Episode 175
Leave My Lips
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: July 01, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Why is it so Hard?" Jennifer Hudson

Previously on One Day at a Time
- After Robin quit Roboto, Bob sent Leah to Boston to hire a new chemist
- Madeline learned that Dominick paid Liam a large sum of money but is still in the dark as to why. Later she professed her love to Cory, who then received divorce papers from Robin
- Andy recommitted himself to JC, who still thought something was going on between Andy and Reese. JC confronted Reese, who finally admitted to JC that he and Andy slept together last November
- Kim and Bob shared a kiss

Scene One - DNYA Labs; Liam’s Office

Liam sits at his tiny desk in his office, which isn’t very big either, and reviews some emails. He often wishes that he could have a larger office with a big desk, like they do at TPGH, but he has a good thing going on the lab office that he is working at. It pays his bills and allows him to lead a very comfortable life style, plus it’s more low key from TPGH. His hours are much more regular then the hospital’s as well. As a young guy that likes to go out and find beautiful women often, he likes having the regular schedule, but also the possibility of telling them that he is a doctor.

Currently, however, he knows that he has a very hot woman on his mind so he doesn’t need to look. He smiles as he remembers the other day when he and Robin finally had sex. He had wanted her for so long, it was long over due in his mind. He knows that she is still torn about her marriage to Cory, but he doesn’t care because he really got what he wanted from the relationship. Even if she left him today for Cory, he wouldn’t care because he can say he had her, at least once.

He’s about to stand up and get ready for his next appointment when his office door opens and Madeline bursts in. “We need to talk,” she says shutting the door behind her. She looks at the doctor and wonders if he will reveal any information to her about why she is really visiting him. She recalls the other day when she got information that Dominick paid Liam about a year and half ago. If she has any hope in keeping Cory away from Robin, she’s hoping that Dominick’s pay cheque had something to do with Robin.

“I’m busy, what the hell is this about?” he snaps at her standing up, not accustomed to people barging into his office.. “You seem to keep pestering me.”

“I discovered something and I want some answers,” she tells him back, knowing that she is getting on his nerves. “Dominick Robertson, your girlfriend’s father paid you recently. What’s up with that?”

Liam freezes and looks Madeline wondering how she knows that information. He knows why Dominick paid him all those months ago; he performed a paternity test on Leah’s baby and the truth was that Robbie wasn’t Paige’s father. He has never told anyone the truth because it’s not his place to reveal test results. He has to stay ethical or he could lose his job. He would love to know why she is snooping through this.

“What are you talking about?” he replies trying to keep his cool in front of the investigator.

“I know that you got paid by Dominick. Why? What does it have to do with Robin?” Madeline continues to press him for answers.

Liam looks at her as he picks up the file from his desk. “I’m not going to tell you why someone paid me Madeline. What happens between my patients and I is strictly us. You need to mind your own business and stop putting your head where it doesn’t belong,” he warns her as he walks to his door and opens it. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have a patient.”

She turns around to face him and he looks at her one more time, “And don’t be here when I’m done. We are finished here,” he tells her before he walks away.

Madeline watches him walk away and enter one of the examination rooms. There was something in his facial expression that makes her realize that he was worried about something. From the moment she mentioned Dominick’s name, she could see it all over him. “But what is it? What are you hiding Liam?” she asks herself. “Or better yet, what is Dominick hiding?”

Scene Two - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory sits on the sofa reading the divorce papers over and over again. He hasn’t been able to put them down since he was served the other day when Madeline was visiting him. He can’t believe that Robin is actually wanting to go through with ending their marriage. He has known for some time that their marriage was on the rocks and not in a good place, but the fact that she really does want it to be over makes him feel incredibly sad. He keeps hearing Robbie’s words in his head, if he and Robin didn’t make it work, they are letting Melissa win. The last thing he wants to do is let her win, not after everything she did to him and his marriage.

He stands up and sighs heavily. “But what can I do?” he asks himself as he looks out the large window at the skyline of Twin Peaks. “Every time Robin and I speak we end up fighting. It’s no wonder she wants to end the marriage. We can’t even be in the same room together.”

He turns around when he hears a knock on the door. He walks over to the door and slowly opens it and sees Robin on the other side. “What are you doing here?” he asks her as she enters the penthouse.

“The last time I was here, I think I may have lost an earring,” she tells him as she walks over to sofa and starts looking for her earring.

“I don’t think you were wearing any,” he replies to her, feeling cold and on edge with her.

“Weird, I have no idea where it is then,” she says to him as she looks at him. She studies his face and realizes that he’s upset about something. “What’s wrong?”

“Why does something have to be wrong?”

“Cory, I know you,” she replies to him putting her hands on her hips. “I can read you like an open book. I know when something is troubling you. Is there anything I can help with?”

Cory lets out a laugh. “You want to help? You caused what’s wrong!”

Robin shrugs, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t huh?” he asks her as he walks over to the coffee table and picks up the divorce papers. “The divorce papers? I was served! I can’t believe you actually want to go through with ending our marriage!”

Robin sighs and feels her heart sink in her chest. She recalls to the other day when she was with Liam and he suggested that she make a bold statement to Cory and file for divorce. The two had sex and then she went to her lawyer and filed the papers. She had no idea that the turn around time would be so quick, however. She had been having second thoughts about the divorce papers ever since she filed. Now she realizes that she’s too late.

“I can’t believe it was that fast,” she finally says to Cory. “Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do. Every time we see each other, we fight. I guess I was at the end of my rope,” she admits to him.

“I see.”

“If it means anything, I was having second thoughts ever since I went to my attorney.”

“Why’s that?” he asks her, still being extremely cold.

She walks up to him and grabs his hands, “Because believe it or not I still love you. And I know you love me. But what kind of relationship do we have if you can’t move on and at least try to forgive me? And what kind of relationship can we have if all we do is argue?”

Cory looks at her and can’t help but notice how beautiful she is. He moves a strand of her hair behind her ear and lets his hand caress her face. “Maybe that’s our problem,” he says as she shrugs her shoulders. “We keep talking when we need to start some where else.”

“What are you saying?” she asks him as he leans in and kisses her passionately. She responds and they quickly start disrobing each other. “God I want you Cory.”

“I want you too,” he says as he lifts her up and starts to carry up her the stairs to the bedroom as he kisses her repeatedly.

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion; The Parlour

Bob sits in the parlour sipping on some brandy as he looks out the window which over looks the rose garden. He can see a few gardener’s working on the roses, which used to be Sofia’s hobby this time of the year. She took so much pride in her rose garden, he wants to ensure her memory is honoured and keeping the garden up is a good way to do just that. Since she is gone, he hired extra people to ensure that the garden is maintained this year. He takes another drink of his brandy and thinks back to the other day at his office.


He walks up and hugs her. “You’ve been so good to me since Sofia’s death. Thank you for being here Kimberly.”

She holds him closer and whispers in his ear, “I wouldn’t be any where else. You have to know that.”

He leans back and looks at her. “I do know that.”

Before either one knows what’s happening, he leans in and kisses her on the lips.


He shakes his head and feels his eyes swell with water. He turns his head and sees a picture of Sofia hanging on the wall. He stands up and walks over to the photo. He finishes his drink and runs his finger along Sofia’s face on the glass. “Damn you Sofia, damn you for dying!” he yells at the picture. He picks it up and throws it across the room causing the glass to shatter. Immediately, he feels his heart break inside his chest and he rushes over to clean up the mess as he regrets his actions.

“What’s going on in here?” a voice calls from the doorway.

Bob turns around from bending down on the ground and sees Kim standing there. “I heard a crash and came running up.”

“What are you doing here Kimberly?” he quickly replies as he stands up and dusts himself off.

She pauses and looks at him. She can see that he has been drinking by the empty glass on the table and the picture on the ground is of Sofia. She can’t help but wonder if his mood is because of the kiss that they shared the other day in his office. She can’t fault him for being confused; she’s been just as baffled since that day herself. She’s always been close to the Calimo family but she’s never thought of Bob in a sexual manner before.

“I came to see how you were doing. We hadn’t spoken since…” she begins to say before she trails off.

“Since our kiss,” he finishes her sentence.

She nods in return to him, not knowing how to talk to him about the kiss that they shared. She doesn’t want it to be awkward, but it is.

“I haven’t been able to think about anything else,” he admits to her. “Other than Sofia.”

She gulps and gives him half a smile, “I know you were just caught up in the moment Bob. Its okay.”

He walks closer to and puts his hand on her face. “She wouldn’t want me to be alone Kimberly. And I’m so tired of being alone.”

“Bob, what are you saying?” she asks feeling butterflies in her tummy at his touch.

He leans in and kisses her again. They pause and look at each other before kissing each other again. “Please don’t leave me. Please stay with me,” he whispers to her in between kisses.

“I’m not going any where,” she whispers back to him as she takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom, as she chooses to follow her heart instead of her head. They exit the parlour, leaving the shattered picture of Sofia laying on the ground.

Scene Four - Café DeVille; Boston

Leah enters the Café that’s located in the downtown of Boston. She has been there for a few days now working for Bob, in fact she just finished having her second interview for a new chemist for Roboto. She was hoping to get a quick lunch and review her notes before making a final decision on who to hire for the position. She knows that she will have to contact Bob before any final decision is made, but she also realizes that he trusts her judgement and that he will hire anyone that she recommends. She rather enjoys the fact that she has so much clout with Bob and the entire company of Roboto.

As the waitress takes her to her seat, she freezes as she thinks she spots someone she knows at another table. She shrugs it off and continues to walk to her table, until she hears her name being called out. She turns around and in fact sees a familiar face: Jeff Claus.

“Jeff!” she smiles giving her ex-husband a hug as they greet each other. “What on earth are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he grins back to her as they exit their hug.

“I’m here on business for Roboto, can you join me for a moment?” she asks as they sit together at the table.

“Sure thanks. Business in Boston, that’s nice,” he continues as he looks at her remembering how beautiful she is. He recalls that he moved out of Twin Peaks so he can fully get over Leah, who had been the great love of his life.

“Yea, it’s my last day here hopefully,” she replies to him. “What about you? What brings you to Boston?”

“This is my home now, actually,” he tells her. “I’m working for a small company and their office is just up the street from here.”

“That’s great,” she can’t erase the smile from her face. “You look good and happy.”

He smiles back at her, “Thanks. I mean, I am happy. I am good. You look great too.”

“Thank you.”

“And the baby? How is the baby?” he asks, knowing that right before he left town Leah had given birth to a baby girl.

“She’s amazing,” she replies to him as she pulls out her phone and shows him some pictures of Paige.

“She’s beautiful. She reminds me a lot of you,” he tells her, trying not to flirt with her but give her the compliment non the less.

“She’s the brightest light in my life. Robbie and I are so happy,” she says but immediately regrets saying it. She doesn’t want to hurt him by throwing her and Robbie’s happiness in his face. Not after every thing they have been through together.

“That’s good Leah. I’m so happy that everything has worked out for you. Really, I am,” he tells her and meaning it. “Look, I have to get back to work, but it’s been really nice seeing you.”

“You too Jeff,” she says standing up and hugging him goodbye. She holds him close for a moment longer than she probably should, but as he holds her she realizes how much she has missed being around him. “Keep in touch, okay?”

He nods his head as he walks away from her. She sits back down and looks at her phone and sees the picture of Paige. She looks up and watches Jeff leave the restaurant and suddenly she feels guilty for keeping Paige away from her biological father. “God, I hope I’m doing the right thing.”

Scene Five - Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Reese and Trenyce sit at a table and review the mock sketches that Donovan has prepared for them for the upcoming photo shoot that they will be doing for the launch of the Blooming Rose line.

“I’ll have to keep working to finalize the outfits,” Trenyce tells him as they look at the drawings. She is so excited that one of her best friends is working with her at Robertson. IT is great having someone close to her share in this excitement. “I need to find some more purple fabric, but otherwise everything is coming along nicely.”

Reese nods and takes it all in. “Okay, do you still want my measurements today?”

“Yea, I do,” she replies to him, but notices that he is a little bit distant. “Is everything okay with you? You seem like you’re a million miles away.” She knows something is up with him based on his brief response.

Reese sighs and leans back into his chair as he recalls the other day when JC stopped by his house to visit him because he felt like Andy was keeping something from him. Reese finally admitted that he and Andy had sex last November during the blackout and JC was absolutely devastated. Reese hates that he hurt JC but he was tired of lying about the affair. The fact that the truth is out and that he caused JC’s heartache has been weighting on his mind.

“I guess I am, I’m sorry,” he tells his friend as they lock eyes with each other.

“Stand up,” she instructs him as she grabs a measuring tape. “Tell me what’s going on.”

He puts his arms out as she starts to measure his arm length. “I did something and I’m not sure that I should have.”

“What did you do?”

“Andy and I had sex,” he quickly spits out causing her to stop measuring him and look at him. “Yea, I know. It happened once last November during the blackout.”

“What are you talking about? That was so long ago,” she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“I know and I’ve been struggling with the secret T. I really have been. I hate lying, it’s just not my style at all,” he continues to confess to her. “So when JC came to see me the other day I confessed to him.”

“You did what?”

“He asked me if anything was going on and I admitted the truth to him,” Reese recalls to her. “But the look on his face … I never wanted to cause anyone this kind of pain.”

Trenyce hugs him, “You did the right thing. JC deserved to know the truth. I can’t believe Andy would lie to him for this long. How are you feeling?”

Reese sighs and shrugs his shoulders, “Honestly, Trenyce, I’m just done with the entire situation. I’m done with lying and I’m done with Andy. I can’t handle the drama he always has with everything. I still hate that I kept quiet for so long and hurt JC. That wasn’t my intentions at all.”

Trenyce sighs and feels her heart get heavy. For so long she had hoped her best friends would get back together but now it seems like that may never happen. “I’m glad you’re finally realizing what’s good for you,” she nods to him. “I have to go get some pins, I’ll be right back, okay?”

Reese nods and moves back to the seats. Soon, he hears someone else enter the studio. “Did you find the pins Trenyce?” he calls out.

“It’s not Trenyce,” Dean Kratz comes in and smiles. “I’m Dean Kratz.”

“Reese Wilkins,” Reese smiles as they shakes hands, meeting his photographfer for the first time.

“Ah, yes, the new model. I’ll be your photographer,” Dean winks at Reese, noticing how attractive he is. “You know, once this has wrapped up, you could easily do other modelling you know. You’ve got that look.”

“Well, thank you,” Reese blushes, not sure if the photographer is flirting with him or not, but he can’t deny that Dean is very cute as well.

Trenyce comes back in with some pins and notes the sexual tension between the two. “I’m not interrupting am I?” she asks.

“Not at all, I was just grabbing some cameras. I’ll be out of way in no time,” Dean grins at her, as she starts to measure Reese again.

Scene Six - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy & JC’s Home

Andy opens the door to the apartment and sees boxes every where. After a long morning at the Sun, he was hoping to come home and have a nice relaxing lunch with his boyfriend. He closes the door as his eyebrow arches, wondering what’s happening. “JC?” he calls out as he hangs is coat in the closet. He continues to walk into the living room and sees a lot of JC’s belongings in boxes.

Soon JC emerges from the bedroom with another box in his arms. He places it down beside some other ones in the living room and doesn’t look at Andy as he starts to walk back into the bed room.

“JC?” Andy calls causing his boyfriend to stop moving. “What’s going on?”

JC turns around and looks at his boyfriend trying not to get tears in his eyes. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the bomb that Reese dropped on him: he and Andy slept together last November. It took him awhile, but he knows what he has to do. “I’m moving out. What does it look like?”

“Why?” Andy asks confused as to what is happening. “What happened that you want to move out?”

JC laughs and rolls his eyes at his lover. “Why don’t you ask Reese? You seem to have so many secrets with him.”

Andy feels the blood from his face drain, wondering if Reese tried to ruin his relationship and told JC the truth. “Don’t do this JC, please don’t do this. It was a mistake!”

JC throws his hands in the air. “A mistake?” he yells at Andy, finally able to vent some frustration. “Fucking your ex boyfriend is a mistake? Maybe I could believe you Andy if you hadn’t lied to me about it for six months! You’re a liar!”

Andy rushes up to JC, “Please let me explain.”

“No!” JC yells back at him throwing Andy off of him. “It’s over! We are over. I’m moving out and I never want to see you again!”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce tries to comfort JC
- Daisy agrees to hire Vinny
- Leah and Robbie are reunited, but she remembers Jeff

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