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Previously on One Day at a Time
- A black out hit Twin Peaks!
- Madeline was kidnapped by Karl after he discovered her following him. He became unglued and pulled a gun on her after she asked him if he threw the acid at Robin the night of the attack
- Will and Eva continued to clash as both neighbours and co-workers
- Adam and Helen went to the Calimo cabin in hopes of her having more memories of the night their baby died
- Victoria realized that Meggan hit her with the car
- Sofia wondered about Cassie’s secrets

Scene One – Karl’s Apartment

Shaking in the chair that she’s tied too, Madeline looks down the barrel of Karl’s gun. She feels her hands getting closer to escaping the tight knot they’re tied in behind her but she can’t focus on that with Karl freaking out in front of her.

“I asked you a question!” he yells again pointing the gun in her face. “No one was supposed to know about the night of the premier, how do you know about it?”

Madeline gulps and looks up at him. She can tell that he is scared and coming undone slowly as he is clearly nervous about the truth coming out. She feels herself start to sweat a little as she is scared with having a fun look in her in the face. “I was hired by Cory Calvin to prove his innocence. That’s why I was following you. The police have photos of you throwing the acid! Do you realize that? They were caught on a video surveillance,” she says slowly, even though she immediately regrets being honest with him as soon as she says the words. Telling him the truth could in fact set him off.

Karl panics and turns around; his worst fears are coming true. They are on to him and his role in the attack that night of the premier. He always thought that Melissa’s plan had loop holes, the biggest being that Robin was actually injured in the process. If only the acid hadn’t hit her face. If only the acid hit the wall like it was supposed too. “Damn it!” he yells in frustration as he ponders his next move.

Madeline uses the opportunity to quickly wiggle her arms free from the rope. She carefully takes her left hand and grabs her phone from her pocket, watching closely to ensure that Karl doesn’t turn around. She opens her inbox and sees numerous messages from Cory. She hits reply and types “HELP!” and presses send knowing that the police will be able to track her whereabouts from the text message. Before she is able to return her phone to her pocket, she drops it and it slams on the ground. Karl turns around quickly and sees Madeline free from the rope and her phone on the ground.

“What the hell is this?” he asks rushing over to the phone and seeing her SOS message. “You bitch! You’re going to pay for this!”

Scene Two - Capers

The restaurant is still busy as the blackout continues. No one has tried to leave yet as the heavy snow fall is making for dangerous driving, and with no power in the city it increases the hazardous conditions. At one table, Robin sits still chatting with Leah. She is curious about her sister’s questions surrounding her date with Liam Fitzpatrick that her mother set up. She can’t place it but she suspects something is up with Leah; why would she be so curious about Liam? Leah has told her that it’s because she’s concerned about Robin, but Robin can’t help but feel like there’s more too it than that. It’s not like Leah to get so worked up over something like that, especially when Robin has explained numerous times that her date with Liam was just a friendly evening out; nothing more.

“Did you happen to see Cory here this evening?” Leah asks Robin interrupting her sister’s train of thought.

“I did,” Robin replies with a half smile. “Just between us while my Mom isn’t at the table,” Robin continues looking Leah in the eye. “I do miss Cory a lot. I just feel so torn. Why would my mother lie about Cory’s role in the attack Leah? You know? I want to believe him, I just don’t know how,” she reveals as water fills her eyes, thinking about how Melissa has continued to say that Cory had motive to set up the attack.

Leah grabs her sisters hand. “You should believe him when he tells you he had nothing to do with it Robin. He’s your husband, why would he want to hurt you? Especially since he was coming around to accepting your modelling career! He would never, ever hurt you like this.”

A tear falls down Robin’s cheek, “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to not listen to what my Mom tells me. We’ve worked hard to get back on solid ground.”

“Melissa means well, I’m sure,” Leah replies, unsure of what Melissa’s intentions could be. “But you belong with your husband, not your mother. You know Cory has hired Madeline right?”

Robin wipes her cheek and arches her eyebrow. “What? He did?”

Leah nods, “He’s determined to prove his innocence to you. If he truly did set up the attack do you really think he’d hire a PI to uncover the truth?”

Before Robin can reply, Melissa returns to the table and immediately picks up on some tension between the two sisters. “Am I interrupting something?”

“No, not at all,” Robin quickly replies to Melissa, not wanting to tip her off to Cory’s plan. “Just a sister talk.”

Melissa arches her eyebrow not sure of what she walked in on. Suddenly she feels her phone vibrate. She grabs her purse and sees a text message from Karl that reads, “I need more money NOW!”. She looks up at Robin and Leah, and gulps knowing that this is something she has to deal with now, “Excuse me ladies, will you?”


“So Robbie told you to wait and see?” Dominick asks Cory of his conversation with Robbie. He recalls that Cory asked Robbie if the police could do anything to help find Madeline as they haven’t heard from her in a few hours and they know that it’s not like her to keep out of touch for so long, especially when she claims to have been on a lead.

Cory looks over at his father in law and sighs, “Pretty much. He says that the police have to wait until she’s officially missing after 48 hours. My fear is that by that time it will be too late.”

Dominick leans in to the table, “We will find her Cory. Right now we do not have much information other than she hasn’t contacted us. That doesn’t mean something has happened to her, let’s stay calm until we know more information.”

Cory sighs, “You’re right. We’ll stay cool until we get more information.”

Just as he finishes his sentence, he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket. He quickly grabs it and looks at the incoming message. “It’s from Madeline,” he says looking at Dominick before opening the text message. “My God!” he gasps before passing the phone to Dominick.

Dominick reads the help message from Madeline and looks back at Cory. “We have to show this to Robbie now!”

Scene Three - The Towers; Floor Eight - The Hallway

Will comes out of his apartment and looks around in the darkened hallway. He was hoping that he could call the electric company to complain about the long - lasting power outage, but seemingly that the lights are out in the hallway as well he realizes that the blackout is still hitting the entire city, not just his unit. He looks over and sees Eva’s door. He ponders for a second what she could be doing. Before he knows anything else, he’s walking up to her door and he knocks.

She opens the door and is surprised to see the young man standing at her door, especially since he’s only wearing a tight white muscle shirt and basketball shorts. “Will, this is a surprise,” she says to him still standing in her doorway.

“Yea, I’m sure it is,” he replies unsure of what to say. “Look, I was alone in my apartment in the blackout and I thought maybe …”

“What?” she asks growing impatient, although she isn’t sure why.

“If you were alone too, maybe we could just keep each other company. But if it’s not a good time or something, I could go,” he continues, picking up on her apprehension.

“No,” she says against her better judgement. They’ve had their share of mishaps lately, but she still feels like there is something about Will that she likes. “I could use the company. Please come in.”

Will enters the apartment and goes into the living room. “You have a nice place.”

“Thanks. Would you care for a glass of wine?”

“Sure, thank you.”

Eva soon returns with two glasses of red wine. “Let’s toast,” she says as she hands him a glass. “To neighbours keeping each other company during blackouts.”

He chuckles as they toast and they take a drink. “Are you okay Eva? Honestly?” he asks her noting that she has some redness under her eyes.

She sets her glass down on the coffee table and looks at him. “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know, you look like you may have been crying,” he tells her of his observation. “I don’t want to pry though.”

“No it’s fine,” she says looking up at him with half a smile, grateful for his consideration. “I was crying earlier. I’ve had a long evening,” she admits to him, thinking back to her talk with Natasha at Capers earlier in evening before the blackout hit.

“I’m here to listen if you want to talk about.”

She pauses and wonders if she should tell him. She doesn’t feel like she has many friends in the town, especially since Natasha went on her downward path. They were close, but are no longer. Dominick doesn’t really see her much anymore and Bob and Sofia certainly do not like her. “You know that Natasha Calimo is my daughter?” she asks him as he nods and takes another drink of his wine. “Well, she has seemingly decided to forgive her parents but not me. She doesn’t want anything to do with me.”

Will opens his eyes in surprise. While he doesn’t know Natasha that well, from what Kim has told him she doesn’t seem like the vengeful type. “I don’t know what to say Eva. I’m so sorry.”

Eva laughs, “What is there to say? If only I had been honest with her from the time I came to town, this wouldn’t be happening. I guess I thought that if we were friends first, she’d be okay when the truth did come out. I was so very wrong.”

“But it wasn’t your place to tell her the truth. If was Bob and Sofia’s. I don’t blame you for not wanting to tell her the truth right away. I think you did the right thing.”

“But that right thing has cost me my daughter!”

Will comes up to her and puts his arm around her and pulls her into his big, muscular arms. “Give it time, maybe she’ll come around. The news is still so new to her. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to get to know their biological parent.”

Eva snuggles into his chest. The smell of a man hovers in his nose, something she has missed and she hadn’t realized it until this very moment. “When did you become so wise?”

He laughs, “I have my moments,” he says as he looks into her eyes. “Wipe your tears. You’ll make it through this, you’ll see.”

She smiles and pauses as they look into each other’s eyes. Its been so long she’s been this close to a man. Before she knows what she’s doing, she leans in and kisses him on the lips. He puts his hand on her face and pulls her in deeper.

Suddenly, he pulls back and catches his breath. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t do this,” he says getting up from the sofa, unnerved by the kiss.

“No, it’s my fault. I’m sorry,” Eva quickly covers, even though she longs for more of Will. His lips tasted so good, his arms felt so muscular, she now can imagine what else he can do.

He puts his hands over his face and suddenly feels water in his eyes. “You know, it’s been awhile for me,” he admits to her. “I haven’t kissed a woman since Olivia died. I miss her still, ever day. I love her still. I … I just don’t think I’m ready to be with anyone else yet.”

Eva gets up and comes up behind him and puts her arms around him. “I understand completely. You don’t need to explain. We got carried away, caught up in a moment. Grieving is something that takes it’s time.”

Will turns and faces her. “Yea. How about we go back and talk more and finish the wine.”

“I’d like that,” she smiles, even though she wants him more than she has ever wanted him before. Still, she’ll keep her boundaries. For now.

Scene Four -- The Victors House; Vinny & Victoria’s Home

“I’m glad you’re here with me during the blackout,” Victoria smiles to Chris as they sit in her bedroom and talk as candles surround them to give them light. She’s still in bed after being hit the car, but she is feeling better and better each day. She hopes to get out of the bed as soon as possible, but she will wait for the doctor’s okay. She has been going crazy being in the bed most of the time. Her mind too can’t get over the fact that when Meggan visited her, she sort of let on that it was her that hit Victoria with the car. She doesn’t know for sure, but she got the feeling. What to do with the info is another question altogether.

“I’m glad I was here when it happens,” Chris laughs with her. He looks up and quickly sees the large snow flakes still coming out of the sky. “Seriously, having this time for you has been nice. We have really had a good chance to catch up.” He is still livid at Vinny for making Victoria move out his place into Vinny’s, but to make Daisy feel better he agreed. Plus, he hates putting Victoria in the middle of his feud with Vinny. He knows that she will sign the annulment papers once she is completely healthy. “Has Vinny said anything to you about when you’ll get out of the bed rest?”

“No,” she admits. “But I’m thinking it’s this week. I mean, I feel fine. I’m going crazy in this bed though!”

“That’s good that you’re feeling better, it means you could sign the annulment papers,” he quickly blurts out to her.

Victoria arches her eyebrow, “What do you mean? Did they come?”

“Vinny didn’t tell you?” he asks, not surprised. He knows that Vinny didn’t want Victoria to worry or think about anything else other than getting better. However, since Victoria has admitted to him that she is seemingly on the mend, he doesn’t want to play Vinny’s games any longer. “I guess he was waiting until you were better.”

“Yea, maybe,” Victoria replies, clearly taken a back that she didn’t know about the annulment papers coming. She can’t help but think that maybe Vinny wasn’t telling her for other reasons - like the fact that he wants to stay married to her. She looks at Chris and wonders if they would have a future together. She knows that she has always had a jealousy of his relationship with Daisy and now that they’re living together it has intensified. She knows that if she opens up about that, all of her feelings will just come pouring out and she doesn’t really want to deal with that right now.

“You seem distracted,” Chris notices, wondering if she’s thinking about the pending separation from Vinny. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just thinking I suppose.”

“About the annulment?”

“No,” she covers with him, even though she is thinking about it. “Meggan came to visit me the other day.”

“That’s interesting. I didn’t think you two got along that well.”

“We don’t. Can you keep something between the two of us?” Victoria asks him knowing that she has to tell someone about her theory.

“Of course,” Chris replies to her, curious by her admission.

“I think it was Meggan. I think she hit me with her car when she was moving out of Vinny’s.”

Scene Five -- The Calimo Cabin

Adam puts another log on the fire to keep it going. He turns back and looks at Helen, who is sitting on the sofa. The couple agreed to come to the cabin for the weekend to try to get her memory back from the night their baby died. Helen has been having memories more and more, so they thought it would be a good idea to come back to the scene of the crime to see if it would trigger more memories. It was a good thing they had the fire going before the power went out, otherwise they’d have little to no light at the cabin, combin that with the heavy snow fall and it would have been a disaster. He looks at his wife; she looks a million miles away, not that he can blame her. They have been trying to do things that would make her memory come back, but so far she hasn’t had any memories yet.

“What are you thinking about Helen?” he asks her as he returns to the sofa and sits next to her.

She looks at him and smiles, grateful that they are growing closer again. They had drifted apart after the baby died, but her memory coming back slowly has helped them grow closer again. They both want to know the truth of the night so badly. She knows that she wouldn’t be able to go on this journey of uncovering the truth without him by her side. “I’m just glad that you’re here with me. Thank you for helping me uncover these memories that are inside of me.”

Adam comes closer to her and hugs her. “I wouldn’t be any where else babe. I want to learn what happened that night as much as you did. Have you remembered anything else at all yet?”

Helen shakes her head no as they exit their embrace. She gets up from the sofa and walks around. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what will help me have a memory. That night is so patchy from what I do remember.”

Adam gets up and comes up to her. “It’s okay, I think we just have to be. If we press too much, you know it may not happen. If we relax, who knows what will happen.”

“That’s true,” she says looking into his eyes. “You look so handsome in this light.”

He comes up to her and grabs her hand, “And you’re as beautiful as ever. I’ve missed you so much.”

He leans in and kisses her passionately. She replies and slides her tongue into his mouth. His lips move down her neck. “It’s been so long Helen. Maybe we can find another way to pass some time,” he says as he begins to unbutton the back of her dress knowing that it has been months since he and Helen have made love.

Helen loves the feeling of being held in her husbands arms. “I’d love that,” she whispers to him as her hands explore his chest. Suddenly, she gets a flash of white light in her head.


“Oh my god! I’m in labour!” Helen says looking frantically at Olivia. “What are we going to do? I can’t have my baby here!”

Olivia looks at Helen, “Lay back. We don’t have cell phone reception here, remember?” Olivia lies to her. “I’m a doctor, I’ll be able to help you with this. You’ll be fine. I promise.”

Helen lays back as another contraction hits her hard. The pain is like nothing she has ever felt in her life. She feels her stomach turn hard as a rock and her legs tense up. Her instinct is to push. She feels some sweat start to form on her forehead. “Ahhh! It hurts so much Olivia!”

Olivia looks at Helen. She hadn’t expected the inducing pills to work so quickly. Still, she knows what she has to do. This is all going so well so far, she thinks to herself. She looks at Helen. “I have some pain killers in my bag. I’ll give you some, okay?”


Adam feels his wife’s body freeze. “What is it Helen?” he asks stopping their make out session. Helen walks over to the fire and looks back at Adam, shaken by her memory.

“I just had another memory,” she tells him with a scared look in her eye. “I went into labour and Olivia offered to give me some pain medication that she had with her.”

“And? Anything else?” Adam asks frantically as he buttons up his shirt.

Helen shakes her head no as a tear falls down her face. “That’s when I blacked out again. I think the pain medication was something else. I think she purposely knocked me out. God, but why? Why did Olivia do this to me?” she asks as she starts to cry, overwhelmed by the memories she’s having. “She drugged me! But why?”

Adam comes up and holds her. “It’s okay Helen. We are on the right track. We are on the way to uncovering that Olivia did to us that night. We will find out the truth! We can’t stop now. And I’ll be right here beside you for it all.”

Scene Six -- The Calimo Mansion

Sofia sits in the living room reading a book in front of a large fire. She happens to look outside and sees the large snow flakes still falling from the sky. She turns her head the other direction and sees Bob sitting at his desk working away on Roboto files, the old fashioned way: with pen & paper. She smiles to herself thinking that everything is seemingly coming back to normal for her family.

She still wonders about Cassie, however, and what the woman could be hiding. She knows that if she could only uncover the secrets that she holds, she could potentially get Shane and Natasha back together, and then her family would truly be back to normal. That’s something she longs for. That’s something that she wants more than anything else in the world. But now to uncover Cassie’s secrets.

She gets up and looks at the picture of Natasha on the fireplace mantel. She then looks into the fire. She recalls seeing Cassie at the coffeehouse after Olivia and Preston died where Cassie claimed that she didn’t know Olivia or Preston very well. Sofia knows that it has to be lie, because she saw Cassie coming out of Olivia’s office just a few weeks ago. What’s more strange is that Olivia has been dead for a few months - so why was Cassie coming out of her office? Why would she have access to the office? Sofia shakes her head and looks away from the fire.

“Are you okay my darling?” Bob asks his wife from his desk, noticing that she is clearly deep in thought.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” she says waving her hand over to him. “I’m just thinking.”

“Anything I can help with?”

“No, I’m afraid not. I’m just trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together. I just find that none of the pieces are fitting together,” she tells him talking in a riddle. She doesn’t want to reveal her theories to him, not until she has something concrete to go on.

Bob chuckles, “I’m getting back to these files. Let me know if you need help figuring it out.”

Sofia turns her face back and then gasps. “My God. She did lie. She knew Olivia much more than what she claims,” she says to herself as a memory comes back to her.


She watches as Cassie exit’s the office and shuts the door. Outside the office, Cassie stops for a moment and looks at the door way. Olivia is right, she tells herself. They can’t risk having anyone know their connection. She slowly walks away, unaware that Sofia has spotted her leaving Olivia’s office. Sofia arches her eye brow and continues to walk down the hallway, not thinking anything of the departure.


Sofia realizes that her memory was from last August, meaning Cassie and Olivia were getting together for months before Olivia’s death. And this is proof that Cassie is lying about her connection to Olivia and Preston.

“But why would lie about knowing Olivia and Preston, Cassie? What is your real secret?” Sofia asks herself, knowing that she is on the right track. She just has to keep pressing and find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Scene Seven - Karl’s Apartment

“What are you going to do?” Madeline asks Karl as he continues to point his gun at her.

“Shut up! I’m trying to think,” he yells back at her, knowing that he has to do something since she has sent an SOS message to Cory. He quickly realizes that Cory will probably go to the police and he could go to jail. He looks at his phone again and realizes that Melissa still hasn’t got back to him. He calls her number again.

“Hello,” she says into the phone, having moved into a corner at Capers so no one will be able to hear her phone call.

“Why are you ignoring me and my messages?” he yells into the phone.

“Because I’m out in public right now! In case you hadn’t noticed, there is blackout happening. I can’t drop everything to get you more cash. What have you done? Why are you so panicked?” Melissa asks him into the phone.

“Someone else knows what happened that night,” he reveals to her, looking over at Madeline. “I took matters into my own hands but it’s getting out of control.”

Melissa gulps. “What are you talking about? No one can ever find out about that night Karl! No one!”

“That’s what I thought. I know what I have to do now,” he says back to her before hanging up. On the other end, Melissa wonders what Karl is talking about. What is he going to do? She is left with more questions than answers.

Madeline looks at Karl and gulps. “Who was that?” she asks, trying to get him to reveal more.

“None of your business. I just got confirmation as to what I have to do though,” he replies in as an eerie calmness comes over Karl.

“What does that mean?”

“It means no one can know about that night. So it means, lights out for you,” he tells her as he points the gun at her.

Suddenly the front door to the apartment is busted open. Startled, Karl points upwards and shoots his gun. Robbie lunges towards Karl and tackles him. “I have him!” Robbie yells to Cory, who rushes over to Madeline and helps to untie her.

“Are you okay?” he asks her as she falls into his arms after she can escape the chair.

“I am now,” she cries into Cory’s arms, as Robbie reads Karl his rights and arrests him.

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- The lights come back on
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