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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At school, Trenyce overheard Mallory Cunningham call her fat
- Robbie had Natasha arrested for drug possession
- Bob told Melissa to follow his instructions or he would reveal her role in Robin’s attack
- Adam & Helen were stunned to learn that Olivia was drugging Helen

Scene One – Twin Peaks Police Station

“I need you to calm down,” Robbie tells an upset Sofia, who is in his office at the TPPD with Bob and Eva beside her. “We knew this was going to happen.”

Robbie, of course, is talking about the arrest of Natasha for drug possession which happened a few hours earlier in the day. After the family attempted to hold an intervention with Natasha to make her realize that she has a drug problem that needs to be addressed, they knew that they had to do something drastic. Robbie and Bob had come up with the idea of getting Natasha charged with drug possession and make her spend a night in jail hoping that the ordeal would make her wake up. Sofia, knew of the plan, but now that it’s happening she doesn’t know if she can handle seeing Natasha spend the night in jail. The thought of her child all alone in a cold cell devastates her.

“Of course we knew this would happen, but actually letting her spend the night in jail like some common criminal is another story,” Sofia barks back at them. She can’t bare the thought of Natasha being locked up over night.

“This will show her that she really has hit rock bottom Sofia,” Bob tells his wife, defending their plan to help Natasha. “Look, I don’t like this anymore than you do, but Natasha has to realize that she is in this mess and the only way out is to get help. If we just get her out on bail nothing will change. She has to want to change. She has to realize that she needs help.”

“Bob is right,” Eva chimes in, wanting to support Bob. She knows that this could be her only chance to have a real relationship with Natasha. She doesn’t want to lose that opportunity. “I hate the idea of Natasha being locked up for a night as well, but I think it’s for the best.”

Sofia turns away from her family and bites her lower lip. She knows what they’re saying is right, but she still hates it. Fighting them on it, though, won’t help her or Natasha, in fact it would do the opposite. She takes a deep breath and then looks at Robbie, “You promise me that she will be in her own separate cell tonight?”

Robbie walks out from behind his desk and hugs his mother. He can see how effected she is and he hates that she is so torn by the arrest. He doesn’t agree with his parents lying to Natasha for most of her life, but he will work with them to ensure Natasha gets better. He wants his sister back. “I will do what I can. Just know that we are doing the right thing Mother. Natasha has to realize that she needs us and that she needs to get help.”

“I know,” Sofia replies as a tear falls from her eye. “I just hate this.”

“We all do Sofia. Let’s hope that this will wake Natasha up, once and for all,” Bob tells her as he grabs her hand, so show that he is supporting her. She looks over at her husband and gives him half a smile.

Scene Two – Dominick’s Condo

Dominick walks over to the telephone in his living room and begins to dial a number. As he dials, recalls getting a text message from Cory asking him for help in proving Cory’s innocence within regards to the attack on Robin the night of the premier. He isn’t going to hesitate on that because he doesn’t believe for a second that Cory is responsible. He is calling Cory now to set up a time to discuss how he could possibly help him prove his innocence. He hears Cory’s voicemail chime in, “Cory, it is Dominick. Meet me at the Sugarbowl in an hour and we can discuss proving your innocence.”

He hangs up the phone just as the doorbell rings. He quickly walks over to the door and sees Melissa standing on the other side of the door. “Melissa! This is a surprise,” he says as he welcomes his lover into his home. “Came for an afternoon quickie?” he winks, loving that they have reunited and are exploring each other again. After so many years apart, the togetherness feels right.

Melissa doesn’t laugh as she enters the living room. She hates what she is about to do, but she can’t help but remember what happened when she met with Bob the previous day. He knows about her involvement with Robin’s attack and she can not let that truth be revealed; not now, not ever. She has to do what Bob has told her to do. She has no other choice. She looks at Dominick and says, “No, I’m here for something very different. It’s over Dominick.”

Dominick’s mouth falls open a little shocked that Melissa is seemingly dumping him. He knows that Melissa has always been unpredictable, but this is surprising even for her. “Where is this coming from? You seem to have been enjoying our time together since Phillip went back to Boston.”

“I have been enjoying our time together Dominick,” Melissa tells him, staying strong and not getting teary eyed. “But all good things must come to an end and I have decided that I am going to try to make my marriage to Phillip work. The first step in that is ending things with you and getting him to come back to Twin Peaks.”

Dominick arches his eye brow, knowing that something else must be going on with Melissa. First, he knows that Phil will not come back to Twin Peaks as he hated it here. His business and life are back in Boston. Secondly, he and Melissa have always had a wild attraction and she wouldn’t be so quick to end things. His mind wonders back to their last conversation at his place, when he questioned her about her role in Robin’s attack. Melissa, of course, got defensive quickly and insisted that she had nothing to do with the attack. However, her behaviour here today makes him realize that perhaps he is on to something. He had thoughts that day and he is wondering if this is confirmation of that. He realizes that he has to play his cards right as he doesn’t want to tip her off in his suspicions. “Well if that’s what you want, so be it. You know the way out, right? I have to get ready for a meeting.”

He coldly walks past her and out of the living room, leaving Melissa alone. She bites her lower lip and grabs her bag before leaving the house. Outside, she takes a deep breath, trying to gain her composure. She hates that she had to end things with Dominick but she has no choice. “Damn you Bob,” she whispers before walking away from the condo, wondering what he next move should be.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks University

“Don’t forget to check the back wall on your way out to find out who your partner is for next assignment,” Rita Willis tells her class as she shuts her text book. “Come see me if you have any questions and remember, you each have to hand in your own assignment. See you next week.”

Trenyce closes her book and puts it into her bag. She wonders who she will be assigned to work with for her project. She hopes that it’s someone that she could p otentially become friends with as she has struggled to meet people since she started school. Not that she minds entirely, outside of school she has many friends. Still, it would be nice to have some people to study with and talk to about school related stuff. As she stands up, she spots Mallory Cunningham looking at the posted sheet. Trenyce feels her blood boil seeing her. The first few weeks of school, Trencye really felt like she wanted to be friends with Mallory and her posse, but she has since realized that they’re not the type of people she wants to hang out with. Since the other day at the cafeteria, where Trenyce overheard Mallory not only complaining that Trenyce got a better grade for her designs, but when Mallory called Trenyce fat, Trenyce has realized that Mallory is not the type of person that’s worth her time. Trenyce knows that she may not be the skinniest person in the world, but she has never thought she was fat. Of course, hearing someone actually call you fat has really played on Trenyce’s insecurities. She has started to watch what she eats and wants to prove to Mallory and her friends that she is worthy of them. She doesn’t like them, but for some reason still longs to have their approval.

She walks up the stairs and sees Mallory’s mouth fall open, clearly exasperated by who she has to work with on the next assignment. Trenyce can’t help but get a small smirk on her face, enjoying that Mallory is in some state of suffering. Her smirk is quickly erased however when she arrives at the posting sheet and she sees that she’s scheduled to work with Mallory. She turns and spots Mallory, who shakes her head and says “No fucking way!” Trenyce looks back and rolls her eyes. “This ought to be interesting,” she says to herself, trying to brace herself for working with Mallory.

Scene Four -- The Sugarbowl

Adam enters the coffeehouse on a break from his morning classes. He just started school again and he’s happy to be back at work as it will give him some kind of break from always thinking about Helen and their daughter that died. Things have been complicated lately as Helen found out that she was being drugged by Olivia for about two years. It has lead the couple to believe that something more was going on with Olivia and Preston other than their past as bank robbers. Could they have been trying to keep something from them about their daughter died? Adam has no idea, but he knows that he and Helen are determined to get to the bottom of it. They must if they ever want to truly move on with their lives and accept their daughter’s death. The truth will set them free.

He approaches the counter to get his coffee when Shane approaches him. “Adam! How are you? It’s been awhile,” Shane says coming up and greeting his friend. Shane is well aware of why it has been so long since he has seen his friend in awhile. He quickly recalls the night that Cassie came home from her trip to the cabin with Helen and Olivia and she told him that she wanted to keep her distance from the Wilkins and the Blacks. He just assumed that something went down between the women at the cabin and didn’t pry.

“How are you Shane? How’s Cassie and Dawn?” Adam asks, greeting his friend back.

“Everyone’s good. It’s been awhile. How are things with you?” he asks as they put their cream and sugar into their coffee. “You have a moment, we could grab a table?”

“That’d be great,” Adam smiles back to his friend as they sit down at the window on some stools. “Things have been interesting, so say the least.”

Shane arches his eyebrow. “Oh? What’s going on?”

“It’s a long story,” Adam begins as he takes a drink of his coffee. “But to make it short, Helen and I discovered that Olivia was drugging her.”

“What?” Shane asks shocked by Adam’s admission. “Is that why Helen was in the hospital the other week?” Adam nods his head in response. “This is crazy. What was she trying to accomplish by drugging Helen?”

Adam sighs. “We wish we knew the entire story. We are starting to suspect it may have something to do with the night our daughter died. Olivia was with Helen at the cabin that night.”

“I’m stunned. I don’t know what to say Adam. I mean, my god, it’s almost incomprehensible that Olivia was drugging Helen and could be behind your babies death. I worked with her for years at the hospital and never suspected anything like this.”

“Helen was just as surprised,” Adam tells his friend. “I always knew that something was off with Olivia, I just couldn’t place it, you know? I just wish I had known what was going on back then. So much could be different.”

Shane pauses before responding as he knows that Adam struggled with his daughters death for so time, including blaming Helen for the longest of times. “Whatever I can do to help, let me know. I hope you and Helen can move forward now.”

“That’s the goal. I’ll let you know though, thanks Shane.”

Scene Five - Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Room 295

Melissa opens the door to her large hotel suite and feels her eyes swell with water. She hates that she had to dump Dominick because of being brought into Bob’s game of revenge. While she is still married to Phil, she knows that part of her heart has always belonged to Dominick and being back together with him for the last few weeks has felt so good – so right. Still, she realizes that she really didn’t have a choice in the matter as there’s no way she could allow Bob to reveal her role in Robin’s attack the night of the premier. She has worked far too hard to break up Cory and Robin for anyone, including Bob, to ruin it. She knows very well her and Phil are over, so maybe once Bob moves on with his plans, she and Dominick can still have a future together.

As she enters the suite, she sees Robin laying on her bed. She’s still wearing her pj’s, indicating to Melissa that Robin hasn’t even gotten out of bed yet today. She grows concerned about her daughter as she recognizes that Robin must be going through a depression as her face is still badly scarred and she is separated from Cory. “Robin, how are you holding up today?” she asks softly, already getting an idea on how to help Robin.

Robin doesn’t turn over to face her mother. She doesn’t really want to face her today, or anyone for that matter. She wishes she could hide until her face was back to normal. She knows that looks shouldn’t be everything to her, but she hates how ugly she has become and she doesn’t want anyone to see her. Since she has moved in with Melissa, she has been forced to at least interact with her mother often, but she doesn’t have the drive today. “I’m fine mother. I just want to rest.”

“Sweetie, come on,” Melissa says sitting next to Robin on the bed. “You can’t keep moping around. You’re still young, beautiful woman that has so much to offer the world. I have an idea,” Melissa grins. “Why don’t you go on a date or something!?”

Robin is mortified at the thought her mother just suggested. She rolls over and glares at her mother, “What are you talking about? I’m still married to Cory! I couldn’t possibly go on a date with another man!”

Melissa defends herself, “Yes, but you are separated from Cory because he is the cause of your scar. Never forget that dear. I’m not saying you should get married again, but getting out in the company of a nice man might be a nice change of pace for you. You can get out and have a little fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can’t continue laying around the hotel all the time.”

“I don’t want to go out when I look like this! Don’t you understand that? I feel ugly right now!” Robin cries, unable to prevent herself from getting tears in her eyes.

“Sshh,” Melissa replies to her daughter, trying to comfort her. “Leave it to me, okay? I’ll find you a nice guy to at least go out on a date with and you’ll see, you’ll feel better. Trust me.”

Scene Six -- The Clubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane opens the door to the sound of a baby crying. He walks into the living room and sees Cassie trying to calm down an upset Dawn. He watches his wife with the baby and realizes that she has turned into a natural mother with baby Dawn. He is proud of Cassie as he knows that she always wanted a baby but she never really struck him as the mother type. He watches as Dawn stops crying and quickly falls asleep in Cassie’s arms.

“You’re so good with her,” Shane whispers as he comes into the living room not wanting to awake the baby.

Cassie smiles as she lays Dawn into her playpen and looks up at her husband. “Thanks. She makes it easy. How was your day?”

“Interesting, to say the least,” Shane remarks, reflecting on his conversation with Adam at the coffeehouse earlier in the day. “I ran into Adam at the coffeehouse.”

Cassie arches her eyebrow. She doesn’t know what is going on with Helen these days as she hasn’t seen her since the day of Olivia and Preston’s funeral, not that she’s complaining. She felt like Olivia was so close to revealing the truth about the baby switch, which is why she tampered with Olivia’s breaks. She can’t allow anyone to come close to the truth. “Is something going on with Adam and Helen?”

“You’ll never believe this, but Olivia was drugging Helen. Something about a secret past together that Olivia wanted to ensure Helen didn’t remember.”

Cassie turns around and hides her face from Shane as she doesn’t want him to see her right now. She knows that Helen was an assistant in the bank robbing that Olivia and Preston were involved in. She only had the help of the Wilkins because she had been blackmailing them with the information. She didn’t realize that Olivia was drugging her to make her forgot, although it makes sense that Olivia continued after the baby was born so that Helen wouldn’t remember more about the night the baby died. She wonders if Helen is starting to remember more about that night, which terrifies her. “My God,” she finally says back to Shane, trying to sound surprised. “I had no idea.”

“How would you have any idea?” Shane asks her back, noting that no one had an idea that Olivia was drugging Helen. “No one had any idea that Olivia was that type of person. You didn’t know her that well, did you?”

Cassie shakes her head quickly. “No, I mean, I only saw her on a few occasions. I just … I feel awful for Helen. I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now.”

“It gets worse,” Shane continues to tell her. “The Blacks suspect that Olivia may have been drugging her to prevent her from remembering the night their baby died. They’re going full steam ahead to uncover all of the secrets about that night.”

The words hit Cassie hard and she suddenly feels herself go pale. She can’t let them find out the truth. She won’t let them.

“Are you okay? You look so pale suddenly,” Shane asks coming up to his wife.

Cassie hugs him quickly and holds him tightly. “I guess I just feel grateful that we are together and our baby is safe and sound. Where she belongs.”

“We are lucky,” Shane replies as he holds her. “Nothing will change that Cassie.”

He is right about that, she thinks to herself. And I’m going to make sure of it. She just has to figure out a way how.

Scene Seven -- The Sugarbowl

Dominick walks into the coffeehouse, still reeling from his conversation with Melissa earlier at his condo. He can’t believe that she dumped him and firmly believes that there is more to her story than what she claimed. He doesn’t believe for a second that she wants her marriage to Phil to work. Something else is going on, and the more he thinks about it, the more he is sure that it has to do with him asking her if she had anything to do with Robin’s attack at the premier. She got defensive quickly, something didn’t feel right about her response to him.

He spots Cory in the back corner booth and walks up to his son in law. “Thanks for meeting me,” he says to him as he sits across from Cory.

“No, thank you,” Cory says to Dominick. “I’m assuming that this has to do with my text to you about helping me prove my innocence to Robin.”

“It is,” Dominick offers a half smile.

“You have to believe me Dominick, I had nothing to do with Robin’s attack. I’m innocent,” Cory tells him. He somehow suspects that Dominick already knows that and believes him, but Cory feels like he has to continue to say it over and over to people. He hates that he has been arrested and could, potentially, go to jail for this crime that he didn’t commit.

“I know Cory. I believe you. You love Robin, I know that you would never hurt my daughter,” Dominick reassures him. “When you came to me and told me that you wanted Robin back after you left Natasha, I knew then how much you cared for her. I have never once believed that you were behind her attack.”

Cory breathes a sigh of relief and even manages to smile a little. “Thanks. I appreciate that. I just wish Robin would realize that.”

“She’s under the influence of her mother, you have to understand that,” Dominick tells him. “They have been estranged for so long, it’s only natural that Robin wants to believe her mother now that they have grown close again. It’s Melissa that is planting these seeds of doubt in Robin’s head.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Melissa told me herself when I mentioned it to her. She basically forced me to believe her idea that you were behind the attack.”

Cory arches his eyebrow knowing that Melissa has been very harsh and cold to him when he’s been around Robin ever since the attack. She has openly accused him on more than one occasion. So, it makes sense that she is the one telling Robin that he is behind the attack. “Can I be honest with you about something Dominick?”

“Of course.”

“I think Melissa was behind it. I think she hates me so much that she wanted me out of Robin’s life. Maybe she didn’t mean for Robin to get hurt, maybe she doesn’t care. But I think she’s the one setting me up.”

Dominick arches his eyebrow and moves in closer to Cory, “I think you’re right. I was thinking the same thing actually. We have to keep this to ourselves Cory. No one, I mean no one can know. Not until we can prove it.”

“Okay,” Cory responds, eager to hear what Dominick has to say. “How can we prove it?”

Scene Eight -- Twin Peaks Police Department; Holding Cells

Natasha slowly walks down a hallway with cement walls surrounding her. On both sides of her are jail cells. She can’t believe that she has to spend the night in jail. She thought, for sure, that her parents or Eva would have bailed her out. Another reason, she thinks, that they are not worth her time. She is furious with them for making her spend the night in jail, like some kind of common criminal. Don’t they realize what this is doing to her?

Before she can ponder the thought anymore, the guard opens a cell door. “This is your home tonight,” she says as Natasha enters. “Another guard will be around later with water if your thirsty. Breakfast is served at 7 am sharp.”

“What if I have to go to the washroom?” Natasha asks innocently.

The guard points to a small toilet coming out of the wall in her cell.

Natasha turns back to the guard with a horrified look on her face. “But everyone else will see me! I couldn’t possibly!”

“Sorry sweetie, that’s the rules here,” the guard says as she begins to close the door to the cell.

“Wait!” Natasha cries, “Are you absolutely positive that my father didn’t post my bail? I can’t believe that he would let me stay in this place!”

The guard smiles as how much of a princess Natasha is. “We are sure. No one posted your bail.” With that the door to the cell is closed and locked.

Natasha holds her hands on the cell bars and watches the guard walk away. She keeps hoping that maybe it’s some kind of sick joke that someone is playing on her and that they guard will turn around and let her out. She lets a tear escape from her eye when she hears the door slam shut and the guard is no longer in the holding cell area. She turns around and looks at the cell. “What has my life become?” she asks herself as she looks at the small and extremely uncomfortable looking cot in the corner. On the other side of the cell is the toilet and a small stainless steel sink for her to wash her hands after. There is no towel for her to dry her hands though.

Suddenly, she feels her body shake. She tries to control it but her hands continue to shake uncontrollably. She realizes that she needs to have a fix - it’s been well over six hours since her last high. She is going through withdrawal, she realizes. She walks over to the stainless sink and turns out the water. She puts her mouth to the tap and drinks some of the water and then splashes some on her face, hoping to cool herself down. It seems to work as the shaking stops. Although, she realizes that it’ll be a long night in the jail cell without any drugs in her system.

As she walks back over to the cot, she realizes that this is what it’s like to be alone - truly alone. She has no one around her to talk to, as the cells right beside her are empty. She is isolated in this cell and she has to spend the entire night there. She thought she was alone before in the motel room, but this seems so much more real to her. She feels her bottom lip start to quiver as more tears escape her eyes.

She walks over to the cot and lays down. “I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she cries to herself. “I don’t want to be alone.”

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