Episode 158
Shinning Down on Me, Part III
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 10, 2012

Episode Theme song: "One Sweet Day (Chucky's Remix)" Mariah Carey Feat. Boyz To Men

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie placed a car bomb on Natasha’s car. Sofia exposed her lies and was about to reveal the truth to everyone when Sofia was killed by the car bomb
- Natasha professed her love for Shane, but he told her that he had to make his marriage to Cassie work for his family

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion; The Guest House

8:15 am

Natasha finally opens her eyes after tossing and turning for the last hour or so in bed. She looks at the clock and sighs heavily. She feels her heart immediately sink as she knows that she has to bury Sofia today. She pulls the blankets over her eyes and hides under the covers for a few minutes not wanting to face the day. She doesn’t know how to say goodbye to her mother. She has no idea at all.

She steps out of the bed and feels the cold floor below her. The quick chill runs up her spine and she immediately thinks back to New Year’s Eve when she ran outside after the car exploded and she fell to the ground with Bob. She was cold kneeling in the snow but at the time she didn’t care. She wanted to be near her father; she still wants to be near her family right now. She shakes her head realizing that even the littlest of things will be triggering her memory of Sofia today.

As she pulls her robe on, she can’t help but think of the car exploding. It was her car and the police officer that night told her that chances are the bomb was meant for her. But who would be trying to kill her? She wonders as she slowly walks down the stairs. She can’t think of anyone that would want to do her harm. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she can’t help but suddenly feel her heart drop; Sofia’s death is her fault. “Someone was trying to kill me but Mother went to the car instead,” she whispers to herself as she falls to the stairs and sits down realizing what it all really means. “It should have been me. It should have been me.”

9:12 am

Natasha finishes her cup of coffee then walks out of the kitchen knowing that she has to hit the shower soon because she has to get ready for the service. She enters the washroom and opens the drawer on the vanity as she needs to grab a new bar of soap. That’s when her eyes spot it; a small bag with white powder in it. She kneels down and picks it up and looks at it for a moment. She knows exactly what it is; she’s just surprised to find it because she thought that she had got rid of all the drugs in her house after she began rehab and Ryan went to jail. She continues to look at the cocaine in the and feels herself start to shake. It would be so easy for her to stop the pain that she’s feeling by opening the bag and doing a quick line. No one would ever know. No one would ever suspect anything happened.

The pain she has inside over Sofia’s death and now realizing that she caused Sofia’s death is almost more than she can handle. She still can’t comprehend that someone was trying to kill and Sofia got in the way instead. She shakes her head quickly and throws the bag in the toilet and quickly flushes it. She begins to cry as she watches the cocaine go down the toilet.

She looks up and sees herself in the mirror. She wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath, “You have to stay strong Natasha,” she tells herself. “Your family needs to be strong today. I can’t relapse. Not now. Not ever.”

And then it dawns on her, “What if one of Ryan’s connections set the bomb on my car? What if he set this all into motion wanting to get some kind of revenge on me?”

10:45 am

Natasha looks in the mirror as she finishes getting dressed. She plans on heading to the police station earlier to help with the investigation of Sofia’s death. If anything, she needs to clear her head about her being the target with the car bomb. She needs to figure out who was actually responsible for this, especially now that she suspects Ryan’s involvement.

She turns her head and spots a picture of her and Shane from when they got engaged a couple of years ago. She picks up the frame and smiles at it, knowing that Sofia wanted her and Shane to get back together. She can’t believe that just a few short weeks ago her and Shane were thin close to getting back together but he quickly realized that he needed to stay with Cassie and Dawn to keep his family together. She breathes a sigh of relief knowing that he did the right thing considering someone tried to kill her. It’s bad enough that Sofia had to die, but there’s no way Natasha could forgive herself if something had happened to Dawn because of her.

“Something’s are just not meant to be,” she says to herself as she turns the picture upside down, not wanting to be reminded of Shane any more. She has to learn that he made his choice and she has to move on with her life. She has to focus on finding Sofia’s killer. Then she’ll be able to rest easy again. She has to avenge her mother’s death and attempt to clear her conscious.

She stands up and grabs her coat and purse, before realizing that something is missing with her outfit. “I should go grab one of mother’s necklaces,” she tells herself as she proceeds down the stairs.

She rushes out the front door and into the main house. The house is quiet as Bob and Rosario have already left for the church. She rushes upstairs and enters the master bedroom. She walks over to Sofia’s walk in closet and looks around at her mother’s beautiful things. She finds a jewellery box on one of the shelves and grabs it. Behind the box however, something catches her eye. It’s a red book. Natasha grabs it and opens it, “My goodness,” she says to herself. “It’s Mother’s diary,” she continues as she grabs the book. She opens it and reads a passage from a year ago. She quickly closes the book and ponders putting it back but instead she puts it in her bag. She feels her eyes swell with water feeling closer to Sofia than she has in a long time. The diary will be a comfort to her for the rest of the day, she decides.

11:15 am

The driver parks in the parking lot of the church and Natasha slowly steps out of the car, adjusting her large black Chanel sunglasses as she does. She looks around and can’t believe that she’s about to go bury her mother. It still seems so surreal to her; like a dream she will wake from.

She slowly walks towards the entrance and sees Bob standing outside. She walks up to him and hugs her. “I don’t know how we’ll make it through today,” she says into his ear as they hug.

“Me either my love, but we have to be strong for each other,” Bob says stoically.

They turn and see Leah and Robbie approaching with Paige in her stroller. Robbie immediately hugs his father. As they hold each other Robbie whispers, “I love her so much Dad.”

“Me too son. Me too,” Bob replies as Natasha walks up to the front of the church. “My beauty,” Bob says as he embraces her while Natasha’s hand finds Robbie’s.

“Are you guys ready?” Leah asks them as she enters the church. The family begin to walk inside when they hear someone else walking up to the front door. They look and see Dominick approaching the front door. Robbie isn’t surprised to see Dominick; he just hopes that his father doesn’t make a scene with him.

“I’m so sorry,” Dominick says quietly as Robbie and Natasha both look back at Bob, who looks like he is about to blow his fuse. Robbie puts his hand on Bob’s shoulder and they turn to enter the church united.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The day of Sofia’s funeral arrives
- A special episode dedicated to Bob

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