Episode 156 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: February 08, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie placed a car bomb on Natasha’s car. Sofia exposed her lies and was about to reveal the truth to everyone when Sofia was killed by the car bomb
- Dominick learned the truth about Melissa’s role in Robin’s attack and told her to leave town and never return

Scene One - Dominick’s Town House

7:45 am

Dominick rolls over in bed and looks at his alarm clock. It’s early, but for him it’s not unusual to be up at this hour. He rolls back over and shuts his eyes. He doesn’t want to get up; He knows that today is Sofia’s funeral, the day he has been dreading ever since New Year’s Eve.

As he lays in bed, he can’t help but remember that night at the Calimo mansion.


The wedding guests are mingling and chatter was all around him. He has been walking around looking for Sofia for some time, but he hasn’t been able to find her. He knows tonight that she won’t hold much of a conversation because her family is around, especially Bob, but every time he is near her he wants to ensure he at least made it clear that he still is in love with her. And then, it happens; She walks down the stairs as Dominick enters the foyer. He immediately looks up at her and smiles. Her red dress glitteres in the light and she looks more radiant than ever before. As she reaches the bottom of the stair case, he swoops in and grabs her hand.

Dominick spots Sofia coming down the stairs of the mansion and smiles at her. “Has anyone told you that you look absolutely beautiful tonight?” he asks her as she reaches the bottom of the stairs.

“Thank you Dominick, but I really don’t have time for this right now. I need to find Natasha and Shane. Have you seen them?” she asks him, knowing that she has to expose Cassie before the wedding begins.

“No, I haven’t. I won’t keep you though. Just know that you look amazing. Happy New Year,” he tells her, not able to resist telling her how he really feels about her.

Sofia smiles and looks into her eyes. “Happy New Year to you as well Dominick,” she replies to him. “I’ll talk to you later. Excuse me,” she says quickly as she walks into the living room.


He knows that his time with Sofia that night was brief, but it was more than enough for him. All he can do now is hold on to that memory. That last moment he had with the love of his life. Never again will get the chance to see her. To hold her. To tell her how much he cares for her. To kiss her. He opens his eyes and wipes away a tear that has formed before he rolls out of bed to face the day. The day he has to say goodbye.

8:15 am

Dominick pours himself another cup of coffee. He still hasn’t showered, but he knows that the service doesn’t begin until 11:30, so he still has some time. He takes a sip of his coffee and then opens the fridge door in his kitchen. He realizes that he has to have some kind of breakfast before he leaves for the church, but he really doesn’t have much of an appetite. He sighs heavily and shuts the fridge door without pulling anything out of it.

It seems like every where he turns he is reminded of another moment with Sofia. He walks into the living room and knows that they spent so much time together in the living room. The last time they kissed was in his living room. It was shortly after he had exiled Ryan from Natasha’s life at Sofia’s request and she had stopped by to thank him. One thing lead to another and they shared a passionate kiss. He doesn’t care what anyone says, he knows that deep down Sofia loved him and always did.

“And I loved you so Sofia,” he whispers to himself as he looks around the empty house and suddenly feels very alone. “More than you’ll ever know.”

He turns back around and looks at his mantel where he has pictures of his family. He walks over to it and looks at Robin and Cory’s wedding picture as well as a family photo of Robbie, Leah and Paige. He smiles at the sight of his daughters and wonders if he’ll ever be able to find the one that he’s meant to be with now. For so many years he believed that person was Sofia. And now, she’s gone and never coming back. He again feels a tear forming in his eye and shakes his head. Although, part of him wonders if he should let the emotions out now before he arrives at the church.

He looks back up at the photos and picks up the one of Cory and Robin. He runs his hand over Robin’s face and sighs heavily. He can’t help but think of how close he and Melissa had gotten during her time back in Twin Peaks. They were lovers again, something he never imagined. He didn’t want or mean to betray Sofia, but he is still human with needs. And he and Melissa always did have an undeniable chemistry. He feels like he has had three great loves in his life; Felicia, Leah’s mother, Melissa and Sofia. He still can’t believe how she set up the attack last February on Robin and framed Cory for the entire thing. He puts the picture down and breathes a sigh of relief knowing that Melissa has left town at his request. He can now focus on rebuilding Robin and Cory’s relationship. That would be the best way to get back at Melissa, to reunite the couple she worked so hard to tear apart.

Upon hearing his stomach growl, he slowly walks back to the kitchen knowing that he does have to have something to eat before Sofia’s service.

9:07 am

Dominick strips off his silk pj bottoms and tosses them on to his king size bed. He stands naked in his room and runs his hand through his hair. He slowly turns around walks into the washroom where he turns on the shower. He steps in and begins to wash his body and hair. As the water falls on to his face, he can’t help but feel more water forming in his eyes. This time though, he doesn’t stop it from coming out. He begins to weep in the shower as the water falls over him. He forms a fist in his hand and puts it up against the tiled wall, softly pounding the wall with it. “Damn you Sofia! You weren’t supposed to leave me so soon! You weren’t supposed to die on me!” he cries as the water continues to fall on him, finally letting some emotion surface.


Dominick looks in the mirror and fixes his tie. He looks at himself again and does some minor tweaks to his hair and suit coat. He takes a deep breath before he stands up. He’s ready for the service. He can’t believe that he is about to go and say good bye to Sofia forever. He walks back into his bedroom and grabs his cell phone. He sees a new text message from Robin that reads, “I’m here for you today Daddy.”

He puts his phone in his pocket and feels grateful that he has his two daughters that will be there for him today. He knows that Bob probably won’t make too big of a fuss with his presence today, but he knows without his daughters he wouldn’t have anyone else to lean on.

As he leaves, he turns around and spots a picture of himself in Paris. Immediately his mind goes back to when he first met Sofia, years ago in Europe. He smiles as he remembers the day.


As per usual, she is alone on the early autumn day, as Bob is consumed with work. While she knows that he is working for their future, she still feels alone and without a real companion. She has made a few girlfriends in Paris, but she is scared to get too close to anyone else as she doesn’t really know when Bob will be moved again. She hopes not for some time though, as she loves Paris.

Across the park, Dominick sits on a bench reading the daily addition of the Paris Star. He takes a quick drink of his coffee and puts the paper down to turn the page. That’s when it happens; he sees her sitting at the table by self. A gorgeous woman with long, dark brown hair and large black sun glasses. She is stunning, he says to himself. He gets up and throws his paper and coffee into the rubbish bin next to him. He puts his hands in his pockets as he approaches Sofia’s table.

“Can I sit with you?” he asks as he makes his way up to the table.

Sofia puts her coffee cup down and looks up and sees Dominick; Young, dashing and a killer smile. Inside she feels her heart skip a beat quickly, but she then immediately scolds herself for being attracted to another man as she is a married woman. “I’m not sure. I wasn’t staying,” she lies to him wanting him to leave her alone.

“Where are you going? I could use some company,” he says sitting next to her. “I’m Dominick.”

Sofia arches her eye brow and takes off her glasses. “What do you want from me?” she asks not trusting the man in front of her.

“I’m in this city all alone. I saw a beautiful woman sitting by herself and thought together we could keep each other company,” Dominick says with a twinkle in his eye. He flashes his smile to Sofia again and she feels herself start to melt a little.

“What did you have in mind?” she asks trying to be nonchalant, also knowing that she could use the company for the day.

“How much of the city have you really seen?”

“Enough of it. I’m fairly new here …”
“Come with me then. I’ll give you a great tour!”

Sofia pauses as she looks at Dominick quickly. He’s smiling and full of life. She looks at her watch. It’s not even lunch time she realizes. Spending a day with a nice guy like Dominick would help her day go by faster … and someone could keep her company. “Okay, let’s go!” she says quickly to Dominick.


He shakes his head as he comes back to present day. He knew giving her the tour of Paris would lead to more, and it did. It was the start of the great love of Dominick’s life. He pulls himself together as he doesn’t want to have any more break downs, at least not before the service.

He smiles thinking about what he did for Sofia. He was there for her when no one, including her husband, wasn’t there. He brought out the fun side of Sofia that no one else could bring out. He sighs knowing that he was a huge part of her life, regardless of what anyone else says.

He continues to walk out of the bedroom and down the stairs, preparing to head off to the church.

11:22 am

“Do you want me to park?” the driver asks Dominick from the front seat of the car.

Dominick looks around and doesn’t see much parking open at the church. He shakes his head, “No, that’s fine. I think if you come back in an hour, I will be ready to go. Feel free to go grab a coffee or something at the Sugarbowl. My treat,” he offers his driver as he hands him a 20 dollar bill.

“Thanks Mr. Robertson. And my sympathies today.”

Dominick opens the door to the car and steps outside. The air is still crisp and there’s snow all over the ground. He looks around and realizes that he’s a little bit early, but he doesn’t care. He was hoping to pop in and see Sofia alone before the Calimo’s arrive.
As he walks to the entrance way, he stops as he sees Bob, Robbie and Natasha all standing at the doorway of the church. Bob glares at Dominick, but Dominick walks up to them.

“I’m so sorry,” he says quietly as Robbie and Natasha both look back at Bob, who looks like he is about to blow his fuse.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The day of Sofia’s funeral arrives
- A special episode dedicated to Robbie

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