Episode 128 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 15, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the Calimo cabin, Olivia told Cassie she wanted to expose the baby switch. Fearing her secret would be revealed, Cassie pulled the break cord from Olivia’s SUV
- Preston arrived at the cabin and confronted Olivia about her affair with Will. While driving back to Twin Peaks, Olivia crashed the SUV. Lightening struck a tree causing it to fall, it landed on the SUV. Madeline learned that her parents were killed!
- Eva asked Bob and Sofia to help her come up with a way to get Natasha back. Bob agreed, despite misgivings from Sofia
- Before Robbie left the hospital with his gun shot wound, Leah and Jeff shared a close moment
- Victoria and Vinny agreed to take a vacation together

Scene One -- Madeline’s Condo

“I’m so sorry,” Jeff says as he holds Madeline in his arms. He can feel her cry into his chest as she learned that Preston and Olivia were killed on impact during their car crash on the way home from the Calimo cabin. “Can I get you anything?”

Madeline exits the embrace, her eyes red from the tears she has shed. She can’t believe that her parents are dead. She feels like she’s been kicked in the stomach about three times. She doesn’t respond to Jeff, she just shakes her head no and slowly walks over to pour herself some water. She picks up the glass and starts to drink it, but she begins to shake badly and the glass falls and shatters onto the ground. “Fuck!” she yells out in frustration.

She goes to bend down to clean up the mess, but she quickly cuts her finger. Blood begins to pour out and it splatters all over the glass. “Let me help you,” Jeff tells her as he bends down and picks up the glass. “You cut yourself. Are you okay?”

Madeline stops and falls back for a moment. She looks at her bleeding finger and suddenly it truly dawns on her. Her parents will never bleed again. They will never take another breath of air. They will never laugh, or speak, or … anything. As she sits on the ground with the broken glass in front of her bleeding, she starts to weep. “What am I going to do without them?” she cries as Jeff finishes cleaning up the glass.

He rushes back over to herself after he pours the glass into the trash can. She picks her up and sits on the sofa. He grabs her wrap for her finger. After he dresses her cut, he hugs her again. “I know it’s hard right now. I’ve been there Madeline. Trust me when I say it gets better, okay? You really have to remember the good times right now.”

Madeline shakes her head, “You should have seen my last conversation with my mother. I was so cruel. I was so mean.”

“Don’t think of that how. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs Madeline. You loved your mother. You loved your father. And they both loved you too, very much,” Jeff says looking into her eyes, hoping to bring her a source of comfort. Inside, Jeff’s mind is racing back to Noah’s death. Memories and feelings are surfacing quickly, and he finds it hard not to cry himself.

Before she can respond, the front doorbell rings. She looks at him and then wipes her eyes with a tissue. “I’ll get that,” he says to her. “You stay here.”

He walks out of the room and into the den. He walks over to the front door and opens it, revealing Adam and Helen.

“Hey Jeff,” Adam says. “We heard about Preston and Olivia, we wanted to come see Madeline.”

As they enter the house, Jeff says, “I’m glad you guys are here.”

“How is she?” Helen asks as she takes off her jacket.

“I’m not sure. It’s a cross between shock and devastation right now. I was running out of things to say, if I’m honest.”

“Can I go talk to her? Olivia was a friend of mine. It may be a comfort to her,” Helen asks the men.

“Sure, we’ll take this food we brought into the kitchen,” Adam tells her, noting that they brought over some pre-cooked meals for Madeline thinking that cooking for herself will be the last thing on her mind right now.

“Actually, since you guys are here, I’m going to run out and get some more supplies. Kleenex, maybe some sleeping pills, you know … stuff that she may need. Are you cool with that?” Jeff asks them, knowing that a break would do him good too. “I won’t be long.”

“Take your time. We’ll be here,” Helen tells him before he leaves

Helen enters the living room and sees Madeline cradling herself on the sofa. She walks up and sits next to her. “Helen,” Madeline says through her tears as they hug.

“I miss her already,” Helen replies as they hug.

“I know, you were one of her best friends.”

“What happened?” Helen asks as Adam enters the living room.

“Adam, thanks for coming.”

“Sure,” Adam tells her as he approaches the sofa.

“I’ll tell you guys what the police told me. It’s sort of unbelievable…” Madeline begins to tell them as she prepares to tell them the complete story of how Preston and Olivia died.

Scene Two -- The Calimo Mansion

“I can’t believe you ambushed me like that,” Sofia yells at her husband, furious for him cornering her into agreeing to let Eva help them with Natasha earlier at breakfast. “You know how I feel about that woman. I want her no where near me, Natasha or any member of my family!”

“I know how you feel Sofia,” Bob tells her in a reassuring voice. “But we have to be smart about this because Natasha is slipping further away from us each and every day. We can use any help we can get right now, and I’m willing to take that, even if it is from Eva McCloud.”

Sofia sighs and looks at her husband. She knows that he means well and she knows that they do have to do something, anything, to get Natasha back on track. The fact that she’s living in a seedy motel with Ryan McQuillan is causing her heartache. “I know you’re right. I just hate the fact that we need that woman. This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for her!”

“Sshh, calm down. We need to put our energy to good use,” he tells her as he hugs her. His phone rings, so he turns to go answer it. Sofia flips on the TV and sees a news report of Preston and Olivia’s death.

“My God,” she says to herself as she turns back to Bob, who shuts up off his phone. “Have you heard about this?”

Bob arches his eyebrow and looks over at his wife. “My goodness. So tragic, they were so young.”

“They were at the cabin. I’m surprised no one has contacted us about this yet.”

“They will. Meanwhile, I just got an interesting call.”

“From who?”

“American Express. After I ordered a complete back ground check on Ryan, I had Natasha’s credit cards tracked. She paid for the motel room she’s staying in with Ryan. Something has to give here Sofia. He’s clearly using her for her money!” Bob angrily explains to her. He always knew that Ryan was no good, and this is yet another sign that Natasha is not in the right frame of mind.

“I’m going to get some air. Maybe I’ll come up with an idea,” Sofia tells him as she comes up to him and kisses him on both cheeks. “We’ll meet up here later?”

“Sounds good,” he tells her. “Keep me posted. I’ve invited Kim over to rack her brain.”

Sofia exit’s the room waving her hand at her husband. At the same time, Rosario brings Kim into the study. “Mr. Calimo, Kim Reeves is here to see you.”

“Yes, thank you Rosario,” Bob replies as the maid leaves the room. Bob comes up and gives Kim a quick hug. “Thank you for coming over Kimberly.”

“It sounded important on the phone. What’s going on?” Kim asks as she sits next to Bob on the leather sofa.

“It’s about Natasha. I’m afraid she’s really in over he head. Before we get into that,” Bob tells her firmly. “I understand that you’re upset with Natasha because of your relationship with Ryan…”

Kim smiles and interrupts, “It’s okay Bob, really. I’m not upset anymore. I want her back too. I’m concerned about Natasha. I’m worried about her.”

Bob smiles and grabs Kim’s hand. “That’s why I called you. You’re her best friend. Sofia and I, we need help with how we can get through to her.”

Kim sighs, “I don’t know. At first I was so taken aback that she was dating Ryan, but that in itself is a sign that Natasha isn’t herself right now. Our last conversation wasn’t too great. She would never do that to me under normal circumstances. I could try to talk to her, I don’t know if it’ll work, but I can try.”

“That’s all we ask,” Bob replies to her, grateful that she will help in the quest to get Natasha back. “Keep us updated?”

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks Police Station

Robbie sits at his desk in his office and smiles for a second. He feels so great being back at work, and the reception he got from all of his co-workers was wonderful. Everyone was welcoming him back with open arms. While he knows Leah was a bit put off by him returning to work so soon, he knows it is the right thing to do. He has missed doing something, instead of laying in a hospital bed or taking it easy at home. And he knows, based on the number of files on his desk, that he has his work cut out for him in his return.

The file on his desk currently is one that he shouldn’t even have. It is with Natasha and Trenyce’s car accident from last November. He knows that the case was ruled an accident due to the snow storm that was happening at the time of the car crash, but he just wanted to review the file one more time. Just to give himself peace of mind. After all, the accident could have seriously injured Natasha and he is always looking out for his family.

Inside the file, he comes across the vehicle inspection reports. He picks up the report for Natasha’s car and reads it over carefully. Something catches his eye and he looks again. He picks up his phone and dials a number. “It’s Calimo. I’m looking over the file for the Calimo-Davenport car accident last winter. Can you tell me exactly what was missing from the Calimo car? The report just indicates a piece was missing,” he says into the receiver. “Interesting, so the breaks were cut? That just doesn’t happen by itself. Did anyone look into the fact that the car may have been tampered with?” he asks, growing concerned that someone may have purposely tried to hurt Natasha. “Okay, thanks.”

Robbie hangs up the phone and now realizes that he has to investigate the car accident. Something doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t Natasha have breaks in her car? According to the inspector and the report, the breaks weren’t just dead, the break cord had been ripped from the car, or it was cut. He takes a deep breath. Suddenly his phone rings. “Calimo,” he says into the phone. “What? My god,” he says as the person on the other end tells him about Preston and Olivia’s death. “Send me the report now, I’ll open the email attachment.”

Robbie turns his attention to his computer and wait’s a few seconds before the email enters the inbox. He opens the attachment and looks at the report from Olivia’s SUV. His eyes happen to see the same thing he just noticed on Natasha’s car: the breaks were pulled. He arches his eyebrow. “Interesting. Looks like we may have a break thief on our hands.”

Scene Four -- Mirage Resort & Casino; Las Vegas

Victoria laughs when Vinny pulls the lever on the slot machine again in the Casino that is attached to the resort. Next to her are three empty glasses of the martini special from the bar. She can feel the booze in her system, but she loves it. This is exactly what she wanted; a weekend away with a friend to share laughs and drinks with and to forget the troubles in Twin Peaks.

Vinny watches the screen to see three blueberries come up on the screen! “Heeeey!” he laughs as he points to the screen, showing Victoria that they just won. They didn’t win the jackpot, which are the cherries, but it was enough for them. “We won!”

“Another spin?” she chuckles. “Wait, no. A toast to the win! Cheers Vinny!” Victoria smiles as he picks up his martini. They cheers, spilling half their drinks and then drinking the other half.

A waitress comes up to the two of them, noticing how they are making a mess. “I think we’re being kicked out!” Vinny laughs in his drunken state.

“That’s okay,” Victoria tries to say without falling over. “We just won! We won! We don’t need these machines anymore…” she says wrapping her arm around Vinny as they slowly walk together.

“We should go upstairs,” Vinny replies as they walk out of the casino into the hotel lobby. “We could order food or and more drinks!”

“And laying down?,” she asks turning to him, feeling like she could pass out. “Thank you for coming. You’re such a good friend.”

He looks into her eyes, which are bloodshot and impulsively kisses her. She responds before pulling back. “Wow.”

He laughs and suddenly behind them a door opens with wedding music playing. A couple comes out as Elvis throws rice at them. “Good luck kids,” Elvis tells them as the newlyweds walk away.

Vinny looks at Victoria and then gets a grin on his face. Victoria looks at him and arches her eyebrow before laughing again. The drunken duo walk towards the front door of the chapel, stopping to kiss and laugh along the way.

Scene Five -- The Grave Yard

Jeff walks down the path getting closer to Noah’s grave. After hearing about Preston and Olivia, he had an urge to come and see his son. He knows better than anyone how precious time is on the earth and he wants to feel close to Noah so he can get strength to give support to Madeline. As he approaches Noah’s tomb stone, he sees a figure at the grave already. He notices a fresh bouquet of flowers as well. The figure stands up and the large belly reveals that it’s Leah.

“Hey,” Jeff says coming up to her. “I didn’t think I’d see you here today.”

Leah looks up at Jeff from the grave, her eyes moist. “I felt like I wanted to see Noah today,” she admits to him.

“Me too.”

“You heard about Preston and Olivia?”

Jeff nods his head, “I was with Madeline when she learned this morning. She’s devastated.”

Leah turns and looks back at Noah. “Why do all of these people have to die before their time?”

Jeff kneels beside her and grabs her hand, “We don’t have a choice in the matter. Everyone’s time line is different. It’s in God’s hands.”

Leah looks at him with her wet eyes. “We lost Noah too early.”

“I know. But think of how blessed we have been to have had him in our life at all. Look at us. We were so distant before he died. He brought us closer together again. Maybe that was his purpose,” Jeff tells her still holding her hand.

“I’m scared Jeff,” Leah continues to tell him.

“About what?”

“Becoming a mother again,” she says as she pats her stomach. “I lost Noah and I miscarried before. What if…”

“Stop right there. You won’t lose your baby Leah. Nothing will happen. You and Robbie, you will be wonderful parents to your child.”

Leah hugs him because she feels so much comfort by him, but also because she doesn’t want to look in him in the eyes right now. She knows that he is her baby’s father. “Thank you,” she says as they hug. The secret is eating away at her but she knows that she has to keep it, for her families sake.

Jeff shuts his eyes as he holds the woman he loves. While he has been sleeping with Madeline, he knows that it is mostly just so that they can both get what they need. He is holding the woman he wants to be with. The woman that is the mother of his child. The woman he would love to have more children with. He opens his eyes and pulls away and smiles at her. “Anytime Leah. You know that.”

Scene Six -- Dominick’s Condo

Dominick opens the front door to his condo and is surprised to see Sofia standing on the other side. She brushes past him and enters the house, “I need to speak with you.”

“Please come in,” Dominick smirks after Sofia is already waiting for him in the living room. “The last time I saw you, you made it clear you didn’t want to see me ever again. So what brings you by exactly?”

Sofia rolls her eyes, “Stop with the dramatics, please. I need your help.”

Dominick laughs, “And what makes you think I’ll help you?”

“I know how you feel about me Dominick. I know that you’ll do anything to make me happy,” Sofia purrs to him as she purses her lips a little.

Dominick takes a step back and can’t help but smile because he knows that she is right. He does still love her and will do anything he can to help her. “What’s going on?”

“It’s about Natasha. I need your help getting her back and away from Ryan McQuillan.”

Dominick arches his eyebrow. “I’m listening.”

Scene Seven -- The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane walks into the living room and sees Cassie reading a book. He takes a deep breath before he sits next to her. He doesn’t know how she’ll react the news that he is about to tell her, that Olivia and Preston have passed. He knows that she just saw Olivia at the Calimo cabin, and to think that Olivia was on her way home from the very trip that Cassie was on, maybe a tough pill to swallow.

“Can I interrupt you?” he asks as he sits next to her.

Cassie puts her book down and smiles over to her husband. “Of course. What’s going on? Do you remember what today is?” she asks getting excited that he remembered the date.

Shane stops and arches his eyebrow. “No, what is today?”

“Our anniversary. Happy one year Shane,” she smiles as she leans in and kisses him passionately. Her tongue slips into his mouth before he pulls back, as she wants her husband baldy. She knows that they haven’t made love since she conceived their baby, but they have been growing closer lately which has given her hope that they can have a real marriage.

“I have to tell you something,” he says as she continues to kiss him.

“Tell me,” she whispers as her mouth reaches his earlobe.

“Stop for a sec, you have to hear this,” he tells her pulling her mouth off his neck. Cassie pouts a little but listens to him. “It’s Olivia and Preston. They’re dead.”

“Dead?” Cassie asks standing up and walking over to the bar to get a glass of water. She hadn’t heard of any accident, but she quickly remembers ripping the break cord from Olivia’s SUV at the cabin.

“They were coming home from the Calimo cabin and were in a car accident. I guess they were killed on impact. I don’t know all the details.”

Cassie turns back to Shane and drinks her glass of water. “Well, I hope Madeline and Reese are okay.”

Shane looks at her and is baffled. Cassie doesn’t even seem surprised that Preston and Olivia have died, nor is she showing any sympathy. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, why do you ask?” Cassie says as she finishes her water, getting the lust back in her eyes. Now, more than ever, does she want to celebrate with her husband.

“You don’t seem shocked or surprised or anything for that matter. I know you said things were tense at the cabin, but I’m surprised that you aren’t at little bit more upset,” Shane admits to his wife.

“Why? Because I’m not like Natasha who would be crying her eyes out right now? Of course I’m shocked. Two people that age seemingly have a lot of life to live. It just goes to show that you have to make every day, every second count,” Cassie tells him back.

Shane arches his eyebrow, not sure of what to think about Cassie’s reaction. She has been acting weird lately and this is no different. She realizes that he is contemplating her behavior, so she acts quickly. She stands up and slowly removes her dress. It falls to the ground revealing a sexy, lace bra and panties. His eyes are instantly drawn to the sexy woman in front of him. “It’s been so long Shane since we’ve made love. Not even since we’ve been married,” she purrs to him. “Let’s celebrate our anniversary in style, shall we?” she says as she comes down and kisses him hard again. Shane can’t help himself as it’s been a long time for him as well. He kisses her back and throws her down on the sofa before he rips off his shirt and crawls on top of her, kissing her mouth and neck while his hands grab her breasts.

Scene Eight -- Madeline’s Condo

“How is she?” Jeff asks Adam and Helen as he comes into condo from his outing.

“She’s upset, as to be expected. I made her some herbal tea and she fell asleep on the sofa. It’s been a rough morning for her,” Helen tells him. “Do you want me to help you take this stuff into the kitchen?”

“Sure,” Jeff smiles to Helen as they walk off into the kitchen area.

Adam walks back into the living room and looks at Madeline sleeping on the sofa. He can only imagine what she’s going through right now. He doesn’t know how losing his daughter would get any worse, but he can imagine that losing your parents in the way that Madeline just has would have been pretty bad for her. Suddenly, Madeline thrashes in her sleep and jolts up on the sofa.

“Are you okay?” Adam asks her rushing to her side.

“I had a nightmare, I guess,” Madeline says softly sitting up. “My parents … they’re dead?”

Adam nods his head and Madeline tears up again. “I thought it was a dream for a second. I … I can’t believe this Adam.”

“I know sweetie,” Adam says comforting her as she cries again. Suddenly they hear the doorbell ring again.

“Do you want me to get that?” he asks her.

“No, I have to start doing things again,” Madeline replies wiping her eyes and getting up. She walks over to the door and opens it. Her mouth falls open. “Oh my god!” she cries. “Reese! You’re home!”

“I came as soon as I heard,” he says, chocking on his words as Madeline rushes into his arms. The siblings hug at the doorway, both in tears as they grieving their parents death.

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- Olivia and Preston’s memorial service is held
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