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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick, at Sofia’s request, offered Ryan 5 million dollars to leave Twin Peaks. Natasha returned to the motel room and Ryan’s belongings were gone
- Shane and Cassie made love on their anniversary
- Cory wondered how he could prove his innocence as Robin went into her first surgery to try to remove her scar
- Leah went into labour while she was with Jeff
- Will struggled with Olivia’s death

Scene One – Twin Peaks General Hospital, The Waiting Room

Melissa nervously paces around the waiting room of the hospital, eager for the surgeon to come and give her an update on Robin, as she went in to have the first of her many procedures to try to remove the scar that is on her face after the acid attack a few weeks ago. Melissa hopes that everything goes well; she can’t help but feel guilty knowing that it was her plan that set this into motion. She wanted to get rid of Cory so badly from Robin’s life, she went to a new low to try to break the couple up. It has worked however as Robin believes that Cory is responsible for the attack, but now Melissa hopes that her daughter is scarred for ever because of her plan with Karl.

She turns around and sees Dominick enter the waiting room. Their eyes instantly lock as they have seen each other since they made love a few weeks ago, after Phil had sent Melissa divorce papers. She notices that he looks good, as per usual. “How are you?” she starts to ask him, wondering if she should mention their sexual encounter. “Robin’s still in surgery, but I am expecting the surgeon anytime.”

“Okay,” he states some what frantically. “You may have to keep me posted; I just got a call from Robbie, Leah’s gone into labour.”

“Wow,” Melissa replies as a small smile comes on to her face. “Busy day for your daughters, Leah gets a baby and Robin gets her face back.”

Before Dominick can respond, the surgeon enters the waiting and approaches the two of them. “Mrs. Young?” he asks Melissa, quickly gaining her attention.

“Yes, how is my daughter?” she asks eager to hear about Robin’s surgery.

“Robin is fine. She’s resting in her room. The surgery went as well as to be expected.”

“Does that mean her scar will be gone?” Dominick asks him.

The doctor shakes his head no, “Like we said before, Robin will have to undergo a few procedures before her scar is completely healed. It’s too early to tell the success of this procedure until her bandages come off in a couple of days.”

“Can we see her?” Melissa asks next.

“When she wakes up, you can yes. Right now, let her have her rest. It’s the best thing for her.”

Melissa watches the surgeon excuse himself and leave the waiting room. She turns to Dominick and hugs him. “Our girl will be just fine, I know it,” she tells him, almost trying to convince herself.

As they exit their embrace he smiles at her, “Keep me posted on Robin? I’m going to see Leah and my grandchild.”

“Of course,” she tells him as he walks off heading towards the maternity ward. “Dominick,” she calls out after him causing him to turn around and look at her. “Congratulations.”

Scene Two -- Wild Night

Adam opens the door to the club and looks around. It’s still early afternoon, so there’s not many people around the club at the hour. He walks over to the bar and sits on a chair. He orders a gin and tonic and waits for the beverage to appear in front of him. He wanted to come and get away from some of the craziness that has been surrounding him lately. He and Helen have seemingly been getting closer since she went to the cabin with Cassie and Olivia because she was having a hard time dealing with the memories of the baby dying, but apart of him still can’t get over the fact that she went to the cabin last summer with Olivia when she knew that he didn’t trust her. Of course, that’s all irrelevant now that Olivia is dead. That’s another thing that is troubling him as he knows something doesn’t add up in their accident, but he can’t place it. Even his visit to the TPPD didn’t help as Robbie claimed he needed some thing concrete to go after, which makes sense to Adam. It just doesn’t make it any easier. Adam takes a big drink of the beverage when it’s finally set in front of him.

“A little early to be drinking, isn’t it?” Cory asks as he approaches the bar. He has been at the club for awhile now doing some inventory. His mind, however, is on Robin at the hospital. He knows that today is her surgery, but he decided to stay away since he knows that she doesn’t really want him there because she still believes that he is responsible for her attack.

Adam lifts the glass and takes another drink, “It’s been one of those …” he pauses thinking that he will say ’day’ next “…weeks, months even,” he laughs as he takes another drink.

“Tell me about,” Cory smiles as he comes over and sits next to Adam. “It’s Robin’s surgery today.”

“Why aren’t you at the hospital? You know that’s where you want to be.”

Cory sighs, “It is, but it’s not where she wants me. She still has this crazy idea that I was behind the attack. I Have to find a way to prove my innocence.”

Adam takes another drink and then looks at Cory. “I have an idea. Why don’t you hire Madeline Wilkins? She’s a PI, she could look into the attack and probably uncover things the police couldn’t.”

Cory arches his eyebrow and sighs, “Is she any good at her job?” He isn’t sure what to think about Madeline’s skills, he’s just always assumed she was a trust fund baby.

“She’s pretty good. Helen and I have her looking into Helen’s past. She’s been able to pull up a few different leads. It’s worth while looking into man.”

Cory nods and smiles, “Thanks a lot Adam. Next drink is on the house,” Cory instructs his bartended, happy that Adam was able to come up with something for him.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Waiting Room

Bob and Sofia sit patiently in the waiting room as they await the news that their first grandchild has been born. Bob is going through his work Blackberry as Sofia spots Dominick walk past the waiting room. She looks over at Bob and realizes that now is a great time for her to go see Dominick to see if he was able to assist her in getting Ryan out of Natasha’s life. She has been waiting to hear from him, but with everything that has gone on she can understand how he hasn’t been able to respond. It’s even more urgent that she uncovers the truth now as Kim has informed her and Bob that Natasha is now doing drugs.

“Darling, I think I’ll go get a coffee. Would you like anything?” Sofia asks him as she stands up, looking for a distraction to go speak with Dominick.

“I’m fine, thank you,” he replies not looking up from his Blackberry.

She slowly walks out of the waiting room and quickly looks back to ensure that Bob is still sitting down. After confirming, she rushes over to Dominick. “Dominick!”

He turns and smiles at the sight of the woman that he loves. “We’re about to be grandparents. Exciting, huh?” he asks her.

“Yes, yes, it is very. I couldn’t be happier for Robbie and Leah. After everything they’ve been through, it’s nice to see something good come to them,” she says thinking of the rough time the couple went through after Noah passed away. “Listen, I need to ask you something.”

“Okay,” Dominick notes as he grabs his coffee from the vending machine.

“Did you do it? Did you get Ryan out of Natasha’s life?”


Will slowly walks up to the nurses station. He looks over the small desk and reaches for a file, but he loses his footing and he knocks over a larger pile of files and pencils. “Crap,” he says as he bends down and begins to pick up the mess that he has created.

Eva walks up to the station and looks at the mess. “What on earth happened?”

“I lost my balance,” Will reveals as he continues to clean up the mess. He stands up when he has the files in his hands and places them back on the desk.

“Those don’t belong there,” Eva snaps at him, wondering what is really going on with Will as he has been out of sorts the last few shifts he’s worked at the hospital.

“That’s where I found them when I got here,” Will tells her trying to defend himself.

“And I’m telling you, that’s not where they go. Two wrong’s don’t make a right Mr. Coutts,” Eva scolds him, wanting to keep a clean and organized station. “If you put the files back in the filing cabinet, another spill won’t occur.”

Will sighs heavily and picks up the files and walks over to the filing cabinet. He starts placing them in their correct location.

“Are you upset about something Mr. Coutts?”

“Not at all,” he replies coldly to her.

“I understand that someone close to you just passed away, but when you’re shift you need to leave that at home. Or take some personal days so it doesn’t effect your work. I can’t afford to have stay that are half out of it,” Eva tells him before she walks away.

Will looks up and sees that she’s gone and finally allows himself to release a deep breath. Maybe I should take a few days off, he realizes knowing that he’s still struggling with Olivia’s death and now it could be effecting his work. The last thing he wants to do is get in trouble from the new Chief of Staff.


Sofia returns to the waiting room with a coffee in her hand. She goes over to her seat and resumes her spot next to Bob. “This coffee is vile,” she tells him as she takes a little sip.

Bob chuckles, “I could have told you that before you left.”

Sofia grabs his hand and their eyes meet, “I have news for you,” she tells him as Eva enters the waiting room and spots them. “Ryan is gone. He’s out of Natasha’s life.”

“How did that happen?” Eva asks approaching them, unable to stop herself from overhearing their conversation.

Sofia rolls her eyes at Eva, “How dare you eavesdrop in on a personal conversation with me and my husband!”

“We are working together to get Natasha back, remember?” Eva snaps at Sofia, short on patience with Sofia and her attitude with her.

“Okay ladies, this isn’t the time or place for a fight,” Bob intervenes, wanting to hear Sofia’s story. “Do tell us though Sofia, how did you find out that Ryan is out of Natasha’s life?”

Before she can respond, Dominick enters the waiting room and walks over to an empty chair. Sofia watches him sit down causing Bob to look over and see his enemy sitting down. “Wait,” Bob begins to ask Sofia. “You didn’t go to Dominick Robertson for help, did you?”

Sofia looks at Bob and squeezes the hand she still has. “Let me explain, darling.”

“There’s no need,” he yells pulling away from her hand. “I can’t believe you went to that creature for help! Whatever your idea was, you should have come to me!”

“That’s just it, Bob, I didn’t have an idea. I thought maybe Dominick would! I didn’t know if it would work, but we should be grateful that it did. That monster is out of Natasha’s life! Now we can focus on trying to get her back with us, where she belongs!” Sofia pleads with her husband to understand why she made the choice she did.

Bob looks at her and gets up and walks away in disgust. He’s livid that Sofia would turn to Dominick after everything they’ve been through. He can’t believe that she’s forgetting that he was practicing blackmailing them to break up otherwise he was going to tell Natasha the truth about her mother just a few short months ago. Now, Sofia is going to him for help? He wants to squish Dominick more than he ever has before. He just has to find a way to do so.


Madeline rushes to the front door of the hospital and she looks around. She quickly spots Jeff and walks up to him. “Hey, I just got your text message. Are you sure?”

Jeff nods his head quickly. “Yea, I was with Leah when she went into labour. She told me her water broke. I called 9-1-1,” he tells her, remembering how he kissed Leah at the gravesite before she went into labour.

Madeline takes a small step back, feeling slightly jealous that Jeff was with Leah when she went into labour. Why were they together? She finds herself questioning. While she knows her and Jeff are just having a no-strings-attached relationship, the thought that he was with his ex-wife, whom he has admitted to still having feelings for, makes her feel uncomfortable.

“Where were you guys?” she asks, trying to fish for more information.

“At Noah’s grave. We just happen to run into each other at the grave site earlier,” he tells her as he unknowingly gives her some kind of reassurance. Knowing that they were in a public place actually makes Madeline feel better. “Believe it or not, we were both thinking of your parents and we felt like we wanted to be close to our son.”

Madeline feels her eyes swell with water, as they have been so often lately since her parents died. “Really?”

“Yea,” he continues to tell her. “You know, the pain never really goes away when you lose someone. It’s more like it becomes bearable. Leah and I … we just were having the same feeling, about Noah and being close to him.”

“I see,” Madeline replies wiping her eye. “Look Jeff, I know you mean well, but I really don’t think you should stay here. I think you should leave with me, right now.”

Jeff arches his eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, Leah is giving birth to her first child with her husband. Robbie is here with her, her father is here with her, her in-laws are here with her. She doesn’t need her ex-husband here with her too,” Madeline tells him as she grabs his hand. “I don’t mean to hurt you, I just don’t want you to be upset if you see that she has enough people here and I don’t want it to be awkward for you.”

Jeff gulps hard. “You’re right,” he realizes knowing that even though he is in love with Leah, she has made it perfectly clear that she wants to be with Robbie and she’s determined to make their marriage work. “You’re right,” he says again trying to think it through completely again in his head. “Okay, let’s go home together. Your place?”

“Yea, of course,” she says as she leads the way out of the hospital.

Scene Four -- Top of the Peak Motel; Room 13

Natasha steps out of the shower and quickly wraps herself in the robe that was left in the room from the housekeeping staff. The robe isn’t what she’s accustomed too. It’s not pink, it’s not fluffy, it’s not even that warm. It used to be white, but now has a greyish hue to it and it’s flat, causing her to think that it’s been washed one too many times. She looks in the mirror as she tries her hair with the towel and she barely recognizes the woman she sees. She takes a step back and quickly opens the door to the washroom.

She steps out not wanting to see herself in the mirror. A part of her hates what she has become. She has become what she told herself she never would be. She has become someone that she views as pathetic, vile and ignorant. She walks over to the drawer and opens it. She sees the bag of cocaine and looks at it.

“I should flush it,” she says grabbing the bag of cocaine. She immediately drops it top of the desk, not able to walk back into the washroom. She feels herself scared to go back into the washroom because she knows she’ll have to look at herself in the mirror again. She hates that sight. She hates the large dark circles under her eyes, that don’t go away regardless of how much sleep she has had. She hates the little sores on her face, especially near her mouth. She hates that she doesn’t have a healthy glow to her anymore. She hates that she never smiles, or laughs or has a good time. She turns around and lets a tear fall from her eye.

“I’m alone,” she tells herself again as look around. “No Cory, no Shane, no Ryan. No parents. No Eva. No Kim. No one.”

She takes a deep breath and continues to look around the motel room. She hasn’t let housekeeping into the room, so it’s a complete mess. She doesn’t have much of an appetite, and when she does it’s for junk, so there’s a lot of McDonald’s bags laying on the ground. She doesn’t like to leave the motel room much anymore, so she really enjoys going to McDonald’s and ordering ten cheese burgers and reheating them in the room when she does get hungry.

She hates the sight of the place. “This is gross,” she yells at herself as she goes over to pick up some bags and put them in the trash can. Suddenly a car drives by in the parking lot. She quickly rushes to the window and she peers out from the corner, making sure no one is coming to her room. She breathes a sigh of relief to see it’s just another guest in the motel.

She looks over at the bag of cocaine and gets more tears in her eyes. “Why can’t I just get rid of you?” she asks herself as she walks over to the bag. Her hands start shaking slowly as it’s been a few hours since her last hit. She quickly opens the bag and scatters some on to the glass mirror that rests on the desk. She chops it up quickly and before she knows it, she has snorted the drug up her nose. She tilts her head back and smiles when she’s done. The pain she was feeling of being alone and hating herself quickly is numbing itself away. She opens her eyes and walks back into the washroom and finishes combing her hair. Now she can handle looking at herself in the mirror.

Scene Five -- The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane walks upstairs after calling out to Cassie and not hearing her respond. He knows that she was checking on Dawn, but she should still be asleep for a few hours according to Dawn’s recent schedule. As he walks up the stairs, he can’t help but think of Natasha and how he saw her in the park a few days ago. He didn’t dare tell Cassie that he saw her, as he knows how she feels about Natasha and their relationship. She has never said anything negative about it, but he knows that she just have some kind of jealous towards it. Any woman would. Seeing Natasha did nothing but make him realize that he still does love her, very much. He is trying to make his relationship with Cassie work, and he hadn’t thought of Natasha for so long until he saw her.

He reaches the top of the stairs and walks over to the bedroom and something catches his eye. He enters and spots Cassie laying on the bed in a sexy red pair of panties and matching bra. She has used one of his ties to tie herself to the headboard. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she purrs as she lays on the bed.

“Oh have you?” Shane asks getting a grin on his face. He knows that part of trying to make his relationship with Cassie work is putting everything into her, including their revived sex life.

“Yup, I’ve been a bad, bad girl,” she continues to tease him as her foot reaches up and she places it on his crotch. She looks at him with lust and knows that she has to get Shane into bed with her. Not only because it will solidify them as a couple and get their marriage working properly, but it will keep his mind off the things that have been troubling him lately. She has been slipping up too often and she knows it. After her trip to the cabin, which was supposed to help her get her head on straight, she knows she has to stay sharp. She can’t let anyone know that she had something to do with Olivia and Preston’s death and that she is raising Helen and Adam’s baby. Getting her marriage in order is the first step in covering her tracks.

“Then I best teach you a lesson,” he replies as he takes his shirt off and crawls on to her and kisses her passionately.

As his lips leave her mouth and start to explore her body, she whispers, “Please be with me Shane. I need you so badly.”

Shane looks at her and for a moment envisions Natasha, but he shakes his head and kisses her again passionately. “I want you too Cassie,” he whispers to her, as he kisses her, trying to convince himself of the same thing while he continues to make love to his wife.

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Delivery Room

Leah lays on the bed sweating as her legs are separated apart. Craig Benton is urging her to continue pushing as the baby is almost completely out. Robbie is next to her, holding Leah’s hand and giving her words of encouragement.

“One more push should do it,” Craig tells Leah as he looks up at her, as he holds the baby’s head in his hands.

An exhausted Leah looks at Craig and then Robbie, “Ahhhhhhhh!” she screams as she pushes one final time. Within a few minutes, Leah and Robbie hear the cry of their baby for the first time.

Robbie watches as a nurse takes the baby over to the side table and wipes it off. He turns his attention back to Leah, who has fallen back into the bed. “You did so good baby. I’m so proud of you,” he tells her as they await the arrival of the baby, in awe of what he just witnessed.

“Thank you. I just want to hold my baby. Our baby,” she says through her sweat. The best part of all the hard work is when the nurse brings her the baby for the first time. She can’t wait to meet her new child, even though her mind can’t help but wonder back to when she gave birth to Noah.

The nurse comes up and passes Leah the baby. “Here’s your beautiful baby girl,” she smiles as she passes the child to Leah.

“A girl?” Robbie beams, as a new proud father. “We have a beautiful baby girl!”

Leah gets a tear in her eyes as she sees her new baby for the first time. Suddenly her mind goes back to the last time she gave birth when she was just out of high school. She was 16 when she had Noah. Only, Jeff’s parents came in and told her that the baby died. She collapsed in Jeff’s arms devastated. She shakes her head and looks down at the baby girl she is holding, noting that circumstances are completely different. She looks up at Robbie and smiles at him, so desperate to hold on to the happiness they have found. She finds herself tearing up at the sight of Robbie looking down at the baby girl she is holding in her arms. She looks back down at the new child and does let a tear escape her eye. Despite loving her husband with her entire heart, she can’t help but wish Jeff was with her right now to see his daughter. The beautiful baby she is holding in her arms; the baby they created together.

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Leah and Robbie name the baby
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