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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick paid Ryan to leave Natasha alone
- After spending the night in jail, Natasha went to Bob and Sofia and reunited with them asking them for forgiveness
- Helen had a memory of the night her baby died
- Meggan hit Victoria with her car; Victoria couldn't remember what happened and initially moved in with Chris, but then moved into Vinny's house
- Vinny and Daisy were running against each other in the mayor campaign

Scene One -- City Hall; The Rotunda

In the center of city hall, there is a large rotunda where the public can come in and out of. It's a great public space that the citizens of Twin Peaks often utilize. Today the space is set up for a public debate between the two individuals running for mayor of Twin Peaks, Daisy Davenport and Vinny Victors. On each side of the two podiums are the candidates large banners for their ad campaigns. The rotunda is filled with citizens and the press, all wanted to hear what the two of them have to say.

Daisy stands fixing her outfit subtly at the microphone. She's nervous because she hasn't had to debate publically for a long time. She takes a deep breath and tries to compose herself. She knows that she has the upper hand today because she has experience on her side; this is Vinny's first time in a public debate. It's his first time ever speaking to the town of Twin Peaks. The people know her and respect her; she has this in the bag. She smiles to herself after her small internal pep talk. Still, she has been impressed with Vinny's answers thus far, but she knows that she has the advantage.

At the other microphone, Vinny stands catching his breath after answering one of his questions. He looks at his shaking hands and tries to get himself together. He knows that this is his first chance to really make a good impression on the citizens and so far, he isn't happy with his performance. If he sinks at this debate, he will have a tall mountain to climb to get back on top. He pulls out his notes and reviews them; he reads one last line. Something that could give him the edge if he chooses to play it properly and he realizes that he may have to considering how it has gone thus far.

"Next question," the announcer says into his speaker. "What about the health care system in Twin Peaks?"

Daisy quickly jumps into action, "I think the health care system is doing fine. The Twin Peaks General Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the surrounding area and we have the finest doctors there. I would like to see a few more walk in clinics in some of our neighbourhoods, however."

Vinny looks over at her and wonders how he can compete. He knew that Daisy was going to be a tough competitor, but she seems to have an answer for everything. "I mostly agree with Ms. Davenport. She, though, does have more experience with the medical staff in the city as her under aged niece gave birth last winter to her ex husbands child."

The words just come out. He doesn't even have time to think about them or take them back. The crowd starts to mutter quickly as they're all shocked by his remarks. Daisy even stops and looks over at him, stunned that he brought up her personal history in the debate.

"Next question," the announcer interrupts. "What are your goals for the budget?"

"Well not to open a new ski resort with a murderer!" Vinny chuckles, keeping his personal digs going. "I would like to give a lot more back to the community. Pave new roads and upgrade the sidewalks. More community centers."

Daisy looks over at Vinny and fumes even more. How dare he mention her personal problems within the last year. She stops and wonders if she should comeback by mentioning some of Vinny's sorted past, but she realizes that it's not the way she wants to run the race. She looks out at the people staring at her and smiles, preparing herself to answer the question.

Scene Two -- Dominick's Condo

Dominick sits at his home office working away on some files. He is reviewing some smaller company profiles within the US that he is thinking of buying that merging together to create one larger company. He has been out of the corporate world for sometime now as he was more focused on getting Sofia back in his life. Since she has claimed that she wants to stay with Bob, and his affair with Melissa has ended abruptly, he has decided to return to work. He is thinking of expanding some of these smaller corporations into one large company and try to compete with some of the large cosmetics corporations out there, including Roboto. When he comes back, he wants to do it in a big way.

He hears the doorbell ring, which is a welcome distraction. He slowly takes his glasses off and moves towards the door. He is surprised to see Sofia standing on the other side. She smiles at him and enters the condo without saying a word to him.

"This is a surprise," he says walking back into the living room with her. "I wasn't expecting to see you."

"I know," she says, turning to face him. She can't help but feel a warm spot for him, still despite everything that has happened. "I know things have been tense lately but I came to thank you."

"Thank me?" he asks confused. He isn't sure exactly what she means as they haven't spent any time together lately. She has made it clear since she revealed that her separation to Bob was a sham that she wants nothing to do with him, she only wants her husband.

"Yes, I came to you awhile back asking for your help with Natasha," Sofia replies, recalling how she asked him to help get rid of Ryan from Natasha's life. "You didn't hesitate to help me when I asked you."

Dominick feels himself blush, just a little. "You know I would do anything for you Sofia."

"The best news of all is that it has worked. Natasha has come back to us. She has started a rehabilitation program and she's working towards getting her life back. None of this would have been possible without your role in removing Ryan from the picture."

Dominick moves closer to her a little and grabs her hand, "I'm so happy to hear that Natasha is coming back into your life and regaining herself. I know how important that was to you. If I helped in any way, you're welcome. Like I said before, I will always do whatever I can for you Sofia. Always."

"I know and I'm so grateful," she smiles up to him as his hand begins to caress her face. Before she realizes what is happening, his lips press into hers and they kiss. It lingers for a moment longer that she wants before she pulls back and tries to catch her breathe, clearly effected by the kiss. She hates that she still is drawn to him. "I should go. I just came to thank you."

He watches her leave as he feels his heart race inside. No matter what has happened, Sofia still has his heart. He can tell by the butterflies he feels inside. It's moments like this that give him hope that they could still have a future together. He tries to scold himself though into believing that its' not possible. He looks back at his desk and walks back over to the files sitting there. He has to put his attention on something that is real, that he can actually build, like his company. Although, the only thing that he can focus on now, is the very real kiss that he just shared with Sofia.

Scene Three - The Victors House; Vinny's Home

Meggan drives up to the house and parks her car. She looks up at the large house that she called her home for so many years, up until very recently when Vinny asked her to move out because of her drinking. She shuts her eyes as she can't get rid of the images from the day she moved out; hitting Victoria with her car and moving the body to make it look like a hit and run is something she can't shake. Not that she is surprised. She steps out of the car and walks slowly to the door. She hasn't called Vinny to tell him that she's coming to see him, but she wanted to tell him that she hasn't had a drink since the day she moved out. She knows the real reason why she hasn't been drinking, because she hit Victoria with her car, but Vinny doesn't need to know that. All he needs to know is that she has been sober for a few weeks now and this could be the start of them rebuilding their life together, which is what he wanted from her.

She knocks on the door, but no one comes to the front door. She tries to open it and to her surprise, it's unlocked. She slowly enters the house and looks around. Her eyes immediately go to the bar in the living room. She shakes her head, willing herself away from the booze. "Vinny? Are you here? Vinny?" she calls out into the house.

No one responds to her calls. "Maybe he's upstairs in the study," she tells herself as she makes her way to the staircase. She walks upstairs and can't help but feel like she's home. She only hopes that Vinny will be pleased with her not drinking. She walks down the hallway and looks into a guest room and stops cold in her tracks: Victoria is sleeping in the room! Immediately she feels compelled to enter the room and see how Victoria is doing. She hadn't heard anything about the status of Victoria since the day she called the police and reported the hit and run accident. She walks up to the sleeping woman and looks at her. Physically she looks fine, Meggan realizes to herself. "Thank God," she whispers, causing Victoria to stir in the bed.

Victoria opens her eyes and jumps back a little, startled at the sight of Meggan. "Meggan," she says slowly, but in a state of shock. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I came to see Vinny and I saw you sleeping. I just wanted to see if you were okay for myself. I heard of your accident."

Victoria smiles a little, "Thank you. I'm okay. The doctor said I just need bed rest. Vinny was nice enough to let me stay here until I was able to go home."

"He is a nice guy," Meggan smiles, thinking about how generous Vinny is, even though it annoys her that Victoria married Vinny in Vegas and now they are living together. "Do you remember what happened?"

Victoria shakes her head quickly. "No and my doctor said it may never return based on my injury. I was with you though, did you see what happened?"

Meggan gulps not sure what she should say or do. She knows that she can't let the truth come out about the accident, but she feels her face turn red and get warm. "I'm sorry Victoria. I'm so sorry," she says quickly causing Victoria to arch her eyebrow. "I don't know anything though. Not a thing."

Meggan's response leaves a bad taste in Victoria's mouth. She looks away for a second then looks back at Meggan, who is seemingly flushed. "I should go. Tell Vinny I stopped by, okay?" Meggan says down to her. "Take care of yourself."

"I will," Victoria replies watching Meggan leave the room quickly. Victoria sits up in bed and puts her hand over her forehand. "What was that really about?" she asks herself, trying to remember the day of the accident. Suddenly it dawns on her, "My God," she whispers. "Meggan hit me with her car!"

Scene Four - The Calimo Estate, The Guest House; Natasha's Home

Natasha opens her car door and steps into the fresh air. Being October, the air is starting to get much cooler as the first snow fall is any day now in Twin Peaks. She takes a deep breathe and reflects on her morning, in which she has been in the town going to rehab and then popping into the legal office. She wants to get back to work as quickly as possible and was stunned to learn that Preston left the partnership to her in his will. Of course, he made the clause that she had to be sober before she could take over the firm. Still, knowing that she has made partner already is something she is so proud of. She knows that she is back on the right track in getting her life together, something that wasn't a sure thing as of a month ago.

She approaches her front door and unlocks her door. She enters a dark room, but suddenly the lights fly on and she hears the word "SURPRISE!". Shocked, she stumbles backwards for a moment trying to regain herself as she sees Cory, Kim, Robbie and Leah holding baby Paige.

"My goodness, what is all this?" she asks coming up to her friends and family. She hugs Leah and makes her way down each one of them.

"We wanted to welcome you back and see how you were doing," Kim smiles as she gets her embrace from her friend.

"This is so sweet. Thank you guys," Natasha says, as they move into the living room to sit down.

"So how are you, really, Nat?" Robbie asks his sister.

"I'm good. I'm really good you guys! I still can't get over this party!" she blushes a little. "I just had another rehab this morning. I've been sober since the day I went to jail. I … I just want to get my life back."

"We want that too," Leah tells her. "We were so scared for you."

"I know," Natasha replies. "And I'm so sorry I put you guys through that. I can never make that up to you, but I'm going to try my best! So what's going on with you guys? Cory? How is Robin?"

Cory sighs a little and knows that he can't get into the entire mess with Robin's attack with Natasha just now. He can't help but notice that she has her sparkle back in her eye though. "Robin and I have separated, but that's a story for another time. I'm working to prove my innocence in her attack and that's my main goal."

Natasha nods her head, "Yea, I heard about her attack. If I can do anything, you'll let me know? Actually, once I'm back at work, if you need a lawyer!"

Cory laughs, "Thanks! As long as I get the ex-husband but good friend rate!"

"And my beautiful niece," Natasha smiles turning her attention to Robbie and Leah. "You guys must be so proud of her."

"You have no idea," Robbie gushes, grabbing Paige's hand and plays with it a little. "We are so blessed."

"Mostly, Natasha, we are just happy to have you back. I'm happy to have my best friend back!" Kim says through some tears as she comes over and hugs Natasha again.

"Thanks Kim. It's good to be back."

Scene Five - Wild Night

Eva opens the door to the club and enters finding a seat at the bar. She orders a martini and waits for it to arrive. When it does, she smiles at the bartender and thanks him. She has had a long, rough day and wanted a quick pick me up on her break from work. Between her work load and stressing over Will as her new neighbour, she hasn't slept well. Of course, she's still extremely worried about Natasha as well. She hasn't heard anything from Bob and Sofia and it's been a few days since Natasha should have been released from jail. She takes another drink of her martini and notices another employee walk behind the bar to speak with the bartender.

"Do you know where Cory is? We were supposed to have a meeting," she asks the bartender, unaware that Eva can hear the conversation.

"Yea, he cancelled everything today. He's at the Calimo mansion today," the bartender replies.

"Is he back with Natasha or something?"

The bartender laughs, "No, but she's out of jail and made up with her parents. He's there with some of Natasha's friends to celebrate."

Eva didn't mean to eavesdrop, but she couldn't help it. They were speaking right in front of her. She can't help but replay the words "made up with her parents" over and over again in her head. Natasha's out of jail and has reunited with Bob and Sofia? If this is true, it is amazing, she realizes. But at the same time, if it's true, why hasn't she heard from Natasha. Does Natasha hate her? Does Natasha want nothing to do with her? Does Natasha not want to get to know her biological mother? Eva shuts her eyes as these questions race through her mind. She remembers spending so much time with Natasha when she first moved to Twin Peaks. She has so many great memories and she knows that they could be close as mother and daughter if Natasha would just give her the chance.

"I'm her mother!" she says feeling tears swell in her eyes. She downs her martini and gets up. She doesn't want to sit and hear more about Natasha potentially. She wants to go home and be able to cry because her daughter hasn't reached out to her yet, and maybe never will.

Scene X - The Black House; Adam & Helen's Home

"Hey, I've been thinking," Adam tells Helen as he finishes washing the dishes in the kitchen as Helen sits at the table reading the paper from their lunch.

Helen looks up at Adam and quickly recalls how she recently had a memory of the night their baby died. Since that day, Helen and Adam have been racking their brain trying to figure out ways for Helen to have more memories and thus get her entire memory back. They are both desperate to have the entire night their baby died back so they can truly know what happened to her. Ever since they found out Olivia was drugging Helen, they know that something more could have happened since Olivia had been lying about everything else.

"What were you thinking?" she asks in response.

"What if you went to the Calimo cabin this weekend?" Adam suggests turning around and looking at his wife. "I don't have that much school work to go through so we could make a weekend of it. I can't imagine Bob and Sofia saying no."

Helen arches her eyebrow and gulps. "I'm not sure Adam. I would rather stay home and focus on getting my memory back. The last time I went there with Olivia and Cassie, I was struggling with my memories and thoughts of our baby dying."

"Exactly," Adam looks at her with more intensity. "You didn't have a good support base the last time you were there. If I go with you to the cabin, it could be the turning point for you to get your memory back. By the end of the weekend, we could know exactly what happened the night our baby died!"

Helen gulps and realizes that Adam is right; everything that they want could be exposed by spending more time at the cabin. She shuts her eyes though and remembers how painful it was for her last time she was at the cabin with Olivia and Cassie. She stands up and walks over to Adam and hugs him. "It was so hard last time Adam. I need you to be strong. The memories were so powerful, so emotional for me. I was really rocked to my core."

"I will be strong Helen. I will be for you and for our daughter. What do you say? Want to finally figure out what happened that night?"

Helen gives him half a smile, "Yea, let's go to the cabin this weekend! I want to know the truth."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Sofia spots Cassie breaking and entering
- Will and Kim reconnect
- Leah is in for a surprise when she goes out for dinner with Robbie

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