Episode 170
Make You Hurt
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 16, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Hurt" Leona Lewis

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Adam and Mallory almost had sex but Adam pulled back at the last minute after realizing that he couldn’t hurt his wife. Helen, meanwhile, bought a gun after hearing a noise at the house and feeling like she and Dawn were not safe
- Trenyce went home from the hospital and Dominick offered her a job at Robertson Enterprises
- Bob was dealt a shock when Robin quit Roboto to work for Dominick at Robertson Enterpsises
- Natasha went to visit Eva, but was put off by Will’s presence

Scene One - The Cunningham House; Mallory’s Home

Mallory lets her bra fall to the ground and she smiles over at Adam, who was about to walk out of the door of her bedroom. She looks at him with lust in her eyes and purrs, “Are you sure you have to go?”

Adam looks at the young woman’s breasts and can’t hide his growing attraction to her again. He knows that he was thin close to having sex with her just a few moments ago but he was able to pull back and resist the temptation because he doesn’t want to hurt Helen. He can’t help but look at Mallory as she slowly comes up to him again though. She puts her hand on his face and leans in and kisses him. The kiss is hard and passionate. He pulls her in close and then finally pulls away, trying to resist temptation.

“I can’t do this Mallory,” he whispers, wanting her badly but knowing that he can’t hurt his marriage in that regard. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”

“Please don’t leave Adam, let me make you feel the way you want to feel,” she says kissing him again, still determined to have him.

He pulls back and looks at her again knowing that it would be so easy to go forward and have hot, passionate sex with her. “I have to go home to my wife,” he says not looking at her. “I’m sorry Mallory.”

Before she can reply, he has left her bedroom and her door has been closed. She turns around and covers her exposed breasts with her arms as she feels her eyes swell with water. Despite always having a lot of confidence, she knows that deep down she has many insecurities, just like any other young woman. She lets a tear fall from her eye as she picks up her bra.

“I won’t be a fool,” she whispers as she gets dressed again. “I know you want me,” she tells herself as realizes that she must be missing something that Helen has. “I need what Helen has to make you love me Adam.”

She looks around the room and wonders what Helen has that she doesn’t. What is it about her that makes Adam always go running back to her. As Mallory looks back at her bed, she sees her teddy bear. Then it dawns on her; “Of course,” she whispers to herself. “She has Adam’s baby.”

Scene Two – The Pampa Grill

Andy walks into the restaurant and looks around for his friends. He quickly notices Reese sitting at the table that Trenyce has reserved so they can meet after her first therapy session. He is so proud of Trenyce for going to get the help that she needs after she revealed that she has been suffering from an eating disorder after she passed out in the snow due to lack of energy. He grabs his phone from his pocket and quickly types the text message, “Trenyce invited Reese to lunch too. Wanted you to hear it from me” and sends the text to JC. He knows that he has to make a honest effort to always keep his boyfriend informed, especially where Reese is concerned. If he wants to make his relationship with JC work, which he does, and that means telling him every time he is with or around Reese. Andy knows now that he and Reese will never get back together and he is okay with that because he does love JC. After he sends the text, he walks up to the table and sees Reese. Their eyes lock for a second before they both look away from each other, both still clearly battling some kind of feelings for each other.

“Hey,” Andy says, making the first contact with Reese, hoping that it’s not awkward.

“Hi,” Reese responds, not wanting to sound cold, but it comes across that way. It’s not that he is upset with Andy, he’s just tired of the drama that always seems to follow Andy around. He had hope that they would reunite after they had sex during the black out, but Andy proved that he wanted to be with JC. He still hates that he is keeping the secret of their affair.

“How are you?” Andy asks trying to make conversation as he sits down and waits for Trenyce to arrive.

“I’m good, thanks,” Reese replies hoping that Andy doesn’t make this more awkward than it already is. “I’m supposed to be seeing Craig later.”

Andy smiles in return knowing that Reese may be trying to push a button or two. Andy knows that he has to get his feelings towards Reese and him dating Craig in check. He refuses to continue to let Reese impact his relationship with JC anymore than it already has. “That’s great. JC and I are just celebrated our year anniversary together. It’s nice that we are so solid.”

Reese smirks knowing he could blow Andy and JC’s relationship out of the water if he revealed that he and Andy had sex last November. A part of him wants the truth to come out, but he doesn’t want to purposely ruin the relationship. He is about to respond to Andy, when he looks up and sees Trencye approaching the table. “Trenyce, hey,” he says as he stands up and walks over to hug Trenyce.

Trenyce hugs Reese then hugs Andy, “Thanks for coming today guys. I just wanted to see friendly faces after my first therapy session.”

“How did it go?” Andy asks as they all sit down at the table. “It was good. I mean,” Trenyce begins to say.

“It’s weird talking so openly about yourself to someone like that, you know? But the support group was good. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

Reese smiles over at her friend, “I’m so proud of you Trenyce. It’s not easy going to a support group and sharing how you feel. We should all be so blessed to properly express how we truly feel,” he says, moving his eyes over to Andy’s.

“Reese is right,” Andy continues. “You’re on the right track Trenyce. It won’t always be easy, but it will get better. And always know that we’re here for you if you need us.”

Trenyce feels her eyes swell with water, “Thanks guys. I love you two so much.”

Scene Three - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Eva’s Condo

Eva sits on the sofa drinking a cup of tea. She can’t stop thinking about her meeting with Victoria the other night at the hospital and how she firmly believes that she knows the doctor from some where. She can’t place it and has no idea how she would know Victoria, but she can’t shake the feeling that she has seen her before. What’s more troubling, is that she can’t shake why it means so much to her to know what her connection is to Victoria. She takes a drink of her tea and sighs wondering if there’s even a way for her to solve this mystery. She looks up when she hears the door to her condo opening. Will enters with his gym bag in hand and he grins at her.

“Hey,” he says as he drops his bag. “I was going to surprise you by making dinner for you tonight. I thought you were at the hospital today.”

“That’s a lovely gesture, thank you. How was the gym? I was supposed to be at work today but I switched my schedule around,” she admits to him, wanting the time to clear her head.

“Are you okay? You seem sad or distracted about something.”

“I’m fine,” she reassures him as he sits next to her on the sofa and their hands join. “I guess I just have a lot on my mind.”

“I have news that might make you feel better,” he tells her looking into her eyes, recalling the other day when Natasha stopped by. She arches her eyebrow waiting for him to continue speaking. “Natasha stopped here the other day.”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me this?” she asks quickly standing up excited that her daughter may finally be reaching out to her.

“This is the first time we’ve really had to sit down and talk,” Will replies to her. “It was very brief, I actually think seeing me here turned her away. She didn’t say anything, she just turned and left.”

Eva looks at him for a moment as she pauses to collect her thoughts. “I can’t believe that she is upset that you were here. She will just find anything to be mad at me!”

“Let’s not get upset, okay?” Will tells her as he comes up to her and hugs her. “It was probably a shock seeing a younger man answer your door, that’s all.”

“You’re right,” she smiles as him. “You’re so good for me.”

Will laughs and kisses her. “Why don’t we start our evening off with me showing you how good I am,” he says kissing her again. She follows him into the bedroom, getting wrapped up in his kisses.

Scene Four - The Glubbs House; Shane’s Home

Shane opens the front door to his house and he lets Natasha inside. The two of them just returned from having a nice dinner together at the Pampa Grill after Shane asked Natasha out on a date a few days earlier. Shane told Natasha that he had another bottle of wine at his place, so they have made their way back to his home. He takes her jacket and she sits on the sofa in the living room, as she watches him come into the living room with two wine glasses and the bottle of red wine. She can’t help but feel happy, for the first time in months; genuinely happy. After all the drama with Cassie and dealing with Sofia’s death, being back reunited with Shane is the best feeling in the entire world. They have been through so much to get back to this point, she never wants it to end.

“Here you go,” he smiles to her as he passes her a glass of the red wine.

She takes the glass as he sits next to her, “I want to make a toast,” she says looking into his eyes. “To us; for making it this far and for having such a wonderful evening together.”

“To us,” he replies as they cheers glasses. They each take a drink and he continues to look at her. “This has been so wonderful, being close with you like this again.”

“I know,” she agrees with him. “It’s hard to believe that we used to do this all the time.”

“It’s not hard to believe,” he grins. “I love you, and I love spending time with you. I wish we could this every day.”

“Me too,” she smiles back at him as she touches his hand. “I know I told you that I wanted to go slow, but I’m having a really good time with you tonight.” Shane sets his glass down and he comes in closer to her. He caresses her face with his hand, “You’re so beautiful Natasha.”

“Thank you Shane. I’ve missed feeling this close to you as well,” she whispers back to him as he leans in and kisses her passionately. She puts her hand behind his head and welcomes his kiss back. She finally pulls back, “I thought we were going to go slowly,” she smiles at him.

“We are, I can stop whenever you want me too,” he says, keeping his eyes closed and his lips close to hers.

She kisses him back, “I don’t want you to stop. We’ve lost too much time as it is.”

Without needing any other indication, he takes her wine glass from her and sets it on the table in front of him. He stands up and leans over and picks her up. He starts to kiss her again as he carries up the stairs to the bedroom.

Scene Five - The Pampa Grill

Bob enters the Pampa Grill and quickly looks for his business associate that he is meeting in hopes of hiring a new chemist, since Robin recently quit Roboto to work with Dominick at Robertson Enterprises. He realizes that Robin quitting has put him in a tougher bind because he is now without a chemist at Roboto and he is desperate to launch a new fragrance to compete with Dominick’s upcoming launch. While he can’t stand the fact that Dominick is now competing with him in the business world, a part of him is enjoying this challenge of staying on top in the business world. As he walks to his table, he sees Dominick sitting at another table. Dominick is focused on reading some documents that must be pertaining to Robertson Enterprises. He can’t help but walk up to the table and give Dominick a sly grin.

“You must think you have won this round, having Robin quit my company to work for your pathetic attempt at a company,” Bob spits at Dominick, who finally looks up from his documents.

“And you must be squirming knowing that I now have one of the best chemists in the country working for me and not you. You know my fragrance will blow anything you could possibly come up with out of the water,” Dominick replies to his enemy. “I must say though, I enjoy seeing you so worried Bob. I know I’m doing something right to see you act like this.”

Bob laughs at his rival. “Keep thinking that Dominick. I’m not worried. I know my company will come out on top and I will crush you like the bug you are! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting to attend.”

Dominick watches as Bob walks away and proceeds to the other table. Dominick smiles knowing that with Robin by his side, Robertson Enterprises is in a great position to really take control of the cosmetics world and leave Roboto, and Bob, in the dust. For a moment he pauses and thinks of Sofia. His eyes fill with water knowing that he really hasn’t mourned her properly. Instead, he has thrown himself into Robertson Enterprises as a cover. And it’s motivation; his desire to win and beat Bob comes from wanting to prove something to Sofia. And he will, he smiles as he continues to think about the love of his life.

Scene Six - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

Adam opens the front door to the house finally having cooled down from his heated encounter with Mallory at her place earlier. He jogged home and is now focused on putting the images of the young woman out of his head. He knows that he has to focus on his marriage and daughter and not see Mallory anymore. He can’t risk losing his family over a sexual encounter with a young woman, regardless of how attracted he may be to her. He peaks his head into the living room and sees Helen looking stoic. He walks up to her, “Are you okay?”

Helen looks up at him and nods, “As well as to be expected. How was your run?”

“It was fine,” he lies to her trying not to let it show where he was. “You seem like you’re out of it. What’s up? Where’s Dawn?”

“She’s sleeping,” Helen quickly replies to him, still feeling stoic. “I think she’s in a growing spurt, she’s been sleeping a lot lately.”

Adam sits next to her and grabs her hand. “You’re not still worried about her, are you? I know it’s been an adjustment Helen, but I promise you nothing will happen to Dawn.”

She looks at him and smiles, “I know that now. I’ve taken actions to ensure no one will ever hurt Dawn again.”

Adam arches his eyebrow. “What do you mean? What action have you taken?” Helen points to a small table across the room. On the table lies the small revolver that she bought from the pawn shop earlier in the day. Adam’s eyes open wide as he sees the guy. “What the hell is that? You bought a gun? You can’t be serious Helen!”

“I am very serious!” she yells at him as she stands up, finally snapping out of it. “I will not allow my daughter to be placed in danger! Not again Adam. This way I know that I can protect her from anything and anyone.”

Adam stands up and looks at his wife and realizes that he barely recognizes her right now. He has known that the Cassie ordeal and having Dawn stolen from them has left an impact on Helen but he is just realizing the extent of how far Helen will now go to protect Dawn. He shakes his head and covers his eyes with his hand before he looks at her. “If you feel safe with the gun in the house, it can stay. But I don’t want you to buy bullets or anything. It’s not safe Helen. Not with a small child in the house.”

“It’s loaded already Adam. And I will use it if I have too. I will protect Dawn at all costs.”

Adam is about to say something else to his wife, but he wonders if it will just fall on deaf ears. He comes up behind her and puts his arms around her. “Everything will be okay Helen. I promise you, it will be okay,” even though he has no idea what his wife was thinking. If anything, he is trying to convince himself that everything will be alright, though his self reassuring methods are not comforting.

Scene Seven - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Eva’s Apartment

Eva and Will lay in the aftermath of their hot, passionate love making. She looks up at him and smiles, “Thank you. That was wonderful.”

“You’re telling me,” he grins back at her. “I needed that today.”

“Are you happy Will?” she asks him, not realizing what she is saying before she has had the chance.

“Of course I am. You make me very happy,” he quickly replies to her. “Are you?”

She nods and leans in and kisses him. “I haven’t been this happy in years.”

“Good, that means I’m doing a good job,” he replies as he gets out of the bed. “Why don’t you give Natasha a call and I’ll go start making us a nice dinner.”

Eva follows him out of the bed. “That’s a good idea,” she says as she slips her robe on. She walks over to her cell phone and dials Natasha’s number, still wondering why Natasha stopped by the other day and if Natasha will pick up the phone to her.


Natasha lays her head on Shane’s chest, which is glistening from a light layer of sweat as he worked hard making love to Natasha. She feels his heart beat slowly come back down to it’s normal beat and realizes that she has missed being with him in this sense. For so long, it seemed like so many different things were keeping them apart; his “child” with Cassie, Cassie herself, Natasha’s drug problem and relationship with Ryan. She can’t believe that everything has come full circle and that she’s back in Shane’s arms and his bed. She’s missed him so much.

“I had missed you Shane,” she says looking at him with a smile on her face.

“I had missed you too. I had missed everything about you,” he says back to her, as he runs his hand through her hair and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she replies as she hears her cell phone ring. She jolts up in the bed, “I should get that.’’

“Should you?” Shane asks, not wanting her to leave the bed with him.

“Yes, it may be the law office. We’ve been so crazy lately,” she says as she crawls out of bed and finds her purse. She pulls out her cell phone and picks it up. “Hello.”

Eva pauses on the other end, her heart warming when she hears Natasha’s voice. “Natasha, it’s Eva,” she says slowly, feeling apprehensive.

“Oh, hi,” Natasha replies looking at Shane wondering why Eva is calling her.

“Listen, I don’t want to disturb you, I just found out that you stopped by the other day and I wanted to touch base with you,” Eva says quickly to her daughter, knowing that she’s trying hard not to say or do anything that will upset Natasha.

“I did yes. I was just looking to see you and say hi,” Natasha tells her mother. “I realize that the last time we saw each other at my office, I was probably a bit … harsh,” Natasha admits, recalling Eva’s visit to her at her office.. “I don’t want you to think that I don’t like you and … I guess I am ready to get to know you.”

Eva feels her eyes swell with water, “Really? You mean it?”

“Yes Eva, I mean it,” Natasha replies. “Maybe we could do a coffee soon? Nothing major, but a step in the right direction?”

“I’d like that very much Natasha. I’ll will let you contact me when you’re ready and we can arrange something?”

“Okay, sounds good. Have a nice evening Eva,” Natasha says before hanging up the phone and looking at Shane.

“What was that all about?” he asks her, curious about the telephone call.

“Just something that’s long over due.”

Scene Eight - The Pampa Grill

“My idea is that with in each clothing design, there will be some element of the rose because the fragrance is called the Blooming Rose,” Dominick tells Donovan and Trenyce as they sit at the table and review the plans for the fashion show.

Trenyce nods as she looks at the ad campaign for the perfume. She looks over at Donovan, “You came up with this Donovan?”

He nods, “Yea, what do you think?”

“I think it’s really, really good,” Trenyce tells them. “This is something I would buy on my own, if I am honest.”

“That’s nice to hear,” Dominick tells them. “Are you getting any ideas for the fashion aspect? That’s really you’re part of this entire production Trenyce.”

“I am,” Trencye replies with a grin. “You see all of these purples, blues and oranges in the sky backdrop that Donovan placed here,” Trenyce points to the ad. “What if I used those colours only in each clothing design. That way we can truly tie in the concept of the perfume.”

“That’s brilliant,” Donovan tells her before he looks at Dominick. “I mean, I think that’s a really awesome idea and concept.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Dominick nods in approval. “This is fantastic work guys. We will make this happen. I don’t have any other choice,” he says as his eyes wonder back over to the table where Bob is still seating.

Scene Nine - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“I wish there was something I could do to make you realize that you don’t need this gun in the house Helen,” Adam tells his wife as he brings her a cup of tea into the living room.

“There’s nothing you can say or do that will make me get rid of the gun Adam,” Helen replies coldly as she takes a drink of her tea. “When I’m home alone with Dawn, I don’t feel safe. Having a gun in the house will make me feel like I can protect her.”

“Protect her from what Helen? Cassie is dead! She’s not coming back.”

“Cassie isn’t the only crazed person in the world Adam! I just … I don’t want to take any chances,” Helen spits back at him, hoping that he will finally see things her way. “Look if you don’t want to support me on this, then don’t. But I’m not getting rid of the gun.”

Adam turns his back to his wife and rolls his eyes subtly. “Fine. I don’t support it. And if anything happens to Dawn because of that gun, it’s on your shoulders Helen.”


The window to Dawn’s bedroom opens slowly and Mallory crawls through the window. She looks around and feels her eyes widen when she spots the crib. She slowly walks over to the crib and looks into it and sees Dawn sleeping soundly.

“Sweet girl,” she whispers knowing that she is close to Adam’s baby. If only she always had Adam’s baby, maybe then he would love me, she thinks to herself. “All I have to do is have Adam’s baby and he will be mine.”

She slowly picks up Dawn and holds her in her arms. “You’re with me now,“ she whispers to Dawn, who is still sleeping. “Come sweet girl, everything will be okay with me now.” She slowly starts to walk back to the window, leaving the same way she came in. Only now the crib is empty and a light breeze comes through the open window.

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- Adam & Helen freak when they realize Dawn is missing
- Cory and Robin talk about their relationship


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