Episode 16 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Natasha’s funeral took place. Bob comforted Sofia; Robin comforted Cory; and Victoria helped Adam. On an unknown river bank, Natasha turned up alive.
-A mysterious person was reading about Daisy’s election plans
-Kim visited Jackson in jail and offered to drop the charges if he leaves town and gets help

During the 2-Week Break
-Kim couldn’t visit Jackson, as he was sent to lockdown
-Cory and Robin grew closer; as did Adam and Victoria
-Meggan learned she could not prevent Victoria from attending the reading of Vinny’s will
-Rebecca tried to remember her connection to Robin

Scene 1
Setting: The Towers; Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Kim rolls over in bed. She slowly opens her eyes. She looks at her alarm clock. The red digits read "9:45 am". She lets out a grown and pulls the covers over her head. The darkness surrounds Kim. Suddenly she jumps from the bed and looks at the calendar. It reads January 27, 2003. "Jackson’s out of lockdown today. I have to find out his answer" she says to herself, walking to the washroom.

Scene 2
Setting: The Calimo Home; Robbie and Leah’s House

Robbie enters the washroom and turns on the water in the tub. Soon he’s in the shower, soaping his body. He doesn’t realize another person has entered the washroom as well. The person slowly opens the shower curtains and enters. They raise their hand, as to strike Robbie. He turns around.

"Leah!" you startled me.

"I thought I could wash your back" she smiles, rubbing her hands on his chest.

"I think I have other ideas" he smiles, kissing his wife.

Scene 3
Setting: The Glubbs Home; Victoria and Shane’s House

Victoria finishes putting on her earrings. She walks downstairs. "Shane?" she calls out. "Shane? Are you home still?" Victoria calls into the empty house. "Must be gone already" she says to herself.

Victoria walks over to the phone and dials a number.

"Hi, Adam. It’s me, Victoria....I was wondering if you wanted to come over and have breakfast....Great, I’ll put the coffee on" Victoria hangs up the phone, and gets a smile across her face.

Scene 4
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

The ringing doorbell continues, as Cory makes his way downstairs. Only wearing his boxers, Cory finally get to the door.

"Robin! What a surprise" Cory says.

Robin remains speechless as she sees Cory in his underpants. She manages to say a few words "I brought breakfast" she blushes.

"Oh great. Come in."

Robin enters and sits on the sofa. She places the bag of muffins and bagels on the coffee table. She keeps looking at Cory.

"I hope you don’t mind my clothes...or lack thereof. The dry cleaning hasn’t arrived yet."

"It’s alright. I don’t mind the views" Robin smiles.

Cory laughs. "You don’t look so bad yourself" he says, sitting next to her. "So, what did you bring?"

Scene 5
Setting: The Glubbs Home; Victoria and Shane’s House

Victoria sits anxiously in the living room, awaiting Adam’s arrival. Finally the doorbell rings. Victoria rushes to the front door. She opens it and hugs him.

"Thanks for coming" she says.

"Thanks for inviting me. I was hoping you’d call."

"Really?" she says, allowing Adam to enter the house.

"Yea. It seems weird not talking to you after a while."

"Oh, I feel the same way."

Adam moves closer to her. "I’ve been thinking"

"About what?"

"This" he says, kissing her.

The kiss is long and passionate. Victoria moves her hand to the back of his hand, as he moves his hand to ass.

Their lips part, and he begins to kiss her neck.

"Oh Adam" she whispers. "Take me upstairs"

"Gladly" he responds, as he lifts her into his arms, and begins to carry her upstairs.

Scene 6
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane arrives at his office. He sits down at his desk, and looks at his desk.

"Damn! I forgot my briefcase! I have to go home to get it" he says, getting up once again.

Scene 7
Setting: City Hall; Daisy’s office

Daisy is looking over some promotional flyers, when Chris enters her office.

"Hey baby" he says.

"Hey. What you doing here?"

"I needed to see my beautiful wife" he says, kissing her on the lips.

"Hmm...that was nice" Daisy smiles, breaking from the kiss.

Chris looks at Daisy’s desk. "What’s this? Something for the election?"

"Yeah. Some promotional flyers."

"They look pretty good."

"Thanks. I thought so too. You know the election is still pretty far away, but I’m getting so excited"

"I hadn’t noticed" Chris smiles.

Daisy smiles. Suddenly they hear some sirens outside. They look outside and see 3 fire trucks storm by.

Suddenly Daisy has a flash of white light.


A ten year old Daisy is standing in the driveway of her home. Next to her is her sister, twin sister, Danielle. Next to them is the fireman. They watch as their home is going up in flames.

"Where’s my Mommy? And Daddy?" Daisy asks franticly

"Not now little girl." the fireman responds.

Daisy returns to her sisters side. "Where’s Mom and Dad Dani?" Daisy asks her sister.

"In the house. With the fire" Danielle responds.

Tears rush to Daisy’s eyes

[End of Flash]

Daisy shakes her head...tears are running down her face.

"Daisy, baby, what is it?" Chris asks.

"Nothing. I just hate fire"

Scene 8
Setting: The Glubbs Home; Shane and Victoria’s House

Shane parks his car in the driveway. He notices a car that looks like Adam’s parked on the street.

"It can’t be Adam." Shane shrugs to himself. Shane enters the house, and quickly notices something isn’t right. He thinks he can hear the bed tweaking. He proceeds to the stairs. He also begins to hear moans of pleasure.

"What on earth..."

Shane heads up stairs. As he approaches the bedroom, the moans and the bed tweaking increase. He opens the door to the bed room, and sees Victoria and Adam having sex!

"What the hell is going on!?" Shane asks.

Victoria and Adam look in horror, and quickly pull the covers over themselves.

"Shane! Get out!"

"Me? Get out? Victoria this is my house!" Shane yells. "You having sex in our bed!"

"Get your things and leave" Victoria snaps.

"Oh, I’m leaving." Shane says, grabbing his briefcase. He turns when he’s at the door "Oh, and I won’t be contesting the divorce"

Shane leaves. He storms out of the house. He slams his car door shut. When in the car. He places his hands on his face. "Damn you Victoria."

Back upstairs...

"Hey, I’m sorry about that" Adam says.

"It’s not your fault. I had no idea that Shane would come home."

"If it’s any consolation, I was having a really good time" Adam smiles.

Victoria looks up at him, and kisses him. "We can finish"

"I would really like that" Adam says.

Scene 9
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Station

Kim arrives at the station. She enters the visiting room, and waits for Jackson. Soon Jackson enters the room, and is seating in front of Kim.

"What a pleasant surprise" Jackson greets her.

"I’m sorry you were in lock down."

"What can you do? A few harsh words to the guards, and lockdown" Jackson smiles. Jackson is caught off guard when Kim smiles.

"Have you given any thought to..."

"Yes, Kim. I haven’t thought of much else." Jackson interrupts.

"And? Are you going to accept my offer?"

Jackson looks up at Kim, and smiles.

Scene 10
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Robin and Cory finish eating their bagels and muffins. Suddenly the doorbell rings. Cory gets up and opens the door. He finds the dry cleaning. Cory hands the man a $10.00 bill and gets his clothes.

Robin comes up behind him.

"I see your clothes are here" she smiles.

Cory turns and looks at her. A big grin comes across his face.

"What’s so funny?" Robin asks

"You have...a little cream cheese by your lip" Cory says, as his hand caresses her face. His finger whips off the cheese.

"Thank you" she says, moving closer to him.

"Your welcome" he responds, as their lips lock. The kiss soon turns passionate.

"I want you so badly" Robin says, breaking from their kiss. "And I know you want me too Cory"

Cory breaks apart. "I can’t do this Robin. I just lost my wife."

"You need to move on. You need to be loved Cory"

"I was loved...by Natasha! Robin, I think you should go. I’m going upstairs to change."

Cory walks upstairs. Robin gets tears in her eyes. "No. I know you want me Cory" Robin says, starting to head upstairs.

Cory arrives in the bedroom, and sits his clothes on a chair. He moves over to the bed, and sits down. He places his hands over his face, thinking about the kiss he shared with Robin. ‘Did I want her? Of course, I’m only a man’ he thinks to himself. ‘But Natasha just died. When is it enough time to move on?’

His thoughts are interrupted by the door opening. Robin enters the room.

"Robin...I thought I told you to leave"

"I know. But I can’t leave." she says coming closer to him.

"Robin, please" Cory whispers. Robin bends down and kisses Cory.

Scene 11
Setting: The Police Station

"Why are you smiling at me Jackson?" Kim asks. "Does that mean you accept my offer?"

"Thank you Kim. You are a wonderful human being. I know what I have done to you is wrong, and for you to be giving me this opportunity...I’m just very grateful."

Kim remains silent.

"What I am trying to say, is yes Kim. Yes! I accept your offer." Jackson says.

"Thank you Jackson" Kim whispers. "I will make all the arrangements."

With that, Kim gets up and leaves. As she is walking out the door Jackson says "See you soon".

Kim arrives outside Robbie’s office door. She knocks, and then enters.

"Kim! What’s going on?" Robbie asks.

"I would like to drop the charges against Jackson McQuillan."

"What?!" Robbie gasps.

"I made him a deal. I told him if he agrees to professional help, and leaves town, I would drop the charges."

"And he agreed?"


"And you’re sure he will live up to the agreement?"


"What makes you so sure Kim? The guy has serious issues."

"I know he has issues Robbie. He will not get the help he needs in jail."

"You are sure about this Kim?"

"Yes. I have to make some arrangements. I will come by later. I will want Jackson to be released at that time."

They are interrupted by Robbie’s phone ringing.

"I’ll be back" Kim says, leaving.

"Later Kim"

Robbie goes to pick up his phone. "Calimo.....You found what?.....I’ll be right there!"

Scene 12
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory lays in bed, awake. Robin is next to him, resting her head on his chest. Their naked bodies are under the blanket. Cory realizes in the moment, that he is moving on with his life. Moving on with Robin.

Scene 13
Setting: Wild Night; The Offices; The Vinny Victors Murder Scene

Robbie arrives at Wild Night. He races upstairs to the offices. He sees three investigators. "What did you find?" Robbie asks.

"This" one says, holding up a piece of black cloth.

"What’s this?" Robbie says, looking at the fabric. "Black cloth. From a coat."

"So the blue fabric found was part of a shirt or pants" the investigator says.

Scene 13
Setting: The Glubbs Home; Shane and Victoria’s House

Adam gets out of the bed. Victoria lays, sleeping. Adam is about to enter the washroom, but he sees Victoria’s coat. The black coat has a rip in it.

"Odd. I wonder why Victoria’s coat has a rip in it"

Next On One Day At A Time
-Robbie finds Victoria’s coat
-Kim reaches out
-Jackson meets Rebecca
-Shane and Leah have a bonding moment
-Robin has a new scheme

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