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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Adam confided in Shane of Olivia drugging Helen; Shane told Cassie, and was unaware she started to worry her plan was unfolding
- Natasha spent the night in jail after getting arrested for drug possession
- Melissa suggested to Robin that she start to date again, just to get out of the house
- Madeline told Cory she had a lead on the night of Robin’s attack. Later, Cory and Dominick shared thoughts that Melissa was behind the attack
- Meggan hit Victoria with her car. Victoria wasn’t seriously injured and was placed in Chris’ care

Scene One -- The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

It’s mid-afternoon but the curtains in the bedroom are drawn and Helen lays asleep in the bed. She has been feeling exhausted more lately after discovering that she was being drugged by Olivia and that she was helping them rob banks. The mental toll has been wearing and she has found herself taking more naps in the afternoons now. However, the sleep she is currently having is not pleasant. She has been getting more and more nightmares lately, and today is again no different. She tosses in the bed as the visions in her mind cause her to stir.


Another loud thunder bolt is heard in the sky as Olivia looks over at Helen, “This is some storm, huh?”

Helen picks up her cup of tea and takes a sip. She feels a little bit of a chill and gets an uneasy feeling inside of her stomach, though she doesn’t know why. “Yea, it’s been coming down hard. I hope Adam is okay at the fundraiser.”

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Olivia replies to her friend. “There’s a lot of people there. Did you try to call him?”

“I did, but I don’t get cell phone reception up here.”

Olivia looks into the flames of the fire as she knows that she gets cell phone reception at the cabin. She doesn’t want Helen to call Adam though, it isn’t a part of her plan. Asking Helen to come to the cabin wasn’t just to ensure that she and Helen had some alone time. Olivia takes her eyes away from the fire and looks at the large grandfather clock behind Helen: it’s time, she thinks to herself.

“I’m going to go to the ladies room,” Helen announces standing up and placing her tea cup down. “I’ll be right back.”

“Sure. I’ll get more tea,” Olivia says standing up and grabbing Helen’s mug.


Helen tosses again in the bed as she dreams of the night her baby died. For the first time she’s having real memories as opposed to dreams.


Olivia places the tea cup back down on the coffee table as Helen returns from the washroom. “There’s your tea. Drink up, it’ll keep you warm and calm.”

Helen smiles as she sits down and picks up her cup. “Thank you Olivia,” she says as she takes a drink of the hot liquid. Olivia watches her carefully, knowing that it won’t take long before the drugs start to work.

“Have you had any more memories?” Olivia quizzes her. She knows that while she waits for the drugs to do their work, she can enquire about the status of Helen’s memory loss.
“No, not at all. Actually, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh?” Olivia replies arching her eyebrow.

“It actually seems that my memory is getting worse. I keep forgetting so many little things. It has become worrisome.”

Olivia takes a drink of her tea as lightening streaks across the sky. She knows far too well that Helen’s memory loss is because of her drugging her. “That sounds alarming. How often have these lapses been happening?”

“Very often, so often it’s causing problems with Adam and I,” Helen admits to her ‘friend’. Suddenly, Helen feels a sharp pain in her side. “Ah!”

“Helen? What is it?” Olivia asks, leaning forward in her chair.

“My stomach. I’m … I think I’m cramping,” Helen says as she sets up tea cup down as her side is in pain. “Ahh! It’s happening again.”


Helen suddenly jolts up in the bed. She looks around and quickly gathers herself. She shuts her eyes again and can still see her dream like it was happening in front of her again. “My God,” she says to herself as she opens her eyes. “My tea! Olivia drugged my tea!”

She gets out of bed and rushes to the shower wondering what this means. She knows one thing for sure; she has to tell Adam what she has remembered. She feels excited and scared at the same time at the thought of having a real memory.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 295

Melissa hears the shower start in the washroom of the small suite that she is sharing with Robin. She is happy that Robin is going to be going out for the night on a date that she has set up. She isn’t expecting anything serious to happen from the date, but she thought it would be a good way for Robin to get out of the hotel and maybe hopefully move on from Cory. She has worked so hard on breaking up Cory and Robin, she refuses to let it end here. Once Robin falls in love with a new man, she’ll consider her plot a success. She finishes applying some lipstick when her cell phone rings. She walks over and picks it up.

“Hello,” she says with a smile. Her smile quickly fades when she hears the voice of Karl on the other end of the line. “Karl! What the hell are you doing calling me? I thought I made it clear we were never to speak or see each other again!” she quietly yells into her phone, not wanting Robin to hear her conversation. The man that helped her set up the attack was never supposed to contact her again. “You need more money? That’s too damn bad! We had an arrangement, remember? … Do not threaten me! … Listen, I’ll see what I can do okay?” she says before slamming the phone down. She feels panicked by the thought that Karl is back in her life demanding more money for his role in the attack. The attack on Robin that went so wrong; Robin was never meant to be hurt in the process. She shakes her head realizing that she has to come up with more money to keep Karl at bay. She has to keep the truth hidden; no one can ever know that she was responsible.

“Who was on the phone?” Robin asks as she steps out of the washroom in her housecoat, still drying her hair with a towel.

Melissa takes a deep breath and turns to face her daughter. “That was the fellow I’m setting you up with this evening. He’s in the lobby! I know you’re not ready yet, but I’m going to go down and keep him company while you finish getting ready.”

Robin sighs heavily, still not sure she likes her mother’s idea of her going out on this date. She is still in love with Cory, even if their relationship is not at it’s best right now because she believes that he could be responsible for her attack. “I’m not sure this is a good idea mother.”

“Nonsense!,” Melissa quickly replies to her. “Plus, he’s already downstairs. Get ready. I’ll see you in fifteen, or I’m coming back for you.” she orders her daughter as she walks towards the door. She opens the door then turns back to Robin, “You’re beautiful Robin. Just come and have some fun, okay?”

She rushes to the elevator and goes down to the lobby of the hotel. She walks up to a man waiting in the lobby. “You must be…” Melissa begins to say as she approaches the man, whom has his back turned to her.

He turns around and smiles to Melissa, extending his hand to shake hers, “Dr. Liam Fitzpatrick. It’s wonderful to meet you Mrs. Young.”

Scene Three -- MW Investigations

“Hey guys come in,” Madeline says to Cory and Dominick as they enter her office. Madeline called Cory to come over because she has a lead on the night of Robin’s attack. She’s not surprised to see Dominick as Cory explained that his father in law has joined his side in helping him prove his innocence, something Madeline believes to be true. She looks at Cory as he sits down and can’t help but feel a continued attraction to her client. His dark stubble on his face drives her crazy, though she keeps that to herself. She knows that has to contain herself as he is married, and with his father in law no less.

“What did you find?” Dominick asks her wanting to know if she has uncovered anything that could help Cory’s case.

“Are you ready for this Cory?” Madeline asks him, excited by what she has uncovered.

Cory takes a deep breath. “Yea, I mean anything that’ll help me prove to everyone that I didn’t hurt Robin. What do you have?”

“This,” Madeline says with a smile as she pulls out a large envelope. “Remember when I told you that I was going to see if I could get video surveillance of the attack?” she asks as Cory nods his head. “I got it! I was able to go through in slow motion and I got these snap shots.”

Cory and Dominick pick up the pictures and look at them closely. They can’t see much other than Robin getting the acid thrown on her face and Cory’s facial reactions. Cory looks at Madeline and arches his eyebrow. “I don’t see anything here that can help us Maddie. It’s just a shot by shot replay of the attack. It’s Robin’s horror all over again.”

“Except for this one,” Madeline replies, pointing to the last picture. She shows him the face of a man; the man that threw the acid at Robin. “I know it’s blurry, but it’s better than nothing Cory. I’m planning to use my connections within the TPPD to see if they have any known criminals in the area that could potentially be a facial match. There are new computer programs out there that we can take this blurred pictured and create a real life portrait of this guy.”

“That would be fantastic,” Dominick chimes in, realizing the magnitude of what Madeline has found. “My gut is telling me this guy was just paid off. You find this guy, you’ll find the person who paid him to throw the acid at Robin.”

“And then we clear your name Cory,” Madeline replies to him.

Cory stands up and runs his hand through his hair. He can’t believe that they could potentially this close to proving his innocence. “Wow, okay, this is great. Let’s role! Take this to the TPPD and let’s see what happens!”

Madeline jumps out from behind her desk and hugs Cory. “I’m so glad this is working out!” she tells him as he holds her, suddenly realizing how muscular his arms are. She feels herself blush as he holds her.

“Yea, me too! Thanks for all your hard work on this.”

“Anytime,” she winks at him, leaving Dominick to wonder if Madeline has a small crush on his son in law.

Scene Four -- The Michaels House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“Are you comfortable?” Chris asks Victoria as she lays in the guest room of the large house. Victoria doesn’t respond right away as everything has seemingly happened so quickly. She recalls being over at Meggan and Vinny’s house trying to convince Meggan to stop drinking; the next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital after a car apparently hit her and drove off quickly. At the hospital, she was informed that there was little to no damage, she just needed bed rest which is why she is at Chris’ house. With a minor concussion, she has to have supervision.

“Yes, thank you,” she says calmly to him. “I’m feeling tired though. Would you mind if I took a nap?”

“Of course not,” he smiles to her. “You’re body is recovering from a traumatic experience. You need all the rest you need. Call me when you wake up and I’ll be right in,” he tells her, hoping that she does get better soon. He hates that this had to happen to Victoria, but he’s trying to look at the positives about it. He gets up and walks out of the room, turning once more to see her falling asleep. He walks into the living room, where he spots Vinny and Daisy sitting side by side on the sofa talking with each other. For a brief moment, he thinks it looks odd that the two competitors for the mayor campaign are actually good friends, but he realizes that it’s a funny situation. “She’s sleeping,” he tells them as they look up at him, hoping that Vinny will take the hint and leave.

Daisy looks at Chris and can’t help but be annoyed. She believes that Victoria should have been released into Vinny’s care; he is after all her husband and the Michael’s house is already full with Daisy, Trenyce, Chris and baby Andrew living there. They really do not have the room for another guest. “Great! The sooner she rests up, the sooner she can leave.”

Chris looks at Daisy in shock. “I can’t believe you! Victoria could have died! And all you care about is getting her out of the house?”

“It’s not that Chris,” Daisy replies standing up and walking over to him, knowing that she has to defend herself. “I’m just worried about the logistics of things. This house is full already, and Vinny, whom is also her husband, has a huge empty house! Victoria should have been released to his custody.”

“I agree,” Vinny finally speaks up, as he was always against the idea. “I didn’t want to say anything at the hospital because I didn’t want to create a scene in front of the doctor. Victoria should be with me, in my home. I’m her husband!”

“You? You guys are getting an annulment! Some marriage!” Chris spits back at Vinny, knowing that he doesn’t want Victoria to leave the house. They’re interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

“I’ll get it,” Daisy replies walking out of the living room and to the front door. She opens the door and receives a package for Vinny and Victoria. “Thank you,” she tells the delivery man as she hands him a paper bill. “Vinny, the delivery man tracked you and Victoria down here. It’s for you,” she replies as she hands him a large envelope.

Vinny arches his eye brow and slowly opens the package. “My God,” he says looking at the documents.

“What is it?” Daisy asks him.

“The annulment papers, they’ve come in.”

“Ha!” Chris chuckles. “See, another reason why Victoria is where she’s supposed to be. Once those papers are signed, this shame of a marriage is over!”

“They won’t be signed for awhile. Not until Victoria has recovered,” Vinny bites back at Chris. “This is the last thing she needs right now. I’m not troubling her with this now.”

Victoria slowly walks into the living room, unable to sleep from the loud voices. “What’s going on in here?” she asks, holding herself up against the wall, feeling groggy and a little weak.

“Vic, what are you doing out of bed?” Chris asks, jumping to her side.

“I couldn’t sleep with all the fighting. What’s going on?” she asks as Chris helps her to the sofa.

“I think you should have come home with me. Daisy agrees but Chris doesn’t,” Vinny tells her as he sits next to her. “We just want you to get better. There’s so much more room at my place then here.”

Victoria looks over at Chris and then Daisy. “You don’t want me here?” she asks Daisy, getting a tear in her eye, unsure as to what is really happening.

“No, it’s not that,” Daisy tells her, not wanting to offend anyone. “I just thought that Vinny is your husband and he has so much more room than we do here. I think you’d be more comfortable there.”

Victoria nods her head. “Yes, I actually agree. This house is full already. Chris,” she says looking at her lover. “I know you mean well, but maybe I should go stay with Vinny. You have to think about your son Chris. This house is so full.”

Chris sighs and looks at Vinny, feeling his blood boil. He knows that he doesn’t want to get into a fight over where Victoria should be. Her health is the main priority. He just hates that Vinny has manipulated the situation. He looks at Victoria and smiles, “Okay, if that’s what you want. I’ll pack up your things and you can move into Vinny’s.”

Before anyone can say anything else, Chris storms out of the room to start packing. Vinny looks at Victoria and hugs her. He knows that they just got the annulment papers, but he’s hoping that this will give him enough time to make Victoria realize that they belong together.

Scene Five -- The Calimo Mansion

Natasha slowly drives her car into the long driveway of her family home. She knows the driveway so well; it’s so familiar to her. She parks by the large fountain outside and can see her old home, the guest house as she steps out of the car. She takes a deep breath of the crisp air as she looks around. She was released from jail earlier this morning after spending what seemed to be the longest night of her life in the jail cell. She’s never felt so alone, so trapped before in her life. She can’t believe that Bob, Sofia, Robbie or Eva didn’t come to bail her out. It just doesn’t seem right. After being released, she went back to the motel and showered and changed. She drove right over to the mansion afterwards, knowing that she has to speak with Bob and Sofia; it’s something that couldn’t wait.

She walks slowly up the front stairs and knocks on the door. She knows it’ll only be a few moments before Rosario opens the door. “Natasha! My goodness,” Rosario beams, excited to see Natasha. Natasha enters the house after receiving a hug from the maid. “I’ve missed you.”

“Thank you Rosario, I’ve missed you as well. Are my pare… I mean Bob and Sofia, are they here?” she corrects herself from saying parents because she knows the truth now. It’s still something she has to get used to, but she is working on it.

“Of course they are,” Rosario tells her. “Why don’t you go into the living room and I’ll let them know you’re here.”

Natasha smiles and slowly walks into the living room. She looks around the room and feels her eyes swell with water. She’s had so many memories in the room and the house, they all seemingly come flooding back to her at once.

“Natasha?” Sofia calls from behind her, stunned that she’s actually come to visit her. “I didn’t believe it when Rosario told me you were here.”

Natasha gives her half a smile and can see Sofia’s eyes swelling with water too. Natasha walks up to her and looks at the woman she called mother for so long. Shocking Sofia, Natasha pulls her into a hug and finally let’s a tear escape from her eye. “I’ve missed you so much Mom.”

Sofia holds Natasha and let’s some tears escape too. “I’ve missed you my love. So very much.”

Bob walks into the living room and sees the two women hugging. “Am I interrupting anything?” he asks coming to them.

“Oh Daddy!” Natasha cries, rushing into his arms.

Bob welcomes his daughter’s embrace. “Welcome home Natasha.”

They exit the embrace and Natasha wipes her eyes. “Will you guys come sit with me? I have some things I’d like to say to you.”

“Of course, we have all the time in the world for you,” Sofia smiles to her daughter. Natasha grabs the hands of her parents and leads them to the sofa.

“I spent last night in jail,” Natasha reveals to them, even though neither one is shocked.

“We know,” Bob replies to her. “We have known about your drug problems from Kimberly. Robbie set the officer to pick you up. We had to show you to see how serious your problem has become.”

Natasha has a hard swallow realizing why no one came to bail her out - they set it all up. She shakes her head in agreement. “It was the worst night of my life. Ever since I found out,” she says, not able to actually say that Eva is her mother yet. “I’ve just felt so alone. It really hit me last night in jail when I was really, truly alone. I’m only alone because I’m choosing to be alone. In jail, I was alone. Out of jail, I don’t have to be. And I don’t want to be. The truth still hurts though, I can’t lie, but I don’t want to burden that forever.”

“We still love you so much Natasha. That’s never changed,” Sofia tells her, grabbing her hand.

“I know,” Natasha replies. “I guess I realized that I need you guys still. So much. I’m still so hurt by the lies, but we can only go forward and create the future that we want. I don’t want to be alone,” she says releasing more tears. “I don’t want to be a woman that needs to get high to get through the days. I’m not that person. I want my friends back. I want my family back. I’m so sorry I put you through this these past few months. Please, please forgive me.”

Bob embraces his daughter again and holds her as she cries. “There’s nothing to forgive Natasha. We love you. We want to support you. Together, as a family, we will get through this together. We are just so glad to have you back. And if anyone owes anyone an apology, it is us to you. We never should have kept you in the dark so long. But we can discuss that at another time. I'm just thrilled to have my baby girl back!”

Scene Six -- The Sugarbowl

Adam sits at the bar by the window drinking a coffee, going over some of his students papers that he is marking. He often comes to the coffee house to do his marking as it’s an space that he can get a lot done. He puts his IPOD on and zones out. He is in that zone now, but he can feel his phone vibrate. He pulls it out and answers it, “Hello,” he says. “Yes, this is Adam Black … Whoa, that’s a fantastic chance, yea, I’d love to teach the math class for TPU fashion design course. It’s only math though right? I’m not exactly up to date on my fashions! … Super, yea. I’ll be later today then to sign the paper work. Thanks so much.”

He hangs up the phone and can’t help but smile at his new teaching opportunity. Teaching at Twin Peaks University will be a great career move for him and it will give him something else to focus on other than the Helen being drugged by Olivia situation. He looks at his watch and wonders how Helen is doing on her day off. He knows that they have grown closer lately, but they’re still living separately. Most because neither one is really ready to take that next step and move back in with each other. Before he can think of anything else, Helen is standing next to him.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asks her, as he takes his other earphone out of his ear. “I thought you were going to stay home today and relax.”

“I was going to,” Helen tells him, still disturbed by her dream earlier in the day. “I had a dream. But I think it was a memory actually.”

Adam arches his eyebrow, and they don’t happen to see Cassie enter the coffeehouse. She immediately spots the couple in a deep conversation and wonders what they’re talking about. She quickly recalls Shane telling her that Olivia was drugging Helen and that the Blacks had uncovered this truth.

“What kind of memory?” Adam asks Helen as she sits next to him.

“I was taking a nap, and I was dreaming of the night our baby died. I was back at the cabin with Olivia,” she begins to tell him.

Cassie moves out over to the small table and begins to fix her coffee. She purposely goes slowly as she can hear everything Adam and Helen are talking about now from her location.

“What did you remember?”

“This is why I’m sure it’s a memory, because I can still see everything in my mind. It’s so clear now Adam. We were talking by the fire. I went to the washroom and she offered to make me another cup of tea. Don’t you see? She was alone with my tea! I’m positive that she drugged my tea! She was drugging me! That’s why I haven’t remembered that night. I don’t remember anything else from that point. It’s like …”

“You blacked out!” Adam realizes, shocked by Helen’s memory. “I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but nothing we find out about Olivia surprises me anymore. I’m just so happy that you’re finally remembering more about that night.”

“Me too, maybe with more time, I’ll remember the entire night!” Helen excitedly tells him as she hugs him. “We can finally know everything that happened that night.

Cassie uses the opportunity to sneak out of the coffeehouse without the couple seeing her. Outside, she walks quickly towards her car. She doesn’t want to stop in case someone she knows stops to talk to her. She gets to her car and gets in. She slams her hands against the wheel. “Damn it!” she yells, panicked that Adam and Helen are closing in on the truth. She grabs her purse and opens her wallet, looking at a picture of Dawn. “You’re my beautiful little girl! No one will ever take you away from me! No one!” she yells throwing her wallet back into her purse. “I have to come up with away to make sure Helen never remembers what happened. But how?” she asks herself, trying to think of something. “Wait! That’s it! I know the perfect way to make sure Helen never remembers the night her baby died.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Sofia thanks Dominick for his help
- Natasha visits Robbie, Leah and Paige
- Adam gives Helen a suggestion to help her remember

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