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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robbie told Victoria that if she presses charges against Meggan, she could spend a long time in jail
- Will prevented Eva from going to the Calimo mansion when news broke of the car explosion
- Robin slapped Melissa after Mel confessed her role in the attack. Dominick arrived to confront Melissa
- Cassie switched Helen’s prescription pills with the memory loss pills Olivia was giving her
- Cory and Madeline kissed

Scene One - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory pulls Madeline into another deep kiss as they stand in the living room locked together with their lips. He finally pulls away from her and they look each other. She smiles at him, thrilled that he is finally expressing some interest in her. She has wanted him for so long, it feels so good to her. A part of her can’t believe that it’s finally happening.

“I’m sorry,” he says as backs up from her, suddenly his mind wondering to Robin. They are separated, but she is still his wife and the love of his life. “I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

Madeline feels her heart skip a beat, not realizing what he is saying. “No, Cory, it’s okay. I’ve been feeling that way for some time now. I want you as much as …”

“I’m married Madeline. I shouldn’t be doing this,” he admits turning back to her and looking at her. He can tell that his words are hurting her, which is the last thing he wanted to do. However, he realizes that going forward would cause more pain and confusion. “I’m so sorry.”

Madeline turns away from him and puts her hand to her eye to try to prevent any tears from coming out. How silly could she be? She asks herself. “No, it’ s okay. I understand,” she lies to him slowly as she feels his arms come on to her shoulders. She turns around and looks at him in the eyes. He wipes a tear that has fallen from her eye.

“I think you’re so beautiful,” he smiles he caresses her face, still aroused by their kiss. “Just know that I have no idea what I want or need right now.” He doesn’t know what the future will hold, but he knows that right now he wants her badly. He can’t deny that fact.

She nods and smiles back at him as he leans in and kisses her again. She responds and places his hand on her breast. Their lips separate for a moment and she looks at her. “I have a pretty good idea what you need right now,” she says full of lust, not caring about anything else other than Cory. He kisses her again before picking her up and carrying her off to the bedroom.

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

Helen paces around the living room, trying to gather her thoughts about what transpired earlier in the day. She stopped by Cassie and Shane’s house hoping to see Dawn, as she feels a certain calmness with the baby and since Sofia’s death has impacted everyone, she wanted to have some comfort by seeing Dawn. However, when she arrived Cassie told her that Dawn was sleeping and she would be in touch with her at a later date to arrange a visit. It’s not that she doesn’t believe Cassie, but she felt like something was off with the entire visit. Cassie’s attitude was cold and harsh, which is seemingly unlike her. She shakes her head and wonders if maybe she has over stepped her boundaries with Dawn. Helen knows that she has visited Dawn a lot since her own child died, but she always thought that she was making sure that she wasn’t being too over bearing with Dawn. But then again, maybe Cassie was reaching to the shock and stress of Sofia’s death herself. Helen shakes her head, thinking that her initial thought is more realistic.

“Maybe I should give them some space,” she whispers to herself as she puts her hand on her stomach. She has been having cramps lately. She recognizes that it’s her time of the month, but usually when she takes her prescription painkiller it makes her feel better. She recalls taking a pill the day before but her pain is still very present. She walks into the washroom and opens the medicine cabinet. She pulls out her prescription and places one of the pills her in her mouth and quickly swallows it.

She walks back to the living room and picks up her tea. She slowly drinks some hoping to calm herself down. She thinks back to her visit with Adam at the college earlier in the day and how he was seemingly upset that she hasn’t been able to have any more memories surrounding the night she gave birth. She knows that some where in her mind she does have all the memories from that night, but at some point she wonders if they should stop pressing so much and just try to move on with their life. It’s not that she doesn’t want to uncover all the secrets of that night, but she is tired of living her life for that moment. She would love to find a new happiness in her life and not dwell on the death of her child. If she’s meant to remember, she will when her body and mind want her too. She sighs and tries to think of something, anything, that may gave her some kind of hope that she can continue to dig into that night.

But nothing comes. If anything, she is having a harder time remembering that night than ever before. “What’s wrong with me?” she asks herself as she takes another drink of her tea, wondering why her mind is suddenly so foggy again.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 295

“You have some explaining to do,” Dominick informs Melissa as he slams her hotel room door shut and enters the suite. He is there to confront Melissa about her role in the attack on Robin at the premier last February, as Robin just confirmed the truth to him. He has suspected this for sometime, but he can’t believe that it’s actually true. He is still having a hard time believing that Melissa was the one that step up the entire event all because she refused to accept Cory in Robin’s life. Robin has been left devastated and never wants to see Melissa again, and of course Dominick will be there to pick up the pieces. “How could you do this to Robin?”

Melissa wipes her eyes as she just got slapped by Robin, who left when Dominick arrived. She looks over at her former lover and tries to give him some puppy dog eyes, hoping he’ll understand. “You don’t understand Dominick.”

“No, I don’t! That’s why I’m here. Make me understand Melissa,” he spits back at her, not falling for her attempts to get sympathy.

“Stop judging me!” she yells back at him. “You and I both know that Robin could do so much better than Cory Calvin! He has gone back and forth between her and some other woman for years. What makes you think he is worthy of our daughter?”

“The fact that he adores her! And she adores him! Maybe if you’d be around more often, you’d see how happy those two make each other. And now you’ve ruined it. I hope you’re happy.”

Melissa feels tears form in her eyes. “I have tried to be here for Robin Dominick! I’ve been here, haven’t I? I didn’t go back to Boston with Philip! I stayed here, for Robin’s sake!,” she cries hoping to making him realize that she has been making an honest effort with Robin.

“Please, you stayed because you had to make sure that your role in the attack stayed hidden. But the truth always finds a way of coming out. I hope you’re happy. You’ve lost Robin forever. She’ll never forgive you. Ever. And you know what? Neither will I! I hope you’re leaving town,” he spits to her before he walks over to the door. He opens it and looks back at her, “And Melissa,” he says as their eyes lock. “Never come back here. You’re not wanted.”

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Police Department; The Visitor’s Room

Vinny walks into the visitors room and quickly spots Meggan sitting at a table wearing her orange jumpsuit. She stands up when she sees him and he gives her a quick hug when he approaches her table. She sits back down and looks across at him. “I must say, I am surprised to see you again so soon,” she relays, recalling that the last time she called him to the jail she had asked him to pay her bail and he had said no. She didn’t think she would see him again after he rejected her like that. Not that she is complaining; she gets so lonely in jail, she welcomes seeing a friendly face like Vinny’s.

Vinny arches his eyebrow, “I know. I guess I wanted to come see you because I have found out some information,” he says back to her knowing that he had a brief conversation with Victoria after she met with Robbie at the station a few days ago.

“What is it? Is it about my case?” she asks, with her interest peaked.

Vinny nods and looks over at her. “Everything is in Victoria’s hands.”

Meggan falls back into her chair with a heavy sigh. She and Victoria have never really got along, so everything being left in her hands doesn’t really sit very well with her. Moreover, she doesn’t understand what is in Victoria’s hands. “What do you mean it’s in her hands?”

“The police asked Victoria if she wants to press charges on you. If she does, it looks like you’ll be in jail for a long, long time. If she doesn’t, you’ll probably be out soon,” Vinny informs his ex, relaying the info he just got recently himself.

Meggan feels her heart drop. There’s no way Victoria won’t press charges, especially after she tried to hide the fact that she was responsible for the hit and run. “I guess I need to get used to staying in here, huh?” she says back to him as she tries to not get teary eyed as Vinny doesn’t change his facial expression. “Could you do me something? Could you find out which way she’s leaning towards? I know it’s a lot to ask…”

Vinny interrupts her, “I can talk to her, but you should know that she seems pretty torn up about the entire thing. I have no idea which way she’ll go with this. I can’t make any promises that she’ll confide in me.”

His words aren’t exactly comforting to Meggan, but she sighs and realizes that she’ll take what she can get with it. Any positive news is better than no positive news. And if anyone can get through to Victoria, it’s Vinny.

Scene Five - The Docks

Victoria slowly walks on the dock side of the river with a large coffee from the Sugarbowl. She hasn’t been to the docks in a long time, even though she finds it comforting to be near the water. If she’s honest with herself, she has avoided the area because a few years ago while she was suffering from D.I.D, she strangled Jackson on the docks, which resulted in his death. She has never wanted to return in case she suffered some kind of melt down as a result. She doesn’t remember the actual event, but being back does make her think about her past. Her troubled childhood, which included her father sexually abusing her for years. It was so bad that she repressed the memories and developed D.I.D. She sighs and suddenly thinks of something she hasn’t thought of in a long time; her brother. She recalls running away at a young age to get away from her father and she left her brother alone with her father. Their mother had died years earlier and she finally had enough and knew she had to leave. She often wonders what ever happened to her brother and if he was suffering from similar abusive that she was going through. She feels her eyes swell with water as she hasn’t thought of these memories in so long.

She shakes her head knowing that she has a lot of other things on her mind. She has no idea what she’s going to do with Meggan. She still can’t believe that Meggan’s future is in her hands; and she has no idea what to do. If she lets Meggan go free, what is stopping her from continuing to drink and possibly hurt another person? But if she presses charges against her, Meggan would be in jail for years and years to come, something she doesn’t want to be responsible for. She knows that Meggan didn’t purposely mean to hurt her, but at some point she does have to face the consequences of her actions, especially since she isn’t the first person that has been hurt by Meggan. She has to still be the voice for Noah, who can’t speak at all anymore thanks to Meggan.

“I just don’t know what to do,” she says to herself as she looks out into the river and takes a drink of her coffee, still pondering the toughest decision of her life.

Scene Six - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Eva’s Condo

“I just can’t believe that Sofia is gone,” Eva says to Will as she pours another cup of coffee for her young lover. While she and Sofia never got along, the last thing that Eva wanted to have happen was Sofia dying. She can’t help but wonder how Natasha is holding up. She and Sofia were always so close, it must be hard on her, Eva realizes. It makes Eva long to reach out to her daughter, now more than ever before. She wants Natasha to know that she is there for her, now more than ever. In Eva’s mind, this could be her chance to reconnect with her daughter.

“I know. It’s crazy to think that just a few days ago we saw her and now she’s dead,” Will replies to her as he places some sugar and cream into his coffee. “How are you feeling? Really?” he asks Eva knowing that she must have a lot of emotions. He can’t help but think back to his range of emotions after Olivia’s death. “As someone who recently went through a death, I can probably relate.”

Eva smiles at him and sits next to him at the table. “Honestly, I am okay. I mean, I wasn’t close to Sofia, but I never wanted this to happen to her. I would never wish harm on someone. If anything it makes me want to talk to Natasha more. She needs someone to lean on.”

Will arches his eye brow, immediately not liking her idea, “And you think that someone is you?”

“Why not? We have to bridge this gap between us sometime. Why shouldn’t I be the one that Natasha leans on in her time of need?” Eva asks him, getting somewhat upset that he still doesn’t think that she should be the one that Natasha turns too.

“Look, I know you mean well,” he begins to say as he places his hand on hers, not wanting to offend her. “But this is probably the most difficult time in Natasha’s life right now. Losing someone that close to you is very hard. The last thing she needs is to be confused right now.”

“Why do you think me going to her would confuse her? I am her mother!” Eva continues to get flared up over his lack of interest in supporting her.

“I know,” he relays calmly to her. “But she has expressed that she needs time and space. She needs that now more than ever. You don’t want to overwhelm her. I’m not saying never Eva, but I’m saying give her time.”

Eva stands up and walks away from the table and puts her hand over her eyes. “I know that you’re right,” she finally says, realizing that Will is just trying to help her, even though she hates it. “The last thing I want to do is make her feel pressured into seeing me and talking to me.”

Will comes up and puts his arms around her and kisses her forehand. “She will reach out to you. I have no doubt about that. Just give her time. Let her grieve and come to terms with this.”

“I will. Thanks Will,” she smiles as she leans up and gives him a little kiss. For whatever reason, kissing him causes her to think back to years ago when she was still in Europe and the last man she was with. She shutters and moves back from him.

“Hey, are you okay?” Will asks her, noticing how she moved away from him quickly, feeling her shake.

“I’m fine,” she says back to him not looking at him. “I was just thinking about my past…”

“And? What about it?” he asks worried about her.

She looks at him with fear in her eyes. She’s never mentioned this part of her life to anyone but she realizes that she feels safe with Will. “I was thinking about…” she begins to say, “…the last man I was with.”

“Oh, that’s great,” Will replies with a hint of hurt in voice.

“It’s not that,” Eva replies finally making eye contact with him. “It was a long time ago and I left because he was abusive. Since we’ve been together, I’ve just thought of that time a lot more,” she admits to him. “I guess being with someone again has just brought up a lot of old memories.

Will opens his eyes wider. “I had no idea. I’m so sorry,” he says coming up to her, feeling a little shell shocked by her admission. “You know I would never hurt you, right?”

“Yea, I do. Sometimes memories just come up when you don’t expect them to,” she says back to him as she hugs him. “Just hold me for awhile.”

“I can do that.”

Scene Seven - Roboto; Chris’ Office

Chris sits at his desk typing furiously on his computer working on some reports for the company as they try to hold off this mysterious numbered company that is buying up many of the smaller competitors of Roboto’s. His mind however, is really focused on many other things currently, such as Sofia’s death. He has no idea how long Bob will be out of commission following the death of his beloved wife, but he knows that he and other employees will have to step up and ensure that it’s business as usual at the company. Not that he minds, he would love to prove himself to Bob as a more valuable source at Roboto and potentially get a promotion. He realizes that he can’t press the issue though; Bob is dealing with far too much to be focused on the company right now.

He looks up when he hears his office door open. To his dismay, he sees Vinny enter his office. “What do you want Victors? I’m busy,” Chris snaps returning his focus to the computer screen. The last person he wants to see is Vinny today.

“Did you really think I would stay away? You’re lucky I haven’t seen you sooner than this,” Vinny replies to him reaching the edge of Chris’ desk.

“Get to the point so I can get back to work.”

“I know what you did. Everyone knows what you did!” Vinny yells at his foe. Chris stands up and glares at Vinny. “You leaked the article to the Sun about Meggan before the election. You’re the reason I lost!”

Chris smirks at Vinny, knowing that it was only a matter of time before Vinny confronted him with article in the paper. “I didn’t cost you the election Vinny. Daisy is a better mayor all around than you would ever be,” Chris spits back at him. “But I did leak the story. The people of Twin Peaks deserved to know the truth.”

“And to hell with the lives that you effected? Not only did I lose the election, Meggan was arrested!”

“And your point is? If you ran a good campaign, you still would have won the election Vinny! And Meggan should be arrested. Get out of my office, you’re wasting my time,” Chris replies as he begins to sit down.

Vinny is unable to control himself. He forms a fist and reaches over and takes a swing at Chris, knocking Chris to the ground on impact. “Jesus!” Chris yells as he stands back up and feels blood coming from his nose.

“Now I’ll leave,” Vinny grins, holding his fist in his hands. “Stop messing with my life, or that’s just the start Chris.”

Scene Eight - Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 295

Melissa closes her suitcase and pulls it to the ground. She looks around the suite just to make sure that she has everything packed. She looks at her phone and realizes that her car must be waiting downstairs for her. She has to get to the airport quickly. She doesn’t want to face another lashing out from Robin. Her heart breaks every time Robin says anything to her about the attack. She knows she was wrong, but she had to get Cory away from her daughter. She only hopes that she has done enough damage that they won’t get back together. She wonders if she should head back to Boston and try to reunite with Phil. She has no idea how receptive he’ll be to her, but with no where else to go, that is her best shot.

She walks over to the door and opens it to reveal Cory standing on the other side. He looks at her and sees her suite case. “Going somewhere?” he asks as he brushes past her into the suite.

“I have a plane to catch,” she admits to him not shutting the door as she isn’t expecting the conversation to last very long. “What do you want exactly?”

“You didn’t expect me to let you leave without giving you a piece of mind, did you?” Cory glares at her. “You set me up for something I didn’t do! You’re a first class bitch, you know that?”

Melissa laughs at him. “I did what I had to so Robin would wake up and realize the kind of man you are. You don’t deserve her. You never did. All you ever do is bounce between women.”

Cory pauses as he thinks about making love to Madeline earlier in the morning. He can’t reveal that to Melissa now, it would only add fuel to the flames. “And neither do you. The difference between you and I Melissa, is that Robin wants me in her life. And she wants nothing more to do with you. Pretty sad for a mother, to have your own daughter hate you.”

Melissa tries to act strong, but she knows what Cory is saying is true. Robin does hate her and she does want Cory back. She is about to say something but he cuts her off. “Save it. I’m done wasting my time with you. I hope you never return to this city because you’re not wanted here. By anyone.”

Melissa watches as Cory exit’s the hotel room. She looks around one more time as she composes herself before she grabs her bag and heads downstairs to her car, hoping that one day Robin will forgive her and reach out to her.

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