Episode 163
Blind to Dreams
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 11, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Bloodstained Heart" - Darren Hayes

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cory and Madeline made love
- Robin confronted Melissa about her lies and Melissa left town
- Will urged Eva to give Natasha space in dealing with Sofia’s death
- Shane arrived at Helen and Adam’s doorstep asking to talk to them about Dawn
- Dominick started a numbered company that was buying up smaller companies to compete with Bob and Roboto
- Andy was jealous when Reese had a date with Craig Benton on New Year’s Eve

Scene One - Dominick’s Condo

Dominick finishes looking over some files on his desk before he closes the file folder. He stands up and grabs his coffee cup and takes one final gulp of the semi-hot liquid. He takes a quick glance at his clock and realizes that he needs to pick up the pace of his morning as he is having a press conference soon.

He begins to walk downstairs to put his coffee cup in the kitchen. He has decided to go full steam ahead with his new company. He needs something, anything, to keep his mind focused and off Sofia; he needs a distraction to ensure that he doesn’t always dwell on the fact that one of the greatest loves of his life is gone. If he doesn’t focus, he knows that he could spend years grieving Sofia. He can’t think of a better way to honour her memory and prove to everyone that they were a force together, than finally announce that he is the CEO of the numbered company that has been buying up smaller cosmetic companies to truly rival Bob and Roboto. He smiles as he enters the kitchen and places his cup in the sink as he recalls how civil he and Bob were at Sofia’s funeral.

“That will all change when Bob discovers that I am his major competitor now,” he whispers to himself. “And in a few short hours, everyone else will now too.”

He walks into the living room and walks up to the mirror on the wall. He quickly fixes his tie before he turns around. He stops when he sees a picture of Robin on the mantel. He picks it up and wonders how she is doing. In the all the craziness that has happened with Sofia lately, he realizes that he hasn’t been around her as much as he’d like to have been. While he is livid with Melissa for her role in Robin’s attack, he can’t imagine how much worse it is for his daughter, given how close she had grown to her mother. More over, he knows that today Robin is going into the hospital for her final surgery. If all goes well, she should be scar free by the end of the day.

He picks up his cell phone and dials her number. When it goes to her voicemail he says, “Robin, it’s your Father. I am wishing you luck today. I’m sorry I can’t be there when you go into the surgery, but I will be there afterwards. I love you.”

Dominick hangs up the phone as he hears the doorbell ring. “Perfect timing,” he says to himself as he walks over to the front door. He opens it and sees a tall young man standing there. “You must be Donovan?”

The young man flashes a dashing smile, “That’s me. Donovan Moretti, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he says as he shakes Dominick’s hand.

“Please come in,” Dominick invites the young man into his home. “Your reputation certainly is well received.”

“Thank you,” Donovan smiles as he sits down on the sofa in the living room. “I tend to think that I’m very good at what I do.”

“Which is why I’ve called you here,” Dominick begins. “I need a executive like yourself to help oversee me as I launch my new company. You’re young, talented and can get the job done.”

Donovan arches his eyebrow not even flattered at Dominick’s words, “You realize that I would have to relocate from Europe to take this opportunity.”

“I understand that. Based on the fact that you flew to Twin Peaks just for the interview, I assumed you were interested. Plus once you see the salary I’m willing to offer, I think you’ll realize it’ll be worth your while.”

Donovan unfolds the piece of paper that Dominick hands him; he looks back and grins, “You have my attention.”

“Perfect,” Dominick grins back. “I am making an announcement shortly about being the CEO of this company. I’m glad I have my first executive behind me.”

Scene Two - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

“I can’t believe that Cassie was responsible for your parents accident,” Cory tells Madeline as they lay naked in bed next to each other.

Madeline looks up at Cory as she rubs her hand over his smooth, toned chest. After she and Reese learned the horrible truth about Cassie at Sofia’s funeral, she rushed over to see Cory. They had steamy sex to make her feel better and now they are laying together talking. A part of her knows that she shouldn’t get used to this because Cory is still married to Robin, but she needed him badly earlier and he delivered. “I know. In some ways it’s nice to know. Reese and I can get closure, you know?”

“I understand,” he replies to her. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I am now. I needed you,” she smiles leaning into him and kissing him.

He parts from kissing her, “I’m glad I could help you out in that regard.” They kiss for a moment longer. “Why don’t you go shower, and I’ll go downstairs and put together some kind of lunch.”

Madeline grins, “That sounds nice.”

Cory exit’s the bed and pulls some sweat pants on over his naked body before he begins to exit the room. “See you soon,” he smiles back at her as she walks towards the shower. He races downstairs and is about to go into the kitchen when he hears a knock on the front door. He wonders who it could be as he walks to the door. He opens it and sees Robin. “Robin, this is a surprise,” he says nervously as she enters the penthouse. He glances upstairs realizing that Madeline is upstairs still.

Robin turns and looks at Cory and feels her heartbreak a little bit inside her chest. She wishes there was something, anything, that she could do to make him forgive her for believing Melissa’s lies that he had something to do with the attack on her. “I had to see you today,” she says softly. “I came again to tell you how sorry I am for everything that happened with my Mother.”

Cory sighs and rubs his hand through his hair. “We can’t change what happened,” he tells her, not knowing how to get past the fact that Robin didn’t believe in him.

“She left town. She’s out of our lives for good.”

“I know. I saw her before she left.”

“You did?” Robin asks surprised that Cory saw her mother before she left town. “I told her never to come back the last time I saw her.”

“I couldn’t let her leave town without giving her a piece of my mind. She ruined my life for the last year! I was arrested and could have went to jail! She ruined our marriage!”

Robin feels her eyes swell with water, “We still have a marriage Cory. We can make this work. I know we can. I love you.”

Cory turns his back to her, “I don’t know Robin. Everything has changed. You have no faith in me. You have no belief in me. I don’t know how to get past that.”

Robin doesn’t know how to respond to what he says. She walks up to him and he turns to face her. “I wish I could say or do something, anything, to make it up to you.”

Suddenly Madeline emerges at the top of the stairs in a towel. She doesn’t see Robin, “I’m starving Cory,” she says as she walks down the stairs. She freezes in her tracks as she sees Robin. Robin looks up and sees Madeline, then looks back at Cory, who gulps.

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

Will carries over to two coffee’s to his booth that he is sharing with Kim. He places one in front of his friend as he sits across from her and smiles. “It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to catch up,” he says as he looks at her. He knows that a lot has happened to him lately that he hasn’t been able to share with her, mostly because she has been so busy helping the Calimo’s deal with the shock of Sofia’s sudden death.

“I know, I’m glad we both had time today,” Kim replies to her friend. She quickly glances at her watch, knowing that she has plans to go visit Bob later in the day to see how he is coping. She still can’t believe that not only is Sofia dead, but that Cassie was responsible for it all. “Between work and being at the Calimo mansion, it’s been such a trying few weeks.”

Will gives her half a smile, “You’re telling me. I can’t believe everything that has gone down. Eva’s been pretty upset.”

Kim looks at Will with a stunned look on her face. She didn’t realize that he and Eva had grown so close; the last time they spoke, Will was still complaining about how hard of a boss and neighbour she was. “You’ve seen Eva?”

Will takes a drink of his coffee, “Yup, more than you realize. Eva and I … we are, I guess, seeing each other? I don’t know what you’d call it.”

Kim can’t hide her shocked response. “I mean…I guess I just didn’t see this coming. Are you happy?”

Will shrugs, “So far, yea. Eva is a wonderful woman. I get that it may be odd for you because Eva is Natasha’s mother and Natasha is your best friend, but…”

Kim cuts him off, “Natasha isn’t ready for any kind of relationship. I won’t press her into talking to Eva if she’s not ready Will.”

“I know, I know. I would never ask you to go to Natasha on behalf of Eva,” Will replies to her. “It’s still a very new thing with Eva. It started around New Year’s. I can’t deny that I’m attracted to her, but I don’t know where it’s going long term. We each have our own issues that we are dealing with. Natasha being one of hers.”

“And Olivia is one of yours?” Kim asks, knowing that it hasn’t been that long since Will’s last love died.

Will sighs, “I suppose. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was in love with her. I still am, I always will be. But I can’t grieve forever, you know?”

“I get it Will. Just be careful with Eva, okay? I don’t know her that well, but I don’t want you get hurt again.”

Will smiles and grabs his friends hand, “I will. Thanks Kim.”

Scene Four - The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Natasha sits at her desk and is trying to focus on getting the law firm together again. She took over the firm after she got sober from her drug dependency, as Preston left it for her in his will after he passed away last year. She has been sober for close to six months now, but she has been struggling with so many family issues that she really hasn’t put the time in that she needs to at the firm, thus creating this disaster. She is having a hard time concentrating today because Sofia’s death is still fresh and the fact that Cassie was exposed as being the one that was keeping her and Shane apart and that she killed Sofia is still on her brain. She can’t believe that no one didn’t see this coming sooner. She feels her eyes swell with water as she thinks that the bomb Cassie planted on her car was made for her; Cassie wanted to get rid of Natasha so she could have Shane all to herself. She still can’t imagine how Shane is feeling and holding up.

“I’m so sorry Mother,” Natasha whispers to herself as a tear falls from her eye. “I wish I had known. I wish I could have stopped this.”

“You had no way of knowing what was happening,” a voice says standing in the doorway of Natasha’s office. Natasha looks up and sees Eva looking at her. Natasha quickly wipes her eyes, not wanting Eva to see her cry. “You don’t have to hide your tears from me Natasha.”

Natasha gives Eva half a smile and then shuffles some files around on her desk. “I’m not sure what you’re doing here Eva. I am extremely busy.”

Eva walks into the offices and closes the door behind her. “I can see that,” she says warmly to her daughter. “I guess I just wanted you to know that I’m here for you, if you need anything. Anything at all.”

Natasha sighs heavily and looks at Eva again. She knows that Eva means well, but she has tried to explain to Eva that she needs time to still get her head around the fact that she is her biological mother. Adding salt to the wounds is the fact that Sofia just died and there’s no way that Natasha is in the frame of mind to start having a real relationship with Eva. “I know you are,” Natasha begins to say. “Can you sit for a minute?”

“Of course I can,” Eva quickly replies, hoping that Natasha is finally going to be reaching out to her.

“Do you remember last November, the night of the blackout?” Natasha asks her as Eva nods her head. “We met at Capers for a moment and I told you that I need time to get my head around things?”

“I do remember yes,” Eva tells her back. “I know that you needed time and space.”

Natasha feels her eyes swell with water again, “I still do Eva. Nothing has changed. If anything, I need more time now. I just lost my mother. She’s dead … I will never stop needing her,” Natasha cries to Eva. “I need you to respect that I need time. I don’t know if I will ever be ready to reach out to you, but you need to leave that up to me. Can you do that?”

Eva feels her eyes swell herself. She doesn’t know what she was thinking going to Natasha. She wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing, and even Will was telling her to leave Natasha alone for awhile. Still, she went to reach out and Natasha has once again shut the door on her. She stands up and smiles at Natasha, “I’m sorry I bothered you. It won’t happen again.”

Without saying another word, Natasha watches as Eva leaves the office, as Natasha suddenly feels guilt pains for how she has treated Eva.

Scene Five - The Park

Reese walks down the trail in the park holding a large hot chocolate from the Sugarbowl. He came for a walk because he wanted some time to clear his head as the last few weeks have left him spinning. First, there was his affair with Andy during the blackout while they were at Caldwell’s Mountain Ski Resort of Pride, followed by his date with Craig Benton and then of course there was Sofia’s death. It’s not that he was very close to Sofia, it’s what happened at her funeral; Cassie being exposed for all of her lies, including being the one responsible for killing Olivia and Preston. On one hand he is grateful that he finally knows what happened so he can have closure, but at the same time having all of this dredged up again has made him realize how raw his feelings are with his parents death still. It’s something that you never really get over, he has realized.

He turns the corner in the pathway and sees Andy walking towards him, holding a cup of coffee as well. Andy immediately sees Reese and approaches him, “Looks like we had the same idea, huh?”

Reese gives him half a smile, “Yea, I suppose we did.”

“I heard about Cassie and being responsible for your parents accidents. How are you?” Andy asks, already knowing that the news is probably thrown Reese for a loop.

Reese looks Andy is amazed by how well Andy knows him. He has never had to say much, Andy just knows what he is thinking and feeling. “Do you really have to ask?”

Andy shakes his head no, “Do you want to talk about it? You know I’m always here for you if you need anything Reese.”

Reese sighs, “But you shouldn’t be Andy. You made it clear after the blackout that you were with JC now. You told me that he could never find out about us and that you cared for him.”

“I do care for JC, very much. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you too,” Andy replies sheepishly.

“You can’t have both me and JC. You chose JC.”

“And you chose Craig Benton? I had no idea you were guys were seeing each other, what’s going on there?” Andy quickly asks him back. He didn’t mean to sound jealous, but he can’t help but wonder how serious Reese and the doctor are.

“You can’t have it both ways Andy. You can’t have this perfect playing house situation with JC at home but keep tabs on me and string me along,” Reese spits back him tired of dealing with the drama. At first, Reese believed that Andy would come back to him after they made love, but now he just wants to move on with his life and not be the other man.

“That’s not what I’m doing,” Andy tries to defend himself. “Is it wrong for me to care about you and JC?”

“No, it’s not wrong. I can’t tell you how to feel. But sleeping with me at Pride was wrong. Keeping it a secret is wrong. Grilling me about Craig while you’re still with JC is wrong. You have to look inside your heart and make a decision, once and for all. And then stick with your decision.”

Andy is about to reply to Reese, but Reese walks past him, “I’ll see you around Andy.” Andy watches him walk away and decides not to go after him. Maybe what Reese said is true, maybe he hasn’t been fair to anyone because he cares more than he can admit about Reese.

Scene Six - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“You stay here with Dawn, I’ll get the door,” Adam says to his as he stands up from the sofa as he and Helen have been getting reunited with their daughter and walks over to the door. He opens the door and sees Shane standing on the other side. “Shane, this is a surprise.”

Shane looks at Adam, “I thought we should talk. About Dawn.”

Adam suddenly feels apprehensive as he knows that Shane and Cassie have been raising Dawn for the last year and a half. He know that Shane was present when Cassie was exposed, but he hopes that Shane doesn’t want to create any problems where Dawn is concerned. “Come in.”

“Thanks,” Shane replies slowly as he enters the living room. He notices Helen emerge and smiles at her. “Hi Helen.”

“Shane, this is a surprise,” she quickly replies to him.

“Is it?” he asks back to them as Adam joins them in the living room.

“Dawn just went to sleep,” Helen tells Adam as they lock hands, standing united to Shane in some way. Not that they want to feel like they have to stand united.

“I came because I have news. I wanted you guys to hear it from me,” Shane tells him. “Cassie’s dead. She drove a police car into the river. The officer’s body that was driving her has already been found.”

“My God,” Adam replies in shock. “She was that desperate to stay out of jail?”

“It looks that way. Her body hasn’t been found yet, but according to the police reports there’s no way anyone could have survived.”

Helen turns around and closes her eyes. “It’s finally over then. This nightmare is over! She can never hurt us again.”

“I’m so sorry for the pain she caused,” Shane continues to tell them. “I am beating myself up to no end wishing I had seen a sign that something was off with her.”

“You can’t blame yourself,” Helen tells him as she turns around to face him. “We were all fooled.”

Shane gives her half a smile, “It doesn’t mean that I don’t wish I could have done something. Anything.”

“All that matters is that the truth is out and we can all move forward with our lives now,” Adam tells his friend.

“Which is the other reason why I’m here. I know that Dawn belongs with you guys,” Shane says as he bites his lower lip fighting back some tears, knowing that this is the hardest thing he’s ever done. “It doesn’t change that I raised that little girl as my own the last year and half. She means a hell of a lot to me.”

“We understand that,” Helen tells him as she comes up and hugs Shane. “We would never isolate you from her. We would love if you could continue to be a part of her life.”

“A big part of her life,” Adam chimes in, trying to make the transition as easy as possible. “This isn’t easy, for any of us. Let’s work together?”

“I’d like that, a lot,” Shane replies as he and Helen exit their hug, relieved that he will still be a part of Dawn’s life.

Scene Seven - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Will’s Condo

Will continues to hear a knock on his front door, so he rushes to the door and finally opens it. He sees a crying Eva on the other side of his door.

“Eva?” he asks as she falls into his arms and cries in shoulder. He manages to move her out of the door way and he shuts the door. He pulls her out of his arms and looks at her. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

She wipes her eyes and walks into the living room. “I went to see Natasha.”

Will, who is following her, “Oh no. I thought we agreed that you would give it some time?”

“We did!” she quickly snaps back at him, knowing that she blew it by going to see Natasha sooner rather than later. “I just … I had to see her.”

“And what happened?” he asks, although based on Eva’s response he can already tell what happened.

“She told me that she needed more time because of Sofia’s death. She doesn’t know if or when she’ll ever want to reach out to me,” Eva tells him, fighting more tears. All she has ever wanted was to reconnect with her daughter and now she realizes that it may never happen and she can’t help but feel absolutely devastated by it. “I just don’t know what else to do!”

Will walks up to her and holds her as she cries, “Don’t worry about it, she’d be a fool not to reach out to you, okay? We’ll get through this together. Trust me, I’m not going any where.”

Eva continues to cry into her younger lovers shoulder, actually believing him when he tells her that he won’t leave her, like the other men have in her life.

Scene Eight - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory looks back and Madeline then Robin. “I’m sorry that you had to find out this way,” he finally says to her, crushing Robin inside. She can’t believe that he’s moved on from their marriage so quickly.

“Well, that’s fine,” she lies to him, trying to hold herself together. “I won’t bother you anymore. I guess I wanted to come buy to let you know that I’m on my way to the hospital now to have my last surgery. With any luck by the end of today, I will be scar free,” Robin quickly informs him as she fights the tears in her eyes.

Cory turns back to the door as Robin opens the door, “Robin,” he calls out to her causing her to stop and look at him. “I hope your surgery goes well today. I really do. Good luck.”

Robin gives him a quick nod and a smile then leaves. She shuts the door and leans against the door and lets a tear fall from her eye. “How could I let this happen?” she asks herself as she wipes her eye and proceeds to the elevator, feeling her heartbreak inside her chest.

Scene Nine - The Calimo Mansion

“I promise you that I’m fine Kimberly,” Bob informs her as she sits on the sofa and he pours himself a brandy behind her. “I do appreciate you stopping by to see how I am though.”

Kim smiles as he returns to the sofa and sits next to her. “Natasha has been my best friend for so long, I can’t help but care about this entire family. You and Sofia have been there for me in so many ways over the years, I am here if you need anything Bob. Anything at all.”

Bob smiles as he hears the words come out of Kim’s mouth. He, and Sofia for that matter, have always gotten along extremely well with Kim and have always appreciated her friendship and loyalty to Natasha and the family.

“You know that Sofia adored you,” he tells her as he takes a drink of his brandy and she nods. “We are so grateful to everything that you have done for us. But I am fine. I will be fine. I will have struggles dealing with Sofia being gone, but I will survive. We all will.”

“I don’t doubt that, I just can’t imagine what you guys are going through right now.”

“If I am honest with you, I am more worried about Robbie and Natasha. Especially Natasha, you know she’s alone and she just recovered from her cocaine dependency.”

“You don’t think she’ll slip do you?” Kim asks him concerned.

“I hope not, but if was going to, now would be the time.”

Kim is about to respond to him when she hears her cell phone ring. She opens her purse and grabs it. “Oh excuse me Bob, it’s my editor from the Sun,” she says before she picks up the phone. “Hello … What? Really? Yes, I’m on it … Okay, thanks …” she hangs up the phone and looks at Bob. “Sorry about that, apparently there is a press conference about to begin that my editor wants me to watch. Can we flip the TV to channel 7?”

“Of course,” Bob replies as he picks up the remote and turns the TV on. “Is that Dominick Robertson?” he asks Kim as she nods, seeing Dominick stand there.

Suddenly, Dominick approaches the podium and looks into the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming,” he says into the microphone. “My name is Dominick Roberston and I am here to announce that I am launching a new cosmetic’s company that will rival the biggest names in the industry. See, I have been using a numbered company as an alias the last six months or so buying up some smaller companies. Now that I have enough companies to truly compete, I am announcing that Robertson Enterprises here is and we are going to make a big splash. Starting with a new perfume that is set to come out next month called Blooming Rose, after someone very near to me. We are setting up offices here in Twin Peaks. I will take a few questions now if anyone has any,” Dominick says as he folds his paper in and puts his speech back in his pocket.

Back at the Calimo mansion, Bob fumes as he quickly shuts off the TV, not wanting to hear anymore of Dominick’s rubbish. He stands up and finishes drinking his brandy. Kim looks up at him and can tell that his blood is boiling. “Sounds like he’s naming that perfume after Sofia.”

“That’s exactly what that asshole is doing. I will squish him and his company into the ground. If it’s the last thing I do, I will not let that man tarnish my wife’s name,” Bob warns her as he grits his teeth.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Leah visits Robin in the hospital after the surgery is over
- JC confesses to Daisy
- Reese and Madeline reconnect


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