Episode 18 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Victoria threw her ripped coat out; Robbie found it
-Leah discovered Robin and Cory’s affair; Robin plotted to become Cory’s wife
-A man named Jason Sanders discovered Natasha in White Cove, a town a few miles away from Twin Peaks. Natasha has amnesia
-Kim set Jackson free; he met Rebecca

Scene 1
Setting: The Legal Firm

Victoria arrives at the Legal firm. She passes Natasha’s office on her way to Raymond Slikes office. She knocks on the door, and then enters. In the office, she sees Raymond sitting behind his desk. Meggan is sitting in the chair in front of the desk.

"Mrs. Glubbs, please sit down" Raymond says.

"It’s Ms. Franky, but thank you" Victoria snaps.

Victoria sits, and takes a quick glance at Meggan. She shoots her a quick, fake smile.

"Shall we begin?" Raymond asks.

"Yes, please" Meggan says.

"Wonderful" Raymond says. Raymond opens a drawer in his desk and pulls out a file folder. He opens the file, and holds a piece of paper in his hands. "Mr. Victor’s will" he says.

Victoria turns to Meggan, and smiles again.

"Are you ready, Mrs. Victors?" Raymond asks Meggan.

"Oh, cut the crap. Just read it already" Victoria interrupts.

Raymond looks at Meggan; ignoring Victoria.

"Yes, I’m ready"

Victoria rolls her eyes, and mouths "Yes I’m ready".

"Very well then" Raymond says, looking disgusted at Victoria’s actions. "The will reads: ‘In the case of Vinny Victor’s untimely death..."

"Oh God! Can we just skip this, and get to the part where he leaves his remains to everyone? Please?" Victoria yells.

A horrified Raymond looks at Meggan. Meggan nods her head. "Yes, Raymond. Anything to get get Ms. Franky out of here" Meggan replies.

"Very well" Raymond says. "’For my wife Meggan; I, Vinny, leave the house, which is in my name. I also leave her all the money I have in my personal bank account. The total is...." Raymond stops, gasping.

"What is it Raymond?" Meggan asks. "How much is in the bank account?"

"1.5 million dollars" Raymond says.

"What?" Victoria says. "What the hell was he thinking? Leaving all his money to that bitch?"

"Oh, that’s rich! I’m a bitch?" Meggan says.

"Ladies, please. There’s more" Raymond interrupts. "And for my friend, Dr. Victoria Franky, I leave all the money I have in my business bank account." Raymond continues.

Meggan cracks a smile. "Ha! There’s no way he would leave you more money then me, Vicky"

"Well, Raymond?" Victoria demands.

"The grand total of 3.5 million dollars" Raymond says.

Meggan turns white, as Victoria is overjoyed. "Wonderful" Victoria smiles. "I knew Vinny would take care of me. I assume I can go to the bank for further details?"

"Yes, Ms. Franky. I will fax the will over"

"Great. Thank you Mr. Slikes. Later Meg-pie" Victoria says, getting up and leaving.

"Mrs. Victors, are you alright?" Raymond asks Meggan, after Victoria is out of the room.

"I’m fine." Meggan says, with tears in her eyes. "Thank you Raymond. If that’s all..."

"It is. Like I told to Ms. Franky, the bank will have the fax. You can go over to activate everything."

"Thank you" Meggan says, grabbing her purse and leaving.

Meggan begins to walk down the hall. After she leaves, a mysterious figure emerges. The figure enters Raymond’s office.

Raymond looks up. "Everything went according to plan" Raymond says.

Scene 2
Setting: Roboto; the Lab

Robin is at the lab. She’s wearing a long trench coat. She walks over to her desk, and looks at the clock. "11:14 am. Cory should be anytime" she smiles to herself. She hears the door open. She turns, and spots Cory.

"You came!" she smiles, walking over to him.

"Of course. You called" he smiles.

She puts her arms around him, and kisses him.

"I’m so happy" she smiles.

She releases him, and walks over to the door, and locks the door.

"What’s going on? I thought we were going to have lunch?"

"We are" she smiles. She turns and takes off her coat, revealing a sexy piece of lingerie.

"Wow" he says.

She walks up, and kisses him again. The kiss is passionate, but he pulls away.

"Listen, I’ve been thinking Robin."

"Don’t think" she says, kissing him. "We can talk after"

He forces her off him, and walks over to her desk. "We really need to talk."

"OK. Whatever you want."

"I’ve gone to fast. I’m still mourning my wife, Robin. I don’t want to hurt you. I have feelings for you, but I need more time"

Robin remains silent.

"I’m sorry, Robin" Cory says approaching her. "I just need more time"

Robin looks at him, with tears in her eyes. He bends down and kisses her on the forehand. "I’ll see you soon" he says, leaving.

Robin walks over to her desk, and sits in her chair. She grabs her coat, and wraps her cold body. Tears flow from her eyes.

Scene 3
Setting: Roboto; Leah’s Office

Leah sits in her office, looking over some files. Suddenly her phone rings.

"Leah Calimo....Bob! Hi. How are you?....That’s good. I’m fine, thank you. What’s up?....Let me look at my calendar [looks at her calendar]...Yes, I’m free....Sure. How long will the trip be?....Great. I’ll leave later today. On a personal note, how is Sofia? I know she was taking Natasha’s death hard....Oh! Returning to Europe? That may be best.....Alright. Thanks. Take care....I will tell Robbie. We love you both. Bye" Leah hangs up.

She looks at her calendar. "A week trip to White Cove for a convention. Robbie won’t like that" she smiles.

Scene 4
Setting: The White Cove Inn; in White Cove

The receptionist sits behind a desk at the White Cove Inn. The Inn is a large hotel, for a small town like White Cove. A four-story inn, with more then 150 rooms. The receptionist is a middle-aged woman. She is busy typing on the computer, when Rebecca enters the Inn. Rebecca approaches the counter.

"May I help you?" the receptionist asks.

"Yes, I am Rebecca DeWitt. I have reservations"

"One moment please."

The receptionist punches something into the computer.

"Can I have the spelling for DeWitt please" she asks, smiling.


"Ah, yes. A week stay? Is that correct?"

Rebecca nods her head.

"Terrific. Here is your key." the woman smiles, handing Rebecca the key. "Enjoy your stay in White Cove"

"Thank you" Rebecca says.

"Would you like help with your bags?"


The receptionist stands up and walks into the backroom. She soon emerges with a young man.

"Please help Ms. DeWitt with her bags"

The young man picks up both of Rebecca’s suitcases.

Rebecca follows the bellhop to her room. They arrive at room 112.

"Is that all, Miss?"

"Yes, thank you" Rebecca smiles.

Rebecca unlocks her door, and enters.

Scene 5
Setting: Jason’s Home in White Cove

Natasha sits in the living room. Jason enters, and looks at Natasha.

"What are you thinking of?" he asks her

"Nothing really. Trying to remember."

"Maybe you just need a distraction?" he suggests.

"You have any ideas?"

"You wanna come into town with me? I have to get some food."

Natasha stands up, and looks in the kitchen. She spots the sink full of dishes. "Actually, you go on without me. I’ll stay back and clean" she says, pointing to the dishes.

Jason smiles. "Great. I shouldn’t be too long"

Natasha walks over to the sink and turns on the water. She hears Jason leave.

"Concentrate on anything but your past" she says to herself.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the phone ringing. She is about to pick it up, when she realizes that she shouldn’t. "Jason doesn’t want people to know I’m here. I’ll let the answering machine get it."

The answering machine kicks on "Hi honey. It’s your mother. Just wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday. Call me soon. Love you"

A smile emerges on Natasha’s face. "It’s his birthday!?"

Scene 6
Setting: The White Cove Inn; Room 112

Rebecca sits in her hotel room. "Ah, this feels great. Getting away from awhile was a smart move." she smiles. She looks out on the deck of her room, and spots a hot tube. "Perfect!" she smiles.

She quickly changes from her clothes into a one piece bathing suit. She walks outside. The air is crisp, and she quickly gets a chill. She turns on the jets to the hot tube, and enters. She quickly becomes warm again. The jolt from cold to warm, causes her to become faint. She sits down quickly. A white light hits her.


A young Rebecca is crying, as a man picks up her. A woman, whose face is in the shadows is trying to consol Rebecca.

"It will be alright, my child." the woman says. "This boarding school is just what you need"

Soon, another young child enters the room. Another young girl. "Please mommy, don’t do this" she cries.

[End of Flash]

Rebecca shakes her head. "My God! I remember! Robin is my sister! Our mother didn’t want me...so I was sent to the Nun’s. They told me I was left there as a baby....my entire life is a lie" Rebecca gasps in horror.

Scene 7
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Station; Robbie’s Office

Robbie is sitting at his desk, when Leah enters.

"Baby! What’s going on?" he asks.

Leah locks his door, and shuts his blinds. A smile comes across her face. She walks over to him, and sits on his lap. She gives him a big, passionate kiss.

"Hmmm...Damn! You should stop by more often" he smiles.

Leah smiles. "I have bad news."

Robbie suddenly, looks concerned.

"It’s nothing serious. I have to go to White Cove for a week. A convention."

"A week? Why can’t my father go?"

"Oh, Bob and Sofia are going back to Europe. Sofia’s having a hard time with Natasha’s death. Bob thinks it will be easier in Europe."

"I’ll have to call. But a week? When do you leave?"

"As soon as I leave you. I’m packed and ready to go."

Robbie kisses her again. "Well, I’m glad you stopped by."

Leah gets up. "I’ll call."

"You better" Robbie smiles.

"Love you"

"Right back at you. Drive safe" he says, as Leah leaves.

Robbie returns his focus to the papers on his desk. Once again, he is interrupted by a knock on the door. This time it’s Victoria.

"Robbie? Can I come in?" Victoria asks.

"Victoria! Yes, please come in."

"I got your message about wanting to see me." she says, sitting down.

"Yea. I have some questions for you. About the Vinny Victors murder."

Victoria quickly gets nervous.

"Sure, anything" she covers.

"Where were you the night he died?"

Victoria smiles. "Robbie, you know where I was. I was at Natasha’s wedding, like everyone else."

Victoria looks at Robbie. "I’m sorry about your sister, by the way"

"Thank you. Did you know that we found a piece of fabric at the crime scene?"

"No, I didn’t know that."

"We also found a coat."

"A coat?" Victoria asks.

"Yes. A coat, with a rip in it. The rip matches the piece of fabric we found at Wild Night. And do you know whose coat it is?"

"I have no idea" Victoria says quietly.

"It’s yours" Robbie says, holding up a plastic bag, with Victoria’s coat in it.

Victoria remains silent.

"Listen, Victoria. I’m not accusing you of anything. But don’t think about leaving the country. You aren’t under arrest or anything, but you will be brought back from more questions" Robbie says.

"I understand" Victoria says, getting up and leaving.

Victoria walks quickly outside, and gets into her car.

"Damn it!" Victoria yells.

Scene 8
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s Home

Chris and Daisy are at home, when the phone rings. Daisy picks it up.

"Hello....yes, this is Daisy Davenport....Really?! Wow, that’s great news. Thanks a lot" Daisy hangs up the phone.

"Who was the phone honey?" Chris asks.

"The popularity poll. I guess my popularity has increased 15%"

"That’s great news! Soon, everyone will know my wife!" Chris says, hugging Daisy.

Daisy replays what Chris said to her. ’Soon everyone will know my wife’

"That’s what I’m afraid of" Daisy whispers to herself.

Scene 9
Setting: Jason’s Home in White Cove

Jason returns home. The kitchen is spotless, and a wonderful smell is coming from the living room.

"What did you make?" Jason asks. "We had no food!"

"It’s a surprise." Natasha says. She shuts Jason’s eyes, and leads him to the living room. He sits down. "Keep your eyes shut"

She grabs the birthday cake she made, and walks into the living room.

"Happy Birthday!" she says.

"Thank you! But....how did you know?"

"There’s a message from your Mom. You should have told me!"

Suddenly Natasha has a flash of seeing Cory.

She falls back.

"What’s wrong?" Jason asks.


Next On One Day At A Time
-Jackson finds an apartment in White Cove
-Daisy is forced to expose her past to Chris
-Robin arranges for a special Valentine’s Day evening with Cory
-Leah tries to get the truth from Rebecca

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