Episode 169 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 09, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Helen thought she heard a noise outside her house and freaked out thinking someone was going to hurt Dawn. Adam found himself a Mallory’s house, where the two of them kissed again
- Bob was furious to discovered Dominick was launching Robertson Enterprises, a direct competitor of Roboto
- Andy and JC’s anniversary was ruined when Andy spotted Reese with Craig. JC realized this and was livid with his boyfriend since Andy had just recommitted himself to JC
- Natasha told Eva that she needed more time to adjust before they could have a relationship
- Chris and Victoria continued to fight over her marriage to Vinny

Scene One - Roboto; Bob’s Office

“I think that’s a good idea,” Kim tells Bob as she looks at his mock drawing for a potential new perfume ad that he has come up with for Roboto. “I love the colours that you have incorporated. I know it’s still early, but I would buy this.”

Bob smiles when he hears the words come out of Kim’s mouth. He realizes that with Dominick revealing he is the CEO of Robertson Enterprises, he has to step it up at Roboto and come up with a new scent to rival Dominick’s scene dedicated to Sofia. He refuses to let Dominick get the upper hand, especially because he knows that Dominick is mostly doing this because he is trying to prove some kind of sick point about Sofia having feelings for him while she was alive. The fact that Dominick is naming his scent after her is proof of that. The thought makes Bob sick to his stomach because he knows that it’s not true. Sofia always loved him and only him. In some sick way, proving this to Dominick by coming out on top will finally show him that Sofia never cared for him.

“I’m so happy to hear that you like this idea,” Bob replies to her, finally coming out of his train of thoughts. “I’m hoping to have it out by fall, especially because then we can capitalize on the Christmas market. I need to get Robin working on a new fragrence right away. Ideally, I would love two new scents, one for women and a pair for a man. But I’ll take a female perfume first,” since he knows that is a larger market.

Kim nods in approval, “That makes sense to me. Look, I know it’s not my area, but as soon as this ad becomes the real thing, shoot me a copy and I will get it put in the Sun immediately.”

“Thank you Kimberly, that is a wonderful gesture.”

“Hey, it’s the least I can do for you and your family. You guys have always been so wonderful to me,” Kim replies looking at Bob.

They are interrupted by Robin opening the door to Bob’s office. She looks at them for a moment before continuing, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I can come back later?”

“No, Robin, please stay,” Bob replies to her, standing up and shaking her hand. “Kim, could you make me a drink please?,” he asks Kim as she stands up and walks over to the bar and begins to pour a brandy. “Anything we have to discuss Robin, we can talk openly in front of Kim.”

Robin arches her eyebrow, “Okay Bob. I realize that you want me to get back into the lab and work on this new perfume, but…”

“I have wonderful ideas. We can bounce some off each other if you’d like,” Bob interrupts her before she can finish. “Do you think you’ll have time to put together a twin male scent as well?”

“Bob, stop,” Robin asks him putting her hand up. She came to his office with a purpose. Part of her hates what she is about to do because Sofia did just die, but she has to do what’s right in her mind. “I have something else to say.” Bob looks at her with interest now. It’s not often an employee stops him from his conversations. “My father has asked me to come to work for him at Robertson, and I accepted. I’m sorry to do this Bob, but I’m quitting. Effectively immediately.”

Bob fumes as Robin quickly walks out of the office. Kim comes up with the drink she made Bob and hands it to him. He quickly slams it back in one gulp. He sets the glass down on his desk. All of his immediate plans have been foiled, but the more he thinks about it, he realizes that he probably should have seen this coming. “This just got more complicated,” he says through his teeth as she stays silent, not knowing what to say to him.

Scene Two - The Tower’s, The Parking Lot

Natasha pulls into the visitor’s parking stall at the Tower’s and shuts off her car. She grabs her large Chanel bag and takes a deep breath. She isn’t sure she is doing the right thing, but something in her heart has told her that she is. The last time she saw Eva was at her legal firm and she told her that she needed more time before she would be able to reach out to her. She still feels that way, but Natasha hasn’t been able to get the look of Eva’s face out of her mind. She feels bad for her because she knows that Eva just wants the chance to get to know and be a mother to her. She opens her door and steps out of the car.

“Okay, I don’t have to be the perfect daughter, but I should tell her that I do want to get to know her,” Natasha says to herself as she shuts the car door. As she puts her keys in her purse, she sees a picture of Sofia in her wallet. She opens it and feels her eyes swell with water. It’s been a few months now since the funeral, but the pain is still very real for Natasha. She has to make Eva realize that some how, without being too cold. She thinks back to their meeting and realizes that she was too harsh and that’s why Eva was probably so upset. “I’ll be nicer,” Natasha coaches herself as she enters the building, still telling herself that she should get to know her mother.

As she rides the elevator up to the 8th floor, she can’t help but feel the butterflies in her stomach. She doesn’t know why she’s so nervous, but she is. The elevator rings and she slowly steps off the elevator. She looks at the end of the hallway and sees Eva’s door. She slowly walks down the hall. She turns around thinking that it’s a bad idea, but she turns back and around quickly knocks on the door. “I just have to say hi,” she tells herself as she waits for the door to open.

She wait’s a few moments and is about to turn around when the door slowly opens. Natasha is shocked to see Will standing at the door, only wearing his boxer shorts.

“Natasha?” he asks surprised to see her. The last person he expected to see was Natasha, especially since Eva has been telling him about how distant she has been with her. “I’m surprised you’re here.”

“I can say the same for you,” she quickly replies back to him, taken aback by Will’s presence at her mother’s.

“Do you want to come in?” he asks her, opening the door wider so she can enter.

She shakes her head quickly, not sure why the younger man is only in his underwear in her mother’s apartment. “No, this was a mistake. I shouldn’t have come here today.”

Before Will can respond, Natasha has turned and is rushing down the hallway. She gets back on the elevator, leaving Will wondering why Natasha was visiting her mother and if his presence has made things worse.

Scene Three - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy & JC’s Apartment

JC watches Andy from the dining room table as Andy puts away the groceries that he just returned home from. JC looks at his boyfriend and tries to figure out what he is thinking as he recalls that their date was ruined the other night because Andy saw Reese having dinner with Craig and Andy clamed up, despite Andy claming that he was going to move forward and commit himself to JC in their relationship. JC doesn’t know what exactly is going on, but he can sense that there is something that Andy isn’t telling him. JC hates that he is so suspicious of his boyfriend, but Andy has given him little reason not to trust him completely. He thinks it is obvious that Andy must still have feelings for Reese; he just wishes that Andy would be honest with him and confide in him about what is going on in his mind.

“Thanks for picking up some food,” JC tells him from the table, as he looks over some photographs that he is going to be using for an upcoming story in the Sun.

Andy doesn’t pause to look over at JC, he just continues to put the food away in the various cupboards and fridge. “No worries, I was near the store anyways on my way home.”

JC doesn’t know what it is about Andy’s response, but something in his tone is cold. JC gets up from the table and walks into the living room quickly. He sighs heavily as he looks at a picture of himself and Andy on one of the bookshelves. He feels his eyes start to swell with water thinking that his relationship is nearing the end. If not by Andy, then maybe by himself. He can’t go on this way much longer.

Andy comes into the living room and sees JC holding the picture frame. “Hey, are you okay? You left the dining room so quickly, I thought I had said something to upset you.”

JC doesn’t turn around to face his lover. He slowly places the picture frame back on the bookshelf and crosses his arms. “You,” he begins to say slowly. “Never mind. It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, it does matter,” Andy replies, turning JC around so they can look at each other. Andy’s heart falls when he sees JC have tears in his eyes. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

JC finally looks his boyfriend in the eye. Before he can say anything, he wipes his eyes and walks past Andy, “Nothing. I got something in my eye. It doesn’t matter.”

Andy sighs and turns around again, “JC, come on, you have to tell me what’s going on. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s up.”

JC turns and glares him, finally letting a tear fall from his eye. “You are still in love with Reese!”

Andy’s mouth falls open and doesn’t know what to say. He looks at JC, who continues to cry. “I know you are. I saw him the other night at the Pampa Grill. We were trying to have a nice dinner and the second you saw him with Craig, you got all upset and you walked away. You wonder why I am always so jealous all the time, but you are always putting Reese first! I am so tired of having three people in this relationship.”

Andy sees JC start to cry heavier, so he walks up to him and hugs him. “I’m sorry,” he whispers into JC’s ear, knowing that he has been unfair to his boyfriend. He hasn’t been honest with him since last November when he and Reese had sex during the blackout. As much as he has tried to put Reese out of his mind, he knows that it’s easier said than done. He knows that things are over between him and Reese, and he wants to commit himself to JC, but some feelings do still linger for him with Reese. “I’m so sorry that I’ve been so unfair to you.”

“You’ve said that so many times Andy, I don’t know what to believe anymore.”

“I know,” Andy says squeezing him tighter. “I don’t want to lose you JC. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you. I do love you,” he continues pulling out of the embrace and looking JC in the eyes. He leans in and kisses his boyfriend passionately. JC gives him and kisses him back. He finally pulls away from Andy.

“I can’t do this,” he says wiping his eyes, knowing that sex isn’t the answer.

“Look, I won’t lie to you JC,” Andy tells him as he grabs JC’s hand and looks into his eyes. “It has been an adjustment for me since Reese has been back in town. He was my first love. And seeing him with Craig was,” Andy says before gulping. “Harder than I thought. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. And that definitely doesn’t mean that I don’t want us to work.”

JC looks at Andy and for the first time honestly believes that Andy is telling him the truth. He falls back into Andy’s arms and they hug each other closely. “Now that you know how I’ve been feeling maybe this will be easier,” Andy whispers into his ear. “Like I can always tell you how I am feeling.”

“I’d like that,” JC replies to him. “I can’t keep guessing what’s going on with you and Reese. Too much goes on in my head.”

They exit the embrace again and Andy kisses his boyfriend. They part but Andy continues to hold him close. “No more. I will tell you everything in my mind from now on.”

JC smiles and kisses Andy again. “What’s on your mind right now?”

Andy kisses him hard again and puts his hand on JC’s crotch, “Why don’t I show you what’s on mind?”

JC smiles and kisses him back as they head into the bedroom.

Scene Four - The East-Side Warehouse District

Helen drives her car down a quiet road since not many people drive in this part of the town. It’s near the railroad tracks on the east side with a lot of older warehouses that are either used for stores stock or where a lot of shady deals happen. She looks to her right and sees the sign for a Pawn Shop, even though over half of the red neon lights are burnt out in the sign. She pulls into the parking lot and realizes that she’s the only driver there. She looks into the backseat and sees Dawn sleeping soundly. She puts on her large sunglasses before she covers Dawn with a blanket so no one can see her. She doesn’t want to take Dawn out of the car in his neighbourhood. She slowly steps out of her car and immediately pushes the “lock” button on her key chain. She looks around and sees a few homeless people and their shopping carts, fill of bottles and old blankets. She rushes into the pawn shop.

She lifts her glasses as she looks around the shop, which she is the only one in right now. As she walks around, she sees the counter in the back with an old man sitting behind. She sighs and takes a deep breath before she walks towards the man. She has thought long and hard about what she is about to do. She can’t go on thinking that she and Dawn are in danger. She refuses to be a victim to anyone, ever again. She can’t explain it, but she feels like she’s in danger, or at least Dawn is.

“How can I help you?” the elderly man asks as Helen approaches the counter.

She smiles at him. “I … I want to buy a gun,” she replies to him as she looks at him and gulps quickly.

Scene Five -- The Cunningham House; Mallory’s Home

Mallory’s bedroom door opens and Adam enters as he has Mallory’s legs wrapped around his waist and their lips are still together. He pauses as she crawls off him and lays on her bed. He shuts her door and looks back at her with lust. She throws off her robe, leaving her only wearing her bra and panties. He pulls off his hoodie and looks at her. He smiles as he leans down and kisses her hard and passionately.

“God I want you,” she whispers into his eyes as he presses himself into her. Her hand makes it’s way down to the edge of his sweat pants and she starts to put her hand down his pants to feel his manhood.

He kisses her hard as her hard grabs a hold of him. He moans in pleasure for a moment before he opens his eyes and quickly pulls back. “I can’t. We have to stop,” he says standing up and quickly finding his hoodie, as his mind quickly fills of images of Helen.

Mallory looks at him in surprise, knowing that that they were about to have hot sex. “What’s wrong Mr. Black?”

Adam doesn’t turn around as he zips up his hoodie again and tries to lose his erection. He signs heavily, “For starters Mallory, I am your teacher. I could lose my job if anyone found out about this.”

Mallory shakes her head quickly, “I would never say anything to anyone Mr. Black, you have to know that.”

Adam finally turns around and sees the young woman, still sprawled on the bed waiting for him to return. He can’t deny that he’s totally attracted to her and that it would be so easy for him to go back to the bed and enjoy last inch of her body. But he knows there’s more to his reasoning. “I have a wife Mallory. I can’t explain it to you because there’s no way you’ll ever understand, but I love Helen more than anything else in this world. I can’t hurt her. Not like this.”

Mallory stands up and looks at Adam. “It’s just that I’m not pretty enough, right?” she replies as she tries to force herself to cry. “I’ve never been good enough for anyone Mr. Black and then I thought you liked me. I really thought you liked me!”

“It’s not that Mallory. You’re a beautiful young woman, but I can’t hurt my wife.”

Mallory smiles and nods at him as he wipes away one of her tears. “I should go.”

Adam walks towards the door and to leave when Mallory stops him. “Mr. Black,” she calls out as Adam turns around and looks at her. Just as his eyes hit her, she lets her bra fall to the ground, exposing her breasts to him. She moves her hands up to them and squeezes them slightly. “Are you sure you want to go?”

Adam feels himself get aroused again and shuts the door to her bedroom. He doesn’t stop her from kissing him again as she comes up to him, and his hand soon finds the nipple of her right breast, causing her to fill up with even more lust for him.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Victoria’s Office

Victoria opens the door to her office after visiting one of her patients. She closes the door and is startled to see Chris and Vinny sitting on the sofa in the office. She puts her hand on her chest, “My goodness, what are you two doing here?” she asks as she quickly gathers her composure and walks to her desk. She never comes back to her office to find people waiting for her. She tries to hide the fact that she’s rattled. “I can’t believe the two of you haven’t started world war three being together in my office.”

Chris stands up and looks at Vinny before looking at Victoria. He knows hat things can’t go on as they have been. The other day at the hospital when he was waiting to hear about Trenyce, Daisy told him something that has stuck with Chris. She said that the only thing that mattered was family and all this fighting was pointless. He has realized that Daisy was right; this fighting has to stop. “This was my idea. I wanted the three of us to get together.”

Vinny stands up and nods in agreement, “He didn’t tell me what this was about either, but when I heard it was about you, I thought I should be here.”

Victoria arches her eyebrow, “Okay, Chris, I’ll bite. What’s going on? Why did you summon the three of us together?”

Chris looks at Victoria, “I thought it was time that you decided who you wanted to be with,” he says with his eyes still locked on Victoria’s. “Do you want to be with me or Vinny?”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam stops himself before leaving Mallory’s house.
- A devastated Mallory does the unthinkable
- Shane and Natasha reconnect

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