Episode 164
With the Broken Smile
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: March 21, 2012

Episode Theme song: "She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5

Previously on One Day at a Time
- On the day of her last facial surgery, Robin discovered Cory and Madeline have become lovers
- JC found Trenyce after she fainted due to lack of food while watching Andrew
- Adam and Helen were reunited with Dawn. Mallory flirted with her male teacher
- Victoria told Meggan she would not press charges against her if she agreed to go to a rehab center in Switzerland
- Dominick announced that he is CEO of the numbered company, to Bob’s dismay

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin lays in the hospital room with a heavy bandage on her face. She has had her final surgery in hopes of removing the scars she had after the acid hit her face in the attack her mother set up to frame Cory. She puts her hand to her face and hopes that this surgery is the last she will have putting the end to the nightmare she has lived through this last year. Not only has she lived with a physical scar for a year, but she now she will deal with the emotional scar that her mother has left on her. She hopes she never sees Melissa again, but she also realizes that the damage has already been done to her marriage. Cory wants nothing more to do with her because she believed Melissa’s lies that Cory was responsible for the attack and has already moved on with Madeline, as Robin quickly thinks back to seeing Madeline emerge at the top of the stairs of the penthouse in nothing but a towel. She feels her eyes swell with water knowing that she has no one to blame but herself for what has happened, but the fact that Cory has moved on already really hurts her.

She turns her head when she hears the door to her hospital room open. She sees Leah walk in and give her half a smile. “How are you feeling?” she asks her sister as she comes up and sits next to her.

Robin turns away and wipes her eyes from the tears. “Alright, I suppose. The doctor should be back soon to remove the bandages. I just want this nightmare to be over.”

“I know you do,” Leah replies to Robin as she grabs her hand. “I have faith that this will be the last time you’ll have to worry about those scars.”

Robin doesn’t respond to Leah, still trying not to think about Cory and Madeline’s new relationship. Leah can immediately tell that something is wrong with her sister. “Robin? What is it? You’re upset about something. Tell me.”

Robin finally looks back at her sister, “I’ve ruined everything with Cory. It’s over between us, there’s no going back.”

“Don’t say that, he just needs time,” Leah tries to tell Robin not aware of the full story.

“You don’t understand. I went to see him earlier,” Robin begins to tell Leah. “And Madeline was there. It was obviously that they have become lovers.”

Leah’s eyes widen in surprise. She had no idea that Cory was thinking of moving on already, yet alone with Madeline Wilkins. “Are you sure you weren’t mistaken? They did seem to form a friendship while she was trying to prove his innocence.”

“No, I was at Cory’s and Madeline was there in a towel. I’m pretty sure I can put two and two together,” Robin quickly replies to her sister, not meaning to snap. “I just can’t believe that I believe my mother! I’m so mad at myself for believing her lies.”

Leah is about to reply when she hears the door open and Dr. Craig Benton walks into the room holding Robin’s chart. “Doctor, how is she?”

Craig looks at the chart then at Robin, “Well the good news it that all indications show that the surgery was a success,” he reveals to them, bringing somewhat of a smile to Robin’s face. “You can be discharged in a little while.”

“Thank you Dr. Benton,” Robin replies to him, feeling relieved that it‘s over. “When can I get the bandages off?”

“Early next week. Your face still needs to heal before we’ll remove them. But like I said, when we do, you should be back to normal.”

“Thank you so much,” Leah tells him as he departs the room. Leah turns back and looks at Robin. “This is great news! I’m so happy for you.”

Robin gives her half a smile and they hug. “Yea, everything is perfect. Just perfect.”

“Come on Robin, you have to celebrate this some how. I mean, I understand that you’re upset with Cory right now, but I still think in time he’ll realize that he loves you and wants to be with you. You guys have been through so much,” Leah reminds her of her history with her husband as she picks up on Robin’s sarcasm.

“And what? In the meantime, I just let him sleep with Madeline as much as he wants?” she snaps back getting angry with Cory. “But you’re right, I should celebrate. Could you pass me my purse?”

Leah arches her eyebrow as she passes Robin the large Gucci purse. Robin digs out her cell phone and dials a number. “Liam, it’s Robin … I’m good thanks, how are you?” Robin asks him as she looks at Leah, who is looking concerned. “I was wondering if you wanted to get together, maybe for dinner and drinks?”

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“Dawn went down for her nap okay?” Helen asks Adam as he comes out of their daughter’s room and back into the living room. Helen hates to admit it because she is so happy that Dawn is back with her and Adam that she wants everything to be perfect, but she knows that Dawn has been struggling to make the adjustments from living with Shane and Cassie. She has been fussy a lot and hasn’t been sleeping that well, a sign that she hasn’t been adjusting well to the new environment.

Adam looks at his wife and smiles as he comes up and hugs her. “She did. She was so tired of fighting the exhaustion. I think she’ll be out for awhile.”

Helen feels Adam’s strong arms around her and feels safe in his arms. She has missed that feeling, especially lately with everything that has gone down. She sighs, “I’m glad she finally went down. I guess the transition hasn’t been easy for anyone.”

Adam looks at his wife and nods, “We thought she died. She thought that her parents were Shane and Cassie. The positive aspect is that she’s still so young, she’ll be adjusted in no time.”

“I hope you’re right,” Helen replies to him as she turns around and starts picking up some of Dawn’s toys and putting them away.

“We can clean up after,” Adam tells her as he comes up to her and grabs her arm. He caresses her arm softly, knowing that he wants her badly. They haven’t made love in so long as they’ve struggled with a number of issues as a couple since believing their child died. Now that they have her back, he wants to reconnect with Helen, in every way possible.

“After what?” she asks taken a back by his advances. It’s not that she doesn’t want her husband, her mind is more focused on Dawn and making sure that she is safe, happy and adjusted. She doesn’t want to do anything that could potentially cost her daughter again.

Adam doesn’t answer her with words, he leans into her and kisses her. Helen replies but soon pushes him away. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he says with a grin on his face, wanting more of her. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

Helen hugs her husband again as he starts to caresses her back, “Adam, I … I’m just not in the mood right now. I’m so focused on Dawn and making sure she’s settled and comfortable here. I’m sorry…”

Adam can’t help but show his disappointment with Helen. He sighs heavily, “Fine. I guess I’ll go for a walk and cool down.”

Helen watches him leave the house and she hears the door slam shut. She sighs and looks out the window, watching Adam walk away from the house. She hopes he understands why she wasn’t ready to be with him sexually again. But as she watches him walk away, she wonders how far she and Adam have truly grown apart.

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

“I’m glad we had time to catch up today,” Reese tells Madeline as they sit at the window bench in the coffee house, each drinking one of the medium hot caffeinated liquids. He looks at his sister and knows that they’ve been through a ringer lately with the truth about Cassie’s role in Preston and Olivia’s death coming out. For both of them, it was a shock and it has made them realize that they’re still grieving their parents.

“Me too Reese,” Madeline replies to him as she takes a drink of her coffee. “How are you holding up with this Cassie mess?”

Reese sighs before looking at her, “I don’t know. I mean, she’s dead, right? There’s nothing else we can really do. I guess I’m just glad that we found out the truth. I’m trying to have some kind of closure with everything now.”

“Do you ever think that Mom and Dad’s mistakes will carry forward on to us?”

“What do you mean?”

Madeline sighs and looks out the window, “I don’t know. I mean, bank robbers? Really? That stupid decision really cost them their lives. Everything about them was a lie in a way, you know? I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m just thinking out loud.”

Reese grabs her hand and looks her in the eye, “We loved our parents, regardless of who they were. That’s not wrong. We have the ability now to rise about what they were. We can lead honest lives. We can show everyone that we are nothing like them,” Reese tells her, as he suddenly realizes that he is living a lie in his own life by not telling JC the truth about his affair with Andy last November during the blackout.

“Can I be honest with you about something?” Madeline asks her twin brother as he nods his head. “I’ve started to see someone. I mean, I guess we aren’t ‘seeing each’ other, but we’ve had sex a few times. I really like him, but …”

“Who is he?” Reese interrupts her, curious by his sister’s admission.

Madeline pauses before she replies. She knows that Reese probably won’t agree with her decision to take her relationship with Cory to a sexual phase. “Cory Calvin,” she says quietly.

“What? Madeline!” Reese asks shocked by her admission. “I can’t believe this!”

“I know, keep you voice down,” she says hushing him, not wanting the entire coffeehouse to know her business. “It’s a very recent thing.”

“He is still married right?”

“Yes, but he and Robin are separated. Look, I don’t know where it’s headed, I just know that I really, really like him,” she admits to her brother. “I just don’t know if this is a part of rising up to be better than what Mom and Dad were.”

“Only you can answer that Maddie,” Reese tells her, reflecting that he also has his secret. “We both can learn a lot and correct a lot of mistakes.”

Scene Four - The Michael’s House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“So you have no idea why JC asked us to meet him here today?” Daisy asks Andy as he enters the living room of the house. Daisy recalls getting a call from JC earlier in the morning asking Daisy if he could stop by and discuss something with her. He made it sound very important and now that Andy has arrived, she knows something must be going on that is serious.

Andy shrugs at Daisy, “I’m not sure. I was working at the Sun when he called me and asked me to meet you two here. I was hoping you could provide an insight as to what was going on.”

“I wish I could,” she replies as she hears the doorbell ring again. “I guess we won’t have to wait too long though.”

Daisy walks to the front door and sees JC on the other side. “Thanks for agreeing to see me today,” he says to her as he enters the house. He enters the living room and smiles when he sees Andy already there. He walks up to his boyfriend and gives him a quick kiss.

“So, we are both intrigued by why you asked to see us today,” Daisy tells JC as she comes back into the living room.

“Trenyce is at school right?” JC asks Daisy as her head yes to him. “Okay, she’d probably kill me if she knew I was here right now. I promised her I wouldn’t say anything.”

Daisy feels the blood drain from her face hearing that it is about Trenyce. She has suspected for awhile that something wasn’t right with her niece and now with JC standing in front of her telling her that Trenyce would be upset if he was there has her very alarmed.

“The other day after Sofia’s funeral, I stopped by because she had my cell phone,” JC informs the two of them. “When I got here, the front door was unlocked so I came in. I found Trenyce passed out on the floor and Andrew was playing.”

“My God,” Daisy gasps as she puts her hand over her mouth.

“I got Trenyce some water and she came too; she claimed she had fainted. She begged me not to say anything, but I couldn’t just stand by and keep this secret. I can’t imagine what would have happened to Trenyce or Andrew if I hadn’t shown up when I did,” he finishes explaining the story to them. “And I don’t want it to happen again.”

“I knew something was wrong with her!” Daisy reveals to them as she feels her eyes get watery. “This is my fault. I should have made her go to the doctor.”

“Wait, what do you mean Daisy? What do you think is wrong with Trenyce?” Andy asks her, trying to get his head around all the information.

“I don’t know, I just thought she had been acting weird. Since around, Christmas time, maybe? She wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t have Christmas dinner and I’ve just noticed that she’s lost some weight. When I questioned her, she said she was just stressed because of her school schedule,” Daisy informs them as she reflects back to the last couple of months.

“I don’t think we should jump to any conclusions just yet,” Andy tells them, trying to be the rational one. “First, we should probably just all observe her for awhile and see if we notice anything else off with her. She’ll get very defensive if we all go to her and tell her we are worried about her.”

“Andy is right,” Daisy agrees with him. “If we go to her then she won’t want to admit something is wrong.”

“So we are just going to wait for what?” JC asks concerned that something worse will happen to Trenyce before it gets better.

“At least until we can find out exactly what is wrong. Right now, she fainted and skipped a meal. She could just be stressed about school, we don’t know,” Andy tells them, wanting more information. “I’m going to call Reese.”

JC glares at Andy, “Why do you want to call Reese?” he asks unable to hide his content that Andy is once again turning to his exboyfriend.

“The more close friends that know about this, the better off we are. We need all the eyes we can watching Trenyce to see if anything else happens,” Andy explains as he pulls out his cell phone.

JC watches as Andy leaves the room to call Reese. Daisy comes up to JC and hugs him. “Thank you for telling us about Trenyce. Together we will make sure she’s okay.”

“I hope so Daisy, I really do.”

Scene Five - Twin Peaks University

Trenyce looks at her text book that she is highlighting as she is reading it as she is studying for some exams coming up. She looks over at the lunch she just had from the cafeteria and suddenly she feels bad. The cheeseburger and fries with a coke isn’t sitting too well. She scolds herself knowing that she shouldn’t have ordered the meal, but she hasn’t been eating anything lately and when she saw it on the menu, she went into overdrive. Now that she’s looking at the empty plate of food, she can’t help but feel ill. She wonders if her stomach has grown used not having such fatty foods in it that now it’s overload. And part of her knows that she feels ill because the food she ate is not a part of her diet plan.

She drops her highlighter and takes a big drink of the coke she bought. She hopes to wash some of the bad taste in her mouth away with the liquid, but it doesn’t work. She wonders how she can get rid of the feeling but then she knows exactly what she has to do.

She quickly gathers her belongs and heads to the nearest washroom. She quickly shuts the stall door and immediately puts her finger down her throat. Soon she’s throwing up into the toilet. She wipes her mouth afterwards and sits up, already feeling a little bit better about herself.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Victoria looks at her calendar on her desk and realizes that she has a meeting in a few minutes. She and Eva have been trying to get together and meet ever since Eva was appointed the new Chief of Staff last year, but they have never been able to get together due to conflicting schedules. Victoria appreciates the fact that Eva has wanted to sit down with all of her staff to ensure they are doing okay and to see how she could improve the hospital working environment. Victoria doesn’t have many complaints as she loves her job as a doctor. Suddenly, she hears her email notification ding on her computer. She looks and sees that Eva has cancelled the meeting again today due to an emergency in the ER.

“Oh well,” Victoria sighs, thinking that one day she and Eva will finally get to meet. “It’s not the end of the world.”

She stands up and walks over to her filing cabinet and pulls out a few files of patients that are coming into see her soon. As she walks back to her desk she sees her office door open and Vinny walk in. “Vinny, hey,” she says as she sits back down at her desk. “What’s going on?”

“I just realized I hadn’t seen my wife in a few days,” he grins as he comes up to her, knowing that he loves to remind her that they’re still married.

Victoria can’t help but give him a smile in return. “That’s the life of a doctor.”

“Have you made any decisions about Meggan? I know you were struggling with what to do,” Vinny asks as he changes the subject, still wondering what will happen to his ex.

Victoria looks at him and recalls visiting Meggan the other day and giving her a option. “I went to see her the other day,” she reveals to him. “I told her I wouldn’t press charges if she agreed to go to a rehab center in Switzerland.”

“What?” Vinny asks shocked by her offer. “Why would you do that?”

Victoria sighs thinking that she has to defend herself to Vinny. “I just don’t think there’s anything left for her in the city. She lost all of her friends after she killed Noah. She’s holding on to this hope that you’ll go back to her, but I think it’s clear you’ve moved on with your life. There’s nothing left for Meggan here. I don’t want her to fall into the same old trap, which I think she would if I left her stay here.”

Vinny nods in agreement with her, even though he still can’t believe that Victoria made this offer to her. “I guess you’re right. It’ll just be weird to think that she’s not here anymore.”

“She hasn’t accepted yet or anything. I have no idea what she’s thinking.”

“Maybe I should go see her to see what’s she’s thinking,” Vinny thinks outloud.

“So you’re not upset with me?” Victoria asks as she stands up and walks up to him.

He hugs her and replies, “Not at all. I think you did the right thing. You’re right, Meggan needs a fresh start.”

Victoria smiles at him as they exit their embrace and she hears her email ding go again on her computer. “I should let you get back to work,” he says. “I’ll see you later?”

Victoria nods and smiles as she walks back to her desk. She watches Vinny leave before she turns her attention to the computer screen. She opens the email and covers her mouth in shock. “My God,” she whispers to herself. “Why are you contacting me now? After all this time?” she asks as she reads the email. “My brother … in Twin Peaks? Why now? Why after all this time?”

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Leah watches her sister finish her conversation with Liam on the phone before she hangs it up. Robin immediately looks up at Leah, who doesn’t look impressed. “Please don’t give me that look,” Robin tells Leah.

“I can’t help it, okay?” Leah replies. “I’m worried about you. You discover Cory is seeing Madeline and you jump onto seeing Liam again? Are you sure this is what you want to do?”

“What option do I have?” Robin asks her sister feeling deflated. “I don’t want Cory to be the only one to prove that he can move on with his life. I’ve always enjoyed my time with Liam and he really treats me well.”

A part of Leah knows that a large part of the reason that she doesn’t want her sister being around Liam is because he is the doctor that performed her paternity test on Paige; he is one of the few people that knows the truth: Jeff is Paige’s father, not Robbie. The fact that Robin is now getting closer to him worries her to the core. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I know,” Robin replies as she grabs Leah’s hand. “I appreciate that. I’ll be careful, I promise.”

“Okay,” Leah smiles back at her. “I guess that’s all I can ask for. I’m going to get going, you will call me if you need anything?” Robin nods in agreement as Leah gets up and exits the hospital room. As soon as she’s outside, she hears her phone ring. “Hello?” she says into the receiver. “Bob, calm down! …. What? You’re kidding? No, I promise you I had no idea that my father was behind the numbered company …. Yes, I understand that Roboto will have to step it up … Okay, I’m heading to the office now.”

Leah hangs up the phone and sighs wondering what Dominick is trying to prove with the launch of Robertson Enterprises. Between Sofia’s death and Robin’s drama, she didn’t think there would be anything else going on. She shakes her head as she walks to the elevator knowing that she is wrong.

Scene Eight - The Park

Adam walks quickly down the trail in the park trying to release some of his frustrations. He realizes that Helen is worried about Dawn, and he doesn’t really blame her. He can see that the transition from being with Cassie and Shane to him and Helen has been difficult on the young girl, as it has been on them. But he wishes that Helen would open herself up to him more. They are, after all, still married and after the year and a half they have had, he really would like to be with his wife in every way possible again. Now is the time that they should be reconnecting as a family and growing stronger. Instead, Helen is seemingly pushing him away again so she can focus on Dawn. He doesn’t know how much more he can he take of it, especially because he longs to be with his wife again.

He stops in his tracks when he seems Mallory sitting on a bench looking out at the river. She has her Ipod earphones in and she’s text messaging on her phone. She’s wearing a short skirt with a low cut top, which can’t help but make him think she’s cold. He quickly recalls that she was flirting with him a few weeks ago at school, clearly showing him a lot of her cleavage. He has been scolding himself repeatedly because he has been thinking about her a lot – in large part, he believes, because Helen has continued to shut him out of the bedroom. Before he knows what he is doing, and against his better judgement, he walks up towards her. He gives her a little wave and a smile, to get her attention.

She quickly takes out her earphone as she sees Adam, “Mr. Black, hi!” she says excited that he is stopping to talk to her. She thought that after she flirted with Adam at school the other day and Trenyce had interrupted her that she had blown her chance with her attractive teacher.

“Hi Mallory. Are you okay? It seems like it may still be a bit chilly for you not to have a jacket on,” he tells her coming up closer to her.

She stands up and grabs his hand, “No I’m warm, see,” she purrs at him, hoping to gain his interest.

Adam gulps as their hands are intertwined and her large chest is present in his face. He grins at her, “Yea, I see. You‘re very warm,” he says unable to not fight his growing attraction to the young woman in front of him.

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