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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After helping remove Ryan from Natasha’s life, Sofia thanked Dominick and they shared a kiss
- Sofia caught Cassie in the midst of taking a fertility drug. Sofia stole a pill and later learned from Shane that Cassie’s mother “died” last August while Cassie was out of town. Sofia called her PI to confirm the story
- Shane and Natasha professed their love to each other while trapped together in the wine cellar during the blackout. Natasha later told Kim and Leah that she wants him back
- Melissa paid Karl’s bail after he was arrested for kidnapping Madeline
- Trenyce was shocked when Mallory flirted with Adam. Mallory continued to insult Trenyce’s physical appearance
- Daisy won the election after Chris leaked to the press that Meggan was the one that hit Victoria with her car causing Vinny’s name to be tarnished in the process

Scene One - Capers

Cassie finishes reading the latest edition of the Sun as she waits for people to start coming into the restaurant. The lunch crowd should be coming in any time and she wants to be ready for them. As she scans the paper, she notices one of the smaller headlines and seemingly catches her eye. It reads, “Home-made Bombs Becoming More Popular - Study.” She can’t help but be drawn to the article for some reason. After she finishes the article, she can’t help but think back to the previous day that she had. She took more fertility drugs and then seduced Shane in hopes of getting pregnant again. She believes that by having another baby with him it will make him want her even more and make him want to stay with her. She still can’t believe that Natasha is back in the picture after all this time. She thought that her spiral into the drug world would make her less appealing to Shane, but clearly that it isn’t the case. She realizes that she has to do anything and everything she can to ensure she keeps her marriage.

Adding stress to her life is the fact that Helen seems to be remembering more and more every day about then night her baby died. Cassie knows the truth that can never come out: she and Olivia stole Helen’s baby and has been passing her off as Dawn Marie for close to a year and half. She loves her daughter and refuses to let the truth come out, so she switched Helen’s menstrual pills with the same memory loss pills Olivia was giving her before she died. She is desperate for Helen to forget everything about that night and she knows that Helen will take those pills when she has too. It has to work, she tells herself. And if it doesn’t, Cassie smiles to herself, “She’ll go away like Olivia and Preston did,” as her eyes are drawn back to the bomb article, realizing she could make a bomb and possibly kill Helen to keep the truth from coming out.

She turns around and sees Bob enter the restaurant with his brief case. She quickly recalls Shane telling her that Sofia offered to get to know them better and if they could think of anything that they needed to ask her. After making love to Shane, she suggested to him that they renew their vows. While he was a bit apprehensive, he did agree to marry Cassie again.

“Bob, hi. Can you get you a table?” she smiles over to him coming up with a menu.

“Yes, there will be two us,” he says looking down at his black berry while he speaks to her. “It’ll be a business meeting. No menus, we’ll just have drinks,” he finally makes eye contact with her.

“Okay, follow me. I’ll give you the private table near the back,” Cassie tells him as he follows her. “I have a question for you though, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Of course not,” Bob says as he sits down at his table.

“Sofia was indicating to Shane that she’d like to help us out if possible,” Cassie begins as Bob arches his eyebrow. “So, Shane and I have decided to renew our vows and I was wondering if we could use the Calimo mansion as the venue,” she smiles to him, knowing that another way to rub the salt in Natasha’s wound would be for her to witness Shane marrying her - again.

“And Sofia said she was okay with all of this?” Bob asks, mostly disinterested in what Cassie is requesting as she nods in approval. “Well fine, then yes. Discuss the details with her. I’m sure it’s all fine.”

“Perfect, thank you so much Bob! I’ll send the waiter over right away with your drink order,” she smiles turning around proud of herself with what she just accomplished, but she knows that she has much more to still do.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks College

Trenyce sits up during the math study group that she helped arrange with Adam during the day’s class. It was the morning class and immediately following students stayed behind for the first study group to help them with the course. Trenyce looks over at Mallory, who is sitting in a desk and not really paying attention. Trenyce shakes her head wondering what Mallory’s angle is; after all is was her idea to get extra help and now that there is a study group in progress, it’s like she doesn’t care at all. She does notice, however, how flawless Mallory is looking. She’s wearing high heels showing her long legs which are in black tights and a long shirt that goes down below her butt. A black bet is over the shirt and her cleavage is ever present and her long red hair is loosely curled as he freely hangs half way down her back. Trenyce can’t help how skinny Mallory is. She shakes her head as she’s quickly reminded that she skipped breakfast today. She can hear her stomach growling for food, but she’s hoping that no one else in the study group will hear it. She is trying to drop some weight so she can be skinner. She has longed for a better body image and ever since Mallory has been taking digs at her weight, she’s actually started to care about it a little bit more.

“So I think we are all ready for tomorrow’s lesson now,” another member of the study group says as he closes the math text book. “That is, if no one has any other questions.”

“Mallory?” Trenyce asks as she calls over to her causing Mallory to turn her head. “You seem a little spaced out. Do you have any more questions?”

Mallory rolls her eyes knowing that she really didn’t need the extra help, rather she was hoping to get closer to Adam as she finds him super hot. She doesn’t care that he’s married, she’s never have a problem landing a guy, married or not. “No fatty, I don’t have any questions. Can we please call it a day?”

Trenyce looks down and quickly packs her bags. She gets up without saying a word and races out of the classroom. Mallory watches her and grins a little, knowing that her dig must have stung.

Trenyce races into the hallway and doesn’t stop until she reaches the washroom. She bends over and realizes that she’s alone. She looks in the mirror and sees the tears flowing from her eyes. She wipes them. “I’m not going to let her get to me,” she whispers as she suddenly gets an idea. She opens a stall and closes the door. Before she knows what else is happening, she has her finger down her throat and she’s throwing up into the white toilet.

Scene Three - Roboto; Chris’ Office

Chris looks at his email and realizes that he has a number of important reports to finish quickly for Bob. For some odd reason, another mysterious numbered company has been buying up a lot of smaller competitors. Chris knows that something is off with this and he knows that Bob will not be happy. He needs to quickly look into other smaller companies that Roboto could potentially buy before this numbered company takes over. The oddest thing of all, is that the numbered company has no references online. It’s like a mystery.

He picks up his phone and quickly dials a number, “Bob, it’s Chris. I’ll get those reports to you later this afternoon …. You’re welcome, yup … Bye.”

He hangs up the phone and suddenly feels a little guilty because he has been so distracted lately with Victoria’s health crisis and the election. He can’t help but smirk when he thinks about how he leaked the fact that Meggan was the one that hit Victoria with her car on the day of the election that this caused Daisy to win by a landslide. Not only did he help Daisy achieve something that meant a lot to her, but he was able to stick it to Vinny, which is far more satisfying. He just hopes that now Victoria can quickly sign the annulment papers so he can continue their relationship.

He looks over at his door when he hears a knock and the door opens revealing Victoria. He smiles and stands up, “Hey, what are you doing here?” he asks as he comes up to her and hugs her and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Do you really have to ask?” she responds pushing him off of her. “You really outdid yourself this time Chris!”

Chris arches his eyebrow. “I’m not sure what you’re getting at Vic.”

“This!” she says throwing the edition of the Sun at him with Meggan’s headline. “I told you that in confidence! A confidence that you betrayed,” she says livid with him. She can’t believe that he would sink so low to get back at Vinny. And for what? She has no idea what he was thinking.

“Look Vic, I did that for a number of reasons. Vinny, you know, he’s playing games,” Chris begins to say in his defence. “Like not telling you that the annulment papers have come in? What’s up with that? He wants you for himself when he knows damn well that you and I want to be together!”

“Do we? I don’t know anymore!” she yells at him. “Because you know what else this tells me?”


“That you still love Daisy!” she yells trying not to get tears in her eyes. She’s felt this way for sometime but she’s kept it hidden from Chris.

“What? Where is this coming from Vic?” Chris asks her dumbfounded by her accusation.

Victoria sighs and turns around as she fights getting tears in her eyes. “This has been going on for awhile now. The closeness between the two of you … it’s obvious. And the fact that you revealed this on election day. It helped Daisy win. It wasn’t sticking it to Vinny, Chris,” she says slowly finally turning back to look him in the eye. “You’re still in love with your ex-wife. And nothing you say can change that,” she reveals as a tear escapes her eye.

Scene Four - Caper’s

Dominick strolls into the restaurant and is quickly seated. As soon as he sits down he spots Bob across the restaurant with one of his business associates. Dominick grins as he realizes that Bob and the entire Roboto team must be panicked that his numbered company is quickly buying up lots of smaller cosmetic companies. With his company just using a numbered name right now, no one knows that he is the CEO which means it’s all a mystery. His ultimate plan is to create a company that will truly rival Roboto in every which way and he knows that he’s well on track to do so.

Before he knows what he’s doing, he’s standing up and walking over to Bob’s table unable to prevent himself from gloating, even just a little. He approaches Bob’s table, causing Bob to look up at Dominick. “What are you guys working on?” Dominick grins.

“None of your business,” Bob glares back at him returning his focus to the file in front of him. “We don’t have time for you or your games Dominick.”

“Ah, I see. Must be a huge crisis,” he continues to subtly rub salt in the wounds.

Bob fails to respond to Dominick. He doesn’t want to encourage him anymore than he already has. He is hoping that by ignoring Dominick he will just go away. He is busy working and doesn’t really want the interruption.

“I take it Natasha is doing well as well?” Dominick blurts out after a moment of silence. “I know that her relationship with Ryan was taking it’s toll on everyone. Sofia included.”

As soon as Dominick mentions his wife’s name, Bob stands up and looks at his enemy. “Leave my family alone Dominick. Do not mention my daughter’s name again. Do not mention my wife’s name again. Remember that, she’s MY wife!” he says wagging his finger in Dominick’s face.

Dominick laughs, “Yes, how could I forget. But let’s review, shall we? Hmmm, who did Sofia come and visit after Ryan left Natasha? Oh that’s right, me!”

“Liar!” Bob snaps back at him, growing impatient with his enemy.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, not about Sofia. You see, she came to me months ago and asked me to get rid of Ryan from her life. Two days later, Ryan was gone. She simply came over to thank me that day,” Dominick loves recounting the story to Bob. “And for the record, that plum lip gloss she wears, it tasted amazing.”

Bob is unable to control himself; he leans back and punches Dominick in the nose. Dominick staggers back and holds his hand up to his nose and sees blood. Bob glares at him, “I’m not telling you again Robertson. Stay away from my family, especially my wife!”

Scene Five - Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 101

Meggan paces around her hotel room trying to stay calm. After the article ran in the Sun on the election day about her being the one that hit Victoria with the car, she’s felt completely isolated. No one, other than Chris, knows that she’s back. She still can’t believe that he went to the press with what he uncovered. She never imaged that he would do that, but she realizes that he was probably trying to stick it to Vinny and ruin the election for him. She wonders how long it will be before the police come knocking on her door. “I can’t go back to jail,” she says to herself scared. After being locked up for so many months after killing Noah, she knows that she isn’t made for jail.

She walks over to the closet and looks at her suitcase, wondering if she should run now. She shakes her head knowing that it would only be a matter of time before someone either saw her or recognized her and running would probably make things worse for her. She walks over to the cabinet in the room. She slowly opens it and her eyes fall to the mini-fridge. She bends down and opens it. Inside, it’s filled with various bottles of alcohol. She picks up the bottle of vodka and stands up again. She slowly unscrews the cap and smells the vodka. She pulls back and is about to take a drink when she hears a knock on her door. She quickly screws the cap back on and puts the vodka back in the fridge. She rushes over to the door and opens it.

“What the hell is going on!” Vinny barks as he pushes his way into the hotel room. “You left mysteriously and then you reappear without a peep?”

Meggan closes the door, “Would you keep your voice down please? It’s nice to see you too.”

“Save it. Where the hell did you go? After you hit Victoria with your car, that is,” Vinny continues to snap at her. He’s mad as hell that someone revealed on election day that Meggan was behind the wheel. It’s not that the truth came out, it’s that Meggan’s name was attached to Vinny’s and the truth cost him the election.

“I went to a rehab clinic. I haven’t had a drink in weeks,” Meggan proclaims, trying to be proud of herself.

“So you almost kill someone, skip town to go to rehab and when you return, you go to the press? Something doesn’t make sense.”

“I didn’t go to the press Vinny,” Meggan fires back at him. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

“Then who? Who else knew about this?” Vinny demands to know from her.

“I don’t know. Victoria?”

“She wouldn’t have gone to the press. Not on election day. She knows how much I wanted to win.”

“I don’t know,” she begins to say when suddenly it dawns on her. “Wait. I know who it was.”

Vinny looks at her waiting for her to continue to speak. “Well, who was it?”

“Chris,” she reveals as his mouth falls open.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Police Department

“So you’re sure he’s on his way in?” Robin asks Robbie as they sit in his office. Robin came into the TPPD so she could hear Robbie question Karl again about the night of the attack. Robbie is sure that with enough pressure Karl will crack and admit that he was the one that threw the acid and that Cory had nothing to do with it. Being a good cop, he knows that if they have his actual admission, it will help the case much more than just Madeline’s testimony, although that definitely helps.

“I’m sure. He just got pulled over for only having one headlight on. The entire department knows to pull him over for anything and everything,” Robbie grins at her, wanting to make Karl’s life a living hell. “We know what he’s capable of, so until his trial, we are going to make his life a living hell.”

Robin gives him half a smile back, “Well okay. Thanks for calling me. I’d love to really know for sure that he is responsible and Cory had nothing to do with it.”

“I know you would, that’s why I called you. I want you and Cory to be happy Robin,” Robbie smiles to his sister in law.

“Thanks, I just hope I have ruined everything,” Robin sighs, recalling how cold Cory has been towards her, not that she blames him.

“He’s here,” Robbie intervenes as he checks his pager. “Quick, go to the next room. You’ll be able to see everything through that mirror,” he points to a part of the wall where he is a tiny mirror hanging on his way. “It’s a two-way, so you’ll see him but he won’t see you.”

Robin nods and quickly leaves his office and rushes to the next room. She arrives in the room and sits down and looks through the mirror as Karl is brought into Robbie’s office.

“We meet again Karl,” Robbie announces upon his arrival. “This is becoming a habit.”

“You have nothing on me and you know it,” Karl spits back at Robbie as the officer sits Karl down in the chair.

“We have a witness claiming that you admitted, on numerous occasions, that you threw the acid at Robin Navy last February at the premier. Everything would probably go a lot smoother for you if you just admitted that to us,” Robbie smugly informs him sitting across from him.

Karl looks around and feels his head start to sweat a little. He’s never been one that could handle pressure well, especially since Melissa hasn’t exactly been super co-operative with getting him a lawyer.

“Before I ask you anything else,” Robbie looks over at him, “You do have rights Karl. Do you want your lawyer here?”

Karl shakes his head no, knowing that Melissa hasn’t hired him one yet. And he doesn’t want one of those self-appointed lawyers. He always thought that they were somehow working for the police department to ensure they got more convictions. No, if he was going to get off on this, he would have to do it himself.

“I have no lawyer. I represent myself,” Karl says looking at Robbie. “And if you want me to talk, you better make me one hell of an offer.”

Robbie looks over at the mirror quickly so Robin can see him. Robin feels her heart beat faster as the truth really is about to come out.

“The best I can do Karl is 2 years. The kidnapping is what sets it over the edge,” Robbie informs him. “You take that deal but I need the entire truth.”

Karl nods, accepting the offer, “I threw the acid at the girl. It was me,” he finally admits to Robbie, as Robin gets tears in her eyes.

“And did Cory Calvin hire you?”

“No. Cory Calvin had nothing to do with it.”

In the other room, Robin falls to her knees as tears come pouring out of her eyes. She feels like someone kicked her in the stomach. Her heart sinks realizing that Cory was telling her the truth the entire time. “My God,” she says in between her tears. “What have I done? How will Cory ever forgive me? How will I ever forgive myself?”

Scene Seven - The Glubbs House; Shane, Cassie & Dawn’s Home

Shane plays with Dawn as the young girl walks over to him with her favourite book. He sits her on his lap and starts to read to his daughter, even though his mind is on so many other things. Like the fact that he agreed to renew his vows with Cassie, even though more than ever he wants to be back with Natasha. Plus the fact that the previous night, he and Cassie had hot, passionate sex. He knows that the majority of the reason it was so hot was because he kept envisioning Natasha while he was with his wife. He looks at his daughter, who is loving the book, and suddenly feels like the biggest jerk in the world.

“How can Daddy be thinking of Natasha when I have my precious little girl here with me. And I’m making a good life with your Mommy?” he asks her as Dawn slaps her hand on the book. “Yea? Pretty girl, I know you want your Mommy and Daddy together, right?”

She takes the book from his hands and puts it in her mouth and starts to chew on it. He hears the door bell ring, so he sits her in her swing and goes to get the door. He opens the door and sees Natasha on the other side. “Hi,” she smiles as she comes into the house.

“Nat, what are you doing here?” he asks as she comes into the living room and sees Dawn sitting in her swing.

“Is it your day with Dawn?” she asks him, kneeling down and giving Dawn another rattle to play with.

“Yea, Cassie’s at the restaurant. I love spending time with my little girl though. What brings you by?” he asks her again, as he feels his heart flutter with excitement.

“I couldn’t stay away,” she admits to him as they walk back into the foyer. “I don’t think Dawn should hear what I have to tell you.”

Shane arches his eyebrow and looks at the woman he still loves. “You can tell me anything.”

“I know,” she smiles as she grabs his hand. “The time we spent in the wine cellar, it was …”

“Magical?” he finishes her sentence.

“Yea, it was. It just felt so real, so natural to me. I love you Shane and I will do whatever I have to do to make it work with us. I was foolish not to say this to you before.”

Shane turns around almost unable to contain himself with happiness. He looks back at her and kisses her passionately. He finally breaks away, “Do you know how long I’ve waiting for you to hear you say those words to me?”

Natasha laughs and kisses him again. “I know. I’m so sorry I was so silly back then. Let’s not waste anymore time.”

Shane sighs and suddenly pulls away from her. He looks back into the living room at Dawn, still playing in her chair. He puts his hand over his face. “It’s not silly Natasha. I do have a family here. I have a wife and a baby. I can’t just ruin their lives because of this. Especially Dawn’s. She does deserve my full attention.”

“What are you saying?” Natasha asks him, as her heart drops.

He sighs and looks at her not believing what he is about to say, “I have to stay with my family. I can’t be with you.”

Scene Eight - The Calimo Mansion

Sofia looks outside as she racks her brain trying to put the pieces of Cassie’s lies together. She knows that she must be close because she is gaining more and more information from the most unexpected sources. She looks over at her phone and hopes it will ring. She is waiting for a call from the hospital to determine what the pill really was that Cassie was taking the other day. She feels so lucky that she stopped by at the Glubbs home when she did and she was able to steal one of those pills. If Cassie is sick, she could learn what she has. And if it wasn’t for her health, what kind of medication is she taking? Not only is she waiting for the hospital, she’s waiting for Bruce, one of Roboto’s head PI’s to uncover information regarding Cassie’s parents. Shane told her that last summer Cassie went away for her mother’s funeral and when she returned she had given birth. Sofia can’t exactly place it, but something about the story doesn’t sit well with her. She knows that Cassie is up to something, but what? She is determined to uncover the woman’s lies because if she does, she maybe able to reunite Shane and Natasha, and Sofia always wants what is best for her family.

Finally, her phone rings. She rushes over from the bay window and picks it up. “Hello,” she says into the phone frantically. “Oh, Bruce, yes, yes I’m fine….What did you uncover for me?” she asks waiting to hear his response. “What? Are you absolutely positive about this? … Okay, thank you Bruce. And if you find out anything else, anything at all, please call me at once.”

She hangs up the phone and is left shell shocked. “So Cassie Nova’s mother is still alive,” she whispers to herself. “Why on earth would she lie to Shane about going to her mother’s funeral? And she came back having given birth.”

Before she can ask herself another question, or try to answer the ones she’s already asked, her phone rings again. She picks it up slowly, “Hello?” she says into her receiver. “Oh Craig! Thank goodness, I’ve been waiting to hear from you. Did you find out what that pill is?” she asks, once again waiting to hear the doctor’s response. “I don’t care what the name of the pill is, I just want to know what it does,” she says interrupting him as he was telling her what the pill was called. “It’s a fertility drug. Well that’s interesting,” she says calmly, still trying to put the pieces together. “No, nothing else. Thank you Craig.”

She again hangs up the phone and walks back over to the chest behind the sofa. She pours herself a brandy and slowly drinks it. “So, Olivia and Preston Wilkins were bank robbers before they became successful. Something no one ever knew about,” she says to herself as she takes a small drink. “Helen Black was involved somehow and Olivia began to drug her to prevent her from remembering. I saw Cassie Nova leaving Olivia’s office. A few weeks earlier, Cassie had left town for her mother’s funeral, only her mother isn’t dead and while she was away she gave birth. At the same time, Olivia was with Helen when her baby died.”

Suddenly Sofia stops dead in her tracks, suddenly realizing what could be going on. “My God! Could it be,” she says as her mouth covers her mouth. “Cassie miscarried and some how convinced Olivia and Preston to help her get a baby to keep Shane? Did she know Shane was going to leave her for Natasha? My god … if this is all true, then …,” she pauses and gasps again. “Dawn Marie is Helen’s baby!”

Next on One Day at a Time
- It’s Christmas in Twin Peaks!
- Trenyce’s behaviour is cause for concern with Daisy
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