Episode 157
Shinning Down on Me, Part II
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 09, 2012

Episode Theme song: "One Sweet Day (At Your Best Remix)" Mariah Carey Feat. Boyz To Men & Aaliyah

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie placed a car bomb on Natasha’s car. Sofia exposed her lies and was about to reveal the truth to everyone when Sofia was killed by the car bomb
- Robbie went back to work after Sofia’s death and found it hard to focus

Scene One - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

6:18 am

Leah rolls over in bed and faces her husband. The sound of a crying baby has awoken both of them, although neither one of them wants to get up yet. Robbie looks at his wife and then leans up to see what time it is. He smiles when he lays back down on the pillow, “She made it past 6 today. We should give her some credit.”

Leah chuckles a little, knowing that her daughter is just hungry. “I can go feed her if you want to get some more sleep,” she offers to him.

“I was just about to say the same thing to you.”

Leah smiles at her husband and caresses his face with her hand. “You need more rest than I do. Today is a big day for you.”

Robbie rolls over and faces the ceiling. He hasn’t wanted to admit that today is his mother’s funeral. He doesn’t know how to say goodbye to her when it doesn’t seem real or fair that she is gone yet. He looks back at his wife. “I’ll go feed Paige. I’d like some quality time with her anyways, if that’s okay.”

“Of course it is,” she replies to him. “Just know that I am here if you need anything Robbie. Please don’t hold everything inside today. You need to let your emotions out.”

“I know,” he says leaning in and giving her a quick kiss before hoping out of bed. He quickly walks out of the bedroom, leaving Leah laying there worried about her husband and how he holds his emotions in when he doesn’t know how to deal with them properly.

Robbie walks down the hallway heading to Paige’s nursery when he stops; In the middle of the wall is a picture of Bob, Sofia, Leah, Paige and himself that was taken at Christmas time. Robbie stops and looks at the photo closely. He looks at Sofia and notices how completely happy she looks. She has a sparkle in her eye that he hadn’t really ever seen before. He feels himself get misty so he shakes his head and continues to walk down the hallway.

He slowly opens the door to Paige’s nursery and the can hear his daughter cry at the top of her lungs. He leans over the crib and picks her up and she immediately starts to calm down by having her Daddy hold her. “Ssshh, you’re okay baby girl. Do you want me to get your bottle? Are you ready for some breakfast?” he asks her as he rocks with her in his arms.

He walks over to the rocking chair and sits down grabbing her a bottle. As he feeds her, he can’t help but look at his daughter. He feels his eyes get watery again knowing that she’ll never grow up knowing his grandmother. He looks at her eating away and smiles through some tears. “She loved you so much Paige. She would want you to know that. She wanted nothing but the best for you. Grandma Sofia was the best. The absolute best,” he sobs as he continues to cry as he holds his daughter.

Leah watches from the doorway and slightly moves away. She puts herself up against the wall in the hallway and feels herself get some tears in her eyes knowing that Robbie is really devastated by the loss of his mother. He just needs to express it.

7:47 am

Robbie emerges in the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist fresh from the shower and looks at Leah, who is undressing getting ready for her shower. He looks at her and admires her. He has never been more in love with his wife than he is at this moment. They have overcome so much together; his affair with Robin years ago, her closeness to Jeff after Noah’s death, time and time again they grew closer together after any time of stress in their lives.

“You’re so beautiful,” he smiles at her as he comes up to her and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Thank you. Paige went back to sleep,” she informs him as she continues to undress. “How are you holding up?”

Robbie shrugs as he removes the towel from his waist and tosses it on the bed. “As well as to be expected, I suppose. I’m just so glad you are here with me today. I couldn’t get through this day without you. I hope you know that.”

Leah walks over to her husband and hugs him. “I’m always here for you. Never forget that. Whatever you need, just let me know, okay?”

Robbie feels his eyes swell with water as he holds his wife. “I’m not good at this, you know? Sharing your emotions and feelings stuff. I get it from my father.”

“I know. But you can’t keep it bottled inside Robbie. You just can’t.”

They exit their embrace and he sits on the bed and starts to cry. He looks at his wife and then looks away, almost ashamed that he is crying. “I’m supposed to be the strong one in the family. I hate that you can see this side of me.”

She kneels down in front of him and grabs his hands. “You’re not weak Robbie, you’re hurting. You loved your mother so much and she loved you. You should be grieving her. Properly. Come here,” she says pulling him into another hug as he can weeps into her shoulder.

9:02 am

“Did you get have enough to eat?” Leah asks Robbie as she clears her plate from the table. She knows that breakfast wasn’t much, just fruit with yogurt and granola, but they had to have something before the service.

Robbie doesn’t respond, he stares out the window into their backyard. He can’t help but think of how many family breakfasts he had with Sofia growing up. Every day before school she would make sure he and Natasha were good and full and were ready for their day.

“Robbie?” she asks again as he opens the dishwasher door to put her plate in.

“Huh? I’m sorry,” he says coming back to present day, finally hearing Leah’s voice. “I didn’t hear what you said.”

“I figured as much,” she replies as she comes up and puts her arms around his neck. “Do you think you’ve had enough to eat? Or would you like something else?”

“I think I’m good. I couldn’t any more anyways. Not without being sick,” he tells her noting that he has suddenly started to feel nauseous not because he is actually sick, but because he knows in a few short hours he’ll be saying goodbye to his mother for the last time. It just all seems to permanent to him.

“Oh Robbie, you will survive this, trust me okay?” she says squeezing him a little tighter, thinking of her grief period with Noah.

“I do trust you. I just think I’m in for the hardest day of my entire life,” he says looking into her eyes.


“Don’t you look pretty today?” Robbie tells Paige as he picks her up as she’s wearing a black dress with a black bow in her hair. “I’m not sure this is a good thing?” he asks his wife looking over at her.

Leah arches her eyebrow. “Would you rather she didn’t look pretty today?”

Robbie chuckles a little, “No, I suppose you have a point.”

Leah comes up to Robbie and hugs him. “It’s good to hear you laugh, even if it just a little.”

“Thanks for this morning. You’ve really been amazing to me. Both you and Paige,” he says into her ear.

“You know that’s why we are here right? We love you so much Robbie. We are your rock when you can’t be strong,” Leah tells him as they exit their embrace and she grabs his hand instead. “We love you.”

“And I love you. I hope you know how much I do love you and Paige and our life together,” he replies to her. “It’s more important than ever for me to tell you how much I care because life is so short. Lord only knows when …”

“Don’t think like that,” she says back to him.

“Why not? It’s true, isn’t? It was far too early for my mother to be taken away from us Leah! This isn’t fair! She had so much life to give! She had so much love to give!” he says getting angry. “Damn it!”

Leah gets tears in her eyes as she sees Robbie in this way. She knows that he’s hurting and part of her is happy that is finally releasing some of this pent up emotion, but she knows that he can’t be angry because it won’t change or solve anything.

He looks back at her and notices her crying. He realizes how silly his actions are and he comes back over to Leah. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay,” she says wiping her eyes. “I know that you have a lot of emotion. But we have to find positive ways to express this. Getting mad won’t bring her back.”

“I know. I know,” he says as he shuts his eyes. “I just want this day to be over.”

Leah looks at her watch, “We should probably get going.”

11:16 am

Robbie slams the car door shut and he helps Leah get Paige out of the car-seat and into her stroller. They slowly walk up to the front of the church, the cold air bites at them. Robbie looks around and grabs Leah’s hand knowing that he is about to face something horrible that he isn’t sure he is ready to face.

“I’m here for you,” she reminds him as they walk up to the front door of the church.

Bob appears in the doorway of the church. Robbie immediately hugs his father. As they hold each other Robbie whispers, “I love her so much Dad.”

“Me too son. Me too,” Bob replies as Natasha walks up to the front of the church. “My beauty,” Bob says as he embraces her while Natasha’s hand finds Robbie’s.

“Are you guys ready?” Leah asks them as she enters the church. The family begin to walk inside when they hear someone else walking up to the front door. They look and see Dominick approaching the front door. Robbie isn’t surprised to see Dominick; he just hopes that his father doesn’t make a scene with him.

“I’m so sorry,” Dominick says quietly as Robbie and Natasha both look back at Bob, who looks like he is about to blow his fuse. Robbie puts his hand on Bob’s shoulder trying to calm him down and they turn to enter the church united.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The day of Sofia’s funeral arrives
- A special episode dedicated to Natasha

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