Episode 159
Shinning Down on Me, Part IV
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 13, 2012

Episode Theme song: "One Sweet Day (Acapella)" Mariah Carey Feat. Boyz To Men

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie placed a car bomb on Natasha’s car. Sofia exposed her lies and was about to reveal the truth to everyone when Sofia was killed by the car bomb
- Daisy got Bob’s full support on trying to find the person responsible for killing Sofia

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

7:11 am

Bob walks into his master bedroom wearing his robe. He has been up for about an hour already anyways as he has always been an early riser. Today is really no different, despite the fact that it is the morning of his wife’s funeral. He looks around the room and realizes that Rosario is up and already completing some of her morning duties. The bed has been made to perfection and his suit is laying on his bed having been freshly pressed. He nods his head in approval; nothing drives him crazier than nothing having everything ready for him once he has stepped out of his shower.

He walks over to the bed and looks at his end table where there is a picture of him and Sofia. He picks it up and smiles at it. He misses his wife, more than he can express. He’s never been one that allows himself to express his emotions. He has always viewed it as a sign of weakness. He won’t cry today, he tells himself as he places the picture back down on the end table. Despite missing Sofia and feeling his heart break again just by looking at her, he refuses to shed one tear. He won’t let anyone see that side of him. Plus, he has to be strong for his children as they will be going through a rough day as well.

“Good morning Mr. Calimo,” Rosario says interrupting his thoughts as she comes into the bedroom. “I hope the suit has been pressed to your liking? I left out your favourite cufflinks as well. Once you’re dressed, I have breakfast waiting for you downstairs.”

Bob turns to his house maid of years and smiles. He nods at her, “Thank you Rosario. I shall change and be right down.”

Rosario turns and begins to walk away. Bob suddenly looks over at her. “Oh, Rosario?” he calls causing her to stop an look at him. “Can you have the business section of the Sun open for me? I’d like to read it before I leave for the church.”

Rosario arches her eyebrow realizing that Bob is trying to make his day as regular as possible, even though it is the most unusual day of his life. “Of course Mr. Calimo.”

8:03 am

“Would you like another cup of coffee?” Rosario asks Bob as he finishes his last bite of toast, his eyes focused on the newspaper.

“No, I think I’m okay, thank you,” he replies back to her without making eye contact. His eyes continue to scan the paper, noting that there’s a small article about this mysterious numbered company that is rapidly growing. The mystery around who is actually behind the company is growing and it’s causing some concerns within the business community. Bob hasn’t gone on record to say that he is worried about the new company being a true competitor for him, but he knows that it’s a very real possibility. He can’t truly worry about it, however, until the CEO is revealed. There are so few people in the world that can truly compete with Bob’s business sense, or at least Bob doesn’t believe so. He has a good team at Roboto that have been working over time trying to uncover the CEO of the numbered company as well as trying to expand Roboto at the same time.

He closes the paper not wanting to focus on that anymore today. He can’t concentrate on business when he has to bury Sofia. He looks around and suddenly feels like the dining room is empty. His children are grown so they haven’t been at home in years. But the morning banter with Sofia is what he realizes he is missing. They would chat about what each other’s day’s would look like and when they could expect to see each other again for dinner. Often, Sofia would even surprise him mid-day at his office for lunch or just a quick hello. He sighs and feels his heart get heavy again. He stands up and quickly walks out of the dining room.

He moves into the living room and again is filled with so many more emotions and memories of his wife. He looks at the mantel and sees family pictures with Sofia in many of them. She was so beautiful, he notices. Of course, he knew that. He was married to her for so many years, but seeing her again reminds him of how good they had it.

He closes his eyes and sees his wife again.


"A present? So early?"

"A Valentine, for my Valentine," Bob smiles.

"Oh, Robert, you really shouldn’t have," she giggles. "OK, you should have."

Bob laughs. "Well, open it!"

Sofia unwraps the gift. She unveils a black jewellery box. She opens the box and sees a diamond necklace. "Oh, Bob. It’s beautiful."

"Not nearly as beautiful as you, my dear," Bob says kissing her.


He opens his eyes and knows that he has years and years of memories to sort through. He doesn’t know how he will ever forget them or push them out of his mind. He and Sofia went through so much.

“How can I say goodbye to you my love?” he whispers to himself. “How can I move on without you?”

9:36 am

“I didn’t think the service was until 11:30?” Rosario asks Bob as she helps him put his jacket on.

“It’s not,” Bob tells her. “But I want to get to the church and ensure everything is perfect.”

Rosario nods her head knowing that Bob is still keeping so many emotions bottled up inside. She has no idea how he is going to react once the service actually begins. Anyone that holds that much emotion inside for so long is bound to crack.

“Do you wish to drive with me? I can tell the driver to wait for you if you’d like,” he tells his maid, knowing that she will be attending the service as well.

“Thank you Mr. Calimo, but I still need to clean up from breakfast and prepare the house for after the service. I will see you there shortly,” she replies to him, realizing that he really should have some time alone with his thoughts.

“Very well, I will see you soon.” Bob opens the front door of the house and he looks over to where Natasha’s car was on New Year’s Eve. He quickly replays the night in his mind.


Bob looks out the door at Sofia. “Hurry back my love, everyone is waiting for you!”

Sofia arrives at the car and turns around. She waves to Bob before she turns back to the car. “Soon everything will be absolutely perfect,” she says to herself as she unlocks the front door and opens the door. As soon as the door opens, the car explodes into flames, causing all the guests to come pouring out of the front door of the Calimo mansion.

“Sofia! Sofia!” Bob yells as he falls to the ground, the glow of flames on his face. “Oh my god!”


Bob shakes his head as he quickly rushes down the stairs and opens the car door. He slams it shut and puts his hand over his eyes for a moment.

“Are you alright Mr. Calimo?” his driver asks him from the front seat.

Bob doesn’t look back at the driver, “Yes, I’m fine. Let’s go please!” he snaps wanting to get the day over with.

10:07 am

Bob opens the door to the church and walks in slowly. He’s the first one there just as he knew he would be. He walks into the sanctuary and looks around. The end of the pews each have a small bouquet of roses, Sofia’s favourite flower. He looks down at the alter and sees a large black and white picture of Sofia which is surrounded by more bouquet’s of flowers from friends and family.

He walks down the aisle slowly taking in the scene into his head. He takes a deep breath as he reaches the base of the aisle. He looks at the large picture again and feels himself begin to get tears in his eyes. He shakes his head as he walks up to the picture and looks at his dead wife.

“Why did you have to leave me Sofia? I love you so much. You weren’t supposed to go yet. You weren’t supposed to leave me,” he says quietly holding back his tears. He made himself promise that he wouldn’t start to cry and he’ll be damned if he starts now.


Bob walks outside to get some air as he has been sitting in the front pew of the church for an hour and a half looking at the picture of Sofia. He can’t get images of her out of his head. He doesn’t want to say goodbye to her, yet he knows that he has to be strong for his family. He takes a deep breath, the cold air feels good in his lungs. He turns and sees Natasha walking up to the church. She approaches him and they end up in each other’s arms.

. “I don’t know how we’ll make it through today,” she says into his ear as they hug.

“Me either my love, but we have to be strong for each other,” Bob says stoically.

They turn and see Leah and Robbie approaching with Paige in her stroller. Robbie immediately hugs his father. As they hold each other Robbie whispers, “I love her so much Dad.”

“Me too son. Me too,” Bob replies as Natasha walks up to the front of the church. “My beauty,” Bob says as he embraces her while Natasha’s hand finds Robbie’s.

“Are you guys ready?” Leah asks them as she enters the church. The family begin to walk inside when they hear someone else walking up to the front door. They look and see Dominick approaching the front door. Robbie isn’t surprised to see Dominick; he just hopes that his father doesn’t make a scene with him.

“I’m so sorry,” Dominick says quietly as Robbie and Natasha both look back at Bob, who looks like he is about to blow his fuse. He can’t believe that Dominick would have the nerve to show up at the funeral. After everything that man did to hurt him and Sofia, he never believed Dominick would show up to the service. Robbie puts his hand on Bob’s shoulder and they turn to enter the church united.

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