Episode 129 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 22, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- In Las Vegas, a drunken Victoria & Vinny got married
- Kim agreed to talk to Natasha for Bob & Sofia in hopes of reaching out to Natasha
- Robin moved out of the penthouse, still believing that Cory was behind her attack
- Robbie returned to work at the TPPD and discovered that Natasha’s breaks were cut in her accident last fall, and Olivia’s SUV had the exact same problem
- Olivia and Preston were killed in a car accident; Madeline was devastated; Reese returned home

Scene One -- St. Joseph’s Church

The sun is warm as it beats down on the spring day in Twin Peaks. The flowers in the garden of the church are blooming and the birds are chirping. On any other day, the setting would be serene. However, today there is a funeral at the church. Madeline walks up to the front doors of the church, wearing all black. Next to her is her twin brother Reese. They are holding hands and walking pretty slow.

“I’m scared,” Madeline says stopping and looking into the garden. “I don’t want to go into that church and have to say goodbye to them forever.”

Reese puts his hands on his sisters shoulders. “I hate this to Maddie. I still can’t believe that they’re gone.”

“It’s not fair!” she cries as she hugs him tightly.

“Let’s go in and get some water before other people start arriving,” Reese offers to her as they exit their embrace. As they open the front door to the church, they are overwhelmed by the sight. At the alter are two large pictures; one of Olivia and one of Preston. The church is filled with flowers that people have sent with their condolences. Reese feels his eyes swell with water as they walk down the aisle to the alter, where Father Murphy greets them.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” he says as he hugs each of them. “Please now that your parents will always with be you, in your hearts. They loved you both very much.”

“Thank you Father,” Reese smiles through some light tears. They hear the front door open and guests start coming in. Adam, Helen, Chris, Daisy and Trenyce all walk into the church.

“Reese, you’re back,” Trenyce says rushing up to him and hugging him, some what surprised to see him. She didn’t realize he was back in town, but she knows that he wouldn’t miss his parents for anything.

“Hey T,” he replies as they embrace.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

“As well as to be expected. Thanks for coming. It’s good to see you,” he tells his friend, meaning what he is saying.

“Look, this isn’t the time or place, but I just want you to know that I’m so sorry for everything that went down before you went to university,” she tells him as she looks at him. “If you’re staying in town for awhile, we should grab lunch or something. I’ve missed you a lot.”

“I’d like that Trenyce,” he smiles at her, wanting to end the bad blood between the two.


Madeline stands at the alter looking at the photo of her mother. Her long blonde hair is flowing behind her as she is wearing a bright green dress. She remembers the day they went for the family photos, shortly after Madeline revealed herself to her parents. The day was filled with so much love and laughter as a family. Madeline puts her hand up to the photo and touches Olivia’s face. “What happened?” she asks herself as she thinks back to her last conversation with her mother; confronting her about her affair with Will. She shakes her head, she still can’t believe that her mother would sleep with her boyfriend and hurt her that way. Madeline can feel her heart break because she knows that she loves her mother, and she’ll never have the chance to apologize for that last conversation. She hears the church door open again so she turns around. Walking into the church is Will, who is all dressed in black. He freezes as Madeline turns and makes eye contact with him. He moves closer to the pews until Madeline storms down the aisle and walks towards him.

“How dare you show up here!” she tells him in a loud whisper. “You don’t belong here!”

Will bites his lower lip, not wanting to break into tears. He is devastated by the loss of Olivia, especially they had agreed to try to make their relationship work. She was going to tell Preston and they were going to be together. Then she’s gone. Just like that. It doesn’t seem fair to him. And he hates that fact that he found out by the television; no one even called him to tell him about her death. “I’m so sorry Madeline, but I loved Olivia very much, and I will be here today to say goodbye to her. I’ll sit in the back and leave as soon as the service is over, but I am staying whether you like it not.”

Madeline slaps him hard across the face, causing Reese to rush over to see what’s going on. “Hey, what’s happening?” Reese asks as he sees Will. “Man, you probably shouldn’t be here,” he tells him, remembering that Madeline filled him in on Olivia’s affair with the young nurse.

“I’m staying,” Will replies as he rubs his cheek. “Grow up Maddie,” he spits as he walks past them and takes a seat in the back pew.

“Just calm down,” Reese tells Madeline, who is clearly upset. “Let’s not let him ruin our day, okay? He’s going to do what he wants anyways.”


Chris and Daisy sit together in a pew, as they wait for the service to begin. Daisy looks over her shoulder and spots Trenyce on her cell phone checking on Andrew with the babysitter. She thinks back to the court date, where Trenyce tearfully asked Daisy to take custody of the boy, and since everything has gone fairly smoothly. More than
anything, she is relieved to have sort of normalcy to her families life.

"How are you holding up?" she asks Chris, looking over to him.

He smiles to his ex-wife, grateful that they're back in good terms, "Pretty good," he says. "I'm stunned that the last time I saw Preston was that day in court. It makes you realize how little we know about our time on the earth."

"Especially because they were so young. I feel awful for Madeline and Reese."

"It has got me thinking," Chris continues. "I think you and Andrew should move back into my house."

Daisy turns quickly to face him, shocked that he would suggest that she move back no the house with him; the house that they lived in when they were married, the house that he cheated on her in. "I...I don't know what to say."

"Say yes," he extends his offer as he grabs her hand. "It makes sense Daisy. Trenyce is there, I am there, if Andrew was there, it would make everything easier."

While the initial thought of moving back in with Chris worried her, Daisy can't help but agree with his logic. "I need my own room," she tells him.

"Of course, wait does that mean...?"

"Yes, I'll move in!" she smiles as they share a hug. Trenyce comes up and notices the embrace.

"Am I interrupting?"

"Not at all," Chris replies, unable to contain his excitement. "Daisy just agreed to move back in!"

"That's great! We can all be with Andrew then," Trenyce grins, happy that the arrangements are working out. While she is still learning to trust Chris, the new arrangement is something she is determined to make work, for her son’s sake. "I have more good news, that was Twin Peaks University on the phone. I missed the deadline to start fashion school this January, but they want me to start taking classes next month, in summer school!"

Daisy stands up and hugs her niece. "I am so proud of you."


Robin enters the church and looks around. It is her first time out of the house since her attack, thus she is feeling extremely insecure about herself. She has a large black hat with a veil covering her face. While she still has her face bandaged, she doesn't want people to see her face.

"Robin?" a voice calls out, making her freeze. She was secretly hoping to no run into anyone, which now that she thinks about it was unrealistic.

She turns and spots a very pregnant Leah standing there. The two hug and Robin says, “It’s so good to see you. You look so beautiful!”

“Thank you,” Leah smiles back to her sister. “You didn’t have to do this, you know,” she continues pointing to the veil.

Robin turns around and shuts her eyes, knowing that it’s painful to talk about her attack still, whether it’s with Melissa, Cory or even Leah. “I didn’t want people to see it. The bandages, I mean. And god only knows what it looks like underneath.”

“It doesn’t matter Robin. People love you for who you are, not because you have a bandage or maybe a scar on your face.”

Robin turns back to her sister and smiles through her watery eyes. “I’m not going to cry, I’ve done that enough,” she responds trying to stay strong.

“I have to tell you one more thing before we can drop it,” Leah replies, grabbing Robin’s hand. “I know that you had Cory arrested thinking that he was the one that was responsible for the acid being thrown at you.”

“I did. Melissa seems to think…”

“Listen to your heart Robin,” Leah says looking deeply into her eyes. “I know right now everything is confused, but trust in Cory. He wouldn’t hurt you, not like this. Trust in your love for him. Trust in his love for you. And trust your heart when it tells you that he couldn’t have been the one behind this.”

Robin hugs her sister again. “Thank you.”

“I’m always here for you if you need to talk, you know that.”


Outside, in the garden Natasha walks slowly around. She spots some rose bushes in the distance and walks slowly up to them. She bends down and smells one and memories being at the Calimo mansion come rushing back to her, as Sofia always had a large rose garden, as they are her favourite flower.

“They’re beautiful this time of the year, don’t you think?” Kim asks her friend coming up behind her.

Natasha turns and sees Kim, and is taken aback. “I should get inside, excuse me.”

“What’s the rush? We haven’t exactly talked for awhile,” Kim tells her friend, noticing that Natasha doesn’t look good at all. She’s pale and has dark circles around her eyes. She has a few sores around her lips too and her nose looks raw.

“What’s to talk about? I think you said everything that day at the Sugarbowl.” Natasha begins to walk away from Kim, as she remembers how Kim verbally attacked her for dating Ryan.

“Natasha, wait,” Kim calls causing Natasha to stop and turn around. “I’m sorry, okay? I was surprised that day to learn about you and Ryan. I overreacted. I miss you. I miss my best friend.”

The words hit Natasha hard. She can’t admit that she actually misses part of her old life, can she? What would that mean about her current life with Ryan and drugs and hiding out? Yet she knows that she does miss aspects of her life; Kim’s friendship is one of them.

Kim realizes that Natasha is thinking about what she should do or say next. “It’s okay to feel confused right now Natasha. So much has happened lately.”

Natasha nods her head quickly. Suddenly it dawns on her, she could use a fix right now. “You’re my friend?” she asks with a shaking voice.

“Of course I am.”

“Then please just forget what you’re about to see,” Natasha replies, opening her purse and pulling out a bag of white powder. Kim’s eyes widen as she realizes that this is the cause of Natasha’s odd behaviour and the cause of her physical state.

“Natasha? What is that? Put that away,” Kim demands, coming up to her and grabbing the bag.

“Give me that back!” Natasha screams at Kim, desperate for a fix. She grabs the back from Kim, but it rips and the white powder blows off into the wind. Natasha falls to the ground weeping as her hands start to shake. Kim kneels down with her and hugs her.

“It’s going to be okay,” Kim says as she hugs her friend, realizing how deep Natasha is truly in.

“No, it’s not,” Natasha cries. “Nothing will ever be okay again.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

“What’s right Kim? Really? What’s right in the world?” Natasha asks her friend. “My entire life I’ve been the good girl, you know? I got straight A’s in high school. I got accepted to Harvard and became a top lawyer. Preston was going to make me partner one day. I was in love with the most wonderful man, but then I was in a car accident. My life really changed after that car accident,” Natasha continues, more calm down. “You know? I didn’t remember who I was and Cory, well he thought I died. He fell in love with Robin, and I, I fell for Shane. By the time I realized this though, Shane had got Cassie pregnant. Of course, I did what my parents had always told me to do. I did the right thing. I gave his beautiful baby girl a family. I loved him, I love him still. But that doesn’t matter. No, I let Cassie and her baby have Shane. We could have made it work, but I thought I was doing the right thing. You know? Where did that get me? Alone. I was all alone. I then find out that this woman, this Eva McCloud, that I had befriended wasn’t my friend at all. She’s my mother! My mother! Can you believe it?” Natasha continues, starting to cry again. “My entire life Bob and Sofia knew that this woman was my mother, and they lied to me! Every single fucking day of my life has been a lie! So, have I fallen off my path? Maybe. Or maybe I’m just living my life for me for a change. No more lying parents. No more men that I can’t have. Ryan has been good to me, you know? He’s there for me. He…he understands what I need. I’m not alone with Ryan. I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

“You don’t need these drugs Natasha. You’re better than this,” Kim tells her friend as she stands back up. She offers her hand to Natasha.

“Thanks,” Natasha replies as she uses Kim’s hand to stand back up. “I should get inside and take my seat. I’ll see you soon?” Natasha asks, still a little shaky that she didn’t get her fix.

Kim’s eyes fill with water as she doesn’t even recognize her best friend anymore. “Sure. I’d like that.”

Natasha turns and starts to walk towards the front door of the church. “Oh,” she says turning to face Kim again. “If you’re really my friend, you won’t tell anyone about this. Just forget it ever happened.” Natasha turns back and around and proceeds to walk over to the church.

Kim turns around and faces the rose garden, feeling tormented. She knows that she is Natasha’s friend, and now she could be her only hope. The question is: does she betray Natasha and get someone else to help her?


Vinny and Victoria slowly walk up to the church. After returning home from Las Vegas, the two were shocked to learn of Preston and Olivia’s death. Considering, Preston was working with Vinny regarding his estate just before the accident and Olivia was Victoria’s therapist while dealing with her D.I.D, they both knew that they would have to come to the service. As they walk, they both can’t help but look down at their hands. Each are wearing a simple gold band on their left ring finger. Victoria looks over at Vinny, almost embarrassed that they got so drunk together in Las Vegas that they got married. She has no idea what Chris will say, and despite them having issues, she does love him.

“I know this has been a whirlwind of sorts,” he tells her as they pause before entering the church. “But we should maybe keep what happened in Vegas between us.”

Victoria nods her head, “I agree. The last thing we want to do is upset Chris and Meggan. Maybe we should take our rings off?” she says as she starts to take hers off.

“Upset me how?” Meggan asks as she opens the door to the church and steps outside. She needed to come outside to get some air. All the gloom and doom inside was driving her crazy, and in her purse she has a flask that she was dying to get into.

Vinny turns to her and goes over to hug her. “Sorry I wasn’t here when the news broke out about the deaths.”

“I get it, you needed a vacation. Don’t we all,” Meggan snips at them, half hugging Vinny in return, half upset that she didn’t go with Vinny on vacation.

Victoria puts her hands up and gold band catches Meggan’s eyes. She immediately looks at Vinny and grabs his left hand, revealing his gold band as well.

“Well isn’t this nice,” she smiles. “You married Victoria in Vegas! Fantastic! What happened? You found out that we weren’t married, so before you could make it legal with me, you married her?”

“That’s not what happened,” Victoria begins to say, shocked that Meggan saw the rings so quickly. She quickly finishes removing her ring.

“Save it Victoria, I wasn’t asking you.”

“It was a mistake Meggan. We got drunk and …” Vinny attempts to tell her, before he uneasily looks over at his wife.

“One thing lead to another. How convenient. Speaking of drunk,” she says as she pulls out her flash. “Excuse me. Oh, I guess I should do a toast. To the new couple!” she smiles before she takes a big drink from her flask. “Ah,” she says after she swallows. “May all your dreams come true!”


Robbie walks into the corridor of the church, looking for Leah since the service is about to begin. He spots Shane and Cassie quickly coming into the church, clearly running late with Dawn slightly fussing. Shane gives him a quick hello before walking into the church. Cassie barely makes eye contact with Shane, as she didn't even want to attend the service. She realizes that if she had not attended, more red flags would have arisen, and she already feels like Shane may be suspicious of her.

Robbie turns to head back inside when sees Dominick approach him. "Robbie, it's so great to see you out and about. I do apologize for not stopping by sooner," Dominick tells his son in law, having not seen him since he was in the hospital.

"No worries Dominick, it is good to be back. Tragic about Olivia and Preston, hey?"

"Completely," Dominick agrees with Robbie. "Makes you realize how precious life really is."

"I couldn't agree more, which is why I am focusing on Leah and our baby. If you'll excuse me, I should get back," Robbie smiles as he walks past Dominick towards his set.

Dominick watches him walk away towards Leah. Leah stands up when Robbie arrives, revealing her large pregnant belly. Dominick gulps, quickly thinking back to his role in switching the paternity test results. He, now more than ever, is feeling guilty. With Preston and Olivia's death, he realizes how short life is. Maybe Jeff should have the chance to get to know his baby. He shakes his head, knowing that his family still has to come first, and that means Leah saving her marriage.


Adam sits next to Helen in their pew respectively. She’s been quiet most of the day, as she is unsure of how to take the death of Olivia, someone she has considered one of her closest friends in recent months. She knows that Adam never trusted her, but to Helen, Olivia was always a good source of comfort to her. She shakes her head and shuts her eyes. As she closes her eyes, she immediately hears a baby cry. She stands up and turns around and spots Cassie and Shane walking into the church with Dawn, who is still fussing.

“Helen?” Adam asks her as she sits back down slowly, unsure of why she stood up. “Are you okay?”

Helen nods but feels like something is wrong inside, but she can’t place it. She shuts her eyes again. Her mind wanders back to the night in the Calimo cabin when Olivia delivered her baby. Again, she hears her a baby cry in her head. She stands up, again, and looks at Cassie, who is giving Dawn her bottle. “I didn’t hear Dawn. I heard my baby,” she whispers to herself, thinking about the cry she just heard. It must have been a memory, she realizes.

“What’s gotten into you?” Adam asks her as she sits down again. “You keep looking over at Cassie and Dawn.”

“Sorry, it must be because the last time I saw Olivia I was with Cassie at the cabin,” Helen lies to him. It’s not that she wants to lie to Adam, she just doesn’t want to get into the story of hearing her baby cry right now. “Could you go get me some water before the service starts?”

Adam nods and gets up and walks away. As he does, he looks back as he is concerned for Helen. He runs into Robbie, who is returning to his seat. “Robbie, hey. You’re looking better!”

“Thanks Adam,” Robbie smiles as they shake hands. “I’m sorry to hear that Helen has moved out. Are you guys alright?”

“We are trying,” Adam admits to his friend. ‘Look, I know this is inappropriate, but something in my head tells me that something fishy is going on with Preston and Olivia’s accident.”

Robbie arches his eyebrow and quickly recalls how he saw the report in his office of how Olivia’s SUV had the breaks cut; the same way Natasha’s were last fall. “Let’s talk after the service?” Robbie asks, as Adam nods his head in agreement, noting that maybe Adam could help him solve the mystery.


“Ladies and gentlemen,” Reese says into the microphone at the alter. “First, I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming. It means a great deal to Madeline and I,” he continues, looking back at Madeline, who walks up and joins him at the mic, their hands joining. “As you can imagine this is extremely hard for us because we are saying …” he says trying not to choke up, but he does start to cry. “Goodbye to our parents. I don’t even know how to do this. They’ve always been such great role models for us. They’ve always been there for us. They’ve always loved,” he continues stopping to clear his throat as he can tell he is about to cry. “… Loved us. And we loved them so much.”

He steps away from the microphone, unable to contain himself at his point. Madeline steps in front, “Everyone in this room was somehow connected to our parents. Like Reese said, we thank you for coming to pay your respects. Listen to what Father Murphy has to say. And just know that we love them, now and forever.”

Madeline turns and hugs her brother, both are in tears. Father Murphy comes down and hugs them both. “I’m going to get some air. I just need to breath for a minute,” Reese tells him. “Please continue with the service.”

Madeline moves down and sits with Jeff and Reese walks down the aisle towards the front door. As he reaches the foyer of the church, the front door opens and Andy comes in with JC.

“Reese,” Andy says seeing his ex-lover in tears. “You’re home.”

“Oh Andy!” Reese cries as he rushes into his arms. JC watches, with a twinge of jealousy, as the two hug and cry into each other’s arms.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will pleads with Madeline to hear him out
- Andy & Reese reconnect
- Dominick comes through for Sofia

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