Episode 149 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 30, 2011


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Melissa secretly paid for Karl’s bail after he was arrested for kidnapping Madeline
- Cassie found Shane & Natasha together in the wine cellar after the black out just as they were about to make love. She made plans to get pregnant again to hold on to Shane
- Sofia began putting some of the pieces together of Cassie and Olivia’s schemes
- Victoria revealed to both Vinny and Chris that she thinks Meggan hit her with the car
- Daisy learned Vinny took a lead in the polls right before the election
- Adam took an assignment to be the Math teacher for Trenyce’s fashion program at the college

Scene One - City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy sits at her desk, her stomach filled with butterflies. It’s election day and she’s as nervous as she’s ever been in her life. The first election she wasn’t expecting to win; now she wants it more than ever before. She doesn’t want to lose the mayor title yet, but she knows that the polls are indicating that Vinny is in the lead right now, mostly because of his personal attacks against her. While she realizes that she has done everything she possibly could to win, she is still nervous what the people will do.

Her train of thoughts are interrupted when her office door opens and her assistant Greta walks in holding a large coffee from the Sugarbowl. “Have you see today’s Sun?” she asks throwing the newspaper down on Daisy’s desk.

“No, I haven’t, why?” Daisy asks putting her glasses on and then picking up the paper and reading the headline. “My God, is this true?”

She re-reads the headline, “Vinny Victor’s ‘Wife’ Involved in Hit & Run!”

“Meggan was the one that hit Victoria with the car? Greta, how did this get published?” Daisy asks, still shocked by what she’s reading in the paper especially on the day of the election.

“I have no idea,” Greta shrugs still smirking. She realizes that this could help her boss. “But this may actually help us out after all Daisy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Vinny’s name is now tarnished. Whoever leaked this to the press did so at the perfect time,” she smiles to her boss as Daisy rereads the article still trying to process the information.

Scene Two - Main Street; Vinny’s Mayor Campaign Headquarters

“I can’t believe this!” Vinny yells as he slams the newspaper down on his desk. “Who would reveal this, today, of all days?” He gets up from his desk and puts his hand over his eyes. He recalls Victoria telling him her theory that Meggan may have been the one who hit her with the car, but she promised not to tell anyone else. He did that for two reasons, the first being he wanted to actually learn the truth before confronting Meggan and two, he didn’t want the truth to hurt his chances with the campaign. Whoever revealed the truth couldn’t have picked a worst moment he realizes. He was leading in the race. He only hopes this isn’t the end of the race before it even begins.

He turns around when he hears his front door open. Victoria comes in and takes off her large sunglasses and looks at Vinny. “What the hell happened? I thought you told me not to say anything to anyone? Why would you go to the press Vinny?” she asks flabbergasted that he revealed the truth after he told her not too, having read the morning addition of the Sun herself.

“You think I did this?” Vinny says with half a laugh, even though he knows it’s not funny. “I was going to ask you the same thing!”

“I didn’t say anything, just like you asked me too,” Victoria defends herself to him.

“Then how did this get out? I mean, today of all days! This could cost me the election!” Vinny yells in frustration.

Victoria turns around quickly and gulps as she realizes what must have happened. “My God,” she whispers to herself as she covers her mouth in shock. “Chris!”

Scene Three - The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Cassie watches Dawn fall back asleep before she creeps out of the bedroom and walks to the doorway. She looks back at her sleeping daughter and feels blessed for a moment. She knows that Dawn is everything to her and she is the glue keeping her and Shane together, despite her best efforts. With Dawn down for her morning nap and Shane already at the hospital, Cassie prepares for what she has to do with her day. She has to find the rest of her fertility drugs so she can try to get pregnant again. Then she has to take the memory lapsing pills she stole from Olivia’s office and somehow feed them to Helen. Finally, when she gets home she has to seduce her husband. She has to get pregnant again, and fast, because she suspects that Shane maybe thin close to leaving her for Natasha. She still can’t believe that they spent the entire blackout together in the wine cellar of Capers. “If only I had known they were in there, I would have got them out so much sooner,” she says thinking back to how she thought Shane had lipstick on his lips. “That bitch better keep her hands off my man,” she whispers as she walks into the master bedroom.

She walks over to her end table and pulls out a key. She then walks over to the main closet and pulls out a small safety deposit box. She moves it to the bed and unlocks it. Inside, she finds a pill bottle that holds her fertility drugs that she bought when she first hoped to get pregnant with Shane’s baby. She opens the bottle and puts one in her mouth. She grabs her water glass from her end table and swallows the pill down. Suddenly she hears the front door bell ring. Not thinking, she walks down stairs, still holding the pill bottle in her hand.

She rushes downstairs and opens the door and sees Sofia standing there. “Good morning Cassie,” Sofia smiles as she pushes her way inside.

“Sofia, this is a surprise,” Cassie replies to her, not sure why Sofia is at her door. “Is there something I could help you with?”

“No, not at all, I was actually looking for Shane. I need to run something by him. It’s about Natasha,” Sofia reveals to her, secretly wanting to see Cassie’s reaction. She knows that something is going on with Cassie but she is still in the process of trying figure it out. Shes determined to put all the pieces together. That’s when it happens; Sofia spots the pill bottle in Cassie’s hand.

“I’m sorry, he’s already at the hospital. I’m sure you could find him there,” Cassie replies to here, trying to stay calm that Sofia wants to talk to Shane about Natasha. She has no idea what they could be talking about, but it annoys her to no end. Shane is her husband, not Natasha’s.

“Are you ill my dear?” Sofia asks, pointing to the pill bottle.

Cassie gulps. “Not at all, just vitamins. If you’ll excuse me, I need to carry on with my day.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Sofia says turning and purposely knocking her large Louie Vuitton purse into Cassie, causing her to knock her pills out of her hand. They scatter all over the ground. “My goodness! I’m so terribly sorry. Let me help with this,” Sofia shrieks as she bends down and grabs one of the pills quickly.

“No! No!,” Cassie yells, not wanting Sofia to see the fertility drugs. “I’ll clean it up. Thanks again for stopping by Sofia.”

“Yes, sorry again Cassie! Oh, and don’t forget to vote today!” Sofia replies walking out of the house. Once the front door is closed, Sofia looks at the pill in her glove. “What are these? Time for me to find out,” she whispers to herself as she walks off realizing that the pills could help her put another piece of this puzzle together.

Scene Four - The Park

Cory slowly walks through the park, which is now a winter wonderland. The snow fall has covered everything inch of the ground and the trees are heavily from the snow piled on them. He takes a drink of his large latte that he got from the Sugarbowl before he began his walk. He needs some time to clear his head as everything has happened so quickly as of late. Madeline getting kidnapped by Karl, who revealed that he was the one that threw the acid at Robin the night of the attack followed by Cory and Robbie saving Madeline before Karl could shoot her is a lot to take in. He can’t imagine what Madeline is going through. The good news is that Karl was arrested and it’s only a matter of time before it’s revealed that Cory had nothing to do with the attack; the bad news is that someone posted his bail and Karl is walking freely right now.

He stops dead in his tracks when he spots Robin approaching him, holding a coffee herself. She pauses and looks at Cory before walking up to him. “Hey, good morning,” she slowly says to him, knowing that she has to apologize. She read the paper this morning which had the article about Karl and the kidnappings. She never truly believed that Cory had anything to do with the attack, she was sucked into believing what her mother was telling her. She only hopes he can understand.

“Morning,” Cory replies to her. “Looks like we had the same idea. A walk on a cool morning with a hot drink.”

“Yea, I can’t believe how much it snowed,” Robin observes, trying not to make the conversation to awkward.

“I know. It’s that time of year,” Cory replies taking a drink of his latte.

“Look Cory, I owe you a huge apology. I read the article today about Karl and the kidnapping and his role in the attack,” Robin blurts out quickly getting tears in her eyes. “I shouldn’t have listened to my Mother. I can’t believe she would try to tell me you were responsible. And I can‘t believe I listened.”

“But you did listen to Melissa. You’ve shut me out for months for something I didn’t do. It took me hiring a PI to prove this to you,” Cory snaps back at her, finally able to express his frustration with her.

She comes up to him and tries to hug him, but he pushes her away. “It’s me who needs space right now Robin. I don’t know if I can go back.”

Cory walks away leaving Robin standing in the park by herself. She watches him until she can’t see him any longer. She turns back around and lets a tear fall from her eye. “What have I done?” she asks herself as more tears fall.

Scene Five - The Wilkins Estate; Madeline & Reese’s Home

“Are you sure you don’t need anything else,” Reese asks his sister who is wrapped in a blanket on the sofa holding a hot glass of hot chocolate.

“I’m sure, but thank you,” Madeline smiles up to her twin. She looks around the living room and feels a bit more at ease. At first after Olivia and Preston died, neither she or Reese wanted to live in their home. But as time passed by, they both thought it was a great way for them to stay close as siblings and always think of their parents often.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Reese asks sitting next to her, knowing that she must have tons of emotions inside of her. “The kidnapping I mean?”

Madeline sits up a little as she feels her eyes swell with tears. The entire ordeal has left her feeling scared and a bit overwhelmed. She knew when she began her PI career that sometimes things would be dangerous, but actually having a madman kidnap her and hold a gun to her face is completely different.

“I don’t know,” Madeline admits to her brother. “I mean, what is there to talk about? I could have died. Thank goodness Cory and Robbie found me when they did.”

“It’s okay to be scared Maddie,” Reese relays to her. “It’s okay to want to cry and it’s okay for you to admit that you’re not okay with what happened.”

Reese’s words hit a nerve and soon Madeline is uncontrollably weeping. Reese moves over to hold his sister. “You’re okay now. Just let it out. Release the emotions,” he tells her as he holds her.

“I was so scared Reese. He was just waving this loaded gun every where. Pointing it at me and threatening to shoot me,” she says through some tears. She takes a deep breath and looks at her brother, “You know what the worst part was?” she says through her tears as Reese looks at her. “Part of me thought if I died I would get to see Mom and Dad again.”

Reese looks over at a picture of Olivia and Preston on the mantle in the living room. “These last few months have been so hard on both of us Madeline. But you know that they want us to keep going and live our lives. They are always with us, no matter what.”

“I know. I just miss them, especially in moments like this. No one would make me feel better than Daddy.”

“He did a good of that didn’t he?” Reese smiles. “Remember when we were 8 and I pushed out off our jungle gym in the back yard? You screamed so loudly. Dad came running out and asked what happened. I got in so much trouble and he fixed your scraped knee with a band aid?”

Madeline looks up at him and wipes her eyes laughing a little. “I do remember. I got ice-cream and you didn’t. Thanks for making me feel better Reese.”

“That’s what I’m here for Madeline. Always, you know that.”

Scene Six - Twin Peaks College; Room 17

Adam finishes writing the homework assignment on the white board and then turns around. “Okay everyone, see you tomorrow,” he says as the bell rings indicating that class is over. Adam returns to his seat to gather his belongings. He only teaches one class a day at the college and it’s Math for the Fashion program. He is happy that he agreed to teach the course because it’s a good stepping stone for him professionally if he wants to move out of the high school in Twin Peaks and more so into the college. Plus, the extra money for him and Helen is always a bonus.

Trenyce sits near the back of the class and puts her books in her bag. She can’t help but notice Mallory sitting a few desks over from her. She spots Mallory unbuttoning the top few buttons of her blouse before walking down the stairs to Adam’s desk. Trenyce can’t believe that Mallory is going to flirt with her teacher, whom is happily married.

“Um, Mr. Black?” Mallory pouts her lip out to her teacher. She doesn’t know what it is exactly about Adam that drives her crazy, but she finds him incredibly sexy. His dark hair, deep brown eyes, facial stubble … it all drives Mallory crazy.

Adam looks up from gathering his papers and notices Mallory leaning over his desk showing him her cleavage. He looks up from her chest and smiles at her. “Yes Ms. Cunningham,” he replies to her.

“Today’s lesson, and this trigonometry stuff, it’s really not sitting well with me. I’m not really understanding it,” she continues to try to be sexy with him.

“There’s a few people in the class that are struggling with the chapter. How about tomorrow I put the offer out for a study group?” Adam suggests to her, not really picking up on her flirtatious ways.

Trenyce comes down the stairs and reaches his desk, “That’s a great idea Mr. Black. I think we’d all benefit from a study group.”

Mallory turns her head and glares over at Trenyce, annoyed that she’s sticking her head into her conversation.

“Perfect, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll see you ladies tomorrow,” Adam quickly says as he grabs his papers and exit’s the classroom. “Don’t forget to vote today ladies.”

“Gee, thanks,” Mallory spits over at Trenyce.

“Uh, you’re welcome? I’m not sure what you were trying to accomplish Mallory. You know he’s married right? And his wife is gorgeous!”

Mallory picks up her bag and continues to glare at Trenyce. She walks past her then pauses and turns back, “How ironic, that someone as fat and ugly as you can realize that other people are beautiful. Way to go.”

Trenyce puts her head down quickly as Mallory exit’s the classroom. She shakes her head refusing to let Mallory get to her, even though she already has.

Scene Seven - The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

Helen puts her book down that she’s reading and gets up off the sofa. She looks outside and sighs at the snowy scenery. She can’t believe that it’s winter again already. It just seems like yesterday she was enjoying the summer sunshine. She turns around and feels her eyes swell with water. The summer is a hard time of the year for her though because it was in August that she lost her baby. She can’t believe it’s been over a year since that night and she still cant’ remember the entire event. She knows she is making progress as she has been having more memories, but still she wishes the entire night would just come back to her.

“If only Olivia could have really have been my friend,” Helen whispers to herself. “I wish I could know what she was trying to prevent me from remembering. Was it just that I helped her and Preston rob banks? It seems like there’s so much more to this story.”

She goes to grab her cup of tea when she hears the doorbell ring. “I wonder what could be,” she says as she walks to the front door. She opens the door and is surprised to see Cassie standing there. “Cassie, what a surprise!”

“Do you mind if I come in?” Cassie asks pushing her way into the living room and quickly looking around to ensure that Adam isn’t home with Helen.

“Sure,” Helen replies closing the door and walking into the living room. “What’s brings you by?”

Cassie smiles at Helen knowing how she was going to play this, “Shane and I have decided to renew our vows!”

Helen gasps a bit surprised as it hasn’t been that long since she and Shane have been married. “That’s great!”

“I know. I was wondering if you’d like to be my made of honour. I mean, I don’t have many close friends, but we did take lamaze classes together and you’ve always been so great with Dawn,” Cassie tells her hoping that she’ll take the bait.

Helen smiles, “Sure, I’d love you,” she says as she shrugs her shoulders.

“Oh great!” Cassie says happily as she comes up and gives her a quick hug. “That’s all I came over for. I’ll be in touch about some details?”

“Absolutely. Thanks for stopping by Cassie and congratulations.”

“Oh,” Cassie replies before she is about to open the door. “Do you think I could use your washroom quickly? I’ve had one too many coffee’s today.”

“Sure, of course,” Helen replies to her.

Cassie rushes off to the washroom and locks the door behind her. She immediately opens the medicine cabinet and searches for Helen’s medication that Olivia would have prescribed to her. She quickly spots it and realizes that since Helen knows Olivia was drugging her she has to replace the pills with something else. She grabs her pain killers for her menstrual cycle and drops them all in the toilet. She flushes them down and replaces the pills with more of the drugs that she has in her purse. She places the bottle back and smiles at herself in the mirror.

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane puts his last file away in his filing cabinet and prepares to take off his white jacket when he hears a knock on his door. He sighs hoping that he’d be able to leave the hospital without any interruptions today, but it doesn’t appear that it will go down that way. “Come in,” he says loudly, fixing the collar on his jacket.

Sofia opens the door and smiles at Shane. “I hope I’m not interrupting,” she says to him.

“Not at all Sofia, how are you?” he says as he greets her into his office.

“I’m fine darling, thank you. How are things with you?”

“Everything is great. Everything is wonderful,” Shane replies, wondering why Sofia is in his office. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Sofia arches her eyebrow, “Why yes, there is actually,” she begins to say. “I ran into your wife earlier.”


“Yes. I mean, you two seem like such a lovely couple,” she smiles knowing that she wants him back together with Natasha. “I was hoping that maybe Bob and I could do something to sort of get to you know you guys better. I mean, does she have family around that we could invite to town and give them a place to stay?”

“Oh Sofia, that’s so sweet of you. I’m not sure Cassie has ever had a relationship with her father and her mother, unfortunately, passed away last year,” Shane explains to her. “She went away and she actually gave birth while she was away.”

“Oh yes, yes, it’s all coming back to me now,” Sofia says to him, recalling that Cassie was away. “Well, if there’s anything I can do for the two of you, please just let me know.”

Shane gives her an awkward smile. “I shall. Thanks Sofia. Don‘t forget to vote!”

Sofia exit’s the office and waits until the door is closed before she opens her purse and grabs her cell phone. “Bruce, hi, it’s Sofia Calimo,” she says into the phone. “Yes, yes, I know that you’re busy with files from Bob, but this is an absolutely emergency. I need to know what Cassie Nova’s mother died of last year. I believe it was in August of last year sometime. And I needed that information yesterday!”

Scene Nine - The Sugarbowl

“I can’t believe you were trapped in the wine cellar with Shane all of those hours,” Kim tells Natasha and Leah, both of whom sit across from her as they drink coffee as they catch up. “I mean, wasn’t it hard?”

Natasha takes a sip of her coffee and looks at her two friends and smiles. She recalls how she and Shane confessed their love for each other and ended up in a passionate kiss during the blackout. “It wasn’t hard exactly,” she finally explains to them.

Leah looks over at a sleeping Paige in her stroller before turning back and looking back at Natasha. “You guys were madly in love Natasha. If Cassie hadn’t got pregnant you two would probably still be together today. And you’re telling us it wasn’t that hard? What gives?”

“I’m with Leah, something must have happened,” Kim gushes back to her friend.

Natasha laughs, “Okay, okay! I admitted to Shane that I still love him. And we may have kissed.”

“I knew it! I knew something happened,” Kim says, surprised but happy by her friends admission. “You guys really do belong together.”

“What about Cassie? And Dawn?” Leah asks. “He is still married with a child.”

“I know. I guess going through the rehab program has made me realize that I need to live in the moment. Looking back, I was foolish to think that Shane had to be with Cassie because she was carrying his child.”

“What are you saying Nat?” Leah asks her.

“I’m saying I want Shane back. I’m in love with him. I always have been. I think we could be together again,” Natasha replies with a touch of apprehension in her voice.

Scene Ten - The Wilkins Estate; Madeline & Reese’s Home

“I’ll get the door, hang tight,” Reese tells his sister, who is still sitting on the sofa with the blanket wrapped around her, after he hears the doorbell ring. He rushes over to the door and opens it and sees Cory standing there. “Cory, hi, please come in.”

“Thanks Reese. I came to see how Maddie’s doing,” he says as he enters the foyer. “I hope that’s okay.”

“Yea, of course. She’d like to see you, I’m sure. She’s hanging in there,” Reese replies as he heads him into the living room. “Look who came to see you?”

Madeline looks up and sees Cory enter the living room and quickly gets a grin on her face, even though she’s slightly mortified by what she must look like. “Cory,” she quickly says.

“Are you up for a visitor?” he asks coming in.

“Yea, of course.”

“I’ll leave you guys alone. I’m going to head out and vote. Call my cell if you need anything,” Reese intervenes before he leaves the room.

“He seems to be taking good care of you,” Cory observes as he sits next to Madeline on the sofa.

“Reese? Yea, he’s the best brother a girl could have,” she explains to him. “Thanks for coming by, it means a lot to me.”

“I had to make sure you were okay. Are you okay? Seriously?”

Madeline feels her eyes swell with water, “I mean, it was scary and I may be having nightmares, but over all I’m fine. I’m just glad Karl is in jail.”

Cory grabs her hand, “Thank you so much for tracking him down and following your gut with him. I’m sorry it went down the way it did, but I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done.”

Madeline feels herself blush as he caresses her hand. “I was doing my job.”

“I know. And I appreciate it. More than you’ll ever know,” he says softly to her as he looks into her eyes.

She smiles up at him as they gaze into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, her phone rings. “Oh, excuse me,” she says as she grabs her iPhone. “Hello? …. Yes, this is she … What? Are you sure? … Okay, thank you so much.”

Cory arches his eyebrow as Madeline looks at him as she hangs up the phone. “What’s going on?” he asks her.

“I have a friend at the TPPD. Karl is out on bail,” she explains to him. “You’ll never guess who paid his bail.”

“Who?” Cory asks with anticipation.

“Melissa Young.”

Scene Eleven - The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane opens the front door to the house and drops his bag on the ground feeling exhausted by his day at the hospital. Not only is he exhausted from work, but he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about his time with Natasha in the wine cellar and how close they came to making love. If they power hadn’t come back on when it did, he knows that they would have went all the way. Something he’s longed for since she ended their relationship so long ago.

As he enters the house, he can’t help but think that’s its quiet. Too quiet. “Cassie?” he calls out as he doesn’t hear anything or anyone in the house.

“Surprise,” she says in a seductive voice.

He turns around and sees his wife wearing a bright pink lace bra and matching panties. His mouth opens in surprise.

“You like?” she purrs as she comes up to him and begins to undress him.

“Of course, what’s not to like?” he smiles at her, as he tries to focus on his wife and get Natasha out of his head.

“Good, because I plan on having my husband for dinner tonight,” she says as she kisses him passionately. She moves her hand down to her belly for a brief moment hoping that it will only take one try with the fertility drug she took earlier to work and get pregnant again.

“Mmm, I like that sound of that,” he replies as he kisses her again. He opens his eyes and looks at her for a brief moment he envisions Natasha in front of him. He kisses Cassie harder than before.

“Wow, what’s gotten into you?” she asks, loving his passion.

“I just want you,” he says, still thinking of Natasha as he kisses her.

Scene Twelve - City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy paces around her office waiting for Greta to come back and give her the final poll numbers. Any time now the new mayor of Twin Peaks will be revealed. She’s so scared because she knows that today’s article in the Sun could have turned the tide to her way. She turns when she hears her office door open. Vinny storms into the office.

“What the hell is this?” he yells throwing down the paper in anger.

“I have no idea,” Daisy explains to him. “I had nothing to do with it, if that’s what you’re asking. I never threw a personal punch in this campaign. You can’t say the same.”

“If not you, then who?”

“I don’t know! But if the article is true, you may have to focus on Meggan,” Daisy tells him. “This isn’t the first time she’s hurt someone in a drunk driving accident.”

“I know,” Vinny sighs. “Look I’m sorry, I just think this is horrible timing with the election being today.”

They are interrupted when Greta comes back into the office with a huge smile on her face. “The results are in!” she says to both of them.

“Already?” Vinny asks in disbelief that the campaign is already over. “Well? Who won? Who is the mayor of Twin Peaks?”

“Congrats Daisy. You won by a landside,” Greta informs them as Daisy gets a big grin on her face and Vinny’s heart sinks. Outside the office door, Chris smiles to himself. He was going to go in and celebrate with Daisy, but he knows Vinny would put two and two together and realize that he’s the one that leaked the story to the press. He walks away knowing that he did the right thing: he helped Daisy keep her job and he sunk Vinny Victors in the process.

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