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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Sofia realized that Cassie stole Helen’s baby and has been passing it off as her and Shane’s child. Cassie, meanwhile, realized that she had to get rid of Natasha forever and planned to make a bomb to kill her. She also started to give Helen the memory lapsing drugs again after Helen and Adam began putting some memories together from the night the baby “died”. Shane agreed to renew his wedding vows with Cassie and told Natasha that they couldn’t be together
- Will and Eva shared a kiss during the blackout
- Andy and Reese had sex but kept it a secret from JC, who thought something was up
- Cory revealed to Robin that Melissa was the one that paid Karl’s bail

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

Cassie looks into the mirror of the guest room of the mansion that she has occupied to get ready for her wedding to Shane. Her first wedding to Shane was simple and small, tonight’s event will be large, lavish and will make her feel like a princess. She wants everyone, especially Natasha, to see how much she and Shane love each other. She hopes that Natasha seeing her marry Shane, again, will finally send the message that he’s off limits to her. And if that doesn’t work, she knows what will she thinks to herself as she grins to herself recalling her wicked plan with a bomb that she made.

She stands and looks out the window. Below her is the front yard to the large mansion, where Natasha’s car is parked out front. Cassie recalls placing the bomb underneath the car when she first arrived. No one was outside and she saw the opportunity so she set it up so that the next time the driver’s door opens, the bomb will go off. At least she hopes it does. She followed the instructions to make a home made bomb off the internet exactly. She has to eliminate Natasha for good. She has been a thorne in her side for far too long. “I just can’t deal with you anymore,” she whispers to herself knowing that Natasha, for once and all, has to be removed from her life.

“Who are you talking too?” Helen asks coming into the room wearing her maid of honour dress. Helen couldn’t make out exactly what Cassie was saying, but she thinks it’s odd that she’s looking out the window talking to herself.

Cassie turns and sees Helen standing there. She’s another problem that could have had to be removed but now that she has left Helen with the memory lapsing drugs again, she has faith that she won’t have to permanently remove her, which was her first thought after she got the idea for the bomb. She smiles “Oh, I was just saying what a beautiful night it’s turning into,” Cassie lies to her. “A light snow fall on New Year’s Eve, it’s so pretty.”

“Yes it is,” Helen smiles to her recalling her own wedding to Adam a few years ago on New Year’s Eve. “This is a magical time of the year to get married. And you look amazing in that dress!”

“You think so?” Cassie blushes, hoping that everyone will think that she looks amazing tonight.

“I know so. Is there anything you need me to do?”

Cassie shakes her head no, “Maybe just go check in with Dawn for me? I know she’s probably sleeping, but I don’t have time with everything I have to do before the ceremony starts.”

“I’d love that,” Helen replies to her, knowing that she’s always had a connection to Dawn that she couldn’t explain. “I’ll go check on her and then I’ll come get you when everything is ready to go.”

“Perfect,” Cassie says as Helen leaves. Once she’s gone Cassie takes deep breathe. “Everything is finally going my way,” she tells herself. She turns around again when she hears the door open again. “Did you forget something Helen?”

Sofia enters the room and shuts the door. “It’s not Helen.”

“Sofia,” Cassie smiles coming up to her and hugging her. “Thank you again for letting us get married here tonight.”

“Get your hands off me!” Sofia snaps at her pushing a confused Cassie off her. “You have some explaining to do. I want answers, and I want them now!”


Shane fixes his bowtie in the mirror before he puts on his black jacket. He looks again in the mirror and tries to wrap his head around the fact that he’s marrying Cassie again tonight. For so long he has longed for Natasha to come back to him so they could be together. It has finally happened - she has professed her love for him, only this time he realizes that he has to do the right thing for his family. He can’t let his daughter grow up with a broken home. He wants her to have a mother and father in the house her entire childhood. He has to stay with Cassie and do the right thing. Even though he loves Natasha more than anything else in the world.

“You look a million miles away,” Adam comes into the room, also wearing his tuxedo.

Shane looks over to his best man and gives half a smile. “Just thinking about the bigger picture of things, you know? Marrying Cassie is the right thing to do tonight.”

“Who are you trying to convince?” Adam asks coming closer to Shane putting his hand on his back. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course man.”

“Do you love Cassie?” Adam asks his friend. “I mean truly love her where you know that you can’t live without her?”

Shane sighs and looks back into the mirror. He knows the answer is no because that’s how he feels about Natasha. “Is that how you feel about Helen?”

“It is. We’ve had some rough times, but at the end of the day I can’t imagine my life without her,” Adam says proud of his wife and knows that he loves her more than anyone else in the world.

“Can you do me a favour?” Shane asks as Adam nods his head. “Go to your wife and tell her that you love her. I’ll see you downstairs before the ceremony begins.”

“If you need anything before hand, let me know,” Adam says as he slowly walks out of the room.

Shane picks up a glass of water that he has on the end table and he drinks it quickly. “I’m doing the right thing. I just have to remember Dawn and the family I’ve created.”

He looks over when he hears his door open again. Natasha slowly comes into the room and looks at Shane. “Hey,” she says softly as she shuts the door. “I wanted to come see you before everyone downstairs wanted their piece of the groom.”

Shane laughs, “That tends to happen a lot at weddings, huh?”

“I guess it’s only fair. Everyone is always happy for the new couple,” she says as she comes up to him. Before they know it, they are hugging. “I am happy for you,” she says as she gets tears in her eyes. “I don’t know why I’m crying. I feel so silly.”

They exit from their embrace. “It’s not silly. A part of me feels sad too.”

She shakes her head a little, “It wasn’t fair of me to tell you how I felt. I’m sorry if I complicated things for you. This is your day. With Cassie and Dawn. I only want what’s best for you.”

“I know you do Natasha.”

“I should go. Congratulations again Shane,” Natasha slowly says before she turns around walks to the door. She’s about to open the door when he calls out to her.

“Nat,” he says as she turns around. “For what it’s worth, I love you too. I always have. I always will. I’m just trying to do what’s right for my daughter. She deserves this.”

Natasha lets another tear fall from her eye as she opens the door and leaves the room leaving Shane alone wondering if he’s doing the right thing.


“What are you talking about Sofia? Why are you so upset?” Cassie asks as she feels herself start to sweat a little. There’s no possible way anyone could know the truth about what she’s done, is there? No, it’s not possible she thinks.

“I know what you’ve done! I haven’t been able to believe it, but there’s no other explanation Cassie. I know everything,” Sofia tells her, still riled up about uncovering Cassie’s wicked plan.

“What is that you think you know?”

“I’ll start at the beginning Cassie,” Sofia says coming closer to her. “You wanted Shane for yourself. You couldn’t stand the fact that my daughter loved him and he loved her. So when they got back together you claimed to be pregnant. I don’t doubt that you were pregnant, but you used those fertility pills to help you get with child. I know that you‘ve been taking pills,” Sofia continues to explain to a worried Cassie. “Then you miscarried and you blackmailed Olivia and Preston Wilkins into helping you with the information of their criminal past. You went out of town for your mother’s funeral, even though the woman is alive and well and when you came back, you had given birth. Only it wasn’t your baby! No, the same time you were gone, Olivia drugged Helen and told that poor woman that her baby died and gave the child to you! Dawn Marie is Helen’s baby! You’ve been raising another woman’s child!”

Cassie breaks down into tears, rattled that someone has actually put the pieces together. “No!” she cries, desperate for the truth to be kept hidden. “No! You’re wrong! Why are you doing this to me!?”

Sofia comes up and grabs her, “I know the truth Cassie! It’s over! Your lies are over! I’m going downstairs and I will tell everyone the truth. It’s over!”

Cassie falls to her knees and grabs Sofia’s leg. “Please, please Sofia! Listen to me!” she cries, still clinging to her leg. “Please just let this all be. Everyone is happy right now. Everyone is at peace. Just … let me marry my Shane and be with my family!”

“Get off the floor. You’re disgusting! You know that? No one is happy right now! Adam and Helen have been tormented ever since they’ve found out their baby was dead! It has been a lie! How do you sleep at night?” Sofia spits back at her. “No Cassie, it’s over. Everything will be put back together after I tell the truth!”

“Sofia! Please! No, don’t do this! Please, Sofia! Please!!!” Cassie cries as Sofia leaves the room and slams the door shut. Cassie lays on the ground weeping, unable to comprehend that someone has put the pieces of her lies together.


Helen opens the door to the nursery where Dawn is sleeping. She walks into the room and walks up to the bed where the small child is sleeping. She looks at the girl and moves her blonde hair off her face. She turns around when she hears the door open. She smiles up to her husband come into the room. She stands up to face him.

“I thought I’d find you in here,” he says as he comes up to her.

“Cassie asked me to check in on her,” she replies looking back at the sleeping girl. “She looks so peaceful. So innocent.”

“Does it make you think of our daughter?” Adam asks, already knowing the answer, because he thinks of her all the time.

Helen looks at Adam and hugs him. “It’s impossible not too. Her blonde hair, her eyes … everything about her makes me think that’s what our baby girl would look like.”

“I think about it too,” he admits back to his wife as they exit their embrace. “Do you think it’s good that we have this relationship with Dawn? Is it healthy for us?”

“I think it is,” Helen says back to him. “We know she’s not ours, but we can be with her and we can show her how much we love her. That’s not unhealthy.”

“Have I told you how much I love you lately?” he asks her looking at her. “I was just with Shane and I told him that I can’t imagine my life without you.”

Helen feels her eyes swell with water and grabs his hands. “I love you too Adam. And I have faith that we will uncover the truth about that night this year coming up. Happy Anniversary.”

“Happy Anniversary baby,” he replies as he leans in and kisses her passionately.

Scene Two - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Eva’s Apartment

Eva walks around her condo and stops at the window and she looks out at the city skyline. She takes a sip of her wine and wonders what, if anything, she should do with herself on New Year’s Eve. She wasn’t invited out to the Calimo Mansion for the wedding, but she isn’t surprised. Bob and Sofia have never really been her biggest fan and until Natasha reaches out to her she knows that the Calimos will not contact her. She takes another drink of wine and begins to reflect on the last year.

Obviously, having Natasha learn the truth was a big moment for Eva. It hasn’t gone as well as she’d hoped, but she realizes that the truth coming out was a good thing, even if it did send Natasha into drug dependency. She only hopes now that Natasha is clean, she’ll be able to move on and forgive her. She sighs knowing that she can’t expect anything going forward. She turns around and drinks more of her wine when she hears a knock on her door. She slowly walks over to the door and opens it. She sees Will standing on the other side of the door.

“Happy New Year,” he winks at her as he presents another bottle of red wine. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” she smiles as she lets him to the house. “I’m surprised you’re not out with some friends partying or something.”

“Nah, I’m beyond that. Plus, most of my good friends are out at the Calimo Mansion for the wedding. I didn’t want to dress in a monkey suit. I thought we could ring in the new year together. If that’s okay.”

“I’d like that a lot,” Eva smiles to him as she comes up to him. “I’ll go get you a glass.”

“Perfect, and I’ll open this bottle.”

She comes back with a glass and he pours them a glass of wine. “Let’s toast, to the New Year and all the wonderful possibilities it presents,” he says to her looking into her eyes.


They each take a drink then look at each other again. He can’t help but remember the last time he was with her in her apartment. They kissed and he pulled away still claiming to be in love with Olivia. He does still love her, but he hasn’t be able to stop thinking about the kiss since that time. She comes up to him and finds herself kissing him hard and passionately. She pulls back, “I’m sorry. I know you said you weren’t ready.”

“I wasn’t,” he whispers back to her leaning in closer to her, wanting her badly.

“Wasn’t?” she asks, longing for more of him.

He kisses her back and lifts her into his arms. “I’ll show you how I want to ring in the New Year,” he says with lust in his eyes as he kisses her hard again and carries into the bedroom.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 101

Meggan looks at the clock and realizes that it’s getting close to midnight. She sighs as she walks over and pours herself a club soda. She hasn’t had a drink in weeks and she knows that she has to stay sober to ensure that she can try to get Vinny back, although now that the truth is out that she hit Victoria with her car, those prospects seem bleak. All day long she has wanted to call Vinny and see what he was doing for New Year’s, but she thinks he’s probably at the Calimo mansion for the wedding. She was invited, but she didn’t want to face that many people, especially since the article ran in the Sun. She knows that everyone will be asking her questions and she can’t face them. Especially not after she already sent Noah to an early grave because of drunk driving.

She feels her eyes swell and she turns around to look out of her window. “Alone on New Year’s,” she whispers as she turns back to her mini fridge. She knows what’s inside. Bottles and bottles of alcohol. It could be so easy to open it and drown her sorrows in alcohol. She’s alone with no friends and no family on New Year’s. What is more depressing?

“No, stop thinking about it Meggan,” she scolds herself. “You’ve worked far too hard to get where you are. You have to stay strong.”

She turns around when she hears her a knock on her door. “Vinny?” she asks herself walking quickly to the door, hoping that he has come to see what she is doing on New Year’s Eve. She opens the door and sees two police officers. “Can I help you?”

“Meggan Richardson?”

“Yes, that’s me,” she says getting worried.

“You’re under arrest. For the attempted murder of Victoria Franky,” the officer replies as he turns her around and places handcuffs on her wrists.

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

In the large living room, wedding guests mingle as they wait for the ceremony begins. JC and Andy grab a glass of champagne and take a drink o fit. “This is tasty,” Andy notes as he takes another sip of his bubbly beverage.

“Yea it is,” JC replies to him. “This entire wedding is beautiful.”

“The Calimo’s know how to throw a party, that’s for sure,” Andy says to him.

“Have you ever thought about it?”


“Getting married,” JC grins, knowing that he would love to marry his long time partner one day. He’s not saying that it has to be Andy, they aren’t any where near that stage, but one day he would love to be one with the person he is meant to be with.

Andy arches his eyebrow. He knows that once upon a time he did think about marriage, but that was when he and Reese were together. While he loves JC very much, his relationship with Reese was different. The love was different. The connection was different. He can only say that it is the reason that he and Reese made love when they were trapped together during the black out. “I haven’t really thought about it,” Andy lies to JC. He hates that he has to lie about the thought of marriage, but he realizes that if he opened up about his thoughts on marriage he would have to get into his feelings about Reese and considering how jealous JC has been of Reese in the past he knows it’s not the best thing to mention to him. “Would you ever get married?”

“I would love to marry the man of my dreams. Absolutely,” JC replies to him, noting when Reese comes into the living room.

Andy turns his head and sees Reese come in as well. He can’t help but feel his heart skip a beat when he sees Reese.

Reese comes up to them and grins. “Hey guys.”

“Hey,” Andy replies trying to keep his cool, even though he wants Reese so badly at the moment. Something that JC can see all over his boyfriend’s face.

“Happy New Year,” JC finally says to Reese.

“Thanks yea, you too,” he says looking back over his shoulder as he spots Craig Benton enter the room. “Oh, if you guys will excuse me, my date is here.”

Andy freezes at the words: date. He watches Reese’s every move as he walks over to Craig. The two men hug and exchange a quick kiss on the lips. JC notices Andy watching Reese and Craig and realizes that his boyfriend is jealous of Craig.


Robin laughs when Liam tells her a joke. She looks up at the doctor and smiles. “Thanks for agreeing to come to the wedding with me,” she says as she takes a sip of her champagne.

He looks into her eyes, “I wouldn’t want you to be alone at the wedding. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, I really enjoy your company.”

Robin blushes a little. She had seemingly forgotten how good a man can make her feel, especially one that is as attractive and charming as Liam Fitzpatrick. Still, if she is honest with herself, she knows that heart still belongs with Cory. “I enjoy your company too Liam. I hope you know that I just want to be friends for now though.”

“I do now that. I’m not going to pressure you into anything that you’re not ready to do. I understand that you’re married to Cory still. I’m just here because, like I said, I enjoy your company a lot,” Liam tells her, being as honest as he can be with her. “But I won’t lie to you either Robin. I find you very, very attractive and if you’re every ready to go on a real date, let me know cause I will spoil you rotten.”

Robin smiles at him and moves her hair behind her ear. She freezes when she sees her mother enter the living room and quickly grab a glass of champagne.

“Something I said?” Liam asks, noting her quick change of mood.

“No, I just saw someone that I really need to talk to. Can you excuse me for a moment?” she asks as she walks away from her date and over to her mother. “Mother, we need to talk.”

Melissa smiles at the sight of Robin. The last few weeks have been stressful for her as Karl was making all sorts of demands to her to get him a lawyer and to pail his bail. While at first she did consider getting him a lawyer, she realizes that it would have come out that she was paying his legal bill and then everyone would know the truth about her role in the attack. She refuses to let that happen so she let Karl fend for himself. She hasn’t heard from him since before Christmas, so she’s hoping that it’s all water under the bridge.

“It’s so nice to see you,” Melissa tells Robin. “Happy New Year.”

“I’m going to ask you a question and I need you to be honest with me,” Robin tells her mother in a very serious tone.

“This sounds serious.”

“Did you step up the attack the night of the premier and frame Cory?”

Melissa gasps and covers her mouth. “Why on earth you would ask me a question like that?”

“Because I know that you paid Karl’s bail. Why would you do that if you didn’t have something to hide? Tell me the truth Mom!” Robin says trying not to raise her voice.

Melissa turns around and hides from Robin, not sure how to lie her way out of this situation.


Dominick spots Sofia coming down the stairs of the mansion and smiles at her. “Has anyone told you that you look absolutely beautiful tonight?” he asks her as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

“Thank you Dominick, but I really don’t have time for this right now. I need to find Natasha and Shane. Have you seen them?” she asks him, knowing that she has to expose Cassie before the wedding begins.

“No, I haven’t. I won’t keep you though. Just know that you look amazing. Happy New Year,” he tells her, not able to resist telling her how he really feels about her.

Sofia smiles and looks into her eyes. “Happy New Year to you as well Dominick,” she replies to him. “I’ll talk to you later. Excuse me,” she says quickly as she walks into the living room. She scans the busy party looking for Natasha and Shane. She doesn’t see either of them. She turns and sees Bob approaching her.

“My love, is everything ready to get this wedding started? It’s getting closer to midnight,” he asks his wife as he comes up to her.

“I need to find Natasha and Shane. Have you see them Bob?” she asks him starting to get frantic about exposing Cassie and all of her lies. She can’t hold off any longer. The truth has to come out.

“What’s wrong Sofia? You seem upset. Is everything okay?” Bob asks his wife noticing that she is extremely fidgety.

“Yes, yes, everything is fine. I just have to speak to Shane and Natasha. It’s urgent.”

“I think I saw Natasha by the fireplace earlier. She was saying that she was cold,” Bob remembersr. “Hey, try to enjoy yourself tonight. I love you.”

“I love you too Bob. I will feel so much better once I find our daughter,” she explains still looking around for Natasha. “I’m going to track her down.” She walks into the foyer and sees Natasha. “Oh there you are! I’ve been looking every where for you.”

“Mom?” Natasha asks as Sofia hugs her. “What’s going on? I was just going outside to my car. I wanted to get my shall. I have a chill.”

Cassie emerges on the stairs and listens to the women have a conversation. “Your shall? Why is it your car?” Sofia asks her as Cassie listens and realizes that the bomb is still on Natasha’s car.

“I went for a drive earlier to the little pond up by the old farm,” Natasha smiles to her mom. “I know it’s one of your favourite spots on the property. Anyways, I drove up there and went for a walk just to clear my head. When I got back in the car, I just left my shall in the back seat.”

“I need to tell you something,” Sofia says grabbing her hands. “It’s so very important that I see you, Shane, Adam and Helen at once.”

“What is it?” Natasha questions her. “You seem very upset.”

“I’ll go to your car and grab your shall. Please find Shane and the Blacks. I will explain everything once I get back, deal?” Sofia says looking at her, only wanting to expose Cassie once to everyone.

“Okay. Are you okay Mom?” Natasha asks her.

“I’ve never been better. Everything is soon going to be in place,” Sofia says cryptically. “Okay, go get everyone and I’ll rush out and grab your shall.”

Sofia walks slowly to the door. Natasha sees Shane and Cassie walk down the stairs. She looks at Shane and smiles. Behind them Adam and Helen walk down to the foyer as well. Cassie watches and sees Sofia walking to the car. She smiles and realizes that she still has a glimmer of hope left. She had hoped to use the car bomb on Natasha … but with Sofia knowing the truth, if she opens the car door, she will die and the secrets will be safe.

Bob looks out the door at Sofia. “Hurry back my love, everyone is waiting for you!”

Sofia arrives at the car and turns around. She waves to Bob before she turns back to the car. “Soon everything will be absolutely perfect,” she says to herself as she unlocks the front door and opens the door. As soon as the door opens, the car explodes into flames, causing all the guests to come pouring out of the front door of the Calimo mansion.

“Sofia! Sofia!” Bob yells as he falls to the ground, the glow of flames on his face. “Oh my god!”

Next on One Day at a Time
- The Calimos mourn the death of Sofia
- Shane offers comfort to Natasha
- Meggan asks Vinny for a favour

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