Episode 172
Drain the Light
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: May 30, 2012

Episode Theme song: "I Can't Hate You Anymore" Nick Lachey

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Adam returned home from almost having sex with Mallory to discover that Helen had bought a gun. As they argued over her decision, Mallory broke into the house and kidnapped Dawn
- Andy recommitted himself to JC, who still felt like Andy & Reese were hiding something from him
- Shane and Natasha made love. Later, Natasha called Eva and asked to have coffee with her
- Donovan was revealed to be Victoria’s long lost brother
- Madeline saw Leah and Liam together and wondered what their connection was

Scene One - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Helen whispers as she looks out the front window waiting for the police to arrive. She can’t believe that Dawn is away from her again; it seems like she was just reunited with her not long ago and now, she’s gone. Someone kidnapped her from the bedroom leaving through the window. Helen knew that something wasn’t right; she could feel it inside her bones that something was wrong and that Dawn was in danger. The worst part is, she thinks as she turns around and sees Adam, is that her husband never believed her. In fact, he was upset that she bought a gun to protect Dawn when they would be home alone together and this is exactly why she bought the weapon. She finds her eyes locking with Adam’s.

“We will find her,” he tells her as he comes up to her and tries to put his arms on her. He feels her shudder as soon as he touches her, a sign that he knows that she is turning away from him. “Please don’t shut me out right now.”

Helen glares at her husband for a moment, “If you would have listened to me this probably wouldn’t be happening!” she cries out to him venting her frustrations.

He is about to respond to her when he hears the door bell ring. He walks away from her and opens the door and finds Robbie on the other side of the door. “Thanks for getting here so quickly,” he tells Robbie as he enters the house.

Robbie walks into the living room and looks at Helen, who is still crying. “Don’t worry Helen, I will find Dawn. I need to ask you guys a few questions first though, okay?”

“Anything you need,” Helen quickly tells Robbie back. “I need to get my daughter back. We can’t lose her, not after everything that we’ve been through.”

“I will find her. I promise you, I will find her,” Robbie tells Helen as they share a hug.

Adam comes back into the living room and sees the two hugging and he can’t help but feel like his is responsible for the events that are transpiring. He knows that he has to do anything he can to help fix the situation. “Who would have taken her Robbie? I mean, she was fast asleep in her room, this doesn’t make any sense,” he asks Robbie, as Helen’s eyes meet his.

“This is Cassie’s doing!” Helen cries failing at keeping her cool. “Maybe she didn’t die? I mean, no body was ever found. She’s come back to get the child she raised for so long.”

Robbie shakes his head, “That doesn’t make sense Helen. You know why?” he replies looking at her as she wipes her eyes, as he tries to calm her down. He’s been in situations like this before and staying as calm as possible is the best way to stay. “Cassie’s main object of attention was Shane. The baby was just a way to hold on to Shane. When the truth coming out, she wouldn’t have any use for Dawn. No, someone else must have Dawn. But I will find her. I will not give up until she’s back at home.”

Before anyone else can say anything, the telephone rings. Adam freezes and looks at Robbie, who nods his head in approval to answer it. Adam races over to the phone and picks it up.

“Hello,” he says into the receiver.

“Mr. Black, it’s me,” a woman’s voice is heard, as Adam turns back and looks at his wife. “Mallory.”

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

Natasha takes a nibble of her croissant as she sits across from Cory in the far back booth of the coffeehouse. The two just ran into each other and decided to catch up since it seems like it has been forever since they had spoken. Not since the day of Sofia’s funeral in any event. Natasha looks at her ex and is happy that they have been able to remain friends after their divorce a few years ago; she knows that some times divorcing can turn people against each other, but she has never wanted that with Cory.

“It really has been too long since we’ve spoken,” he tells her as he takes a drink of his coffee. “You’re looking really good.”

She gives him a smile, “Thanks Cory. It’s nice to see you too. Tell me about you? How are things with Robin since that horrible truth came out about Melissa?”

Cory sighs and pauses. He knows that he has tried to make amends with his wife after the truth has come out that Melissa was behind her attack last year, but he hasn’t been able to get over the fact that Robin didn’t believe in his innocence. “Things are not really going anywhere.”

Natasha arches her eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know how to forgive her Natasha,” Cory admits to his ex. “She didn’t believe in me. Not once did she tell me that she thought I was innocent. Instead, she had me arrested. How do I get over that?”

“Can you understand why she was confused?” Natasha questions him. “Her mother was feeding her these lies. I can’t imagine how torn she must have actually been. It’s not like just anyone was telling her these things … it was her mother!”

Cory sighs, “I know and I’ve thought of that. Robbie gave me some advice too,” he explains to her. “He told me to just try talking to Robin to see if we can move beyond it.”

“And?” Natasha asks. “How did that go?”

“Same old, same old; we just fought.” He looks at her and then grabs her hand, “Thanks for caring Nat, really, but I think this will just take a little bit more time before it gets resolved.”

“Well if you ever need to talk, you know I am here.”

“I do, thanks,” he smiles at her. “So tell me about you?”

Natasha can’t help but get a smile on her face as she thinks about her and Shane reuniting, in every way, recently. “Things with me are good. Shane and I are back together.”

“I knew it was only a matter of time after all of those lies of Cassie’s came out,” Cory admits to her, having long ago realized that she and Shane were meant to be. “And how are you dealing with Sofia’s death? I mean, it must still be so raw.”

“It is,” she says getting water in her eyes. “I miss her every day, but you know, I’m just trying to live my life the way she would have wanted me too.”

As they continue to talk, Shane enters the coffeehouse and his eyes immediately see the ex’s in the far booth. He thinks nothing of it, but as he walks closer, he can’t help but see that Cory’s hand is on Natasha’s and he feels his heart fall in his chest. He has been down this path before, so many times, with Natasha and Cory and he doesn’t know if he can do it again. For years, he played second fiddle to Cory during Natasha’s marriage to him.

“Am I interrupting anything?” he asks as he approaches the table, causing Cory and Natasha to stop talking and look up at Shane.

Scene Three - The Wilkins Estate; Madeline & Reese’s Home

Reese looks over some of the mock sketches that Dominick left him and he can’t help but feel excited about his upcoming photo shoot for Robertson Enterprises. He still can’t really believe that Dominick offered him a job as a model at Robertson Enterprises, but he is very excited about the new opportunity that it is presenting. He puts one of the sketches down when he hears the doorbell ring. He stands up and walks over to the front door and when he opens it, he sees JC standing on the other side of the door.

“JC?” he asks allowing him to enter the house. “This really is a surprise. How can I help you?”

JC pauses and looks at Reese, “I need some answers and I really want you to tell me the truth.”

Before Reese can reply, JC walks into the living room and turns around to see Reese following him in. “I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about,” Reese admits to JC, still surprised that the Spaniard is in his house.

“Look, this is going to sound crazy,” JC admits to him. “But it’s just a feeling that I have.”

“A feeling?” Reese shrugs, still confused as to what JC is doing at his house.

“You know that Andy recommitted himself to me?” JC asks as Reese nods his head. “I’m grateful and happy, but I still get the feeling that something more happened between the two of you. Am I just being crazy? Please tell me Reese, was something going on between you and Andy?”

Reese gulps and turns around wanting to hide his ashamed face. He knows that he has been struggling by keeping the truth a secret: he and Andy had sex last November during the blackout. He has wanted to live his life as honest a possible and prove that you don’t have to lie you way through life; like his parents did before they died. He has wanted to tell the truth, but he didn’t want to be the one that ruined Andy and JC’s relationship, but since JC is here asking, why not?

He turns around and looks at JC, “Okay, there is something you should know. But you’re going to like it. Not one bit.”

Scene Four - MW Investigations

Madeline sits at her desk typing furiously into her computer. She needs some kind of release, so she’s putting her full self into her work. She has been at the end of her rope dealing with Cory and Robin, even though she would love nothing more than to have Cory all for herself all the time. She knows that she is in a good position with him because she did believe in his innocence all of those months that they were working together to prove his innocence, but she also knows that he must still have feelings for his wife. She just wishes that there was something that she could do to ensure that she kept Cory and that he didn’t go running back to Robin.

She shuts her eyes and remembers the other day when she was at the coffeehouse and she saw Leah talking with Liam. She opens her eyes as she continues to recall the interaction, which clearly was not a very happy one as both Leah and Liam seemed like they didn’t want to interact with each other.

“Interesting that Robin’s sister doesn’t seem to like her new boyfriend,” Madeline says to herself softly. “I wonder what that was about.”

Madeline clicks the webpage on her computer and goes to Google. “What did Cory say his name was?” she asks herself, thinking of Liam’s full name so she can do a quick search on him. “Oh yea, Fitzpatrick,” she says as she types the name into the search bar.

As the results come up, she realizes that Liam works at DYN Labs. “Interesting, so he’s a doctor that runs a number of different types of lab tests.”

She shrugs and realizes that the searches mean nothing to her, other than she knows what Liam does for a living now. She shuts off her computer. “I need to think of something, but what?” she asks herself, still frustrated with the situation but knows that if she wants to keep Cory she may have to think of something to hold on to him.

Scene Five - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

“Can you get me another glass of wine?” Victoria asks Donovan as she sits on the sofa with her empty glass.

“Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking so much wine?” he chuckles as he brings over the bottle and fills her glass with the red liquid.

“It’s my day off,” she smiles to him. “I want to enjoy my day. If that means having some wine, so be it.”

“I’m just pulling your leg,” he replies as he sits down next to her. “Honestly, thank you for letting me stay here with you Marbella, I really appreciate it.”

Victoria takes another drink of her wine. She has given up trying to get Donovan to not call her by her real name, but it still makes her cringe slightly every time she hears it because he reminds her so much of her father and what he did to her. Not that she holds that against Donovan, it’s just a part of her past that she thought was dead and buried.

“Sorry, I mean Victoria,” he corrects himself as he realizes that his sister is deep in thought.

She looks at him, coming back to the present and smiles, “I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but I’ve gotten used to you calling me Marbella.”

“Oh yea?”

“Just don’t let it happen in public,” she laughs.

“Can I ask you a question, Victoria,” he makes sure to use her name as she nods. “Was it really that bad with Dad? I mean, you ran away and changed your name. You really don’t want him to find you, ever?”

Victoria leans down to the coffee table to put her wine down and looks at him. “Why? Has he contacted you?”

“No, he hasn’t, I guess I was just trying to understand.”

“Promise me he hasn’t contacted you Donovan!” she quickly replies to him, getting on edge, as the thought of their father contacting him, or her for that matter, scares her to her very core.

“I promise,” he says to her as he scoots over on the sofa to be closer to her. “Tell me what happened?”

Victoria looks at her brother, “He was abusive Donovan. He …,” she starts but bites her lower lip trying not to cry. “He raped me when I was younger.”

Donovan hugs his sister immediately after the words come out of her mouth. “So when I ran away, I ran because I had to get away from him. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t live in that house anymore. Especially since Mom wasn’t around. I changed my name because I never wanted him to find me again. I never want to see him again.”

“I can’t believe it,” Donovan admits to her as they exit their hug and he passes Victoria a tissue. “I never knew.”

“How would you know? This isn’t your fault. It took me a long time to figure it out, but it wasn’t my fault either.”

“I guess I’m just surprised because he never did anything to me, you know?” he says standing up and walking to himself a glass of the wine now too. “He never even raised his hand to me. I’m so sorry that he did that to you.”

“It’s not your fault Donovan, but thank you. But now you understand why I never want to see him again.”

“I do,” he tells her. “And I promise you that if he contacts me, I will let you know.”

“When did you speak to him last?”

Donovan sighs, “It’s been years. He didn’t approve of me going into business. He wanted me to run his restaurant.”

“He still had that thing?” Victoria smiles at her brother, trying to lighten the mood.

“Do you think he’d get rid of the ‘family business’?” Donovan asks her, already knowing the answer. “I’m glad we can talk about this stuff together.”

“Me too,” she says grabbing his hand and squeezing it. “I’m glad you came to Twin Peaks. I had missed you.”

Scene Six - The Sugarbowl

“I promise you weren’t interrupting,” Natasha tells Shane as they walk to their table because Cory had to leave. “Cory and I ran into each other and we were catching up. That’s it that’s all.”

“Okay, I believe you,” Shane smiles as he kisses her, although in the back of his mind he still feels uneasy.

“I wish I could come home with you right now,” she smiles back at him as they exit from their kiss.

“Then you should,” he winks at her.

“I can’t,” she tells him. “I’m meeting Eva here. She should be here anytime.”

“Is that a good idea?” he asks concerned, knowing that the two women haven’t always seen eye to eye.

Natasha nods, “I’m sure. Here she is now. I’ll call you when I’m done, okay?”

Shane exits and Natasha turns to face Eva, who is slowly walking up to Natasha. Eva looks at her daughter and feels her heart melt. She has wanted for so long to have Natasha reach out to her, so when Natasha called her the other day and asked her to have coffee together, Eva jumped at the opportunity.

“Hi there,” Eva says to Natasha as they come face to face.

“Eva, hi, thanks for meeting me,” Natasha replies to her mother. “You look pretty today.”

“Thank you, so do you.”

The awkward silence between them is obvious. Natasha looks inside her heart and suddenly hugs Eva. Eva gets water in her eyes as she hugs Natasha back. “I’m sorry that I was so rude to you.”

“It’s okay,” Eva replies back to her as tears come out of her eyes.

“Losing Sofia has made me realize that we have to cherish every day we have and we have to cherish the people that love us. I hope you can forgive me.”

“I already have,” Eva smiles to her daughter. “Let’s get a coffee and start to get to know each other.”

“I’d like that a lot,” Natasha says as she wipes her tears from her eyes.

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Craig’s Office

Craig looks at his patient’s file and makes some more notes as he sits at his desk. He wishes he had more time off work to have more of a social life, but he knows that he has worked so hard to get where he is and he wants to continue on his career path, so he has to put the hours in. Still, he has been having a good time lately as he has been casually seeing Reese. He wishes though that things could take a more serious turn, but he doesn’t think that will happen. They have been seeing each other since New Year’s Eve and they still haven’t been sexual with each other. With almost all other relationships he has had, he has progressed that far with the guy by this point. Whenever Craig really stops to think about it, he realizes that it’s probably because Reese still has feelings for Andy, and vice versa.

He looks up from his file when he hears his door knock and the door open revealing Andy on the other side. Craig arches his eyebrow, wondering what Andy is doing there, especially considering they aren’t exactly friends.

“Andy, how can I help you?” Craig asks putting his pen down. “It’s not about Trenyce is it?”

Andy shakes his head, “No, she’s doing great,” he tells the doctor, somewhat apprehensive about the reason he is standing in the doctor’s office. “I’m actually here for another reason.”

“And that would be?”

“I know that you’ve been seeing Reese Wilkins,” Andy slowly reveals. “I’m guess I’m just wondering how serious you guys are.”

Craig laughs a little and leans back in his chair. “Why do you care Andy? You have a boyfriend. You can stop checking up on your ex anytime now.”

“That’s fair,” Andy replies back. “I do have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care very much for Reese. We shared something very special. I am allowed to care for him and make sure he doesn’t get hurt.”

“You think I’m going to hurt him?”

Andy shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know because I don’t know how serious you guys are.”

“We are not serious at all. We are only friends. And it’s going to stay that way,” Craig quickly says back to Andy. “You can leave now.”

Andy turns around and walks out of the office, somewhat relieved by what Craig told him about the relationship with Reese.

Scene Eight - The Wilkins Estate; Madeline & Reese’s Home

“What won’t I like?” JC asks Reese as their conversation continues.

Reese sighs and thinks back to the blackout last winter when he and Andy were trapped together in the storage room up at the Caldwell Mountain Ski resort and they made love. “You have been right the entire time,” Reese says slowly to JC. “Andy and I had sex. It only happened once, but it happened.”

JC feels his body start to shake. All this time he believed something was going on, he was right. Despite Andy and Reese telling him that he was imagining things, he was right. “When? Where?” he asks, trying to ensure his voice doesn’t break, even though he can already feel the water in his eyes.

“It was at the Pride Event, last November. During the blackout, Andy and I were trapped together and it … just happened,” Reese continues to speak slowly because he really doesn’t want to hurt JC, but he wants the truth to be all out in the open. “I’m so sorry JC. I am telling you the truth when I tell you that it did only happen once.”

“And that makes it okay?” JC quickly snaps back at him. “Thank you for telling me the truth.”

Before Reese can say anything else, JC is rushing out of the living room and he hears the front door slam shut. Reese crosses his arms and feels his heart break inside. The last thing he wanted to do was create this kind of pain. But the truth is out and it was JC that asked for it, not Reese going around revealing anything. Still, he feels little comfort in that.

Scene Nine - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“Mallory, what’s going on?” Adam asks her into the phone as he turns around from Helen and Robbie as he tries not to think about their last steamy encounter.

“I have something that may make you want me now,” she says critically into the phone.

“What? What do you have Mallory?” Adam asks realizing that the young girl must have Dawn Marie.

“Come meet me?” she asks him back. “And I will show you. I will give you everything you’ve ever wanted.”

“Yes, I will meet you,” he quickly says back to her without thinking. “Tell me where you are. Tell me when.”

He jots down the information, “Okay, I’ll see you soon Mallory. Don’t do anything crazy, okay?”

He hangs up the phone and turns around and looks at Robbie and Helen. “I think Mallory Cunningham has Dawn.”

“Your student?” Helen asks confused. “Why would she want Dawn? What does she want with our daughter?”

Adam looks at his wife and thinks back to being at Mallory’s house, practically making love to her but pulling away at the last moment. He shakes his head, “I think she has a crush on me and is trying to get my attention.”

“What? This is insane! You have to get my daughter back! You have to save Dawn!” Helen screams at them.

“We will. We are going to get Dawn back, I promise you,” Adam replies to her kissing her forehand. He turns to Robbie, “Are you ready?”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Liam convinces Robin to end her marriage
- Leah is sent away on business
- Adam and Robbie fight to save Dawn

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