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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Listening to Melissa’s lies, Robin had Cory arrested for her attack at the premier. Cory vowed to prove his innocence
- Adam saw a break cord (from Olivia’s SUV) in Cassie’s car trunk and thought it was odd; Cassie covered her tracks
- Dominick offered Ryan two million dollars to leave Twin Peaks and never return
- Andy and Reese reconnected after the memorial service. Reese realized that he still feelings for Andy after learning Andy is dating JC
- Chris and Meggan learned of Vinny and Victoria’s marriage in Las Vegas

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin waits in the hospital room for her surgeon to come in. She’s at the hospital today to have her first plastic surgery to try to remove the scar that has been left on her face from the acid attack the night of the premier. The doctor has explained to her that she will have to undergo a series of procedures before her scar is completely gone, but if the procedure doesn’t go as planned, it could result in permanent scaring. Robin sits on the bed absolutely terrified. She doesn’t want to go the rest of her life with a scar on her face, she just wants her life to go back to normal, whatever that means to her now

She stands up and walks over to the small window in the hospital room. She can’t see much out of the window other than the hospital roof. She can’t help but think of her view from the Penthouse. Immediately her mind next goes to Cory and how she had him arrested and how upset he has been with her since the arrest. Not that she can blame him, really. She would be upset if he had her arrested for something she claims she didn’t do; but that’s the problem, she doesn’t know if she can believe him or not. Why would he lie? She asks herself, remembering the conversation she had with Leah at the memorial service, where her sister urged her to trust in her husband. She turns back and sees Melissa outside her hospital room talking with one of the nurses. Her mother has been the driving force behind her believing that Cory is the one that was behind her attack. While Melissa has never liked Cory, Robin can’t imagine that her mother is lying to her about her suspicions of Cory being behind the attack. Why would her mother, who just came back into her life, risk the relationship that they have over her husband? No, it doesn’t add up to Robin. She thinks her mother is telling her the truth, and it adds up to her.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Melissa asks her daughter as she enters the hospital room looking at Robin, knowing that the day is a big day for her daughter.

“I’m fine,” Robin replies, not turning to look at her mother. She doesn’t want to reveal how scared she is, and how torn she is inside. “When is the doctor going to be here?”

“The nurse said he’s just finishing up with another patient, then he’ll be here,” Melissa tells her as she walks up to her and puts her arms on her shoulders. “You’ll be fine, you’ll see.”

“Thanks,” Robin says biting her lower lip.

They are interrupted by the door opening again. Robin turns and sees Cory enter her hospital room. “What are you doing here?” she asks her husband.

Cory shrugs his shoulders slightly, “I wanted to see you before you went into surgery.”

Robin turns to her mother and gives her the look. Melissa rolls her eyes knowing that Robin wants some alone time with Cory. Nothing makes her more nervous than leaving Robin alone with Cory, she doesn’t like the risk of the two of them putting together her plan. As she walks towards the door, she scolds herself; I have covered my tracks well, she tells herself. “I’ll be right outside,” she smiles to Robin as she shuts the door.

“So you’ve seen me,” Robin tells Cory, unsure of how to respond to her husband. Their relationship once filled with so much love is now cold and distant.

Cory sighs and looks at his wife, “It doesn’t have to be this way you know,” he tells her. “We don’t have to have this distance between us. We don’t have to have this coldness. Just believe me when I tell you that I had nothing to do with your attack. Believe me when I tell you that I want to be by your side today.”

“I can’t give you that, because I don’t know what to believe right now Cory. I know that hurts you, but I’m just being honest. I don’t know what to do. All I know is what I see every time I look in mirror, and that’s a horrible scar,” she tells him as she walks closer to him. “I just pray that today works because I don’t want to have this memory of that night on my face for the rest of my life. So, if you want to help me? Just pray for me. But I don’t know that you didn’t do this. I don’t know for sure that you did. That’s for the police to figure out, not me.”

“Wow,” he says quickly. “So much for trust and loving me, huh?” he continues, feeling absolutely dejected by her. “Good luck today.”

Robin wants to stop him as he walks towards the door, but she doesn’t. She has to let him go until she knows for sure what has happened. Outside, Cory looks back at the door and wants to go back and kiss Robin more than anything. He doesn’t, however, because he can’t believe her actions. She really doesn’t know that I’m innocent, he tells himself, still stunned that Robin doesn’t believe him.

“You need to stay away from my daughter,” Melissa tells him as she comes up to him. “Today is a big day for her and she doesn’t need you upsetting her.”

“Save it Melissa. As long as Robin is my wife, I’ll be here supporting her. Whether you want me here or not. I suggest you get used to that,” he spits back at her before he storms off. As he walks away, he knows that he has to prove his innocence, the only problem is, he has no idea where to begin.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks Police Station; Robbie’s Office

Robbie continues to look over the file of Preston and Olivia’s car accident at his desk. Something doesn’t add up to him with the accident, but he isn’t sure what. He has been a cop for so long, he has learned to trust his instincts when they come, and this time is no different. If only there was something he could grasp on too; something that would tie Preston and Olivia’s accident with Natasha’s car accident, then maybe he could have a lead that someone is purposely cutting breaks in Twin Peaks. Until then, he knows it’s a lost cause. He looks at his watch and picks up the phone and dials an extension.

“It’s Calimo, you’re an hour late with my results,” he says with a stern tone in his voice. He listens carefully to the other person before he continues, “Are you? Can you fax me that confirmation? … Super, thank you.”

Robbie hangs up the phone and puts his hand over his mouth for a moment. He just got news that Preston and Olivia just had their SUV taken in for it’s service two weeks before the accident and he will be getting the receipt from the body shop faxed to him. He knows that a vehicle that had been worked on two weeks before should not have had the break cord ripped from it. The mechanic would have saw something odd, or at least ensured everything was safe to drive. “This is getting more and more interesting,” he tells himself, knowing that he may be on to something. Still he needs to have the connection between the two accidents.

He looks up to his door when he hears a knock and he sees Adam standing there. “Adam, how are you? Thanks for coming by, come in,” Robbie says as he stands up and shakes Adam’s hand before Adam sits down in front of Robbie’s desk. “At the memorial service you were saying that you felt like something doesn’t add up in the Wilkins car accident. What exactly did you mean?”

Adam looks back at Robbie, “Doesn’t it seem weird to you? Helen was at the cabin, and she drove home in the same rain storm, and she didn’t crash. Cassie was with her, and they are both fine. I don’t know … it just seems like something is off.”

Robbie arches his eyebrow, “I have to have more than a hunch to proceed Adam,” Robbie tells him. “I know you mean well, but the way it works in here is with evidence.” Robbie would love to tell Adam about his theories, but he knows he can’t because Adam is a police officer and it would be a break of privacy.

“I understand. I wish I had something concrete to help you out with,” Adam tells Robbie, upset that he isn’t being more helpful.

“Do you know what car Helen and Cassie were driving?”

“Yea, they took Cassie’s car. It’s in good shape, I just saw her yesterday,” Adam tells Robbie, remembering how he helped Cassie carry some bags into Capers. “Despite the random car piece laying around.”

“Car piece? What do you mean?” Robbie asks Adam.

“I just saw this car piece in her trunk. It looked like a cord of some kind. I asked her about it and she claimed she found it on the road and she picked it up so no one would get into an accident. I thought it was weird, but I have no reason not to believe her,” Adam reveals his conversation with Cassie, which still bizarre to him. Something in her tone set her off for some reason.

“Really? Well that’s interesting. I wonder what this part looked like,” Robbie asks looking at Adam with intent now. Why would Cassie have a car part in her car that looks like a cord of some kind. Based from Adam’s description, he can’t help but think that it may be Olivia and Preston’s SUV break cord. She would have had the opportunity to snap it as they were at the cabin together at the same time. The only thing Robbie can’t figure is why, but he knows he will get to the bottom of it.

Scene Three -- The Sugarbowl

Chris enters the coffeehouse, desperate for a strong coffee. He’s running late for a meeting at Roboto because Andrew was up crying most of the night. Daisy did some research and they concluded that he is teething, so this will be a common occurrence for awhile. He doesn’t want to complain though, he loves that he has his son in his home with him. He missed so much time, he wants to enjoy every second that he can. He orders his coffee and then one of his nerves is struck immediately. He sees Vinny walk into the coffee house and walk up to the counter to order. His mind immediately goes back to Victoria telling him that she got drunk in Las Vegas and married Vinny. Chris walked out on her, but he knows that he should address the situation head on.

“Vinny, I hear congratulations are in order,” he smiles as he approaches him.

Vinny looks at Chris and realizes that Victoria must have broken the news to Chris, as they discussed because Meggan learned the truth. “Victoria told you?”

Chris laughs a little, “That she married you in a drunken state? Yea, she told me. Nice man, nice,” Chris tells him, almost trying to intimate him.

“Look Chris, we both got drunk and we really didn’t know what we were doing,” Vinny tries to counter with him. “But it did happen. I care for Victoria a lot, but I won’t stop her from getting an annulment because she loves you.”

“You care for her?” Chris asks, as his eyes widen. “So if Victoria doesn’t want to end the marriage, you’d want to stay with her huh?”

Vinny stops before he speaks because he really doesn’t know the answer to that. Apart of him thinks that a marriage to Victoria would be great fun and interesting; he is very attracted to her and she doesn’t have the needy qualities that Meggan has. But he knows that they married in a state that wasn’t natural, so he doesn’t think it would work.

“I’m right. You’re a piece of work Vinny Victors, you know that?” Chris spits before walking off with his coffee, floored that Victoria’s “mistake” could turn into more. Vinny watches him leave and sighs thinking that maybe he and Victoria could have a chance after all, if plays his cards right.

Scene Four -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Meggan pours herself another strong vodka beverage in the living room and quickly drinks it. She puts the glass down and wipes her chin quickly. She looks forward and the room is slightly spinning. She started drinking when she first woke up this morning and she hasn’t stopped. She has slowed down now that she has good buzz, but the part of the being an alcoholic that she likes is keeping her buzz going all day. She turns and manages to see a photo of her and Vinny on the mantel. She picks it up and runs her finger along Vinny’s face in the photo. She still can’t believe that he married Victoria in Vegas, especially after she expressed how upset she was when they learned that their marriage wasn’t legal. She is beginning to think that he never wanted to be with her or married to her since he didn’t ask her to marry him for real when they found out and already he has moved on with Victoria. She places the photo down when she hears the door bell ring. She walks over to the door and rolls her eyes when Victoria is on the other side.

“What do you want?” Meggan spits at her as she comes into the house.

“I wanted to talk to you, I want to make you understand what happened, because it’s not what you think,” Victoria tells Meggan as she enters the living room. Victoria quickly notes that there is a fresh glass at the bar, meaning Meggan has been drinking.

“Make it quick Vic, I have a busy day ahead of me,” Meggan slurs as she comes back into the living room, lying because all she has planned is to drink.

“Are you drunk already?”

“Shut up and say what you came to tell me so you can go already!”

Victoria walks over and grabs Meggan by the shoulders. “Don’t you understand, this is why Vinny is having a hard time with you? Your drinking has really effected him. He hates to see you drink and be drunk all the time. Our marriage is not going to last. It was a mistake, but if you want to make your relationship with him work, you have to get sober.”

Meggan throws Victoria off her and walks over to the bar and pours herself another drink. She slams it back again and then looks over at Victoria. “Yea, that’ll happen soon. Thanks for the tip Vic, but if you want Vinny, keep him. He’s all yours.”

Victoria looks at her again and feels this incredible sadness overcome her. “I hope you realize the mess you are before it’s too late Meggan. Your life doesn’t have to be like this.”

“Get out!” Meggan yells at her not wanting to get a lecture from Victoria. “Just get out!”

Victoria looks at her one last time before she walks out of the living room. Meggan soon hears the door close. She picks up her glass and throws it at the wall where Victoria just was, as tears fall from her eyes.

Scene Five -- The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; JC & Andy’s Home

Andy comes into the living room that still has some boxes in it and passes JC his glass of coke. They took the morning off together so they could finish unpacking Andy’s belongings since they have moved in together. JC smiles at his lover as he gets the coke and takes a drink. He has been hoping to get some alone time with Andy, since they haven’t had any since the memorial service, where JC finally got to unofficially meet Reese, the so called love of Andy’s life thus far. When the two ex’s hugged at the service, he couldn’t help but feel jealous. It’s not that Andy has ever given him reason to be jealous, but he has heard so much about Reese from Andy and other people in Twin Peaks, he didn’t know what to expect exactly.

“We’re almost finished,” Andy says excited as he opens another box. “I’d say another couple hours tops.”

“That’s good,” JC replies putting the glass down on the coffee table. “Are you going to tell me about it?”

“Tell you about what?” Andy asks, not stopping to look at JC, instead he continues to put some of his personal belongings around the apartment.

“Your coffee meeting with Reese yesterday.”

Andy stops now and looks at JC for a moment before he continues on his way. “It was nice. It was good to see him.”

“That’s all you’re going to tell me?”

“What do you want me to tell you?”

JC sighs and walks up to Andy and hugs him. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m not used to having your ex come back to town.”

“He’s still my ex JC. I moved in with you, okay?” Andy tells him looking into his eyes and then kissing him. “Nothing changes for us.”

“So you’re not bothered by his return to Twin Peaks?” JC asks, hoping Andy will make him feel secure.

“Not at all,” Andy says leaning in and kissing him again. “Why don’t we break and I can show you where my thoughts currently are.”

JC responds to another one of Andy’s kisses and moves hand down to Andy’s crotch where he smiles when he feels. “That’s a great idea.”

Scene Six -- The Sugarbowl

“Thanks for meeting me,” Reese says as he sits across from Will in a booth at the coffee house. Reese called Will because he knows that Will must be going through a rough time since his parents death. While he doesn’t agree with Will sleeping with his mother and lying to everyone about it, he doesn’t want Will to be alone in his time of grief.

“I was surprised to hear from you, if I’m honest,” Will tells him as he takes a drink of his coffee. “Madeline hasn’t exactly been kind to me as of late.”

“I know,” Reese replies. “But surely you have to understand why. I mean you were dating here and sleeping with our mother behind her back. She’s not going to hate you forever, I know my sister. But she needs time to get over the hurt, especially since she can never talk to …”

“Olivia about it?” Will finishes Reese’s sentence as he was becoming tense and upset. Reese actually had gone a few hours without thinking of his parents because he had been thinking about Andy.

“Yea, sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s still raw for everyone. I still can’t believe she’s gone, you know?”

“Did you love her? I mean really?” Reese asks Will, wanting to know of his relationship with her.

“Very much. I know this will sound crazy to you Reese, but she loved me too. Right before she went to the cabin, we decided to tell everyone the truth about our feelings for each other. We were going to try to be together.”

Reese is stunned to hear of his mother’s plans with the much younger man. “Really? This is all so hard for me to believe because, she never let on that anything was wrong with her marriage to my Dad, you know?”

“I get it. She didn’t really even tell me much until the end. I don’t want to upset you though, if you don’t want to hear about it.”

Reese smiles over to Will, “I asked you here because I want to know. And I think it would be good for you to have someone to listen too. We have to stick together in times like this.”

Will smiles and looks over at Reese, “I really appreciate that Reese.”

“Good, so tell me.”

Scene Seven -- Top of the Peak Motel; Room 13

Natasha opens the door the motel room and looks around. She is relieved to back at the hotel. She needs a fix badly. She looks around and doesn’t see Ryan any where, which is surprising as it’s not often that he leaves the room. She walks over to the see the bed to see if he’s sleeping, but he’s not. In fact, the bed is perfectly made. She arches her eyebrow and looks around the room. It has been tided up.

“Weird, house keeping must have come in,” she says aloud. She knows that something must be up with Ryan, because he has never let house keeping come in before. She knows that she went out early this morning; she went back to the park hoping to see Shane on his run again, like she did yesterday. She isn’t sure what she would have said to him if she had seen him, but she wanted to see him. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed him until their run in yesterday. Memories of their love came flooding back to her and she wanted it again. The way she wants a fix now. She needs to do a line, she realizes. Just to numb herself.

She walks over to the drawer where her stash is and pulls out a bag of cocaine. She stops and looks around, still not sure of what is going on in the hotel room. Where could Ryan be?, she wonders. She walks over to the closet and opens it; all of Ryan’s belongings are gone. Her eyes widen and fill with tears quickly. She looks under the bed and notices that his shoes and his bags are gone.

“Ryan?” she calls out, even though she knows that he won’t reply. She rushes over to the washroom and opens the door. Inside, all of his toiletries are missing as well. It then dawns on her; he’s gone. She’s alone again.

She lets a single tear fall from her eye as she walks over to the bag of cocaine. “Thank you for still being here,” she says as she begins to shake out some cocaine onto a small mirror. Soon, she’s snorting up a line. After she looks around. “Who needs any of you?” she screams. “I have everything I need!”

Scene Eight -- The Grave Yard; Noah’s Grave

Leah slowly walks down the path on her way to Noah’s grave. Her large belly is making her walk slower than usual, but she feels her baby inside her and she shuts her eyes, feeling so grateful for life. Ever since Preston and Olivia’s death, she has been feeling like life is something that should be lived; nothing should be taken for granted. And it has made her feel closer to Noah, for some reason. His death still seems so fresh in her mind, like it happened yesterday. As she reaches the tombstone, she sees Jeff sitting in the grass next to Noah.

“Hey, I didn’t think I’d find you here today,” she smiles as she comes up to the tombstone.

“It’s such a beautiful day, I thought I’d come and have lunch with my son,” Jeff explains to her, as he grabs her hand as she kneels down with him.

“That’s nice of you. How’s Madeline coping?”

Jeff sighs, “As well as to be expected. I think it’ll take awhile for her and Reese to really be okay with Olivia and Preston’s death.”

“Look at us, we are living proof that these scars never really go away,” Leah tells him as he hand reaches out to the tombstone. “Hey Noah. Mommy came to say hi to you today.”

Jeff watches Leah as she talks a little more to the tombstone. His heart is racing a million miles a minute because he knows that he is with the woman that he loves. He reaches out and grabs her hand again when he notices her getting misty talking to Noah. “It’s okay Leah. Everything is okay.”

“I know, thanks,” she says wiping her eyes. “It’s still just so fresh, you know?”

“You know what I remember?” Jeff tells her as he moves closer to her.


“That day shortly after Noah died. You and I met here at the grave yard. The cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom.”

“I remember,” Leah smiles through a few more tears.

“I kissed you,” Jeff says as their eyes lock. They don’t move again until Jeff leans in and kisses her passionately again. She pulls away quickly.

“We can’t do this Jeff,” she says to him standing up.

“Why not?” he asks her. “You know how I feel about you.”

“Ah!” she suddenly screams out in pain as she hunches over.

“Leah? What is it? What’s wrong?” he asks concerned about her.

She looks up at him, “My water just broke. I’m in labour!”

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