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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie overheard Helen admit to Adam that she’s remembering more details from the night her baby died. Desperate, Cassie came up with a plan to ensure Helen never remembered
- Will moved next door to Eva
- Melissa set Robin up on a date with Liam Fitzpatrick, the doctor that performed Leah’s paternity test
- Madeline found pictures of the night of Robin’s attack, which showed blurred images of Karl

Scene One - Capers; Cassie’s Office

Cassie stirs in her office at Capers as she reviews the books from the previous month. She has been trying to keep on top of things at the restaurant, but she has been slipping behind as she is busy being a mother as well as trying to find a way to keep Helen from remembering the night of the baby switch.

She recalls the other day overhearing Adam and Helen’s conversation at the Sugarbowl when Helen revealed that she had a memory of the night at the cabin in which, she and Olivia told Helen that her baby died. In her car that day, she had come up with a way to make Helen forget remembering, but she quickly realized it was not a good idea. She had decided to tamper with Helen’s breaks and hope to cause an accident, but since Robbie is already investigating Natasha and Olivia’s car accidents from when she cut their break cords, she’s realized it wouldn’t work. She doesn’t want to attract more attention to the car accidents than she already has. But that leaves her without an idea; and she refuses to let the truth come out.

She looks up at her desk and feels a headache coming on, stressed from thinking of an idea. She grabs her bottle of aspirin and puts one in her mouth. After a quick drink of water, she swallows the pill down. Suddenly, it dawns on her. “Of course,” she says opening her eyes again. “Olivia was drugging Helen to make her forget! All I have to do is get my hands on those pills and feed them to Helen. This is perfect!”

Scene 2 – Capers

Robbie and Leah enter the busy restaurant for their first night out together in a long time. Robbie asked Sofia to baby-sit Paige so he and Leah could get out as they haven’t had much time together since the baby was born. Leah hates to admit it, as she was apprehensive leaving Paige alone, but now that she is out, she is glad she is here. She looks around the restaurant and doesn’t see anyone she knows. Part of her was hoping that she’d see Jeff, but she knows that he left town. She was still hoping that maybe he had changed his mind and he was sticking around. She sighs and knows that he needed space to truly get over her. She looks up at her husband and knows that Jeff did the right thing. She needs to focus on Robbie and their family together.

“I’m so glad we came out tonight,” he tells her as they sit across from her, with a small candle flickering between them. “It’s been far too long since I’ve had a romantic evening out with my wife.”

Leah smiles and looks over at Robbie, “It has been awhile. Paige is a nice addition to our lives though.”

“Absolutely,” Robbie replies, grateful every day for his daughter. “But having one and one time is still nice. I can’t wait to truly have some one on one time with you when we get home.”

Leah blushes a little. She has missed being close with Robbie in that sense. They haven’t had sex since the baby was born, but she too has realized that has been far too long. “I know. No baby, no diapers to change, no crying … just the two of us. It’s exactly what we needed.”

“You look beautiful in the candle light,” tells her as he grabs her hand. “I’m going to propose a toast. To my beautiful wife and our amazing life together. Nothing will ever come between us.”

Leah raises her glass, “Before we cheers, I want to add that I have the most amazing husband and I couldn’t be more in love with you.”

They cheers and take a drink of their wine. Robbie notices over Leah’s shoulder that Robin enters the restaurant. “I hate to ruin our moment but your sister just walked in,” he tells her as Leah turns around in her chair.

“Would you mind if I go say hello? I haven’t seen her as much as I’d like to lately,” Leah asks her husband.

“I don’t mind at all. I’ll be waiting.”

Leah gets up and rushes over to the door. “Robin!” she says hugging her sister. “It’s so good to see you out and about.”

Robin blushes a little as she hugs Leah back. “Thanks. It actually feels nice to be out,” she admits, knowing that she’s out on her date that Melissa set up for her. She was apprehensive about it at first, but so far she has had a good time. She doesn’t believe anything will come from her date other than friendship because she is still in love with Cory, but the fact that she is out of the hotel room is a good sign. She has been cooped up far too long. And she’s showing her scar, which is a big step for her.

“Are you here alone? You’re welcome to join Robbie and I if you’d like,” Leah offers to her sister, not seeing her with anyone.

“No, I’m actually here with someone. My mother set me up on a date. It’s not what you think,” she quickly says back to Leah, who gets large eyes when she hears the word date. “It’s just going to be a friendship thing. I’m still in love with Cory, despite everything that has happened.”

“Well I guess it’s a good thing that you’re out.”

Before Leah can say anything else, Liam Fitzpatrick comes up and kisses Robin on the cheek. “Did you get us a table?”

Leah freezes at the sight of Liam. Her mind immediately goes back to last winter when she learned that she was pregnant. Dominick set up an appointment for her to find out the father of her baby and Liam is the doctor that performed the test. She looks away not wanting to make him remember her, even though the look on her face is a sure giveaway that something is wrong.

“I did. Are you okay Leah? It looks you’ve seen a ghost,” Robin observes to her sister, noticing how pale she has become.

“I’m fine. I’m fine,” Leah tells them. “I’ll leave you guys alone. You call me tomorrow maybe?”

“Absolutely,” Robin says to her sister as Leah walks back to her table.

Leah sits down and looks over at Robbie and tries to focus on the words he says to her. But she can’t. She doesn’t even hear him. She feels her head start to sweat a little. How could this be happening? How could her sister be out on a date with the man that completed her paternity test? And what will she do if Liam remembers who she is?

“Leah? Are you okay?” Robbie asks his wife again, finally getting Leah to clue in that he’s talking to her.

“Yea, I’m fine. Sorry. Let’s enjoy our night together,” she says as a fake smile comes across her face, although the only thing on her mind is now Robin out on a date with Liam.

Scene Three – Roboto; Bob’s Office

“Hmm, interesting,” Bob mumbles to himself as he reviews a file on his desk. To his surprise, a few smaller companies in the cosmetics world have been bought up by a company he has never heard of before. He is a little perplexed because he prides himself in knowing this major competitors and he knows that there are not many companies out there that could afford to buy up numerous smaller companies all at once. He isn’t too concerned about it, but he does realize that he needs to his team on top of figuring out who is behind this new company.

He is about to pick up his phone when his office door opens and Dominick enters confidently. “We need to talk,” Dominick says to Bob, wanting to toy with his rival. He recalls the other day when Sofia stopped by to thank him for his role in removing Ryan from Natasha’s life and they shared a kiss. He will not reveal the kiss to Bob today, but he knows that he still has a shot with Sofia now. Plus, he is the one behind the smaller companies being bought up and it views it as another way he can stick it to Bob. What he is really there for is a serious question he has to ask Bob, even though he isn’t sure how Bob will respond as they have never been friendly. Not even close.

“I haven’t a clue as to what we would have to speak about, but make it quick, I’m a busy man,” Bob barks from his office chair. He continues to read the files in front of him while Dominick stands there.

“I heard Natasha is back. I wanted to congratulate you.”

Bob arches his eyebrow. “How the hell did you hear that?”

“Good news travels fast Bob, especially in a town this size,” Dominick grins, knowing that it was Sofia that told him.

“Was that all?”

“Actually no. Since you’re daughter is seemingly back, I was hoping you could help me with my daughter,” Dominick reveals his other motive for coming to see Bob this day. He has been working closely with Cory trying to prove his innocence in the night Robin was attacked and he is actually going to reach out to Bob.

“Is it Leah? Did something happen with Paige?” Bob asks, not realizing that Dominick meant Robin. His mind immediately goes to Paige and Leah.

“No, they’re fine. I was talking about Robin. You know, she has the scar on her face from the acid.”

“I heard yes,” Bob continues to be cold to his rival.

“I know we haven’t exactly been friends Bob, but if you have any information regarding that night, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m working with Cory to prove his innocence. We both suspect that Melissa may have had something to do with the attack.”

Bob looks back at his file and smiles on the inside. He knows that Melissa was the one who set up the attack and that she framed Cory. He has been using the information to blackmail Melissa into helping him with his various schemes, including most recently dumping Dominick. “I have no information for you. I try not to get involved in matters that do not pertain to either my company or my family.”

Dominick sighs frustrated that he essentially just wasted his time. He looks at Bob, who continues to ignore him. “Thanks for nothing,” he spits at Bob as he walks towards the door. He opens the door then pauses in the doorway and looks at Bob, “Tell Sofia I said hello and it was lovely to see her yesterday.”

Bob looks up as Dominick slams the door closed and feels his blood boil. Was Dominick just saying that he saw Sofia to get to him? Or has Sofia still not found a way to stay away from Dominick? “Damn it Sofia, how many times do we have to go in this circle?”

Scene Four -- Madeline’s Black Escalade

Madeline sits in her new black Escalade that she bought for her investigation firm. She has always driven a mini cooper, but she thought that since she would be following people around and she didn’t want to stand out so much in her car, she would get a more discrete working vehicle. She’s out in the warehouse district on a lead for Cory’s case in proving in his innocence in Robin’s attack. She took the snap shots she got of the night to the police department and she has come back with a seemingly good representation of what the attacker may look like. On a hunch, she thought she’d check out the warehouse district because that seems to be where most of the crime in Twin Peaks is committed.

She looks around and sees nothing out of the ordinary, even though it is dark and she can’t see too much. She can’t help but let her mind wander a bit as she loses interest in looking at nothing. She can’t help but think back to how good it felt when Cory was holding her in his muscular arms the other day at her office when she first showed Cory and Dominick the pictures of the attacker. She could stay in those arms all day and night if she had too. She quickly shakes her head knowing that she can’t fall for her client, especially when he’s married and clearly still very much in love with his wife. Plus, after the entire mess she created with Jeff, the last thing she wants is another complicated relationship. She can’t help but long for Olivia; it would be so nice to talk to her mother about her problems with men and find out what she’s doing wrong and how she could possibly change it. She sighs heavily and feels her heart sink.

Suddenly though, she spots something out of the corner of her eye. She picks up her binoculars and zooms in on the activity. She sees a man, who is Karl, walking out of a warehouse with a large black bag. He doesn’t look like he works at he warehouse, which is why Madeline is suspicious of the activity. She drops the binoculars for a moment and looks at the image created by the police of the attacker. “It’s a close match,” she whispers. “If I follow him, I may get to the truth tonight!” she says to herself as she starts the engine. She sees Karl drive away, so she does what her gut tells her to do and she begins to follow him.

Scene Five -- The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy and JC’s Home

“Did you pack your snowboarding gear?” JC calls out from the bedroom to Andy, who is in the other room grabbing more things to pack. The two, along with Trenyce and Reese, are heading to the Caldwell’s Mountain Ski resort for the weekend to celebrate the Pride events in Twin Peaks. This year, the large ski resort is holding the celebration in hopes of trying to rebuild it’s reputation after the disaster grand opening last year. Since that time, the resort has suffered, but they thought this would be a fantastic way to rebuild the reputation. Plus, the winter ski theme will work well with the people attending.

“I did! What are you planning to do while I’m out snowboarding?” Andy grins to his boyfriend as he leans in the doorway.

JC looks at him, “I could learn?”

Andy laughs a little, “I don’t know if you realize how cold it will be up there.”

JC laughs back, “I know. There is no snow in Spain! Seriously though, I could hang out with Trenyce in the hot tub or something. As long as your back before the party begins. I’ll want to dance with you all night long.”

Andy smiles back at his lover, “That sounds amazing. I’m going to call Trenyce and see how she’s making out with her packing.”

Andy walks over to the phone and picks it up. “Trenyce, hey. How’s the packing going? … Oh nice, you’re helping Reese! Ask him if he’s going to be snowboarding,” Andy says into the phone, unaware he just struck a nerve with JC. Of course, Reese snowboards too. Just another way for Reese to spend time with Andy, JC thinks to himself. “Sweet! We may as well drive up together. I’ll text you when we are about to leave, sounds cool? … Great, yea, see you then.”

Andy turns back to JC, “Good news, Trenyce and Reese are almost finished packing.”

“Nice,” JC replies, starting to feel uneasy about the situation. “And Reese is going snowboarding?”

“Yea, he hasn’t been since last winter, so he’s totally looking forward to hitting the slopes.”

“I’m sure he is,” JC replies coldly, still unable to shake this jealousy he has with Reese.

Andy walks up to his lover and puts his arms around him. “Don’t say it like that, okay? I know you have reservations, but I’ve told Reese that I’m with you now and I mean it, okay? I’m in love with you.”

JC smiles as he tries to believe in his boyfriend, whom comes up and holds him and says, “I know. I’m trying, I just can’t shake this feeling that Reese wants you back.”

Andy is about to respond, but he remembers telling Reese at lunch the other day that their kiss at the bar was a mistake and he has moved on. The look on Reese’s face said it all, he was crushed. Andy won’t dare tell JC as he wants to reassure his boyfriend that nothing will happen again. But first he has to make himself believe it too.

Scene Six -- Wild Night

Eva enters the busy night club and quickly walks over to the bar and finds a stool. Another day has passed and it’s another day that she has not heard from Natasha. She remembers the last time she was at Wild Night and she over heard the bartender talking about how Natasha was out of jail and she had made up with Bob and Sofia. The words hit her hard because she always thought that once Natasha was on the mend, she would reach out to her and they could have a real relationship as mother and daughter. A relationship that they had before the truth came out, as friends. However, this has not happened and Eva couldn’t be more distraught by it.

“I’ll have a martini,” she says to the bartender as he comes up and takes her order. She gets her drink and has a big first sip. The alcohol feels good and she wants that numbing feeling.

She turns in her stool to look out at the crowd. Most of the table have two or three people at them, all laughing and having a good time and suddenly she feels incredibly alone. In one booth, something catches her eye; it’s Will and Kim. They each have a drink and are seemingly have a good time.

Eva quickly turns around not wanting him to see her. She’s has felt it a little awkward with him considering they work together, in which they have butted heads, and now they are neighbours, where they have also butted heads. The last things he wants to do is have some kind of altercation with Will at the bar. She’s finishes her drink and is about to get up and when Will approaches her.

“Eva, hi,” he says coming up behind her. He had spotted her while catching up with Kim and wanted to come and say hello. He wants to ensure he’s making an effort since Eva is not only his boss, but his next door neighbour.

“Oh, Will, hi,” she says turning to face him. “I didn’t realize you were here.”

“Yea, I’m just having a drink with my friend Kim. I saw you and thought I’d come over and say hi. Maybe I could buy you your next drink,” he offers to her, trying to make nice with her. He too has felt the tension between them.

“Oh, that’s nice of you, however I’m just on my way out. I can only have one drink tonight because I work tomorrow,” Eva replies to him, not realizing her tone indicates that Will should probably do the same.

“Okay, well enjoy the rest of your night,” he says before turning and heading back to his table with Kim. He isn’t sure that he did the right thing by approaching Eva, but he really did want to make the honest effort.

Eva watches him sit next to Kim and finds herself wondering what the relationship between the two of them is. She hopes that they are just friends and that the walls in her condo aren’t thick. The last thing she wants to hear is Will having sex. Suddenly, she gets a shiver down her spine as she thinks about how it has been since she’s had sex with a man. She shakes her head, not wanting to think of her last experience so she gets up and walks out of the bar.

Scene Seven -- Twin Peaks General Hospital

Sofia enters the hospital hoping to find Eva. It’s not often that she actually seeks out Eva McCloud, but today she has to speak to her regarding Natasha. Her and Bob have failed to contact Eva to let her know that Natasha is out of jail and seemingly trying to get her life back in order. The memories of the other day when Natasha stopped by the mansion and reunited with her and Bob still brings tears of joys to her Sofia’s eyes. She couldn’t be happier that Natasha is back and working to regain her life. She was so worried that the drugs and the truth about Eva being her biological mother would cause her to continue on her downward spiral. She knows that Eva would want to hear about the latest news about Natasha as well.

The elevator opens and she walks down a hallway filled with offices. As she turns the hallway, she stops as she sees Olivia’s office door. Olivia’s name is still on the door, so the office is probably still fill, Sofia realizes. “Such a shame,” she whispers to herself, thinking of the tragic passing of both Olivia and Preston.


Inside the office, Cassie sits at the desk where Olivia did her work. She opens the drawer and is surprised that it’s unlocked. She rummages through the drawer until she finds another key chain. “Perfect,” she smiles to herself as she rushes over to the side door in Olivia’s office. She tries all the keys until the door opens. She uses a flashlight in her purse as she’s entered Olivia’s locked room where she kept pills that she prescribed to patients. She remembers Olivia telling her that she switched Helen’s vitamins with memory loss pills. Cassie is hell bent on finding those pills so she can feed them to Helen again. “I have to find them, I just have too,” she whispers knowing her future depends on finding those pills.


Sofia is about to walk away from the office door when Shane walks down the hallway. He smiles when he sees Sofia. “Sofia, hey, this is a surprise. What brings you to the hospital?” he asks as he approaches her.

Sofia hugs Shane and realizes that realizes that he probably hasn’t heard the news about Natasha yet. “I was hoping to see Eva McCloud if you can believe it.”

“Oh really?” Shane replies in surprise. Everyone in the town knows that Sofia and Eva aren’t each other’s favourite people. “I‘m afraid she‘s not in. She left about an hour ago.”

“Hmm, well I suppose I can get Bob to telephone her later.”

“Is everything okay with Natasha?”

Sofia smiles and can immediately pick up on the fact that Shane is still in love with Natasha, despite being married to Cassie. She’s often thought that he still loved her and his reaction was all the confirmation that she needed. She recalls the odd behaviour from Cassie recently as well and knows that she still wants to investigate her and find out exactly why she is seemingly out to get Natasha. Something about her doesn’t sit right with Sofia. If she could somehow figure out what Cassie is up to and allow Shane and Natasha to reunite, Natasha’s life would be completely perfect again, she thinks to herself. “Natasha is fine. I suppose I can tell you since you probably haven’t heard.”

“Heard what?” Shane asks, intrigued that there is news about Natasha, not realizing he’s furthering Sofia’s confirmation that he’s still in love with Natasha.

“She’s back Shane. Natasha has entered a rehabilitation program for her drug abuse and she’s working to get her life back on track.”

“What? This is fantastic news! I’m so pleased to hear Sofia,” Shane replies, hugging her, thrilled by the news. He recalls the last few times that he saw Natasha and how utterly hopeless she had appeared to be. He is so pleased to hear this news.

“I knew you would be,” she winks at him. “Listen, I should be running through. I won’t keep you longer.”

“Thanks for the update,” Shane says as he walks back down the hallway to his office. Sofia turns around and walks back towards the elevator. Suddenly, Cassie slowly opens the door to Olivia’s office and sneaks out when she sees the coast clear, unaware Sofia is watching her every move. Cassie shuts the door and rushes down the hallway. Sofia comes back around the corner and watches Cassie go to Shane’s office.

“What is she up too? Why was she in Olivia’s office?” Sofia asks herself knowing that no one should have access to Olivia’s office other than hospital staff, before she hears the elevator door open. “I must get to the bottom of it. If I do, maybe Shane and Natasha can have the future they’ve always wanted.”


Cassie smiles to herself as she knocks on Shane’s office door. She found the drugs that will help Helen forget her past. She is thrilled that she was able to get the pills because she knows that letting Helen remember is not an option. Not at all. Now, she just has to make sure she can feed them to Helen and her secret will be safe. Forever; no one will ever take her husband or daughter away from her.

Shane opens his office door and Cassie immediately hugs him. “Hey, what a surprise. What are you doing here?” he asks as he hugs his wife, even though his mind is still on Natasha. He can’t help but think about her and how good she’s doing. Part of him wants to reach out to her and tell her that he is proud of her. He knows that he has to focus on his wife though.

Cassie exit’s the hug and pulls him into a passionate kiss. “I wanted to tell my husband how much I love him,” she purrs to him.

“Well you just did a great job,” he smiles down at her, trying desperately to shake his mind off Natasha.

“I want us to renew our wedding vows Shane. I want to have a big wedding this time. The wedding we never had,” she tells him excited. “All of our friends and family there. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Shane arches his eyebrow, “Yea it does. Where is this coming from?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just feeling like I want to have that big wedding that we never had. Say yes. Say you’ll marry me again!”

“Of course I will,” he says hugging her again, knowing that this is a great way to refocus himself on his family. Suddenly his memory flashes back to Natasha accepting his marriage proposal from a year ago. He shakes his head and knows that he can’t think about that anymore. He’s moved on, and now he’s planning another wedding with Cassie, his wife and his future. Even if his heart longs for Natasha.

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