Episode 125 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: April 17, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin had Cory arrested after Melissa planted seeds of doubt in her mind about him setting up her attack at the premier
- Bob and Sofia wondered how to reach out to Natasha
- After Phil filed for divorce, Melissa turned to Dominick
- Andy and Victoria took the stand at Andrew’s custody hearing
- Cassie threatened Olivia’s life after Olivia told her that she wanted to tell Helen the truth about the baby switch

Scene One -- The Courthouse

Preston sits in his chair facing the front of the court room; his mind is racing as Madeline just revealed to him that Olivia has been having an affair with Will. So many questions are burning inside of his head and he knows he has no answers. Nor did Madeline, who had apologized but explained that she couldn’t keep another secret from him. He understood that; what he didn’t understand was his wife. How could she betray him this way? How could she betray the family? Especially with Will, her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, although from the way Madeline was speaking the affair was going on far before Will and Madeline ended their relationship.

“Uh, Preston, are you okay?” Chris asks his lawyer as he returns to the court room after the brief recess that they had.

Preston looks over to Chris and realizes that he is still in court; he still has to win this case; he won’t settle for anything less. He has always prided himself in his work, he can’t let Chris down now. “I’m fine. Just going over notes in my head. Are you ready? You know I’m calling you to the stand.”

“I’m ready. I want to tell the Judge and everyone that I’m ready to be a father to Andrew, my son,” Chris replies full of confidence. He has been waiting for this moment since he learned that Andrew was his son; the time for him to truly get in his son’s life.

“Good, because it’s going to be a brutal. I know Lois Kam well, and she will slam you on the stand. Remember your answers that we went over?” Preston questions his client as Chris nods back. “Very well. It looks like we are about to begin again.”


Andy looks down as he walks back to the courtroom, knowing that he may have blew it on the stand earlier. He can’t believe how harsh Preston was with him in the cross examination. He always remembered Reese telling him that Preston was ruthless in court, but he never got the chance to experience until earlier today. He only hopes that his testimony didn’t damage Trenyce’s case; he would hate to be responsible for her losing Andrew. Just as he approaches the door to the courtroom, he hears a voice call his name. He looks up and sees JC approaching him. “JC? What are you doing here?”

JC approaches Andy and grabs his hand, “I wanted to be here for you. Are you okay? You look upset.”

Andy sighs heavily, “I don’t think my testimony did much good. In fact, I think I did the opposite!”

“At least you did your part to help Trenyce. I’m sure you were good.”

Andy smiles at JC’s words of encouragement. While he and Reese were good together, he knows that JC is a breath of fresh air to him. “Thanks JC. It means a lot that you’re here.”

“I want to be here,” JC replies as he leans in and kisses Andy. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve kinda fallen for you Andy.”

Andy is stunned as his lips touch JC’s again. The kiss is passionate, but short. “We should get back inside,” Andy tells him as their lips part. They enter the courtroom and Andy watches JC walk to a seat. While he knew he and JC were getting closer and growing closer, he never imagined that so soon JC would have fallen for him so quickly. What does that even mean? He couldn’t wait for court to be over now so he could find out.


Daisy slowly walks up to the stand after Lois calls her to testify. She swears in and looks over at Trenyce and smiles at her niece quickly. While she and Trenyce have had their difficulties and firmly believes that Andrew should be with her mother.

“Please state your name for the record,” Lois begins her cross examination of Daisy.

“Daisy Davenport.”

“Daisy Davenport? As in Mayor Davenport?”

“Objection your honour! What is the relevance?” Preston demands to know, standing up.

“It shows profession and stabilization; something Mr. Michaels can not provide,” Lois recoils as she looks back at Preston.

“I’ll allow it. Answer the question, Ms. Davenport. Are you Mayor Davenport?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I am the Mayor of Twin Peaks.”

“And Trenyce Davenport is your niece?”


“How was it, Mayor Davenport, that you came to have custody of Trenyce?” Lois asks her, wanting to expose the history before Preston gets the chance too.

Daisy sighs and looks up at Judge Ross, “It’s a long story. My sister, Trenyce’s mother, passed away suddenly and I took Trenyce in. She came to stay with me and Chris while we were still married.”

Lois looks at Daisy before asking the next question, “And what happened then?”

“I don’t know exactly,” Daisy tells the Judge and Lois. “I found out that Trenyce and Chris slept together. I was devastated. I don’t know the details nor do I really want too.”

“And Trenyce became pregnant?”

“Yes, but we all thought Andy was the father. That’s what they claimed.”

“And the truth came out last November when Andrew was in the hospital? That’s what Mr. Spinnes told us,” Lois recounts Andy’s testimony.

“That’s all true. At the time, it was another very devastating blow. To find out that my husband and niece not only slept together, but,” Daisy pauses as she gets a tear in her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Judge Ross says as he passes her a box of Kleenex. “Take your time.”

“Thank you,” she says as she wipes her eyes. “It was a very hard pill to swallow, let’s say that.”

“My question to you is simple Mayor Davenport,” Lois announces as she approaches the stand. “If your niece seduced your husband and had his baby, why do you think she should keep her son?”

“Why wouldn’t she? Chris was the adult in the situation, he should have known better than to sleep with Trenyce when she was a minor! He couldn’t even keep it in his pants long enough to realize what he was doing! He ruined our marriage! He ruined our life together! First my sister, then my niece?” Daisy recoils as she looks at Chris. “If he was truly a responsible man, this wouldn’t have ever happened!”

Lois returns to her chair and looks over at Preston, “You’re witness,” she says sitting down, knowing that Daisy’s emotional testimony really did do damage to Chris’ case.

Preston stands up and buttons up his blazer, “Tell us about your relationship with Terrence Caldwell,” he says as he walks towards Daisy.

Daisy’s eyes widen as she looks over at Chris again, stunned that he would allow Preston to question her about Terrence. “We had a working relationship.”

“You two were growing closer though, were you not?”

“We were business associates. We were as close as two people could be under those circumstances,” Daisy continues trying to keep her cool.

“And what of your relationship with Brett Victors?”

Daisy looks over at Lois, who stands up. “Objection your honour! Relevance?”

“I’m determining a pattern your honour,” Preston interrupts. “Mayor Davenport has a history of being pulled in by men who betray her. It’s only natural for her to have some resentment and thus clouds her opinion of my client.”

“I do not!” Daisy yells at Preston. “Chris cheated on me! You want resentment? That’s where this is coming from! Your client slept with my sister! And my niece! D not turn this around on me! Terrence lied to me, yes. Brett betrayed me, yes, but it starts with Chris and how he lied to me.”

Preston looks at her and smiles as Daisy shakes from her riveting testimony. “I think you just helped me prove my point. No further questions your honour.”


“Please state your name for the record,” Preston begins his next testimony.

“Christopher Michaels,” Chris responds as he settles in on the stand.

“And you’re Andrew’s father?”

“I am.”

“When did you discover that Andrew was your son?”

“In November. The first six months of his life, I had no idea he was mine.”

“And why is that?”

“Because his mother, Trenyce, lied to me about it. I had no idea that Andrew was my son. Believe me, if I knew, I would have been a part of his life from the start,” Chris explains to Preston and Judge Ross.

“After you found out, Mr. Michaels, did you express your willingness to be apart of Andrew’s life?”

“Yes. Trenyce wouldn’t hear any of it. I think her exact words to me were ‘Forget you ever learned the truth’. She’s hated me since she first came to town because she thinks I killed her mother. She blames me for her life spiralling out of control.”

“Are you ready to be a father?”

“Absolutely. I want nothing more than to be a father,” Chris says full of confidence. “My little boy deserves to know who I am.”

“Thank you Chris. Your witness.”

Lois stands up and looks at Chris. “Do you think you’re a good role model for children?”

Chris laughs a little at Lois’ question, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“You slept with wife’s sister and your wife’s niece.”

“Have you ever made a mistake Ms. Kam? How long do I have to pay for my mistakes? Did I make mistakes? Yes, but everyone makes mistakes. Don’t punish my little boy for those mistakes.”

“And currently, Mr. Michaels, whom are you sleeping with?”

“Objection your Honour!” Preston yells from his chair.

“This proves Mr. Michaels pattern, your honour,” Lois steps in needing to prove her point to the judge.

“I’ll allow it. Answer the question Mr. Michaels,” Judge Ross replies as a deflated Preston sits back down.

“I am dating Dr. Victoria Franky,” Chris sighs, as his eyes meet Victoria’s in the back row of the court house.

“The same Dr. Victoria Franky that recently shot and killed a man?”

“Yes, but…”

“No further questions your honour,” Lois cuts Chris off before he can explain the reasons behind Victoria killing Dave.


“Trenyce Davenport is my full name,” Trenyce says slowly as she sits on the stand. She has never felt so nervous in all of her life. She knows that her testimony could help her keep her child.

“When you first came to Twin Peaks, why did you have a vendetta against Chris Michaels?” Lois asks her.

“It’s a long story, I guess I just felt like he was responsible for my mother’s death,” she begins before she turns to Judge Ross. “You see Judge, he was sleeping with my mother. I knew this, but I also knew that my mother was dating Terrence Caldwell. Terrence found out about her affair and he killed her,” she says slowly as she gets tears in her eyes thinking of her mother. “A part of me blamed Chris for her death.”

“So you seduced him?” Lois asks her next question.

“I…I did. I’m so ashamed of my actions now. I realize now how much I hurt my Aunt Daisy. I love her so much, I hate that I hurt her,” Trenyce says as she allows a tear to fall from her eye. “But I don’t regret it because of my beautiful baby boy.”

“How do you plan to support Andrew, Trenyce? You’re still so young.”

“I’m going back to school. Fashion school, actually. I’ve already been accepted for summer school. I’ll stay with Daisy and she has agreed to help me. I know it’ll be tough, but I can do this. I will do this. Andrew is my life. All I really want is for my son to have the best home possible.”

“Your witness,” Lois says to Preston as she sits down.

Preston stands up. “How many more lies are going to tell?”

“Excuse me?” Trenyce responds to Preston’s question.

“You lied about the father of baby; you lied about your marriage, what’s your next lie Trenyce? That you love your son?”

“No! I love Andrew with everything in me! He’s my son!”

“Your track record of lying speaks to itself. You’re not fit to raise a mother! You’ll teach him to lie!”

“Objection your honour!” Lois yells, standing up.

“Withdrawn. No further questions.”

Scene Two -- Dominick’s Condo

“I was surprised to hear from you,” Dominick smiles as he allows Melissa into his condo. He watches as she enters the living room and wonders whys he called to see him. He knows that they have a past, but she is married to Phil and they haven’t always seen eye to eye. “Is it about Robin?”

Melissa turns and faces him, “No, Robin is okay. She’s holding up, the last time I saw her.”

Dominick arches his eyebrow. “Okay, so what’s going on? It sounded important on the phone.”

“It is,” Melissa replies as she drops her bag and rushes over to him and kisses him passionately.

Dominick pulls back and looks at Melissa. “We can’t do this Melissa. So much time has passed. You are married to Phillip, I am…” he stops before he reveals that he is in love with Sofia still.

“Shut up and kiss me Dominick, you know you want too,” she purrs at him as she pulls him in closer and they kiss again. He pulls her in deeper and then pulls away before pushing her down on to his sofa as he crawls on top of her, kissing her again.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Nurses Station

Will reaches the Nurses Station and takes a deep sigh of relief. It’s one of his first shifts as a regular nurse, as opposed to a student and while he was doing his practicum he got a feel for how much work he would have, but the first few days on the job are another story. He reaches the counter and puts his files down before having a seat. For the first time since his shift began, he has nothing to do. There’s no emergency nor are any of his patients needing him. He takes a drink of water then picks up his files again and looks to put them away for the time being. He prides himself on trying to keep himself always organized, and thus the nurses station organized.

“Will Coutts, nice to see you,” Eva smiles as she approaches the Nurses Station.

“Oh, Ms. McCloud, it’s nice to see you as well,” Will replies turning around and meeting his new boss. “How is your evening going?”

“Pretty good. It’s quiet this evening.”

“It’s been crazy for me,” Will admits to her.


“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything,” he admits, turning a bright red.

“No, it’s fine. What’s going on?” Eva asks him.

“Honestly, my first few days have just been a little overwhelming. I knew it was going to be a lot of work, I’m still adjusting.”

“Ah, well that’s understandable. Just ensure that you’re always doing your best and that you ask for help when you need it,” Eva smiles over to him. “Do you want me to help with those files?”

“Ah, sure, if you’d like too.”

“I’d like that a lot,” Eva smiles as she enters the nurses station. “Part of my goal is to be very hands on as Chief of Staff. I don’t want to be one of those bosses that only stays in her office.”

Will chuckles, “That’s good. I’m sure all the staff will appreciate that.”

“I hope so. I’m trying my best, just like everyone else.”

“It shows Ms. McCloud. It really does.”

Scene Four -- The Calimo Mansion; The Parlour

Bob enters the parlour and sees Sofia sitting on the wicker sofa with a glass of chardonnay. He watches her as she reads the newspaper. He can tell that she’s not really focused on the newspaper at all, instead she is thinking of a way to get through to Natasha. While they haven’t heard or seen from Natasha since the day at the hospital when Natasha learned the truth about Eva being her biological mother. They did hear though, from Kim, that Natasha is apparently dating Ryan McQuillian, which they know is not a good idea.

“Am I interrupting?” he asks as he makes his presence known in the room with her.

Sofia looks up and sets the newspaper down taking a deep breath, “Of course not my love. Would you like a glass of wine with me? It’s lovely. I just feel so stressed, I thought it would help.”

“Are you thinking of Natasha?” he asks as he pours himself some of the wine.

“How can I not? If what Kimberly says is true, and I have no reason to doubt her, Natasha is in more trouble than we can begin to imagine. What are we going to do Bob?”

Bob sits next to her and looks at her. He grabs her hand and smiles at her. “You know I love you, right?” Sofia smiles in response to Bob’s words. “I know Natasha is far away from us, but you’ve been right this entire time, she’ll come around. She just has too. We’ve given her so much love over the years, she knows that deep down we still do and always did.”

Sofia takes a sip of her wine, “This is all very true. I’m just worried she’s on a dangerous path Bob. Accordingly to Kimberly, this Ryan fellow is into drugs, or at least she suspects he is. With Natasha being so fragile right now, I’m worried he’ll lead into a destruction.”

“Let me see what I can do about this Ryan McQuillian,” Bob responds standing up and walking over to the telephone. Sofia arches her eyebrow as Bob dials a number. “Yes, this is Bob Calimo. I want to know everything there is to know about Ryan McQuillian. I expect the file to be on my desk tomorrow morning when I get to the office. Okay? Thank you.” He hangs up the phone and looks over at his wife. “If there is anything with Ryan, I will get to the bottom of it and make Natasha see the truth about her current boyfriend.”

Sofia breathes a sigh of relief, but then realizes that this could backfire. “Thank you Bob. I just hope that Natasha sees it our way.”

“She has to my beauty. She just has too.”

Scene Five -- The Sugarbowl

Melissa enters the coffeehouse feeling fantastic. After sleeping with Dominick, she feels like she’s on top of the world. She knows that her marriage to Philip is still in dire straights, but she strongly suspects that while he is in Boston and having filed for divorce that he is probably sleeping with one of his young secretaries, so why shouldn’t she have a little fun? Plus, she and Dominick have always a passion between them. She is about to walk up to the counter to order when she freezes in her tracks; she sees Cory collecting his coffee. He turns and spots Melissa immediately and walks up to her.

“Pick your jaw up off the floor mother in law dearest,” he smirks at her.

“I thought you were in jail,” she spits back at him knowing that he was arrested for Robin’s attack.

“I got out on bail, no thanks to you. I can’t believe you told Robin that you think I was responsible for setting up her attack! You are unbelievable, you know that?”

Melissa laughs at Cory. “You did set my daughter up to be attacked! You’ve never approved of her modelling. What a better way for her to get out of it then you setting her for a scare! You’re pathetic, and now Robin knows the truth.”

“I will clear my name Melissa. And I will prove to Robin that I am not the monster that you claim I am.”

“Good luck with that Cory. When I’m done with you, everyone will know the type of man you really are,” she snaps before she turns around and bolts out of the coffee house.

Cory takes a drink of his coffee, stunned that Melissa was so cold. If he wasn’t sure of it before, he is now; Melissa is definitely out to get him. But what did she mean ‘when I’m done with you?’ he wonders. Suddenly it dawns on him; Melissa was one that set up the attack at the premier. “Of course,” he says to himself. “Now, to prove it.”

Scene Six -- The Calimo Cabin

Helen walks down the stairs of the Calimo cabin after her warm bubble bath. She needed the release after having so many memories of the night her baby died in the cabin last summer. She wishes she could remember more, but right now she’s just focused on keeping her peace of mind. The more she thinks about it, the more she knows that she will start to use some more types of therapy to try to unlock her hidden memories.

“How was your bath?” Cassie asks Helen as she reaches the main level. Cassie looks over at Olivia, who is trying to contain herself after Cassie threatened her earlier in the evening when Helen was in the bath.

“It was nice. I feel warm now,” Helen tells them. “Look, I know we agreed to stay here for the weekend, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to come back here. Would you be terribly upset if we left?”

Cassie looks over at Olivia and knows that leaving would probably be for the best since Olivia was thinking of revealing the truth to Helen. Suddenly, another loud thunder bolt blasts in the sky. “If you want to leave, we should do it soon before the rain picks up again.”

“Are you okay that we’re leaving?” Helen asks Olivia coming up to her.

“Totally. I understand that it is hard for you being here Helen. Do me a favor though? Call me next week and we can set up an appointment to help with your memories?” she says as she catches a glare coming from Cassie’s eyes.

Helen smiles at her friend, “I will thank you. What about you? Are you going to stay here?”

Olivia nods and looks into the fire. “Yea I am. I think some time here to clear my head will be good,” she says before turning to look at Cassie. “I have a lot of my mind. I have to figure things out.”

“I’m going to start the car,” Cassie interrupts Olivia, knowing that Olivia is still thinking about revealing the truth to Helen. She grabs her coat and slams the door shut. Outside, she looks up and sees the dark clouds forming In the sky again. “I can’t let her tell the truth! I just can’t! I won’t!” She starts walking over to her car but stops when she is passing Olivia’s car. She quickly flashes back to last fall when she saw Natasha’s car.


As she approaches the back alley of main street, she sees Natasha park her car and rush away. Cassie spots Natasha rush across the street and enter the legal office. Cassie stops pushing the stroller for a second. Suddenly, she gets a wicked idea. She walks down into the alley. She looks around and sees no one, so she keeps walking up to Natasha’s car. Without hesitation, Cassie bends down and looks under Natasha’s car. She positions herself so she’s under the car and little bit. She looks up and sees wires and parts of the car. She looks for something that looks important. Not knowing what something is, she reaches up and rips it out of the bottom of the car. She quickly stands up them and looks around. Still, no one is in the alley. She throws the car part in the near by dumpster and pushes the stroller out of the alley quickly.


Cassie gets a smirk on her face as she lowers herself to see underneath Olivia’s car. She quickly spots the same piece that she ripped off Natasha’s car on Olivia’s car. She reaches under and after a five hard pulls, rips off the break cords from the car. She stands up and looks back at the cabin. “Perfect,” she smiles to herself.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Judge Ross comes back with a decision
- Preston heads to the cabin to confront Olivia
- Robbie and Natasha reconnect

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