Episode 181 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 14, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- On the morning of the Blooming Rose launch, Bob got Jeff to hack into the Robertson Enterprise website and crashed it
- Dean and Reese started to flirt during the photo shoots at Robertson Enterprises
- Andy and JC reunited. JC made a mysterious phone call after wanting to get revenge on Reese for sleeping with Andy
- Greta and Chris kissed, but he told her they couldn’t move forward because of Daisy
- Madeline began investigating Liam Fitzpatrick as she tried to hold on to Cory

Scene One – Robertson Enterprises; Dominick’s Office

Dominick pours himself a cup of coffee as he waits the day to unfold. It is a big day for him and Robertson Enterprises as it is the day of the Blooming Rose launch. In a few short hours the fashion show will take place and Trenyce’s fashions and the new perfume will be in stores for purchase. A lot is riding on the day, and he just hopes that everything goes off according to his plan. He, Donovan and Trenyce have been working so hard, he now just has to trust that everything will go off without a hitch. He keeps thinking in the back of his mind that Bob may try to thwart the launch and create some kind of havoc with the day. He knows that he has the ultimate bombshell though to take anything he does off the Robertson Enterprises negative attention: Bob and Kim are now lovers, something that he knows will not sit with well everyone, especially Robbie and Natasha. Dominick, himself, is surprised at how quickly Bob has moved from Sofia. It wasn’t long ago that Bob couldn’t get enough of his wife and how he is shacking up with a much younger woman, whom is his daughter’s best friend, eight months later after Sofia’s death. Dominick shakes his head while he has a wicked grin on his face, knowing he could really do some damage to his rival with this information.

His thoughts are interrupted by his telephone ringing. He walks over to his desk and picks up the telephone, “Dominick Robertson,” he says into the receiver as his eyes quickly widen with the news he is being given. He rushes around to his computer and turns it on. “What? Are you sure? This can not be happening!” He opens the Robertson website and realizes that it has crashed. He can’t afford not to have a website on the day of the launch as he knows the site will generate tons of hits on the opening day. “How the hell did this happen? You have to fix this! We can’t go into launch without this website!”

Scene Two – Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

On the ground level of the Robertson Enterprises tower there is a large public platform where people can interact and engage. The space really hasn’t been used since Dominick created his company, but today the space has been turned into the runway for the fashion show that will be happening in a few short hours.

Cory enters the pavilion and looks around in awe of what he sees. He’s never seen a runway in a public space before and he knows that Robertson has held no expense back to create a real fashion show feel. Robin comes up beside him and grabs his arm also looking at the space.

He looks at her and grins, “This looks amazing,” he tells her, feeling proud that she will be apart of the show. “Are you nervous?”

Robin stops and pauses for a moment. While she has done modelling before for Roboto, this is her first time modelling for a live audience. And it is the first time she’s modelling since her scar was removed from her face. For so many months, the scar really took a lot of confidence away from herself. She never thought she would ever get the chance to model again, yet alone be a feature model in the Blooming Roses launch. Plus, the fact that she is working with her father also creates a new sense nerves. She wants today to go well so he and his new company succeed. “Yea, I actually think I am nervous,” she admits to him, starting to feel more of her butterflies.

“Well just remember that I love you and I have total faith in you,” he tells her as they turn and face each other. He leans in and kisses her passionately and she responds.

Madeline walks into the pavilion and freezes as she spots Cory and Robin kissing. She feels her heart start to race as confusion enters her mind. The last time she saw Cory, he had told her that he wanted to pursue a relationship with her. How could he say that to her and now be kissing his wife? She doesn’t understand how or why this is happening. She quickly moves behind a pillar when she notices Robin pull back from the kiss still reeling from what she is seeing.

“I love you too Cory, thank you so much for your support today,” she says to him, unaware Madeline can hear everything they are saying. “I should get back to the dressing room though.

“Okay, break a leg,” he replies as Robin walks off. Cory turns and looks at his watch and realizes he still has a few hours before the show begins. He leaves the pavilion as Madeline emerges from the behind the pillar with tears filled in her eyes. One escapes her eye and she quickly brushes it off as she rushes out of the pavilion, wondering what she is going to do next.

Scene Three – The Sun; Andy’s Office

Andy finishes typing his article for the next edition of the paper. He looks at it and feels like something is missing in the article but he can’t place it. He quickly copies it and pastes it in an email and forwards it to Kim, hoping to get her input on the article. He normally would just rush upstairs and ask her, but he is about to leave because he has to head over to the fashion show so he can cover the launch for tomorrow’s edition of the Sun. He quickly notices an ‘out of office’ reply from Kim’s inbox and arches his eyebrow. He knows that his sister has been missing a few extra days from work lately, and wonders what’s up with that. He knows that he’ll have to question her to ensure that she’s feeling okay and not coming down with anything. It is unlike Kim to be away.

He stands up and is about to leave when one of his assistant’s opens the door and brings him the day’s edition, which Andy always gets so he can actually see his latest story in print. The cover story, however, catches his eye. The headline reads “Young millionaire a home wrecker?” with a picture of Reese at Olivia and Preston’s funeral. Andy can’t believe the headline and he quickly flips open the paper, reading the cover story. His mouth falls open as he reads how he and Reese had an affair despite Andy being in a new relationship.

“What the hell is this?” he asks his assistant, shocked by what he’s reading. “What have we turned into? A gossip paper? This is bullshit!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know…” the assistant replies, not knowing what is going on either. “I just brought in the paper like I always do.”

“Look I’m sorry,“ Andy replies quickly. “I’m just trying to figure out how this story came about…” he begins to say as he suddenly gets a horrible thought in his head. “My God, no,” he says to himself. “Why JC?” he asks himself as he quickly prepares to leave his office to get some answers.

Scene Four – Robertson Enterprises; The Pavilion, The Dressing Room

Robin opens the door to the dressing room and sees Reese sitting in front a large mirror as a hair stylist works on his hair as he gets ready for the show. Reese sees Robin in the mirror and grins as he is excited for the fashion show. “Can you believe this is happening?” he asks her as she moves to her seat beside him, still excited that his first modelling gig will actually be a live fashion show as well.

“It does seem surreal,” Robin smiles to him as she sits next to him. “Have all of the clothes arrived that we are wearing?”

“Yea, Trenyce dropped them off a little while ago,” Reese tells her, as he points to the rack of clothing. “I can’t tell you how excited I am.”

“I can tell,” Robin tells him back, picking up on his good mood. “I am too. A little bit nervous though.”

“Ah, no need to be nervous, you two will be fine,” Dean announces as he emerges from another part of the dressing room. “With two fine looking people like you, how can anything go wrong?”

Reese laughs a little as Dean puts his hand on his shoulder. Robin notices the interaction and gets a sly grin on her face. “I hope you’re right,” Reese replies to the photographer.

“I am,” Dean says with confidence. “Just remember how well the photo shoot went and everything will fall into place,” he says with a wink to Reese. “I have a few more things to get ready before the show. You two break a leg!”

“Thanks Dean,” Robin smiles as he walks away. After he’s gone, she turns her attention back to Reese. “What was that all about?”

Reese looks back at her with a blank stare. “What do you mean?”

“You and Dean! Was that flirting?” she asks, excited that they may have some sparks.

Reese laughs, but also feels his cheeks turn red. “I don’t know. But I’m having fun with it!”

Scene Five – City Hall

As Chris slowly walks up to Daisy’s office door, he dreads the conversation he is about to have with his ex-wife. He can’t stop thinking about the other day when he and Greta shared a steamy kiss at his house; he knows it was wrong, but he knows that he wants Greta really badly too. He has decided to confess all to Daisy, which he knows will hurt her, but he doesn’t want to lie to her about kissing Greta either. Not after the pain and hurt he caused her with his affairs when they were married. He really is trying to be a bigger and better man as he wants to set some kind of example for Andrew. He hopes by telling Daisy the truth, he will be able to get over the attraction he has with Greta.

He walks past Greta’s desk, which is just outside of Daisy’s office, and sees that it is empty. He hopes that Greta and Daisy are not in the middle of something because he would like to not see Greta. Seeing her would bring up the kiss and how attracted he still is to Daisy’s best friend. He can still taste her lips on his. He shakes his head as he walks up to the office door and knocks then opens the door. He looks around and sees the office empty. Soon, Greta emerges from another door way.

“Chris?” she asks surprised to see him at Daisy’s office. He enters and closes the door behind him.

“Greta, hi,” he says softly, feeling a little uneasy being alone with her.. “I was hoping to see Daisy, do you know where she is?”

Greta walks over to Daisy’s desk and puts a file down, “She had to leave town for the day as she had a meeting. She should be back early tomorrow morning.”

“Oh,” Chris replies, not realizing that Daisy had gone away for business, although he knows that it happens on a regular basis. “Well I guess I will see her later then.”

“Was it something important?” Greta asks, finally turning to look at him. She can’t hide the fact that it hurt her when he said no to having sex with her, but she understands why he stopped. She can’t deny that she’s still very attracted to him. “I can call her if you’d like.”

“No, you don’t have to do that,” he tells her unsure if he should reveal the real reason he was going to see Daisy. He looks at her and can’t help but notice how good she looks in her blouse and tight black dress pants. “It wasn’t anything that can’t wait.”

Greta looks at Chris and licks her lips a little. She looks away from him before saying, “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it…”

“I know, me either,” Chris admits to her walking slowly up to her.

“I know we said it was wrong, but how could something that is wrong feel so good?” she asks him finally looking up at him.

“We should be thinking about Daisy,” Chris tells her as he reaches her. Their eyes lock and she smiles at him slightly.

“It’s funny, cause she’s the last thing on my mind.”

“Oh yea?” he replies to her, feeling the sexual tension building between them. “What is on your mind?”

Greta doesn’t respond with words, instead she leans in and kisses him passionately again. Her tongue quickly enters his mouth and she moves her hand behind his head. Her other free hand quickly moves down to his pants and she starts to undo the zipper.

He pulls back and looks at her, “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Yes we should,” she replies as she sits up on the desk. She lays down as he crawls on top of her, kissing her repeatedly, unable to stop himself. He wants her badly, and he will have her.

Scene Six – Robertson Enterprises; The Boardroom

Donovan looks over the final details of the fashion show before he looks up at Trenyce and smiles. He couldn’t have imagined that taking the position at Robertson Enterprises would be so fulfilling as it has been planning the launch of the Blooming Rose in accordance with the fashion show. The fashion piece is something new for him, but he has enjoyed that side of the industry a lot. He can’t wait to see the final production later today, although he does have some butterflies in his stomach. The work has also been a nice break from his family drama, where his father may be back and stalking Victoria.

“I think we are ready to go,” he says looking at Trenyce, refocusing on his work.

Trenyce looks up from her blackberry and smiles, “I know, I just got a text from Dean telling me that Reese and Robin are almost ready to go. I’d like to head down there quickly and make sure that they don’t need anything from me.”

“Okay, that sounds good,” Donovan replies to her. “You know, we make a good team.”

Trenyce smiles at him, “You’re right. I still can’t believe we did all this together so quickly.”

Donovan laughs, “Well six months or so, but yea, it’s come together nicely. Shoot me a text after you’re done with the models. Maybe we can watch the show together?”

“I’d like that Donovan, a lot,” she replies to him a she stands up and prepares to leave. She stops and looks at him for a moment and for the first time notices Donovan in a different light. His short cropped hair, his dark eyes, his toned body; Trenyce gulps and quickly scolds herself for being attracted to her co-worker. She shakes her head at herself before he replies to her.

“Good, so would I.”

Scene Seven – Robertson Enterprises; Dominick’s Office

Dominick paces around his office as a technician sits at his desk typing furiously into the computer in hopes of bringing the Robertson Enterprises website back up so it can be available during the fashion show. Dominick stops and looks out his window and wipes his forehead, which is beading with sweat. He knows that this must be Bob’s doing; who else would want to take down the website on the day of the Blooming Rose launch? Plus, he knows that Bob is desperate to try to ruin his company so Roboto will remain at the top of the game in the industry.

As he looks outside, he closes his eyes and thinks of Sofia. He feels his heart warm at the thought of her and he wonders if she would be proud of him for all the work and energy he has put into the Blooming Rose because he has dedicated it to her. He continues to want to ensure that everyone knows how much he loved Sofia and still does. He opens his eyes and shakes his head at the thought of seeing Bob and Kim kissing in his office. He can’t believe that Bob would move on from Sofia so quickly; to him it proves that Bob never really cared for Sofia and their entire marriage was a sham. The fact that he knows about Bob’s affair with the younger woman is his wild card; if Bob did take down the website, he will reveal the affair and cause a huge scandal for Bob, his company and his family.

“I’ve got it!” the technician says clapping his hands.

Dominick turns around, “The website is back?”

“Yea,” he replies, still typing into the computer to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I can’t tell what happened, but the website is up and running with time to spare before the launch!”

“Fantastic work!” Dominick smiles, thrilled that everything will be back on track with the fashion show and the launch. “I can get to the bottom of the crash later. All that mattes are we are good to go for the fashion show and launch.”

Scene Eight – The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy & JC’s Home

Andy opens the door to the apartment and slams it shut. He looks around hoping to see JC as he is still livid that someone leaked his and Reese’s affair to the newspaper. The only logical person that would do something like that is JC, in Andy’s mind. He just doesn’t understand how or why JC would do this, especially after they worked so hard to put the affair behind them and try to start new with their relationship.

“JC?” Andy calls out to the apartment. “Are you here?”

JC soon emerges from the bedroom and looks at Andy. He can tell immediately that something is troubling his boyfriend. “What’s wrong?” JC asks him as he comes up to him.

“What’s wrong?” Andy smirks at him. “This is wrong,” he says throwing the newspaper down on the coffee table.

JC arches his eyebrow and picks up the newspaper. He reads the headline and then looks at Andy. He can tell that Andy is annoyed and upset by the article, but JC doesn’t care. He knows that he wanted to get some kind of revenge on Reese for hurting him and his relationship with Andy. Based on Andy’s reaction though, he knows that the article could spell trouble.

“My goodness,” JC finally speaks, pretending to know nothing. “Someone leaked the article to the Sun? Who would do that?”

Andy puts his hands on his hips, “Yea, who would do that? Who would want to hurt Reese like this?”

JC shrugs his shoulders and looks away.

“Was it you JC? Tell me the truth!” Andy asks, raising his voice a little. JC turns and glares at him, offended that Andy would automatically think the worst of him.

“Of course not! Why would I leak a story that would hurt you? You know I love you Andy! I thought we were going to put all this crap behind us,” he lies to his boyfriend. He doesn’t want to make Andy more upset by telling him the truth.

“Promise me JC, promise me this wasn’t your doing.”

“I promise. It wasn’t me,” JC says coming up and hugging Andy. As he hugs him, he closes his eyes, hoping that he can keep the secret forever. Otherwise, he knows that he may lose Andy for good.

Scene Nine – MW Investigations

Madeline slowly shuts the door to her office and she walks over to her chair. She slowly sits down and covers her face with her hands. Soon, she is weeping into her hands. She can’t believe that she has been such a fool. She knew all this time that Cory and Robin were still drawn to each other, but she didn’t care. She didn’t listen to all the people that warned her about getting involved with a married man. She has wanted Cory for herself to the point where she has ignored all the warning signs that he was still in love with his wife. And all the while she fell in love with him. She opened up to him, and she allowed herself to be taken into his bed. She removes her hands from her face.

“What a fool,” she whispers to herself as she suddenly feels used by Cory. “I told him I loved him. No wonder he didn’t say it back to me.”

She stands up and then sits back down, not sure of what to do with herself. She feels like she has been kicked in the stomach. She feels sick by what is happening. She has been so unlucky in love and she doesn’t know why but she really felt like she had found something special with Cory. She shakes her head, still thinking that she and Cory would be great together if there was no Robin involved.

Suddenly, she remembers the other day when her assistant Ron brought her the file on Liam Fitzpatrick. She had been digging up on information on the doctor because she had learned that Dominick had paid the doctor a large sum of money. She walks over to her filing cabinet and pulls out the file, which she had stored because she thought she and Cory were solid. She walks back to her desk and opens the file on her desk.

She flips a few pages and opens her mouth in shock by what she’s reading. She continues to flip through the file before she looks up with her mouth open.

“I can’t believe it,” she whispers to herself. “Jeff is the father of Leah’s baby. Dominick paid Liam to runt he paternity test. Robin’s sister has a very, very, dark secret.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Helen has a melt down
- The Sun article makes Reese second guess himself
- Dominick confronts Bob

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