t seen him yet since my face was bandaged. I’m sure he’s worried about me.”

The police officers look at each other. “We can give you ten minutes, then we really do need your statement. We would like to make an arrest if we can. You understand that Mrs. Calvin, I’m sure.”

“I want the person responsible to pay for this, believe me,” Robin says strongly. “But I want, I need to see my husband.”

“Okay, we’ll send him in.”

“Are you sure about this?” Melissa asks her daughter as she stands up.

“I have to see Cory to set this straight Mom. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, I’ll be here if you need anything.”

“Why don’t you go home and get some rest. I’ll be fine. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Robin instructs her Mom. “I promise. Thank you for being here.”

Melissa looks at her daughter and hates that she is bandaged up. She quickly realizes that she has to pay off Karl, even though he screwed up the job. Leaving now would be the perfect time to finish everything with him. “Okay, I’ll go. But I’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning.”

Cory enters the hospital room and sees the two women embrace. “Am I interrupting?” he asks as he comes over to Robin.

“No, Melissa was just leaving,” Robin tells him as Melissa leaves. Cory sits next to her and grabs her hand.

“How are you feeling? I can’t believe this has happened,” he says looking at her, still adjusting to seeing his wife all wrapped up in bandages.

“I’m … as good as to be expected,” she replies to him. “I have to ask you something. And I need you to be honest with me.”

“Okay,” he says uneasily.

“Did you set my attack up? Are you responsible for my face getting burned?”

Scene Two – The Wilkins Estate; Preston & Olivia’s Home

Olivia sits listening to Madeline speak about her confusion about Will and the feeling that he was keeping something from her while they were dating. Olivia knows that this is all true as Will was sleeping with her while dating Madeline. Olivia feels her face flush; how will she get out of this? How could Madeline possibly know the truth? She and Will were always so careful. She can’t possibly now the truth, Olivia tells herself, trying to calm her nerves. Especially after she and Preston just made amends from learning Madeline’s past.

“He was keeping something from me,” Madeline tells her mother as a tear falls down her cheek. “He was sleeping with you. I saw the two of you kissing!”

Olivia looks away unable to look at Madeline in the eyes. Madeline realizes that she has caught her mother. Her body language speaks volumes to Madeline. “My God, it is true. Your expression says it all.”

Olivia stands up and walks up to her daughter, “You have to hear me out.”

Madeline looks her mother with contempt. Before she knows what’s happening her hand is across her mother’s face. Olivia grabs her cheek and nurses it from the hard slap. “You slept with my boyfriend! You’re … you’re disgusting!”

“Madeline, please,” Olivia cries to her daughter, trying to get Madeline to calm down and for her daughter to understand. She puts her arms on her shoulders, but Madeline throws her off.

“Don’t touch me!” Madeline yells at her mother. “I have to get out of here! I can’t even stomach looking at you right now.”

Olivia watches helplessly as Madeline rushes out of the house still upset. She falls to her knees crying, not knowing what to do next or how to make Madeline understand. How can she, when she doesn’t even understand it herself.

Scene Three – The Calimo House; Robbie & Leah’s Home

“Did you hear that?” Robbie calls out from the living room to Leah, who is in the kitchen making a snack for the two of them. “It sounded like thunder, we may be getting our first spring shower.”

Leah enters the living room and sets come cheese and crackers down on the coffee table and sits next to her husband. “Yea, I did hear it. How are you feeling?”

“I’m great babe,” Robbie smiles as he comes in and gives her a kiss. “I’m thinking of going back to work next week.”

“What? You can’t do that!” Leah looks sternly at him, as she puts down the cracker she was about to eat. She’s not ready for him to go back to work, even though he has been given a clean bill of health. The thought of him returning to work, where he was shot in the first place, scares her. She almost lost him once, she doesn’t want to have to go through that again.

“The doctors say I’m good as new. I’m tired of being cooped up. First the hospital, now here. Life has to move on Leah,” Robbie replies wanting to get back to normal. “Plus, I have to bring in some money to support that little one that’s growing inside you.”

Leah sighs, “I know. I’m just scared of losing you. I came so close already,” she tells him getting misty.

“I’ll be fine. I promise. I’ll stay in my office for the first few weeks anyways. I’m sure there’s a mountain of paper work waiting for me,” he winks at her.

“I don’t like it, but I know you’re ready to go back. Just promise me, you’ll be careful?”

“I always am,” he ensures her. “Hey, can you pass me the news paper? I’d like to get caught up on some of the on-goings since I’ve been missing in action for so long.”

“Sure, I think it’s yesterday’s though,” she says as she hands him the news paper. He quickly opens it and starts reading.

“Oh my god,” he says putting the paper down. “Did you know about this?” he asks as he sets the paper down and the headline “Calimo Family Drama” stares her back in the face.

“What is it?” she asks as she leans forward to read the headline.

“I … I can’t believe this! Sofia isn’t really Natasha’s mother? Is this true? How is this possible? What the hell is going on?” he asks dumbfounded about his family drama that he has been kept in the dark about. “I have to talk to my parents. I don’t understand!”

“Poor Natasha,” Leah says, her eyes meeting Robbie’s. “I wonder how she’s holding up. If it‘s even true at all.”

“I’m going to call my parents now,” Robbie tells her getting up and walking over to the telephone. “I need answers.“ She watches as he dials the number and then hears the doorbell ring.

“I wonder who that could be,” she says quietly getting up and walking over to the front door. She opens it and spots Jeff standing there. “Jeff, this is a surprise,” she says as he comes into the house.

“My folks didn’t answer,” Robbie explains as he turns the corner and sees Jeff standing in the hallway. “Jeff, what brings you by?”

Jeff puts his hands in his pockets and looks at Robbie, then over to Leah. “Honestly, I just wanted to come over and see how you‘re doing Robbie. I heard it was touch and go, and wanted to send you my best wishes face to face.”

“That’s nice of you,” Leah smiles to him.

“Look Robbie, I know we’ve had our disagreements in the past and I’m sorry for a lot of what happened after Noah’s death, but I would never wish you any harm. I can’t imagine what the past few weeks have done to you or what Leah went through. I… I guess I’m here to call a truce,” Jeff continues as he extends his hand over to Robbie.

Robbie shakes his hand and nods to Jeff. “Thanks Jeff, that’s nice of you. I’m doing much better, as you can see!”

“Good, good. Well, I won’t over stay my welcome,” Jeff says already moving to the door.

Leah locks eyes with him as he turns to say a final goodbye. She feels at ease with what just happened. Could Jeff and Robbie get along? She won’t hold her breath, but today could be a start.

Scene Four – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Robin’s Room

“How could you even ask me that?” Cory asks Robin, dumbfounded that she would even consider that he was the one that set up her to be attacked at the premier. “You know how much I love you. Why would I ever want to hurt you?”

Robin turns and looks at him, she can clearly see that he is distraught. “I don’t know. Nothing is making sense to me right now. I know that you were very against me modeling up until tonight, the same night that I get attacked. And then…”


“I overheard you on the phone saying you need a ‘scare tactic‘, the other day remember? Maybe you didn’t want me to get hurt, maybe you just wanted to scare me out of modeling,” she explains her theory to him, even though it really is Melissa’s theory.

“This is absolutely insane,” he yells standing up from her bedside. “Is that what your mother is telling you?” When Robin doesn’t respond, Cory realizes that it’s true; Melissa is the one planting these seeds in Robin’s head. “Great! So your mother thinks I set you up to burn your face? And you believe her? This is crazy Robin! This is crazy!”

Suddenly the two police officers enter the hospital room again. “Is everything okay Mrs. Calvin?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Robin replies to them. “I’m ready to give my statement though.”

“Perfect,” the one officer says. “Mr. Calvin, can you give us some time alone with your wife.”

“Yea, fine. I need to get some air anyways,” Cory snaps at everyone, still in shock that Robin would even think that he had anything to do with her accident.

Scene Five – The Calimo Cabin

Helen opens the door to the Calimo cabin and slowly walks in. She looks around and it looks as though someone was there recently to ensure the place was tidy. She realizes that Bob or Sofia probably sent someone up to ensure that the cabin was ready for her and Cassie’s arrival. She looks over to the sofa and shuts her eyes, she doesn’t want to think about the night her baby died, but she can’t help but remember laying on the sofa that night. The rest of the night is a blur, but she realizes that she is having some flashes of her baby’s death. She shakes her head as she continues to walk into the cabin, then she hears Cassie come in behind her.

“There’s definitely a storm brewing,” Cassie tells her as she shuts the door to the cabin. “The clouds are so dark out there. Hey, are you okay?” she asks noticing that Helen is a million miles away.

Helen turns and fakes a smile to her. “Yea, I’m fine. It just … I went back to that night for a minute. I’m good though. I want to be here. I’ll get a fire going if you take the suitcases upstairs?” Helen offers a trade with Cassie.

“Okay! I have no idea how to start a fire anyways! When I come down, I’ll open a bottle of wine. Do you like red?” Cassie asks her friend as she drops her purse on the desk.

“I do. Wine by the fire with a friend, that is exactly what I need. I don’t have many good friends in town. I have Natasha, but she is in her own drama right now. And I have Olivia,” Helen tells Cassie.

“Olivia? I didn’t realize you guys were close,” Cassie lies to Helen, knowing that she has to act like she doesn’t know about her and Olivia’s relationship.

“We’ve been friends since high school,” Helen smiles back. “Of course, I’d like to consider you a friend too Cassie. I really enjoyed being pregnant with you and being in Lamaze together.”

“Me too,” Cassie says, turning away knowing that she is raising Helen’s baby. “I have an idea! Why don’t I call Olivia and ask her to join us. We can be the three musketeers! Or something like that,” she giggles, realizing that this is the perfect way for Olivia to get over her nightmares about the baby switch; face it head on with her and Helen there.

“That’s a great idea,” Helen smiles. “I’ll go start the fire.”

Cassie watches Helen walk over to the fireplace as a loud thunder boom goes off in the sky. She picks up her cell phone and dials Olivia’s number. “Olivia, it’s Cassie … I know I’m not supposed to call you,” she says in a quiet voice, so Helen won’t hear what she is saying. “Just hear me out, okay? I’m at the cabin with Helen. She wants you to join us … Nothing, we are just getting away. Come on, it’ll be good for you. The best way for you to get over what happened is to address it head on. Seeing that Helen is fine now will make you realize that everything is okay. And besides, I’m not taking no for an answer … Okay, Good. I’ll see you soon,” she says hanging up her phone. “Good news,” she announces as she turns to Helen. “Olivia’s on her way.”

Scene Six – Madeline’s Condo

Madeline pours herself a drink of vodka in her living room and she drinks it slowly. She sets the glass down and feels herself start to cry. She can’t believe that her mother and Will truly did have an affair while she was dating him. What were they thinking? She wonders. Was I not enough for Will? Why would my mother sleep with my boyfriend? She asks herself. She can’t help but feel dirty and confused about the entire situation. And this all came about right after her parents forgave her for her past; how can she forgive her mother for this betrayal. She picks up her phone and considers calling Reese.

“No, I can’t bother him with this information,” she tells herself knowing that his schooling in LA has to come first for him right now. She doesn’t want to distract him with this. She looks at her phone and notices the text message that she sent to Will after she left her parents house. On que, she hears the doorbell ring.

She walks slowly to the front door and is not surprised to see Will standing there. “I got your text, are you okay? It sounded urgent.”

She slams the door shut behind him. “I can’t believe you would do this to me!” she yells at him. “You told me you loved me!”

Will turns to face her and is seemingly confused. “Are you still upset because I broke up with you?”

She slaps him hard across the face. “Don’t patronize me! I know that you’ve been sleeping with my mother! How long has it been going on for? Huh? Tell me!” she yells at him, demanding to know the truth.

Will takes a step back unsure of how to respond. He had no idea that Madeline learned the truth; he and Olivia had always been so careful. “How did you find out?” is all he can blurt out.

“It really doesn’t matter how I found out Will. Just answer the question. How long have you been sleeping with her?”

Will gulps and realizes that this is his time to be honest, there’s no point in lying anymore. “Honestly, Madeline, it happened for the first time before I met you. I didn’t realize that she was your Mom until after you and I were together.”

“And when you found out, you didn’t stop? That’s disgusting Will!”

“That’s not how it happened. Olivia and I stopped sleeping together when I started dating you. But … it just happened again, I don’t know why. I know that it turned into more for me and that’s when I ended it with you.”

“Wait, so you have feelings for her?” Madeline asks dumbfounded. Will looks away confirming her question. “Well, how noble of you that you dumped me after you told me you loved me because you have feelings for my Mother. Do you know what my father will do to you when he learns?”

Will looks at her. “Would telling your father solve anything? Why hurt another person in this mess Madeline? I get that you’re upset, but you’re not exactly innocent either.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I heard about your past in New York. Did you ever mention that to me in our relationship? No of course not,” he spits back at her.

“That was different!” Madeline explains flabbergasted.

“Of course it was!”

They are interrupted by the doorbell ringing again. Madeline turns and opens the door and sees Jeff standing there. “Jeff, hey,” she says as he comes in.

“Is this a bad time? I heard voices from the driveway.”

“No, Will was just leaving,” Madeline replies as she glares at Will, who gets the hint. “We’re done.” She watches as he leaves then shuts the door again.

“Are you okay?” he asks her as she falls into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“Just hold me, okay?” she cries into his arms.

Scene Seven – Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Room 295

Melissa opens the door to her suite and sees Karl standing there. She quickly ushers him into her room before anyone spots them together. “Get in here,” she instructs him as she shuts the door quickly.

“I’m in,” he says coolly. “Where’s the rest of my money?”

“Money? You scarred my daughter! That wasn’t part of the plan! You screwed up royally!” Melissa yells at him. “Do you know how much damage you’ve done to my daughter?”

Karl smirks at Melissa. “Look lady, the plan was to scare her. I’d say she’s scared now! I did my job, unless you want me to go public, give me the money you owe me. I’m not someone that you want to piss off,” he warns her coming closer to her.

Melissa gets an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, but bluffs with Karl. She throws him an envelope full of cash. “Get your money and get out! I never want to see you again!”

Karl opens the envelope and smiles over to her. “Good doing business with you.”

“I never want to see you again,“ she quips as she watches as he leaves the hotel room. She takes a deep breath and sighs. She wonders how Robin is doing at the hospital with Cory. She recalls how she planted seeds of doubt in her daughter’s mind. Even though the plan went wrong, she thinks, I can still use this to break up Cory and Robin. Suddenly there is another knock on the door. “What did you forget?” she calls out as she opens the door thinking that it is Karl. Instead she sees a man holding documents for her.

“Melissa Young?” he asks as she nods her head. “You’ve been served,” he says as he passes her the papers.

Melissa shuts the door and walks over to desk where she opens the documents. “My God,” she whispers to herself as she sits on the bed. “Phil is filing for divorce.”

She picks up her phone and dials a number. When it goes to voicemail, she hangs up. “You have to talk to me sometime Phil,” she says quietly to herself, stunned that Phil has gone this far so quickly. He has only been out of Twin Peaks for a few weeks. She picks up her phone and dials another number. “Dominick, it’s me. Can I see you?”

Scene Eight – Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Parking Lot

Cory walks around the parking lot, still trying to blow off steam from earlier. The fresh air feels good in his lungs, but as he looks up he can’t help but take note of the dark clouds hovering about him. A storm is about to come at any moment, he thinks to himself. He also can’t believe that Melissa is trying to convince Robin that he is responsible for her accident. It’s the most ludicrous thing he’s ever heard of. He loves Robin and would never do anything to hurt her. While he didn’t approve of her modeling, he was always supportive of her. Never once did he give her an ultimatum. He can’t help but remember when Melissa first came back to town and how she declared that Cory was not the right man for Robin and has never been good enough for her daughter. He shakes his head as he spots the two police officers approaching him.

“Mr. Calvin?” he calls out to Cory.

“Hi officer. Did you get my wife’s statement?”

“We did,” he says as he reaches for his handcuffs. “Cory Calvin, you’re under arrest for the attack on Robin Calvin. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can’t afford one, one will be presented to you. Do you understand your rights?” the police officer asks Cory as they place the handcuffs on his wrists.

“This is outrageous! I wouldn’t hurt my wife! I didn’t do anything wrong” Cory protests as he’s walked over to the police car. “Listen to me!” he yells, “I’ve been set up!”

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