Episode 141 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: September 21, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Meggan was drunk and she hit Victoria with her car as she was moving out of Vinny’s
- Chris told Daisy she doesn’t have to run for mayor again, but she claims she wants to
- Trenyce and Mallory were scheduled to work together for a school project
- Reese kissed Andy while out at the bar
- Will inherited money from Olivia after she died

Scene One -- The Michaels Home; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“You’re home early,” Daisy notes to Chris as he comes into the living room of the house. Daisy finishes changing Andrew’s diaper as he takes his coat off and drops his bag. “Trenyce is working on a school project, so I’m home with Andrew.”

“I see that,” he smiles as he looks down at his son. He really is impressed with how well the living arrangement between his ex-wife and Trenyce has gone. They are all pinching in and helping out with Andrew when they can and make adjustments to help each other; they’re actually working as a family. He is a bit surprised considering how vengeful Trenyce was towards him before the custody hearing. Things were very tense between the two of them, but they are so much better now. If anything, the tension has moved over to him and Daisy, as she hasn’t approved of his romance with Victoria after she married Vinny in Las Vegas. “It’s good to see you home and not working on your campaign.”

Daisy looks up at him after setting Andrew in his playpen. She knows that she has been working hard on her campaign, but she knows that against Vinny she will have tough competition. She doesn’t want to lose the election, so she has been working long hours, trying to come up with the best campaign possible. “It is a good mental break, I will admit that. But I am determined to win that election Chris. Anything less and I just won’t be happy. I can’t lose that title. I’m not ready yet.”

“I know. I support you,” he smiles as he comes up to her and hugs her. She quickly feels his muscular arms wrap around her and tries to scold her self for liking the feeling. It has been so long since she has had a man’s arms around her. It’s been so long since she has felt desired. She quickly pulls away knowing that she doesn’t want to get caught up in Chris again. He hurt her far too much after his affairs with both Trenyce and Danielle were exposed.

He can immediately sense her tense up and realizes that he may have crossed a line. He can’t help but feel similar; after spending so many years together, he and Daisy are bound to have feelings for each other, but he knows that it’s probably not a good idea to cross the line. He isn’t sure how she feels about him and he has been seeing Victoria, despite her marriage to Vinny. He is about to say something to her when the telephone rings. “You should get that,” she quickly tells him as he walks over to the phone. He looks back at her one final time before he picks up the phone.

“Hello,” he says still looking at Daisy. “Yes, this is he … What? My god, I’ll be right there!” he says into the phone as his voice tone picks up. Daisy arches her eyebrow realizing that something is going on. “It’s Victoria,” he says looking back at Daisy, after hanging up the phone. “She’s in the hospital. She was hit by a car!”

Scene Two -- The Sugarbowl

Trenyce drinks some of her large coffee as she writes notes on some paper for her assignment that is due in school coming up. She quickly glances at her watch and realizes that Mallory is late for their meeting. They were scheduled to meet at the coffee house so that they could get a head start on the project and that was an hour ago. Trenyce recalls the day at school when she heard Mallory call her fat; she wonders if Mallory really does hate her that much or if she was just calling Trenyce fat in the head of the moment. Either way, Trenyce isn’t pleased that she has been forced to work with her and that Mallory is seemingly not going to do her share of the work. Trenyce realizes that Mallory isn’t a good person. Trenyce looks up and is startled to actually see Mallory enter the coffeehouse. She carries a large Burberry bag and rushes to the back of the coffeehouse where Trenyce is sitting. She finishes her phone conversation into her Iphone and sits across from Trenyce. “Okay, so let’s get this over with. I have a busy day planned,” Mallory spits over at Trenyce, annoyed that she has to work with Trenyce and that she is spending her day on school work. There are so many other things that Mallory would rather be doing with her day off.

Trenyce looks at Mallory and again feels her blood boil. How dare this girl show up late and then talk to her like she is busy, especially with Trenyce has been putting a lot of energy into the project. “You have a lot of nerve, you know that?” Trenyce yells back at Mallory. “I’ve been busting my ass here working and you show up late and expect to start barking orders. That’s not how this will work. Not at all.”

Mallory glares back at Trenyce, startled by her will to defend herself. She didn’t really think Trenyce had the backbone to do so. She was really hoping that Trenyce, since she got a better grade than her for the first assignment, would do all the work for the assignment and she could just put her name on the paper. “How will this work then?” she asks Trenyce, still startled, also still aware that she’s in a public place and it’s not the place that she wants to have a screaming fight.

“You better do half the assignment, or I will make sure that you won’t get graded. I’ll go to professor Willis and complain that I did all the work,” Trenyce replies to her, meaning her words. She’ll be damned if she lets Mallory take all the credit for Trenyce’s work.

“Of course you will. Little fat girl is the teacher’s pet too!” Mallory barks back, rolling her eyes, unaware of the pain she just caused Trenyce by calling her fat again. “Fine! Let’s get down to work. I really do have a busy day.”

Trenyce looks at her and tries to prevent the tears in her eyes from swelling in her eyes. It’s not the first time Mallory has referred to her as fat, so it must be true, Trenyce realizes as she passes Mallory a piece of paper. “These are the concepts we are going to work on. I’ll do the first five and I’ll do the last five and we’ll be done, okay?” Trenyce replies to her calmly, still rattled by Mallory’s remarks.

Mallory looks at the piece of paper and gives half a smile. “Fine, that sounds fair.”

Trenyce returns her focus to the paper in front of her and picks up her pen to continue working. She notices that she has a hard time focusing though. She looks up subtely and looks at Mallory; her long flowing hair falls just past her shoulders, her make up is perfect, her clothing is amazing and … she’s thin. Trenyce looks down at herself and sees how wide her hips look in her jeans and suddenly feels extremely self conscious. Maybe Mallory is right, she tells herself, starting to doubt herself and how she looks. She shakes her head and tries to block the thoughts from her mind.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Room 104

Meggan looks out the window of her suite at the large, luxury hotel in Twin Peaks. She moved into the hotel after she finished moving out of Vinny’s house the other day. The thought still pains her as she is desperate to get back together with the man she believed was her husband for so many years. Yet another aspect of her life that Dave and Brett took away from her when they were impersonating Vinny for so many years. She still can’t believe that he married Victoria when they were in Las Vegas together recently; not long after they had learned that their marriage was illegal. She recalls how Vinny told her that he wasn’t ready to marry her again after they discovered the truth, but she thought he meant that he wasn’t ready to marry anyone. It was another cold, harsh, slap in the face to learn that he was married to Victoria on a trip to Vegas.

She shakes her head as her mind, however, is not on her failing relationship with Vinny, rather the fact that she hit Victoria with her car when she was moving out. She quickly recalls shifting the wrong gears and hitting Victoria. The blood splattered on her the windshield of the car and Victoria fell to the ground.


“I’m fine Victoria! I’m not telling you again!” Meggan yells as she drives back. She slams on the breaks quickly as another car drives back on the road. Victoria stands watching Meggan in the car. Meggan suddenly switches gears and pushes on the gas as the road is now clear, not realizing that she went into normal gear. As she presses on the gas, the car moves forward and hits Victoria! Meggan screams as Victoria’s body hits her windshield and blood sprays on it.

“Oh my god!” Meggan screams as she hears the body tumble to the ground outside of her. She quickly puts the car into park and she opens her door and rushes around to Victoria, who laying unconscious on the ground. She rolls Victoria over, and despite being drunk, remembers her police training. She feels for Victoria’s pulse, which she finds quickly. “Oh thank God she’s not dead!” she says to herself. She looks around and sees a quiet and deserted road. She realizes that she’s like that she and Vinny live in such a sought after neighbourhood that is quiet during the day time. “I can’t go back to jail,” she tells herself as she drags Victoria’s limp body to the road, remembering her last drunken accident that landed her in jail. She places the body near the curb and then rushes back to the car. She turns the window wipers on and gets the blood off her windshield. She backs the car up and quickly speeds off, leaving the body on the side of the road. She drives a few blocks away and pulls over again and gets her cell phone and dials 9-1-1.


Meggan snaps back into present day when she hears a knock on her suite door, ending her thoughts of calling in the anonymous hit and run to the police. She rushes over and opens the door to see housekeeping. “I don’t need any service today,” she smiles to the woman on the other side of the door before shutting it again, not wanting to be disturbed more than anything.

She walks over to the desk and pours herself a glass of water. She hasn’t had a drink since arriving at the hotel. “Someone must have found Victoria by now,” she tells herself as she takes a drink of the water and shuts her eyes. She wishes she was taking a drink of vodka, but she realizes that drinking has gotten her into this mess. “I guess it’s good that no one has come to ask me any questions yet. It must mean that I’m in the clear.”

She turns around and her eyes spot the mini fridge on the other side of the suite. She knows what’s in the mini bar but she shakes her head. “No, I can’t drink anymore. This has gotten me into another mess. I have to stop drinking. I just have too.”

She looks at the mini bar and turns around and shuts her eyes. “I’m strong enough to handle this. I can get through this,” she tells herself, hoping that she believes herself for the first time in along time, she has no other choice.

Scene Four - The Tower’s, Floor Eight

The elevator doors open to the large floor of the Tower’s condo complex and Will exits carrying a large box. He sets it down while he tries to locate his keys in his pocket. He looks around at the lavish hallway and smiles to himself. He recalls how he inherited some money from Olivia after she passed away and he quickly bought himself a place to live instead of staying in his rental apartment. He thought that buying a place would be the best thing to do with some of the cash as it secures his future, something he and Olivia were about to do together. He still misses her each and every day, but he knows that this is a great way to honour her memory by moving up in the world and making a name for himself.

He finds the keys and unlocks the door to his condo. He walks back over to pick up the box but he slowly trips and the box crashes down before Will regains his balance. He looks over at his box and realizes that the glass plates inside may have just broken. As he heads over to the box, the second unit’s door on the floor opens up and Eva emerges with her hand on her hips. “What the hell is going out here?” she asks annoyed by the loud bang. It’s her first day off in awhile and the last thing she wants is a loud neighbour intruding on her quiet day.

“Sorry,” Will says as he looks over to her, somewhat startled by her presence. He wasn’t expecting his boss to be his neighbour. “I’m moving in. You live on this floor?”

Eva arches her eyebrow wondering if Will is really going to be her new neighbour. “Yea, I bought this place last year when I decided to stay in Twin Peaks. The other unit has been empty the entire time I’ve lived here.”

Will smiles at her, “Not anymore. I got a great price on it.”

“I bet you did,” Eva replies, still somewhat annoyed that he is just moving in and already creating noise. “Are you okay? It sounded like something may have broken in that box.”

“I’m fine,” Will tells her. “I dropped the box with my plates in it. I’m sure they broke though.”

“Be careful, I don’t want you to cut yourself,” Eva says walking over to him. “Here let me help you.” She bends over and grabs one side of the box and picks it up as he carries the other side.

“Thanks Eva,” he says as the enter the new condo and place the box on the kitchen counter. “Sorry for the loud noise. I’ll try to be more quiet in the future.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you at work I guess,” she says walking to the door. “Oh and Will,” she smiles, turning at the door way, happy that he was apologetic for the disturbance. “Congrats on your new place.”

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Room

Vinny enters the hospital room where Victoria is sleeping. He got a phone call regarding Victoria’s accident as he is her husband, even though they are in the midst of getting their marriage annulled. He can’t believe that she was injured in a hit and run by his house. He walks over to her as she sleeps in the bed and puts his hand on her cheek. “Thank God nothing happened to you. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you,” he says to her slowly as she continues to sleep, realizing once again how much he has grown to care for her.

As he watches her sleep, he realizes that he doesn’t want his marriage to Victoria to end. He wants to stay with her and try to have a future together. Part of the reason he asked Meggan to move out was so he and Victoria could start that life together. He knows that she hasn’t been as receptive because of her feelings for Chris, but maybe this experience will make her realize how precious there time is together and she will want to move in with him; if anything it has made him want to be with her even more. He doesn’t want to lose anymore time with her.

He turns when he hears the door open to her bedroom. He feels his blood boil when Chris enters the hospital room. “I came as soon as I heard. How is she?” he asks Vinny as he comes up to the other side of the bed and grabs Victoria’s hand, hating the state that she is in. Like Vinny, he cares very much for Victoria and wants nothing but the best for her.

“The doctor said she has no major injuries and that she should be waking up any time now,” Vinny relays the information to him. “I hope she’s discharged today.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know all the details. I’m hoping Victoria can explain when she wakes up.”

Just then, Victoria’s eyes slowly start to open and both men turn and look at her. Chris squeezes her hand more and looks up at Vinny for a moment before turning his attention back to Victoria. “Vic, it’s me, Chris. Can you hear me?”

Victoria looks around the hospital room for a minute then looks at Chris, still trying to put her head around where she is and what happened. “Chris? What … what happened?” she asks with a hoarse and dehydrated voice.

“You don’t remember?” Chris asks her, still giving her his full attention.

Victoria shakes her head no. “It’s okay,” Vinny intercepts. “All you need to know is that you’ll be fine.”

Dr. Craig Benton enters the hospital room and clears his throat. Both men turn around and spot the doctor. “Doc, how is she?” Chris asks, needing to know how Victoria is doing.

“Surprisingly well. The car that hit her wasn’t travelling at a fast speed, so Victoria is very lucky. She has a minor concussion, but otherwise she’s okay. I’ll be releasing her today,” Craig explains to them, giving both Chris and Vinny room to breathe.

“She’ll need about a weeks worth of bed rest though. I understand that she’s married to you Mr. Victors, so I can release her into your care.”

“No, put her in my care,” Chris intervenes, as a shocked Vinny listens. “She and Vinny are in the midst of getting an annulment. Victoria and I have been dating for some time now. The marriage was a drunken mistake in another state. I’ll take care of her.”

“Are you okay with this Vinny?” Craig asks him. Vinny looks at Chris with a stunned glare. He can’t believe that Chris is suggesting that Victoria move in with him and not her own husband. If Chris only knew how close he was to keeping Victoria as his wife. He knows that it’s not the time to reveal this to Chris. He wants Victoria to get out of the hospital and regain her strength. At that time, he knows that Victoria can make her own decisions.

“Yea, that’s cool. I just want her out of the hospital,” Vinny finally musters up, making Chris smile. He’s glad Vinny isn’t putting up a fuss.

“Okay, I’ll go get the paper work ready releasing Victoria into your care Chris. Have a good day gentlemen.”

Chris looks back at Victoria and grabs her hand. “Everything’s okay baby, you’re coming home with me.”

Scene Six - Capers

Andy enters the busy restaurant as it is at the lunch peak. He spots Reese sitting at a table near the window and rushes over to the table. As he walks, he recounts how when he was with JC and Trenyce recently at Bar Code, Reese kissed him. He hasn’t seen Reese since that night but since he is having lunch with him and Trenyce today, Andy knows that it’s a good time to talk to Reese about the kiss. As much as he may hate to admit it, Andy hasn’t been able to forget it. The thing that is troubling Andy the most is that he liked the kiss. He knows that he shouldn’t because he is dating JC and they have a good thing together. Since they moved in, they have grown much closer and it’s something that Andy has grown to like. Still, he can’t deny that kissing Reese again felt like old times; Times that were good.

“Hey,” Andy says to Reese as he reaches the table, trying to play it cool. He doesn’t want to let on to Reese that he has been struggling with his feelings for him since the kiss. If anything, he has to ensure that it never happens again. He doesn’t want to hurt JC in that sense.

“Hi,” Reese replies to him, watching Andy sit next to him. He can’t help but notice how cute Andy looks today in a light purple polo top. “I guess we are early.”

“Yea, T told me she was working on a school project and maybe a little late,” Andy replies to him. “It’s good though. It’ll give us time to talk.”

Reese can’t stop himself from breaking out into a tiny smile. He has been hoping that kissing Andy that night at the bar would stir some feelings in him. He doesn’t know what to expect, but he suspects that it will be a good thing. “Okay, what’s on your mind?”

“I think you know,” Andy quickly replies. “The other night at the bar. The kiss…”

“How could I forget? It brought back a lot of memories for me Andy.”

“I know. It did for me too,” Andy admits to him, again making Reese smile. “But you have to understand that I’ve moved on. I’m with JC now. We live together and we share a bed together and we are in love. We can’t go back to what we had.”

Reese swallows hard. Not exactly what he was expecting to hear from Andy as he was hoping for the opposite. He doesn’t know what to say. He truly thought that Andy was going to ask him to get back together. He realizes now that he was being naïve and silly, but he just had such hopes that he and Andy were meant to be.

“Are you okay?” Andy asks again noticing Reese’s silence.

He nods his head then turns and spots Trenyce. “T! Hey,” he smiles, covering his pain as Trenyce comes up to the table.”

“Sorry to keep you guys waiting,” she says sitting next to Andy. “Did you guys order?”

“Not yet, we were just waiting for you,” Reese tells her, not wanting to get in.

“Okay, I don’t think I’m going to eat,” Trenyce says, her mind racing back to Mallory’s comments of calling her fat at the coffee house earlier in the afternoon.

“What? Are you sure?” Andy asks concerned about his friend.

“Yea, I picked something up while I was working on this school project. I’m still full,” she lies to them. “You guys go ahead though,” Trenyce says through a fake smile. “I’ll order some juice.”

Outside, JC walks down main street as he is heading too the Sugarbowl on his coffee break. He can’t help but look into the window of Capers and he sees Andy, Reese and Trenyce having lunch together. He notices Andy break out into laughter. He remembers back to this morning when he and Andy woke up together; Andy didn’t say anything about having lunch with Trenyce or Reese today. He doesn’t mind that Andy is with Trenyce, but he still can’t get over the fact that Reese is back in town. He doesn’t know why, but he doesn’t like it; he doesn’t trust Reese with Andy. And seeing the three of them together and not knowing about, leads JC to have crazy thoughts in his head. He quickly walks past the window and tries to focus on something else, when in fact he wonders if Andy will mention the lunch that night over dinner.

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Adam gets a new job offer
- Melissa sets Robin up on a date

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