Episode 136 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: July 31, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob & Sofia were devastated to learn that Natasha was on drugs
- Adam suggested to Cory that he hire Madeline to help prove his innocence in Robin’s attack. Robin, meanwhile, had her first surgery in hopes of removing her scar
- Dominick and Melissa had sex after Phil left town
- Shane and Cassie continued to grow closer as Helen continued to be drawn to Dawn

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin finishes packing up her belongings from her hospital room that she was in. She just saw her surgeon and he told her that her first surgery was a success; her scar reacted well to the procedure. She still has her scar and she still has bandage on her face for another week while it heals, but the prospects look good for her next surgery in a few weeks. She can’t say that she is pleased with the outcome, because that would entail her not having a scar at all anymore, but it is a step in the right direction. More than anything, she wishes her life would go back to normal - the way it was before the attack. She hates that her and Cory are so estranged right now, but she can’t stop thinking that he is responsible for her attack. He has continued to plead his innocence but it doesn’t add up in her mind. Her saving grace is that her surgery went well and it’s a step in the right direction.

She grabs her large purse and turns to leave but sees Cory standing in the doorway of the room. “You scared me,” she says quickly to him, startled by his presence.

“Sorry,” he replies quietly, walking closer to her. He knew what today meant for Robin and despite her protests he had to come and offer his support to the woman he loves. “I just wanted to find out how your surgery went. I’ll leave after, if you want. Or we could…”

“Could what Cory?”

“I don’t know, get lunch or something.”

“The surgery went fine. As well as it could have. And I have lunch plans, excuse me,” she coldly says to him trying to walk past him, immediately hating how cruel she sounds.

“Robin,” he calls out to her before she leaves the hospital room. She turns back and looks at him. He looks into her eyes which are filled with doubt and confusion. “Please believe me.”

Robin sighs and then leaves the hospital room. As she walks to the elevator, she wonders if Cory is telling her the truth, that he wasn’t the one that set up her attack. She has no idea what to believe. As she waits for the elevator, she can’t help but notice some other patients looking at her and her bandaged face. She suddenly feels hideous. The elevator door opens and she quickly enters and pushes the button, as the doors close she feels better because no one else can see her. And if Cory is responsible for her feeling this way, she knows that she will never be able to forgive him.

Scene Two -- Dominick’s Condo

“Are you sure we shouldn’t be at the hospital right now?” Melissa asks Dominick as they sit across from each other and enjoy a light lunch. She wants to be with Robin right now as she is getting the news about her first surgery. She feels like her relationship with Robin has improved so much in recent months and she wants it to continue. Being with Robin at the hospital for support is the logical place for her to be.

“I’m sure. Robin is a big girl and she told us that she wanted to go alone. We have to respect her decisions,” Dominick replies to her as he takes a drink of his tea, thinking back to his conversation with Robin where she decided that she wanted to go to the hospital alone to get the update. “She promised she would call us with an update.”

“I’m just worried that Cory will show up,” she huffs back to him, knowing that Cory will do anything to try to prove his innocence with Robin. Not that she can blame him, she would too if she was in his shoes, but she still fears that the more Robin and Cory are together the better chance they have of figuring out that she was behind the attack, not Cory, something she refuses to let happen.

“What would the problem be?” Dominick questions her, wondering what is really going on with Melissa. He can’t understand why she hates Cory so much. He has always been a good match with Robin. “I’ve never once believed that he was the one behind Robin’s attack. If you saw him last year when he was trying to get Robin back, he would never hurt her. I don’t believe it.”

Melissa looks at Dominick and feels her blood boil. This is exactly the type of discussion that Dominick could never have with Robin, she realizes. She doesn’t need another person to tell her that Cory is innocent as it would be another person to try to punch a hole in her plan. “I beg to differ. I think it was him. You didn’t see his jealousy when Robin was modelling. It was disgusting at the very least,” she spits, trying to make him realize her version of the truth.

Dominick arches his eyebrow. “You really hate him, don’t you?”

Melissa puts her sandwich down and looks over at him, “I just don’t think that he’s right for Robin. Not at all,” she replies coldly. “I think Robin could do much better.”

“Better? They love each other for crying out loud! That’s all we should ask for from our children, that they find happiness and true love. Melissa, what’s really going on with you?”

Melissa gulps and takes a drink of her tea. She can’t let anyone know about her plan. If anyone were to ever find out that she was the one that put the attack into motion she would lose everything, her daughter, her family, Dominick, everything.

“Nothing, we just have a difference of opinion,” she smiles over to him trying to calm the storm. She knows the perfect way to get his mind off Robin’s attack.

“Please tell me you didn’t have something to do with setting up Cory?” he asks her, knowing the spitfire she can be when she wants to be. Melissa has always been the type of woman that gets what she wants and will stop at nothing to do it. He doesn’t want to believe that she actually had something to do with Robin’s attack, but he has to be sure.

Melissa laughs, “Of course not!” she says to him as she stands up and walks over to him. She leans down beside him and kisses him passionately, hoping he’ll take the bait. “Why don’t we take a break from this discussion and enjoy dessert.”

Dominick smiles as their lips part for moment, “What’s for dessert?”

“Come upstairs and I’ll show you,” she teases him. He stands up and follows her, for the time being believing that she didn’t have anything to do with the attack. Still, something inside him tells him that Cory is innocent, but he can worry about that later.

Scene Three -- The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane enters the kitchen and sees Cassie have some papers spread out on the table. He pauses before he makes his presence to Cassie known. He can’t deny that he is attracted to his wife, proven by their recent sexual activities, but he still can’t help but suspect something is going on with her, he just can’t place what it could be. He wonders if he’s just reading to much into her actions because he knows deep down he is still in love with Natasha. While he has tried his very hardest to get over her, she still has his heart. That being said, he is making an honest go with Cassie. If only he could explain her odd behaviour lately.

“What are you working on?” he asks as he finally enters the kitchen completely, looking at the paper work.

Cassie looks up and smiles at her husband, “I’m planning Dawn’s birthday party,” she tells him as she then looks over to the sleeping baby in her swing. “You know, she falls asleep in that swing every time I put her in the swing.”

“She loves the motion,” Shane smiles as he looks at the baby and wipes a little drool on her mouth. “It’s hard to believe she’s almost a year old already. The time has gone by so quickly.”

“I know,” Cassie agrees with him, thinking about how fast the past year has gone by. She actually can’t believe everything she’s had to go through to ensure her secret is safe; taking fertility drugs, her secret miscarriage, lying about her mother’s death, trying to kill Natasha in the car accident last November, and then killing both Preston and Olivia. She looks at Shane and realizes that everything she has done has been worth it. She will never let her secret come out. She has always wanted to be a family with Shane and right now they are. “I’m so happy Shane.”

Shane smiles and sits next to her and grabs her hand. “I’m happy too,” he tells her back. “We have a perfect little family here.”

“I don’t want anything to ever come between us. Promise me nothing will ever break up our family,” she quickly tells him without thinking.

Shane arches his eyebrow and wonders where this is coming from, “What are you talking about? What would ever come between us and separate us?” He hates to think it, but this is another indication that something isn’t up with Cassie. He doesn’t know where this insecurity is coming from, especially since the two of them have recently started having sex again.

“I don’t know,” Cassie recovers quickly, getting water in her eyes. “I know we’ve become so much closer lately, but I still have so many insecurities about us. I love you and Dawn. I just never want that to end.”

Shane pulls her into a hug, “Nothing will break us up Cassie. We have a good thing going here.”

“I love you Shane,” she whispers into his ear, hoping that he’ll say it back to her, something he has never done before.

He is about to say something back, but he can’t bring himself to say those three words back to her. He knows that he doesn’t love her and he doesn’t want to lie to her by saying those words. He exit’s the hug, “What are you planning for Dawn’s birthday?”

She looks at the papers on the table, crushed that he changed the subject because she knows that it is Natasha, it always has been. No matter how close she and Shane have become, she knows that he can’t stay the three words she longs to hear because of her. She had been planning an elegant party at Capers, inviting everyone in the city the party. “I was thinking of this grand party, but the more I think about it, the more I don’t like the idea.”


“What if it was just the three of us? You know, like a family day together. No one else, just us,” she suggests, knowing that the more time Shane spends with just her the better chance he will fall in love with her.

“I like the sound of that a lot actually,” Shane smiles, surprised by her idea. “We could take Dawn to the zoo and have a nice dinner together.”

“I would love that Shane,” she says as she leans in and kisses him on the lips. “You know,” she smiles as their lips part. “She just fell asleep, we have a little time.”

“Oh yea? What do you suggest we do with our time?” he replies as he kisses her more passionately.

“Make love to me Shane,” she whispers into his ear as his mouth starts to caress her neck.

Scene Four -- The Tower’s, Floor Twelve; Adam & Helen’s Condo

The drapes are drawn shut in the master bedroom of the condo and Helen tosses in the large bed as she is sleeping. She had taken a nap after going for a run earlier in the day, however her nap is not what she has wanted it to be. She has been having nightmares, again about the baby. She tosses, again, violently in the bed.


A white light guides Helen through a church. Helen’s wearing a long white gown and she is seemingly happy in her state. She has a smile on her face as she is being lead down the aisle of the church.

“I’m coming,” she smiles as her hand reaches out in front of her. “Mommy is coming.” She continues to walk as the sound of a baby’s cry can be heard. She reaches the alter in the church and suddenly the white light is gone. Instead, she’s surrounded by flames! She screams and jumps back as she sees the baby cradle on fire. “My baby! No!!! My baby!”

Suddenly Olivia jumps out of the flames in front of Helen and she grabs the crying baby. Olivia laughs at Helen as she passes the baby to another mysterious figure dressed in black. Helen cries, “Please give me back my baby! Please!”

Suddenly Olivia vanishes into the flames and Helen looks around, still hearing her crying baby but is unable to see her.


Helen jumps up in bed, covered in a light sweat. She manages to catch her breath quickly but is still shaken by her dream. “My God,” she whispers to herself. “Why can’t I let this go? Why do I keep having dreams that my baby is alive and crying for me?”

She slowly crawls out of bed and walks to the kitchen for a glass of water. She quickly drinks it, trying to truly wake herself up. The nightmare was so vivid, so real. She can’t shake that it meant something, but what she has no idea. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the front door. She walks quickly and opens the door and sees Adam standing there. She immediately hugs him. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asks as he holds her, feeling her trembling.

She exit’s the hug and looks at him as she starts to cry, “I had another nightmare. About our baby. Oh, Adam, it was awful.”

“It’s okay,” he says pulling her into another hug. “I’m here now. You’re okay. Everything is okay. Let’s go sit down, I can make you some tea.”

Helen slowly nods her head and walks over to the sofa where she sits down. Adam soon comes out of the kitchen and sits next to her. “Do you want to talk about it?” he asks her grabbing her hand. “The dream, I mean.”

Helen looks at him, still looking shaken from the nightmare. “It was just so real. I was in this church, I think,” she begins to tell him about her dream, trying to put the pieces together again. “And I heard a baby crying. Our baby, I know it was our baby. Don’t ask me, how but I know it’s her. I reached the alter and then there were all these flames and Olivia was there, I just … it was all so real,” she says getting tears in her eyes.

“Sshh, it’s over now. You’re safe,” he tells her, trying to calm her down.

Helen stands up and walks over to a large window which she opens. The fresh air blows her hair back a little. She loves the feeling of the fresh air in her lungs, it helps her calm down. “I don’t understand why I keep hearing my baby cry Adam. I don’t understand why I keep dreaming that she’s alive. She’s dead! We know that she’s dead! What do these dreams mean?”

Adam stands up and comes up to her, “No, please! I don’t need another hug!” she screams at him. “I need to figure out what is going on! Why is mind playing these tricks on me?”

“I wish I knew Helen. Let’s have some tea, it’ll help you calm down,” he tells her, never really seeing her this agitated before. “I’ll be right back,” he explains as he hears the kettle whistle go off.

Helen watches him go to the kitchen and continues to worry. She wishes that she had some kind of sign as to what was happening to her. Why is she being tormented like this? Isn’t it bad enough that a year ago she lost her child? Now, she’s having nightmares about the baby and her supposed best friend stealing her baby? Something doesn’t make sense. She feels herself begin to hyperventilate.

She begins to pace around the living room, continuing to feel hot. She suddenly looks around the room and it starts spinning. She feels hot. “Adam,” she calls before she falls to the ground. Adam hears a loud thump and rushes back into the living room. He sees Helen on the ground and rushes over to her.

“Helen! Wake up,” he yells turning her over and seeing that she has passed out. “Oh God, I have to call 9-1-1,” he says urgently.

Scene Five -- MW Investigations

Cory enters the PI firm and looks around. There are a few people sitting in offices with different PI’s. He walks down the small flight of stairs and looks over to Madeline’s office. Her door is open and he can see her at her desk. He takes a deep breath and walks over to her office door, almost reassuring himself that he’s doing the right thing. He knocks on the door and Madeline immediately looks up to Cory.

“Cory? This is a surprise,” Madeline says, welcoming him into her office.

“Do I need an appointment?” he asks as he sits down. He quickly wonders if he’s doing the right thing. He calls his conversation with Adam when he told him that Maddie is a good PI and she was looking into Helen’s past. Cory knows that he has to prove himself to Robin and everyone else in her attack. He looks at her and notes that she’s very focused on him. He decides to go on with the meeting.

“No, of course not. What’s going on?”

“I need your help. At least I hope you can help me,” he reveals to her.

“I’m listening.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard that I was arrested for being behind Robin’s attack at the premier,” he says slowly, still ashamed that he was even associated to Robin’s attack.

“I did.”

“I didn’t do it. I swear I am innocent,” he tells her, needing her to believe in his innocence.

“Okay, I believe you.” she replies to him, noting how serious he is about the topic.

“I love Robin, I would never hurt her. Ever. She has this crazy idea, thanks to her mother, that I was behind the attack though. I need to prove my innocence,” he continues to explain to her.

“That’s where I come?” she asks with a sly grin.

“Exactly. I mean, I have no idea if you can even prove this, but if you could at least look into it, I would be grateful.”

“Absolutely, I love this kind of stuff,” Madeline tells him. “Let’s go over more details and I can start investigating the night of the premier right away for you.”

Scene Six -- The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

Natasha shuts her car door and slowly makes her way to the front door of her brother’s home. She thought it was nice of him and Leah to invite her over for a lunch. She did love seeing Paige the other night at the welcome home party. She shakes her head as she remembers why she left the party so quickly after Cassie was throwing her relationship with Shane in her face. Natasha stops and pulls out her compact from her Chanel bag and makes sure that she has used enough make up to cover up her facial sores and that she has no white powder residue under her nose. She had done two lines before coming over, just to keep her going for awhile. She only plans on staying at Robbie and Leah’s for about an hour or so. That’s all she’ll be able to go before she needs another hit. The family gatherings really pull on her heart strings, especially since she’s learned the truth about her parents. After ensuring that she looks okay, she rings the door bell. Robbie soon opens the door and smiles. “Thanks for coming Nat,” he says as he hugs her at the doorway, although he’s immediately concerned with her physical state.

“Oh, I’m so glad you called me. I’m excited to see …” she stops mid-sentence as she enters the living room and sees Bob, Sofia, Leah and Eva sitting in the room “What’s going on? I thought it was just you, Leah and I?” she asks Robbie turning around to face her brother, confused by what’s going on.

“Come in, we all love you. We wanted to call you here for a reason today,” Robbie tells her and he takes her to a chair that is open. He quickly shoots Bob a look, who gives his son a reassuring look that they’re doing the right thing.

“Just hear us out darling, please,” Sofia expresses to Natasha, although she’s horrified at the slight of Natasha. It’s one thing to know that someone is doing drugs, but seeing what the drugs have done to her are another thing. “We want to help you.”

“What is this about?”

“We know what has been going on with you,” Bob reveals in a stern but quiet voice. It’s a voice Natasha is all to familiar with. “We know that Ryan McQuillan has been giving you drugs. Cocaine, to be exact.”

“What?” Natasha asks shocked that her family is holding an intervention. She doesn’t have a problem with drugs! The only problem she thinks she has are the fact that her family has lied to her for years. “That’s…that’s just not true!”

“It’s okay Natasha, we love you. We just want to help you,” Leah chimes in.

“I don’t understand! I don’t understand what this is all about!” Natasha explains trying not to get any tears in her eyes.

“We just wanted to bring you into a safe location and tell you that we want to help you Nat. We don’t want to lose you,” Robbie tells her as he grabs her leg.

“You ambushed me! I thought you wanted me to spend time with my niece! Instead, you bring me here and force me to see these people? These people that have lied to me for years?” Natasha screams at Robbie, while pointing at Bob, Sofia and Eva. “You know what they did to me Robbie!”

“Please just hear me out,” Eva tries to say, standing up and coming over to Natasha.

“Stay the fuck away from me! You lied to me more than anyone else! Coming to this town and pretending to be my friend, when you knew all along! You…you disgust me,” Natasha spits at Eva, which causes Eva to sit back down and cover her eyes as they fill with water.

“Now that’s enough Natasha. We are trying to help you,” Bob tells her, not wanting to tolerate her verbal abuse. “You can show some respect.”

“And where do you get off telling me how to behave? Huh? If it wasn’t for everyone in this room, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in right now! I am alone because you all have lied and betrayed me! I am in the state I am in right now because of you! YOU!” she screams standing up and walking towards the door. “I’m done here! Done!”

Robbie stands up and looks over at Natasha. “Please don’t go Natasha. Just hear us!”

“No Robbie, you hear me out! Go to hell! All of you!” Natasha yells back at them before storming out of the house. The front door slams shut. Robbie walks back into the living room and looks at all of the sad faces that surrounds him.

“What are we going to do now?” Eva asks, wiping her wet eyes. She has never seen Natasha behave the way she just did.

“I think we know what we have to do,” Bob replies, looking up at Robbie. “I think you should make the call that we discussed son.”

Robbie looks at Bob and then Sofia. “Are you sure? It really will be the last straw for Natasha.”

Bob looks at Sofia then at Eva; they all nod that they want Robbie to take the next step. “We are sure.”

“Okay,” Robbie says walking over to his phone. He picks it up and dials a number. “Hey, it’s Detective Calimo, I need your help with something.”

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- Sofia reaches out to Shane for Natasha’s sake
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