Episode 182 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 15, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Adam & Helen planned to renew their wedding vows. Helen continued to worry about Dawn’s safety
- After Bob hired Jeff, Leah was worried that her secret about Paige’s paternity would be revealed. Madeline, meanwhile, learned the truth that Jeff is Paige’s father after she saw Cory and Robin kissing
- JC leaked a story to the Sun about Reese and Andy’s affair
- Bob attempted to crash the Robertson Enterprises website on the day of the Blooming Rose launch, but Dominick got the website restored

Scene One - Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

The pavilion is full of spectators ready to see the Blooming Rose launch. In one corner, there are samples of the new perfume. The women at the counter are full of smiles and are passing out the samples to each and every single person that passes. In the other corner, there is a small boutique selling some of Trenyce’s fashions that will be modelled soon at the show. In the middle of the pavilion, many of the chairs are starting to fill up with spectators as the fashion show is going to begin shortly.

Helen pushes Dawn’s stroller through the crowd and feels her heart skip a beat. She hasn’t been out in such a busy public space in a very long time and after everything that has happened with Dawn this past year, she can’t help but feel apprehensive. She still can’t shake the feeling that something bad could happen to her daughter and with so many people being in the same place, she feels like her heart is in her throat.

She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees Adam approaching her and he is holding two coffees from the Sugarbowl. He smiles as he comes up to her, “I got you a sample of the Blooming Rose perfume. It’s a pretty cool name, huh?” he says as he passes her the sample.

Helen takes it and puts it in her purse. She looks back and tries to see if there’s a seat near the end of a row, so she can keep the stroller near her. Adam looks over at his wife and notices that she’s seeming preoccupied. They have been together for so long that he can read her like a book. “Helen?” he says stopping the stroller from moving and forcing her to look into his eyes. “What’s wrong? I can tell something is up with you.”

Helen sighs and looks at her husband, then moves around to check on Dawn. She sees that the little girl is fast asleep in the stroller and more importantly, she is still in the stroller. She looks back up at Adam.

“Would you say something please? What’s up?” he asks her again, knowing that something is off with his wife.

Helen shakes her head and feels water begin to swell in her eyes. “This was a mistake Adam. We shouldn’t have come here today.”

“Why?” Adam asks her as he grabs her had. “This is fun. It’s a fashion show. You’ve been so cooped up at home lately, this is good for you. It’s good for Dawn. It’s good for us.”

Helen shakes her head again. “Thank you for the sample, really, but I’m going to take Dawn home now. I don’t feel well. I don’t want to be here.”

Adam watches as his wife quickly turns the stroller around and begins to walk off. “Helen…” he calls out to her, to no avail as she has already exited the pavilion. He looks down as he holds the program for the event and wonders if his wife will ever be able to get over the recent experiences that have clearly traumatized her.


Leah looks around the pavilion hoping to see Robbie. He was going to grab her some samples of the Blooming Rose and come right back to her, but he hasn’t returned yet. She stops and smiles, thinking how nice it is that they both took the afternoon off to watch the fashion show together. She is glad that he is supportive of her decision to support Dominick, despite the fact that she works for Roboto and Bob is Robbie’s father. She is grateful that they have been able to find a happy balance in their marriage and their life despite their father’s rivalry.

She pulls out her cell phone to ensure she hasn’t missed a call from the baby sitter that has Paige for the day and is relieved when she has not. As she shuts her phone, she wonders where Jeff is today. She realizes that she has been having a hard time thinking that she can keep her secret, that Paige is really Jeff’s daughter, since he has been back in town but she knows that she has to keep the secret safe to protect her family. She wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with Robbie and their daughter, even though every time she looks at Jeff, she feels her heart break inside. She has chalked up to the fact that she and Jeff lost Noah together and they grew so close in the aftermath of his death. She hates that she’s keeping another child away from him even though it’s good for her family.

She turns around and freezes in her track as she spots Jeff standing outside the boutique. Only he’s not alone, he’s standing with Veronica Lane, the new chemist that she hired at Roboto. She can’t believe her eyes when Jeff leans in and gives Veronica a kiss on the lips. She turns back around and, while she doesn’t know why, she gets water in her eyes.

“Of course he’s dating her,” she whispers to herself as she tries to fight her tears. “She’s a young, beautiful woman. And he’s … Jeff,” she continues to tell herself, unable to stop looking at the two of them.

She shuts her eyes and thinks back to another time with Jeff a few years ago.


"You know I can't say no. These times where it's just the two of us with Noah. They mean everything to me," he says softly.

"Yea, me too," she says looking at him. "Robbie is upset though."


"How I am leaning on you," she says looking at him. "Not him, with Noah's death."

Jeff looks at her. "Kim is the same way," he admits.

"I just wish they'd understand. They are not his parents," she says leaning down in front of the tombstone. "We need to be here, for Noah," she says trying to convince herself.

"Stand up, there's more," Jeff tells her, offering his hand to help her up. Leah stands up.

"Kim suspects something is up ... with us."

Leah looks perplexed.

"The day of Cory and Natasha's wedding, we almost ..."

"Kissed?" she says.

"Yea. Kim thinks something is going on."

Leah gets frustrated. "Damn, nothing has happened!"

Jeff grabs her arm as she starts to walk off. "Don't leave, not like this," he says pulling her in.

"Why can't they understand?" she asks starting to cry.

Jeff pulls her in and hugs her. "We have to make them. We are grieving. We need each other."

She pulls back a little. "I do need you," she says.

He leans in and kisses her softly on her lips. She doesn't pull back. The kiss for a moment longer, before they both move back.

"I need you too," he says leaning in to kiss her again, as a single cherry blossom falls from the tree above them and hands on Noah’s tombstone.


Leah opens her eyes and looks back at Jeff, who kisses Veronica again. “What happened Jeff?” she asks herself as she wonders about everything that has happened between them since Noah’s death. More over, she wonders why this is still bothering her.

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises; The Dressing Room

Reese looks at himself in the large mirror one last time before he knows that he has to leave and actually do the fashion show. He can’t believe how good he looks in Trenyce’s clothing that she has created for the Blooming Rose launch. The colours and fabrics look amazing and he is still so excited to be apart of the show. He turns around and sees Dean enter the dressing room with a weird look on his face. He can’t help but feel excited about seeing Dean too, as he knows that they have been flirting a lot lately. And since he is clear and free from the entire Andy mess, and Craig has dumped him, he is excited to potentially have a new romantic interest going for him. Plus, as he observes as Dean approaches him, the photographer is very attractive.

“I’m starting to get nervous,” Reese admits as Dean approaches him, as he feels the butterflies in his tummy. “How many people are out there?”

Dean sighs and looks at Reese, worried about what he has come to tell the model. “There’s not an empty seat. Just remember what I told you though, okay? Don’t look at the people, look straight ahead. It’ll help with the nerves.”

“Right,” Reese replies to him. “Maybe you could be standing at the back of the audience, so I could just look at you?”

Dean gives him half a smile, “That can work. Look, something has happened that you should know about. I hate to be the one to bring this to your attention.”

Reese arches his eye brow, not liking the serious tone that Dean has suddenly taken. “What’s up?”

“This,” Dean replies as he shows Reese a cover the daily Sun paper, with the headline that reads “Young millionaire a home wrecker?” and has a picture of Reese leaving his parents funeral last year.

“What the hell is this?” Reese asks shocked by what he is seeing in front of him. “Who would do this?” he asks as he grabs the paper and looks at it more closely. “I can’t go out there now Dean,” he says looking back with tears in his eyes. “I can’t go out there and model knowing that everyone in the audience would have read this garbage article.”

Dean comes up to Reese and takes the paper away from him. “It wasn’t my motive for you to want to back out after seeing the article Reese. I wanted you to know so you could go out there and prove to everyone what bullshit this article is. Anyone that has spent any time with you at all knows that this isn’t the type of person you are. You’re stronger than this. Fuck, I shouldn’t have showed you this until after.”

Reese shakes his head, “No, I needed to see this. You’re right, I have to go out there and prove this article wrong. And as soon as this fashion show is over, I know what I have to do,” he says as mind wanders to the only two people he can think of that would have leaked the article to the paper: Andy and JC. “It’s time to end this game once and for all.”

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

Robbie leaves the sample booth and prepares to head back to find Leah, whom is waiting for him so they can watch the fashion show together. As he leaves the booth, he sees Adam looking rather distraught as he walks by himself. He looks over and doesn’t see Leah waiting in the crowd, so he walks over to Adam.

“Adam, hey, are you okay?” Robbie asks as he approaches his friend.

Adam looks up at Robbie and shakes his head, “I don’t know man, I just got a lot on my mind.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with Mallory Cunningham, does it? You know that the case was closed. No charges are going to be laid regarding her death,” Robbie informs him telling him that he did close the case a few weeks earlier.

Adam shakes his head, “No, I mean it’s not directly about her,” he begins to say. “I just think this year has really taken it’s toll on Helen. You know, finding out that Cassie had stolen our baby for the first year and half of her life only then to have Mallory kidnap her. She seems … worried that anything and everything could hurt Dawn.”

Robbie nods his head, “You know this isn’t uncommon. I deal with this a lot in my mind of work. Helen sounds like she could be dealing with post-traumatic stress. Has she seen her doctor about it?”

“That’s just the thing Robbie, she doesn’t think anything is wrong. She thinks she’s fine. I don’t know what to do or what to say to make her realize that something is very, very wrong with her and the entire situation.”

Robbie puts his hand on Adam’s shoulder, “Don’t give up okay. You love Helen and you know that she loves you. You two will get through this together.”

“Yea, thanks,” Adam says giving him half a smile. “You should get back to Leah. I should head home and check on Helen and Dawn.”

“Okay, but take care of yourself Adam,” Robbie tells him before he turns to find Leah, trying not to worry about his friends.


Madeline returns to the public square and looks around. She is still reeling from what she learned earlier in her office after reading the file that she got from Liam’s office: Jeff, not Robbie, is really Paige’s father. That’s why Dominick paid Liam the large sum of money right before the baby was born. Madeline still can’t believe that for so long Leah has been lying to everyone around her. Although, Madeline wonders if Robin knows the about the secret too. She knows that Leah and Robin are pretty close as sister, but she can’t imagine that Robin would be okay with keeping such a dark secret. In any event, she has no idea what she should do with the information. She doesn’t know if she should reveal the truth to Jeff, because its not really her place to butt into Leah’s life. But she knows that she does want Cory back in her life and maybe somehow she could use the information to advantage.

She walks around back, not wanting anyone to see her because she doesn’t know how she’ll be able to face anyone knowing the information that she now has. Still, she couldn’t miss seeing Reese’s modelling debut today. As she walks around back, she freezes when she hears a voice that she recognizes as Cory’s.

“I’m so excited for you,” Cory tell Robin at the dressing room door. “I know you will do amazing today babe.”

“Thanks Cory,” Robin smiles at her husband. “Thanks for stopping by one last time before the show begins.”

“Anytime. I had to see you,” he says leaning in and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. The kiss breaks Madeline’s heart all over again. “I’ll be sitting and watching your every move.”

Robin giggles, “Okay. Maybe we can do something afterwards?”

“Yea, I have a couple of ideas of what we can do after,” he winks at her.

“Oh Cory,” Robin says playfully slapping his shoulder. “Okay, I have to go. See you after the show.”

Madeline watches at Cory walks away from Robin. Madeline watches Robin before she disappears into the dressing room again. What does she have that I don’t? Madeline asks herself knowing that she has to confront Robin with the truth. She has to at least try to keep Cory in her life. Anything is better than nothing, she decides.


“Hey, there you are,” Robbie calls out to Leah as he comes up to her in the crowd. “Do you want to get a seat?”

Leah turns and looks at her husband and immediately falls into his arms. “Just hold me for a moment,” she whispers into his ear, still feeling like something is wrong after seeing Jeff and Veronica together.

“I can do that, but we should get a seat soon,” Robbie replies to her. “We don’t want to miss your Dad’s show.”

“I know,” she says as they exit their embrace. “You know that I love you right, Robbie?”

“Of course I do Leah,” he replies with a little laugh. “What’s gotten into you?”

Leah shrugs, “I don’t know?” she laughs back with him. “I just felt the urge to tell you that I love you and our family more than you’ll ever know.”

“You do a good job of making sure I know Leah. Come on, let’s get a seat.”

“Okay,” she says back to him as they hold hands to their seats.


Dominick enters the building and looks around, thrilled with the turnout of the fashion show and launch that is about to take place. He looks up and shuts his eyes. “I hope you’re watching me today Sofia because this is all for you.”

When Dominick opens his eyes he sees Bob standing in front of him with a wicked grin on his face. “What the hell are you doing here?” Dominick asks his rival, knowing very well that earlier in the day Bob had arranged for the Robertson Enterprises website to crash.

“Did you really think that I would miss this?” Bob asks with a stern voice on. “I always love watching my so-called competitors fail. Watching you, in particular, fail brings me nothing but joy. Especially since you believe you are doing this for my wife.”

Dominick laughs back at his rival, “I have done this for Sofia. Which, by the way, is more than you have ever done for her.”

“Don’t you dare mention what I did for my wife. Need I remind you, that she was my wife. Not yours Dominick. She was only ever your fantasy. Just like this so called launch today. Nothing will come from this. Mark my words,” Bob warns him, riled up that he still drops Sofia’s name at the drop of a hat.

Dominick leans in closer to Bob, “Let me tell you a little secret Bobby, boy. The Blooming Rose will be a huge hit and if you don’t watch your step, everyone will know that little secret that you’re keeping. Don’t think that I don’t know what you’ve been up to, because I do. And I will tell everyone,” Dominick glares at Bob, who doesn’t bulge. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a fashion show to put on.”

Bob doesn’t turn around to watch Dominick walk off towards the stage, but he does wonder what secret Dominick is referring too. He shakes his head when he thinks back to Jeff telling him that no one can trace the website crash back to him or Roboto. He shakes his head and laughs, thinking that Dominick is calling his bluff. “Game on, Dominick.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Helen thinks she hears a burglar at her house and grabs her gun
- The Fashion Show occurs!
- Trencye and Daisy share a moment

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