Episode 180
Kick at the Machine
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: August 13, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Dizzy" Goo Goo Dolls

Previously on One Day at a Time
- After Victoria got another creepy note clearly from her father, Donovan insisted that she go to the police
- Will made Eva agree to go to the police after she received a bouquet of dead roses
- Andy found JC at the airport about to leave town and pleaded him to give them one more chance. JC agreed
- Kim worried when Natasha was questioning her closeness to Bob
- Robin dumped Liam, which Cory misinterpreted as them being together so Cory told Madeline they have a chance at being a couple

Scene One - Twin Peaks Police Station; Robbie’s Office

Robbie sits at his desk and looks quickly at his calendar as he knows that he has some people coming to see him through out the day and he wants to ensure that he isn’t running late. As he checks his calendar, he quickly thinks about Leah for a moment and wonders how she’s doing at work. He was surprised to learn the other day that Jeff is back in town and working at Roboto. It’s not that he doesn’t trust his wife, he just hopes that Jeff being back in town doesn’t start to cause problems for them like it did in the past. He has heard the excuse a million times before, that Leah and Jeff are bonded because they lost a child together, but he hopes that now because he and Leah have a child together things will be different with Jeff being back in town. He looks at the picture on his desk of himself, Leah and Paige and picks it up. He smiles when he sees the family photo.

“We have worked so hard to be happy,” he whispers to himself as he puts the picture back down. He shakes his head knowing that he has to focus on his work going forward and he knows that he should have a conversation with Leah about Jeff being back in town and what it means to them.

He looks up when he hears a knock on the door, “Come in,” he says as the door opens to reveal Donovan and Victoria. “Robbie Calimo, nice to meet you,” he says to Donovan as they shake hands as they are meeting for the first time.

“Donovan Moretti,” he replies as Victoria sits down. “I’m Victoria’s brother.”

Robbie’s eyes open a bit wider, “I didn’t realize you had siblings Victoria,” Robbie says to her as she sits across from him.

“I know,” she replies to him as she looks over at her brother. “It’s a part of my life that I have been running from for so long, but I am happy that Donovan is in my life now,” Victoria tells him, grateful that her brother is back in town. “There’s other parts of my past that I’m not wanting to come back into life however.”

“But we think that a dark part of our past is catching up to us,” Donovan tells Robbie as he writes a few notes down.

Robbie looks at them, “What exactly do you think is happening?”

“Do you remember a few years ago when I had multiple personalities?” Victoria asks him as Robbie nods his head.

“You tried to kill my sister, how could I forget?” he smiles at her, knowing that he doesn’t really blame her for anything that happened as Victoria wasn’t in the right frame of mind when she altered the chandelier to fall at Cory and Natasha’s wedding.

“Yes,” Victoria continues, also recalling those times, “Well in my therapy I remembered that my father had raped me as a child, which was the cause of my disorder,” she informs him. “I ran away from home all those years ago because I had to get away from him. I couldn’t stay there a moment longer.”

“Where was your mother?” Robbie asks them as the siblings look at each other as he tries to get more answers.

“She died in a house fire,” Donovan reveals to him. “Our father had a small restaurant and we lived in the apartment above the restaurant. One night, the stove caught on fire and the entire place burned down. Our mother was sleeping upstairs and never made it out.”

“My goodness,” Robbie says, stunned by their story. “So what can I help you with?”

“I think my father has found me, finally after all these years,” Victoria tells him, trying to keep her composure. “Donovan, can you get the letters to show Robbie?”

Donovan pulls out the two letters that she has received and shows them to Robbie. Robbie looks at the eerie letters, written in crayons and looks at Victoria. “I can look into this for you Victoria,” Robbie tells her. “In the meantime, I can place a police guard at your condo to ensure that you’re always safe. He can even be at the hospital with you while you’re at work. This will give me more time to investigate what’s going on,” Robbie continues to tell them. “If this is your father, do you think he would hurt you again?”

Victoria looks at Donovan before looking back at Robbie. “I honestly don’t know,” she says. “But I don’t think that I want to find out.”

“I think the idea of the guard is good,” Donovan replies, knowing that his sister needs some kind of protection because if their father is back, no one knows what will happen to Victoria.

“Yea, that does sound okay,” she tells them both. “If this is my father’s doing, he has to be stopped. I can’t live through this again. He can’t be trusted.”

“I’ll make sure I find out who is behind this,” Robbie tells her, trying to think of where he can start looking for clues. “If anything else happens, let me know at once, okay?”

“We will,” Donovan replies to Robbie as he shakes his hand. “Thank you so much.”

Scene Two - The Calimo Mansion; The Guesthouse

“How was your visit with Dawn?” Natasha asks Shane as they lay in bed together, fresh from making love to each other.

Before Shane can answer, he thinks back to visiting Helen and how nice it was to see Dawn again. After raising her for the first year and half of her life, he still feels connected to the young child. The hardest thing he’s ever had to do was give her back when Cassie’s lies were revealed and he learned that his baby actually died. “It was good to see her.”

Natasha leans up and looks at her lover, sensing that something isn’t right with the sound of his voice. “What’s going on? You don’t sound so sure of yourself.”

Shane sighs and looks at her, “I miss her, you know? It’s hard going from thinking you have a child that’s yours, to learning that you don’t have a child and that it was all entire lie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I would ever want Dawn to be away from Helen and Adam, it’s just a catch 22 for me.”

Natasha leans in and hugs him, “I’m sorry. I should have known that it was going to be hard for you.”

“How would you know unless I told you,” he tells her as they hug. “I don’t want to ruin our day together, though,” he tells her.

“You’re not ruining anything,” she replies to him as they look at each other. “This is what relationships are all about; communicating and letting each other know how we are thinking and feeling about stuff. Can I do anything to make this easier on you?”

Shane smiles and leans in and kisses her. “Just being here and talking with me is helping. Thank you,” he says as he lays back down in the bed. “Did you talk to your Dad about us having dinner with him?”

Natasha rolls over and rolls her eyes slightly, recalling how when she went to see Bob she found Kim with him and it was clear they had been by the pool together. She questioned Kim about it and Kim told her that she had been helping Bob deal with Sofia’s death, which makes sense to Natasha. Still something, and Natasha has no idea what it is, isn’t sitting well with the entire situation. If only he could place what it was.

“Yea, and you know something weird happened,” Natasha begins to tell Shane. “Kim was there, at the main house I mean. She and my Dad were in robes and had been by the pool together.”

“Why is that weird?” Shane asks, not sure where Natasha is going with this.

“I don’t know, I asked Kim what was going on and she just said that she had been helping my Dad deal with my Mother’s death, which is really sweet. But you know, don’t you think it’s weird that my best friend and Dad were swimming together? Or lounging in the sun together?”

Shane rolls over and looks at Natasha, “You know what I think?”

“What?” she smiles back at him.

“You’re reading too much into this,” he tells her, trying to put her nerves at ease. “If they say they’re just being there for each other, then that’s what’s happening. I don’t think Kim or Bob would lie to you about anything.”

Natasha sighs, “You’re right,” she tells him as she kisses him again. “Let’s change the subject,” she says as she kisses him passionately again.

“I’ll change the subject alright,” he says as he throws her beneath him and continues to kiss her passionately.

Scene Three - Roboto; Bob’s Office

Jeff looks at his laptop and types furiously as Bob sits at his desk. Bob called Jeff into his office so he could do something to prevent Dominick’s fashion show launch from going off without a hitch. Bob knows that the fashion show is scheduled to begin next week and he doesn’t have a moment to spare to put his plan into motion. He will do anything to prevent the Blooming Rose from being a success. He looks over at Jeff, whom is still working hard on the laptop.

“Did you get access to the Robertson servers yet?” Bob asks as he stands up and walks over to Jeff, hoping that his plan will work.

Jeff looks up at Bob and then re-focuses on his laptop screen. “I’m about to gain access now,” he tells his boss, starting to feel a little apprehensive.

“And there’s no way this can be traced back to Roboto and us?” Bob asks, knowing that nothing can be linked back to them or they could be in trouble with the law.

Jeff shakes his head, “Nope. There are millions of hackers out there,” Jeff continues to tell Bob exactly what he wants to hear. “I’m in!”

“Perfect!” Bob says looking at the screen with Jeff. “Shut their entire website down! The launch won’t be able to happen without a website,” he grins wickedly.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” Jeff asks, as his conscious starts to kick in and question whether he’s doing the right thing or not.

“Absolutely,” Bob informs him as Jeff pushes the button.

“That’s it, the Robertson website should be done,” Jeff says as he looks at Bob.

“Good work,” Bob tells him as Jeff stands up and closes his laptop.

“Thanks, I have a few other things I need to get working on. I’ll see you later?” Jeff says as he walks over to the office door. As he opens the door, he sees Kim on the other side. “Kim!”

“Jeff?” Kim asks, surprised to see her former lover standing in front of her. “I had no idea you were back!”

“Yea, I work for Bob now,” he tells her. “I’m just on my way out. We should get a coffee and catch up?”

“I’d like that,” Kim says as Jeff leaves. Kim finishes entering the office and closes the door behind herself. “You didn’t tell me you hired Jeff.”

“Didn’t I? It must have slipped my mind,” Bob tells her as he comes up to her and hugs her. “It’s nice to see you.”

“You too,” she smiles as she leans in and kisses him. “You seem to be in a good mood.”

“I am,” he grins at her. “I think I have figured out a way to stop Dominick’s fashion show!”

“That’s great news,” she replies to him.

“I want to celebrate,” he tell her as he pulls her towards his desk.

“How?” she asks him.

“Like this,” he says leaning in and kissing her passionately as he hands begin to undress her. “I want you Kimberly.”

Scene Four - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy & JC’s Home

Andy and JC lay side by side in the bed after having a hot sex session together. The two haven’t been able to keep their hands off each other since JC agreed to stay in town and give their relationship another chance. He is so happy that he allowed Andy to convince him to stay in town because he does love his boyfriend and he does want their relationship to work. In the back of his mind, however, he feels like something is missing. He wants to send Reese a strong message that he’s back with Andy, for good this time.

“God that was hot,” Andy says as he tries to get his heart rate back to normal.

JC sits up in the bed and leans in for a kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “Yes, it was, thank you for that.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Andy grins at him. “I want to give you everything you want and need JC. In and out of the bedroom.”

“You’re off to a great start,” he winks at his boyfriend. “Why don’t you get a shower started. I’d love to have another round with the water falling down on us.”

Andy thinks about shower sex and JC can tell instantly that he’s interested in the idea. “I’ll meet you there?”

“Yea, I won’t be long,” JC tells him as Andy rushes off to the washroom. JC hears the shower start and he stands up. He runs his hand through his hair and he thinks about Andy and Reese for a moment. He believes Andy now when he tells him that he and Reese are over, but it still bothers him that Andy and Reese lied to him for so long about their affair.

“I want to teach you a lesson Reese,” JC whispers to himself as he picks up his cell phone. He dials a number, “Hi, it’s me,” JC says into the phone, looking at the doorway to ensure that Andy doesn’t hear him.

Scene Five - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory pours himself a drink of brandy and slams it back as he wonders what kind of mess he has gotten himself into. He thinks back to when he went to end his relationship with Madeline because he and Robin had made love again, he saw Robin with Liam and Liam was clearly all over her. Instead of following through and dumping Madeline, he told her that they do have a chance at their relationship. He shakes his head because he knows that even if Robin is with Liam, he shouldn’t lead Madeline on any longer. Further more, he doesn’t understand why Robin would be with Liam after he and her had reunited, or at least he thought they did by making love. There was still work to be done on their relationship, but at least it was a step in the right direction, or so he believed.

“Damn it Cory, what are you doing?” he asks himself as he hears a knock on the front door. He rushes over and sees Robin on the other side of the door.

“Hi,” she smiles as she comes in and he shuts the door. “I hadn’t heard from you in awhile, which surprised me,” she admits to him as she turns to face her husband.

“Why did that surprise you?” he asks, trying to be cold to her as he doesn’t understand why she was with Liam so soon after they had sex.

“Because we made love Cory. I thought that meant that we were getting back together…” she tells him. She suddenly feels her heart drop and she hopes that she’s not making a fool of herself to him.

“I thought that too,” he replies to her quickly. “But I saw you with Liam at the Pampa Grill.”

“You did?” Robin asks, confused by his response to her. “I had been seeing him, so I took him there and broke things off with him. I ended anything thing that may have been happening there.”

Cory takes a step back and arches his eyebrow, “You did?”

“Yea, what did you think was happening?” she asks him as she studies his face. “My goodness, did you think after we made love that I went back to Liam and was playing you?”

“I … I don’t know,” Cory quickly tells her. “I saw you two together and he was all over you, I didn’t know what to think.”

“I love you Cory,” she tells him as she comes up to him. “I know we still have work to do on our relationship, but I want us to work. Please tell me you want that too.”

Cory looks at her and gulps, “Of course I do. There’s just one problem.”

“What’s that?” she asks him, thrilled that he wants the two of them to be together.


Scene Six - MW Investigations

Will enters the firm and looks around until he spots Madeline sitting in her office. He walks quickly over to her door and knocks before entering. Madeline looks up from her desk and smiles, “Will, hi,” she says as he comes in and shuts the door behind him.

He walks up to her and hugs her quickly as he knows that he to talk to her about Eva’s case. He hopes that she can reveal some information to him about what she has found out and while Eva is out at another meeting he wants to fill Madeline in on the latest on goings in the case.

“I hope it’s okay that I stopped by,” he tells her as he sits across from her.

“Of course it is, what’s going on?”

“I’m afraid it’s not a social call,” he begins to tell her, recalling the day that Eva got a threatening note and dead roses. “But something has happened in Eva’s case and you need to know what it is.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow and looks at him with concern. “I’m listening.”

“Yesterday she got another threatening package,” he explains to her.

“What was it?”

“A bouquet of dead roses and a card that said “boo””, he recalls to her. “The letters of boo were the same as the first letter, cut out from magazines.”

Madeline shakes her head, “My God, how is she holding up?”

“She’s scared. I’ve never seen her so scared before,” he admits to her. “That’s why I’m here. Do you have any leads at all that I can go back to her with and try to calm her down with?”

Madeline shakes her head, “I wish I did, but she didn’t give me much to go on you know? I can’t trace the mail and I only have the one letter. There has to be more to the story than what she’s telling us.”

“I know, that’s what I was thinking. Why would some random ex of hers just come back into her life now after all this time?” Will thinks out loud.

“Exactly, something else is happening here. We need to figure that out before we can help Eva,” she tells him. “You need to get the full story from Eva. Then I’ll really be able to help you guys out with this.”

Will nods his head in agreement. This was the easy part; the hard part will be getting Eva to open up to him about her entire past.

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks Police Station; Robbie’s Office

“Eva, thanks for stopping by,” Robbie welcomes her into his office as she sits down in front of him.

“Thank you,” she says feeling a little nervous. She knows that after she got the dead roses and the second letter, Will asked her to go to the police so they can look into the notes that she has been receiving. At first, Eva didn’t like the idea but she knows that she has to put Will’s mind at ease and her own for that matter. Something has to give and she wants to feel safe again.

“So what brings you by?” he asks her.

“This going to sound silly,” she tells him slowly. “But, I think I’m being stalked.”

Robbie arches his eye brow, “I’m listening.”

“When I lived in Europe, I was with a man for a few years,” Eva informs him as he jolts some notes down on some paper. “He was abusive and I left him shortly after.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Thank you,” she nervously smiles at him. “I think he’s found me because I’ve been getting weird letters.”

Robbie feels like he’s having déjà vu as Victoria was just in earlier expressing the same kind of story. “Oh?”

Eva passes him the two notes that she has received. “The second one also came with a bouquet of dead roses. I’m scared and Will wanted me to come and talk to you about this.”

“Well yes, I can understand why,” he tells her. “Look Eva, if this man has found you, he will have to reveal himself at some point. Otherwise, it would all be for nothing. If you’d like, I can get you a body guard and he can be with you at all times. At least until we figure out what’s going on.”

Eva wonders if she should have a body guard. She feels her eyes swell with water, “Okay, that would be great.”

“Okay, go to the front desk and fill out the paper work and everything will start. I will look into this, but I may need more information from you.”

“Alright,” she says standing up. “Thank you Robbie,” she says as she exit’s the office. Outside the office, Eva covers her mouth and shuts her eyes. She catches her breath and then opens her eyes, “No one can ever know the truth. No one,” she says before she walks off, wondering if going to Robbie was the best idea. No one can ever know her secret, she tells herself.

Back inside Robbie’s office, he opens the file he made on Victoria’s file and he looks at all the notes. “Interesting that two women are being stalked at the same time,” he says out loud to himself, wondering if the town suddenly has a stalker or if some how the two cases are connected.

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Madeline spots Cory and Robin together!
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