Episode 165
Everything You've Always Wanted
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: April 01, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Equal Dreams" Rewards Feat. Solange

Previously on One Day at a Time
- JC confessed to Andy & Daisy that he was worried about Trenyce after he found her when she had fainted
- Reese told Andy that he chose JC and needs to stick with his decision
- Victoria told Meggan she wouldn’t press charges against her if she agreed to go to a rehab center in Switzerland. Victoria got an email from her long-lost brother claiming he was in Twin Peaks
- Madeline and Will made nice at Kim’s Christmas event

Scene One - The Michael’s House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Daisy watches as Trenyce puts Andrew in his bed as he has gone to sleep for the evening. She quickly moves away from the doorway as Trenyce comes towards the door. Trenyce looks at her Aunt and wonders why Daisy is watching her. She recalls that Daisy was questioning her about her wellness recently and wonders if, somehow, Daisy has uncovered the fact that she has been forcing herself to throw up after she eats. Trenyce fakes a smile at Daisy, knowing that there’s no way anyone could know the truth and she has to keep it that way.

“Do you want me to put some tea on?” Daisy asks Trenyce, as the door to Andrew’s room shuts. Daisy continues to watch Trenyce closely, trying to find anything that could help her figure out why Trenyce would have passed out the other day. The only reason she knows that Trenyce fainted is because JC stopped by and revealed the truth to her and Andy. Since then, she has been trying to figure out what is going on with her niece.

“No, I don’t think so,” Trenyce replies to her Aunt. “I was thinking of maybe going to the Sugarbowl and getting some studying done. That is, if you’re okay staying here and watching Andrew.”

“Yea, of course, I can do that. You have finals coming up?”

Trenyce nods back, “I’m not to worried about them, but it would be nice to get some extra studying in now.”

“I understand,” Daisy replies to her. “Can I talk to you about something before you leave?”

Trenyce puts her backpack on the sofa and looks at her Aunt, knowing that Daisy clearly has something on her mind. “Of course. What’s going on?”

“I’m worried about you,” Daisy confesses to her. “I just get the feeling that something isn’t right with you. Are you sure you’re okay? Can I help with anything?”

Trenyce sighs and looks back at her bag to collect her things. She hates lying to her Aunt, but the last thing she wants to do is have Daisy find out the truth and be worried about her and try to cause her to stop forcing herself to throw up. Trenyce knows that she will stop once she’s at a weight that she feels comfortable with. A weight where she can look as good as Mallory Cunningham, she thinks to herself.

“Thanks for your concern Daisy, but I promise I’m fine. I am just stressed with finals coming up, and Andrew is getting so big, I just feel like time is going by quickly,” Trenyce replies to Daisy as she zips up her bag.

Daisy arches her eyebrow, not sure if she should believe Trenyce or not. But until something else happens, she has nothing else to go on. “Bundle up, we are having one of those last minute snow falls,” she tells Trenyce as she finishes getting ready.

“I’ll be home in about an hour or so? If you need anything, I’ll be at the Sugarbowl,” Trenyce as she walks to the front door.

Daisy hears the door shut and she turns around in the living room. She can’t place it, buts she knows something isn’t right with Trenyce. Now she just has to figure out what it is and hopes that nothing else happens to her in the meantime.

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Madeline rushes into the coffeehouse dying for a coffee. She’s been across the street at her office all evening working some overtime and she is desperate for a caffeine fix. More over, she is finding herself forcing herself into work so she doesn’t have to deal with Cory and Robin right now. She can’t help but recall the other day when she was at Cory’s and Robin arrived and obviously figured out that she and Cory have become lovers. As she pays for her coffee, she can’t help but wonder how Cory is really feeling now. She knows that she he must still have some kind of feelings for his wife, and the last thing she wants to do is become the other woman in some power game between them. She learned her lesson, or at least she hopes she did, when she was dating Jeff while he was still in love with Leah. She can’t deny though that she likes Cory a lot.

She turns around and sees Will sitting at the window drinking a coffee too. She is about to walk by him and not say anything, when she decides she should at least say hello. They haven’t exactly gotten along since the truth about his affair with Olivia came out, but they did get along over Christmas at Kim’s house. “Hi Will,” she says as she comes up to him.

Will turns and is a bit taken aback by Madeline’s presence, still feeling similar to her, “Hey Maddie. How are you?”

“I’m alright, how are you doing? You look a million miles away,” she admits to him as she sits next to him. “I’m on a work break, I can listen if you want to chat about anything.”

Will laughs a little, “Really? I can confide in you?”

Madeline shrugs, “I thought we moved past most of that over Christmas?”

“I think we did,” Will replies quickly. “I guess some days are still harder than others, you know? I still remember my time with Olivia a lot.”

Madeline tries not to get tears in her eyes, “I know. Me too. Especially since the truth came out about Cassie being responsible for her death. I guess it just dredged up all those feelings again.”

Will gives her half a smile, “Yea, I still can’t believe it was Cassie. I mean, wow.”

“I know, but I am trying to find closure with it all now.”

“It’s easier said than done for me,” Will admits to her.

“Why? What do you mean?” she asks him, curious by his response.

Will sighs and looks at her, “I’ve started to see Eva McCloud. The entire Cassie mess has really thrown her for a loop because of Natasha.”

Madeline feels her mouth fall open, not expecting him to admit that he is seeing someone new. Not that she is surprised, Will is a very attractive man. But apart of her realizes now that Olivia wasn’t a flash in the pan for him, he’s clearly attracted to older women. “I didn’t realize you were seeing her,” she finally says back to him. “But I can understand how Eva’s connection to Natasha could be difficult. Does Natasha want anything to do with Eva at all?”

Will shakes his head no. “And it’s tearing Eva up inside. I have no idea what to do or tell her, other than give Natasha time. But it’s killing Eva.”

“I can’t imagine to be separated from your child for so long only to have her reject you. Poor Eva,” Madeline replies to him, feeling bad for the situation.

“Yea, anyways, what’s new with you? Who are you seeing these days?” he asks her, wanting to change the subject.

Madeline grins before taking a drink of her coffee. “Come on, I know there’s someone based on that look,” he teases her.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been seeing Cory Calvin,” she admits to him.

This time, Will is the one that is left surprised. “Isn’t he still married to Robin?”

“I know, I know, I’ve heard this before. I don’t know where we are headed, but I like him.”

Will laughs, “Okay, well I’ll trust your judgement.”

“This is nice, isn’t it?”

“What is?” he asks her back.

“You and I. Talking, laughing … like old times,” she smiles to him, recalling their past times together.

“Friendships are a wonderful thing,” he replies to her.

“Yes, they are. To friends,” she says as she toasts him with her coffee.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Victoria sits at her desk typing away working on some patient files, even though her mind is not on work. Her eyes keep flashing to her inbox as the email from her brother is still in there. She hasn’t replied to it yet because she doesn’t know what to say or how to reply to him. She can’t believe that after all these years, he is in Twin Peaks and has asked to see her. She thinks it’s odd that she has been thinking about her past the last little while and now he has showed up out of the blue. Her biggest fear is that if he has found her, could her father found her too? She feels her eyes swell with water, knowing that she never wants to see her father again. When she left her home, she never looked back. She couldn’t. Not after the way he sexually abused her. She shakes her head and stands up. She walks over to her bar and pours herself a glass of water, since she can’t have alcohol in the hospital, even though she’s craving a stiffer drink right about now.

“You look stressed out,” a voice says from her doorway.

Victoria turns around and sees Chris standing there. She gives him half a smile, “I suppose I am. I have a lot on my mind,” she replies, not ready to share her family history with anyone. It’s something she’s never really shared with anyone before and given how shaky things are with her and Chris right now, she doesn’t want to divulge to him either.

“Do you want me to come back later?” he asks her, not wanting to add to her stress. “I just wanted to see how you were doing. I have felt tension between us lately and was hoping to fix that.”

“You’ve felt tension?” Victoria snaps back at him putting her glass down. “You’ve caused most of it! This vendetta you have against Vinny is the cause of all of this stress!”

Chris sighs, “I don’t want to fight with you Victoria. I was hoping we could …”

“What? Patch things up? Kiss and make up? Pretend like nothing has happened?”

“A good start to that would be you signing those annulment papers,” Chris admits to her, still livid that she is still married to Vinny.

“Unbelievable! I don’t know what I want right now,” Victoria replies to him. “I’m just tired of all of this drama Chris. I really don’t know what to do.”

“So you want to stay married to Vinny? You and I are over? Is that what you’re telling me Victoria? Because if that’s what you want, just tell me. Stop leading me on,” he snaps back at her.

“I moved out of Vinny’s house. I’m living in my old place again,” she confesses to him knowing that she’s moved back into her condo at the Tower’s. “I need space from you and him because I’m tired of being treated like some prize that one of you guys will win. I will sign those damn papers when I’m ready to!”

“Well that’s just great,” Chris snaps back at her. “Good luck with that. I won’t be around waiting for you in the meantime,” he tells her, not realizing what he’s saying. He’s just fed up with her not being able to give up on her marriage to Vinny. “See you around.”

Before Victoria can reply to him, her office door is slamming shut and Chris is gone. She feels her eyes swell with water, not knowing what to do anymore.

Scene Four - The Michael’s House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Daisy pours two cups of tea and brings one over to Greta, her assistant, but also her close friend. “Thanks for stopping by,” Daisy says to her as she passes her friend some tea.

“It sounded like you needed to talk,” Greta replies as she puts some sugar in her tea. “And we know that the office isn’t always the best place for a girl chat.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” Daisy smiles back to her friend.

“Is this still about Chris and Vinny and their feud?” Greta asks her friend, knowing that things have been heated since it was revealed that Chris was the one that leaked the story to the newspaper that helped Daisy win the election.

Daisy sighs, “I’m afraid so. I guess I’m not upset with Chris that he leaked the story. I mean, he helped me keep my job.”

“You and me both.”

“But I’m worried about …” Daisy begins before she stops mid-sentence. She doesn’t know if she can actually say the next part out loud. She’s been feeling it for awhile, but she hasn’t allowed herself to express it.

“What are you about to say Daisy? Just tell me,” Greta urges her friend to continue to her sentence.

“I think I may still have feelings for Chris,” Daisy says softly to her, recalling the kiss they shared on Christmas day after he revealed that he was the one that leaked the story.

Greta grins at her friend, “I’m not surprised Daisy. I mean come on, we all love some brown sugar, and Chris is a whole lot of it!”

Daisy laughs at her friend, “I just … I don’t know if I can trust him. Not after everything he’s done.”

“Only you can know,” Greta replies to her. “Follow your heart, you always have before and it’s never steered you wrong.”

Daisy is about to reply when she looks at the clock; it’s been about an hour since Trenyce left for the Sugarbowl and she claimed she’d only be an hour or so studying. Suddenly, worry sets in.

“Do you mind staying here and watching Andrew? I want to go see if Trenyce is okay at the coffeehouse,” Daisy asks Greta.

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

Trenyce closes her book as she is finished studying for her exam. She feels pretty good about the course, so she didn’t want to have to spend a long time studying for the test. As she looks around the coffee house, she can’t help but notice how many happy people seem to be. Most of them have a coffee and a snack of some kind. She wonders if she should go get a snack before heading back home. She shakes her head, knowing that she can’t eat the food at the coffee house as it’s full of sugar and carbs.

“I should go,” she says as she stands up quickly. As she gets up, she feels light headed and puts her hand back down on the table to stop herself from falling. She quickly wonders how long it’s been since she’s eaten anything, but she can’t remember.

“I’ll have something small when I get home,” she says to herself as she grabs her stuff and heads to the door. Outside, she again feels light headed. She walks around the corner of the coffee house and heads into the park. A light snow fall is coming down and she quickly tries to catch her breath as she feels the walls closing in on her. Suddenly she feels light headed again and she falls to the ground, as the snow continues to fall on top of her.

Scene Six - The Pampa Grill

Andy and JC sit across from each other in the restaurant. Andy smiles at his boyfriend as JC pours them each another glass of red wine. The two decided to go out for a nice romantic dinner to try to reconnect after the craziness that has gone down lately. Of course, they couldn’t go to Capers because the restaurant was shut down after Cassie was presumed dead and no one would take over for her.

“This is nice,” JC says over to his boyfriend, knowing that things have been tense between them lately. He knows that he has jealousy problems, but he is trying to get those under control. He is hoping that tonight’s date with Andy is the first step in building something even stronger. “Do you know what tonight is?”

Andy smiles as he takes a drink of his wine, “A date?”

JC laughs, “It’s been a year since we moved in together.”

“Has it been a year already? Wow,” Andy replies, not realizing the milestone. “Then, I am going to make a toast.” JC lifts his glass as Andy continues. “To us and an amazing year.”

They chick their glasses together and then take a drink. “I’m sorry I’ve been so jealous lately. I really am trying to get myself under control,” JC admits to him as they finish drinking.

Andy suddenly feels guilty about sleeping with Reese last winter at the Pride event. And not only that, but the last time he saw Reese, Reese called him out on his actions of not being able to choose between Reese and JC. If anything, he knows that JC has had every reason to be jealous of his relationship with Andy.

“It’s okay,” Andy tells JC. “I promise you from tonight and moving onwards, that I’m all yours. I really want to make our relationship work JC. I care deeply for you.”

JC smiles and feels his heart skip a beat, “I love you too.”

Before Andy can reply, he notices Reese sitting at a near by table. He feels his heart drop when he sees Reese with Craig Benton, clearly on a date.

“Are you okay?” JC asks, noticing Andy’s mood quickly turn.

“Yea, I’m fine. I’m just going to go to the washroom, will you excuse me?” Andy quickly announces as he gets up and walks over to the washroom.

JC watches Andy leave and wonders what got into his boyfriend so quickly. He looks around the restaurant and then he spots Reese and Craig. They’re laughing and holding hands. JC feels his blood boil. “You must have just spotted them. Of course you’re upset,” he whispers to himself, realizing that Reese has ruined his romantic evening out with Andy and that his boyfriend is obviously still somewhat hung up on his ex.

Scene Seven - The Victors House; Vinny’s Home

Vinny puts his drink of brandy down when he hears the front door bell ring. He’s already in his robe since he was going to call it an early evening as he’s had a long day. He felt like a brandy by the fire as the snow started to come down earlier. He doesn’t know who could be at the door as he wasn’t expecting anyone this evening. He opens the door and is surprised to see Meggan standing there.

“Meggan? My goodness, when did you get out of jail?” he asks as she comes into the house from the snow.

Meggan smiles at Vinny as she looks at him. “I just got out tonight,” she admits to him. “I can’t stay long Vinny, my cab is out front.”

Vinny arches his eye brow, “I don’t understand.”

“I’m leaving town. Tonight.”

Suddenly, Vinny recalls talking to Victoria the previous day when she told him the offer she made Meggan; she won’t press charges if Meggan agrees to leave town and go to a rehab center in Switzerland. “So you took Victoria up on her offer?”

Meggan nods as she feels herself getting water in her eyes. “I couldn’t spend my life in jail. I hope you understand that.”

“Of course I do Meggan. I actually think this is a good step for you. It will give you the time to regroup and get your life on track.”

Meggan nods, but still lets a tear fall from her eye. “This doesn’t mean that I don’t love you still. I’m sorry I couldn’t be the woman I was before Dave and Brett got to you.”

Vinny grabs her hands, “That’s not your fault. I changed being locked up for so many years. You changed. People grow apart all the time Meggan. I care for you, I always will. I want you to know that I’m proud of you. For taking this step to get yourself better.”

“Really?” she asks him as he nods his head yes to her. She pulls him into a hug. “We’ll keep in touch?”

“Of course,” he whispers in her ear. “I can even come visit you if you want me too.”

“I’d like that,” she says as they exit their embrace. “I should go.”

“Take care Meggan. Good luck.”

“Thanks, bye Vinny,” she replies before she exit’s the house again.

Vinny stands at the doorway and watches as she gets into her cab and the car drives away. He slowly shuts the door, hoping that Meggan gets better for her own sake.

Scene Eight - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

Victoria pours herself a glass of red wine, finally able to have the drink she wanted while she was at work earlier. She wants it now more than ever before because of Chris’ visit with her earlier in the evening. She can’t believe how much of a jerk he is being. She continues to feel like both he and Vinny are treating her like a prize that they can win by whom ever she chooses. At this point, she really doesn’t either of them because she is tired of this petty game that they are playing with each other. Plus, she continues to worry that Chris still has feelings for Daisy.

She walks over to the telephone when it rings. “Hello … Yes, this is Victoria … oh? Really? Okay, well thank you for telling me.”

She hangs up the phone and reflects as she just learned that Meggan decided to take her up on her offer and go to Switzerland. She smiles as she takes a drink of her wine, knowing that she did the right thing. Meggan needs to get help, and she would never be able to get it here in Twin Peaks. Not with Vinny here, she thinks to herself.

She sets her wine glass down she hears her door knock. “Who on earth could that be?” she asks herself as he walks up to the door.

She opens the door and freezes in her tracks, “My God!”

“Hi sis,” Donovan Moretti says to his sister on the other side of the doorway.

Scene Nine - The Park

Daisy walks into the park having not seen Trenyce at the Sugarbowl. She frantically looks around hoping to see her niece.

“I knew I shouldn’t have let her go on her own,” Daisy says to herself, knowing that she’s been worried about Trencye for awhile now.

She pulls out her cell phone and dials Trenyce’s number. She moves her phone away from her ear when she can hear Trenyce’s phone ringing close by. She looks around before her eyes freeze on a large lump under some snow. “My God!” Daisy yells as she rushes over and finds Trenyce under some snow!

“Trencye! Trencye!” Daisy cries as she tries to wake Trenyce up. “Somebody! Somebody help me!”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Craig has some shocking information for Daisy and Chris
- Shane makes a request of Natasha
- Donovan and Victoria get caught up

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