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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin had Cory arrested after believing that he was responsible for her attack at the premier
- Trenyce started fashion school but was rebuffed by Mallory Cunningham, a fellow student, when Trenyce tried to make friends
- Chris suggested to Daisy that she doesn’t have to run for mayor again, but she said she wants too
- Bob was livid when Sofia revealed Dominick’s role in getting Ryan out of Natasha’s life
- Will & Kim teamed up to catch Ryan selling drugs. She dressed up as a hooker and pretended to want drugs. After he gave her some, the police arrived and arrested Ryan

Scene One -- Twin Peaks Police Station; Visitation Room

Natasha enters the small visitation room at the local police department and looks around. She quickly sees booth number five, which was the number the guard out front told her to sit at. She read the morning paper that Ryan was arrested the night before for selling drugs and she knew she had to come to see him. She doesn’t understand why he left her alone, like everyone else. She came to see him today to get answers, even though she has no idea what he will say.

As she walks towards the booth, she can’t help but remember how her family tried to have an intervention with her the other day at Robbie and Leah’s house. She can’t believe the nerve of them to try to tell her she has a problem. She knows that she doesn’t have a dependency - she has been enjoying getting high lately, but she wouldn’t call that a drug problem. She views it as a way to numb her pain, a pain that her family has caused her. Especially Bob, Sofia and Eva. Seeing them really stung her, as she hadn’t see them since the truth came out. She has missed Bob and Sofia but she can’t bring herself to forgive them yet. She shakes her head, not wanting to think about it right now. She has to stay strong to confront Ryan.

She sits down at the plastic window and sees Ryan being escorted to the booth. He smiles when he sees her. She picks up her telephone receiver. “I’m so glad you came,” he says into his receiver, hoping that she has come to save him. He has heard what can happen to drug dealers in jail and he can’t go there. He’s scared.

“I had to come after I read the newspaper this morning,” she tells him, finally lifting her sunglasses so she can look him in the eyes. “I was surprised to say the least.”

He doesn’t let on but he can’t believe how rough Natasha looks. She’s nothing like the girl he first encountered at the Sugarbowl all those months ago. Her physical state is clearly one of a drug addict. “I’m heading to the state pen later today, unless…”

“I wasn’t going to bail you out Ryan,” Natasha tells him coldly. “I came to get answers from you.”

Ryan arches his eyebrow, “What are you talking about? I can’t go to jail Nat. I just can’t.”

“You left me!” she says raising her voice, but quickly realizing that other people can hear her. “You left me,” she says again quieter. “I thought we had something good and then you just vanished, without a word to me. You’re just like everyone else in my life.”

“I was going to comeback for you! You have to believe me Natasha! I came into a sweet deal. I just needed to make sure the waters were calm before I came back for you,” he tells her, looking at her hoping that she’ll believe him. He realizes that if he has Natasha Calimo behind him, his odds of getting out of prison earlier are much stronger.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore,” she spits at him. “I guess I just came to tell you goodbye, and that I can’t believe you turned out to be like everyone else.”

He can see how truly devastated she is that someone else has left her. She’s about to hang up her phone, when he stops her. “Wait! Let me make it up to you.” Natasha doesn’t respond, but she pulls the receiver back closer to her hear to listen to Ryan. “I have a secret stash of weed that you should have. I know it’s not much, but if you smoke the weed it’s a good high in between your cocaine lines.”

“Where is it?” Natasha asks slowly, trying to act nonchalant. She makes a mental note of the location Ryan tells her.

“Does that mean you forgive me? Post my bail? We smoke the weed together!”

Natasha looks at him in the eyes and glares at him, “Not a chance in hell! It‘s your turn to see how it feels to be abandoned.”

He’s stunned when she hangs up the receiver and walks quickly out of the visitation area. He sighs heavily as he hangs up the phone realizing that he may have blown his only real chance of getting out of jail. As he is escorted back to his cell, he realizes he still has one phone call to make. One final call that could still save his life and freedom.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Nurses Station

Will rushes into the nurses station and quickly puts his files away in the filing cabinet. He’s about to go and see his last patient on rounds and then he’ll be able to leave for the day. He’s been looking forward to getting off work for the last hour as his shift has been long. Plus, he’s meeting Robin at Sugarbowl and he can’t wait to see her as it’s been so long.

“How are things going Mr. Coutts?” Eva asks as she approaches the nurses station.

Will looks up and sees the chief of staff coming towards him and gulps. The last time they spoke, it wasn’t so pleasant as Eva told him that if he can’t keep his personal life out of his work then he should take some time off. While he has struggled with Olivia’s death, he has seemingly found it has gotten better each and every day.

“Things are well, thank you,” he smiles politely to her, not wanting to upset her again. “And you?”

“Good. You seem to be in better spirits these days. Are you feeling better?” she asks the young man. For some reason, Eva feels a connection to Will. She likes him, it’s not often she can say that about a staff member, but she really wants him to succeed.

Will pauses before looking at her. “I guess I am,” he tells her, feeling a little more comfortable with her. “It’s funny because we deal with death each and every day at work, but when it happens to you personally, it can be difficult.”

“Yes it can be. I’m sorry if I was hard on you the other day when I told you to take some personal time.”

“No, it’s okay. I understand that you have to have the hospital’s best interests at hand.”

Eva smiles back at him. “Thank you Will. I appreciate that. I will let you get back to your patients.”

“Uh, Eva,” he calls out to her causing her to turn around and face him again. “If you ever want to talk, I’m a good listener. I mean, I read the paper today about you and Natasha Calimo. I’m not sure if you know, but Ryan was arrested last night.”

Eva walks closer to him and makes sure no one else is around her. “I appreciate that Will, but this is my place of work. I don’t want to discuss my personal life here.” She turns to leave again but turns around and smiles, “But thank you for telling me that Ryan was arrested. I hadn’t heard.”

Scene Three -- Main Street

An old brick warehouse stands empty on the corner of Main Street. The building that has lofts on the second and third floors and an open main floor that is for lease, is where Vinny is standing looking inside at the empty space. He just leased out the main floor and couldn’t be more excited. He has decided to do something that not many people will see coming, but he doesn’t care. He has decided that now that he is out of the cell that Dave and Brett locked him up in for so long, he’s going to live life and when he sees something that he wants, he’s going to go after it. He grabs his keys and prepares to open the door when he hears a voice call out his name. He turns around and sees Victoria walking towards him. “Victoria, what a nice surprise,” he says as she approaches him, immediately thinking of his new philosophy can be applied to his new wife as well.

“What are you doing at the old warehouse?” she asks him knowing that the main floor has been vacant since a clothing store left earlier in the year.

“I’m leasing it out for the next few months,” Vinny smiles to her.

“Really? What are you up too? You have that look in your eyes,” she observes.

He leans in and surprises her by kissing her passionately. “Another reason we should stay married,” he says as their lips part. “You can already read me like an open book.”

Victoria is taken aback by the kiss and she finds herself longing for more. She quickly thinks of Chris and knows that they promised to get back together after her marriage to Vinny is annulled. She gives him half a smile, “You know that we can’t stay married.”

“Why not? Give me one good reason other than Chris Michaels,” he teases her. “Never mind that. Meggan is moving out of my house. I want you to move in with me!”

Victoria laughs, shocked by how forward Vinny is being with her. She knows that he was telling that they could make their marriage work, but she didn’t think that he was being very serious. She realizes that he is serious about trying to make their marriage work. “I don’t know what to say Vinny. I’ll think about it, okay?”

“I guess that’s better than a no,” he winks at her. “Besides, I have more than enough room.”

“Okay, so tell me, what are you doing in the warehouse?”

“Did you read the Sun this morning?” he asks her as she nods yes. “Daisy is holding an election for Mayor again.”

“Yea, I saw that. I’m sure she’ll win again, she’s done a great job the last few years.”

Vinny shakes his head, “I don’t want her to win again.”

“What? Why not?” stunned that he wouldn’t want his friend to be re-elected.

“Because I’m running for Mayor! I want to be in charge of Twin Peaks!”

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks University; The Cafeteria

Trenyce beams as she opens the door to the cafeteria as it’s lunch time. She just had a class where her first assignment was that she had to do three sketches of different outfits, and her instructor loved what she drew! She can’t believe that she may actually get to pursue her goal of becoming a real fashion designer one day. It’s something she’s always wanted to do, it’s hard for her to accept that it is actually happening, although a long ways off. She walks into the food area of the cafeteria and grabs a few items before paying. She takes her tray and looks for a table. As she looks, she quickly sees Mallory Cunningham and her two girl friends. None of the girls at the table received the same kind of praise from their instructor that Trenyce received for their assignments. A part of her was happy that hers was so well received, but she hates that some people didn’t get as good of a grade because she knows that everyone is putting in a lot of hard work.

As she walks slowly over to a free seat, she wonders if she should try join Mallory and the other girls. She can’t help but recall the day at the library when she went to say hi to them and Mallory was a bitch to her. “Maybe it was an off day,” she tells herself, deciding to go up and see if she can join the girls for lunch. She can’t help but be drawn to them. She loves how glamorous they seem and she wants to be their friend. As she approaches the table, she can’t help but overhear what the girls are saying.

“I can’t believe that I didn’t get a good grade. My dresses are totally cute,” Mallory complains to her friends. “It’s unbelievable that other chick got a better grade that me! What her name again?”

Mallory’s friend with short, spiky red hair stops eating her sandwich and says, “I think it’s Trencye? Her one skirt was cute Mal, you can’t deny that!”

Mallory drops her apple and glares at her friend. The nerve of her friend defending Trenyce. “Did you see her models? They were all, like, size two. No well in hell that fatty Trenyce would ever fit in her own designs!”

The words hit Trenyce like a ton a bricks. She can’t believe that Mallory, not only doesn’t like her designs, but thinks she’s fat. She turns around before the girls can see her and shuts her eyes to fight off the tears. She had forgotten how mean kids could be at school, but she didn’t think that University would be this way. She looks down at her lunch and sees the spaghetti and meatballs that she ordered. She slowly walks over to the garbage can and dumps her tray inside. She walks quickly to the door and leaves the cafeteria. Outside, she leans up against the wall and lets a tear escape. She stops and wipes her eyes. She grabs her blackberry and realizes that she has no more classes for the day.

“Good, I’m going home,” she tells herself, thinking that once she gets home she’ll be able to hold Andrew. Her son is one source of comfort for her right now, something that will make her feel good about herself.

Scene Five -- City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy is busy working on her ad campaign in her office. She has a few signs scattered around her office that she’s going to put up around the city and she also has a collection of buttons and pencils that she’s going to be giving out at various public meetings leading up to the election. She looks around and wonders if she’s missing anything. She doesn’t want to miss a beat because winning is the most important thing to her right now. She doesn’t even know who is also in the running for mayor, but she doesn’t care - she has to win.

“You look busy,” Chris says as he enters her office holding two coffees. “I thought you could use a caffeine break though.”

“Thank you,” she smiles as she grabs the coffee and takes a drink of it. “Mmm, I do need the coffee. Is that all you came by for?”

Chris sighs and wonders if he should talk to Daisy about his personal problems with Victoria. He can’t help but recall the other day at the house how he and Daisy shared a kiss. It was the first time they had been that close since they were married. He surprised himself by how nice the kiss felt, he had forgotten how soft Daisy’s lips are and how sweet she can be when kissing him. “Yea, I suppose it was.”

Daisy arches her eyebrow, knowing that she can tell when Chris has something else on his mind. They were married far too long for her not to know him well. “What’s going on? Seriously, I know when something is up with you. Talk to me.”

Chris smirks, “You do know me well Daisy. That’s why I’m glad you’re back living with me. You seem to ground me,” he admits to her. “I guess I’m just struggling with the idea of breaking up with Victoria. She said she was going to get marriage annulled, doesn’t that count for something?”

Daisy sighs, “I can’t believe you’re back on this Chris! You know why I feel like you shouldn’t be with Victoria right now. You don’t want to be responsible for breaking up another marriage, do you?” she asks, losing her patience with him on the subject. “I know you care for Victoria, and I don’t doubt that she doesn’t care about you too, but it has to say something that she still married another man. Let her make her own decisions. If she does end her marriage to Vinny, then you guys can go back and do whatever it is you were doing.”

“You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry I brought it up again,” he says back to her, truly appreciating her opinion on the subject. And he knows that she’s right - he has to give Victoria her space to make her own decisions. The last thing he needs to do is crowd her and not allow her to have any breathing room.

“It’s okay. Thanks for the coffee,” she smiles over to him. “I should get back to this campaign stuff though. I’ll see you later at home?”

“Absolutely,” he smiles as he prepares to leave. He’s about to go when he hears the phone ring. He isn’t sure what, but something inside him tells him not to leave just yet.

“Hello,” Daisy says picking up the phone. “Yes this is she … What? You’re kidding me! … No, I had no idea, thank you so much for telling me,” she says as she hangs up the phone. She looks over at Chris.

“What’s going on?” he asks, intrigued by her phone call.

“I just found out whose running against me in the election,” she replies, still shocked by the news she got.

“Who is it?”

“Vinny Victors.”

Scene Six -- The Sugarbowl

Cory grabs his coffee from the barista and walks over the cream counter. As he fixes his coffee, he wonders if he should pop over to see Madeline at her office to see if there is any update on her looking into the night of Robin’s attack. He is desperate to see if she has come up with anything that may help him clear his name. He still can’t believe that he had to go to a PI to clear his name to Robin. He also realizes that he’s running out of time. He puts his lid on his coffee and takes a drink. He turns to leave and sees Robbie come into the coffeehouse. Robbie sees Cory and nods his head at him. Cory approaches him, “Hey Robbie. How are you?”

“Pretty good Cory. I’m glad I ran into you, it saves me from making a phone call to you later,” Robbie tells him as Cory’s ears perk up.

“What’s up? Why were you going to call me?”

Robbie sighs as he hates his job sometimes. Twin Peaks is such a small town he is bound to have to give people he is close to some unsettling law news once in awhile. “It’s about the charges on you, that Robin pressed after the premier.”

“I’m out on bail. I paid it myself,” he quickly says not wanting to have to go back to jail.

“Yea, that’s all good. I just wanted you to know that the judge is going forward with the charges. You should be in court sooner rather than later,” Robbie tells him.

“Great, I guess I should go see my lawyer then,” Cory sighs. “Can I ask you a question?”


“In cases like this in the past, what’s the worst that could happen to me? I mean, if I’m found guilty.”

Robbie looks at him and pauses before he answers. Another answer that Cory probably doesn’t want to hear. “The worst?” Robbie asks as Cory nods his head yes. “You’ll go to prison. But if you didn’t do it Cory, you have to trust in your lawyer and the legal system. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that you don’t go to prison if you’re innocent.”

Cory doesn’t want to show his fear to Robbie, but he feels his stomach drop. He can’t go to prison for something he didn’t do. He has to step up his quest to prove his innocence. “Thanks Robbie,” he says before walking away. He goes outside and takes a deep breath, hoping that the fresh air will calm him. He grabs his phone and sends a text to Dominick that reads “Call me, I need your help.”

He puts his phone back in his pocket. “Dominick knows how much I love Robin, there’s no way he’ll believe that I did this. He could help me,” he tells himself as he walks down the street, hoping that Dominick can help him prove his innocence.


Inside the coffeehouse, Robin watches as Cory leaves as she sits in the back corner. She’s wearing large black sunglasses, so no one will recognize her. She still has the large bandage on her face and she can’t help but feel insecure about her looks. She doesn’t even know why she agreed to come to the coffeehouse, but Will, whom she is meeting, refused to take no for an answer. She smiles when he finally walks in and comes over and sits down across from her.

“I’m so glad you could come,” he says as he looks at her. “You should take your sunglasses off.”

“No, I can’t Will. I don’t want people to see me,” she says in a quiet voice. She hates that at any time someone could draw attention to her.

“You can’t hide forever Robin. That’s why I made you come here. Getting out is good for you. You’re still the same beautiful woman that you always were,” he tells her, trying to encourage her.

Robin smiles at her friend and grabs his hand, “Thank you. You’re sweet. You just have to understand, this is still all so new for me. I’m just not ready to show everyone my hideous scar.”

“Okay, I can respect that.”

“Baby steps, right?” she smiles at him.

“I’m going to tell you one more thing before we can change the subject,” he says gaining her attention. “Are you sure Cory did this to you? I saw first hand how much he loves you,” he tells her remembering when he was Robin’s nurse after she went blind a few years ago. “He adores you Robin. I can’t imagine that he would hurt you this way.”

Robin sighs and tries to fight her tears knowing that she’s still conflicted about the truth. She, like Will, can’t imagine that Cory would hurt her, but she still believes that her mother wouldn’t make stories up like this. “I’m just going based on the facts. It looks like he was the one behind the attack. I have no idea if he did or not Will.”

“What does your heart say?”

“Excuse me?”

“Follow your heart Robin, it’ll never steer you wrong. If you heart is telling that Cory did this, then pursue it. But if your heart is telling you that he’s innocent, then you have to believe in him. If you don’t, you risk losing him forever.”

Scene Seven -- Roboto; Bob’s Office

Bob sits at his desk reviewing files from the last quarter of the companies expenses. His mind really is not on the files in front of him, however. He can’t help but think of Natasha and how devastated he was by her reaction to the intervention that he and his family tried to hold with her. She stormed out, but not before telling everyone in the family to go to hell. He shudders to think of what is becoming of his little daughter, and he has only one person to really blame for his family falling apart: Dominick. He is the one that brought Eva McCloud back to town and thus set the truth coming out into motion. He knows that he wants revenge, but that will come in time. His top priority still has to be getting Natasha back and off the drugs that she’s on. He looks back at his laptop to continue to work on his files, but his office door barges open and Dominick walks into his office.

“You owe me a thank you,” Dominick smugly tells Bob as he walks to the front of Bob’s desk. He debated coming to see Bob, but at the end of the day he couldn’t resist the chance to rub Bob’s face in his role in his family’s life.

“Excuse me?” Bob replies, typing away, not wanting to give Dominick the time of day.

“I was the one that got Ryan out of Natasha’s life. You owe me a thank you.”

“Like hell I do,” Bob snaps back, finally looking up at Dominick. “If it wasn’t for you, none of this would be happening.”

Dominick laughs, “Always the dramatic one Bob. If you and Sofia hadn’t lied to Natasha her entire life, none of this would have happened. The truth always has a way of coming out.”

“You son of a bitch,” Bob yells, standing up and glaring at Dominick. “Get out of my office Dominick Roberston, before I throw you out!”

“You know what my favorite part of this story is? That Sofia, precious Sofia, came to me and asked for my help. Not you, but me. That screams volumes about where she really wants to be, doesn’t it?” Dominick grins over at his enemy, knowing that deep down he would love to reclaim Sofia for his own.

“Stay away from my family Dominick, I’m warning you! Or the next time you’ll see anyone you care about, will be from a hospital bed.”

Dominick laughs again at Bob’s petty threats. “Calm down old boy before you have a heart attack. I’ll go, I wasn’t really expecting you to thank me anyways.”

Bob watches at Dominick strolls out of his office. Bob slams the door shut behind Dominick and fumes. He knows he has to come up with something to get him back, but how? “It’s time to put my thinking cap on,” he says as he grits his teeth. It’s not long before he realizes that he still has Melissa in his back pocket; he brought her back to town to seduce Dominick. He grabs his phone and dials a number. “It’s Bob. I need to see you, now!”

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Police Station; Visitation Room

Ryan is dragged into the visitation room again. He sighs as the door closes and the guard indicates that he’s again going to booth five. He slowly walks over, not sure he wants to have another visitor, unless it’s who he called earlier. After his visit with Natasha earlier today, he isn’t sure he can handle another lashing, or if he wants too. He approaches the booth and is surprised to see Kim on the other side of the glass window. She picks up the phone and waits for him. He finally sits down and picks up. “I’m surprised to see you,” he tells her, despite the fact that she was his call. “I called and you came.”

Kim smiles at Ryan’s lame attempt that she’ll help him now that he’s in jail. She contemplated coming to see him and she finally realized that she just had to, it will be closure to a very long chapter in her life. His phone call was the last straw, clearly an act of desperation. “It feels good having all that heavy make up off my face,” she taunts him, referring to her make up when she was dressed up like a hooker to trap Ryan.

“I can’t believe you got me like that. I am man enough to say you did a good job,” he tells her, still hoping that if he plays his cards right, Kim may help him. He knows that she has a soft heart. “You taunt me my lesson.”

“I did, and it’s only the beginning Ryan,” she says coldly back to him, loving the sight of him back in jail.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you know how long the McQuillan men have been tormenting me Ryan? For years. First it was Jackson,” she says leaning closer to the glass. “Your brother raped and stalked me. He played this sympathy card with me though. You know? He told me about your childhood and how rough it was. And I fell for it. So many people never understood why I cared for him after everything he did to me, and I’m finally realizing why. No one has a perfect upbringing, but not everyone uses that as an excuse to be a bad person.”

“Do you think I’m a bad person? Do you think Jackson was a bad person?” Ryan asks.

“You both are terrible men Ryan! You sell drugs to underage kids! You got my best friend hooked on cocaine! You tried to blackmail Will into helping you,” she spits back at him. “I think your despicable! And I’m finally able to admit the same about Jackson. I hope you know that I will testify against you in court and I will do everything I can to make sure you are put away for a very long time.”

Ryan laughs at Kim. When he stops he looks into her eyes with more intensity than he ever has before, knowing that she won‘t be helping him out. “I will get out of here one day Kim. And you better hope I don’t come across you, or you’ll see a side of me that you’ve never seen before,” he threatens her before he slams the phone down. “Guard, I’m done here,” he yells as the guard comes to collect him.

Kim slowly hangs up the phone and watches Ryan get escorted back and wonders if Ryan’s threats could ever come true. Will she always have to watch her back? She shakes her head. “He’s going to jail, and I’m going to put him there.” she tells herself before getting up and walking away.

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