Episode 15 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Natasha left the hospital, despite beinnng zoned out from the pain killers. She drove her car off the bridge.
-Robin returned to town, and grew closer to Cory
-Victoria and Meggan had heated words at Vinny’s memorial service
-Rebecca received Vinny’s coffin. She called a mysterious man named Brett. She discovered that the coffin was empty

Here’s What Happened over the Christmas/New Year’s Break [we are only moving ahead one week]
-Cory learned that Natasha left the hospital, as Natasha’s car was pulled from the river. Cory and Robbie refused to believe that Natasha was gone. Robin comforted Cory, as Leah helped Robbie. Bob and Sofia returned to town for Christmas, but got the terrible news about their daughter. It was a sad Christmas.
-To Victoria’s chargin, Shane invited Meggan to Christmas dinner. They three of them had dinner together.
-Kim had the holidays with the Calimo’s,,, but her mind was on Jackson, who is still in jail.
-To help her election plans, Daisy served dinner at the homeless shelter. Later she and Chris had a nice holiday

Scene 1
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Cory at the front of the church. He’s dressed in black. He looks up and sees a large picture of his wife, Natasha. Beside, are her favorite flowers, lily’s. The church is silent, except for Cory’s breathing. Slowly, softly, he inhales and exhales, wondering how he will get through the day of saying good bye to his beloved wife. The woman he has spent most of his adulthood life with. The woman he wanted to spend all of his adulthood life with. A tear rolls down his cheek. He quickly wipes it away, wanting to remain strong.

Cory stands up when he hears some one else entering the church. He walks through the church to the lobby area. He sees Bob and Sofia Calimo. He hugs Sofia, who has tears in her eyes.

"I’m so sorry" he whispers to Sofia.

"Natasha loved you, Cory." she replies back.

They exit from the embrace. Cory turns to a stoic Bob. They embrace.

The three of them enter the church and prepare for the worst day of their lives.

Scene 2
Setting: The Calimo House; Robbie and Leah’s house

Robbie puts on his black jacket. "It just seems like yesterday we were dressing for Natasha’s wedding. Now we are going to say goodbye." he says, as he gets a little misty.

"Oh Robbie." Leah says, hugging her husband. "I’m so sorry you lost your sister."

"I know. It helps having you hear. We should get to the church. I want to be there for mother and father. Especially mother."

"Sofia’s going to take this hard"

"I think so."

Scene 3
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Robin arrives at the church. She enters and searches for Cory. She goes out the backdoor and sees Cory in the garden.

"Cory, hi." she says, approaching him.

"Hey Robin. Thanks for coming" he says, hugging her. "Thanks for spending Christmas with me too. I know you wanted to be with your family"

"Nonsense. You needed someone. I’m happy it was me." Robin says.

Cory turns, as he feels more tears coming. He puts his hands over his eyes, and tries to stop the tears.

"Hey, it’s alright. You don’t need to be strong with me Cory. Let it out." Robin says, putting her hand on his shoulder. "Let me be strong for you"

Cory turns, and hugs her again, releasing his tears. He begins to cry.

"I just can’t believe she’s gone."

"I know. I know. It’s going to be alright" she says.

Scene 4
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s Car

Robbie and Leah are driving to St. Joseph’s Church. Things get a little tense as they approach the bridge.

Leah notices her husband begin to get tears.

"Robbie, maybe I should have drove"

"Nah, it’s alright. I’m just glad that the construction team got the bridge done over the holidays."

"Me too."

As they pass the bridge, they also approach the DeWitt mansion, which many still believe is empty. Leah looks out the window at the mansion.

"Such a beautiful house. It’s a shame no one lives there" she says. Suddenly Leah looks again. She thinks she sees something in the window!

"Robbie slow down. What’s that? In the window of the mansion? It looks like a woman!" Leah says.

"Don’t be silly Leah. The house has been empty for years. You’re seeing things."

Leah looks again. The woman is gone.

"You’re right."

Inside the house, Rebecca is on her knees. "Damn! I have to be more careful! No one can know that someone is in the house!"

She crawls over to the window. The car is gone. She stands up, and grabs the paper. "Natasha Calimo’s funeral is today. That should give me time to go into town to get some food." she says.

Scene 5
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Robin brings Cory back inside the church. Sofia is surprised to see Robin with Cory. When Cory and Robin approach the Calimo’s, Sofia takes Cory in her arms, and hugs him. They exit from the embrace.

"Thank you for helping Ms. Navy" Sofia says, catching Robin off guard.

"It’s the least I can do. I’m very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Calimo" Robin says, hugging Sofia.

The women share a touching hug.

Kim interrupts. "Sofia." she says.

Sofia turns and sees Natasha’s best friend. More tears come to her eyes. "Oh Kimberly."

They embrace. "I still can’t believe she’s gone" Kim says.

"Neither can I" Sofia replies.

Suddenly Father Murphy arrives. "If you are ready, we can begin".

"Yes Father, that would be great" Bob says.

The guests begin to take their seats. Unbeknownst to the Calimos, Adam sneaks in and sits in the last row. A late Victoria also enters the church. She spots Shane sitting near the front. Then she spots Adam. She sits next to Adam.

"I can sit here?" she asks

"Please. I don’t know if I can get through this alone" Adam replies.

Scene 6
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

The guests are in their seats, and Father Murphy approaches the front of the church.

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. A few short weeks ago, many of us gathered for the marriage of Natasha Calimo and Cory Calvin. Today, we are here under very different circumstances. We are here to mourn the passing of Natasha."

Cory, who is in the front row, starts to tremble. Thoughts enter his mind. ‘I’m never going to see my wife, my beloved Natasha again. I can’t do this.’

Robin, who is sitting next to him, realizes he’s shaking, and grabs his hand. "I’m hear for you Cory" she whispers.

Father Murphy continues. "Natasha was a wonderful member of the community, as she was the best legal representative in Twin Peaks. She was actively involved Mayor Higgins in the "Stop Hate Crimes" in Twin Peaks. And of course, she was a part of the Calimo family...the heart and soul of Twin Peaks."

Sofia takes Bob’s hand. He kisses her forehand, telling her without words that everything will be alright.

"Natasha was the lovely daughter to Robert and Sofia Calimo. The sister to Robert JR. The wife to Cory Calvin. Today, we gather to celebrate her life." Father Murphy continues. "Cory, would like to say a few things now."

Adam watches as Cory walks up to the front. Cory clears his throat. He looks out in the church and sees family and friends. He once again, begins to tear up.

"This is so hard for me. I have loved my wife....Natasha, my entire adult life. I wanted...no I want to love her my entire life." he starts, trying to fight back the tears. "But this is not possible. God has taken her not only from me, but from her beautiful mother, her father, and her brother. I can only take comfort that I’ve been blessed to have had the time I did have with Natasha. And knowing that she’ll...." he starts to cry "...always be in my heart, thoughts, head...my soul". He turns fully crying now.

As he is approaching his seat, Sofia gets up, and once again they embrace. "She would be so proud of you" Sofia tells him.

Cory can’t respond, more tears just flow from his already wet eyes.

At the back of the church, Victoria realizes that Adam is really upset.

"Hey, are you alright? I didn’t know you knew Natasha so well."

A shaky Adam replies "We were married when we were younger"

Victoria is stunned. She puts her arm around Adam. "I’m sorry."

Adam doesn’t respond.

"Hey, why do we get out of here?" she says.

"Sure" he replies.

Scene 7
Setting: Rebecca’s Car

Rebecca is driving home from the grocery store. She passes the church, just as the guests are exiting. She spots Robin.

"That woman looks so familiar. Where I have seen her before?" Rebecca wonders, speeding up. "I need to get home before anyone sees me at the mansion".

Scene 8
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s Home

Chris brings a tray of tea into the living room.

"Thank sweetie" Daisy says.

"No troubles"

"I hope everyone isn’t upset that we missed the funeral. We’ve just had to much going on with the campaign."

"I called Bob before, and he thanked for calling." Chris says, drinking some tea. "I think the Christmas publicity went well"

"Yeah" Daisy says "working in the homeless shelter was a great idea. Not only did it make us feel good on Christmas, but it helped for the mayor campaign."

They continue to drink their tea...

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed room, in an unknown town, a mysterious person picks up a newspaper. One of the headlines reads "Mayor Candidate Daisy Davenport Helps Homeless Shelter"

"Well, well, well, Daisy is running for mayor" the voice says.

Scene 9
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam and Victoria arrive at Adam’s apartment.

"Thanks for coming here. I didn’t want my husband interrupting us" Victoria says.

"Wait, you’re married?" Adam asks, as they enter the living room.

"Technically yes. We are in the middle of getting divorced"

"Ah. Sorry."

"Don’t be. It’s for the best"

Victoria sits down on the sofa. "Hey, are you alright?"

"I think so."

"Come sit. Talk to me."

Adam moves over to the sofa and sits down. He remains silent.

"I don’t know what your going through...but I would like to help, if I can" Victoria tells him, putting her hand on his leg. "Please let me help you"

Adam puts his hand on top of hers. "It’s just...I loved Natasha very much" he begins, getting a little teary. "It doesn’t seem fair that she’s gone"

Adam buries his face in his hands, as he begins to weep. Victoria moves closer and takes Adam into her arms.

Scene 10
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Department

Kim enters the police station. She enters a hallway and walks slowly through it. When she reaches it’s end, she turns sees a woman behind some bulletproof glass. "May I help you?" she asks Kim.

A startled Kim moves closer to the window. "Yes. I would like to see a prisoner."

"Oh, you have to have authority to do so, Miss."

"I do. My name is Kimberly....Kimberly Reeves."

"Alright, Miss Reeves. Who are you here to see?"

Kim wonders if she’s doing the right thing. She takes a deep breath and says "Jackson McQuillan"

"One moment please" the woman says.

Kim turns, and the moment seems to last forever. Finally woman steps out of her office. "This is for you." she tells Kim, putting a ID card around her neck. "You only have 10 minutes. If you need help, a guard is near by at all times."

"Thank you." Kim responds.

"This way" the woman says.

Kim follows the woman through another hallway, constantly walking through jail bars. Kim starts to feel nervous. Butterflies enter her stomach, her palms get sweaty. Finally she enters the room. She sits at a chair. "He will be here soon."

Kim waits patiently, continuing to wonder if she’s making a mistake. Alas Jackson arrives. Wearing a bright orange jail suit, he’s seated across from Kim. Kim looks at the man that has tortured her. No words are spoken, as Jackson also looks at Kim, mostly in disbelief that she would come to see him.

Finally, he breaks the silence. "Why are you here?"

"I needed....to be here" she slowly says. "I needed....to....see...you."

Jackson, again is stunned. But a smile flashes across his face.

"Thank you. I wanted to see you too" he replies.

"You don’t understand Jackson. This is serious. Very serious. Will you listen to me?"

Jackson looks at Kim.

"Of course I will listen to you."

Kim breaths a sigh of relief.

"Thank you." she begins. "I need to tell you that Natasha is dead. She died Jackson."

Jackson looks stunned. "What have I done?"

"No, no! It wasn’t you. You didn’t kill her. It was an accident."

"I’m very sorry for your loss, Kim"

"That’s why I came here, Jackson. Life is too short. I don’t want you to be locked up for ever. I know what you did was wrong. But I know there is something haunting you. Some demon is inside of you. You have to let me help you" Kim pleas.

Jackson remains silent, wondering what Kim is offering. "What are you suggesting?"

"I will....drop the...charges...If you leave town, and get psychiatric help."

Suddenly a guard approaches the two of them. "Times up" he says.

Kim gets up. "Think about what I said Jackson. Please" Kim says, as she leaves the room. As Kim leaves, she wonders if she’s making a huge mistake.

Meanwhile, as Jackson is taken back to his cell, he realizes his freedom is at reach.

Scene 11
Setting: Wild Night

A disoriented Cory arrives at Wild Night, which is still closed with Vinny’s murder. Robin also arrives, having followed Cory.

Cory sits at the bar, and opens a bottle of vodka. Robin sits next to him.

"Do you really want to drink Cory?"

"I have to. It will make the pain go away."

"But it won’t bring Natasha back."

Cory pours a drink and walks a few steps away. He takes a drink.

"Cory please don’t do this" Robin pleas.

Cory throws the glass against the wall. It shatters into a million pieces. Cory starts to cry, and he falls to his knees his tears. Robin rushes over to Cory, and tries to comfort him.

Scene 12
Setting: Unknown

On a river bank, a body washes up on the bank. It's the body of a woman. She's barely breathing...but she is alive. She manages to bulid the strength to roll over. Her hair falls away from her face...the face of Natasha!

Next On One Day At A Time
-Shane catches Victoria in a surprising position
-Kim wonders about Jackson’s decision
-A surprising piece of evidence turns up in Vinny’s murder case

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