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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Madeline confronted Will & Olivia about their affair
- Helen & Cassie arrived at the Calimo cabin; Cassie told Olivia to join them
- Chris & Trenyce prepared for their custody hearing
- JC and Andy continued to grow closer

Scene One – Will’s Apartment

“I didn’t know what to say, or do,” Olivia tells Will as they lay next to each other in his bed. Both are naked and still a little bit sweaty from the hot, passionate sex that they just enjoyed with each other. Olivia quickly recalls her fight with Madeline about her affair with Will. After her daughter left, she felt like she had no choice but to quickly leave her house and visit Will. As soon as she saw him, they fell into each other’s arms and made love.

“Let’s not think about it now,” Will replies as he caresses her face with his hand. “What’s important is that the truth is coming out. We don’t have to hide this anymore.”

“Hide what?” Olivia asks, sitting up in the bed.

“Our relationship Olivia, it’s so clear to me that we are more than just two people having sex. I’ve felt this for awhile now. I … I love you,” he tells her before he leans in and gives her another kiss. As they part, he smiles at her, “and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you’re in love with me too.”

Olivia closes her eyes again and takes a deep breath. Can she really be in love with the young man in front of her? The man that she turns to whenever something goes wrong in her life? The man that is not her husband and that was dating her daughter? She opens her eyes and feels her heart warm as she looks at Will. “I can’t…”

“Yes, you can,” he tells her. “I know us being together will hurt Madeline and Preston, but they will get over it. They’re grown adults. You just have to let yourself be happy Olivia.”

Olivia smiles at him, knowing that he is right. She does love him, he has grown to be so much more than a physical release. She turns to him whenever she needs anything type of comfort or support. “I love you too.”

Will leans back almost ready to protest again but then it hits him. Olivia said the three words back to him. He shakes his head for a moment before getting a goofy grin on his face. “What did you just say?”

“You heard me!” she teases him.

“Tell me again,” he says coming closer to her.

“I love you Will! I do, I really do!”

He kisses her passionately again. “Together we can make it through anything,” he whispers to her as their lips separate.

“Ugh, I should get going. I promised I’d go to the Calimo cabin, remember,” she says rolling over and trying to leave the bed.

“Do you have to go?” Will asks with puppy dog eyes.

Olivia laughs and swats him with a pillow. “Yea, this is the last thing I have to do before we can really be together.”

“Sounds interesting. Okay, go. But when you get back, we’ll start talking about a way for us to be together, all the time.”

“I can’t wait Will. That’s what I want, more than anything else in the world,” she smiles to him as he leaves the bed.

Scene Two – The Tower’s, Floor One; Kim & Andy’s Home

A loud thunder boom crackles in the sky as Andy and JC lay intertwined in the bed in Andy’s room. Andy hovers over JC and slowly unwraps JC’s legs from his shoulders; Andy leans in and kisses his lover passionately as he lays down beside him and tries to catch his breath.

“That was amazing,” Andy smiles over to JC as their hands lock together.

“I needed it after the day I had,” JC recounts, not wanting to reveal that he saw Trenyce as the bus depot but knows that he felt stress over the situation. JC looks over at Andy and can’t help but smile to himself. While he would love to tell Andy he wants him as his boyfriend, he can appreciate the fact that Andy and some others have told him not to rush into anything with Andy because of his past. He will take many more encounters like this one they just had though and hope that one day they will be a couple.

“Me too,” Andy replies to him. “We shouldn’t lay here together too long, I have to get to court.”

“What time is it?” JC asks rolling over and looking at the clock. “It’s almost three, you’re right, we should get up and get going.”

“Race you to the shower!” Andy winks as he jumps out of the bed and rushes off to the bathroom as JC follows.

Scene Three – The Courthouse; The Lobby

Chris sits outside the courtroom on a bench anxiously tapping his foot as he waits for the custody hearing to begin. He looks over and sees Daisy and Andrew’s baby stroller and realizes that Trenyce must be on her way or in her restroom. He only hopes that the judge sees things his way and will, at least, give him visitation if not full custody of Andrew. He hates that he has missed almost a year of his son’s life. Heck, his son doesn’t even recognize his face, which hurts him more than he can express.

“You look a million miles away,” Victoria tells him as she sits next to him and puts her hand on his leg to stop it from tapping.

Chris looks at her and gives her half a smile. “I just hope the judge sees things my way.”

“He will Chris. No judge is going to agree to keep a baby away from his father. I’ve been thinking about something too,” Victoria begins to tell him as Chris turns and really focuses on her. He can tell that she has another idea. “I love you.”

Chris arches his eyebrow. “I know. I love you too Vic, what’s up?”

“Let’s get married!” she says, surprising the heck out of Chris. She can tell that he’s stunned as his mouth falls open. Before he can reply, she intercepts. “I mean, we love each other and we are always there for each other. Plus, I mean, I think it would look really good in court. You have a stable home life to offer Andrew you know? It’s not like he’s jumping from his single mother to his single father. We could present a united front,” Victoria explains to him, even though she is really wanting to be Chris’ wife to ensure that she can always be with him.

Chris leans in and kisses her. They part ways and he looks into her eyes. “You’re amazingly sweet for even considering this Vic,” he starts to tell her and she quickly clams up knowing that there’s more coming. “But, I just think the timing is off. We get engaged at the exact same time as I go in for custody. The judge will see right through that, you know?”

Victoria nods her head in agreement as she tries to fight water in her eyes. She doesn’t say anything, but she can’t help but wonder what the real reason Chris is turning her down. Is it because he thinks it will hurt his chances at getting custody of Andrew, or is it because he really doesn’t love her. She notices his eyes wander back over to Daisy and Andrew and suddenly her insecurities become even more evident in her heart.


Daisy plays with Andrew shaking a rattle at him while he sits in his stroller. “You’re such a big boy,” she smiles at him as she smiles at the rattle. He takes it from her hand and starts shaking it himself. “Wow, look at you go!”

Trenyce emerges from the restroom and watches Daisy and Andrew for a moment. She can’t help but realize how good Daisy is with her son. She is a natural mother, she thinks. She thinks back to when she first arrived in Twin Peaks and how great Daisy was with her, even though Trencye had a million walls up around her. She shakes her head and sits next to Daisy. “You’re so good with him.”

Daisy smiles at her niece, “Honestly Trenyce, I’ve always wanted to be a mother. I love children. If things hadn’t worked out the way they did, I thought I would have been a mom by now.”

“I’m sorry…” Trenyce begins to say, knowing that she is the big part of the reason that Daisy and Chris’ marriage ended.

“Don’t be, I’m just saying. You’re not responsible for my marriage ending. We’ve had that discussion before.”

“Okay,” Trenyce half smiles to her aunt. “Thank you, by the way.”

“For what?”

“Being here. I couldn’t have done today without you. I’m so nervous. I just want,” she says as she collects herself, “Andrew to have the best home possible.”

“Sorry to interrupt ladies,” Lois Kam says to them as she approaches the two women. “The judge is ready for us now.”

Trenyce looks over at Daisy and then catches Chris’ eye from across the lobby. She takes a deep breath knowing that she could be entering the court room to forever lose her son.

Scene Four -- Madeline’s Condo

Madeline pours herself a drink at her bar as Jeff sits on the sofa enjoying the drink she has made for him. As Madeline pours some vodka into her glass, she can’t help but be grateful that Jeff showed up at her place when he did as she and Will were in the middle of a heated argument about his affair with Olivia. To top it off, he threw her past from New York in her face. She still can’t believe his gull. She turns around to face Jeff and takes a drink of her very strong beverage.

“God, I need this after the day I’ve had,” she tells him as she sits next to him.

“I had a rough day too. I’m glad we can drown our sorrows together,” he replies as he takes another drink from his glass as he recalls how hard it was going over to see Leah and Robbie earlier in the day and calling a truce with Robbie. He knows he was doing the right thing, but he still can’t get over the fact that he has very strong feelings for Leah and while he knows that she wants to make her marriage to Robbie work he can’t help but feel that she still has some kind of lingering feelings for him. How could she not? He thinks to himself recalling how close they were in the year after Noah’s death.

“Cheers, to us,” she half smiles to him as their glasses clink together. “Want to go first?”

Jeff finishes taking his drink and laughs a little. “I went to see Leah and Robbie today. He’s home from the hospital, I called a truce with him.”

“Wow,” Madeline replies surprised by his actions. “That was big of you.”

“Hard as hell though. I know Leah and I will never be together again, but I still care, you know?”

“I get it,” she tells him as she squeezes his leg with her hand.

“Okay. Your turn. What’s up?”

Madeline sighs and pauses before she answers. She takes a drink and then looks at him. “Will and I got into it.”

“I got that,” he smiles to her knowing that he walked in on the two of them fighting. “I was here when he left, remember?”

“He learned of my past from someone. He was so cruel.”

Jeff intercepts her and puts his hand on her leg. “Don’t let him bother you. If he’s too immature to handle a small piece of who you, he doesn’t deserve to be in your life. Especially since it was so long ago.”

“Do you remember how I told you that I always thought he was keeping something from me in our relationship?” Madeline asks Jeff as she gets water in her eyes. He nods his head yes and she continues, “He was sleeping with my mother.”

Jeff’s mouth drops open stunned at Madeline’s revelation. “Wow. I didn’t see that coming.”

“I don’t know how to react, I mean … that’s just disgusting,” she says taking another drink of her vodka. She finishes her beverage and looks at him. “Do you want another?”

She walks over to the bar and slams her glass down. Jeff stands up and walks over to her and puts his arms on her shoulders. “It’s okay, let it out,” he encourages her to let out her emotion.

“I don’t want to cry over this Jeff!” Madeline replies turning around and facing him. “They’re not worth my tears. They … I just don’t want to waste my energy on this.”

“Okay, what do you want to do?”

Madeline pauses and then bites her lower lip before she looks at Jeff again. He smiles at her as she watches him as they both hear another loud thunder bolt from the sky. She leans in and kisses him passionately. He is taken a back at first, but soon responds to her kiss and wraps his arms around her. He breaks away and looks at her before leaning in and kissing her again. He picks her up into his arms and carries her off into her bedroom.

Scene Five -- The Calimo Cabin

The rain comes down hard on the roof of the Calimo cabin. Helen and Cassie sit by the fire as the windows increasingly flash with lightening. They each have a glass of red wine and keep close to the fire to keep warm. Helen has a blanket wrapped around her as well.

“That storm is crazy,” Helen observes as she takes another sip of her wine.

“Spring is definitely here,” Cassie replies. “I wonder how Shane and Dawn are doing. This is the longest she’s been away from her mother.”

Helen doesn’t respond, not really knowing what to say to the remark. She does, however, think of her baby. “I hope Olivia gets her safely. I know I wouldn’t want to drive in this weather.”

Before Cassie can say anything, the two women hear a car engine enter the driveway of the cabin. The bright headlines can be seen through the front window. Helen stands up and walks over to the window. She sees Olivia rushing into the cabin to get out of the rain. Helen opens the door as Olivia enters the cabin. “Come in!” Helen says as Olivia looks over and sees Cassie and Helen.

“It’s so wet outside,” Olivia explains as she takes her jacket off and hangs it near the fireplace so it will dry off, still glowing from her time with Will.

“I’m glad you could make it,” Cassie tells her as she passes her a glass of red wine. “This should warm you up. It’s good that you came, this will be a good way to put the past behind us. All of us,” Cassie continues to Olivia, clearly speaking in code.

“I know,” Olivia replies grabbing the glass of wine and taking a sip. “How are you holding up Helen? It’s your first time back here since …”

“I’m fine,” Helen interrupts her not wanting her to say the words “baby died”. While she is doing okay being at the cabin, she doesn’t want to hear someone else say those words out loud.

“Do you need anything?” Cassie asks Olivia. “We were just chatting on the sofa.”

“I think I’m okay,” Olivia replies as another loud thunder bolt shakes in the sky.

Helen turns around suddenly having a flash of the night her baby died.


“How are you feeling? The contractions are still pretty far apart,” Olivia notes looking at her watch.

“I’m okay right now. I’m actually feeling sleepy,” Helen says taking a yawn. Suddenly another strong contraction hits and she screams in pain. It passes, and Helen falls back on the sofa. “What’s happening to me?” Helen asks before she feels her eyes get heavy again. Soon, she shuts her eyes and passes out.


“Helen, are you okay?” Cassie asks, noting that Helen is seemingly out of it.

Helen turns with water in her eyes. “I’m fine. I guess, I’m just thinking of that night. It was raining that night too.”

“I remember,” Olivia tells her as she comes closer to her, putting her hand on her shoulder.

“I wish I remembered more. Everything is such a blur, you know? And it’s frustrating because Adam continues to blame me for what happened. If only I could remember what happened, maybe I could prove to him that we did everything we could to save our baby. But I’ll never know. I’ll never know.”

Olivia turns and looks at Cassie knowing that her guilt is starting to the get the better of her. Olivia remembers exactly what happened that night. She drugged Helen to induce her labour, then she drugged her again to make her pass out. After Helen was knocked out, she delivered her baby and gave it to Cassie and no one has been the wiser since.

“Can I do anything to help?” Cassie asks Helen, trying to be a sympatric friend. “Maybe another glass of wine? Or a hot bath?”

“I’m okay. I’m sorry, this weekend was supposed to be us girls coming up and letting go and just being free. I feel like such a party pooper!”

“Don’t be silly, it’s only natural for you to be feeling these emotions. It happens all the time with my patients,” Olivia informs her, knowing that it was only natural that she would have some kind of memories. “Are you remembering anything at all?”

Helen shakes her head. “Just that I was in labour. I remember you telling me that everything will be okay, and then it’s like I blacked out or something. I don’t know. It’s like everything in my head goes black. I just wish I could remember something. Anything!”

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea to keep talking about this,” Cassie intervenes, not wanting Helen to remember anything more. She knows that she has worked far too hard for her secret to come out now. “Let’s play a game of Scrabble or something.”

“No, I think I’ll pass actually,” Helen tells them. “That bubble bath sounds really good actually. I’ve come down with a chill. You guys go ahead, I’ll come back down in a little while.”

Cassie and Olivia watch Helen walk up the stairs. Olivia turns to Cassie and glares at her knowing that this secret has created a lot of damage. “This has to end Cassie. Do you see how devastated she is?”

Cassie takes a drink of her wine as she listens to Olivia go on. “Her and Adam deserve to know that their daughter is alive! We can’t be this cruel. We can’t! I’m not giving her anymore drugs.”

Cassie sets her glass down and claps to Olivia. “Bravo Olivia! Bravo! Nice speech. But you’re forgetting one thing…”

“What’s that?”

“Dawn is my daughter. She became mine the moment you put her into my arms. You will not take her away from me, do you understand me?” Cassie continues as she walks closer to Olivia, clearly trying to intimidate her. Olivia gets scared and starts to back up. Soon, she’s up against the wall and Cassie continues to walk towards her. “And if you continue to press me, I just might snap,” Cassie threatens her as she grabs Olivia’s neck. “You don’t want that, do you?”

Olivia quickly shakes her head no as she gets water in her eyes. “Good,” Cassie smiles releasing her hold on Olivia. She walks back over to her wine glass and finishes the red liquid in her glass. “I’ll go get another bottle of wine.”

Olivia wipes a tear off her cheek not knowing what to do next. She and Will are finally together and are going to start a life together, but she still has this horrible secret hanging over her head. Should she call Cassie’s bluff? Clearly, Cassie really wouldn’t try to kill her, would she? Olivia shakes her head. “Don’t be silly. Cassie is harmless. I just have to think of plan.”

Scene Six -- The Courthouse

“What did I miss?” Andy asks Victoria as he sits next to her in a whisper as he enters the court room a few minutes late.

“Nothing, we’re just about to get started. Where were you?” she asks, arching her eyebrow, sensing that something is up with her friend.

“With JC. I’m really happy Vic,” he grins over at her.

“I can tell, I’m happy for you. He’s a good guy.”

“All rise,” a voice is heard as everyone in the court room stands. “The honourable Judge Franklin Ross proceeds.”

Franklin Ross sits in his chair and slams his mallet down. “Welcome everyone. Let’s keep this as brief as possible. I’ve read the notes regarding the two sides regarding custody of Andrew Davenport. It’s my understanding that Lois Kam is representing the mother Trenyce Davenport and Preston Wilkins is representing the father Chris Michaels. This is not a regular trial ladies and gentlemen. I have a list of witnesses that I will be calling and each side will have their side to question the witnesses. Does everyone understand?”

“We do,” Lois Kam says standing up.

“We do as well your Honour,” Preston replies.

“Very well. Andy Spinnes, please come forward,” Franklin indicates to Andy to come to the stand.


“How do you know Trenyce Davenport?” Lois asks Andy as his first question, as he twiddles his thumbs nervously.

“I met her in high school. We were in our last year at Twin Peaks High School and we became good friends,” Andy says confidently.

“Explain to everyone what happened when Trenyce became pregnant with Andrew,” Lois asks next.

Andy sighs and looks over at Trenyce. “She just sort of announced that she was pregnant at a dinner party. I think everyone was pretty surprised.”

“And she clamed you were the father?”


“Why did you go along with that if you were not?” Lois continues to grill him, knowing that she has to show their side of the lies.

Andy gulps. “She’s my friend. She told me right away that Chris was the father but she was scared that he would try to take Andrew away from her. I guess she was right about her fears. I said I would go along with it to protect her and Andrew.”

“How is Trenyce as a mother?”

Andy smiles, “She’s awesome. She loves Andrew more than anything else in the world. Trenyce is a wonderful mother.” Andy tells the judge as he sees Trenyce get misty from her chair.

“No further questions,” Lois says as she returns to her chair and sits down.

Preston stands up and looks at Andy for a moment. “So, let me get this straight Mr. Spinnes. You went along with your friend’s lie because you thought she was doing the right thing by her son?”


“So keeping baby Andrew away from his father is what’s best for Andrew?”

“I think keeping Andrew out of Chris and Trenyce’s fighting is for the best, yes. I would do it again, especially since Chris is trying to take Trenyce’s son away from her,” Andy says confidently.

“Are you a psychiatrist?” Preston asks next to Andy.


“So you have no opinion other than a very tainted opinion of your friend and her feelings towards the child’s father.” Preston lashes back at Andy, which causes Andy to look down.

“So why did you tell the truth about not being Andrew’s father Andy?” Preston then asks.

“Because Andrew needed a blood transfusion. He was going to die if I didn’t say anything.”

“It took the child to be on his death bed before you came clean? How noble of you. No further questions your honour.”


“Chris would be a wonderful father,” Victoria says as she sits on the stand. “He just needs to have the chance.”

“You and Mr. Michaels, you’ve grown close?” Preston asks her.

“Yes, we are seeing each other. It’s become pretty serious.”

“And you’d be okay with him having a baby in his life?”

“Of course. Chris is a father. He needs to have Andrew in his life.”

“Thank you, no further questions,” Preston sits down but turns as he sees Madeline enter the courtroom. At first, he thinks it’s odd as she doesn’t come to his court dates, but he passes it off that she must be friends with Trenyce.

“You recently shot and killed a man, didn’t you Dr. Franky?” Lois asks as she stands up and questions Victoria.

Victoria’s mouth falls open slightly, stunned that they’re bringing that into the court case. “Yes, but …”

“It was a yes or no question and you said yes,” Lois cuts her off. “So, it’s the courts understanding that Chris Michaels wants full custody, but according to Dr. Franky, they are ‘close’ and ‘serious’ about each other, while she recently took a life. No further questions.”


“How’d did it go?” Trenyce asks Lois as they prepare for a break. After the two witnesses, the judge thought it would be best to break so Andrew could be fed and changed. “I’m nervous Lois,” she admits as she looks over and sees Daisy playing again with Andrew. She can’t help but notice how well Andrew responds to Daisy.

“Pretty good. We slammed Victoria, which is what we wanted,” Lois smiles as they see Preston walk by.

“Madeline?” he asks approaching his daughter. “This is a surprise honey, you normally don’t come to my court cases, what’s going on?”

“Can we talk in private for a minute Daddy?” she asks as they walk out of the courtroom and down the hallway. “It’s about Mom.”

“What about her?” he asks as another lighting flash eliminates the windows.

“I didn’t know if I should tell you, but I can’t keep this a secret. She’s been having an affair. She’s cheating on you Daddy, with Will,” Madeline tells her stunned father.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The rest of the custody battle happens
- Preston goes to the cabin to confront Olivia
- Cory spares with Melissa

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