Episode 161 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: February 22, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie plotted to keep Shane from Natasha. She took fertility drugs in hopes of getting pregnant. She did and announced to Shane and Natasha. Shane married Cassie, but she soon miscarried after having a rocky pregnancy. Cassie blackmailed Olivia and Preston into helping her keep Shane. With Olivia’s help, they drugged a pregnant Helen and induced her labour. They told Helen that her baby died, meanwhile Cassie stole the child and passed it off as her and Shane’s. When Olivia threatened to tell the truth, Cassie tampered with her breaks and she and Preston were in an accident that left them for dead. Shane, meanwhile, couldn’t stop loving Natasha and after she professed her love to them they kissed. Cassie realized what was happening and plotted to get pregnant again. Sofia slowly started to uncover the truth about Cassie’s web of lies. Cassie plotted to get rid of Natasha and placed a bomb on Natasha’s car. Sofia exposed Cassie and by chance went to Natasha’s car; Sofia was killed when the bomb went off. At Sofia’s funeral, Natasha read her mother’s diary; after she stood up and looked at Cassie and claimed she killed her mother.

Scene One - St. Joseph’s Church

“Natasha, darling, are you okay?” Bob asks her as he doesn’t understand what she is doing looking at everyone.

“No, I’m not okay!” she yells as she points her finger at Cassie. “You! You killed my mother! You did this to her!”

Cassie freezes in the pew as everyone gasps and looks at her. She looks at Shane and tries to smile and shakes her head, not realizing what is happening. Natasha walks around the front pew and goes up to Cassie and looks at her. “I can’t believe you! All this time, you’ve been lying and hurting the people around you! What have you done?” Natasha yells at her asking looking at her in the eyes.

Cassie looks down not sure of what Natasha is talking about. She has never seen Natasha this angry before either. She quickly remembers that during Natasha’s speech to her mother, she said she found Sofia’s diary. Sofia couldn’t have been writing all of her secrets and lies into her a diary, could she? Cassie quickly asks herself as she continues to look down at the floor, unsure of how to react.

Shane looks at Cassie and realizes that she is clearly upset by whatever Natasha is grilling her about. He looks at Natasha with concern, “What are you talking about Natasha? What has Cassie done? Why would you think that she killed Sofia?”

“Because it’s all here! In my Mother’s diary!” Natasha cries holding up the book that she was reading. “This has been going on the last few months; my Mother was slowly uncovering all of Cassie’s lies and deceit!”

Cassie finally stands up and looks at Natasha, “You have no idea what you’re talking about Natasha! Stop saying these horrible things about me!” she replies, getting teary eyed. She looks back at Shane and forces herself to have some tears fall from her eyes. “Can you please get Dawn, I want to leave. I won’t stand by and let this woman verbally accost me any further.”

Shane nods his head unsure still of what is really happening. He stands up and walks to the other end of the pew to gather Dawn Marie.

Cassie glares at Natasha. “I’m leaving,” she spits at her as she turns around and prepares to leave the church. Natasha grabs Cassie and turns her around with force. A stunned Cassie looks at Natasha. “You’re not going any where! Not until you explain yourself! You did this all! You…Bitch!”

“What did she do?” Helen asks Natasha rushing up to see how she can help with the situation. All of the other guests sit in the pews and have started to mutter about what could possibly be going on.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” Natasha replies with half a smile. “I mean this woman is sick. You did all of this to keep Shane. You purposely have kept him away from me! You’re evil Cassie! Pure evil!” Natasha rips into her again turning and facing her. Before Cassie can reply, Natasha slaps her hard across the face. Cassie puts her hand to her face and she glares back at Natasha and Shane rushes over to see what is happening.

“What has gotten into you Natasha? Explain yourself,” Shane yells back at her, defending Cassie.

“Gladly,” Natasha smiles looking over at Cassie knowing that she’s about to reveal everything. “First, everyone should leave. Except Madeline, Reese, Adam, Helen and my family. All the other guests should leave.”

Scene Two - St. Joseph’s Church

After all the guests have departed, Natasha looks over at Shane and looks at him. She grabs his hand, “I’m so sorry that I’d had to do this. I had no idea until I read my Mother’s diary. You have to believe me.”

Shane looks at the woman he loves and knows that she would never do or say anything that she wasn’t sure was true, but still to be accusing Cassie of such horrible things; he needs more proof before he’ll believe anything. “I need you to start from the beginning and tell us what you know.”

“We all need to know why you kept us here,” Madeline replies to her, wondering why she and Reese were asked to stay behind. “We understand that you’re hurt, but what does that have to do with Reese and I?”

Natasha looks at the people she kept behind and then looks at Cassie again. “It’s over Cassie. All over,” she begins to say as Cassie stands up and begins to pace. She knows that Natasha is about to reveal the truth but she has no idea how she can stop it from happening.

“Cassie got pregnant, we all know that. What we didn’t know is that she miscarried that baby because she got pregnant with the help of fertility drugs,” Natasha begins to say, her eyes locked on Cassie. “The pregnancy was difficult because a woman her age doesn’t need to be on fertility drugs. This is why she miscarried. She lied to us all and said that she went to visit her mother. She never did. She was blackmailing Preston and Olivia with the information that they were bank robbers. Olivia went to the cabin with Helen that weekend. Olivia drugged Helen and then induced her labour. When Helen woke up in the hospital, Olivia lied to her and told her that her baby was dead. The baby isn’t dead,” Natasha says biting her lower lip as she looks over at Helen and Adam. “Cassie and Olivia stole your baby and passed it off as Cassie and Shane’s.”

Helen covers her mouth in shock as she hears this story for the first time. Adam looks at his wife and holds her immediately as Cassie starts to get tears in her eyes and shake her head no.

“Is this true?” Helen gasps as she looks at Cassie and then Shane, who is dumbfounded.

“There’s more,” Natasha interrupts Helen and continues. “Olivia must have wanted to tell the truth, so Cassie tampered with the breaks on her SUV and then they had their crash. She was responsible for killing Olivia and Preston,” Natasha yells at her. “And she got the idea because she had cut the breaks on my car the year before, when I had the accident with Trenyce! This is all one big ball of lies! All because she wanted Shane for herself!”

Madeline looks at Reese with tears in her eyes. “I can’t believe that she killed our parents!”

Natasha looks at Cassie who is getting tears in her eyes. “And then after my Mother started to put it all together, she must have figured it out and wanted her dead too. Isn’t that right Cassie?”

“No! None of this is true! This is all lies!” Cassie yells desperately looking at Shane. “You have to believe me baby. I love you and our baby girl more than anything in the world!”

Shane grabs Cassie and looks at her in the eyes. “Why would Natasha lie about all of this? Why would Sofia write this all in her diary?”

Cassie looks at him and says the first thing she can think of, “Is it possible Natasha is back on drugs? She’s been acting weird lately. She must be stoned again!”

“Don’t you dare put this on me Cassie,” Natasha yells at her, livid that she’s trying to find a cope out. “For once in your life, tell us the truth!”

She looks back at Shane and can see that she’s losing him. “I’m pregnant again Shane,” she says biting her lower lip. “I haven’t told you yet because I just found out.”

“Stop lying to me!” Shane yells her realizing that Cassie is now desperate to hold on to her lies. “I can’t believe this! It’s all true, isn’t it!”

Cassie starts to cry and she falls to her knees hugging Shane’s legs in the process, “YES! It’s all true! I’m so sorry. I just love you so much. You have to know that I did this because I want to be with you forever Shane!”

Shane kicks her off of his legs, “Get off me! We have nothing Cassie. NOTHING!” he yells at her, unable to really grasp the extend of her lies yet.

“Get up,” Adam spits at her as he and Helen approach her.

“How could you do this to me?” Helen asks her as Cassie stands back up and looks at her. “We were in lamaze class together, do you remember that?” Helen asks her getting tears in her eyes. “We were so close then. You were excited for our children to play together. And then you stole my baby? You made me think that she was dead? Do you have any idea the pain you’ve caused me? You’ve caused us?”

Cassie feels her lower lip tremble, “I…I’m sorry. I … I just wanted my family. I was so depressed after I lost my baby … and I knew that Shane would leave me …I just wanted my family to be together.”

“And to hell with our family? You disgusting,” Adam lays into her as he approaches her. “I hope you rot in hell for what you’ve done. I want every charged possible pressed against you! More importantly, I just want to see my daughter now!”

Helen looks at Adam and cries. “I can’t believe she’s alive. After all of this Adam, our baby girl is alive and well,” she says as tears fall from her eyes.

He grabs her hand and looks at her. “Let’s go get her. We can be with her finally!”

Helen nods and smiles. “Wait,” she says stopping Adam from walking away from Cassie. “There’s one more thing I have to do.”

“What?” Adam asks her looking at her.

“This,” Helen replies looking at Cassie before slapping her across the face. “You bitch. You will never see Dawn again. EVER.”

Helen looks over at Adam and then grabs his hand again as they walk towards the baby stroller.

“NO! That’s my baby!” Cassie cries as she begins to run after them. Shane holds her back as Helen and Adam pick up Dawn and hold her for the first time as her parents. Cassie falls to the ground again in tears sobbing “no” over and over again. Adam and Helen tearfully hold Dawn for the first time and look back at each other, finally having been reunited with their baby.

Scene Three - St. Joseph’s Church

Cassie sits on the end of the pew trying to control herself from crying. She can’t believe that after thing she has gone through to keep her secrets everything has slowly come out into the open. She looks up and sees Madeline and Reese approach her.

“How did you find out about our parents past as bank robbers?” Reese asks her calmly as they hover above her. He is trying to stay calm since there has been enough yelling already today.

“It wasn’t hard. I used a little thing called Google. Anyone with half a brain could have figured it out,” Cassie quickly snaps back to them. “You’re parents weren’t very smart in covering their tracks.”

“So you blackmailed them and then you killed them?” Madeline gasps still in shock about what she has learned.

“I didn’t kill them,” Cassie defends herself. “Don’t remember? Lightening struck and the tree fell on top of their SUV. I’m not God!”

“They wouldn’t have been in the accident if you hadn’t tampered with their breaks!” Reese yells at her. “For once take some responsibility for your actions!”

“Fine! Yes, I tampered with the breaks! I never meant for them to die though! I just didn’t want them to reveal my secret! Can you blame me?”

“Yes! I can blame you!” Madeline cries. “You took our parents away from us! Never again we will get the opportunity to have conversations with them! Because of you.”

Cassie looks at them and doesn’t know what to say. She always knew that Olivia and Preston dying was the right thing at the time because Olivia wanted the truth to come out.

“You don’t even have any remorse, do you?” Reese asks flabbergasted.

When Cassie doesn’t reply, Madeline looks at her and grabs her. She starts shaking her over and over until Reese pulls her off of Cassie. “I will make sure you pay for the damage you’ve done, not only to myself and Reese, but to everyone else in this room.”

“Are you okay?” Reese asks her after she finishes her talk to Cassie. Madeline looks at him and nods.

“Let’s get out of here. I can’t stand to be near this filth any longer.”

Scene Four - St. Joseph’s Church

Shane looks at Cassie and can’t help but wonder how he didn’t see any of this coming sooner. He had been with the woman for close to two years; how did he not realize the type of woman he was living with, the type of woman he was sleeping with. He shakes his head as he approaches her.

Cassie notices him come up to her and smiles at him. “Please tell me you understand why I did what I did Shane. I did this all for you. I did this because I love you so much.”

“Here’s what I don’t understand. How did you know Sofia was going to go to Natasha’s car on New Years Eve?” he asks her trying to put more of the pieces together.

“I didn’t,” she quickly blurts out.

“So you wanted to kill me instead?” Natasha asks her coming up next to Shane.

Cassie doesn’t say anything because she knows that she’s already in hot water. She looks away.

“I get it, you found Shane and I in the wine cellar during the blackout last November. You got worried and decided to what, kill me so you could have him for yourself?” Natasha guesses right in Cassie’s plot. “So you put a bomb on my car, only fate intervened and Sofia went to the car instead.”

“I wish it had been you that went to the car,” Cassie spits back at Natasha. She turns her attention to Shane as some tears come to her eyes, “Don’t you realize this Shane? You never gave our marriage a chance because of your precious Natasha! I had to do something! At the end of the day, all of this happened because of her!”

“You’re crazy, do you know that?” Shane yells back at her. “You lied to me for years! You made me believe Dawn was my baby! You killed people? And for what? Because you claim to love me? You wouldn’t know what love was if it came up and slapped you across the face!” Shane spits at her, disgusted by the woman in front of him. “It’s over! We are done! We are over!”

“No! Shane! Please,” Cassie begs him. “You don’t mean that!”

“I mean it! I never want to see you again!”

Robbie and Bob come up to the small crowd. “You will pay for killing my wife Cassidy. I crossed the wrong man. You crossed the wrong family. I will see to it that you never see the outside of a jail cell again,” Bob tells her in a stern voice. “My wife is dead and I will make sure you pay for that. Sofia deserves that. And you deserve everything that you have coming to you.”

Robbie walks up to Cassie and looks at her with disgust, “Cassie Nova, you have the right to remain silent…” he begins to read her the rights as he hand cuffs her.

Scene Five - St. Joseph’s Church

Shane sees the front door of the church close after Cassie had been taken away by the police. He turns around and sees the Calimo family gathering at the front of the church. He has no idea what they must be going through. The day that they were meant to say goodbye to Sofia forever turned into a day where everyone’s lives changed because of Cassie and her lies. He can’t help but feel some what responsible. How could he not have seen some sign of this? He shakes his head as he walks knowing that Cassie fooled everyone, but still he wishes something could have been done differently.

“Can I have a moment?” he asks the family as he approaches them. Bob looks at Shane and nods. “I just want to say that I’m so sorry. I had no idea what Cassie was capable of. I wish I could have prevented some of this.”

“This isn’t your fault,” Robbie replies to him. “Cassie fooled us all Shane. If anything, you let us know if we can help you in anyway. You lost a wife and a child today, are you okay?”

Shane looks around and feels himself get water in his eyes. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Natasha walks up to him and hugs him. He slowly puts his arms around her as he sobs into her shoulder “It’s over now Shane. It’s over.”

Scene Six - A Twin Peaks Police Department Cruiser

Cassie sits in the backseat of the police car looking out the window as tears fall from her eyes. She is still in shock about everything that has happened; she can’t believe that her secrets have come out. Adam and Helen are probably putting her baby to sleep right now; Natasha is probably making love to Shane; everything she has worked so hard to keep under wraps has come out. She shakes her head and looks at the young male cop in the front seat. He is so focused on the road.

“How long will I be in jail for?” she asks the driver from the back seat as she sees a bobby pin on the floor of the car.

He doesn’t look back at her but he replies, “I have no idea. There’s a lot of charges against you. It seems like a long time.”

By the time he’s finished the sentence, Cassie has the bobby pin and she’s trying to unlock her handcuffs. “I really don’t want to go to jail,” she says pouting her lips.

The cop finally looks back at her through the review mirror and smiles at her, “It’s not up to me, really.”

Cassie hears the click of the hand cuffs releasing from her back. She leans forward to the front seat and notices that they’re driving over a small bridge over the river. Suddenly she gets an idea. “I can’t go to jail,” she says out loud. “I won’t go to jail!”

Suddenly, she wraps the handcuffs around the officer’s neck and begins to strangle him. He tries to fight her off, but because she is in the back seat he is unable to do anything. Soon, he passes out due to lack of air and he falls to the side. Cassie quickly climbs to the front of the car and takes over driving the car. She looks out of the mirror and sees the river next to her. She wipes away a tear as she gets an idea.

“I won’t go to jail,” she says to herself as she unlocks the door next to her. Then in a quick move, she drives the car off the road and into the river bank. The car goes through some thick bushes and trees before finally falling off a small river bank. It splashes as it hit’s the river’s waves. The car sits on top of the water for a moment before slowly sinking to the bottom of the river.

Next on One Day at a Time
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