Episode 133 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: June 29, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah gave birth to a baby girl
- Chris asked Daisy to move back in with him so he and Trenyce could be closer to Andrew. She agreed
- Vinny and Victoria got drunk in Las Vegas and got married. Chris and Meggan didn’t take the news well
- Dominick offered Ryan 5 million dollars to leave Twin Peaks. Later, Natasha found their motel room empty
- Shane and Cassie made love again

Scene One -- The Calimo House; Robbie & Leah’s Home

Robbie rushes to the backseat door of his SUV and opens it for Leah. She slowly steps out, still holding their new baby in her arms. She looks down at the sleeping infant and smiles. She is so happy that everything went well with the labour and that she is able to go home so quickly after giving birth. “Are you ready to go inside?” Robbie asks his wife as he grabs the baby’s bag from the car and shuts the door.

“I’m so ready,” Leah replies to him still smiling. The smile has become a fix on her face since finding out that she was getting released. “I think Paige is ready to see her home too.”

Robbie pauses and recalls how he and Leah named their daughter Paige Felicia, the middle name after Leah’s mother’s name. They had both agreed on Paige awhile ago if the baby turned out to be a girl but didn’t tell anyone as they didn’t want to hear any criticism of the name they chose. “I love my girls so much,” Robbie tells her as they start to walk to the front door. “Welcome home.”

They slowly walk up to the house, Robbie passes Leah so he can unlock the door. As Leah enters the house, the living room lights flick on and a group of friends and family yell “Surprise!”

Leah is taken a back as she tries to catch her breath. She looks around the room that is decorated in baby pink balloons and a banner that says “Congratulations.”

“My goodness,” Leah quickly responds, trying to catch her breath, to everyone. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

Sofia rushes up and gushes over her new granddaughter. “We wanted to surprise you and our precious little Paige. A welcome home of sorts,” she explains of the welcome home party.

Leah allows Sofia to hold the still sleeping child, despite the loud “Surprise” from the crowd. “Did you have something to do with this?” she asks looking over a Robbie, who sheepishly shrugs.

“Yea, maybe,” he grins as he leans over and gives her a kiss. “I wanted to everyone to get a chance to meet our beautiful little girl.”

“I’ll go lay the baby down in the other room, if you want to see your friends,” Sofia tells Leah, noting that there a lot of people in the living room waiting to see her. Leah smiles and watches as Sofia, with Bob’s help, walks off, both admiring the small child. They’ve only just become grandparents, but already they love Paige more than words can say. Leah looks to the crowd, most of her friends are in the room. As she looks around, she can’t help but notice one person in particular that is in the room: Jeff. He looks at her too, wanting to talk to her. He hasn’t stopped thinking about kissing her at the gravesite when she went into labour and what that could possibly mean.

Scene Two – The Michael’s House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“We’re going to be late for the surprise party,” Chris tells Victoria as she enters the house. He watches her enter and isn’t entirely sure why she stopped by the house before the party, especially given their last conversation at the hospital when she told him that she got drunk in Las Vegas and married Vinny. Chris was stunned and walked out on her and they haven’t spoken since.

“I know, but I had to see you first. I think we need to clear the air,” she tells him as she turns to face him in the living room. “I didn’t want to be in a room filled with people and have this tension between us.”

“You know why there’s tension between us Vic, you married someone else.”

“I told you, it was a mistake. I didn’t mean to marry Vinny,” she tries to explain to him. “I love you Chris. I want to be with you, still.”

Chris puts his hand over his face. The last thing he wants right now is drama in his relationship. He just got Daisy to move in with him again meaning he’ll be able to see his son more often, which is exactly what he wants. He doesn’t want to have anything get in the way of him creating a good bond with Andrew.

“Maybe this will prove to you that I want to be with you,” she says as she slowly takes off her long black trench coat. It falls to the ground and her naked body is revealed to him. She walks up to him and kisses him passionately. “I want you so badly,” she whispers into his ear as his hand immediately go up and caress her naked breast.

Chris smiles at her and kisses her again hard on the mouth, unable to deny his attraction to her. “I want you too Vic,” he says in between kissing her. He stops and picks her up, carrying her to the bedroom.

Scene Three -- The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

The surprise party is in full swing as the guests are mingling and munching on the snacks. Kim spots Bob and Sofia rejoining the party after laying Paige down for her nap and she makes a beeline for them. She hasn’t seen them since she revealed to them that Natasha has been doing drugs and she’s dying for an update on her best friend. She approaches them with a smile, “Hey, do you guys have a moment? I’d love to hear what the status update on Natasha is.”

Bob looks over at Sofia and glares at her, still livid that she got Dominick’s help in getting rid of Ryan from Natasha’s life. He will never understand how or why Sofia chose to go to him of all people, when she knows the kind of person he is. “We haven’t seen our daughter yet,” Bob reveals to Kim. “But we do know that Ryan is out of her life.”

Kim arches her eyebrow. “How did that happen? When Natasha was talking to me at the memorial service, she seemed to think she needed Ryan pretty badly. How did he just leave her?”

Sofia looks at Bob and feels his chill again. She knows that Kim doesn’t need to know all the information, in fact it’s probably better that she doesn’t know everything that went down with Dominick and Ryan. “Ryan was offered a large sum of money to leave town and never come back,” she offers to Kim. “Knowing what a slim ball he really is, we knew that he would take the bait. The last update we got, Natasha was still staying at that seedy motel, but Ryan was long gone.”

Kim hugs them both and smiles, “Thank you for doing that. Getting rid of Ryan is the first step to getting her back. I know that. And I know that you guys believe that. However it came about, this is a good thing.”

Sofia turns her attention to Bob, “I couldn’t agree more Kimberly. This is a wonderful step in the right direction.”

Bob puts a smile on his face in front of Kim and nods his head. “I think I see Natasha, now, actually,” he points to across the room, where sure enough Natasha is standing grabbing some snacks.

“I will go say hello,” Kim tells them. “I’ll let you know if anything happens.”

“Thank you Kimberly,” Sofia calls out to her as Kim walks away quickly. “See, even she realizes that it’s a good thing that Ryan is out of our daughter’s life.”

Bob looks at her more sternly, “I never said it wasn’t a good thing Sofia. I’m just livid that you went to Dominick of all people for help to do it. I refuse to discuss this anymore tonight. This party is a celebration for Robbie and Leah and our first beautiful grand child.”

She watches as he brushes past her into the crowd of people. She watches him and knows that she did hurt him by choosing to go to Dominick for help, but she wishes he would understand why she did that. It’s not because she doesn’t love or trust her husband, as he is making it seem, it is because no one was coming up with a good idea to get Natasha back. She did what she thought was right for Natasha. Now, it’s up to her to make Bob realize that.


Leah works her way through the crowd until she finds Jeff. She smiles as she comes up to him and gives him a quick hug. “Thanks for coming,” she tells him as they are in the embrace.

“I didn’t want to miss your new child’s grand entrance,” he smiles back at her as they exit from their hug. “I hope the labour wasn’t too bad.”

“Nah,” she replies. “She was a good girl. I have to tell you though, my mind was thinking of Noah when it was all said and done.”

Jeff looks at her more intently. “Really?”

She shrugs, “I don’t know how it couldn’t. He was my first child. He always will be. I’m not sure why I was thinking so much of him, maybe because I was at the gravesite when I went into labour.”

“He’ll always be with us, no matter what,” he tells her looking deeply into her eyes. He shuts his eyes for a moment and thinks back to kissing Leah at the cemetery. When he opens them, he can tell that she’s thinking about it too. “Do you want to go some where and talk in private?”

Leah quickly shakes her head no, “I know that you care for me Jeff, and it’s not that I don’t care for you too … but it’s like I told you last spring, I love Robbie. I want my marriage to work. I have everything I have ever wanted in my relationship with him,” she tells him as she tries not to get teary. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No, it’s fine. I understand. I have to respect your decision and not complicate things for you,” he says trying to hide his broken heart.

“Thank you. I should get back to the party and Robbie,” she tells him. “Take care of yourself, okay?”

Jeff smiles and nods as he watches her walk away. She finds Robbie and he can’t help but notice how happy she is with him. And their baby. The perfect family, he realizes as he continues to watch them. He turns around and slowly leaves the busy room. He walks down a hall way and looks to the back door to leave. He doesn’t want to be there anymore. He doesn’t want to watch the woman she loves parade around with her husband and their new child. He can’t stand to watch it, and he can’t pretend that he doesn’t hurt him to see her with another man. His hand reaches the door knob and he turns it.

“Jeff?” Madeline’s voice calls out from the other end of the hallway. “Are you leaving already?”

Jeff half turns around and looks at her and she can tell immediately that he’s hurting. She rushes down the hallway and hugs him. “I’m sorry, are you okay?”

He looks at her and kisses her passionately. “Let’s get out of here,” he says as their lips part.

“I can’t leave yet. Reese is coming and I have some news for him.”

“Just call him later. I can’t stay here anymore. Let’s leave. Not just here, but Twin Peaks. Let’s just go away together.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow. “What are you talking about? My parents just died. I have so much that I still have to do with the house and their estate. I can’t just leave. What happened that you want to run away?”

Jeff sighs and looks away. He doesn’t want to rehash it with anyone, yet alone Madeline. “I’m leaving town tonight Madeline. Do you want to come with me or not?”

She shakes her head no, “I’m sorry Jeff, but I can’t run away from my life.”

“Okay, fair enough,” he continues, knowing that he has to leave town so he can truly get over Leah. He can’t deny anymore that being in the same town as her is working for him. “I’ll be in touch.”

Madeline watches Jeff leave the house. Her heart sinks knowing that he is in pain right now, but there’s nothing she can really do to help him. “Take care,” she says softly to herself, almost wishing that she had the chance to tell him before he had left.


Natasha finishes eating some of the carrots from the vegetable platter. She finds herself enjoying the fresh food more than she realized she would. She has missed it, in reality. It’s not the junk that she had been eating. She grabs her purse and quickly checks her face in her mirror again; she still looks good. She put a lot of cover up over most of the little sores that she has on her face for the party. She looks at her watch quickly and realizes that it’s been awhile since she had her last fix, she knows that if she puts in another 20 minutes or so at the party she can leave the party and not feel too guilty. She looks over across the room and sees Bob and Sofia talking. She quickly turns around. She knows that she doesn’t want to deal with them tonight, but as she takes a drink of the punch, she knows that they wouldn’t make a scene at the party either. Not when it’s a party for Robbie, Leah and baby Paige.

She turns around and is startled by the sight of Cassie behind her. “Cassie, hi,” Natasha says quickly, also noting that she was avoiding Shane.

“Hello Natasha,” Cassie replies pursing her lips. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Are you?” Natasha asks nervously, worried that someone knows about her drug habit. “Why is that? Robbie is my brother.”

“Yes, it’s just that you haven’t been around a lot lately. And there are rumours going around…” Cassie continues to toy with her.

Natasha gives her a half a smile. “Rumours?”

Cassie leans in a little closer to Natasha. “I don’t believe them, because I’ve known you for so long. But people are talking. They’re saying that you’re on drugs and you’re living in some gross motel room. It’s not true, is it?” Cassie asks, knowing that it is true. She wants Natasha to feel even more worthless than she already must. She has always wanted Natasha to be in the position she is, she makes it easier for her to hold on to Shane if Natasha is completely undesirable.

Natasha backs up and looks away from Cassie. “Of course it’s not true,” she lies, shaken that people are talking about her. “Rumours are just that. Rumours.”

“Oh good. I was telling Shane after we made love the other day that I would be so sad if it was true.”

The words hit Natasha hard, even though they shouldn’t. She knows that Shane and Cassie are married. They have a baby together. Still, hearing that he is making love to her sends chills down Natasha’s spin. She wants to be the woman he is with. She wants to be the woman he makes love to every night.

From across the room, Sofia watches as Cassie talks with Natasha and observes that Natasha is clearly uncomfortable. “I wonder what’s going on over there,” she says to herself.

“I should get going, excuse me Cassie. Enjoy your evening,” Natasha says quickly walking away. She rushes over to Robbie and Leah. “I’m sorry to leave so quickly, but I’m not feeling so great.”

“Are you okay Nat?” Robbie asks her as they hug.

“I’m fine,” she says as gets tears in her eyes. “Nothing a good rest won’t fix. Congratulations again on Paige. She’s absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you. Take care of yourself,” Leah says before Natasha walks off. She rushes to the door and once she’s outside, she stops and calms herself down. The fresh air fills her lungs and it feels good. The tears that were forming inside finally escape.

“Damn you!” she whispers to herself. “That should be me he’s with,” she tells herself thinking of Shane again. She wipes her tears quickly. “I need a fix,” she continues as she looks for her car. The fix will numb the pain again.

Meanwhile, Sofia goes to the front window and watches Natasha leave. She takes a deep breath before she turns around and spots Cassie laughing with Shane in the other corner. “What just happened?” she asks herself, knowing that something didn’t seem right between Cassie and Natasha’s conversation.


Madeline drinks some punch from a red plastic cup and can’t help but think of Jeff. She wonders what happened that made him so upset that he left so quickly. She shakes her head knowing that there was nothing more she could do to help him. While she was enjoying his company, and his skills in the bedroom, she knows that it wasn’t healthy for him, or her. Having a no strings attached relationship served it’s purpose, but she knows that it was just a replacement for the hurt they were both feeling from other relationships; him with Leah and her with Will.

She spots Reese at the snack table and smiles happy to see her brother so she can take her mind off Jeff and his situation.

“Hey brother,” she says as she approaches him.

“Maddie!” Reese smiles as he hugs her. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too. How’d your coffee go with Andy?” she asks him, knowing that it might have been hard for Reese to see Andy again for the first time since he has been back in town.

“It was …” Reese begins to say before he pauses to take a drink of the punch. “Interesting.”

“What does that mean?” she asks arching her eyebrow.

“He’s dating someone new. I was just taken off guard by it, that’s all,” he admits to his sister, still remembering how uncomfortable he felt when Andy told him that he had started to date JC.

“You did dump him because you felt like you couldn’t trust him, remember?”

“Yea, yea. I guess I was hoping that not everything around here had changed while I was gone,” he continues, noting that nothing is really the same since he was last in Twin Peaks.

“Everything has changed,” she notes, thinking of their parents death. “I was meaning to tell you. I got a call from the lawyer this afternoon.”

“Oh? What now?”

“He wants to see us tomorrow. He wants to read Mom and Dad’s will.”

Reese looks over and his eyes lock with his sisters. He grabs her hand as he fights his emotions. He isn’t expecting anything shocking in the will to be announced, he’s just not sure if he’s ready for another final step in saying goodbye to his parents. “Will this ever get easier?”

Madeline shakes her head no, “I don’t think so. After the will is read though, I’m hoping we can try to get back to normal. Whatever that is now.”

“Yea, whatever that is.”


Kim approaches Will, who is by himself getting some punch. He wasn’t sure he was going to come to the party, but after spending so much time alone at home since Olivia’s death, he decided to come to the party just to get out and be around some people. He hasn’t had much interaction with anyone at the party as he isn’t sure if he wants to be social just yet, but he is enjoying being in a busy, public space again. The energy from the people are great.

“Hey stranger,” she smiles as she reaches him. “How are you? It’s good to see you out and about.”

Will takes a drink of his punch and nods. “I almost didn’t come, but I’m glad I did. It’s been nice getting out and seeing people again. I can’t stay hidden at home forever.”

She grabs his hand and looks into his eyes. “You’re strong Will, don’t forget that. You’ll always have good days and bad days, but this is a great step in the right direction in ensuring that you’ll have more good days.”

“So what’s up with you?”

“Actually, I need your help with something,” she says with a devilish look on her face.

Will arches his eyebrow. “I’m listening.”

“It’s about Ryan. I want to take him down. For good this time,” Kim continues as she smirk comes on to her face. “We have to do this right or it will explode before us.”

Will remembers how Ryan was blackmailing him into selling drugs again, something he did in his troubled youth. He managed to dodge the blackmail by getting the upper hand on Ryan, but still he would love to take him down for good. “I’m game. Tell me what I have to do and I’ll help you.”


Chris and Victoria walk into the party late after having hot, passionate sex back at his place earlier in the evening. She laughs at one of his jokes as they enter the room. Immediately, Daisy spots them and rolls her eyes slightly.

“I’m going to get some punch,” Victoria tells him as she gives him a quick kiss on the lips before she departs him.

Chris watches her go, unable to take his eyes off his sexy lover. He doesn’t see Daisy approach him. “Nice of you to show up,” she tells him as she looks over at Victoria, who is now at the punch bowl.

“Yea, sorry. I was running late,” he tells his ex-wife.

“Running late?” Daisy asks arching her eyebrow. “When will you ever learn Chris? I thought after the custody hearing you had changed. Please tell me that I’m not wrong.”

“I have changed Daisy. I don’t get what you’re talking about,” Chris asks, confused by Daisy’s tone with him.

“She’s married Chris. How many more relationships are you going to break up?” Daisy calls him out on having another affair with a woman that he shouldn’t be. She doesn’t want to mention his affairs with Danielle and Trenyce while he was married to her, but she will if she has too. She thought he had learned from those affairs.

“That’s different Daisy. She didn’t mean to marry Vinny in Vegas,” Chris replies to her, trying to defend himself.

“It doesn’t change the fact that they did get married. You shouldn’t be sleeping with her until she is a single and free woman again. Remember Chris, you’re a father now. Try to show Andrew a good example, please,” Daisy tells him before walking off. The last thing she wants from Chris is another emotionally charged affair that some how gets him into trouble, especially now that everyone is making an effort with Andrew.

Chris watches her walk away and wonders if she’s right. Is he making another mistake by sleeping with Victoria while she’s still married to Vinny? He thinks back to his conversation with Vinny at the Sugarbowl the other day, when Vinny admitted that he cares for Victoria a lot. He wonders if Victoria would actually stay married to Vinny. He turns back to look at Victoria, but she’s no longer at the punch bowl. His eyes race around the room, but he doesn’t see her.


“Why did you bring me outside?” Victoria asks Vinny as they enter the back yard of the house.

“I saw you come in and wanted to talk to you privately,” Vinny explains to her. “I saw you come in with Chris.”

Victoria gulps, “Yea, we are … on good terms again.”

“What does that mean?”

“Vinny, we agreed to get an annulment because I’m in love with Chris and you’re with Meggan. That has changed for me,” Victoria tells him. He looks at her for a minute and then comes up closer to her and kisses her. She can’t help but respond at first but then pulls away from him. “What are you doing?” she asks him, sort of out of breath after the kiss.

“I don’t know! This is crazy,” he says looking into the stars. “I was locked up in that room for so fucking long! I just want to live and have fun! I … have fun with you and you make me feel alive Vic! This is crazy!”

Victoria can’t help but smile. “It is crazy Vinny. What are you saying?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!”

Suddenly, they stop because they hear a commotion from inside the party. “What was that?” she asks as they head back inside the party. They race back to the living room where a drunk Meggan has crashed the party.

“I’m sooo happy for you and your Robbie!” Meggan slurs to Leah as she hugs her. Leah pulls her off and looks at her. She immediately notices her blood shot eyes.

“Are you drunk?” Leah asks flabbergasted that Meggan would show up drunk at her party, especially since the last time she was on the bottle, it ended in her son being killed. “I thought you were sober Meggan? What happened to you?”

“Don’t you question me! Don’t you judge me!” Meggan yells at her before pointing at other people at the party. She sees Vinny and Victoria come in and laughs. “It was Dave when he locked me in that room,” she says as she gets tears in her eyes. “He gave me booze and …” she continues, but loses concentration when Vinny enters the room.

Leah looks at Meggan again, “Look at me! You need to get yourself together! No one else needs to die before you realize the mess you’re in again!” The words are harsh as soon as Leah says them, but she doesn’t regret saying them to Meggan. She can’t help but think of the party she had for Meggan a few years ago when she learned that Meggan was the one that killed Noah. To see her slip back into this form is devastating.

“Vinny, take her home. I want her out, now!” Leah yells at him before she looks at Robbie.

“Are you okay?” he asks his wife as Vinny collects Meggan and walks her to the door.

“I’m fine. I just want to go see my beautiful baby girl,” Leah responds to him. “I just want to keep our daughter safe forever.”

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